~ MUSIC, CREATIVITY, THE INDUSTRY ~


*  May 28, 2017 · I need to give a heartfelt salute to all who have inspired, encouraged, supported and pushed me toward being the best I can be. Every collab, every instrumental, every suggestion, every criticism and every positive comment thru the years is engraved right in here. It all helps push me on and is 100% appreciated. My bar is lifted by your guidance. Thank you.

 May 7, 2011 · Salute to the artists who stand behind their word and what they say they will do. Those who follow thru with their product, show professionalism, consistency and are not afraid to show emotion about the music they create. Oh yea..and big ups to the communicators in the biz..YOU are a breath of fresh air!

*  July 12, 2017 · Respect to the visionaries, the do-ers the planners and the inspirers..the teachers, the sharers, the reachers, the learners, the challengers, the bar raisers..Salute to those who encourage and support EACH OTHER..This is not a competition..its music..Music is a vibration..Both Music and Love are universal and have a language of their own. #MorningThoughts

Vaughan Lee #Salute
Donna H Mofohari I could not agree more :D

*  July 31, 2011 · When surrounded by music and artists/producers who have REAL love and passion for their art I get chills..butterflies..I feel so high..I'm a sponge. To all the dope veteran and newer artists who have entered into my world, shared with me, stepped for a minute with me on my path..all I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you..I and we will move heaven and earth to support that beautifulness.



*  July 4, 2013 · RESOURCES folks..USE THEM!! AND always remember YOU ARE A RESOURCE TOO!!! If you don't open your mouth and pass a message, or an artist you see as great, a producer or a service you see as useful, in any way you can, you are effectively allowing the unskilled thru and locking the skilled out..Do your part..Use your resources..And be a resource.

*  November 17, 2012 · Focus is on creative expression and improving skills. We all have unbelievable resources if we choose to use them..eyes, ears, lungs/breath, mouth, fingers to play instruments, create instrumentals, press 'play' to record yourself. Most importantly, a mind and imagination. Too many second guess that innate ability we ALL have. Some have more essential talent than others, partly because they choose to develop that part of their mind and find more enjoyment in creativity. There is the difference. When you do not find it enjoyable or lose the pleasure in creativity..then it ceases to benefit ANYbody. But if you do find pleasure in being creative musically, you MUST 'use it or lose it'. KEEP DEVELOPING YOUR SKILLS..keep honing your craft...keep those wheels oiled!! peace.



October 17, 2013 · 
If you have good knowledge of music history, production or engineering skills, singing, rapping, business or any other skill and you see someone around you asking questions or obviously hungry to learn..or you have those around you that would benefit from a knowledge you possess..TEACH THEM..It is your duty to start or strengthen the chain and believe me at some point, the chances are very strong that you could really make an impact on somebody's life and future.

February 16, 2016 · Everything I know now, every connection, every step forward, every lesson learned, every mission to fill in gaps of in direct relation to people teaching, reaching, inspiring and sharing. I can't express it enough. People who take and hold that which is shared with them and do not add on a link or keep it growing..are a lot of the reason music is in the state that its in..and why so many of artists with real potential are dropping back.. You have pearls, I have pearls..Let's make a necklace!



*  November 18, 2016 · 
When somebody hasn't heard a classic song before or of a much loved artist, godfather/mother or icon...I don't verbally kick the ish out of them, publicly ridicule, ban them from my presence, laugh hysterically in their face..(like I see some doing). If I know something they don't know, whether classic or newer, I take them by the hand and say "..Wait til you hear THIS!". And I appreciate people who do the same. Don't beat em up, teach em up..Fill their minds with the good stuff. 

May 22, 2012 · When somebody who has been in the industry awhile talks with me about their experiences, feelings, plans..and shows me their passion for what they do, I feel energized, recharged, I glow inside. So veterans, please do not think people or other artists won't be interested..I'm all ears!!!!

 Nov 20, 2017 · If we as artists who work at our art and conscientiously continue to raise our own bar, do not support other skilled artists and teach the lesser skilled ones, then we truly are a part of the problem that we complain about (i.e. lack of quality in today's music). Reach, teach, support, guide and show appreciation. Keep the chain growing the wise minds around me continue to advocate..BE GREAT!



*  September 24, 2014 · I was asking myself, why do people who are at peace with themselves and their surroundings piss off ppl who are not..? And why do people who are extremely passionate about what they do so that they spend a lot of time building skill and knowledge, irritate some who are laidback about everything..? Then, as I contemplated it started to come to me like this..: Look at the playing of an instrument and the music it creates..Recognize that a variation of sound comes from tension, pressure, releasing of pressure..a variety of vibrations, vibes, feels and outcomes..Magnetic positive to negative..negative to negative, positive to positive..ebbs and flows of sound. 

Bottom line is, it's not about just accepting any old sound (or statement, thought or idea) no matter how discordant, but about appreciating that creativity, just like communication or harmonization of ideas, comes in different ways, from different mindsets, from different levels of skill, from different personalities connecting. I'm an old head so nevermind me, I think about a lot of things and analyze how things work so that it is broken down and makes sense to my mind. It works for me. Any other theories out there? If so please share. 

Let me try relating it like this..Discordance can create harmony thru a crashing of thoughts, like sound waves of cymbals and driving percussion, leading to a blend of ideas/sound that works and ultimately leads to a meeting of minds..or sounds that make harmonic sense thru the very aspect of its combined energy..(depending on which theoretical angle you're looking at.) shit i need to stop thinking..I can hear ppl going maaan efff all that..lmao..sorry guys..I'll hush.

Renee Yearwood: I agree. One of my closest friends is from a different upbringing so although our backgrounds are "discordant" our minds/thoughts are what has brought us to be harmonious.
Donna H Mofohari: exactly!!!! thank you for understanding what i was saying.
Renee Yearwood: Yw!



*  January 28, 2016 · I w
as looking for some specific info and ran across this: "Dana Elaine Owens, professionally known by her stage name Queen Latifah, is an American singer, songwriter, rapper, actress, model, television producer, record producer, comedienne, and talk show host." Read that..and absorb. At some point near the "beginning" of her career I can imagine there were MANY who shoved a hat on her head intending for her to stay right where she was. But did she? HELLLLL NOOO..LOOK AT THE RESULTS OF SPREADING YOUR WINGS AND TRYING DIFFERENT THINGS..FOLLOWING YOUR HEART AND EXTENDING YOUR ABILITIES IS EVERYTHING. I totally admire Queen Latifah 's spirit. Never be held down with somebody else's peg, like an insect in a "beautiful bug" collection. We are all made with different components, a variety of skills, talents and abilities. If you stick to one you will never know exactly what you are capable of and what area you may even shine in more brightly than others. That is all.  



*  December 15, 2015 · There are many reasons people choose to be involved with music or creativity. For those who play at it or do it because they think it is an easy route to the D or $, you will never understand the deep rooted PASSION that drives the rest of a drug keep striving for the 'perfect high'..or the pleasure in sharing the high and continually buzzing off the high you bring to others. You will never understand the PAIN when you cannot find the high you crave, either for or within your own creativity, or even within the work of others that you know have the ability, skill and spirit to soar to the heights..but maybe were shot down thru lack of flock support. Only complete fools will say that artist(s) that got shot down "weren't good enough", or in some way cause them to doubt themselves to the point they BELIEVE that they weren't good enough. That ish frustrates the hell out of me when I recognize it, because many will support and put out the wackest crap, worst mixes, dumbest verses and pat each other on the back. Good job bruh good job..then complain about the state of the art. STFU, wash the blood off your hands and sit down. You don't deserve to call yourself hip hop. You don't deserve to have ears.



*  February 20, 2013  · ARE there  any 'rules' in creativity'?  Believe it or not, there are a few things to consider!!.. 1) Follow the general guidelines of the beat..if you don't it ends up sounding ridiculous..even if you think it's the dopest thing you ever did;  2) Make sure the mix is hot!;  3) Be 'influenced' or 'inspired' by other artists you like, without imitation. Like my music instructors told me in college.."whatever you do, make it your own";  4) If YOU aren't feeling it, how can you expect US to??;    5) There are no 'rules' in written lyrical expression other than when you perform it, make it sound good for the rest of us..



*  February 20, 2010 · In this beautiful path of ours called 'music', we as artists are an important part of the beauty of creation; it begins when mind and spirit fuses with beat and passion - the end product is the birth of perfection..We need to respect the gifts we have and use them with pride!!

*  November 26, 2010 · The beauty of having an artistic mind is that you have the ability to imagine..and if, along with that you have the ability to speak, communicate, think for yourself..then you have the capacity to create your OWN material..i.e. not covers, not soundalikes or borrowed styles, but ideas that flow from your own thoughts, personality and character..ufck mainstream..stand on your own legs and show em who YOU are!



 April 21, 2011 · To become a true artist you have to first recognize and accept that you have a gift for it. Second, that the gift is both a curse and a blessing. Third, that you need to treat it with respect, work at it like earning your way up from a whitebelt to a blackbelt in a martial art. You will know then that you have skill and power in your hand..Use it wisely. Use it to do some good. When you get to blackbelt level think of it like this, a lot of people will be rushin at you biggin it..Trying to battle, see what you got..Don't use the energy unless it is with respect and for the good of the art.



*  February 18, 2017  · I don't have to be "the best" at anything because I'm in competition with NObody!  I don't need to make a living from my art, nor do I aspire to be rich or a superstar. I have supported those I respect as much if not more than I support myself at times (yea it has been known). I strive to "be great" by my own standards and to continue to grow, be better, know more..and I love sharing with like minded artists and music lovers. I guess all that makes me an anomaly. *shrugs.

*  August 6, 2018 - Nothing we do for our art, in sharpening our skills, in the trial and errors on our path to ever lost. Baby steps forward are steps FORWARD. Pausing to consider, plan and recharge from time to time is good too. Keep networking, growing, teaching and showing. 

 August 25, 2015 · Everyone nowadays seems to be an "aspiring artist" many are aspiring to be great? No no.."they" (all your imagined, future or actual listeners) are not the REAL priority. The REAL priority is (or should be) "be awesome for yourself first". No side eyes to see their reaction. Work on your skills first and foremost (learn to love what you do with an educated, fine-tuned ear)..why? Because good skills are the passport to communicating your soul more effectively thru your art. But then I'm not "famous" so what do I know? Just think on it and let it simmer slowly in your mind. I can't remember who was quoted or the exact words I heard in college, but the essence of the message stayed with me..that we must put blood, sweat, tears..conscious effort and a lot of time and patience into learning our craft, instrument, music, lyrics etc. Eventually, when you can perform something without thinking about it you will be able to close your eyes and feel it. That is when it comes from the place it is SUPPOSED to come from. I'm still growing..when I stop learning or being enthusiastic or passionate enough..when I am no longer able to feel inspired enough to pick up a pen or sing my heart out..that will be my signal to call it a day.

*  July 15, 2017 · Are you a victim or a warrior? No more complaining, just great..on your own terms. "You gotta fight..for your paaarrtyyy" lol. Nah but you do have to WORK for greatness. Study, practice, LISTEN to yourself and work on weak areas. If you don't do it for yourself nobody else can. You can reach out for advice from respected sources..but the bottom line is YOU. #MorningThoughts.

 Nov 10, 2014 - Nobody can make it without support. Nobody. You can be great, but without the support nobody will know it but you.

 November 21, 2015 · I can't say that I work "hard" at what I do (other than the mixing, which isn't my absolute forte but is a needs/must situation)..I do sometimes spend a lot of hours doing a thing to get it sounding the way my mind hears it. Sometimes I have to sit on my hands and make myself NOT do what I do. BUT I could never make myself do what WASN'T there to do. I have tried forcing it in the past and it doesn't work. So if I sound "humble" or whatever word you wish to call it, it is because I never feel like I'm doing anything other than "what comes". It's like "ooo looook he's driving a car..wowww..". I don't drive a car so that's amaaazing to me.."how DOES he do it?"? or :ooo he speaks 5 languages fluently..that's just awesome..i know i sure can't"!!!  Each one has their own "thing". 

It is the absolute best feeling in the world to be appreciated for that thing that you have been blessed/cursed with an ability to do..and I do not and never will take that for granted. But I'm never goin' to be the lady who thinks she is "all that" or that she is the best artist on the planet. The way I see it, there is always somebody who is more highly talented/skilled than the next person, who's talent I totally respect..who's music moves the hell out of me!..It's a passion for each of us individually. All who have that certain gene or whatever it is, are driven to do this music thing. 

I thank each one who has expressed that what comes from my passion..the results, the finished product, has moved them in some way..meant something to them..THANK YOU! I'm not the best at shouting my greatness even though I'm here to be great. That's my remit in this be great..I'll say it BE great~!!! It does not mean I feel I'm the most talented singer ever. It means that my passion drives me to be creative. It drives me to a destination of "being great"..And even if it was for my own pleasure I would be aiming for that same level, because why on earth would you WANT OR CHOOSE to create something ugly and discordant to your own ear? No..Be great for yourself..That is the priority.

 June 11, 2017 · I choose greatness. I'm at the stage where pushing the bar up further may cause wounds..Wounds from learning from mistakes, stripping down original understandings, which leads to a greater understanding of what to do and what not to do..a further opening of the mind and heart in the process of continuing to grow. Climbing any mountain is hard but to get to the top one must work hard to get there. And so I continue to study history, what is music to my ears AND what is not..I listen to my entire music path to see where I was on point and may have strayed..What styles sound good with my tone and what does not work. Scales, notes, self critique and listening to the constructive criticism of others with open mind. I listen to those I respect and learn from their advice, stories and experience. No ego, humble yet proud of my own achievements and aware that there is so much further to come to achieve a higher level of greatness.Because how can I teach others what I don't truly know? How can I guide and encourage others who are passionate about achieving their best if I am not at my own best? #RandomThought

*  September 22, 2014 · Greatness is relative to individual perceptions, personal criteria and achievement of goals using a self designed/sought preferred skill standard..i.e. i may be the best singer someone has ever heard, but if I feel I have not yet reached my maximum growth level then I am not great, but simply striving to be the best I can be.

*  January 3, 2017 · Some are confused by the term/meaning of "greatness", or have their own definition of it. To my mind Greatness is NOT about being adulated over, a superstar, worldwide notoriety etc. It is quieter than that..not so much about fanfare. It is about setting a personal bar ever higher to be the best you can. Even if nobody else recognized your skills, you should be proud of your progress and the greatness achieved. However, greatness should be shared and heard. Reaching somebody in some way, moving or touching them with something you have worked at, honed and brought from the heart reflects the greatness back, so that you know your efforts are doing some good for someone else! Honest feedback and guidance from someone who's skills you admire and respect can help with bar setting and becoming all that you can be. Aim to be nothing less than great.

*  Feb 16. 2018 - To all my facebook friends striving for greatness..don't doubt or 2nd guess yourself..KNOW you got this!!! Never stop learning, never believe you reached your top. There is always further you can go, more you can know. And remember, others may be watching, learning and being inspired by you. Stay on point and believing in yourself. Listen to critics but don't be destroyed by them!

*  Sept 1, 2017 - I had to go thru a lot of struggles to get to a place where I needed to be..My door never closes to people who have walked/are walking/riding with me on my crazy journey but I'm lovin the view from here. Every time my bar moves up a notch there's a new vantage point. I can see further up to the next checkpoint! We do need to encourage each other, including those that have slowed down/gotten tired in their path, those that "have it" and have lapsed behind blocks, those that are pushing and need that support to get thru a door. I have no competitive nature..I'm too old fa alla dat..Shine the light where shine is due..I'll hold the spotlight right on you! You take a turn and hold it too..that's how we DO!!! Support, encourage, motivate, inspire, push...#NurtureGreatnessInSelfAndOthers!!!

*  September 5, 2016 · Life is so much less stressful when you are not striving for fame and fortune but for excellence.

 March 16, 2014 at 9:12pm · Sometimes it may seem the most talented and skilled among us don't appreciate their own times they step back and fall silent, taking time out to re assess, or striving to surpass each level of greatness or at least format it so that the outer world can recognize and share and appreciate what they had slept on..and what has been there all along..don't be afraid..the ones who follow their heart are not here to destroy but to build..all you have to do is open your creative mind or your ears ..What's so hard about that?! And If you pass up opportunity to work WITH greatness, then you can't even pretend you care that much about your own musical intuition, or trying something new or growing as an artist.

