Sept 26, 2014: THANK YOU..SO sincerely and from the deepest parts of me to all who have reached out, shown love, support, believed in me..(ME..the one who was always trying to spotlight the talent of my people and not so much myself). In the silence somehow you heard my voice and felt the sincerity and passion..ME! ..I am humbled, honored, and moved beyond words and will not let down those who are giving me chances, those who got me here, those who spent time and energy on me, those who genuinely cared about me in their own ways. I'm just not the kind of person to forget things that real and special. Peace..just had to get that out..and on that to do! :)

*  September 12, 2015 · To anyone who has ever seen "something" in me..enough to invest time and mental/physical energy..took time to pass on a thought, advice, knowledge..took time to laugh or verbally box or breathe the air with me..i salute you from the time invested in a work in progress like myself is never lost, never wasted and always treasured.

*  October 2, 2012  · Was talking with Angela Davis's heartwarming to know there's other folks out in the world with the same mind set that since we are all working in the same direction, with the same goals to get good music out there, we should be supporting each other, service for service, linking each other up..not everybody is out to hustle you..if you find other ppl who are NOT about the competition and taking the shine off what you do so they can have the glory..connect with them..keep them in your on that..make that network strong with positive direction and common missions..peace facebook..and thanks for the inspiring convo Angela xxx

*  November 21, 2010  · Wow..just gotta say THANK YOU to my sister in music..I have been mesmerized and humbled just listening to the spiritual, professionality of Blue Raspberry..even singing on the phone she sounds awesome..Thank you for being a REAL down to earth lady who shows what love for the music MEANS!!!

*  Sept 29, 2015: Re Sandi Beidleman: This special lady breathes her life into the industry. She truly is an inspiration to so many! An absolutely amazing woman who deserves the red carpet treatment and golden globe special award for her ongoing behind the scenes phenomenal supporting roles in sponsorship, management and so much more.



July 24, 2013  · You will never have loyalty, continuity or strength of bond with groups or individuals until you are able to give and take with an open heart and be a little selfless sometimes..shutting down when you start to get close to someone, which is a common 'Condition/Mindset' universally, does serve to temporarily protect your heart to a certain degree but unfortunately why so many feel so alone and don't know why. Gotta take risks with your mind and heart sometime. Listen to intuition first or make informed choices by all means, but don't kill potential allies in your life.

October 21, 2012 - It's NOT always 'if you are not with me you are against me'. Sometimes we are not meant to work side by side with everybody at all times. Imagine how orchestras work when they are performing..brass section stands up when needed then sits down..strings stand and do their work then sit. Different sections play when it works in the song. So we have to respect our brothers and sisters in music. We can't all work together all the time. We have to wait until our instrument is required in the great scope of things.



June 17, 2014  · Never drop out of what you love doing to focus on what everyone around you dictates you should do. I am here to testify! You lose precious years and all but lose the skills you built up that could have been much better developed if you had stayed true to yourself. Don't do it to YOURSELF. Don't lose the momentum and have to start again with rusted creative wheels. Hear what I say..DON'T DO IT..and don't break the bond with ppl who's skills compliment your skills and actually believe in your talent. You don't find that just anywhere. It Is a rare gift to have that around you..don't lose that..don't do it to yourself my people..DON'T DO IT!



*  August 5, 2014 · No matter what level in this industry you're in, if we have some kind of connection for whatever reason communication is very important..learn to recognize those who are for you and not using or against you...In relation to the universe one human can never be above another and respect is everything.

*  September 24, 2014 · One more thought on communication..Sometimes I repeat a line back to somebody or paraphrase. It's not platitudes or randomly repeated words, or bcs i can't think of anything else to say, but is my way of making sure 1) i understood the way it was meant (for myself) 2) to demonstrate i was paying attention..I may not always have an answer..yea i will have an opinion or a thought but then again sometimes an opinion or thought is not needed..just an ear..Sometimes ppl just need to get a thought out of their own head and hold it up to look at it in a neutral environment. Truth is that most of the time ppl who should be there for you when you feel like talking are usually too busy or impatient or wrapped up in their own world to have a dialogue or lend an ear..thats this technology age for ya..the art of written or verbal communication is truly dying and nobody is rescuing it..Its really no wonder relationships are shorter lasting, men are getting wilder, women are getting angrier and the chasm grows bigger between sexes and each other..Think on that next time you lol everything somebody says whether it is serious or not, break the convo to talk or text with other ppl, or cut em off with the fake excuse that somebody's at the door..Think on that next time you get mad at a man for complimenting you, or mad at a woman for reaching out to speak to you with a smile and you discover she is not hitting on you. Ok i'm done you were fb its time for me to take this overactive brain to bed ;) night all.

*  January 8, 2016 · When you are having a discussion or convo with somebody, no matter how well you know them, do not cut them off, argue heatedly or ridicule what they say..let them finish. Let them have the floor. Then give your thoughts. The first way may lead to them having a reluctance to speak their mind to you knowing they will never be allowed to get them out. Stop and hear them out.

 January 9, 2015 · Things that you say or do..or don't say or don't do can affect ppl more than you can imagine..just bcs you can't feel anything by your own actions does not mean its acceptable or that karma hasn't noticed the pain caused in others. Running away or hiding from the ppl you hurt will never save you.. karma has her own timescale but she doesn't forget. Better to think about your actions and make it right with ppl before it comes to that.

