~ WORDPLAY and POETRY ~

                                                            I have passions, no vices
                                           I make love with strangers on recording devices
                                                     I'm a mother, a poet, a queen unseen
                                            Know where I'm going and respect where I've been
                                               Life pulls no punches but I'm living the dream
                                                                                                          - MofoHari

LABELS By MofoHari

My culture is hip hop
But they call me r & b
Heathens crane to understand
So they shove a label on me
Highly unorthodox
Stick it all in a box
Keep it where they can clearly see
Peep inside for changes
So they can call it an atrocity

And still and yet
So many sounds to kill
I cannot sit still
Or be bound by an ear
Despite respecting what they hear
Let me fly and touch
Praise the music, double dutch
I'm not about to stop
Exploring what I feel so much

If you host a show
They call you a DJ
And really that's okay
Except when that's how they see you
As if that's all that you can do
Be warned they'll try to keep you
Do not stay
Small minds see only snacks
Not the full buffet


They throw beats like roses
Send photos with poses
The ear exposes the grotesque explosions 
Of impotent sounds and undisciplined emotions
This hearing is closed you cannot reach me
I've had maestros and mentors take time to teach me
Go back to your bedroom child, 
Practice your craft
Show me some greatness
Until then step back!


Blacked out in vigorous session
My pen scratches deeply in voracious aggression
Burning maps into my hand 
Tattoo'd with blood as I understand
The credo of the artisan 
Thrown weeping into lyrical quicksand
My psyche flies freely without command 
While volcanic expression 
Forces spiritual connections 
With poetic forebears 
Who nod and whisper and push me forward 
There shall be no repressions, no exceptions 
Until internal peace is restored



Life never stagnates
Lessons can be tough
Experiences fluctuate
But you can never have enough
The only way to raise your weight
Is to learn and grow and educate

Thru all of life
Thoughts ebb and flow
Like an ocean tide
While The mind Erodes
Like ancient stone
As crafts are honed 
Until it expands
And is fully grown

So our Expressions must change
In order to relate
Moments of horror 
Or love or hate
Different words 
Different speech
The more you speak 
The further you reach
To draw our picture more accurately
Tell a story more succinctly
As we push the pen more relentlessly

Thru Their Lens   by MofoHari

I share freely as it comes to me
Thru lyricism and fantasy
But they see only what they choose to see
So I paint it for them colorfully
With metaphor yet truthfully
And details woven beautifully
Into the fabric of creativity
I move my body with eyes closed, 
Dance for them with soul exposed
Safe in the knowledge they'll never know
Which doors are real or superimposed
With smoking mirrors and labyrinths
Sexually charged or cold and distant
Visions given to feel for an instant
As they view my thoughts thru their own lens
Whatever this imagination gives
Drips from the tips of explosive pens
Whether with wisdom, a vision, love or sin
A rhyme's as good as an audience is
If they can relate to the experience
So margins are wide for the variance


The Nature Of Progress  by MofoHari 

So many years wasted
So many fruits untasted
Endless schemes, dreams, life themes 
Simmer idly it seems
On the brain's back burner 
While striving hard as the family earner
I'm a visionary thinker but a real slow learner
Life won't stop just because we do
We won't succeed using magic or voodoo
Can't get rich quick with a Smith n Wesson
But by using our minds and all of our lessons
One step at a time (but) in quick succession
Nature teaches by showing
The progression of a seed growing
That has been planted with our hands
The blueprint of savoring the stages and
Many will not understand 
There's pleasure in the process of a rose in bloom
A child is born, 9 months in the womb
I write my songs right here in my bedroom
But it takes patience see it thru
Don't let pride steal your visions from you


Creativity  - by MofoHari

 In the presence of rhyme, I am home
In a world where players walk off stages,
Refuse to read from the same pages 
I'm still embraced and never alone
Here in this perfect mind zone

When I can't fit in anywhere, lyricism is there
Never needing to search, its there to take
Nothing to prove and there's nothing at stake
Whenever my heart breaks, unrecognized by fakes 
And those who are just not into me, feel no affinity
I connect the lines refined by divinity 

Poetry is my blessing, my symmetry
The life force that surges within me
Nothing can be achieved deliberately,
It must come to be, naturally
Yet the skill requires mastery
That's why it's called creativity  



                                                      Human Confusion  - by MofoHari 

                                                                           People know about war but not about peace                                                                                                   Know about violence but blame the police                                                                                               They know how to struggle without finding release                                                                                                  Grow up pointing at everyone else                                                                                                         Without seeking solutions to improve themselves      