*  June 17, 2017 · Surround yourself with what you know to be greatness whether that greatness is undiscovered/hidden talent, underground or industry artists or godfathers/mothers. Skill and talent that reaches YOU in all the right ways as a wave of creative brilliance. NOT for the purpose of braggadociousness, name dropping or riding coat tails..ugh..But to learn from the experience and knowledge, add inspiration where you can and gain more inner tools to raise your bar ever HIGHER. Your individuality and originality which you give out to others can elevate even long standing professionals in creative ways and vibrate right back to you. I am no longer afraid to show my heart and passion..Passionate people are all on the same wavelength when it comes to sharing a love for our craft. #RandomThought

*  Dec 2, 2017 - What is YOUR definition of being "great"?..This is a word that has been thrown around so often over the years, so many times without any clarity of definition in the user's own mind. No, don't go look it up. What is it to YOU!?? MY definition of greatness is to continue striving to be the BEST I can be..Being bang on point with my art..focused..growth oriented..having my heart and actions in the right place. NOT being power oriented..NOT control oriented..NOT "I, me, mine" oriented or "I am above the rest"..not even about "I want to be rich and that will make me great" ..Hell no..None of that. But greatness to my own mind is growing in knowledge, in awareness and being focused in life direction as well as keeping the chain growing..teaching, guiding and supporting along the way. Now tell me yours..



 August 13, 2014 - Random Thoughts..(Thank you to my mentors for enlightening and educating MY mind over the years): The art of rap is a beautiful thing but not everybody has the gift or truly understands how to use the gift if they do have it..IF you have it..STUDY! Study like you never studied in school. Study the masters...Study the history..Study your own presentation..Improve your vocal tone..Your flow..Your understanding of your own basic abilities. This is an art form not a hobby..This is life..Don't just turn up and think you aced it..You disrespect the culture and the art form with that attitude.

*  May 2, 2016 · I must agree to disagree with a lot of you "up and coming" rappers and so called music lovers who have no clue what is greatness and what is wackness..I'll never shut my ears to new sounds..Always give newness a chance..but dammn..seriously? The problem is if you are fed shit from birth you will grow up thinking shit taste like chocolate cake..Open your mind..STUDY GREATNESS! My daughter listens to and appreciates all eras as I do. She doesn't get all stubborn and say old music is bullshit! She listens and makes her own mind up. Stop fighting and start opening your ears!!!!



*  August 17, 2010  ·  An artist is both blessed and cursed..blessed with the abilities and skills of creativity..cursed that few who are not also artists or creative in some way, can understand the drive, single mindedness and focus behind the creativity that drives us, which means that we usually end up riding solo on our path since soulmates are pretty much extinct.



*  February 24, 2017  · Yea Yea Yea..everybody is about to "take over" this music game..*yawn..Why can't you just hush and contribute to the culture instead of all that flexin and frontin..pah..not interested in hearing you hammering on..and on..and on..just be great and my ears will appreciate you.

Renee Yearwood: There HAS to be "flexin"and showboating because they have to distract you from realizing that what they're putting out isn't that great. Oh and if there's a new "dance" to go with this earthshaking new music, it's a wrap.

Donna H Mofohari: lmao that definitely explains everything! :D

Amin Smith: I'm just an individual wave that's a joyful ride, enough said

I welcome a surfers who can flow with me,

But not to shred...

Donna H Mofohari: True indeed!

Joe Flow:  I'm an artist so I think it's completely normal to exude confidence, however I think it's best to put 1000% effort into the music, share it with the world and then be excepting of whatever feedback one receives.

Donna H Mofohari:  Amen! 100% agreed.

Richard Jackson : The fact that this follows one of those, "I'm about to drop this heat" posts on my tl makes it extra special.

Donna H Mofohari:  haha.. We don't mind too much the promoting and building anticipation..that's how it should be as we know. BUT the quality does need to match the description..right? lol Seriously, you will know maybe even better than i do how often they boast about takeovers and how their work is pure fyre. When you hear this "fyre" your heart just sinks.

Bob Henderson:  It's the same reason why Lil yachty and uzie and kodak black Got on radio and said that they were better than biggie or pac .. folks these days have no idol or no one that they look up anymore. There is no such thing as a student of the game no more . And that's why these folks will get crushed . Remy crushing Minaj .Carlos santana exposed Beyonce for what it was worth .see ? What comes around goes around.

Donna H Mofohari:  Good points!!!



*  February 2, 2013 ·  If words can awaken people and bring an awareness or understanding they didn't have before then I will have achieved something. I don't care if you are the roughest, baddest thug from the hardest hood..if you want out and up..YOU HAVE TO PROVE YOURSELF!..and to prove yourself you have to suck it up and listen, pay attention and follow simple directions in order to get ANYWHERE. If folks are trying to help you..let them..don't fight! I people give you directions or requirements, suck up the thugness and use your intelligence..respect for respect..and on that note..MofoHari blows kisses into the wind and hope they stick..peace all..I'm out.

 May 6, 2015 · Do you know how many people claim they are the hardest working artists around? Around what? Around 11pm and work til 2? ...Or until they get too kushd out, whichever comes first? 3/4 of them just like moving their mouth..and not to spit either smh. Less talkin, more proof..

*  June 13, 2017 · If you tell them "don't sleep on me" they will roll over and go back to sleep. They've heard all those lines a million times before in a million other voices. Best to let them open one eye at a time on their own. Meanwhile, show and yourself..keep building..keep growing..become greatness to your own eyes first and share with those who are already aware and alert.

*  October 18, 2012 · I will leave you with one thought that has been going thru my mind since I woke up (inspiration for a song)..You must EARN your titles in life...You can't put 'dj', 'grandmaster', 'producer', or any other title in front of your name, or label yourself G.O.A.T. ANYTHING until you have practiced your art/skill..gone out to the public in one way or another and shown them your abilities and let them decide for themselves..You may think you are the greatest genius that ever lived but to someone else your knowledge is highly questionable..STRIVE, SHOW AND PROVE..good morning..we out.


Editor's Note: "Back in the day" on facebook we used to have little rhyme cyphers. One would start it off and then anybody who wanted could jump in. This is one of those occasions where a few jumped in. Great moments in time!

October 28, 2012 · I need a man with an empty space in his diary/A place in his life to give to me/Love with me/Write rhymes and share his soul with me/Willingly/No forcing communication, over medication or spliffary/No in and out like a robbery, that's already been done to me/I want someone to have the heart to stick around deliberately, because he's into me/.. ADD ON IF YOU WANT FOLKS..I'm just rhymin'..can't help myself lol..good morning
Liam Smith: i need a prostitute
Donna H Mofohari: that don't rhyme but let me see..i need a prostitute, that is absolute..give me a hand and i'll shuffle you
Donna H Mofohari: eh
Donna H Mofohari: na
Donna H Mofohari: dnt work lol
Donna H Mofohari: and its not romantical neither
Liam Smith: hahahahaha its true though
Donna H Mofohari: LOL thats not for me that's for you..i better write a disclaimer here
Michael Collingbine: i need a woman who believes in me and weaves her world into mine a paradise of passion intertwined with a heart full of love bursting at the seams a woman with who i can hold tight at night and share my dreams someone to keep me warm when i get cold and who loves me even when im grey and old
Donna H Mofohari: nice Unique i like that :)
Michael Collingbine: you inspire me :)
Donna H Mofohari: thanks!
Michael Collingbine: ok try to continue this...i will keep on looking and keep on searching...even though its painful and my heart is still hurting.....
Michael Alan Robinson: she got me checkin out my fresh b4 i see her! took awhile 2 find her and i aint tryna leave her! its all in black and white like leave it 2 beaver! i move like a quarterback i need to recrive her! and i aint even talkin bout trickin imma treat her! im ventin hyperventilatin need a breather! coke bottle hourglass body got curves! i could make a connection wit thoughts no words!
Donna H Mofohari: love it ..nice..thanks guys!
Murray Northwood: because he's into me and won't degrade me...
Donna H Mofohari: :)) ohoh im beamin like a cheshire cat..imagine that..been waitin for a treat and they kept passin the hat but now rhymers be opening cylinders like arafat..heatin up like madras cooked in chicken fat
Donna H Mofohari: eh lmao
Michael Alan Robinson: whew! nice nice
Donna H Mofohari : haha
Donna H Mofohari: i get in modes and cant help it..guess its gonna be one of those days :/
Michael Alan Robinson: she said she wanna test my weapon da runaway train her brains karrine stephens! yea u talk a gud one yup u da boss! but once u in my world u in da land of da lost! or lost in da land take my hand! we could get it poppin in da sea air or land! da yatch da airplane 4 play in cars! she neva been ot imma take her 2 mars!
Donna H Mofohari: owwww..very nice :) lovin it are making my day!!!
Donna H Mofohari : havent even had breakfast yet..better go wake up..time for a coffee
Michael Alan Robinson: catch a heart spasm a ear orgasm! da human horror flick da excorsist phantasm
Donna H Mofohari: lmao..hahaha love it
Michael Alan Robinson: watch how i steady drill! lyricks written ta kill! my words leak beyond petroleum oil spill!!! wow i said MY WORDS LEAK BEYOND PETROLEUM OIL SPILL!!! (WOW BP.... OVA DA HEAD)
Donna H Mofohari: u are a rhyme invasion of epic births not track abortions..u dont waste shit, dont tolerrate extortion! im at your mercy and honey you scorchin.. im a lyric whore pantin for more, tell the chef i need another portion
Donna H Mofohari: awesome how we went from romantical to see me kill..thats real thats ill thats lyrical
Donna H Mofohari : haha..still havent got that coffee yet..ohmy
Michael Alan Robinson: lol i had mine bout ta get anotha one and anotha L! u nice tho babe sound like a female version of me!  ;-)
Donna H Mofohari:  :)) thanks im honored..much love
Michael Alan Robinson:  aw i feel da same way! its like 2 super heros showin off there powers meeting 4 da first time! lol
Donna H Mofohari: haha na no showin off..just doing what we love
Sheldon L. Butler:  Mind connects with bright thoughts reflect,inspect ya deck, keep u fresh like a pair of nikes when I put dat azz in check. Now we can make music and I bang u like a drum, I keep u on beat then I cold get dumb, until it gets numb .get her buzzin like a...See More
Donna H Mofohari:  LOL!!!!! goin that :)
Sheldon L. Butler:  Chk out my notes if u wanna see what I do. I duz this all day. Luvvvzzzz ya cuzzo!!!
Donna H Mofohari: most definitely will..thank you thank you..i had started thinkin no more ppl shared rhymes on fb but ive been proved wrong.. i might have to come back in for more..everybody giving the mental stimulation today lol..just trying to stabilize this laptop first and *arnie voice ..illll be backkkk..peace peace!!! <3



*  October 28, 2012 · Here's a beautiful poem that my dad used to read for me when I was little from an old withered brown poem book..I am grateful to my dad for giving me a love for rhyme and word flow. This one is from Sam Walter Foss: Deepness..

There are hermit souls that live withdrawn
In the place of their self-content;
There are souls like stars, that dwell apart,
In a fellowless firmament;
There are pioneer souls that blaze the paths
Where highways never ran-
But let me live by the side of the road
And be a friend to man.
Let me live in a house by the side of the road
Where the race of men go by-
The men who are good and the men who are bad,
As good and as bad as I.
I would not sit in the scorner's seat
Nor hurl the cynic's ban-
Let me live in a house by the side of the road
And be a friend to man.
I see from my house by the side of the road
By the side of the highway of life,
The men who press with the ardor of hope,
The men who are faint with the strife,
But I turn not away from their smiles and tears,
Both parts of an infinite plan-
Let me live in a house by the side of the road
And be a friend to man.
I know there are brook-gladdened meadows ahead,
And mountains of wearisome height;
That the road passes on through the long afternoon
And stretches away to the night.
And still I rejoice when the travelers rejoice
And weep with the strangers that moan,
Nor live in my house by the side of the road
Like a man who dwells alone.
Let me live in my house by the side of the road,
Where the race of men go by-
They are good, they are bad, they are weak, they are strong,
Wise, foolish - so am I.
Then why should I sit in the scorner's seat,
Or hurl the cynic's ban?
Let me live in my house by the side of the road
And be a friend to man.


Nov 26, 2017 · As I look back over all the verses I have written and/or recorded over the years, mixed in with all the sensual/romantic vibe songs are so many positive messages. Messages of support and encouragement that I've leaned on myself in harder times. That need to build, encourage and support those I care about has always been inside. Always been a part of who I am. I have seen and experienced enough negativity in my lifetime, seen so many miserable people (and been one on occasion) that eventually have to stop and remind yourself.."Hey wait..I actually LIKE feeling happy and positive..I LIKE seeing people smile, pick themselves up and carry on in a better frame of mind". 

We must realize that it is by far better to be optimistic and excited to be alive then sad, downcast, lacking in direction, focusless and hopeless. (Someone teased me once about being over positive..(well, at least I ain't neva gonna be syrupy and fakely least I hope not! You have my permission to slap me upside my head if I everrr slide down that slippery slope of yuckness lol)..BUT seriously!!! Here's my point..If we observe with our eyes, know with our hearts and understand with our spirits that more positivity is needed in this world, we owe it to ourselves and others to shine that light and peal that bell! LOUD! So yea..why not?? Fellow artists..Let's go..Come on now.. Less of the miserable songs and more of the uplifting, inspiring, encouraging verses. #RandomSaturdayThoughts (may be a duplicate)


Feb 4, 2018: I declined to sign with a label several years ago for the reason that everything I had achieved up to that point would no longer belong to me. Song rights, internet show, websites. Everything. True, they would have molded me into whatever was acceptable to the mainstream, but I believe it would have slowly strangled me. I cannot be what others design, my mind doesn't work like that. I need the space and freedom to create as it comes and know that it is mine. So maybe my music might not reach as many ears, maybe I won't have the opportunities they would have provided, but while I breathe I can create as and when it comes. I do sometimes wish there was somebody on board to do the business side of things and help connect with those who can help push my bar up..But hey, I'm already surrounded by and inspired by a LOT of you on here and appreciate those who connect, support, encourage and teach..So thank you!!! Respect.


*  May 20, 2010 · Artists, producers what are your experiences with getting folks to communicate to you what they hear?..NOT yea yea'ing u with everything you do is extraordinarily wonderful'..but showing they are paying attention, demonstrating support. When technology generated numbers show people are listening, should that be enough? If you drove for more than just that, HOW did you get around the issue to get that personal communication flowing?

Aaron A. Bennett:  Well most times i generally know, but I tell people to give me their unbiased opinion and they usually do just that!!!

Donna H Mofohari: thanks!

Anton Ki: Well its tricky, quite a few people have preconceived notions soon as they hear "Oh you record" etc. Beware of shysters, some people have their hands out/in your pocket and will not properly or openly communicate. 

Donna H Mofohari: Yea i hear u! good thoughts..thanks!

Donte Fleming: ummmmm tell them creative criticism is good....... & u r tryin to improve on your product.......... ask them if the song sounds complete....... ? if they hear the music & vocals w/ clarity & know your product.................... u know when u got a heater............... it's the little things that can be the diffeence between a song being good or being great........ starting w/ the mixing & mastering!



*  October 18, 2015 · No matter what level or how long you have been doing what you do, put pride away and listen to feedback..accept with grace..make improvements or change what you can as long as it doesn't take away from your individual style. People have ears..respect what they hear. #RandomThought



January 28, 2017 · Back in the day when somebody we knew was dope was about to drop a track, there was always a ripple of anticipation. It was so strong! All up and down, thru every connection you could feel electric pulses of excited energy across the miles between us all. Now...I still feel those butterflies and excitement but when I turn around to tap somebody and share my pleasure, there's nobody there. It's ufcked up. I don't like the apathy of this new world. How do I shake it up? Has it really moved so far beyond appreciating greatness that it truly believes bullshit is excellence and excellence is horrible? Or are humans just in suspended animation? What happened to the fun and excitement? Did you lose it hip hop? Bring it back immediately before you lose your soul..and start paying attention to what's going on around you!