 January 26, 2013 · Strikes me how easily unnecessary chasms of misunderstanding and misinterpretation causing needless pain can come from communication breakdowns and stretched periods of non communication. Folks if you have family/friends you haven't spoken to in awhile, let them know you still think about/appreciate them from time to time..your silence may be destroying them..literally like a rocket ripping their insides apart..yea. Maybe your support just might matter to them that much. Be the first to check for 'em because they could be too sick or in pain to contact you first. Life is not eternal but regret can last an eternity..peace all.

*  January 9, 2017 · Folks need to decide if they are ultra religious or potty mouth porno kings/queens..take off your mask..Will the real you please stand up. Cuz I'll be damned if I know which some of you are..You switch up daily.

*  February 14, 2010 · Suggest, do not demand..Ask do not insist. When you ask listen to the full response. Speak with respect or walk away. Constructive criticism is a blessing, murder is a crime.

*  July 21, 2012 · Do not come at me with an attitude, being demanding, taking over, telling rather than suggesting, or I will shut down on you faster than you can say.."i want you to..." And to those who try to use me to get their way"politely"..I see thru you..the answer is no.

 June 20, 2013 · RANT: Here's another point to raise..and this has happened FOUR TIMES within the past couple weeks with different people..When you have a business conversation..or even a personal one..and you go ahead playing video games, or interrupting the conversation to speak to somebody else..or stay in a room where you have way too much background is rude, disrespectful and very, VERY bad business!!! It matters and says a lot about you..Personally I cannot tolerate it and will be hanging up on people in future who allow that. One artist allowed his girlfriend to butt in continually..and even VACUUM around him while he was speaking. Others have been seriously distracted by avoidable and ridiculous ish. If it's like that, TELL the person on the phone you will call them back at a more convenient time. AND ALSO don't put your damn face right against the phone so your speech is mushed like you got ya hand over your goddamn mouth..nobody can understand a word you say..JUST STOP PEOPLE..Think about what you're doing..Have some manners and respect.

*  Dec 2, 2017 - There is a way to be real and honest without stabbing somebody in the heart 50 times with a blunt razor-tongue...You can speak your truth with love, without intention to destroy. #BringItCalmlyWithAPureHeart And listen to responses without instant comebacks and mental intent to ninja kick their head into watermelon slices.



 January 14, 2013 · I admit I do get affected deeply how easily ppl walk on and off each others' stages with the only intention to find out what they can get from you..'thats business, that's life' you say..i say 'bullshit'...Respect and understanding is everything to me..and yes, reliability and loyalty..ignorance disrespectfulness and laziness is the modern day relations killer..

 January 26, 2013 · All we have in our lives is an hourglass of time..when those sands run out so does your opportunity to put things right.. Don't take people for granted. Don't turn your back on people who care about you. Pride means nothing when your time is thru. I'm saying from the deepest part of my heart..take the first step and put things right or reconnect with someone you lost contact with. You may never have another chance.

*  July 2, 2013 · Last message of the night..and this is something that has been preached again and again. I know you won't hear me, but it needs to be said. If you love/care about or appreciate someone, let them know, show them in thought, word and action. The time will come when it is too late to let them know that their presence in your world means or meant something. We are all on borrowed time..every second counts. When I die i do NOT want hypocrites standing over me crying. I want those who celebrated life WITH me and those who took time out to let me know, not just when I was doing something wrong, or made a mistake, but when I did something to make them happy, or that maybe helped them along the way even just a little bit. I want those ppl who really bothered to be around me, or showed support when I needed it, to be there..and talking to each other in the 'here and now' in making plans..making life happen..It's a version of the circle of life..I just want ppl to wake up while they still can. (likes: Dominic Quick and 3 others)

August 9, 2016 · I tend to do my rounds every now and then, letting folks know they're in my thoughts so, if I get to be beamed up or they should happen to leg it off this planet before I do, I will have no regrets..all said. What they do with my thoughts is on them..I done said it..and its said.

 March 24, 2016 · Once again..can we just show each other a little attention/love/respect WHILE we are walking together on this planet? Why wait until it's too late to do anybody any good? But you don't hear me tho....

 February 5, 2015 · What my people says is absolutely 100% true. Folks fall all over themselves to wail and weep and gnash their teeth over the demise of people they never met, or when it is somebody close to you and it's "too late" to tell them you care..that's when they want to speak up. But people who are right there within your circle, your reach, whether they are your homie, your family, your friend, your lover, your husband/wife..WHOEVER it may sleep on them..WAKE UP!!! this is reality..

*  November 10, 2014 · Don't preach about cherishing people while they are alive if you can't do the same. As my ppl used to say.."time is the most precious gift you can give somebody". It is the memories of that gift people take with them wherever they go and after they leave the planet. You can't give that to them when they're gone.

 August 22, 2013 ·  Don't know why it is in life you are embraced by people on your outer circle and by strangers, but those that you care deeply about take it for granted and don't feel they need to keep in touch. It's a sign. Unconditional love is unconditional love but geewhizz..

*  September 17, 2015 · Is it so bad that strangers can see the qualities in you that people closest to you have gone blind to? Gotta be better than complete deadness.



 April 13, 2015 · Tell somebody you care about something good you see in them or let them know how you feel..let it out!..People can't read day you may not have the opportunity to let them know..we complain about a 'cold, non communicating world'..don't be one of the cogs within that wheel. Think for yourself and learn to show heart but always stay real..and true to your own mind.

*  September 14, 2013 -  I'm thankful for the people in my life, whether long known, or new acquaintances who share hearts, minds and passions openly and without reserve...and for those who take time and trouble to step outside the box to give strength, comfort or encouragement not only to me but to each other when they see somebody struggling..There's not enough of it..Let's keep that chain growing!

