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February 27, 2017 · Just one important TOTD..If you mix, engineer, produce or are an artist or musician..please..safeguard your ears..My tinnitus is in overdrive this morning and ears are numb as if I'd been at a show with my head in the speakers..just from a weekend recording sesh..So please..give those ears regular breaks to let them rest now and then during your session.


*  April 19, 2016 · What is hilarious to me is how people's reactions tend to range from shocked to horrified to "sad for you" when you say you have walked from here to its a bad thing. When I had my blood drawn yesterday the lady at the desk's mouth fell open and she said "i don't know how you do it!" when she learned i'd walked over 2 miles to get there. I told her it was a beautiful day and I just phase out and enjoy it. She said "that's a long phase out!"..lmao..just didn't get it. I felt like saying i lost the use of my legs years ago, and have struggled off and on with when these puppies work? i love em..and i will use em..and I will make them stronger and able to carry me further..I la la la looove these legs when they work the way they should. #UseEmOrLoseEm



August 8, 2014 - 
I live with an illness called M.E./CFS..had it for years but most people would not know or recognize that and its not something that needs to be flaunted!!! It has been publically said of me that I'm the hardest working lady in the industry and that may be far truer than they realize. Because although I HAVE an illness..I am NOT my illness and it will never steal my happiness. It won't stop me doing what I will never prevent my progress or growth. Some, even people i have considered close to me choose not to see or understand and I can't hate..why should they when it is not their battle!? I get that completely. At its worst CFS affects memory, concentration, co-ordination, movement, speech and, at its worst had affected limbs to the point when I could not use my legs.

There was a time when I did not want it widely known and tried to hide it. But if I can encourage anybody to rise above their "limitations" to do what they love, then I hope my story will reach a million ears!! I'm NO martyr but i AM a warrior. Whether I seem weak or strong to specific eyes, there has never been a time when I have laid down arms and stopped trying..Well that isn't entirely true..I confess there are times when you feel like a total loser and very alone with your struggles..but you MAKE yourself get back up and keep going!!!! That is the whole point! There is always a physical war raging..With every battle that is won, that is just a small step HAVE to be instantly ready to keep the momentum going..keep fighting..keep winning..BECAUSE NOBODY ELSE CAN DO IT FOR YOU! ITS ALL YOU...HAVING PEOPLE WHO UNDERSTAND AND CARE BEHIND YOU HELPS, BUT ULTIMATELY ITS ON YOU TO SUCCEED!!!

A lot of people don't know about or understand the nature of th e illness and that's okay..what they REALLY need to see is the RESULT of work, the OVERALL progress, not the struggles. The important thing to me is for people to see the heart and soul that is put in to what IS achieved. There can be periods of time when you feel strong, good, like you can take on the you do! You do what you can with what you have, learn how to ride the waves when they come. The struggle is no stroll in the park and, when people with no understanding believe in their own mind you are not giving your best at any given time, or are "play acting" or not moving how they would want you to, not talking how they'd want you to..enough or clearly enough, or the power of recollection isn't instantaneous enough, not physically doing enough..its what they see at specific times and yes it can sting your heart and hurt you deep when you know you gave the best you had at the time.

Research and trying new things has been part of my battle plan from the beginning and yes I've come a long way..I have to say that, even if others cannot see the progress, I KNOW and am proud of every small step forward. I can't make people understand, and at the end of the day its not so much about understanding CFS, its about people who stick with me long enough to understand just how far I've come and be proud WITH me of what achievements actually mean. So yea, I'm proud of me. And I will CONTINUE to pick up momentum until the final breakthru has been made and this thing is conquered completely. AND BELIEVE ME IT WILL.

 June 6, 2012 · #Confession 2: not that it matters but just for the record..wth M.E./CFS, there are times I have to work harder than most to achieve shit thats in my heart to do..That's why I have little patience with other people's excuses.




August 10, 2016  · 

Was just doing a sunset walk by the river..passed a group of people fishing. Nearest where I was walking were three women on a bench and a man standing. Their backs were to me watching the colors in the sky change. I said "it looks like a painting doesn't it?..beautiful!" Only the man ripped his eyes away from the sky, but just a glance of acknowledgement, as they all said in perfect unison "yeeesss", sounding so much like those little green things in the "Toy Story" animation that i had to walk past fast to keep from lol'ing.