*  July 31, 2011 · It has just been proven again..You throw up (on facebook) a controversial but original thought that has nothing to do with your art and people comment you to death..Ypu post a status talking about your latest achievement or your passion, love support of music and you get yawns, blank looks..silence....says it all.

*  September 27, 2014 · Isn't it "funny" how you work your heart out doing whatever you do..recording, radio shows, blood sweat and tears building a website for self or others etc and you are like a little kid with excitement wanting to hug everybody and show em what's there for them..and..and....and what? Folks don't seem to gaf about anything that is not about them..directly..personally..or often even if it is for or about them directly, personally..  Like not even the people that you did things FOR appear to gaf (maybe) because they did not do it themselves, by their own hand. It's a crazy world. Sometimes you just want to spread a little goodness and a little joy but folks be like..ufkkdat....Where's the love at? Where's the passion, the excitement..Please god..bring it back to them!  Without that life is not complete. I miss that creative passion that used to buzz like an electric wire that sent signals across the globe. I miss everybody pulling together in the same direction..but eh..It's all still in "here" (points to head and heart)..So at least I have it all inside. Nothing is lost and at the very least, the pleasure is still mine for the taking.

December 23, 2015 · Artists..makes me lmdao every time I see any of you throw out the classic line.."I do this for you"..I guess you haven't learned yet..Nooobody cares!..Trust me..Self sacrifice is just that..Nada mas..You martyr you..Cut it out. Unless you can hold your hand up and say.."My name is ___ and I am addicted to making music", I will not believe a word you say. Do it for you, because you want, need and are driven to. If not you will end up crushed, with ego destroyed and feeling very alone. So like I said..admit it to yourself for yourself and no more self sacrifices or martyrdom. The internet is a collective asshole..It will happily shit you right out without even digesting you. Lol

 January 23, 2014 · Used to be a time years ago that you could post up a rhyme snippet and artists would add on..Now it's like.."oh..ok..whuteva.." #ScrollsPast - One of my people used to say "Just record that ish.." Yup, okay..right as usual. Folks dont want to read it, they MIGHT want to hear's just fodder in the wind posting any kind of pearls up to the general public. There's too much food out there, nobody wants to eat.

 November 11, 2014 · I never have and never will keep my mouth shut when it comes to artists and producers that I appreciate..I NEVERRR HAVE..AND..NEVER WILL..I may not tag you, nag the shit out of you, irritate you daily in your inbox etc..but I will knock at your door (metaphorically speaking)..If you are sleeping I will come back..If you are still sleeping I will jump on (or in) your head. 

It has been said time and again by many different people that I have an ear for a good beat and good music..and yes, I believe I actually do. So because you are too proud, "busy", high etc etc etc to listen to what I'm telling you the first hundred times I will continue to preach, show, share and PROVE that you need to be working with, listening to or at the very least connecting with and checking out some of the greatness that I hear daily..the apathy era WILL be overcome before I leave this planet...this music apathy era..WILL BE DEFEATED.

 June 22, 2016 · Sometimes when I rave about an artist, producer etc that I hear as having incredible skills ppl have sometimes thought i am angry, or aggressive just because i genuinely do get excited when i hear something good in the increasingly horrible quality that regularly passes my eardrums..I see a sea of dead, expressionless, passive faces and feel like I need to scream, grab shoulders and shake people, whatever it takes to get them to wake up and hear something special..Sad thing is, special to me may well not be recognized by "them" because the quality they are so used to hearing is so under par that they believe it to be everything. So they wave their hands dismissively as in "yea yea i'll go listen..eventually". It literally kills me inside to see it. But I need to accept that this is the US mentality of low esteem for original, high quality music, whereas the UK and the rest of the world respect greatness.



*  December 14, 2014 · We need to recognize that just because an artist or style isn't to our individual taste, doesn't mean it's wack. It means that it's not for you..UNLESS what you are disliking is about the skill and technical quality, in which case let the artist know what you hear! Be honest if it's just not your thing too. Don't hate..say something useful!

*  May 28, 2013 · Sometimes I'm slightly uncomfortable reviewing/critiquing folks' rap skills. So often I feel like 'why me??!' I am not a rapper, i'm a singer! The problem is I'm cursed that, now that my ear KNOWS quality..KNOWS what it hungers for, KNOWS the difference between a good and so-so flow, I can't bear to sit here and pretend something is awesome when it quite obviously is not....and even more disheartening is that others, i.e. those who HAVE THE RESPONSIBILITY TO REPRESENT THEIR CULTURE AND MUSIC..(yes you)..are sitting there smh'ing at what they hear, muttering and complaining, but taking no direct action..So please qualified people..take this burden out of my hands and speak to them one on one..skilled rapper to not so skilled rapper..YOU tell em..and tell them how they can improve (or if they can)..Stop the dis-ease please.

 July 10, 2013 · I think we need to have a trap door system to get rid of bad rappers..everybody seems to be too scared to tell these people they suck, so if you have a button you can hide behind maybe we can tighten things up..smh..better yet, like I've said a million times before, you skilled rappers need to be talking up with authority to these people who are all full of their 'i'm dope, i'm the greatest rapper of all time' ish when they are worse than mediocre.

Imazia Hunt Lol now aint THAT the truth!

Ronald C Bullock i love you right now. preach on!!!!!!!!!!!!

Donna H Mofohari haha thanks..yea but whether it does any good or gets thru to anybody is another story :/

Imazia Hunt All good! I heard ya tho!

Donna H Mofohari :))

Dinerogang Jay I told this young kid keep writing cause he was super trash but i aint wanna kill his dreams....Everybody wanna be something they clearly are not!

Donna H Mofohari i hear what you say..some ppl follow a path for years putting heart and soul into it..some of them even have great skills..but despite a few ppl believing in them and supporting them they cant seem to move forward..why. bcs the industry is over congested with a tangle of unskilled and inept rappers..and it will only get worse..isnt it better to let them know now that they are not as great as they perceive themself, or point them in a direction where u CAN see their aptitude so they can do some good for themself? With the over congestion and tangled mass of would be rappers that is choking the industry, skilled artists and producers are giving up bcs they cannot be heard above the noise.

Dinerogang Jay Real Rap



March 17, 2014 · I have noticed that rappers don't seem to have too much trouble getting other rappers to work on a track with them..but in the past decade i've only managed to get one rapper to sing with me and neverrrr a singer on a track with me..a few male singers have yea yea'd me and a few ladies have voiced interest but when u get to the point of putting a mic in their hand they mysteriously disappear..what's up with that singers..where's the passion? Let me rephrase that..i've sung with a girl in college on a was a recording assignment..that doesn't count. 

Martyn Binnie: i think most of the time when two singers connect on a track it's because they know each other and record with each other at the same place, as opposed to trying to collab via the internet..but even then, you don't see that too often. 

Donna H Mofohari: exactly..the girl in college used to come over regular and i'd offer again and again since i had a setup..she was more interested in taking me out to the mall and and dressing me up or giving the hair stylist instructions on how she wanted my hair for the next far as recording..naaa..i couldn't get her to sit down long enough..there was another lady a couple years ago who kept saying she was travelling from another state to record with me..something always came up at the last minute...its really hard to find somebody with enough passion to follow thru..i hear u about online just hasn't happened!

Martyn Binnie: lol @ she was more interested in taking me to the mall

Donna H Mofohari: haha its truuu

Frank Palmer: unfortunately artist nowadays are ego driven feeling like i dont want to get on a song with her. she might get the deal ive been working for smh on some jealous & Envy type shit... trust me especially on FB, ive tried to connect with a few artist on here & they dont even respond lol, & i bring a lot to the table. so either they're intimidated or ego tripping.

Donna H Mofohari: thats so sad tho..if ppl have a legitimate reason they should explain themself..i hate it when ppl don't bother to respond at all..and the ego ish is even worse :-{ some real beautifulness could be created if ppl would drop that barrier and let creative excitement take over :-{

Adam Martinez: Word i sang ona track wit u and i aint a singer cats need to step dey game up :)

Donna H Mofohari: yessir you are the only one ever!  :D a couple somebodys have sang along a lil bit as adlibs and add ons which to me was dope as hell but as far as actually singing with me..u are the only one..and i was just having a singing session just now..that was one of the ones i was singing to :D   *You did a great job and it's a beautiful song!



September 15, 2016  · Music is love but creating it comes with giving birth and raising a family.



January 3, 2013 · Seems to me that independent artists never seem to get the balance right. You get some that promote 24/7 but never get any work done, and others who live in the studio but you never seem to see or hear any work out of them. Some you can't wake up for a collab, or respond to a collab request, or communicate with people they ARE theoretically collabing with. Guess it has a lot to do with having a balanced blend of time management, enthusiasm and common sense..but ppl dont seem to have it in themselves any more, or 'the will' to plan the process and use the powers of communication effectively. In fact I have found people run from the communication part! YES IT IS IMPORTANT! me stick to the main point..for now. If you are an independent artist, it's better if you have a team you can trust to pass the baton around and cover more long as everybody knows what they're doing and on the same mission. If you don't have a team its even more important to have a PLAN and cover all the ground yourself..every step is equally as important..

January 25, 2013 · Please remember that people may see your hands moving and acknowledge you because they see that you are working. It's awesome to have people walk into the shop and be impressed with the hard work, nodding at how you have it on display. But unless they are moved or inspired BEYOND that vague interest to take action, such as purchase or at least 'buy into' a product or service, pass the information on to their neighbor, friend, team, crew, passers by...etc..then the movement of your hands means nothing and you may as well have stayed in bed. Connecting dots DEPENDS on ppl seeing you, investigating further and being inspired enough to want to become a link in your chain..i.e their chain grows and so does yours. Until that happens and until people DO take the initiative to see what you are about, you could be a crackhead on the street corner selling rocks and get more attention. (Thank you for the 'distant respect' it's appreciated...but..come on..)




*  January 2, 2013 · I'm beginning to view the music biz as a bunch of rats in a big city..hey I'm part of it so I can see it for what it is. I CAN'T control the bad, greedy, fat or bloodthirsty rats, I CAN speak my mind but it really is just a faint squeak in the overall scheme of things. The fat rats won't hear because they have all the cash around 'em..They got the biggest sewer in the city. Music has it's own demons, protocols and politics..If the fat rats like ya, you're in..

*  March 24, 2012 · The industry is built on greed, selfishness, ego centeredness, requires asshole skills par excellence and bullshit-ability..If you got none of the above..give up.

 August 28, 2011 · If you strip away all the peripheral bizheads who provide services in the music industry, and get right down to the core artists on this planet who have enough drive, passion, consistency and INTELLIGENCE to keep at it thru all the ups and downs in the game.....then it's not really such a big world after all.......think about it...

June 27, 2016 · The Music Industry = A Hierarchical Musi-political Spaghetti Junction. Drive safely. Watch out for the dips, bumps, trick shots, sidewinders, backhanders, travelers, fouls, dead ends, don't step up to a cliff edge with a fan behind you and watch the wavs for ebbs n flows. Extremely money, ego and productivity/turnover oriented. There tends to be a clique bank (gotta be in it to win the "spin and win" jackpot). Watch out for those black balls..they can bowl you right out of the game. When you are loved, ripples spread far and wide.

Underground = Musi-religious, culture minded, single sighted, extremely competitive, fuck everybody else-ness, humble, passionate, creativity focused...did i miss anything ? #RamblingThoughtsOfAMadWomanOnCoffeeBreak

*  February 9, 2012 · I learned in a short space of time that the music biz is full of liars, scammers, lazy ass mofos and bullshitters..It's all good..I'd rather know who and what I'm dealing with so I can learn to deal with every type that presents itself..Since the industry cannot be changed, we have to change our attitude and approach to it/them/those out there/whoever this applies to.. Since this is MY heart and MY world I can choose to suck it up or break under the mass-retardation within the "game"...I choose to not only "suck it up" but become wiser thru observation/experience.

 February 9, 2013 · #Thought of The Day:..Some people work their heart out for YEARS..They work with their talents, build their skills, reach out again and again to be heard and seen by the right people, make the right connections..But if it is not your time yet, or not meant for you for whatever reason, there is nothing in this world that is going to make you hit that spotlight no matter how bad you want it...Yet some random person gets filmed after a fire saying "aint nobody got time for dat"..and she is instantly an international superstar..Go figure..*shrugs..That's life!!! (Gotta love it.)       

*  January 21, 2016 · In the music industry you must walk the line between confidence, passion and self belief....and arrogance and over inflated ego. Be neither over or under humble. Maintain your respect for those who support you. Support your REAL supporters and recognize those who only use you as a source to get their own music/service out further. Pleaase believe..There IS a set of scales. Those who cross the line will get a hard lesson..not necessarily immediately because we all have a window of opportunity to correct ourselves. But I see how that pendulum swings. Watch yourself.     

 May 6, 2015 · I was having a discussion last night and it was put to me that I have a tendency to let people hurt and disrespect me or mine again and again. After initially standing up in defense of my reasons for giving people too many chances, I sat down abruptly..Why? Because this person is right. That mirror was handed to me and I didn't want to see it. I give people chance after chance to prove their heart. I believe in people a little toooo much thinking they will eventually follow thru and that their word is bond. Add that to the fact that I genuinely want to see talented ppl get ahead ,and see "that" rather than "the rest" which is an important factor too!!! 

In this hip hop culture of ours we naturally want to encourage each other, support and push forward the greatness. But the sad reality is that in life, but particularly in the music industry..people talk shit..habitually. If you give them a chance to prove themselves but they let you down more than once or twice..take it as fact that they have showed you who they are. That is all. Time for me to grow some balls (metaphorically speaking) and walk away from the bullshitters.




January 2, 2010 - The loneliest humans on the planet are often artists..why? Because we are all driven by creativity, passion, need..The possibility of finding another human who can tolerate, share, support that essence/core part of them that they cannot change seems beyond rare. Often the best we can hope for is to connect with other artists creatively, but still end up alone, trying to dumb down our buzz since after all, how many partners will appreciate or tolerate that kind of passion? Or we could date/fuck/have relationships with every willing body in sight, pretending that this fills the gap, but knowing they can't relate mentally and/or musically..Artists tell me if I'm wrong..I don't want to be right!!

*  August 5, 2011 · I have said this before..Artists can be the loneliest people in the world relationship-wise..It seems near on impossible to find somebody willing/able to take you AND your passions on, support and appreciate all that goes with it.


Dec 30, 2017: Too many (so called) "artists" appear to be confused. There is a difference between being "an icon",  "rich" (ballin etc), having a woman at every finger snap (or man), having the perfect public persona etc ...AND "GREATNESS"..These are NOT synonymous!!! Get your core, heart, mind, skills and strengths right first and your weight up second. #RandomMorningThought

*  September 26, 2012 · 
The thing that bothers me most about this business (and i'm striving not to be infected by it), is that artists, managers and connected services get so immersed in 'selling their product' 
(especially after it is established that the artist is receiving some attention and the public is buying into it), that they start running around all crazy, building the 'don't touch me i'm a superstar' persona for the artist. The artist is either not 'allowed' to, or does not choose to communicate with listeners, fans or those playing their music on any level other than 'here take this, buy it and eat it. Your opinion as a listener now does not matter, your suggestions on collabs or 'wouldn't it be dope if you did this or that' are NOT important..'  As artist and business woman, I would choose to maintain an open dialogue and continue networking. FANS AND LISTENERS CAN JUST AS EASILY CHANGE THEIR MIND ABOUT SUPPORTING YOU..AND THEY ARE THE ONES WHO PUT MONEY IN YOUR BANK, FOOD ON YOUR TABLE'. Open your ears and mind to what the fans and listeners have to say. They listen to your work more than your entourage does..RESPECT THEM.

 October 24, 2013 · Other than self love and belief at normal levels that keep you striving to be the best you can and promoting your work, you have no reason to exalt yourself for being a good entertainer. That's your job! You provide a service. You are not a god. Superstardom is nothing but hype for the masses to get them to buy your products. You are flesh and blood.. Human. Get over yourself! What you EARN is public appreciation for "services rendered". 