*  September 27, 2009 · So to all my family, friends and people out there going thru hard times..Stand up, be proud of who you are, be thankful for your life, know where you want to be..and never ever give up..All things must pass..Keep moving, stay focussed..Peace and Blessings.


 April 27, 2013 · Oh my..had notification that somebody called chainsaw is watching me..shudders..Hope he's really a mother lovin' puddy tat with a soft handshake lol.  Omg it's a female..*curse this creative imagination..*throws hands up..Lady it wasn't me..I've never even been alone with ya man..lmao..*dies



*  September 12, 2011 · Trust I've learned to decipher 232 dialects of bullshit-ese..I dont speak it, but I can (usually) tell when it's being spoken, even when you think I don't..Keep talkin' yaself thru the trapdoor sucka..

*  July 5, 2013 · Ever notice the tone of voice people use when they want something from you? The rest of the time, no communication or one word responses to yours..yup, nope, ok, yea, lol, true..



*  October 16, 2013 · There will be those in our lives who will not or cannot accept us as we are. There are those who will jump on our wagons just bcs they see the wheels turn and heading in the general direction where they want to go. There are those who who never speak with you unless they can get something from you. What we need to accept is that their actions or lack of as the case may be, will reveal their true intentions. All we can do is keep moving forward with our own pure hearts, actions and intentions, the rest will take care of itself in its own time. We must remain focused on what we are here to achieve..and do it with love..not greed, not malice, not deception, not hate..but with integrity, honor and strength of mind.

*  March 3, 2014 · Don't you just love how so many people you love and trust switch loyalties the minute you fail at something? Like they were just waiting all along for you to mess up so they could throw you off a bridge. The world can be a truly messed up place at times.



*  December 8, 2012 · Unless you have walked IN somebody else's shoes do not assume you are qualified to judge them on what you see..Ask questions by all means..For instance, if they are unemployed or having hard times you assume they are cracked out, layin around all day doing nothing about it? ..Just one example of many. You have a right to assume lazyness or whatever you see based on deductions if that person refuses to be real with you once you have asked questions. But unless they are borrowing money from you or invading your couch to sleep on, stfu and let them work thru their life challenges..They may be battling on the front line single handed!

*  September 12, 2015 · That person you are looking down your nose at..Dissing to their face or behind their back..Makin' faces like a bulldog chewin' a mothball..That person you frown so hard at, scratch your head at and mumble to yourself that they are an imbecile..That person you degrade in your own mind..may be the best friend you could ever have..or the greatest mind you could connect with..or the one who brings the most to the table..or the most intelligent, insightful, talented or funny human you ever met. THEY COULD BE all of those things..but you would never know unless you looked beyond your shallow, biased, preconceived notions or what your fragile ego imagines. LiFE is short..get over yourself.



*  September 13, 2013 · Something that I often wonder is...every time people hurt somebody and either laugh about it or feel nothing at all, do they really think the person they hurt will feel their pain when the same is done to them by somebody else? Your actions 9 times out of 10 will come back to you..Some call it karma..So if you hurt people carelessly, realize 1) It is making you no better or more powerful than anyone who hurt you before and 2) Your time will come so you better brace yourself to feel the same pain or something harsher than what you made someone else feel..sadly. I DO NOT wish that on anybody!!! So be kind to others and if nothing else when somebody hurts you, those ppl you were genuinely kind to will support you thru the pain..(contemplations)

May 6, 2015 · What do you do when you see people driving at breakneck speed toward a hard lesson from life on humility, if your words to them are like shouts into the wind? Its horrible because you know what's coming but they just laugh at you and disregard your thoughts. Final warning..if it doesn't click in your brain before life is forced to smack you down, you WILL learn the hard way. Karma is a bitch when she wants to be..don't do it to yourself!!! ..and if you don't know now you know. 
hu·mil·i·ty (h)noun
a modest or low view of one's own importance; humbleness.
synonyms: modesty, humbleness, meekness, diffidence, unassertiveness; lack of pride, lack of vanity; servility, submissiveness
"he accepted the award with sincere humility"



*  December 9, 2014 · The hilarious thing is when people 'think' that by ganging up they can hurt you..lmao. You can only be hurt if it's somebody you love and they are shooting bullets into your heart. If not..know that I now have an iron heart, iron gut, robot brain..You can't destroy what has already been destroyed and rebuilt unless you already have a place in my heart, in which case I'm in serious danger lol..So be kind..I'm a softie only for those I care about...If you are not in that away..

*  August 15, 2013 · I keep searchin for the good in everyone, but folks keep insisting on sticking that ugly side under my nose and flaunting it. It might not register in your brain while you are hellbent on being an asshole that you have #WastedResources

*  September 22, 2013 · Words alone won't destroy worlds..It's the actions or harsh intent that go with them that can break you down..

 March 24, 2017 · If you don't know me..hate away..If you do know me..cut that ish out immediately lol #TOTD

*  October 12, 2010 · Some people were raised with hate so it is all they know. Some learn to hate because of external influences or experiences. Some throw up hate as a protection from pain or confusion about who can be trusted. Some only know hate because they are naturally twisted or drug inducedly hateful. Bottom line is be alert! Haters might take awhile but they eventually show their true colors..



 July 3, 2013 · Serious talk..Some of the things I see ppl complain about sound like things or situations I would trade my right mammary for. Folks need to see WHAT they DO have instead of whining about what they have NOT...Sorry but life will never play by your rules..You must play by life'S rules. To convince yourself that you live by your own rules would make you an empty headed fool.