*  January 19, 2015 · 
F-F-Freeeeeeezinnnnnn sittin out chea watching the river go by and listening to sounds..That wind has a bite like a bulldog ..peaceful tho.. I hear the sweet tones of
 wind chimes and church bells drifting in and out, with the wind whipping so hard I had to hold my hood up with sleeves pulled over my hands..but it was worth it!

May 30, 2016 · H
aaa soo I finished messin with my cell selfays at the river and was just wandering, catching the breeze, when a lady saw me across the road and came walking up, asking me to take some pics of her for her facebook page. She was in her 40's but looked like she could be a model she was so pretty, great hair and figure, perfect makeup, expensive perfume, with a strong Turkish accent. She handed me her ipad to shoot with. I was like ermmm I have no idea how to use this..But it was almost too easy. In fact I clicked about 5-6 times without even realizing. As she looked thru she was overjoyed because they all came out natural and looked really nice. Yay me lol. She asked if I like taking pictures..haaahhaha little does she know I was once labelled "paparazzi" by a certain somebody. We walked and talked for a long friend made just by going for a river walk.

Came home and found a full teenage party goin sittin around the coffee table playing cards. Think I'll go back to the river for peace and quiet lol! sigh.

May 25, 2015 · I
've always had some strange attraction for babies and animals and always thought it was maybe because I'm laid back and leave em alone, so they gravitate to that. But I had the strangest experience while walking with my daughter to the river yesterday evening. There was a cat across the street minding its biz. My daughter called to it, it looked up and yowed at her, then hurtled across the street and hurled itself against my leg, yowing and rubbing, then laid on it's back in front of me. I was Can I please get to my destination now? Hey it's better than having them screech and scratch at you! So I'm not complaining..For years I've seen wild squirrels and rabbits stop and stare at me without racing away, birds keep doing what they're doing taking no mind of me..crazyness. Maybe I'm a ghost and don't know it lololol.

*  July 12, 2016 · 
I am always seeing couples down by the river of all ages. Last night there was a couple that looked in their 60s or early 70s walking up next to where I was. They were hand in hand and then started chasing each other around giggling like teenagers once they got closer to the edge of the river. It was awesome to see! #RandomThought

October 16, 2015 · When I was out walking earlier I heard hurried footsteps coming up behind me.. It was starting to get dark so I was alert. A low growl behind me was getting closer and I began to get a little nervous.  Suddenly a lady passed with her big Alsatian dog.  She beamed at me and said "awww he wanted to say hello"..Well lady..take your dog..and his "hello"..over

*  July 6, 2016 - I have mentioned a few times that animals seem to stop and stare, or come around when i go for my river walks. A couple of weeks ago a squirrel jumped out in my path and sat there watching me, with no intention of moving even when I got my cell out and took a pic lol..I have proof..they are just not bothered around me.

*  July 23, 2015 ·..Another funny animal story..As I was walking to the river earlier the same baby bunny that had jumped in front of me in the past did it again..about 10 paces away like showdown at the OK Corral..He sat down on his fluffy tailed little behind and sat there staring, blocking my path..I stood still, staring back. Meanwhile, from across the street comes a tabby, slowly sneaking up hiding behind my legs watching the bunny intently. it was obvious what he was going to do. I said in a high voice.."you betta runn bunny"..He didn't move..I said it about three times and then took a couple of quick steps forward and he darted off. I said to the cat "Don't get the bunny", he looked up and gave a disappointed mew then sauntered off like "Hmph, some help you are"..I looked around praying nobody saw all that..felt like a fool lol.

 August 8, 2014 · Tonight I had one of those much needed know the kind..Where, in your addiction to 'capturing a moment' on camera, you are forced to accept at that moment that it really is impossible because a cell phone cam cannot possibly pick up the awesomeness of what you are physically seeing! And all you have is mere words to try and describe..So I'll TRY but you will never get the full impact unless you see it with more than your eyes. The sun going down was a huuuuge, perfect, round fiery red/orange ball setting slowly. Across from that was an almost full huge and very bright moon. Add to that all the evening sounds..people walking with dogs n kids..the couples sitting on the grass to watch..people actually nodding and talking..crickets chirping, water lapping, geese honking, wind blowing..the smells of the river..I can never get enough of it! But eh..I'm sitting in the dark now and it is Friday night so I'd better get outta here. That is all from your reporter on the We!