May 20, 2017 · Contrary to the belief of some, ARROGANCE is NOT a prerequisite for artistic greatness. CONFIDENCE has a different definition..and is a is a humble, open mind. Mix that with listening, studying, learning and practice practice practice. All of the above = increased skill and knowledge that can be passed on. #MoreMofoHariRandomThoughts

the quality of being arrogant.
"the arrogance of this man is astounding"
synonyms: conceit, pride, self-importance, egotism; pompousness, pomposity, imperiousness, hubris; immodesty; informalbig-headedness; literaryvainglory
"the arrogance in her remarks"

the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust.
"we had every confidence in the staff"
synonyms: trust, belief, faith, credence, conviction
"I have little confidence in these figures"
the state of feeling certain about the truth of something.
"it is not possible to say with confidence how much of the increase in sea levels is due to melting glaciers"
a feeling of self-assurance arising from one's appreciation of one's own abilities or qualities.
"she's brimming with confidence"
synonyms: self-assurance, self-confidence, self-possession, assertiveness.

October 31, 2013 · 
In my view, any artist that says 'what's the big deal, it's only music' cannot possibly cherish or appreciate their own gift. Stand over there with the others! YES I have heard this from a singer with a breathtakingly beautiful voice..and I would not now work with her or even go see her live..and I once bought her ep..shame :(

*  February 2, 2013 · RANT: I
 just saw a status posted by the CEO of ent company I follow and went back to share it can't find it now, so it may have been removed..BUT my heart went out in sympathy to her. She was promoting for artists to send their work in. Now, she CLEARLY stated "email your work in.."..All requirements and info was SOME IGNORANT artist comments, adding in a number of his links and tells her to listen. She, very nicely and in a much more professional manner than I think I would have at that point, explained that he would need to email the material in...What does he respond? "Can't you listen right now?" ..Yup it's getting worse folks..Ignorance is taking over hip hop..You are killing hip hop..Why? BECAUSE BRAINLESS MOTHERFUCKERS DON'T SHOW RESPECT AND CAN'T FOLLOW DIRECTIONS!!!! GO BACK AND WORK IN A DAMN SHOE SHOP, YOU ARE NOT FIT FOR THE MUSIC INDUSTRY.



*  April 2, 2013 · One group I want to shoot down is the one that looks down on anyone who is not in it for a buck. I have heard even so called 'professionals' state that people who charge too little or not at all are bringing the game down..BULLSHIT..It is the ones who have no SKILL that are bringing down the game..nothing to do with the paper..



April 2, 2013 · It would not take personal fans or illusions/delusions of grandeur for me to feel I was successful when my time comes to leave this planet. I just want to see great people paying attention to each other, being enthusiastic and passionate, leaving egos aside to come together simply for the sake of creating something unique and wonderful. I don't give a ufck about the money. Just enough to survive is fine but I'm not chasing big paper.  My goal is to watch the creative forces unite.



February 26, 2010  · Artists stay motivated! Life is full of conflict, misunderstandings and confusing situations, daily conversations ranging from bizarre to beautiful. Don't jump to conclusions. LISTEN to what people say to you. Think before you conclude. Learn from 'em, write about 'em, use the comments! It is all valuable experience! Most importantly, believe in and love yourself. Keep following your heart, keep growing.

*  February 26, 2010 · To be devoted to your art does not mean recording 24/7. Take time out for listening, observing, writing, studying life. Recording is definitely a part of it yes, but it's also about getting centered, following your own heart, believing in yourself. People around you may misunderstand intentions or what you are about, but stay strong and true to your path. Folks who twist a perceived image of you will either eventually realize the truth or fall away.

*  October 18, 2013 · Artists if you choose to take your music from a 'Life hobby' to a profession you must be prepared to 'Be The Product'. You must be in full acceptance that what the client wants, the client must get. Even if you and your music must be packaged differently. It is all very well you saying they must take it as it comes,  but if that's your attitude be prepared for a lot of slammed doors! Keep the essence of your creativity but listen to clients and critics. And IF you can give them what they it. If it attacks your core too not serve the's not for you.

*  March 2, 2011 · OK so you realize you are 'meant for music'..That is your chosen path..You write some good ish, record it, feel proud of it..then what?? If you don't back it up with action how do you expect to move to the next level? Keep your eyes open for opportunity..Be alert..Pay attention when offered a chance to get tracks out there for the public to hear!

*  August 17, 2014 · Never let your image of yourself verbally exceed or precede the public's image or awareness of you..Slow down and let them catch up..If you crow too loud from the barn the public will shut their windows...All things in their own time.

*  October 5, 2015 · Dreaming of a future in music? In your little bag of tools make sure you cultivate three main things (other than SKILL which is the penultimate prerequisite..even though these deaf, dumb and blind mutimillionaire fat cats might argue that one with me)...SUPPORT, FOLLOWERS and FEEDBACK. Without those you may as well be just another music hobbyist singing or rapping into a hairbrush, toothbrush or $10 usb mic for your own entertainment.



January 28, 2015 · If I can't start getting stuff out of me the way I need it to be..somebody is gonna get hurt..mofo hulkette is gonna run rampant thru Riverton knockin' down telephone poles and uprooting trees..rooaaarhhh.. I need deliverance from these ideas trapped inside my no..nobody can help in this case..Just have to block out the nagging voice of the woman downstairs, the passing trains, the daughter wanting attention and the cat scratching at the door, and dig deeper inside myself.

 January 9, 2012 · I will have no more selfish artists around me..It's like riding a bicycle with somebody trying to jump on the back and drag their feet on the ground, banging on your shoulder yelling "look at meeee"..No muffukka I'm not lookin at YOU right now, I'm watchin the road. If you are doing nothing proactive for this music you claim you love..get out of my way.



January 28, 2014 · Speaking of all the voices hollerin' about artists need a budget and whatnot..(and this is why i have to do it all myself)...we are 'required' to pay for performance slots, mixtape slots, instrumentals, studio time, engineering, mastering, photo shoots, music videos, promotion, sample clearance...and on and on and on..just to get ourselves heard?! And if you want a tour? uh..yea..and you wonder why there's so many starving artists? riiiiiiiiighhttt.



January 28, 2011 · Even the best songwriter in the world can excel themselves if they have a producer with foresight and imagination, who is on same page with the writer in terms of where he/she is going. Two creative minds working together can create some powerful stuff! Sadly there are not enough producers willing to take the time and trouble to sit down and work with their artists, and not enough artists willing to get that 2-way going with their producer.

*  February 17, 2013 · I often wonder why the best producers I know are slept on so badly. The lack of support and respect for these essential elements of our music is heartbreaking. NO ARTISTS YOU ARE NOT THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR..SORRYYY WRONG AGAIN! Without that canvas, that vibe, that inspiration behind you..without the production that makes you sound might just suck..yup i said it.

August 19, 2016 · Ahaaaaa...Here's another sad aspect of  "our reality" and the increasing importance of keeping the trusted, skilled producers in our family circles. Ehm..I just received a "confidential" email from a dj/producer who had heard my work and "was impressed" etc..He sent me a link to his work. Each beat is $600. Okay so..for those of us who aspire to greatness we must also consider the "financial cost".

Most of those talented and skilled producers that are left in the game (who have managed to stay afloat and not been driven out by the kidster beatmakers with equipment grandma bought them for christmas etc etc) are the professionals who are going to charge an arm, a leg and a kidney for their instrumentals alone, without even going the extra mile with production and mastering services.

Its all good but..can I be please be allowed to be great first? If i have the funds I have no problem with paying for all that..but for the absence of a right arm (producer on board, living in my studio), I shall just have to continue growing my engineering and vocal skills and opening my mouth to ask questions to the most skilled producers that I am fortunate to have connections with. #ResourcesAreThereIfYouOpenYourEyesAndEars

August 19, 2016 · My focus is not how to make money from my music. My focus is not on how to become famous, heard on every radio station across the globe. My mind is not focused on being a household name. My FOCUS is on UNDERSTANDING what, why, how and with whom my music and style fits best with, the elements mentally, spiritually, intellectually and physically that work together to create "greatness"..not greatness as in POWER..idgaf about power..I just want to be great..consider, marinate and comprehend THIS..Where does the inspiration come from? But here is the bottom line..I CANNOT MAKE GOOD MUSIC ALONE!

Too many young artists nowdays are of the mindset that they can rock any "beat", trust anybody to mix it roughly for them and get it out there. WRONG!!! Without studying your art, your results, listening to honest feedback..and more importantly without a GOOD PRODUCER you are either just a mediocre wannabe or a sad product of our money grabbing industry and culture robbers who don't gaf what they feed the impressionable masses. BUT YOU ARE NOT GREAT AND WILL NEVER BE GREAT NO MATTER WHAT WORDS ARE FED INTO YOUR EGOTISTICAL BRAIN.

As for me? I hunger for a good PRODUCER who hears "me", gets "me", my "voice", understands my capabilities, advises, suggests, maybe even bullies (just a little bit..not excessively!) when necessary to get the best out of me. But I don't allow that from just anybody!!! It has to be a PRODUCER (NOTTTT a beatmaker!!!!) who will allow themselves to connect with me at the deeper levels and SHAPE a song into the greatness it is capable of being! A GOOD PRODUCER IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE ARTISTS THEMSELVES! Yet one cannot shine without the other. Good producers are being killed off slowly by these "stars in their eyes", "know all", ego filled, young artists and so called beat makers that may be able to make a decent beat but have no TRUE understanding of what MAKES a great track and no ability to SHAPE a song into its FULL capability. And therefore, without the skills and abilities of the above, the quality of music may continue to decline, while everybody scratches their heads and complains bitterly, yet no understanding.

 January 14, 2012 · Why is it that artists don't want to sit down with producers they are accepting beats from and let them know WHAT they are looking for? Producers I've spoken to are use to hearing "just send me some beats", which leaves the onus on them to take a wild guess and send a variety of styles. Do these artists expect producers to be psychic?? I would rather do my homework and see what type of work the producer does, then either pick some of his styles out that I'm hearing and like, or ask him to custom build with me according to an idea for a song..Inspiration can come from communicating!

October 27, 2012 · I have never been able to work out why so many artists are so blind to resources around them. I KNOW they are flooded with supposed  'opportunity' but damn. You got internet right? Research each option and see what can work! For INSTANCE, if a producer says "I got beats"..YOU say.."send me some and we'll see". NO!! UFCK THAT! Do your damn homework, STOP BEING LAZY! if the producer has a website or their work up somewhere, sit your ass down and listen thru to see what they have and what you think you could work with. Artists are actin too damn gay and producers are allowing it..SMH

*  February 2, 2013 · Thought of the day: Hip Hop truly IS dead when artists windmill every time a producer suggests changes to the work they have done, asks for the acapella to mix it for them or sends an example of layout for the track to clarify markings. What IS the world coming to??? I cannot believe the things a producer worth his salt has to endure from lowlife, ego tripping, hard headed, closed minded artists! No muffukka that producer is NOT tryin to destroy your life..he/she is trying to HELP you!!! Smh a million times..SO like I said..Nas you WERE right after all..Hip Hop is truly dead.

*  January 23, 2013 · "You can take any type of music..even if you are mediocre with a passion behind you, you can sound or be made to sound's how you STYLE that shit..." (this is a partial quote from a great man with a head full of relevant knowledge for those who will hear)

*  September 1, 2015 · I'm still not seeing enough credit given to producers these days..Without a good producer you rappers are NOTHING!!!! That goes for us singers too!!! Okay granted a GREAT emcee or a poet can do great things without an instrumental behind them or having good production generally..but that is another story. Give credit where credit is DUE!

*  January 13, 2013 · There is a passion in each of us as artists..An excitement about and pride in our work. That alone can cause a lot of barriers to be thrown up to criticism, no matter how constructive. BUT if you cannot accept that, or meet your producer, artist or team halfway in their suggestions, then truly you have no business calling yourself an artist or being in the business, it will eventually destroy you. By all means defend/explain your position but, particularly if you have not produced the beat and performed on it too, then you MUST remember that you are only HALF of that creation. If you cannot show respect for a specific producer or understand that he/she has a right to input, since in essence production is half of the DNA in that creation, then I suggest you either buy your beats so you have full ownership and can do whatever the ufck you want good or bad, make your own, or learn to realize that for producers worth their salt who donate their instrumentals, respect, appreciation and co-operation and credit is all the 'payment' they are seeking. When artists get their minds right on this subject the world will be a better place.

 January 12, 2013 · I'm troubled by artists who accept beats and rap all over it without speaking to the producer about the intended structure. When problems are pointed out they don't seem to care. Artists, if a producer says something is not right respect it and either fix it yourself, let him/her fix it for you, or explain/defend your reason/purpose for doing it that way so everyone is on the same page. To ig the producer's comments and post it up anyway is disrespectful. There is too much of that bad attitude nowadays..Let's aim for quality!

*  December 1, 2012 · There are FLOODS of so-so producers coming out from the technology boom. Way too many GOOD producers are going out of business simply because they cannot be heard above the noise! So let me ask you artists..what do you do if you hear beats on offer from producers who are not skilled? Do you tell them " not feeling your beats, you need to work on those skills'"?  Do you say nothing and look somewhere else? Do you take the beats and work on them thinking you are such a dope rapper you can make ANY beat sound good? If either of the last two CONGRATULATIONS, you are one of the ones helping the skilled producers to lose hope and give up..and you complain about the state of music???? smh.

*  August 15, 2013 · Some of you stubborn mofos who insist on cringe making trap beats and overused industry beats think I'm trippin, being mean & nasty, yelling and talkin' crap..smh..You are helping drive quality out of business..congrats! Oh and for people who think I'm yelling..what do you think a football rally is for? To raise excitement & spirit for team support..Stop taking things so personal folks..I'm on your side.

*  July 5, 2015 · How many artists out there actively take time to listen around to the work of various producers, hear a sound or style that you like and think damn, I NEED to work with that producer..then make an effort to get in touch?? Very few..NOT ENOUGH..and to me that needs to change!!! THIS is why there's so much bullshit music out there. As an artist you NEED to be seeking out producers whose style and production work compliments you vocally and inspirationally. Wake up out there..too much laziness, apathy and half heartedness. Too many artists rely on letting these beat makers and producers do all the running, taking the crumbs and freebies that are thrown at them by the multitudes of under worked ones looking for somebody to lace their efforts. LISTEN! GET THE FRAMEWORK OF YOUR FUTURE MASTERPIECE RIGHT. MAKE MUSIC TO BE PROUD OF NOT THROWAWAY SONGS. Invest and be invested in. It's not a hobby it's a way of life. Too many of the best are being put out of business because of artists who are of the mistaken belief they can make ANYTHING sound good. NOTHING could be more untrue. We artists need the best producers to MAKE US SHINE!

*  June 16, 2014 · Artists if you have worked with a producer or two or three that you know have what it takes to bring your vocals out, that spends TIME with you in working out where you're going, checking if you like the outcome, making changes mind to mind with you..WHY would you even dream of moving on to work with a beatmaker who could care less about 'you' or what you do with that beat? Wouldn't you rather get the best out of your tracks? Do you know how many highly skilled and really talented producers are left high and dry and how many songs are released sounding wack as hell because you relied on one set of ears..your own? In this ever increasing 'hurry up and get it out' environment, we are losing soul, quality, essence..but most importantly, that dope connection between producer and artist that makes the whole process memorable, enjoyable and worthwhile.  A lot of you will identify. Let me take you back to Soundclick days..remember that? Remember how everybody was eager and open to work with each other? Remember how networks grew and communication was easy? So what happened? 

 August 14, 2012 · Artists nowadays are in such a hurry to get on to the next track, next hit, everything hot off the press, always in competition in case somebody else gets one out before them. Reminds me of the movie "Spirited Away' where the parents got greedy with the spirit food and turned into pigs. Many artists don't even check out the work of producers..they just be like 'gimme gimme..more more', grabbing at whatever they can get. 