*  October 19, 2014 · I know I have speech habits and behavioral patterns that drive people crazy..and I'm usually pretty laid back and gentle by character..but when Americans go 'Huh' at me at something I've said, I confess, sincerely and from the heart..I'd like to do a ninja move and rip their heart out, hand it to them and watch them die..It is perhaps one of few things that enrages the ish out of me..Stop the retardation.

*  August 17, 2015 · Folks just love preaching to the converted...

*  August 7, 2011 · Everybody these days is so worried about following protocol and not offending each other that it becomes like lies and deceit..Nobody wants to say what's on their minds..and when they do people fall on the floor with shock and horror..Let's open it up and talk out what's on your mind..That is the only way to make changes.

Mushugana DeLa Rukkus: Its calld bein "Institutionalized". Uze ta juss happin in its da way ov da wurld.....
Donna H Mofohari: yes sire..i believe that..its a shame cuz the ppl that could make a change are too scared to try..or dare to stop following the lemmings
Mushugana DeLa Rukkus: Can't b too dey gonna fit into da cookie cutter mold???
Donna H Mofohari: haha i know thats right maestro..smh

 November 8, 2014 · I am really getting annoyed as hell with the overuse of the word "negative"..I don't think people know what it means anymore. smh..Stop jumping to shake a pointer finger at somebody just for speaking their mind..There is a difference btwn that badly overused word and looking at something from a different angle than you do. Get over yourself and pay attention, you might learn something or have enough knowledge and facts to debate it without YOUR attitude ish getting in the way..It's called communication..look it up.



*  July 17, 2015 · I made a point to smile and say hello to everyone I passed today while out walking..male or female..just smiled and said hi, then kept it moving. Not one returned so much as an upturn of the mouth until I got to the river. ONE couple smiled back..just one. Either that sunset worked its magic on 'em or they were high on luuurve lol..or maybe..they just had manners!..But they were the only mofos who bothered. Trust I do not look like a psycho, a beggar, a robber or a far as I know. Folks...try smiling now and then. It doesn't cost you anything..honest. Nothing more is required of you when somebody is merely walking past and not attempting to engage you in conversation. Just return the smile and nod or say hello..Easy!



*  December 30, 2016  · Get in your own lane and stop trying to cut off everybody else's path.

 June 15, 2017 · In reality and truth..there IS NO "us and them" no..not what some may attempt to force us to believe..the TRUTH IS..we are all one..1Love..THAT is the truth for those who will open their eyes and see the bigger picture.

*  June 15, 2017 · Force is met by may be met by hate but when steadfast love inspires more love you have ripples followed by waves of good vibrations. Some may understand, some may not. Music heals, Humor uplifts..positivity inspires..Love conquers..



 April 29, 2017 · Here's the thing..the animal in me, like the leo that I am, appreciates those who would stop and pull a thorn from my paw, teach me something, lift me up and set me on a path, smack my furry butt when it needs it and show me where I went wrong so i can get it right..shown me love and respect. I do not forget acts of goodness shown to me. Maybe I'm different matter what these things stay with me and I will move heaven and earth to return the love wherever possible. #RandomThought But's not "all about me"..It does feel good to pay it forward too.

 September 22, 2014 · Support is a two way street. You roadblock your own progress by not paying attention or showing respect for others who put their time, passion and skill into something that is precious to them. Step outside your own box. You never know what you will find..just might learn something, discover something you like, become inspired or connect at some level with somebody on the same path. Obviously there will be times you can't, but it is part of the path you're on. It's your duty to yourself and to others who put in time on their craft. If you can't, then you don't deserve to be supported.

*  June 17, 2017 · I'm so thrilled and proud when I see ppl I have connected with succeeding..genuinely excited when I see them out there winning and being great!                                                


*  April 10, 2013 · There are no words in the english language, no matter how harshly or how sweetly spoken/written that will get thru to a closed mind..

 May 6, 2013 - I don't mind preaching to the converted-but-idle, if only to fire them up to get them motivated and activated. It is a little disheartening however, attempting to reach the closed minded.

*  May 6, 2015 · What do you do when you see people driving at breakneck speed toward a hard lesson from life on humility, if your words to them are like shouts into the wind? Its horrible because you know what's coming but they just laugh at you and disregard your thoughts. Final warning..if it doesn't click in your brain before life is forced to smack you down, you WILL learn the hard way. Karma is a bitch when she wants to be..don't do it to yourself!!! ..and if you don't know now you know. hu·mil·i·ty
a modest or low view of one's own importance; humbleness.
synonyms: modesty, humbleness, meekness, diffidence, unassertiveness; lack of pride, lack of vanity; servility, submissiveness
"he accepted the award with sincere humility"

*  August 7, 2016 · If I am able to formulate an opinion from facts, experience and consideration, then I am able to make a judgement as part of that educated opinion. Its my right as a free thinking, intelligent, aware human. However, neither an educated opinion nor an informed judgement is worth a plumb nickle to anyone who is unreceptive to your thoughts. They are only good for those who hear, care and receive..and to yourself in your personal evolution..or for bringing about action from like minded ppl. #RandomThoughts



*  December 18, 2015 · Something I have noticed about humans thru much observation, is that they throw the core of a truth (i.e. Solid facts) around with an expert flip and twist to make it fit with how they want those truths to be heard. No wonder there are so many religions, so many bible translations, so much hate and division..just for that reason. Man speaks with forked tongue half the time and is convinced they are right Lol. As for me details mean nothing. I don't care who did what for who in biblical times, not interested in petty squabbles or which religion is "the way, the truth and the light". I feel my way like a blind woman..meaning my senses are alive and sharp. Spiritually I already know without a finger wagging, or a preacher thumping a bible at me, or the holy spirit entering my body to enlighten me..what feels "good", what feels "right" and what does not. Instinct, emotions, senses and our natural spirituality, when we tune into ourselves and acknowledge it, to my mind is the best guide. Those are attributes we were all pre programmed with that so many fail to tap into..along with common sense and logic. Let me amend the stated line "I don't care about.." to read "irregardless of...", so people don't misinterpret what I'm saying to flippancy toward biblical or religious was not intended that way.



