*  February 18, 2017 ·  I Am Not A Bitch..a Bihh..a Cracker..a Biatch..a Snow Bunny, Cougar or Ho..(or If You Are In The Uk..a Cow, Heifer etc). My name is Donna..or MofoHari..(*Mick Jagger voice) pleased to meet you..hope you guess my name (oo oo..oo oo)

Haloe Macck : Your great people.....yo remember that
Donna H Mofohari : <3 <3 <3 thank you Haloe Macck..I appreciate you!!!
Haloe Macck : Likewise
Saadiq Busby:  Put some respect on D name. She is a wonderful person and great human being.
Donna H Mofohari :  <3 <3 <3 aww thanks so much! Got me feeling all humble. :)
Eric Jones:  Preach Queen and they better respect you. Much love to my home girl Donna H Mofohari
Donna H Mofohari:   <3 <3 <3 Much love..thank you so much!!!

 May 23, 2015 · #Confession: To my mind the term "cougar" is as disrespectful as calling a woman "bitch" or "ho". Other than "sugadaddy" are there any other terms that refers to younger woman/older man? Folks need to get over that oldschool thinking. Age to age isn't significant any more. It's how people relate, how they click and what works for THEM. Eff your opinion.



*  March 1, 2015  · #RandomThoughts can BE tough without having to flex and act all tough..don't lose your womanliness just trying to push your weight around. Let your smile reach your eyes, let your grin light up your face..drop the mask and just be NICE. I promise you will feel better for it. I'm seeing more and more of my sistern all slumped with miserable faces and dead eyes, or trying to look like a dangerous woman thinking it's more attractive. Stop looking so lost and sad. This is your life not your funeral. Look like you like bein' here!..and btw you can be strong and soft at the same time.



*  January 12, 2014 · I wish women would support each other more. Women puff their chests out at each other more than men do..smh. It is bad enough that so many men think we are retarded alien creatures they can't do without, but for women to be proving their point by clawing at each other, backstabbing and competing over i get older, the more insane it seems to me.



January 27, 2012 · Revelation#2: Why women often don't get along with each other: Ladies you know it's true..sisterhood is sadly turning into a myth, especially when our menfolk become an issue in the mix. I've seen it with my own eyes, experienced it firsthand. OK, who really wants to 'share' one man unless you are part of a harem blah when a good woman falls in love she expects her man not to share his body. Why is it then, that other women will be more attracted to a man as soon as he has a wife or gf and be driven to lure him away???? Why will she say one thing to the woman, a whole nother thing to the man KNOWING she would fkk with him the minute he shows that his hormones are ruling his head? Why does she want to feel like she is better than the other woman by getting his sexual attention? And after a break up, caused by a woman showing by action 'oh i have him now, i can relax and treat him/talk to him any way i want' I have had women try to get their ex back thru me knowing i am that man's friend..yeaa it has happened multiple times, trust me. There is more dishonesty and underhandedness in women than men. Men can play games, but women are worse..ladies can be just plain hateful. Respect is the key.

*  December 7, 2009 · "I am the bread, he is the meat, a meal complete/He looks at ladies, I dont compete cos when he's here that's when we meet"

Real talk: Why will women break their necks over a man they want, do whatever it takes to get his attention; stab people in the back, stand on heads, tell him "don't talk to her, look at my body it's sooo much better-"...Then when she gets him she stops appreciating him, cherishish his company and is not there for him? WHY IS THAT??



*  January 9, 2015 · #Random morning thoughts..I'D hate to be a man..despite all the ups and downs of womanhood i wouldn't want it any other way..femininity is awesome. James Brown said its a man's world..but really nowadays its getting to be a psychological chess game between the sexes. I'D rather stay single and happily female than plot moves to trap a man or be checkmated into a sexual encounter or relationship i don't really want. No games over here. Let the chips fall where they may..and I'm wayyy too much of a woman to fight over a man..if i like a man but hIs attention or gaze is fixed over there and not over here..that's what he contest..being a woman should mean we can think with our brain..unlike many men..ahh yea..

*  July 28, 2011 · Women will gang up and hate on a woman who stands up for a man..fact.


*  January 3, 2010 · Ladies, you might be able to get HIS attention with your p***y but it won't keep it. It takes a little more than that. (*gets cross ready, hands nails over, holds arms out..I don't even care, it's how Ii feel).  Loving and fighting for your man "at all costs" isn't enough. If he's not ready or able to see/feel YOU above the crowd, then it just ain't gon happen no matter what you think or feel. Let it go. Love, value and respect yourself. You are worth gold dust..



*  January 14, 2014 · Thought of the day: The only 'problem' or consideration when you are a woman in the friendzone is that when male friends become romantically attached, there will be some eyebrow raising from the new lady in his life (unless she is a totally free spirit)..she will emit a type of psychic magnet that repels you from getting anywhere near...guarantee you will not be 'allowed' to remain spiritually or mentally close to her man..which is understandable and is actually how it should be..i'm just saying..If you are truly a friend who is a woman, and not carrying around ulterior motives under the label of 'friend' gotta understand that you need to keep a respectful distance and leave em the hell alone so there are no misunderstandings and so their spiritual bonding can take its course without any questions or concerns.