I could never ever work with a producer, or even take an instrumental without checking them out first. It wastes their instrumentals and time. I also need to know and communicate with the producer. Some have had to be super patient waiting for me to create with their beats but I will always communicate and involve the producer when I AM able to get to work. Point is, a lot of the industry seems to be becoming a greedy monster with no real thought, planning or pre determined destination. Yes I know the internet makes everybody think life will end if you don't keep on top of it, but that's not reality. THINK ABOUT, RESEARCH YOUR MARKET, PLAN YOUR DIRECTION, KNOW WHAT YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE, LOOK FOR PRODUCERS AND PROFESSIONALS THAT CAN HELP YOU ACHIEVE JUST THAT.

*  February 23, 2014 · I guess everybody is different but i keep seeing artists asking for, or beat makers offering 'free beats'..Now WHY is the emphasis on "free", indicating 'Any ol thing'? I heard a veteran artist say out of his own mouth that he didn't care what was sent to him because he could make anything sound dope..but sheesh..shouldn't the emphasis be on quality and style rather than.."over here, get your free beats here..."..? Ijs as an indie artist I don't like paying the earth for an instrumental any more than the crew who has a budget..but I'm damn sure gonna sit for as long as it takes and sift thru or not..until I find one or some that is right for me or hits me right.

*  July 26, 2011 ·..Never thought I'd say this but..I'm bored..yup! Bored of people using the same tired old beats god knows how many other artists have already rapped over or spitting with the same style Biggie used..or Busta or Nas..Let those beats go! They will never be classics for you because they already had their moment!! (..unlike you..) Develop your own flow, you are not the artist you emulate...Stand up and create..Stop hiding behind second hand instrumentals.

*  August 7, 2013 · To artists who have a buzz or been in the biz awhile..Your skills, talent and presence is appreciated in the industry and by your fans..but do NOT get so above yourself that you think you are doing producers a favor by using one of their beats. If the beat is hot, they are doing YOU the favor giving you some fyre to showcase your skills!..Simmer down and realize you actually need them..Show some RESPECT for THEIR skill and contribution..


February 7, 2013 · Artist to Producer: DUDE what u gettin so mad about? Why u soundin so negative bro? Its only been 24 months since i said i'd work on a track with you..all i'm doing is sending you the five projects i did with other folks to listen to..what u mad about bro? i got you.

Artist: Send me some beats..Producer: I have some on my site..go pick the style you are looking for and i'll take it down..Artist: umm..what? how? huh? *confused look..can't you just email me some? Producer: I could, but it would be random..i don't know what you are looking for or what you like and i have many styles available..why not go check out what is there, see what i do..listen and see if there is anything you like and we'll take it from there. Artist: oh i can't..hell no..thats too much work..*hyperventilating and getting angry..fuck dat..thats all bullshit.....six months later..Artist: yo bro i picked a beat..still workin on it..i recorded something and my entire hard drive blew up..i lost everything i gotta wait until i get get to my great uncle's place so i can record on his pc..but i got u bro..i'm doin patient bro..

Her: Music is my life...i love it i live it, i breathe it/eat it/can't survive without means eeeeveryyythingg to meee *fluttering eyelashes and strikes a pose....Him: WORD, lets get to work..Her: *filing nails..wellll you see, i got a doctor's appointment thursday, my boyfriend is coming over on friday and my mom and dad are having problems at home so i need to be around to help them..oh and my computer is in bad shape and i don't have access to a recording question....

Generic Post# 935: FB friends my phone was run over by a freight liner last night so i will be out of communication for the forseeable can still inbox tho. (s/n: roffl..excuse me..fixing my face and lookin serious again)

Generic Post # 8: Never give up on a matter matter if nobody buys into or understands what you do, no matter if nobody else supports your work..keep your head up brothers and sisters..try until you die. (s/n bcs i can't help it..thanks to the sadist who started this one smh lol)

How am i doing so far? Oh and I have another one..this is a good one..Generic Post #892: (BET award winning artist, etc etc) looking for instrumentals for forthcoming album..send in mp3 format to.._________



August 6, 2011 · S
ometimes the most challenging beat creates the most powerful track..If you take a dot to dot approach you will probably end up sounding like everybody else. Why not take the challenge and let the creativity flow, surprize yourself! Some artists are getting so lazy that they want over simplicity in the beat, the mic brought to em in bed and the buttons pushed for em..


*  March 29, 2014 -  Just curious..other than Jay-Z are there any major artists who will actually embrace, endorse or show support for good remixes of their tracks nowadays? I mean as a non famous artist I personally get excited when I hear a good remix of my songs but I know of some excellent remixes from a producer that have been sent out to many top artists to raise their awareness of what the producer had done with the acapellas they have out. The majority of these artists or their management teams don't bother to respond at all..smh. 

They need to wake up! Might hear something they appreciate...or...maybe even endorse the producer so they can get some work?! Shouldn't skill and talent be acknowledged and encouraged? Would have thought they would at least be curious or interested, or am I too old school and naive in my thinking?

Side note: The truth is, a lot of these same artists could definitely benefit from a fresh beat under their makes a nice change to some of those tired, regular, samey beats so many are using. There's way too much apathy over things that should be important, and too much excitement over crap that the public shouldn't even be subjected to.



*  August 17, 2017 · 
If I connect it's with respect. Never here to use anybody for anything. I'm just here to share ideas, love of the art and inspiration. Don't let me be a fly in your ointment but let me be your motivation. You raise my bar and I'll raise yours. That's how we do.

*  January 23, 2013 - Do I or any of my people make you mad? Good..then it's working. You are alert and maybe when your hate and anger burns a little lower you might even realize that it's your ego taking over. That a sign that you DON'T have an open mind to what others have to say that juusssttt may have more experience or knowledge than you..(yea CAN HAPPEN..) or at least bring something tangible or worthwhile to your table. I swear I will crack this industry wide open if it is within my power, simply to show that it is TIME for both artists and producers to wake the ufck up and start TALKING to each other with an interest to IMPROVING THE MUSIC that is out there. YES..THAT CAN HAPPEN TOO!

 One lone soldier or two can't fight a world of complacency and fat cats with money. But starting from the ground up each and every artist on this planet who at least started out with an interest in the music itself holds a torch. Will yours be quashed by mediocrity? Just listen instead of getting angry! Open your mind and your ears when somebody has something to say about your music or offers you suggestions! WHAT THE UFCK HAVE YOU GOT TO ACTUALLY LOSE? Might even make you see things in a different perspective?! 

 The war is on..who will wake up and do their part? Individual attacks is specifically ppl who have brushed advice aside as if another ear was not important, or proved themselves to be sleeping on the job. I have taken many hits from this industry. I have been hurt by a lot of hypocrisy, egomaniacs and communication phobics..Let's change it up. That is not what YOUR music needs is it??! I didn't think so. If I or we didn't think YOU were worth shit to our ears we wouldn't even be trying to encourage or stimulate you to do better. Nobody is trying to use you for a goddamn thing. Get your mind right and realize there IS a rare breed out there who are in it because they are a part of music in the first place. The heart beats and survives for music..if you push those pure hearts away you may as well kill them along with music. Put your ego away..that is all. Peace.

*  January 23, 2013 · Artists, leave your emotion in your verses and instrumentals. Let your brain take over from there, it will save you a lot of problems later and save you the agony of confusion.

*  January 23, 2013 · I was just visualizing a bunch of spoilt brat artists cryin 'mommmyyyyy, that bad man/lady said some nasty horrible things to me booohoooohooo'..Meanwhile all the babysitter said was "now look at your drawing..I know you can do better than that..let me help you"...shiiit..if I couldnt take criticism I'd be done by now..I'm personally STRIVING to be the best I can be..end of story..

Feb 2, 2018 - CONFESSION: I love being surrounded by great minds who can inspire and encourage my creative spirit to dig deeper, push further, step further out beyond where I have been before. People who challenge each other to be better, to bring out the best in each other for love of the art.

*  November 17, 2014 · Raise your own bar on a regular basis. Never think you can't get any better. That would mean you have made your mind up, which would mean there is danger you could become a parody of yourself..or you will give up.



December 4, 2012 · F
acebook..AND the music industry..has a way of making you feel at times WAY more alone than being in a room by yourself (in the dark, with no tv or internet etc etc)..on the other hand its truly awesome when ppl actually communicate...#EveryDayILearnSomethingNewAboutLifeInternetAn dHumanity.

July 6, 2013 · 
One thing there is not enough of in this industry is effective communication. I have learned that people get irritated as hell by others who have the job OF being communicative..without which, the rest of the world would fall apart. Communication is the invisible glue that holds life together and yet they fight against it daily..

September 23, 2015 · 
If you speak to multitudes and all but one or two are sleeping, do you throw down the mic and storm offstage in a rage? Or do you feel happy that those one or two heard, appreciated and absorbed your message? I cast the seeds of my creativity. Speaking for myself I'm thrilled and fulfilled if somebody hears and feels me. It makes the expressions even more worthwhile than expressing it alone just to get it out of myself or creating/recording for others. The more who appreciate the better..obviously! But when even just one or two come forward and let me know something that was said, sung or expressed meant something to them or reached them in some way, that means everything. Back to the the first still stands on its own as a general question. I was using myself as example but this is not about is about everyone who has a message and are attempting to be heard.



*  August 17, 2015 · People are so quick to diss ghostwriters..I look at it like this..every movie you see, every stage play, every television you think they are all ad lib? Do you think they make the story up as they go? NO they tell the story and if it is performed convincingly you the viewer should believe and feel. Same with music..yes even hip hop..we tell a story..if somebody writes that story and the artist spitting it makes it their own..then its their own and you, the listener must be able feel and vibe with it. Of course it's always better to write for yourself if you can. But an actor can act a part, an artist can spit, a singer can sing covers..and all must make it their own for it to work.


February 17, 2017 · You Should never get over excited about a creative session. You should already be in a zone before you in eye of the tiger..focused. So fronting about going into the studio or being at the mic is like beating your chest and pretending you are already hard when you ain't even stroked it yet. Who do you really think you're fooling? We're all musical folks here..c'mon now shun lol! The time to get excited is when the baby drops.

 February 17, 2014 · Self enlightenment time! I realize that the times I go into hiatus mode are the times when I'm promoting or have to turn my attention to life ish, or other creative projects like radio shows or websites, or online more than usual. So to break it I need to get all that out of the picture..get offline and let my mind take over naturally..there's no other option.

*  October 4, 2009 · Sunday morning thoughts: I sit on the sidelines and watch artists' focus change. It is like they give up and reach for other things instead. They get disillusioned with what is going on with music. My love and vision remains strong..YES I'm tired but I didn't come this far to give up. Yup I fall on my face and get back up long as the steps are forward..

*  June 2, 2013 · When people call to talk business, or vice's the advice of the day..or at least where I'm concerned. Don't talk to me about your personal life, problems, technical issues, your views on politics, religion etc..don't flirt, play mind games, take on a persona with me..serious talk? I don't care. Me personally? I'm ONLY here to get the job done, nothing more nothing less. The rest of it? Tell somebody else please, you are wasting my time. If you are incapable of focusing on the business itself or cannot provide what is needed to get the job done we have nothing to talk about..period.

Betty Allridge: amen!!
Donna H Mofohari: You know how the level of bullshit ppl try on is getting worse these days! It's getting unbelievable :( i've always been a gentle laidback person by nature, but my margin for tolerance of it has been decreasing rapidly..while they are wasting my time with excuses or changing the subject, i could be working with/talking with somebody who has it together and ready to work..if u not ready..move on until you are! it's not that hard to know?



*  January 11, 2013 · Platitudes can kill..Actions Fulfill..(print this out and tape it on your laptop until the light begins to dawn in your mind..use it as your mantra once you understand.)



*  January 18, 2013 · Your silence does not make you look dignified in my eyes. Polite responses do not make you look cool. Those are platitudes and worth even less to me than the subconscious intent. Speak your mind. If you make a work proposal or have business with me, follow thru with your promises. Spoken word is a verbal contract whether you signed a contract or not. Word of mouth is a very powerful thing for recommending or non recommendation. Be professional and about your business.



*  February 17, 2014 · If there is one thing people need to know about me it's this.. It is my heartfelt belief that music is way bigger than one person. In other words, I'm a singer but its SO not 'all about me'. It is my full belief that we need to be promoting each other where we can..sharing 'the good stuff' so anybody who is NOT 'all about them' or sleeping, or fighting or just plain stupid, can hear and do the same.

July 14, 2014 · 
Artists..if you choose not to go thru the door at least be good enough to hold it open and push somebody deserving thru.

January 10, 2014 · The thing we all as artists need to remember is that when we share our work and promote on groups or to others it does not stop there. If you expect others to check you out or even care that you spent two years recording, or that the music is the hottest ish ever, then you need to respect THEIR hard work and realize there may be some sheeer dopeness that THEY put THEIR heart and soul into too. I spent a long time yesterday sharing my album on an infinit number of groups. Rest assured I will be revisiting every single one and checking out the work of other artists. It may take awhile but I'll get there. Respect is respect and love is love..thats hip hop..

April 7, 2014 · If you claim you love good music and all in the same breath complain about the current state of music, then ask why you should share something you hear that you like, when you neither produced nor performed on it, are not connected with the artist/producer etc*t I can't even follow the insanity of that logic...  Please, never ever complain to me about music again. You chose to perpetuate the badness and I have no sympathy for you.

*  August 12, 2010 · The world is too small and life is too short NOT to be doin what we can to support the music we love and each other as artists, no matter what stage in the game. If we truly love our art, it is our DUTY to be the best we can be and shoot with all barrels!!

*  September 19, 2014 · People need to stop being so wrapped up in their own existence and drive for success that they can't see beyond their own snot. Wake the eff up and push somebody worthy forward! It's not all about you in this game. Stop being scared somebody will steal your thunder. This is hip hop. Go study what that means if you don't know or have forgotten..

*  January 23, 2013 · Silent sideline supporters/fans will just watch you reaching out, preaching, sharing your music, nod, hit the 'like' button now and then..then turn their back when you are trying to connect with their neighbor/friend/associate to do some work..or tell you your work is the best shit ever...and keep it to themselves..this, my friends, is where music is failing..badly.

 January 11, 2013 · If you question why I support/promote certain artists more than others on my (facebook) pages..ask yourself how much support you have given to your supporters? How much respect do you have for their appreciation of what you do? How well do you follow thru with a job you have been given? Are you available for communication?....

*  May 6, 2013 · Now for the mofohari "serious segment"..Pay attention humans on planet Earth because in the years I've been observing and participating I see this getting worse, not better..PASS ARTISTS YOU WORK WITH ON TO OTHER ARTISTS..SHARE THE WEALTH..SHARE THE MUSIC..EVEN ESTABLISHED ARTISTS/PRODUCERS ARE REFUSING TO RECOMMEND EACH OTHER..WHY?? HAVEN'T YOU FIGURED OUT YET THAT THIS IS THE BEST/ONLY WAY TO GET THE GOOD STUFF OUT THERE AND HELP THE SKILLED ARTISTS GET THE RECOGNITION AND WORK THEY DESERVE??? I truly believe that unless people wake up and stop holding their cards tight to their own chest, that the art itself will die with a whimper while the skill-less but attractive kiddies are snapped up and pushed relentlessly until you are thoroughly brainwashed.

*  October 30, 2012 · We need to support each other more..I believe in paying for music of artists I appreciate and show respect when others afford me the same blessing to my own albums. This is how we keep the good music flowing. Not by giving away endless mixtapes, hastily recorded to keep your presence up, free beats by newcomers to the game who imitate established producers, stealing food from each others' mouths. "It's like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder how I keep from goin' under.." ;) *Food for thought.

*  July 9, 2013 · I have no problem spreading the word about people whose work I admire..and those artists generally appreciate the promotion. Yet it is extremely rare nowadays that you see either a fan or artist doing the same on behalf of another artist without being asked, and without them thinking they are being used. It makes no sense at all. If the music makes you happy or moves you in some way, why not share the pleasure with somebody else?? It's not difficult.