December 26, 2014 · Maybe it's just me but I keep seeing and hearing people talking about how they must cut people off who no longer 'serve a purpose' in their lives. Who the ufck are you to use people as chess pieces? What happened to just appreciating others for being on the same planet, or for who they are etc? If I like somebody I like somebody..I do not need them to perform some "function", cater to my needs etc..People need to stop that 'God complex' ish..You ain't THAT important sunshine..Try appreciating the whole painting, not just certain brush strokes.

June 8, 2016 · Since I'm not a user, people do not have to be able to be "serving a purpose" for me or actively able to "do something" for me in order for me to call them a friend. I cannot and do not live like that. People are not on this planet to serve me. They have paths of their own and if ours should merge its extra awesome. But if I like you as a human, consider you family etc then there's something I value in you, not something I'm planning to use in you or do with you. I don't play chess with humans I just respect them.

October 28, 2013 · I do things with love and goodwill for people I see working and doing good things. Funny how some of these humans will get mad if you miss some time and treat you like you are not doing your job..My job? Really? I helped you with love in my heart..YOU'RE WELCOME!

July 12, 2011 · Ehh..However soft and easy going you think my character is..No I won't 'like' on something for you, or promote you..or accept your ish on my wall if I don't feel it..Guess again..Stand over there I'm busy. And try communicating once in awhile, it won't hurt you. My point is..I will listen if asked nicely and will give honest thoughts. Strangers who do not bother to talk to you but hit up everybody on chat with 'like on the song on my page' or vote for my song so I can get to #1..or spray your wall, tag you etc etc..THAT'S not cool. Talk to me about what you do. Let me hear and experience so I can make my own mind up. If I feel your work I will promote without a doubt. You figure it out. THAAATS my point..

December 17, 2015 · Funny how people will stop speaking with you if they feel they can't "use" you anymore in their chess moves or if they think you are not doing "enough" for them..But wait..Did it ever occur that you could have been doing "more" for them? Yea yea yea..It's all about you. That's the nature of you selfish, ego driven, over prideful, half hearted, narrow minded, blinkered humans. Short term memories only. Good luck on the way back down..All the people whose heads you stepped on will be crossing arms and smiling as you pass.

July 3, 2013 · Funny how people who work their way into your friendzone will ask and expect you to stop what you're doing and provide services for free that you charge for. I must be the hardest working unemployed ceo on the planet..What kinda fool am I?

January 21, 2017 · If you are looking at every person you connect with, meet or speak to in passing with the mindset of "What can this person/these ppl do for me" may as well give up on life right now. People are not on this planet to serve you. There are resources..true. But kill that mindset/attitude right here and now or stay the eff away from me! Nuff said.


*  November 18, 2015 ·  Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase check spelling on your flyers folks. Argue and scream and holler at me all you want but YES IT MATTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Spelling on business promos are getting worse...Sad part is you embarrassingly crappy spellers probably have got all the good jobs..sad lmao..(It's not even funny either..). Learn the difference between rapers and rappers;  there, they're and their;  woman and women..etfukkincetera..*throws a glass against the wall and walks offstage muttering.

 June 26, 2017 - I received  an email today promoting "sliming jeans" don't think i want any today thanx lol



*  November 25, 2012 · Thought of the day: Is it too much to ask that when we have business conference calls with you mofos that you keep a str8 head..???!! Lord..give me strength...Last several people have been on another planet..making passionate promises to get work done by _____ and offering us the world on a plate. That's when I know we are doomed. Shall I name names or do you know who you are? And to the ones who were semi conscious when we last spoke..Why are we still waiting? Cut the bullshit and honor your promises you lying muffukkas..*happy sunday..curtsies, drops mic and walks offstage shaking my damn head.



*  March 2, 2014 · I have learned that most humans can only handle many things in bite size chunks..Information people offer about themselves, their experience or knowledge, attention from others, expressions of passion or enthusiasm, communication/conversation and other people's emotions of any kind to name a few. If it's not them or about them (and sometimes even when it is) people go into full mental lockdown..shields up. Try it on someone just as an experiment and see for yourself..Prepare yourself for interesting results.

*  May 28, 2015 · I have learned that humans not only have selective memories..but they tend to put those select memories up on an easel and paint 'em up however they want or think they need to see them, or the public to view them, then put a whole new frame on and hang 'em up on display.

*  September 11, 2014 · Have you ever known of an artist or artists whose skills were the best you've  known to the point you've wanted to strangle people who phase out when you are trying to get them to listen? neither lol. Actually I have..Because some people are too unfocused or ignorant to follow directions. It's like pointing a bird out to my daughter's cat. This dumb cat insists on staring at my pointer finger. Too many people are like that. You miss a lot of beautifulness by not listening when people try to tap you on the shoulder. Wake the ufkkkk up and treat your ears once in awhile. I hate bs music and some say I have pretty good taste, so I say if it is good enough for me to get excited about, there's good reason to pay attention. I'm not being paid to promote anybody so it's always genuine and from the heart. This is how it has ALWAYS been and will continue to be as long as i breathe..That is all.

