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June 24, 2013: Bob Marley Documentary: I'm watching a documentary on Bob Marley. His wife just said she was perfectly ok with him having different women and that he would call her to send them away so he could sleep. He had eleven children by seven women and she knew about them all. I hope he gave her summa that good good lovin too. One of the other women said it hurt all of the girls on her behalf because they knew she was in pain from time to time. And this man was not a womanizer because he was shy???? Shiiit...God bless your sacred penis and golden vocals.."What a man, What a man,  What a mighty good man"..RIP Bob Marley..NO disrespect to the great man..I'm just sayin..

*  May 24, 2016 · "Chasing Tyson" (Documentary): I'm Not saying that miracles don't happen. I'd be the last one to say that..but I woke up thinking about doctors who write prescriptions knowing the patient doesn't need it (just for money) etc. Having seen the documentary on Evander Holyfield "Chasing Tyson" and knowing the shady dealings that went on in boxing, I wonder how many docs have been bribed or blackmailed to tell a top athlete in any field that there is something wrong with them so they cannot continue in what they do..

*  August 18, 2013 · "Reasonable Doubt" (Documentary): Just watching the reasonable doubt documentary after a lonnngg's like having an ice bath after a two mile run..goose bumps and shit..Inspiration to shut out the world and write more about the real stuff I have faced in these United States of America. If I met you on the streets during my homelessness and you showed me how it really is out there in one way or for your character to emerge..Ohhh i have some stories..Beleeeve that.

*  June 11, 2016 · "Champs": (Documentary): It was funny watching "Champs" on Netflix tonight, on boxers Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, and Bernard Hopkins. I have a tendency to occasionally get up off my uncomfy, wobbly desk chair and work my wts a little doing lunging squats and punching side to side and other things. Watching the boxers train made me feel silly, like I wasn't doing anything at all lol..But imagine if I tried jump roping at this hour on 2nd floor with people above and below me..haaa..I'll stick to the quiet stuff.



November 18, 2015 · "Fresh Prince Of Bel Air" (sitcom): Will said "wuddup dawg"..Carlton said "wuddup dawg? This is a place of business not a kennel" lmdao..they don't make em like they use to. *cries

*  September 14, 2014 · "Futurama" (comedy): Omg now I know there Is no hope for this soft hearted fool..I just cried over Futurama when the lil doggie waited all his life for his master to come home..lmao..sheeeeesh!

 September 19, 2016 · "How I Met Your Mother" (sitcom): On 'How I Met Your Mother", the unhappy couple who were in love couldn't figure out why things weren't working. They came to the conclusion that they were both similar and both extremely awesome, and if you have too much awesome together, one cancels the other out. Therefore they were better off not being together. Lmbo. Had me crying.



 March 3, 2014 · In almost every drug commercial I see in this country they have the people looking out of their brains..supahighhh mannn. They are funnier than a lot of the comedies over here..



 August 27, 2016 · "Hustle And Flow" (movie):  No matter how many times I see "Hustle and Flow" it's never enough. That vibe of having talent and fighting thru the worst ish ever to rise above it all and shine..and bringing out the hidden greatness that sometimes isn't recognized in ourselves..that right there is so "life". And the music is like water to wilted flowers.

Martyn Binnie: whoop that trick!
Donna H Mofohari: lmao yes!

 September 7, 2016 ·  "Close Encounters Of The Third Kind" (movie): Power to the talented, creative spirits out there who love what they do whether you share it publicly or just to a few. I lahhve you..get you totally..understand the drive to get it out. You are not alone. It always reminds me of that old classic movie "Close Encounters Of the Third Kind". There is an inner drive that every creative person understands, and in that drive it can connect people at a certain level that can only be understood by anybody that has that specific element inside them..

 October 20, 2013 · "Alice In Wonderland" (movie): Alice just answered the Mad Hatter who asked her if he was mad..she said 'I'm afraid're entirely bonkers, but i'll tell you a secret..all the best ppl are'...i concur Alice..well said!

 September 17, 2013 · "Balls Of Fury" (movie): Classic line in this kung fu comedy I'm watching (while mixing a track..I know I know but it had me laughing).."Better to die like a tiger than live like a pussy"...Great words of advice tho!!...Love it.

*  January 25, 2014 · "Crazy, Sexy, Cool: The TLC Story": Just watching 'Crazy, Sexy Cool: the TLC Story' and thinking what a dope story 'MaDD PpuLL: The Madd Hawse' would be..There's so many stories within a story that we would need to break a documentary into five parts..shewww..#DreamingYetAgain.


 February 20, 2013 · Thought of the day: Reading is a lost art. Nobody can sit down long enough to read more than a paragraph at a time.

 December 28, 2009 ·"A Short Story Of The Blues":  "The Blues... it's 12-bar, bent-note melody is the anthem of a race, bonding itself together with cries of shared self victimization. Bad luck & trouble are always present in the Blues, & always the result of others, pressing upon unfortunate & downtrodden poor souls, yearning to be free from life's' troubles. Relentless rhythms repeat the chants of sorrow, & the pity of a lost soul many times over. This is the Blues."  (Quoted from 'A Short History of the Blues  The Blues has strongly influenced most music around today..INCLUDING hip hop and of course r&b!!

 January 15, 2014 ·"The Souls Of Black Folk" and other books:  I'm reading 'The Souls Of Black Folk' by W.E.B. Du Bois and would recommend it to anybody who wants to study black history. The latest Amazon book that came thru today is "Knowledge of Self: A Collection of Wisdom on the Science of Everything In Life", which has a foreword by Lord Jamar and also contributions from Cappadonna and Popa Wu. But I didn't buy this book because of that. It looks like a great read and another mind expander. I've got a little library built up here since the hols so I'd better read a little faster! just so you don't think I do nothing but record, promote and prepare dj packs n cds all day every day lol..nope..wrong..I'm thru grinding myself into the ground with nobody to grab the baton from me so I can breathe. So I'm learning to sit down on the track and rest up when I feel like it..and no mofo can make me feel bad for that. At least I'm going to be alive to get back up again. :)

March 17, 2014 · With no laptop, I got back into reading my book which should have been finished a long time ago. Once again I have to recommend "The souls of black folk" by W E B Du Bois. It is a very powerful read written by the hand of a man who lived and experienced the struggles and initial efforts of black Americans to gain recognition, respect and equality in the throes of 'emancipation'. Words are cheap when they are spoken without action..non expression of simmering hate is equally damaging..nobody wins..just thoughts that come to mind as I read. A lot of minds could be opened if more would read and absorb true history. He gave some interesting and eye opening thoughts about the work and philosophies of Booker T Washington. Go pick up the book and read! It's a little heavy going at times but well worth it..He covers so much!



 July 24, 2015 · "Come On Baby" by Saigon ft Swizz Beatz + Jay Z is one of my many favorites from Saigon's "Greatest Story Never Told" album..hits me so hard I can't a good way lol. It always takes me back in my mind to being in the car heading home from CME shows at the radio station, with that still crazy high from being on air, yet so unbelievably exhausted with my head literally drooping, laying back in the seat feeling the music Chris had on the player washing over me..hard to explain but it is an amazing memory.