                                             Kinship - by MofoHari  

                                                    Business is not the same as friendship,
                                                                  Don't get it twisted
                                              If fools changed the rules I must have missed it
                                                    Too many attitudes around me are bullshit
                                           I speak louder and prouder standing up at the pulpit
                                                      My heart is an anchor and so is kinship


                                           Hard Times - by MofoHari  

                                                          Times are hard on the boulevard
                                                                It's rough for some folk
                                                          Washin' dishes with laundry soap
                                                            Hangin' clothes on frayed rope
                                             Breathing in downstairs second hand dope smoke
                                                         Sometimes I wonder how we cope
                                                              But can we give up? nope!
                                                           Where there's life there's hope 

Survival Revival  - by MofoHari  

Legends drop all around us, moguls die young
Yet you dive in the hive and wait to be stung
I want to live to reap the fruits
See my troops receive salutes, 
Yet they be diving out of planes without parachutes
Paralyzed, Contributions unrecognized, 
It's unwise to live the dream without opening your eyes 
When the path is blurred ideology dies
When its lost inside your mind, rewind!
You labor so hard that you're deaf, dumb and blind
Dying to win, always running behind

Work smarter not harder, make plans, never barter
Killing yourself trying is a real non starter
Bend with the wind, remix and blend
I'll be standing and smiling when my life ends
Neither party too hard or stress over deadlines
Obsessive grind burns out your mind
Ages you and steals your time
Avoid hustlers, goons, egos and buffoons
Who will swear they fly without leaving the room
Understanding comes when you ignore their rules
And embrace mentors, lessons, revelations and tools

We need Survival revival, martyrs are oldschool
Ain't no success in bein' a dead fool
Sit your ass down once in a blue moon
Pick up a pan and ill pick up a spoon 
Rap me a rhyme or sing me a tune
Remember when we were young
We knew exactly how to have fun
Used what we had and knew what to do
You're still that kid, still the same you
So listen within, stay thirsty my friend
Live it and feel it, don't leave us too soon


Paradox  - by MofoHari  

You draw your own blood when you shadow box
It's a senseless and pointless paradox
The one that always hurts is the one who's fighting
Best to make your peace so try uniting
Life is hard when the realness is biting
You're just spinning in circles
Thinking that's exciting

It's time to plan the show
And show them who you are
Cuz you're a star 
Deep down you know it
Just because they sleep on you
Doesn't mean they're through with you

Pick yourself up 
Put the gloves away
You're gonna live to see another day
And you know it's gonna be okay

You shoot your own foot with the verbal ratchet
Cut your right hand off with your ego hatchet
Talkin' like you're finished
With all the things you'd relished
Like all those visions you'd embellished
All the dreams and all the schemes 
All the plans and everything
Just suddenly ran out of steam

Just because it didn't pan your way
Exactly how you said the game would play
You will not lose, unless you choose to
Life didn't kill you, only bruised you
Still got that mojo that you used to
Just gotta change the way you view, the world around you
Stand a little taller and wait until they've found you
Own the ground you know you walk on
There's power in the things you talk on

It's time to plan the show
And show them who you are
Cuz you're a star 
Deep down you know it
Just because they sleep on you
doesn't mean they're through with you

Pick yourself up 
Put the gloves away
You're gonna live to see another day
And you know its gonna be okay 

You can't win against the universe
It's the creativity curse
Expression progression in reverse
Can make your life a whole lot worse
Get you livin' out a metaphor
Wondering what you're even here for
But if you learn your lessons boy, 
Stay alert for open doors
Experience will be your mentor

It's time to plan the show
And show them who you are
Cuz you're a star 
Deep down you know it
Just because they sleep on you
Doesn't mean they're through with you

Pick yourself up 
Put the gloves away
You're gonna live to see another day
And you know its gonna be okay 
It's really gonna be okay 
I promise it will be okay



             WORD PLAY

* Don't let the vultures devour your dreams
  A penny for your thoughts, 
  Your dollar with their schemes
  Keep your passions unseen from the mainstream
  Close to your heart undiluted and clean

* Please don't glorify me when I die,
  When I've been here for years and you pass right by

* I display my ink like a battle scar
  Dreams that leaked/troughs that peaked
  Ears alert every time they speak
  Physical images send mental visages to remind me
  I'm never alone they still think on me kindly
  Not right here but not that far
  It's not what you show but who you are

* Number crunchin' is my breakfast cereal
  In the physical I'm lyrical but the soul is etherial
  I love my hood but that's immaterial
  I cant stay here it ain't worth the funeral
  Long nights awake, my mission is serial