*  September 18, 2015 · There is nothhinnng that a walk to the river can't fix. Things get put in perspective, lyrics get written, people get told off in my head, or machete'd in their head (in my head) lol, breathing gets regular, life gets smoother..All gets put neatly back in boxes..knives get removed from my back and bullets from the heart..all is well in the world.

 July 13, 2015 · As everybody prob knows by now I do love nature..and uhm..nature has always loved me a different way. These effing insects have always had a field day with me..even when my daughter was little gnats, mosquitoes, spiders etc..left her alone (maybe not the headlice..shudders..but we got thru all that ish when she was younger..horrible..but that's another story)..but me? Anything that has a nipper sniffs me out of a crowd and chows down..sigh..Something got a tap on a hand vein tonight and must have been thirsty because it is swollen pretty good. I must remember to get a spray or something to cover myself in before I go out for walks in shorts and sleeveless tops smh.

 June 7, 2016 - Sat by the river for over an hour completely hypnotized/mesmerized by the water ripples and sounds all around blending together, and oh those cloud formations..I could virtually make an entire story in my mind based on the shapes up there lol..Tripppin #NatureHigh #NoNeedFaAdditionalities #NaturallyNutso

*  September 13, 2016 · #RevelationsAtTheRiver: Funny how I fit in nowhere and everywhere at the same time..I am a enigma. Memories are notoriously short so I take in the moments as they come and continue feeling what I feel. People often see me as easily embraced but easily forgotten..I have learned that's how life works. But that's ok. I shall continue being me. (no i'm not on the raspberry apple banana kush..just thinkin' in type)

*  April 13, 2012 at 4:37am · DAWN MEDITATION: up listening to the dawn chorus...breathin'...sometimes it's nice being the only one awake.

*  September 29, 2015 · Ever had one of those days where you feel like running?..just because?..that rain done made me restless lol..back out for a power walk between the drops.. S/N these beautiful, colorful fallen leaves out here tho..!!!


May 13, 2016 · Due to high bills this month I couldn't afford face cream and the extra stuff I usually buy, so I did my research online to look for alternatives that can be made at home. Other than an aloe leaf which i buy every month for hair and skin, a few face mask "recipes" came to my attention..the one i'm using today is 1 tsp lemon juice, 1 tsp yogurt and i added a touch of extra virgin olive works really well and dammit man we gotta save that moolah so why go chasing after Dr Oz for miracle products when you can open up your fridge door and use what you already have?

June 2, 2015 · I'm always experimenting with different things..just discovered that African Macadamia Oil (normally for hair) mixed with cocoa butter really helps on stubborn dry skin patches.


 October 3, 2012 · These medicine commercials drive me nutz..It's not enough that we have to sit thru a promo of a med we haven't the remotest interest in..but they give the GOOD aspects of the drug in one sentence..and the reasons why you SHOULDN'T take it for another three minutes! smh

*  March 13, 2015 · How can humans be blamed for thinking it's normal and natural to grab a drink, smoke or drug of some kind to 'do something' to make us all feel different in some way. Commercials are fulllll of drug promo, from birth all we hear is take this for that. It is more accepted because of programming and conditioning to do whatever you want to your body and then medicate by any means necessary to cover up the damage and not encouraging or teaching how to deal with, fix or prevent the bottom line cause from earliest life. #RandomMorningThought


*  April 28, 2013 · uggghh I stepped barefoot on a hideous huge cockroach in the kitchen. Just discovered that catnip is a natural repellent to those things so I sprinkled it all around in there..I'm about to see what affects all that catnip has on the kitten lol..A euphoric kitty is better than having cockroaches..shudders.


 March 31, 2015 · So now scientists have discovered that the polio virus can cure some forms of brain cancer? I swear I have been reading and watching some of the strangest news stories today! Next it will be "Hey lets try using the aids virus to cure retardation"..or "Malaria can cure toenail fungus"..Ain't science wonderful?