*  March 27, 2016 · All these songs from women about if i were a boy, think like a man, being in control, being the inspiring me to write one about the pleasure and appreciation of being soft, curvy, voluptuous, gentle and every inch a woman who would rather be nothing else but the strong, proudly feminine woman that i am who loves men who are proud to be a heard it here first - MofoHari

Simone Sprite Holloman: Yessss!
Donna H Mofohari: haha i was playing some of them on the show and it suddenly hit me..where's the songs that show us being happy to be what we were born to be?
Simone Sprite Holloman: I totally agree.. Go for it. I wanna be one of the firsts to hear. I think we need that, especially now.
Donna H Mofohari: I hear you and will do! Thank you for the affirmation! Thats wind for my sails <3 I'll give it my best shot :)



April 8, 2015 · I talk too much in type..need to get my verbal right..words are power. A woman who masters the power within effective writing And speaking is a phenomenal woman indeed. She could move mountains with that skill/gift/ability. Sisters, develop your mind, hone your talents, get your body strong and healthy and love yourself above all else. #RandomMorningThoughts



*  August 27, 2013  · Random thought..I have never had an abortion in my life and only have one child..and yes I'm thoroughly heterosexual..but somebody somewhere is goin' to put me in some kinda box with just those few details..How about getting a full picture of somebody's story before you move her around in your mental puzzle and place her somewhere in it.


*   September 5, 2015 · I secretly laugh at females I have met or encountered, who sweaaaaar blind that they know a man better than annyyyone else including his own mother (and there have been many)..lmao..Ladies..You don't have to believe me but I'm old enough to know that a person presents to you what they want you to see and know, and no matter how many hours you spend talking with them, no matter how long you have known them, no matter how deep your conversations get..there's going to be something he's gonna tell somebody else that he hasn't told experience he'd share with her/him/them that he wouldn't share with you etc..There is allllwayyss a forbidden zone with every human on the planet that cannot be denied. So no..nobody knows ANYbody better than anybody else..Get over yaself..

*  June 6, 2014 · Life has many illusions..never believe you know everything there is to know about somebody. Women are the absolute worst for that..always thinking they know somebody better than everybody don't. People only show you sides of themselves. There are exceptions to the rule but generally? You are fooling yourself. Humans always have a part of themself they keep in reserve. (SideNote: Different energies and character types combined can and do bring out different things in different people.)


*  January 22, 2015 · Whyyy is it when a man puts up a profound statement along with a photograph of a woman to illustrate the statement, that some women have to go str8 in with 'ooo love her outfit', paying no attention to the actual intent of the statement. Laaadies we HAAAVE to do better!!!! *facepalms on my gender's behalf.



*  March 24, 2013 · I see women all over facebook who, deciding they want a little attention or to boost their ego, throw a sexy pic of themself up and wait for the men to fawn. Without question they will and do!! Feel better now? Good..then do NOT get all shook when they get a little too carried away..because you drove 'em there..

*  April 6, 2015 · #RandomThought it seems that if a lady chooses to keep her legs closed to random folks and doesn't want to display her body parts (full respect to those who are proud of their womanhood and choose to do that..I have absolutely no problem at all with it..if it makes you happy I can't hate..It also makes a lot of other people of the male variety very very happy indeeed), it appears the rest of us are seen as less of a woman for that. Trust me I'm all woman..I just choose to some day, when the time feels right, give mind, body and spirit to somebody who respects and appreciates the whole package. No more letting my heart lead me into false situations. The brain has to be a step ahead of the heart n hormones lol.



May 2, 2016 · Why do so many American women, more noticeably white women, speak thru their noses sounding like they are whining when they talk..? ( ..even if they are not lol) yeck..Stand up straight ladies, shoulders back! Speak from the gut not from the nose..breathe deeeep with me..innnn..aaand out...feel that solar plexus? USE IT. LOL <3



 June 18, 2014 · Ladies there's NOTHING wrong with accepting a compliment from a man gracefully..but don't stop there. Why not do the same for a man? They're human too. They like to hear a sincere compliment too. Let's face it, if we can't appreciate each other then life is worth nothing. A compliment is a compliment, not the same as flirting, not the same as 'being thirsty', not the same as drooling and pining. You will know the difference, such as, if they continue in an air of persistent flattery and moving in while they do it..otherwise, calm down and accept it for what it is..

*  November 15, 2015 · As a woman who adores men who adore women, I can never understand why women get so mean and miserable when they are paid a compliment. What is so hard about saying "Well thank you" with a nice smile or smiley face. If a man then starts sending dickpix or trying to set something up, THEN you can communicate firmly and clearly. You can always jump on their heads with a www move later if you feel it becomes necessary lol..but nice! It costs us nothing and might even add a little sunshine to someone's day.



