~ WORLD AND U.S. ISSUES ~


*  January 7, 2016 · Sometimes I wish I was in a position of political power in the US. There would be some SERIOUS transformations. Firstly in hiring practices, employee rights and unions. Attitudes of Social Services and positions of power over people who are actively seeking to get on their feet would be closely monitored. If I was president I would make it illegal to rip benefits out from under the feet of deserving/needy families or disabled people. Finally, I would most definitely crack down with SEVERE punishment on officers of the law who are found to be misusing or abusing their position, through unnecessary violence, terrorism, racism or sexual or any other type of abuse. #HiddenDreamz

January 21, 2013 · When you leave the country of your birth and live in another one for awhile, then come back to see mass confusion, intolerance among its own people and patriotism that is expressed or demonstrated only on certain days of the year..loyalty amongst each other only for as long as they can see each other with two is easy to remember why one is tempted to leave their country in the first place. But I choose to stand my ground this time. I'm older and wiser. If this is the way it is I will fight the attitude with all guns blazing. My integrity and awareness grows daily. Wake up America. Medicating your mind only makes you easier to control. Be a leader in your own right. The dream starts with one concept..Make it count.


January 23, 2013 - Turn the hate down a notch and comprehend..There has to be some awareness somewhere before there can be change.


April 13, 2011 · How are you gonna change the world when you are letting your own standards slip? How will you make a difference when all that you show to the outside world shows INdifference?


July 11, 2016 · We KNOW what the problems ARE in this country..pointing it out 50 million times a day does nothing to help move forward. Enough talking. White, Black, Yellow, Red, Brown and any shade in between..responsibility is on every ONE of our shoulders to speak, show and prove that we are standing together. WE ALL can and must make a wall of protection and solidarity around those WE see victimized. WE need to get our weight up and slam those biased mofos down..let them know Black Americans are our family. WE are all here in this country and on this planet TOGETHER. I AM my brother's keeper! And hate of my family DOES affect me in my heart. I won't sit down and pretend I don't see it and do nothing. That is a START. And yes, keep exposing and exposing those murderous, violent and evil cops who have no business being behind a badge and every need to be behind bars..preferably with some of those they needlessly sent there. A HUGE dossier of collected events must come with us when we walk together to meet with police chiefs, hold town hall meetings, even hold a civil lawsuit against them collectively backed by every name, every person who will stand together on it.


 July 3, 2016 · #RandomThrowawayThought I don't like American fashion..I love the styles China SHOWS us but hate what they send us lol! Sigh. Think i need to start designing again. I used to draw designs when I was a kid and into my teens but never saw them actually turned into clothes. Sometimes I wonder how it would feel to have your thoughts turned into reality like that.


*  November 27, 2014 · The worst thing about America is the citizens do not allow freedom of thought and speech and yet they want it for themselves..Let somebody have an opinion different than yours and you are ready to maime, torture and kill smh or you will fight to the death to change their mind. There is no respect for individualism.


*  August 4, 2015 · Why do Americans gotta holler at each other on the bus.. too much noise polution..keep it dowwwwnn..people yellin' huhhh in my ear looking over their shoulder at somebody behind them..shhhh..THIS is why Americans are laughed at on the tube trains in England.


*  October 3, 2013 · Good mornin' all..I support some great causes because I believe we ALL need to encourage movements and people that aim to make changes in the world. The people at the heart of these missions should be held down and pushed forward! Find something you believe in and get behind does make a difference! Don't just watch, nod and applaud from a distance. Anybody who TRULY knows me knows that I DO put my heart and soul into people and things I believe in..Sometimes at the cost of forgetting what I'm here for..and this, for anyone that has gotten confused, is my create and entertain..and of course to bring to new ears the music I have created with people who will always be part of me and never be far from my heart..MaDD PpuLL.


 November 26, 2016 eff what ya heard...Don't just hate because the US told you to..or the press said something/someone was horrible..Decide for yourself. Folks just looove to hate and not even know why.


 November 20, 2012 · Anybody who knows me knows I don't normally quote scriptures or preach religion..Because I confess it irritates the hell out of me when folks come on facebook and do it. But I was laying in bed with thoughts spinning around in my mind and I need to get this out. A friend of mine sent me the playlist to Roots and I was thinking about the history of mankind. How from the beginning of time man has used violence and degradation of each other in many different cultures to get what they want. Power, land, money, whatever the reasons..of course the most horrific and documented are the plight of the Jews and also the history of those who were violently taken from their own countries into strange countries and sold into slavery. I can't watch movies, for instance about the holocaust or about the history of slave trade without crying my heart out, and it puts my own life struggles into perspective. 

But I got to thinking about two specific lines in the Bible that I'm sure are taken out of context in this case, but I can see it having meaning here - "and the first shall become last"..and "judge not lest ye be also judged". I started to feel comfort from thinking that when time has ended those who lived their lives to the best of their ability, given whatever circumstances to deal with, will be rewarded accordingly. For instance those who were murdered, bullied, abused, degraded, humiliated or made to suffer in any way would be the ones to be treated like the Kings and Queens (or Princes/Princesses) they deserved to be treated as..while their oppressors, murderers, bullies, tormentors would be made to endure the same that they dished out, maybe even in front of their victims. Those who believe themselves superior to ANYone will be shown the truth in whatever strength the message must be given to make them see it..

NONE of us can REALLY know the pain of someone enduring agonizing violations of their human rights, but we can choose to keep the hate out of our hearts, speak up when we see an injustice, help each other where we can and stand with pride, knowing we are living the best we can with the resources we are given..and that ourselves, ancestors, families, and people we love are covered. I know in my heart God/Allah/Rah whatever guise of the deity you worship, does not overlook any single one of us and I take hope from the belief that those who have suffered most will be given the most glory..peace. 

To 'first shall become last' I was visualizing anyone who believes themself superior or more powerful than another human being, race, culture, religion, way of life as bullying their way into a (quote unquote) higher position than another..