 April 2, 2014 · Don't preach to me about healthy eating, body cleansing and discipline if you drink like a uffffkg fffphish, use rec meds of any kind and have random sex with anybody who will let you..gtfoh with that you hypocrite..

 November 8, 2014  - what you gotta do..but if you ever come to my place to visit with drank or kush..You stay outside..period..thees eez a natchurral high zone only..kthanx.


*  August 17, 2014 · #Revelations ..I have a feeling I know what's up today. After the doc hollered at me at the last visit for telling her I stopped taking the cholesterol meds and that I felt much better, was exercising, eating better etc etc, she prescribed a different statin and I obediently started taking them..What a bunch of bs...That HAS to be it!! I'm a mess and feel like hell so I'm thinking I'd rather have a decent quality of life that I can actually enjoy. To me that's preferable to taking a med to 'prevent' a heart attack and feel like I'm dead while I'm living it. Thats crazy to me..smh. Makes me angry..!!! Eff 'weighing up the risks'. This is MY damn life. Guess they figure I have CFS anyway so won't notice the difference smh..I hate these docs who won't listen to their patients. That combined with allergies..raised glands and swollen eyes lmao..Talk about feeling a mess..oh hell no..not having this..#BattleGearON

Cassandra Solari-Hamilton: I hope you will feel better soon Mo! Some times the medicine's make you feel worst that the illness ! A lot of the cholesterol medcation has side effect it made my late husband ill! I agree with you die and excersize helps a lot!
Donna H Mofohari: Thank You Cassandra Solari-hamilton..I appreciate your comments!!! i really was feeling so much better, more energy, just overall better when i chose to stop taking them..i've lost 28 lbs and still working to get it down more..been exercising and doing really well with the diet..Then last week she had me starting a different statin insisting i take it..and i've gradually been feeling worse and worse..i know that's definitely not a co-incidence! So yes, i hear you loud and clear and thank you so much! xxx
Cassandra Solari-Hamilton: Your welcome ! That is terrific that you are losing weight! I was seriously ill about 8 years ago I couldn't walk or talk. When I left the hospital I was given12 different medication I was a zombie like state My mother convince me to get ride of the pills and I started to feel better!
Donna H Mofohari: i really needed to hear that!!! and its SO good that you successfully got off all the meds and feel better!!!! I have been battling with CFS for years and continually doing research to try to find ways to beat has been my personal gut feeling that maybe some of the other meds they have me on might be a factor..I'm so glad you told me your story, it really lifted me xxx
Sabrina Bobbitt: Listen to your body and do your own research.
Sabrina Bobbitt: I don't have confidence in meds. I think they can weaken your ability to heal yourself
Donna H Mofohari: i hear you loud and clear! thank you, that makes good sense.. ill follow my first mind on it which was not to take them! The doc had slapped her desk and raised her voice when i told her id stopped and insisted i start again immediatly so i started doubting my convictions..but i cant do it..i appreciate your thoughts :)
Sabrina Bobbitt: ((((((Blessings))))) sweet sister ??
Donna H Mofohari:  <3 <3 <3

*  December 4, 2014 · I think my research and efforts re my health issues are starting to pay off. The new supplements seem to be improving a lot of things overall, plus the dancing and exercises really lifts and energizes. I highly recommend doing your own research rather than put all your faith in western medicine and "the doctor's word". I have heard a few docs more or less write me off with "multiple health issues" with an attitude that only their prescribed meds would keep things stable. But the prescribed meds had me spiralling, feeling worse and worse, less mobile and gaining more weight because of it. My love for my daughter and making music gave me that determination to take things in hand myself. There are a lot of ups n downs, trippin over and experimenting with natural meds and supplements while I continue to study up on new discoveries on treating CFS.. And yea..I definitely see a change which gives me a lot of hope to keep on pushing. So I'd advise anyone never to settle for what they are told or given. Do your research and don't give up on you!

*  September 14, 2016 · Have you noticed that in this entertainment industry, health of an entertainer's mind, body and spirit is of no concern whatsoever to anyone, from the management to those who book them, and the audience seeks only to be entertained..ufkk your feelings lol! So ya gotta pull rabbits out of hats sometimes..the show MUST go on!!! Did you know? There have been entertainers literally die on stage. Tommy Cooper, a much loved British comedian died on stage during his stand up routine and the audience thought it was part of the act..kept on laughing. That's how I would want to go..Leave em partying.