August 30, 2014 · Life is full of the most unbelievable ironies. I have learned that: On the whole, most humans have a blinkered, highly selective consciousness. They will only become enlightened if they choose to be. The larger the network, the more alone you can feel. The harder you drive for a specific action, or understanding or unity, no matter if you hit 'em hard with a sermon, one on one with earnestness, in the face, gently or in urgent discussion format, folks will not hear, absorb or act until they feel it is their own idea/discovery (or occasionally if they are shamed into an action). The person, team or organization (Or concept/message/idea/product etc) that you are attempting to raise awareness about can only measure its success by the results of your efforts to reach others, not by the energy put in. So the one who grinds hardest, reaches hardest or feels strongest can end up being the one that loses it all by virtue of being shot down by all sides.  #HarshLessonsOfLife. 



*  February 1, 2011 · I was having this convo with somebody recently - Evidence is all around that if people cannot fathom, tie down, box (etc) a character type or behavior, they get nervous, label it ' 'craziness', declare it as either nonsensical or pure genius. Either way, if you don't fall into a recognized category, in most cases you are not embraced for uniqueness but ostracized for being different.

*  February 19, 2017 · Some people make their minds up that you are beneath them..You don't have to say a damn word..And when you do they will twist it so they can continue to feel what they feel without fear of guilt or being incorrect.

*  October 22, 2014 · Never try to change or control someone, or bend them to your needs. If you do manage to break them down and mold them, you will probably find you preferred them as they were. So if you value somebody, embrace/appreciate all the little nuances, idiosyncrasies, peculiarities, imperfections etc..the uniqueness that they bring to the table..the whole shebang..If you can't do that, then walk on..

November 3, 2013 · There is a difference between guiding and controlling, leading and forcing, accepting help and demanding service, promising to do something and actually doing it, friendly correction and hurtful verbal abuse..#RandomThoughts

October 17, 2013 · If you don't jump eagerly into a box somebody opens for you, they get perplexed, distressed, confused. Some will not rest until they think they have one they can force you in whether it fits or not. But will they speak with you to find out more? Hellznahhh lol. Some of us are complex beings with unique thoughts.."Ohh good" you say.."I have a box right here marked 'Crazy'..get in" lol..Cut that out..Let people be who they are. Respect their uniqueness and embrace their individuality.

October 19, 2013 · The biggest mistake people make is in trying to mold, change or control somebody to think, believe, or be the way you see as correct or right or proper. Embrace them as they are..all of it.. Their path is their path and they will learn and grow at the pace they are meant to grow. To pressure someone into anything they are not ready for or think in a way that is not comfortable for them is more likely to eventually cause them to consciously or subconsciously go the opposite direction of where you are shoving them. Let their light shine! Do not tamper with their lessons of life. If they want advice, guidance or help let them ask for it.

*  December 9, 2012 · There is a difference between 'controlling' and 'managing'. A good leader/manager is diplomatic, knows when to sit back and listen, when to take charge, when to delegate. Control is a power word, to be a 'controlling' person is not a good thing. I would rather be 'managed' than 'controlled'. I would rather be a leader than a controller..

November 21, 2012 · There is a DIFFERENCE BETWEEN putting pressure on people to move in a direction they were/are not planning, willing or comfortable to go in business or music, or harassing them to continue in a lane YOU saw them in or want them to be in or develop for your own reasons or because YOU think its right for them.......AND encouraging/supporting them in a direction they have expressed an interest in and have proven skills to back it up. If an artist moves in a direction that you do not/cannot/have not see(n) them in, that's on them, it's their right. Leave them alone! I too have been guilty of pressuring somebody to continue using a skill/talent I personally appreciated and genuinely enjoyed about them..But if it's not in them, or in their heart, then it is not for them..Let it go! I'm currently feeling some 'well intentioned' pressure on me too from a number of people so I understand how it feels. If someone steps back to consider or plan their direction/path/life..respect it! If they resurface it will be with purpose and new goals. If not, then I repeat emphatically and with new understanding , its their right to choose! Give them space to work it out for themselves unless they ask you for your help/advice/thoughts. Respect their space.

*  Sept 10, 2017 - In a perfect world people would look at the outer shell and not auto-assume who, what and how you are. Yet the majority consciously or unconsciously shove each person into a box with their own label and struggle to see beyond that. They sometimes write an entire book about you in their mind before they even know you. I wrote a full lyric about the boxes we are placed in yesterday in fever mode so this topic is mentally front and center. In my shadow work I examine my own hands to see if I am guilty.

 July 5, 2015 · Interesting in a sad way how so many will not tolerate another view that is not the same as theirs..will not accept another angle..will call the person with the opposing or slightly differing pov ignorant. I have seen people delete other people on facebook for simply having or expressing a thought that they don't agree with. Nothing wrong with having a passionate view..but firstly make sure you have facts and proof for the conclusions and deductions..and secondly know that your view is not gospel or set in stone. Other people have em too! You don't open a floor for discussion and then machine gun anyone who doesn't think exactly like you do! Make your point and debate without hate. That's maturity. I remember stating a political point once and mannnnnn never again..One dude was verbally violent. Again, I can respect a passionate stance on something, but you are not the only one with views. Respect that and conduct your debates or post your public statuses with that in mind.

 January 30, 2014 · Humans are like wolves..somebody voices disapproval about somebody or something and everybody around has to start hating. It gets worse down the line like a chain reaction..More like bloodhounds baying for blood than compassionate humans with minds of their own.