August 17, 2014 · Ladies..have a little class. You keep lowering the bar on femininity and integrity and the rest of us will have to put up with/deal with/re-educate these men who don't know any better because they think we are all the same.



*  September 7, 2014 · I love my sisters but when I look around I see a hella lot of spoilt, bad tempered, miserable, controlling diva/bitches. You men are fostering, even encouraging this behavior by allowing it..too scared you won't get the V. Use your hand and keep looking for a better class of woman or tame that tiger until she purrs like a kitty should.

 July 28, 2011 · Some women try to be too controlling, biggin it-slamming men for behavior or attitude when theirs are way worse! Often they don't even see it!! Why not try understanding somebody else's point of view!!? ..shudders..Thank god I'm a woman not a man. U.S. women in particular need to calm down and stop jumping down men's throats for stupid shit. (S/N Other countries would not tolerate that!)

 November 15, 2009 · Interesting statuses on facebook tonight..I see our menfolk being all philosophical and women yelling BS back instead of thinking about what they say. Come on now ladies, give them a serious ear for a minute! They want us to hear and understand THEM!! If we do that, then maybe we'll find that they are listening & understanding US. It needs to be less about battle, more about communication..

*  September 26, 2015 · When I see women telling a dude to stfu, whether they are/have been/about to be "with" him or not, doesn't matter..I see red. My usually laid back, placid self wants to punch their face until it bleeds. American women are so effing RUDE with it!!! Yesss I know men can be disrespectful too..but i'm talking about US as LADIES!!! If somebody says something and you think they are talking shit. Let them know you disagree and why!!! Is that so difficult??? Hear them out first..Maybe YOU just don't get the point he is making..ever think of that? Cut the crap ladies..might learn something.

*  March 6, 2016 · Women can be 50 times more closed minded, over critical, hard hearted and cruel than men, yet are the first to accuse men of being heartless..go figure. Yet men still appear to go for the sexy but vicious over the average but warm and sincere.


*  September 22, 2015 · Ladies..Do you see how vast the beauty/health industry is for/because of us? They play on our vanity, the drive to attract a man, the competitiveness, the fear of aging and losing our men because of wrinkles, grey hair etc..treatments for our weight issues..multi multi trillion billion dollar industry because they KNOWWWW how anxious we are about our looks..why? Why indeed. Do we love who we are inside regardless of shade, background, size, age, physical characteristics, scars etc? How many are afraid they will lose love or attention if they are not on their "A-game" appearance wise? I'll leave that to sink in. YES we want to look as good as we can, be as healthy as we can..OF COURSE. But shouldn't it be for ourselves first and foremost? We need to examine WHAT we spend money on..and WHY..then look for more natural ways to achieve what we need to feel and look good inside and out. It is not a competition!  We are not selling ourselves. We are not a product. Got to remind ourselves that we are beautiful, flaws and all. #RandomThought



*  March 1, 2016  · I feel like such a girlie girl right now lol. Biotin has had my nails growing long and strong so I had clipped all but the thumb nails. While cooking dinner tonight..peeling, chopping, slicing etc, something caught my right thumbnail and broke/ripped it right down below the quick. Let me tell never appreciate how much you rely on your thumbs to type on a cell until you feel the pain every time you try. I always laughed at girlie girls who pranced around woefully waving their delicate little hands under everyone's noses, wimperin "oooh I broke a naaail"..welp..karma got me back..It's payback time lol..It can even happen to these non delicate and very much worked hands.


*  August 5, 2013 · Ladies..Just because a man calls to speak with you on the phone does not mean he is trying to date or have sex with you. Men, just because a lady sits and has long conversations with you does not mean she is waiting for you to get down on one knee, or trying to get you to fall in love. Get back to "Basic Communication 101". The use of verbal speech was invented before computers and social websites took over the planet.



*  May 29, 2011 · It would seem that women have been raised and conditioned to underplay her own knowledge. We tend to display over-humbleness with respect to talent/skills, even in the presence of a male with similar abilities. Many believe that the only way to make it in the biz is with her female-ness, smiles, displaying curves + connecting with a male of influence in her chosen career path. If only more women would stand together to support each other and be proud of both their talent AND femininity!



*  July 11, 2016 · #RandomContemplation: Some women don't WANT to be "chased", have any walls to be broken down, need to be saved or wifed or swept off her feet. Some women don't "object" to relationships or love or marriage or partnership, but at specific times in their life just like having friends to laugh with (nottt talking about "with benefits"), give them the key to their mind and be able to say, "you busy? lets run down to popeyes, grab something and then take a drive to the beach..i feel like some company right now". That type of thing. Nowadays there's always some underlying ulterior motive, plot or "you better make it worth my time" attitude. What's wrong with just chillin and breathing together for awhile. Life is short.