 September 8, 2016 · Uhmmm this world sometimes stuns me. To eat healthy foods it costs much more than eating bs. We already know that. To see a nutritionist cost see a natural health practitioner..moolah..I "almost" got excited when I saw on a sponsored promo that a cure was available for the type of medical issues I have,  until I followed the spaghetti junction of their links riiiiight up to..bwuah bwuah bwaaaahhh...the cost. One bottle of this magic medicine priced at $149 and a set costs $795..and that was the sale price! ughh..I shall continue researching..uhm..cheaper options. It is evident us poor folk are meant to remain with medical conditions.


*  September 19, 2016 · I'm one of these people that just cannot function if I lose sleep. I know a lot of people say or seem to do very well grinding on ad infinitum 28/8 but with CFS/ME if you don't keep your sleep quota topped up like a gas tank, you suffer serious repercussions. So it teaches me that, because I do put heart and soul into everything I do and grind hard it is important to make myself take time out. Whether you have any health issues or not it's so important to listen to your body! You can't get to your destination if your drive your vehicle too hard and it conks out on you. Don't wait for your body or mind to get tough with you. Treat it with respect and it will run better.

*  April 30, 2013 · So many folks be driving me on..don't give up, keep pushing..doing great..many forget that I'm here representing, and representing heart and soul..HARD!!..Most often, if it is somebody or something I believe in, it's done at no charge, just because I feel it needs to be out there. But stop and think. While people are 'encouraging', getting whatever energy they can from me, what happens when a mofohari gets tired?..When i fall, exhausted, who actually catches me? I hold my reins and can't expect a break per se, so understand when I hand over a project, or step back and disappear for awhile..I just don't have somebody to hand the baton to. When I fall back there IS nobody to catch me, so I must learn to simply fall back and stay down until the 9 count.

*  December 5, 2012 · *braincell speaks to self: why am I sitting here fighting sleep..this is what I've been waiting for isn't it?..My stomach feels more settled and I'm exhausted so..? *retarded self responds to braincell: Well yea but my Samson Servo was just delivered..and I have been waiting forever to connect my monitors to the mixing desk*..*braincell slaps retarded self..' dimwitted retard..NOW!'..ok ok the braincell has had the last word..We out!

*  July 27, 2016 · Crazy frustrating when you fall into an exhausted sleep and then wake up in the dark at wrong o'clock with your mind and body like..getup ah get on up..sigh..shut up body..just no..

*  April 4, 2018 - My trainer has taught me something that is so important that it needs to be brought to everyone's consciousness. There's a huge difference between urging yourself on to do/be better and forcing yourself beyond your physical boundaries/capabilities. He has reminded me that it is OKAY to listen and comply when your body/mind says it needs to rest..then you can pick back up and keep moving forward. Respect the physical signals.

*  May 29, 2016 · Confession: Sometimes I don't want to talk about, think about or be about anything remotely music-like..Yea I know I can't live without it but sometimes you just need to change the channel fah a damn minute. In order for any marriage to work you have to give each other space to breathe. So 5..sets "the hat" tenderly on the mantle and sets up Netflix for a little slap n tickle on the side (that's cheating witout cheating).

 April 19, 2017 · Sometimes my senses need periods of complete silence and solitude just to reset themselves. Too much mental/physical/spiritual/creative stimulation can drain the energy into the warning alarm, red flashing light, low energy zone.

*  January 16, 2017 · You know it's time to go back to bed when you stumble into the kitchen to make pancakes n eggs. Eggs first..You start by cracking the 2nd egg..and robotically drop the contents straight into the sink rather than the bowl. Then you go to make the pancake batter and instead of dropping the oil into the batter mix you absentmindedly drop it into the egg mix. That ish is ridiculous..time for a serious RE charge!

January 24, 2014 · I am not pointing fingers bcs I'm learning my lessons the hard way..just sayin.. Everybody thinks they are invincible..that is until something hits em in the head to remind them they are not.  Everybody..yes me too..says "I never sleep, sleep is the cousin of death"..but without sleep your body and mind breaks down. To ignore basic needs, fill your body with poison, deprive it of nutrients or love or rest or warmth to ask for trouble either now or later on. Respect this body you are given, it may not mean much to you now but believe me, when faced with the possibility you may lose that body, or your mind goes into depression or mental'll wish you'd taken better care of yourself.