*  August 15, 2013 · Just because you perform doesn't mean you are exempt from getting out of bed on your non show days and going out to show support other artists..Maybe even some you never heard of before..Hey, what if you actually like what you hear?? hmm..Heyyy now theeere's a thought!

 June 8, 2013 · Often I find that when you promote somebody or something (because the work you hear is too great not to), whatever you do as long as they are not paying you is largely unappreciated or viewed with, "so what's in it for you? you must be after something"..smh..That goes for a lot of areas in life. Things like that are perceived as unnatural or weakness and not often embraced for what it is. Some people take it for granted or start complaining that you don't do enough instead of respecting what you do in the spirit that it's done.

Simone Sprite Holloman: I appreciate you dearly and respect you greatly!!! I see all that you do and hope that everyone else appreciates it too..
Donna H Mofohari: thank you Simone Sprite Holloman <3 much love

*  July 13, 2013 ·'s not all about YOU!!!!!! Its not all about $$$$$$..(Yea really..Sorry to break it to you..) It's not all about competing with or emulating other rappers' styles!!! It's not about 'who's the best!'..It's about making quality music and getting over yourself enough to HEAR and SUPPORT quality music even if it's not your own!!!!! Yea I said it! Care enough to put down your own mic to feedback to artists who are doing GOOD WORK. Encouragement goes a long, long way. Also, let other people know when they DON'T do well. Encourage them in a new direction. Not EVERYBODY needs to be a rapper or singer, there are plenty of service areas within the industry that ppl who love music can excel in.

 July 13, 2013 · What is it about asking for and offering mutual support that has people homicidal? Such a simple concept. Why is it you need to get folks to be ready to boil you in hot oil to get them to comprehend a generalization that we all need to be looking out for each other? People wonder how I had their tracks or instrumentals to play on my show that they had not sent me..simple..I went and searched..and often purchased them. Not just for the show but to fill in my own gaps of knowledge of which there are many. I've had a lot of people's backs that don't even realize it..Why don't they realize? Because they don't follow what I do like that..yet they believe I support only one. I support people who I see out there working..making effort..but I don't get the same back. Nor have I cried myself to sleep that these people haven't paid attention when I do support them! I do it for the music, for the principle, and because I like what I hear..But it's all good..I hear a lot of artists are too busy to look up..I get it..So now I say..Me too..Thanks anyway.

*  April 10, 2013 · Artists if a producer makes you a beat or remixes a track for you, whose responsibility is it to promote the track? The producer's? Wrong. It's not really the producer's responsibility, but if that producer is WILLING to push it WITH're on to a win/win situation. HOWEVER..whether you have a budget set aside to promote your tracks..and I mean ANY of your tracks, whether it is the lead single of your next major release or a super dope remix somebody has done for you, you owe it to them and yourself to push that ish out into the world YOURSELF. Why should it be your guilty pleasure?? Share it out!!! Do your part!! I don't care if you are a superstar or just starting out..this is your work. Isn't that what you are here for? SHARE THAT ISH OUT! The more people that like it, the more hands you have that can help you share it out without having to pay an hourly rate to a multitude of staff to do the job for you. People need to work together!

*  October 22, 2015 · Everybody worth their salt needs a leg up, a push thru the door, a break via somebody with strings to pull or a super strong core group of supporters that draw attention to your skills and promote you like crazy...Anyone who says they can "make it" in the industry completely single handedly is delusional.

*  March 15, 2014 · There's no better feeling on this planet than seeing folks I'm connected with coming alive or doing well..People who are all about themselves can go jump off a themself, because music is for sharing. It's not for ruling, controlling, stepping on heads or biting hands that once helped you. It's about mutual appreciation and least in my book it is.

 July 12, 2017 · If you see somebody struggling with a creative concept..maybe they have hit a temporary wall..try inspiring them..It might push them thru a hiatus and on to the greatness they have been reaching for!

Vaughan Lee Absolutely no one does it alone we all need each other at one point or another #Salute
Donna H Mofohari Yessir so true. Respect!

 January 6, 2011 · If you think you can make it alone think again..You start out fresh, energized, invinceable, unshakeable..then after awhile when every door slams in your face, every road leads to the same dead end, with people in the biz saying "sorry we can't help you but..keep it up"..THEN it may occur to you..there's strength in #'s. You aint a god you are a human with skillz, link up with the ocean of talent out there and make some waves!!

 March 31, 2013 · Why is it that some people seem to love to crush others who are passionate and confident, and do what they do WELL? They seem to enjoy watching them make a public mistake or fall? ..and yet seem to be happy to encourage those who are a little lacking in confidence, still trying to learn and not as skilled. Why not show as much support the ones who are already there skill or talent wise? THEY are the ones bringing the best quality to the table. Everybody has a part to play, but this is not a Roman amphitheater and we should not wait for the most skilled amongst us to be eaten alive. They NEED the support to be able to use the skills they have worked hard to develop!

*  July 6, 2011 · You've been searching out free dl's for years to avoid spending the you are an artist trying to sell your work..karma is a muffukka..think about it.

*  October 12, 2010 · In my lifetime, if I can inspire somebody to get moving creatively then I am blessed. Make it happen..This is YOUR time! As artists pushing for musical realness we need to be doing more connecting, supporting and networking..because every time somebody else grows, you may just learn something too. As my maestro said in our song 'Contemplations'.. "Let's get our minds right, more multiplying and less dividing.."

*  December 6, 2011 · Food for thought..Too many artists are so about 'me me me' that they fail the music they claim to love by not keeping eyes and ears open for opportunities to do some good for anything outside of themselves. What have you done today, this week, this year that is making your voice heard, or helped get the good music to the public?

*  March 21, 2013 · Funny how people do..(and I'm not always exempt but I hold the mirror up when needed)..when they do things for each other without payment but on an "understanding". Too often expectations rise on one side or the other..the 'understanding' gets more complicated and too much is taken for granted. Let's just get back to enjoying and appreciating each other. If you like someone or their work, support them. No 'strings', no expectations, no 'if i do this, then you do that'. Just do what feels right. If you have a contract with each other that's a different story, but as mutual music appreciators shouldn't we do more appreciating?


 May 27, 2013 · I have come to understand that none of us can EXPECT folks to drop everything to be supportive of us, our movement, our projects, goals etc. To come on aggressively like 'support me or kill yourself' is like saying 'I don't gaf about you or what you're's MY results that counts'..That is like being a door to door salesman who slams the door in the faces of customers who choose not to buy into what they have to offer at that time because maybe 15 other salesmen have already sold them on something that week,and they don't feel like listening to another thing. Let potential fans and curious bystanders find you when they're ready. Just keep knocking gently. Don't shove their faces in the dirt with your foot on their back (no matter how much you WANT to!!). That is as true for me as it is to anyone else out there trying to be heard.

*  February 2, 2016 · In my observation one of the greatest disservices ppl on fb do for themselves (and yes I too fall into this box from time to time and shut the lid on myself), is to convince themselves and truly believe they are right, that what they have, their services, what they do, what they bring to the table, who they are, why they are here, their passions etc should or must bring instant, enthusiastic, passionate responses..Not now but RIGHT NOW. When such is not immediately forthcoming, they feel betrayed, let down, disheartened, despondent..ready to throw in the towel. You have a specific time frame? Good for you. The universe LAUGHS at time scales. If you breathe, relax, appreciate the journey, the universe will work with you. You start fighting the lessons, the path, the reasons..I swear to you Life and The Universe will KNOCK YOUR ASS TO YOUR KNEES AND HOLD YOU IN A HEADLOCK. Get off your high horse. Have no expectations..especially on facebook. Everybody here is fighting for a living, working, supporting families, dealing with life issues. Nobody is here to babysit you, your mission in life, to pander to your ego, your time scale, jump when you say listen, read, observe..or shout "Look At Meeee!"..If you convince yourself they should, you are sadly mistaken..and your next message..brought to you by L.I.F.E. will be.." Go back to the back of the fail this particular test..NEXT!" Patience, Self Belief..I said SELF BELIEF..keep honing your skills while spreading your pearls further afield. FB is not the place to expect to gain major success anyway. The majority of us are passionate about our chosen paths. We share the good stuff when we can, support when we can, show love when we can. While trying to keep roofs over our own heads, food in our own children's stomachs. Keep that in mind. We don't always see you. Sorry. Doesn't mean we won't get there. We get there when we get there. Hold up. Don't cut your own throat unnecessarily. TRUST I SPEAK TO MYSELF AS MUCH AS TO ANYONE ELSE! and believe me, what I say, I say to all with respect and love.

*  April 6, 2016 · You Know What? My life became much less stressful, less angst, blame and disgust filled when I stopped "expecting" or anticipating that all on my facebook pages would be supporting me, my music or my podcast. I realize we are all just here doing what we do trying to get "attention". We need to all stop thinking in terms of "if you are not supporting me financially in the here and now (as in buying my albums, using my service etc) you are against me", and think more in terms of "what knowledge can we share with each other, how can we mutually benefit each other to move forward on our chosen paths ". We are all busy surviving out here. There should be mutual respect for the struggle without everybody stepping on heads to get to the top, or angrily demanding the biggest piece of pie. Unity is everything my friends. Breathe. Life is short. No need to make it shorter..enjoy the journey.

Likes: Dominic Quick and 3 others

*  October 31, 2014 · The single, most important lesson learned from the consistent inconsistency in this music industry, or music environment, is that others will nevvverrrr operate to MY time schedule or within MY set agenda. My anger, anxiety, enthusiasm, passion, ability, level of skill, talent, personality etc etc has notttthhhing to do with ppl's work ethic, turnout, or turnover, connection or communication speed, general attitude and so on. This is why so many give up. They take it personally and believe it is reflective of other people's ability to promote them, or their capability as an artist (which in my observation has little to do with anything).  Even the highest esteemed icons in the industry have difficulty getting work at times! This truly is a lesson in, and test of will and patience. If you can't foster inner resolve/strength, forgiveness, patience, and endless personal effort you will be broken. I now only walk as far as possible, then stop to rebuild my strength, because I know my own physical/mental limitations.

*  September 9, 2011 at 4:45pm · I am discovering that some artists and peripheralities are so used to other people doing everything for them that they expect it. If somebody does something good for you..Embrace it..Appreciate it..It may never happen again in your lifetime!



March 24, 2012 · H
ave you ever been so hungry to get back out there and sing/perform that it makes you feel virtually sick inside?..Been focused on looking for bookings for other artists but think I'd better book me some while I'm at it..This feeling won't go away until I feed it..

September 1, 2016 · I know it sounds weird but..Occasionally I turn off the sound and watch performers..just watch their movements. It gives me an idea if they are really feeling what they do, whether they are just doing it to "get it over with" in mechanically etc..I just find that interesting. Watch James Brown and tell me what you see! When that man says "I feel good"..he MEANS it!! Every damn word, every movement, every fiber of his professional being. Performers, take notes from the greats if you want to get, be or stay great. #BodyLanguage

*  March 7, 2014 · Can we please see more eye contact and crowd interaction from the stage please? After all, they are there to see you..See them too!..It's not just about remembering the words.
 I knowwww what it's like when the lights are so bright you can't see nuthin..You don't have to visually see..knowdat.


November 14, 2012 · Unless you are due a miracle very soon, the internet is less and less likely to be the path that leads you to earth-exploding major success in the music industry. It is already waaayyyy over saturated with artists (good and bad, skilled and unskilled but nobody knows which is which because they are ducking out of paying any attention to any of them) and with every new technological advancement, it is likely to get increasingly worse here on the internet airwaves. 

Guns are in the wrong hands folks. Hobby music makers (or the embarrassingly unskilled) are killing us with bullshit made with free software and computer mics and thrustin it all over us. If anyone does listen to it, nooobody says a word to let them know they need to step back!  A lot of non music ppl are shutting down and refusing to listen or read anybody's promos since they are bombarded with them 24/7. Some (who should otherwise by all rights be promoting you because they are your friend, fan, family etc), are getting downright bitter and angry at your promo's. Yup..if you are an artist, throw your music up on internet radio by all mean as part of the overall career plan, but make sure you get heard by the right ears..which, i hate to tell 9 times outta 10 not goin' to be online..

August 19, 2012 · have a product, have a small budget and/or promote on your own..very nice, but are you doing anything special to get noticed? Nowadays Everybody and their great grandma is doing exactly what you are doing. It cancels out everything since most people seeing promo coming at 'em from all directions are learning to shut down. Thank technology for producing so many bad artists that nobody knows who to trust and shuts ears after a while. 

Think back to 80s/90s when artists and labels had some business savvy. Skilled artists connected, communicated and collab'd with each other. Producers put out remixes of tracks the world loved and these were received with enthusiasm. Now, everybody runs around all crazy, scared to let anybody remix their tracks. When a producer comes forward with dopeness they hide em under a rug. Fans come forward with inspired ideas which artists refuse to consider or even respond to. This is why music is ufcking up so badly. It's heartbreaking to watch. We need to wake up and use some sense!

December 4, 2012 · F
acebook (AND the music industry) can have a way of making you feel at times more alone than being in a room by yourself (in the dark, with no tv or internet etc etc)..on the OTHER hand it is truly AWESOME when people actually connect and communicate!!!... #EveryDayILearnSomethingNewAboutLifeInternetAndHumanity

August 5, 2011 · Some 
artists are getting too greedy, selfish and passive. Because of the many internet opportunities they are taking too much for granted. If I support you it's not because I have to, am obligated to or need to. But if I do support and promote you with appreciation for your skills, what are you going to do? Grab the free promo and move on? Ufck that..your art will die along with your name with an attitude like that. If you have to think about what i just said you are truly lost. It's about respect and showing appreciation to the ones who do spread your name around..for free.

December 23, 2015 · 
For anybody who hasn't figured it out yet, facebook is not the place to go to gain new fans or ears for your work, or to find enthusiasm, or people who jump to share your work. It is a commercial zone where most are hollerin' "me, me, mine"..(often into thin air regardless of past or present status.)


 October 27, 2014 · If you have one tiny little voice on the planet shouting your name into the universe at least be good enough to turn around and acknowledge them doing their part no matter how low or insignificant or beneath you that you may deem them...that is you were you were.



*  October 12, 2010 · Life is not a competition or a battleground where music is concerned. Everybody says they have no ego but we all do, its how we handle our pride issues that counts. Do we listen to criticism and look for something we can do to improve our art? Or do we hate and shut down? You should thank critics because life is full of fake backpatters. Embrace the realness when it comes!

*  January 22, 2013 · Cut the shit already folks..LISTEN WHEN SOMEBODY TELLS YOU WHAT THEY HEAR!!! Yes you ARE obliged..If one person hears somethin that needs to be raised/lowered etc or fixed up, it means a lot of other people hear it, but are just too scared (or ignorant) to speak up!!! What right do YOU have to call people deaf ????!!!???? Go back and LISTEN with new ears..I don't care HOW big or great you think you are..cut the high and mighty already..Makes you look the worst kind of fool..smh!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously..LISTEN to your peers, LISTEN to your fans, LISTEN to a set of ears other than your own!!!



*  June 27, 2013 · How do you tell someone you're not feeling their music without them losing their mind? The emotions and ego of an artist are very fragile..and sadly there are more artists whose music I find "so-so" these days than those who make my heart thump out of my chest and goosebumps stand up on my arms. Too many artists grab "any old beat" and rap on it cos they "gotta get it out"..I know I know..smh..There is no such thing as planning and preparation any more..hence, mediocrity. Mofos need to realize the right seasonings (i.e. the canvas, the instrumental, the beat, the hand of the producer) create a better tasting meal.



June 27, 2013 · If you know nothing else about me or my work ethics..know this..any time I speak outwardly about things that disappoint me in the industry or life, I make sure to hold a mirror to myself to see where I stand/how I am in relation to anything I speak off..if I'm not doing right, I'M not right..I don't preach hypocritically like many do..I don't believe enough of us take cold hard looks at our own selves before speaking out.



*  January 14, 2010 · The way I see it if you've got talent you can build skillz. If you build skillz to the point of being proud of what you do, then by virtue of the gifts you are blessed with you are obligated to share, hook up with other blessed souls, learn and teach while you grow. To neglect a given talent is to curse and invalidate yaself to a life devoid of its truest meaning and intent..