*  December 12, 2014 · Too many people get the wrong idea about a difference of opinion. Some feel like if they cannot dominate the discussion or change that person's mind they have lost or failed. Occasionally there is something, some factor or understanding that one or the other is missing..(i.e. a misunderstanding) leading to all kinds of distortions on both sides. Some things you just have to let go and respect that the other person will either figure out the facts for themselves, or there is a realization that you are not going to be able to be heard with an open or receptive mind. As in, their mind is already made up. In which case you will just burn yourself out trying to explain, clarify, debate or enlighten. In both cases there comes a point where there is no actual right or wrong. Just a point where you have to see as far as you can, respect the other pov and stop at that.

 November 8, 2014 · I am really getting annoyed as hell with the overuse of the word "negative"..I don't think people know what it means anymore smh. Stop jumping to shake a pointer finger at somebody just for speaking their mind..There is a difference btwn that badly overused word and looking at something from a different angle than you do. Get over yourself and pay attention, you might learn something or have enough knowledge and facts to debate it without YOUR attitude ish getting in the way..It's called communication..look it up.

*  December 8, 2014  · Okay now people..We can't all have the same viewpoint on things. Learn to respect a different pov fagawdsake without taking it all serious and flipping over tables and chairs. Learn to laugh. Learn to appreciate yourself for not being made with a cookie cutter, or feeling like you have to be nodding and agreeing with every statement that is made. And you people who smh, huh, huff n puff, jump on other's backs for thinking different than me a favor..there's the riverline right across the street from me..stand there..wait..and when the next one comes thru..jump right on underneath it..can you do me that favor? kthanx.

*  December 22, 2009 · Some people take exception to their views being questioned/debated. It brings out HATEness in folks. If you say blue and I say turquoise, it's in the eye of the perceiver! Sometimes you have to agree to disagree and walk away with acceptance. If somebody has a view that is not the same as yours, at least LISTEN. They might know or see something you don't! Why hold onto your view at all costs? Holding your ears and covering your eyes does not make YOUR convictions automatically right!!


*  July 29, 2013 · Sitting here laughing at people who say they never stop. How come I see you posting on here (facebook) so regular? That's you 'not stopping' right? Ohh I seeeeee o_0

May 20, 2017 · If you spend 48% of your time yappin on facebook telling everybody how busy you are..You ain't busy..You are killing time lol.

November 10, 2015 · Lighten Up!: There is such a thing as seeing too much "positivity" OR seriousness on a newsfeed yaknow. Try a little humor, a little light hearted debate, somethin crazy that might wake somebody up. Dropping knowledge and providing everybody with sage advice/knowledge/positive thoughts and encouragement is awesome but..lighten up once in awhile and laugh! It's about being able to recognize and laugh at real life issues..common denominators, being able to rise above the seriousness and struggles and connecting with each other thru laughter.

*  July 15, 2014 - While browsing thru facebook statuses I notice people sure like to twist definitions of words, terms, thoughts or beliefs to suit their own ends..and they get all their 'friends' jumping in nodding "ohhh yea yea yea yea yea".. Knowledge is power. Foolish spoutings of "what you think" when you have no knowledge mean nothing to anyone but those who have no clue either.

July 14, 2015 · Self Pity: Nobody feels sorry for you to the extent that the one who should NOT feel sorry for you does..i.e. Yourself. Yea we all slip up from time to time and wallow..and dammit sometimes we need that good cry and wooeeeiissmeeeizms as part of the healing process. But to drag that out? No no no. Making a public fuss makes u look like a fool..ppl can make cooing awwbaby noises on fb and pray for you all day long but at the end of the day WHO helps those who help WHO? I can't hear you! Say it loud. Now stop whimpering and stand up. Nobody cares like you do. Every single one of us has crosses to bear bar ain't special. Unless you are handicapped in mind or body and even then you still have some tools with which to do better. Do it.

December 1, 2012 · I have commented on people's pages and seen that person comment AROUND me goin' 'who is she?' response: 'i don't know', if you have to ask that and talk like the person is not in the room with you..either kill yourself or delete that person if they are on your friend don't deserve them.

February 7, 2013 · Generic Post #63: Only God can judge you..nobody else matters.

*  November 24, 2009 · A blast from my past contacted me with gunz blazin, drug-crazin..talkin all insane hatin on my music just to slice into my heart because he knew it was the only thing that would get to me like that. For what purpose? Because some drug hazed fantasy will never come true? smh..Internet is a beautiful thing but when you have music out there people still find a way to get to you, and if they want to find a way to haunt you, they can and do..sadly.

*  February 7, 2013 · Generic Response of The Day (#5): Peace and Blessings facebook family..Have a beautiful day..the world is a wooonderful place to beee *throws daisies into the crowd.

*  September 14, 2016 - Why is everybody going so crazy over jumping on the fb live thing? Technology is getting out of hand..nobody wants to see you that bad..sit down! Another technology "advancement" i noticed while searching for vacuum cleaners (yea regular stuff that everybody needs), was a robot vac that has wifi and a cam on it..i mean whaaaaaaaaat in the flying fajitas?????!! Whyyyy?? So you can still chat on fb while you are vacuuming and painting your nails at the same time? So you can take a pic of the cat freaking out while you are sucking up the dust around where its laying? So you can take a selfay while you are remotely doing your housework to show everybody what good wifey material you are? #TheWorldIsGoingTechnologyMad

April 19, 2016  · Those Live things currently showing up all over fb are going to be a tool that axes out some of the residue of rappers, singers and other so called professional whatevers that get on there randomly, for no specific reason and do nothing of substance..and folks, you may feel like the coolest and flyest mofo on the planet in party mode but the rest of us see something entirely different. Have fun, do what u need to do on your own time. Ijs.