* A moan from the lips, movement of hips
  Clutching hard with my fingertips
  Silk sheets slipping softly, making me sigh
  While they gently slide across my thighs
  Closing eyes, reaching the edge
  That's when I sit up in bed
  Alone with the visions inside my head


* I can't propose to raise the dead
  But I can show you wisdom instead
  Wake the sleeping laying comatose in bed
  With words the hungry can be fed

* Been searching so hard for my oasis
  Looked in so many places but all I see is strangeness
  Hostile faces, non toleration among races
  New drug crazes, hood rats and scars from bullet grazes

* What happens to your dreams when you run out of steam? 
  The dash turns to dust if you know what I mean  



I've always been a part of this city
Paid my bills paid my rent
I've seen the ups and downs
Some changes ain't been pretty
Now I'm throwin' confetti
Proud of our womanhood
It's good that you're in residence
I see you ooze that confidence
Mrs President

I see you strollin' down the center of town
With your Secret Service all around
Wish I could talk with you sister
Just a moment on our own
I think I'd ask you to take off that mask
We could relax and have some laughs
Maybe one photograph
With your informed consent
Mrs President

I'm sure you'll be accessible too
So I will wait here for you
Maybe they’ll let me squeeze thru
We can talk then
Mrs President

Your mouth spits fire while your eyes shoot flames
But beneath that guarded gaze
There beats the heart of a lady
I know you'd think
My contemplations crazy
With all that power that you represent
Your service to mankind must be excellent
Mrs President

It's a new day it's true
It's a good day for you
But they ain't playin Mrs President
So I’ll just wave as you're passin thru


There is no place for hate
no room in the inn
Go back where you came from
You can't come in
One love One life
the struggle is rife
You see me standing right
I have No bullets 
No butcher's knife

I've come in peace, to do some good
I've Experienced poverty
walked the streets of my hood
Met family who understood
Closed minds instantly saw an enemy
Some, A frienemy 
I'm just an independent entity
The concept is simple in its complexity
But the deaf won't hear it 
And that's what vexes me

I've witnessed death and destruction
Experienced loss
and dream obstructions
I've carried my cross
Lived with lowness of energy
Been around many
With discordant frequencies
Seen haters become friends
Friends become enemies
Felt so much pain it started to weaken me
But strength was within reach
And lessons do teach

In a moment of clarity it hit me
During a time of Desparity
When Resolve was crumbling
Eyes wet with Stumbling 
The moment of truth was 
Impactful and humbling


I took a deep breath and spoke to myself 
A conference is needed  
Angst is starting to yell
So I called to the table, via the dinner bell
Past, Present and Future as well

First an old lady came, weak and frail
A teenage girl entered, scared as hell
A small child began to wail 
Wept pitifully and yelled "not fair"
Crying out "mama" as I stroked her hair
Presence of Mind stood
To take the chair

While the little girl wept I held her tightly
Sympathy sighed politely
I assured her it would be alright
Then gazed to my right..and waited
The teen told me everything,
About the life she hated
All the things she'd done and seen
How her heart broke, where she'd been
Choking back some bitter tears
Revealed to me her deepest fears
She had no love, no friends, no home
The trust was gone
She felt alone
Across the table Anxiety nodded 
And echoed weakly "yes, alone" 
Setting firm her jawbone

The wise old lady tapped her stick
Wasn't having any of it
She looked around impatiently
Beckoned "continue" expectantly
Compassion rose and said to the others
"What have we learned ladies
Not everyone has mothers
We have taken the blows
Better than many others I know"
Strength rose with scars to show
She roared "We won't be defeated - Let's go!"
Conviction said firmIy "Look understand
We cannot give up, come take my hand,
Things will look up, we have to trust!"
But I beamed at the words of Victorious
As She said simply "I love us"

I watched the oldest to the youngest
And from the corner of my eye
I noticed the old woman
Start to cry
But she was smiling
And somehow looked stronger
Strength made her look
Beautiful and younger

The child came back and sat in my lap
Chubby arms grasped, It was comforting to hold her
She laughed, nestled her head on my shoulder
The teenage girl who'd looked tired and older
Seemed to relax
As she nodded, then slowly smiled at last
"I know our pain is in the past"
I said "it won't be easy but we'll be ok"
Scanning the table, nothing left to say
Confidence said "we'll find a way"
I hugged each one including the intern
Who agreed we had a lot to learn
Acceptance said "we have each other
Now and for always, let's work together"

I saluted the elder 
For her wisdom and wit
She grinned and gave us all a gift 
I had to admit there was a positive shift
Glowing at Hope who gave us a hint
Spoke with her heart, finger on lips
We sat in silence appreciating it
Cherished the moment of timeless connection
Uniting at last with harmonic direction