*  January 30, 2015 · Some people can get by with very little sleep. If I don't get at least seven hours on a regular basis I'm a mess..mentally and physically. It really messes me up. So when insomnia strikes etc I have to find space to sleep during the day or something until my body gets its fill of zzz's..Never underestimate what lack of sleep will do to you and take time to catch up with your body's minimum requirements, or believe me you will be made to pay for it.

*  February 12, 2016 · It is so easy to get into a bad habit of not allowing yourself..or getting..eight full hours of sleep every night. If you say it doesn't matter, it really does. Whether you see or acknowledge it you have a human body which requires nurturing. Doing that to yourself is like owning a car, filling it with the cheapest gas, driving around all day and expecting it not to run out of gas, get overheated or need a tune up. You have to treat your vehicle right..wash, wax, fine tune inside and out..and use it with pride. It has to keep "you" going until it conks out. Keep in mind "you" are not your "have" a body. Treat it right. #RandomThought

July 11, 2017 · ..When you stumble half asleep to the kitchen and drop a tsp of coffee into your empty cereal bowl...#YeaIDidThat

August 2, 2016 · When you are so exhausted you grab the dish detergent and pour it all over your daughter's hot dog before you realize you picked up the wrong thing, that's when it occurs that you better lay down tools, say eff everything and sit your butt down. O_o


 September 16, 2013 · I don't judge, just curious tho..How/Why is it people allow themselves to get to a seriously obese state, then suddenly one day look in the mirror or realize " health is at risk here, I'd better do something about it". I'm overweight and I know the reasons. The awareness is there. But wayyyy before I get to a seriously obese state I make myself look hard in the mirror..or see that I've had to buy new sizes in clothes and I can't afford it. America is killing its own people with that. Other countries laugh at us because we are notoriously FAT, lazy and have an insane dress sense over here!!! Don't let yourself get too out of control folks..moderation in ALL things.. As we say in the UK..have a LITTLE of what you love.

February 22, 2014 · I
f I was an inventor I'd invent a device like a pedometer that measures the # of calories we put into our bodies, recognizes and separates out the non valuable or empty calories from the healthy/valuable ones, calculates the # we need to expend to reach or maintain a certain weight..and beeps like a mofo if you overshoot your intake..add in a stern voice like a GPS..recalculating, recalculating..turn left at the kitchen doorway, do 50 more situps and 20 squats...etc

*  October 17, 2014 at 5:15pm · So many overweight people are so defensive of their padding. Some even view slimmer ladies with a hint of suspicion or as alien beings or something lol..Hey I've been fat, and I've been thin. Right now I'm somewhere in the middle. I recall when I'd somewhat slimmed down years ago and girls I was working with in the UK were going to have a slimmers thing going on where they weigh in each week..I wanted to join in to keep an eye on things and lose a couple..omg you should have seen the "up and down looks".."You? Youu? You're not fat"(scornful looks). And yea..all my life, as soon as I lose a few pounds it's like the big girls turn their backs on you like you're some kind of traitor"Get outa here're not one of us!" Ladies ladies ladies..We all go thru and downs and fluctuations..If you are big, healthy and happy, you're beautiful..Stay like you are and don't let anybody tell you you're not perfect as you are. If you want to lose weight for the wrong reasons..stop! That's a whole nother issue..But if you are trying to lose and maintain for health and because you feel and look better to yourself..go for it..and don't let the bigger girls push you out the's about getting where you want or need to be to feel good, and maintaining that.


 January 23, 2014 · Just got back from the breast surgeon..He saw my films for the first time. Before the biopsy he told me most of the time these things turn out benign..thankfully it was!!! But when he saw me today post-biopsy, he said I was very lucky because the type I did have could have been nasty. I'm deeply grateful for the good thoughts that were sent by the few that I did tell about this..and I honestly believe that those prayers and good thoughts did help. But it is definitely yet another wake up call to work harder on my health..peace all! (Side Note: Self check your breasts regularly ladies and get em screened from time to time.)