*  March 1, 2016 · I feel bad for the good indie producers out there, the skilled mcs and singers about their business. There are so many bad ones throwing their work's like the flowers can't rise above the weeds that are choking the garden. People want to be creative..good..but learn and perfect your craft or you too are slinging another weed seed in the mix. Please..use your ears. Just because it came from your own precious hands and you love you, doesn't mean it's great or that you should be inflicting our ears and senses with it.



May 20, 2017 · 
My ideas are always larger than one solo little lady. Here is a short lady with a huge heart, huge plans, a voice and passion that extends far beyond an age. The things that I never had in my younger days I have now..a plan, a goal and an open mind to allow the creative thoughts to be molded to greater heights. But that without a passion to share knowledge, creative projects and hear the thoughts of others with the same vision means nothing. I love that part of it. So many amazing things come when two or more minds are tuned in to the same channel.. #RandomThoughts

October 27, 2012 · I have discovered that a lot of artists are over sensitive to character, tone of voice or somebody that talks with enthusiasm and passion. It's sad. They do not listen to the essence of WHAT is being said or is being offered. If you hear nothing else I have to say, understand these words..if somebody with skill, passion and enthusiasm whirlwinds into your life with ideas and excitement to get to work..PAUSE your initial reaction of shock, horror, fear from the unfamiliarity of somebody who actually values your communication and encourages your INPUT. EMBRACE this person immediately! They are extremely few and far between nowadays in this world of 'over-cool, 'silence and listening means intelligence' busy busy over-kill and communication phobiacs. But most importantly DO NOT RECOIL FROM IDEAS OR SUGGESTIONS FROM OTHERS. ARE THEY CHARGING YOU? HELLNOO...ARE YOU OVERBRIMMING WITH IDEAS WHERE YOU DON'T VALUE SOMEBODY ADDING ON? Good..go sit in a corner and be creative by yourself and nevermind these words..

*  July 10, 2012 · 
What kind of world would it be if skilled folks could come together and share creative ideas, knowledge and information without worrying somebody will outshine them, take up too much of their time, or steal something? 

*  J
uly 10, 2013 · 
Thought of the day: Not everybody who is passionate or has something they would like to bring to your table is the enemy. They might actually put a new light on things, show you a new direction you hadn't thought of, or hand you a pearl. Not everybody wants to steal your crown or bring you down. They might actually be a fan who happens to have something you can use. Stand down from your personal pedestal and open your mind, eyes and ears.

February 21, 2013 · Interesting how friends and artists can take each other for granted so much that they stop listening or responding and start considering each other as peripheral characters who will be there anytime, often years later when they 'might feel like' connecting. Interesting how artists live in fear of strangers reaching out with a production or collab idea.

Communication and receptiveness is becoming a lost art and it is very concerning!!!..The problem is by shutting down on people who reach out, you will never know what fruit those ideas they may have presented to you could have yielded. Whether a friend or a stranger, if somebody hits you up and has ideas, or seems passionate about suggestions they are trying to present to you, don't run and hide behind the couch, or start rambling on at them about personal issues..FOCUS, LISTEN, TAKE IT SERIOUSLY. It may be just the right sound, feel, direction you needed. 


*  January 13, 2013 · I hope I can hit a few ppl hard with my thoughts by way of making them examine themselves. From my observations as artist, manager, promoter and sideline observer, I'm seeing a lot of disrespect..artist to artist, producer to producer, artist to producer etc..Firstly, there is no place or room for ego in this business. NO there is not! An over inflated ego is extremely damaging to a career. Secondly, confusion is NOT cool regardless how relevant you think it makes you look. It too is destructive. Be prepared to listen to ideas and suggestions..Be prepared to study and research the work you do. Be prepared to leave your ego at the door and open your mind creatively. Be prepared for input and respect.

 November 21, 2012 · Over the years I have learned the difference between artists who genuinely love music and those who are just plain ego-bound and drive for fame. The ego bound are NOT interested in speaking of what you can do for each other. You will hear them rambling on and on about themselves, what THEY are doing, how many fans THEY have. When you speak of ideas thoughts or concepts TO them either outside of themselves or as a suggestion for them they lose interest or hit what we call 'the trap door'.."Oh got another call coming in, gotta run"..busy busy busy. Or they get irritated as hell, or flustered or lose interest the minute you speak of anything that is not about THEM because in their minds they are already superstars. 

Traits of artists who truly love music will eagerly share their experiences and thoughts, make suggestions, be interested in YOUR experiences/thoughts and actively,, seek to participate in projects and ideas for projects and be excited to hear what YOU have to bring to the table..AND..the most important trait is that if they agree to a project during a conversation they show enthusiasm, communicate during the process and follow thru by promoting the work they did with that person. Type 2 are the ones who will last, or have lasted the course in this business. Type 1 will eventually be seen for what they are.....

September 17, 2014 · The word "celebrity" does not impress, excite or thrill, and it doesn't send shivers of desire or anticipation down my spine. We all do what we do. Some have more skill, some get more public attention than others, some have the right team to push them etc etc, which is cool..but it means nothing to me in terms of actual skill. I go by proof. I go by what I see and hear..feel and know. Good for them if they are "there", can't take that away from them..ijs. I'm no longer star struck by individuals/ humans (no matter how elevated they raise themselves in their own eyes)..That is not to say I don't respect TALENT and SKILL..Now THAT I CAN become awestruck at lol..Enough to want to lean forward and learn something..or just listen/watch and appreciate! 

*  September 1, 2016 · If I ever get "famous" (giggles inwardly) whatever the hell that really "means"..if I am ever rude or act superior with people..Shoot me that favor. I would rather die. The diva ish I see from men and women who truly believe they are god's gift to humanity makes me want to shove heads down toilets and get them to wake the eff up before life does it for them. Self respect is one thing, as is demanding respect..but there is no excuse for rudeness and stepping on heads just because you can.

*  January 22, 2013 · Artist newbs and sliders-in would be better off listening to KNOWLEDGE and IDEAS from veterans and masters than getting ego'd and emo'd up when presented with it..Bite the bullet mofos and accept that you don't know half as much as you think you do..#FACT!!!!

*  December 13, 2011 · Circle the answer that best describes where you are in relation to your art: a) Never gonna be b) Wannabe c) On the way to the top d) What you asking stupid questions for??, I'm big time baby! Haven't you seen my stats?

*  December 7, 2016 · You can't speak about famous people and talented people in the same breath. Those are two, entirely different things.



*  October 20, 2014 · I hate to break it to you but..whether you make money with music, or just do it because you love it etc is NOT a priority..making sure bills are paid, your children are fed and clothed, happy, cared for and doing well in school, and the rent is paid IS..So, with that said..make sure you have your priorities in order or you will learn the hard way..yup..once that is secure, go..push..accelerate..race what you need to do to feel complete, make your mark in the world, build your brand and earn a living with it..whatever is on the that. Just, health and security first..

*  Jan 12, 2018: The lesson has been given repeatedly that we must focus on our own needs first before we look out for others. Since my heart, love for my fellow humans and passion for the art occasionally outweighs my logic, this tends to be the main lesson that the universe patiently takes me by the hand and leads me back re-learn. Yea I'm a softie for the culture but the culture is not known to have a soft spot for individuals. HOWEVER there are many out here and around the globe who do have that same love and do look out for each other which is a beautiful thing. Long may we continue to teach and grow! But we MUST take QUALITY time to FOCUS, cultivate our own skill, raise our own bar and escalate our own greatness. Not as competition, but for the pride in knowing we have given our best, left a legacy behind when we leave this planet, and have raised ourselves to our highest standards in mind, body and spirit. #RandomMorningThoughts 



 October 5, 2016 · Let me see if I can say this so it makes sense. Creative people use the right side of their brain a lot. The more you use it the more it grows..which is a good thing overall. However, I do believe extremely artistic/creative people do need to mix it up and use their mind for other things in order to keep a mental balance. A person who lives, eats, breathes, exists only for creativity to the exclusion of all else may become a creative machine but may not necessarily be totally hinged or mentally/balanced. In other words you can have too much of a good thing. Life is about variety. Spread it out.

Joe Flow:  But there's always a song playing in my head!
Donna H Mofohari: i totally relate..same here! i wake up with songs or even mash ups in my mind..lyrics, poetry..ideas hit me at random times like washing dishes with sudsy hands in the sink. if its in us we can't avoid it lol..its part of us. But at least we do other things to keep life in balance.
Joe Flow:  You're exactly right, I've always lived by the mantra:
"Balance applies to everything."
Preston Hylon: That's where the term crazy smart comes into play
Donna H Mofohari:  i hear that..makes sense.
Chris Morale:  Fine line between genius and insanity.
Donna H Mofohar: i Yes! I remember we had a few conversations about that!



*  January 11, 2013 · Conundrum of the day: Why would skilled and experienced artists who should by now know the meaning of quality, stop working with excellent producers to go work with people who cannot mix tracks properly and claim they are proud of their work? I dont get it..*Scratches head very hard..Stop the bullshit people..Bring back the quality.

*  November 25, 2015 · People (including myself) get seriously irritated at the disrespect and poor work turnover artists have when receiving instrumentals from good producers. Now let me put another perspective on it. I have had to wait yeaaars on occasion for some producers to finish and polish a track..and I tear my hair out consistently waiting for these busy bees to send ish back when I need it..(no not pointing at one..the majority!) So reliability, timeliness, work ethic and respect for completion of a chain goes both ways. Yup it excuses necessary. We all fall short at times let's face it. But in the interest of respect and professionalism eeeveryone needs to step up their game and follow thru on things.

 May 6, 2013 · Early morning observations: New artists are trying to get it right bless em..they are getting the exciting intro up..awesome beginning..yea yea yea yea I'm all drawn into it now..I'm ready, I'm ready..then...they start rapping...*if-i-was-a-man-id-call-it-that-limp-dick-moment...................................................

*  January 7, 2017 · You can't disguise a bullshit beat with a quality performer. Both have to work together! I hear quality emcees..not rappers, EMCEES spittin' to beats that make my face look like I ate a sour lemon..Ohwell..Maybe it's just me *shrugs...Guess I'm not as eclectic as I once thought. ~Calming myself~ Owait..And your MIXES..Singers, Rappers AND Producers..Please..Do Better. That goes for everybody including myself..Oh yess I drive myself hard toward greatness..(Still learning)..Open your ears and for the sake of your own professional pride..Please do the same.

 March 3, 2014 · Here is a question..Why do so many underground 'artists' strive so hard for a bad mix? There is no excuse for a broken up sound, or the vocals being shoved behind a loud beat. With all the technology out there, there really is no excuse..and I'm not a producer. I'm just a singer with a pair of ears who loves hip hop and music generally..It's not cool at all. Look around you! There are masters and experienced producers out there who love hip hop/music and quality enough to advise you...YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE.

*  September 16, 2016 · #RandomThought Look at all the publicity certain rappers are getting BECAUSE they are wack..they are getting more attention standing there looking like an overcooked corn dog in stilettos without even bothering to open their mouth..*money rainin' down on em.
*  September 22, 2014 - I don't think I will ever understand why so many artists are proud to put out tracks with horrible mixing.  Apparently they want the unmixed underground messiness..Naah I'm good with all that..I need to hear the detail, the vocals clearly and I don't want to hear the vocs and instrumental fight or bang into each other. It hurts my brain and heart. I love the underground sound but sheesh..learn to mix..I can't cope with liking the essence of a track but unable to listen to the messed up overall sound. 

Respect your craft, you should know better! I'm not the best at my art but I'm always learning and striving to put out the best material within my ability and skill levels. I'd never in a million years say or believe I'm better than anybody else but geez..just open your ears. Sometimes I wonder what some rappers hear when they play themselves back. If you want to learn you have to study. If you want to be good, you have to work at it..this is not a game. You can't expect to jump in a car and drive to the next state when you never got behind a wheel before...


*  January 26, 2013 · Artists! If you are not having your work mastered, whoever is mixing your tracks for you, at least listen back to what they are doing with it before you release it and send it back for editing if it's not right.

*  April 20, 2012 · Amazing how some people will send you videos in which they are trying to dress up a really bad track with sexy models, attitude shots and bling..then they think you will think its the greatest thing ever and eat it up..



*  November 17, 2012 · What I find insane is how certain types of promo businesses have been blowing up within the industry by creating fake hits/views/adding fake friends, creating fake 'fame' imagery for the unsuspecting world to buy into..even planting fake 'fans' at performances. And some artists are eating it up! 'Fake popularity' is a horrible image for the skilled but honest artists to compete with..and this, ladies and gentlemen is another reason bad music is getting the ears..because too many of us are falling for it. We jump like lemmings, not wanting to miss out on something that "everybody else" is doing.



*  May 27, 2011 · Ladies in music..Can we unite and stand up for this music of ours? Let's go..let me hear an amen pleeeez..Let's show strength, skill and perseverance..but most of all unity.

April 1, 2017 · Ladies..can we PLEASE have more femininity in our female emcees? I'm tired of seeing women compete with the men trying to look all manly and ish..ugh..Be an example of our em that we neither have to display our boobs n ass or heavy our necks with chains n bling to fit in..LET YOUR SKILL SPEAK LOUDEST! Its ok to be womanly and skilled..and your sisters and brothers who appreciate that skill will support THAT!!!! rather than overlooking the skill, hypnotized by your being more manly than all the other male mcs or the fact that your ass wobbles when you dance.



 September 8, 2014 · Back in the day people's unique features or individual sound made them special. Nowadays people seem to strive to, or are groomed to look and sound similar or to a specified directive. If they were around today would Jimmy Durante get a nose job? Would Michael Douglas have work done on his chin? Would Marilyn Monroe have a lap band, booty and boob implants to keep up with current standards of "beauty"? Would Sidney Poitier have his skin lightened and nose reshaped? They were embraced and celebrated BECAUSE of their looks, cultures and individual styles! Let's get back to the day when people were allowed to be beautiful by virtue of the talent they brought to the table and their own uniqueness of look, style and character.

 December 13, 2011 · The air in this game that we are forced to breathe is a dense blend of unprofessionality, unoriginality and bullshit mentality..We need some FRESH H2O..Not now but RIGHT

*  May 18, 2012 · We hear the same music style repeating itself thru imitators, see the same old music biz poses in pics and vids, same obligatory sexy models, same themes? Plus there is an ever increasing "grind anxiety" with a ratlike scramble to get and stay on top of a continually genre-splitting empire..Ever notice that? My theory is that fewer and fewer new artists seem to be taking time to understand what they are doing, why, and for whom. They don't know the history, no interest in studying for skill building. I just feel we should make music instead of chaos..sit down and think for a minute..know thyself..know what you do best and perfect hard, diversify your efforts..but above all..dare to develop your OWN style..Dare to be different!!

*  June 2, 2016 · You will never get "traditional" ANYTHiNG out of me. I'm no good at copying..I even switch up my own stuff when singing or speaking. The lines are refined inside my mind like an 8 track on rewind. (*grabs pen and writes that down lol) So if you are looking for "sounds like ..." I am not her. I Sincerely cannot thank enough the producers, mcs, singers and listeners who have accepted/embraced this strange blend of styles, sounds, thoughts and character and the "differentness" that is MofoHari. #RandomThought

 July 9, 2012 · My voice has been compared to Teena Marie and Sade, but I can't really sing in any known traditional style; have never had the skill of imitation - I Just Create! So when people appreciate what comes out of me I'm that moved and honored..EVERY TIME..That is not the kind of thing I take lightly or for granted..(Singing and performing means so much more to me than promoting or the business side..but those things are irritatingly necessary :/)

*  April 21, 2018: If I love the woman I have become, embrace the talents within me and choose to build them, if I love the process, the path the journey, the lessons of my life..then why would I aspire to imitate or become somebody else? THIS path is MY destiny. YOUR path is yours! WE are amazing creations in our own right. Every one of us! TOGETHER we are incredible because we each have something different to bring to the table. When creative minds unite with passion and love, anything can happen! #MorningRamblings

*  April 21, 2018: I was just musing with my morning coffee thinking about all the skill and talent around us. Some don't realize what gifts they have, others know but choose not to use them, don't appreciate or develop them. Some think they have to be or sound or look like somebody else to be heard/seen. So many don't recognize that anyone who has been gifted/cursed with a creative mind has something individually unique that when developed is beautiful in its own right. But there's so much POTENTIAL when two or more passionate, creative minds connect. Lord let me stop lmao. I know YOU understand! :)



*  May 6, 2012 · I'm gettin' chills watching 'Rock n Roll Hall of Fame' again..all those wise old heads and icons and younger ones too..HISTORY folks!!!..this is an important part of our musical heritage!!! A big heartfelt salute to those legends that are still alive to teach others, those that are now rockin' in heaven teaching angels, and those who now carry the torch..LONG MAY IT BLAZE.  Rock. Folk. Blues. Soul. R&B. Funk. Jazz. Every stream leads to hip hop which incorporates and embraces all genres..Gotta respect Music History!



 October 12, 2013· The biggest mistake people can make about me is to assume I am inactive if not visibly on facebook. I have two business websites and so many other social pages that it is virtually impossible to keep up with them all. I reach out to people continually. That is called casting seeds of awareness. Many don't choose to follow up and thats cool..those seeds will never grow. There are seeds that once sown are very late to bloom and grow..thats cool long as you continue to reach out and let people know you have something of interest or value to them you just have to keep going. But then there is way more than just internet..Internet is only a fraction of what must be done to get the word out (other than have a good team or people behind you working their corner). There is a world out there..a large part of reaching out needs to be direct communication...and don't forget the most important part..the REAL work is in providing a product worth all the seed sowing!! It is an ongoing effort to grow and improve in all areas including communication!



*  March 26, 2012 · Everybody's making loud noises about starting "a movement". It seems to me there's too many tribes, too many chiefs and not enough interested Indians lol. Back off, stop strangulatin' everybody with new directions, suffocating people on every side with "JOIN me" "Join ME", "NO join ME". Every person has a right to just plain appreciate music without taking "sides". Let me sit in peace without somebody trying to campaign me into supporting their movement..(#somebodysaayitforme - "Let that bitch breathe"!!!)



*  August 15, 2014 · I wonder how many people in the music industry at any level realize how totally they can destroy others with empty promises and flaking after giving them hope.  Keep in mind while you are busy messing people around, so are multiple others simultaneously. Sadly bad and inefficient handling of business is a serious epidemic in this industry. There is currently a very low bar set for standards of efficiency and excellence. Examine your own hands and learn to always conduct your own biz the way you would want others to conduct theirs with you. Raise the bar..yes it is important! I have seen the most skilled people annihilated..blown right out of the water due to some cold ish like that. It may not have even been intentional in some cases. So write everything like that down and whatever you do, follow thru!

 January 17, 2013 · Walk with me on this one..I had the mental visuals this morning of a dog with it's ears up, alert, nose twitching, tongue lolling with excitement, watching eagerly as a man with a stick says "You want this girl? Get ready..Get ready..You want this? Do you? How bad you want it?" Dog is jumpin' around excited.."Yeayeayea I want it..Lemme get it..Throw the stick boss! There's other dogs around but they can wait. I'm goin' for the stick! Throw the stick boss..Throw it!"  But dude is just playing like he's takes off running, then looks over shoulder to see the man laughing with the stick in hand and the other dogs all running off in the other direction. That's how I feel when mofos are like.."yea yea I wanna work..I got you..wait for it..wait for's coming.."..and then..they drop the stick and disappear. lol.



*  January 22, 2014 · If you try the hard sell business approach with're gone...Don't bother me. You got the wrong lady..I have no budget to include your services..Let it go..If you think I have time to send you clients, or promote you for free, or drop what I'm doing and serve your needs..mannn you really HAVE got the wrong lady..Kindly go kill yourself..kthanx..Much appreciated. Have a nice day.

*  January 22, 2014 · Collab requests are comin at me from all directions..In truth I really just want my people with me :-{ but I'm not allowed to want or need because you aren't supposed to mix feelings with biz....but..I do because well, that's reality and I won't hide it..Might as well shelve the new project and stay focused on opening a few minds and ears as to who I am and who/what I represent first..I'm getting the impression folks are still surprised whenever I show n tell..No matter how many times I step up and speak on it.

Ju Ju Q Laen: Well collaborate with people who you know enjoys your style don't collaborate with new faces who just looking for someone to lace a hook to benefit them - only work with your supporting cast, cause some of these people be trying to use folks so be alert
Donna H Mofohari: So true tiguh..and it's definitely a minefield out here..another reason we all need trusted faces around..u know..u just get weary of it sometimes :-\
Ju Ju Q Laen: cause me and you been working together since 2008
Donna H Mofohari: Yessir we have :D
Nya Thryce: I love the sound you both make when collabing. *cheering* More more more :)
Donna H Mofohari:  :) thanks sis

*  October 27, 2013 · I have just about had enough of the vultures hitting up starving indie artists for INSANE amounts of money to perform..NO it's NOT a bargain..No amount of whitewashing it with pretty promises MAKES it a bargain. Karma will repay you. You are hustlers plain and simple. I don't even hate you I feel sorry for you. Even if you get rich off these poor idiots with stars in their eyes you will pay. Karma WILL find you!!!

*  August 7, 2014 · If I had a quarter for every "up and coming" artist who asked me to help them with promo or websites or phone calls etc etc etc, promising to "send cash soon" I would have bought Diddy's jet by now and been flying to my performances...#ThatNaivetyIshIsAKiller



*  December 4, 2012 · 
If you choose to continue on the music path, this business demands you have SOME kind of emotional support whether it be family that keeps you grounded, or somebody you can really trust to discuss the craziness you encounter. Without that you may potentially fall apart at some point..ALSO..PLEASE give yourself checkpoints so that you can see what character changes if any you are experiencing. If good changes..GREAT. If bad..get your attitude right!!! Lastly..once you have a little buzz up, check yourself if you ever start believing the hype..That ish can destroy you. If you notice this even STARTING to kick in refer to the first sentence in this status..

September 19, 2012 · It has taken a long time to come to the sudden realization that I've been doing all the caring, driving and striving for everybody else so long..somewhere along the line they stopped and I kept going..Now im standing alone in an empty house, in a strange country with strangers who dont give a ufck about me personally.

Dark Knyte: I gives a what about you
Donna H Mofohari: thank you
Dark Knyte: I don't think enough of us are saying... THANK YOU! Donna.
Donna H Mofohari: appreciated sire
Dark Knyte: So, thank you. Thank you for caring about Hip Hop, thank you for promoting and pushing artists, thank you for bringing artists to our attentions., thank you for all of your personal sacrifices, thank you for YOUR music
Dark Knyte: Thank you for being Donna Hunt. We appreicate you
Donna H Mofohari:  <3 means a lot
Frank Nativesunz Reed: Yeah I concur..... Without people like u there is no me, what u do is vital to our lifestyle and legacy we all call hip hop....
Dark Knyte: wait wait... Black Bruce Wayne... and I'm The Dark Knyte... hmmm
Frank Nativesunz Reed: Lls....
Donna H Mofohari: thank you so much..sometimes you feel mad isolated in this biz but i truly appreciate the love..thank you thank you
Donna H Mofohari: lol @ DK..that had me laughing
Frank Nativesunz Reed: I know the feeling we all go through it, I think I was about to quit countless times throughout my career..... But we gotta keep pushing....


*  October 7, 2012 · I was having a discussion with somebody yesterday. This person made the point that because of technology being what it is, there is a music overload nowadays. People are surrounded with it! Yea we all love music,  but its SO available everywhere we turn online (internet radio, podcast sites, mp3 players, music sites upon sites upon sites, new and established artists fallin out of the sky all over us), that it takes away the urgency, the 'specialness' of taking time out to listen to a show. What are your thoughts?

Tone Mucitelli: These artists are dropping free mixtapes or albums so much, that it's definitely flooding the market. What happened to making a album every 2 years? People are rushing out music, and it's crap.



*  November 8, 2015 · 
If You are a business and a lot of what you do involves marketing, please learn to spell and check your grammar. First impressions matter. No matter how great you are at what you do (i.e. what you are marketing), if you come across as illiterate or speech deficient, it is going to turn off more potential customers/clients than it attracts. That is an unfortunate fact of life..NOT just personal opinion.



Feb 2, 2018: Since Soundclick days many of the artists I networked and interacted with back then have either given up doing what they love or somehow become more insular with their art. Nowadays what seems to be missing is that excited energy, like a live wire that shoots out in different directions..that crazy buzz of sharing, jumping on each other's tracks..of communicating, mentoring, advising and encouraging. Let's bring THAT aspect back!!! It IS SO IMPORTANT!!! THIS IS MUSIC people...CHERISH IT..SHARE IT..BUILD UP THAT ENTHUSIASM!!!!

*  December 13, 2015 · When I hear talent I'd like to work with, in my mind I know it would be crazy if we linked up, like two live wires being connected. So I speak it out into the universe excitedly..(damn this enthusiasm)..One live wire blinks, while the other rolls over and mentally waves a hand vaguely at the fly buzzing nearby..and the world keeps turning, the pendulum keeps swinging and nobody else on the globe gives a flyin ufck WHAT "could be" lol. That's when you realize a little too late that some dreamz (and thoughts) should indeed remain hidden. #HiddenDreamz #ComingSoonToAnOnlineStoreNearYou



*  July 18, 2015 · I miss hearing that PASSION from rappers and emcees..My ear doesn't just want to hear you rhyming deadpan..or sounding like you are reading from the pad..SPIT THAT SHIT..Do it like you mean it..please.

 February 4, 2017 · What happens to people who let the music die in their heart? You can't blame age! You can't blame life! Music is timeless..Music IS life! I am old and yet the fire in me still burns. I accept that we are all different. Just trying to understand why people would choose to let their heart, feelings, emotions, spirituality..whatever it is you're turning away from, sit dormant and unattended to. I know it's just me asking unanswerable questions.

 April 21, 2015 · With creativity, just like sex, relationships, life generally, communication or anything else you can think get out of it what you put into it. If you just coast it or put half a mind to it, you probably wonder what all the fuss is about from those who put heart and soul into the same thing and get excited about/feel pleasure in what they are doing.



April 23, 2012 · Many artists
 are driving way too hard for success, or to 'be somewhere'..Why not just drive, enjoy the journey, notice the scenery change, absorb everything around you..PACE YOURSELF..Charging around like a maniac, gritting your teeth all determined will put you in your grave before you get to your destination. 

October 16, 2012 · Remove your grind and family from the equation..what have you got left..? If you can find nothing, you got big trouble..Time to sit the ufck down and evaluate a few things starting with yourself. That's the problem with grind, it sucks you in until you lose touch with everything except the Know this, you can earn until you drop, then somebody else will be spending the money you killed yourself making. Appreciate LIFE first and take time out now and then to keep in touch with what YOU want.

Gregory Mrgoodness Williams: You cant get no better than what you just said Wow give me more give me more keep feeding me so i can push forward an more harder thank you so much for posting this.....
Donna H Mofohari: i was just sitting here thinking..These moments of clarity hit me hard sometimes and i gotta share em! thank you for letting me know i'm being heard :)

 April 21, 2016 · I'm not overstressing or driving myself into any grave..(or Even over grave-NESS).. I'm no longer goin' for the (heart) burn in my passion to reach others, or kill myself looking for new social media etc..There's too many people out there making themselves sick for the sake of a passion or "getting ahead"..I strive to grow, enjoy the ride, appreciate the view and do what I do with pleasure, sharing my little offerings while I'm still above ground. I laugh and cry at do or die-ers. Have fun..If you can't laugh and see the humor in the chaos you REALLY need to find another passion.



*  April 30, 2016 · To my ear there's just as much beauty in a sweet, soft, clear singing voice that comes from real feelings as there is in the most trained, powerful voice with trills and runs. Everybody thinks, feels, speaks, sings, flows etc differently. We all have vocal cords. It is the stuff that leaks out from the heart and thru the gut and translated by brain to the oral cavity that can make it resonate with and send shivers down our spines. Just thinkin' in type.

*  July 5, 2012 · What I learned in this business is, even if you are laidback, self conscious or have really got to suck that up, forget yourself and do what you gotta do..or give it up!! The public does not give a shit about YOU..they want your product..and it better be ufckn awesome..because there's half a million more waiting to take your place if you don't give it all you got. Bottom line you love what you do enough to forget 'you' and give completely from the soul???? (Editor's note: Do it for you first and foremost!)



 August 1, 2013 - As an artist, but moreso as a music appreciator, I do LISTEN to other singers whose voices I admire. Not to be them, be better than them, or to compare myself WITH them..wellll..I do listen to techniques and vocal skill and it inspires me to work harder on practicing with my own vocal instrument..BUT ESSENTIALLY I listen because it brings me great pleasure to hear a great voice and a good track generally..nothing to do with breaking it down..#JustListenToAppreciate!



June 15, 2011 - S
eems like everybody's trying to do each other out of their glory moment. The music biz is too much about competition, in a dawg eat dawg way. Maybe I'm certifiable nutzo but I'm still standing behind and promoting my belief that we should be more about recognizing skills, building our own and appreciating/supporting each other to do well + be heard.



June 1, 2013 · Nowadays, apparently mediocrity prefers it's own company and wallows in shallow compliments from the unskilled..The skilled stick within their own 'safety zone' and many believe they can get no better. The repetition of what they 'know' (i.e. staying strictly in the supposed lane) out of fear of losing their place in the music hierarchy takes them back down to mediocrity..ahh the cycle of life. If people would only realize they have choices and there are other lanes.



*  August 1, 2013 - Many veterans in the industry..I mean who have "MADE" it in this industry, have been open, caring, helpful, real and interested!! They understand how hard it is. Maybe they know the struggle because they know how the listeners and surrounding businesses have very short term memories. Maybe the ones I've met realize that that if you are still working your ass off for something you love after xyz years, and still respect and appreciate them as a fan and artist without intention of "using" them to get a step higher, then you must be one of the few true hearts..and true hearts need to be supporting each other!!!! (just my morning speculations..)


*  July 11, 2013 · People are stumbling so blindly in following their dream that they will sign any old damn contract without a lawyer checking it out first, and eagerly handing out all their personal details including ss# etc to people they have never met face to face. Is that intelligent? Hell no, thats desperation. Cut it out! There's 'Following a dream' and then there's 'Self sabotage'..


*  August 15, 2013 · If you work in this music industry and your foundations were not strong to begin with, u better make it a priority to get rock solid and have solid gold support who have their feet planted firmly on mother earth!!! If not believe me, you will eventually be eroded to hash your music history and tell me im lying...s/n as my ppl always said, seems like the majority of the most ingenious, super talented ppl have the worst lives or mental/personality/emotional problems..Get those foundations your fortress and make sure you are not sucked into the destructive ish..stay on top of your game but also firing on all cylinders..*Random thoughts.



*  September 13, 2015 · Artists who truly seek the "fame and fortune" route must be aware that "You" are not important. "You" are merely the image that goes with the overall package. Essentially you must keep it firmly in your mind that you are a product. The minute you effup and put out something less than public perceived perfection, or behave in a way that does not conform with public perceived perfection for your package, backs turn..quickly..and if your product becomes uber famous there will be some serious haters stalking to shoot you right off that pedestal. This is why I have never sought 'that'. The only thing I ever wanted was to share myself and creative passions with like minded music appreciators..there is a difference. It is cool to make money from your passions but when you do it must be with your feet solidly on the ground, mind and heart in the right place with full understanding of the package you embody.



 January 21, 2016 · Here's something that many don't "get"..Progress, success and forward movement is not an age thing..its a mind thing. Some never get the mental gears working in the right direction at all. Some spend a lifetime trying to get into first gear by fighting so HARD against their own engine(uity).



 June 25, 2016 · #RandomThought If you move in silence, keep everything secret and mysterious you will not be seen or heard..MAKE SOME NOISE! Rattle the cages..shake em up..wake em up..don't overkill, just enough to keep them aware of you like a fruitfly flying around their ice cream lol..Nah but as a good friend used to tell me, "keep up your presence".