*  July 2, 2015 · Ok so..I received a google voice message which surprised me..didn't even realize I still had that going.."Hello its Darlene the D10 bus driver..please tell Rachel to be ready to be picked up at 8:30 am monday morning". Using my technology and driven mainly by curiosity I called the # bk..I told her there is nobody of that name here..She gave me an address..I said "no that address is not mine". She argued.."well that's what it says here"..finally we hung up. She called again, and again I explained.."wrong #, wrong name, wrong are completely off track and nobody here is going to school on monday morning. Wrong track entirely."  She continued to argue..then said a little testily, sounding like I'm playing games with her.."welll alllriiighttt..soo..I'll just put a question mark here against this # and pick up whoever is standing outside" do whatever you feel you need to has nothing whatsoever to do with me..lmao..Gave me a giggle anyway..people just will not accept when you tell them they have the wrong number..smh

*  July 7, 2013 · Some people cannot survive without sympathy or attention in this life and will go to ANY lengths to get it..manipulations, deception, over dramatization, exacerbations. Some go the extreme, for instance: The name "Münchausen syndrome by proxy" is derived from Münchausen syndrome, but it is important to distinguish one from the other, as they describe very different (but related) conditions. People with Münchausen syndrome have a profound need to assume the sick role, and will exaggerate complaints, falsify tests, and/or self-inflict illnesses.. Stop showing these mofos sympathy and they will either pull themselves together or go get the mental help they need. THEY ARE ALL AROUND YOU and by "ooh poor babying" you are making them worse. WE ALL HAVE OUR ISSUES. Complaining once in awhile just to get it out of your system is human. But to be dwelling, do nothing or embroider it? better do something about it fast if you see it in you, or shut down on people that are turning to you for enablement.

*  November 30, 2014 · I'm a single man around the place..but STILL have a gathering of men in my living room with their beer..hollerin about a game lmao..on fb I mean. Every other status. That's why I love you men (one of many reasons)..You fill in allll the gaps..It's just like being married lol

*  October 25, 2016 · What has happened over the years of facebool evolvement is that, since communication, networking and real interaction takes place less and less, people just be on here posting..and tagging..and posting..and posting...for their own entertainment or without any market to target or "just because". Now how is that social or professional networking? Expecting everyone to support you when you don't even connect with them?  Do you expect people to speak to you first? Tagging everybody like it was ya last day on earth? Posting a bunch of randomness just for self entertainment? How is that social networking? FBers have lost their way. *throws down mic and goes to my "regular job" where at least they know what they are there for..and so do I.

*  March 18, 2017 - I paid my respect to the great duck walk originator earlier but I a bad person for laughing at a news headline somebody shared that screamed "Chuck Berry died after being found dead". Serious ish..if somebody found me dead that would be enough to kill me too.

*  December 14, 2010 · Walking thru my pages on ms, fb etc is reminding me more and more of being in Tijuana or some ish, where everybody is jumpin out at you.."over here over here..missy missy lookie what I buy cheap?" I give u good wan' beats? i got buy my mixtape..I got plentygood music.." *holdin ears..I respect ya hustle but let me step in the door and talk to you for a minute before you hit me with it!

December 27, 2015 · Haaaaa..these Sponsored posts pay me a years' income and I will show you how to live stress free (next pic you see is him with shades, lounging on a yacht, tall iced drink in "stress free"..showing you how its done..on your money)

August 21, 2016 · Charity begins at home. Folks be like.."I want you to donate" to this, that and the third.."..Excuse me..Why should i?? How is that keeping a roof over MY daughter's head? How is that putting food on MY table? How is that enabling me to have time to follow MY heart? Everybody wants to be a ufkkn superstar and willing to watch you and your children homeless and starving to fukkin death. THINK before you "use" ppl. Scuse the expressiveness..and this is not directed at people I support but the ones who step on heads and use anybody they think they can.

*  April 23, 2015 · Random Thought..Why do ppl put wild but cryptic, panic stricken, life shaken statuses up on fb for the public to see..then when somebody questions what's up they "Don't want to talk about it"....*Scratches head..mufukka YOU brought it up..WE didn't!

June 4, 2012 · ..That terrible moment when you have curlers in your hair, cream on ya face and nuthin' but a favorite old ripped terrycloth bathrobe on..and you accidentally answer that Skype call with video chat..

*  June 10, 2016 · Unless I'm drinking (which I haven't done for years) I don't get cheap thrills or sensually vibrated by freaky-speaking just for the sake of it to random people or on a social platform. Ohh I can do it, and veryyy well..beleedat. When I CHOOSE to I won't hold back. There is a wild, freaky leo side that doesn't belong to the public..other than in my music. That I give freely and without shame lol. Or as a friend used to say.."there's no shame in my game". But as far as Donna the private woman goes..nahh..that freaky alter ego is completely on reserve for the right man. But he isn't on any social network..(or in song.)

*  November 27, 2014 · There is a difference between speaking your heart or mind, and stripping your soul bare to total strangers on a social platform..seriously..People WILL be giving out their ss # and bank ac info next! Predators, pervs, pedophiles and government agencies are having a field day out there asking the most ludicrous personal ish..and people sheeples see someone else answer so they go "oh okay it must be ok"..DUH..effing lemmings..cut it out..smdh.

*  July 10, 2013 · Sometimes we need folks jumping on our statuses CHALLENGING our thoughts without being ignorant about it..i confess i get tired of 'likes' and nods..i appreciate genuine support when ppl do agree, but sometimes its nice to hear somebody stand up and add a new thought in there, or draw out more on WHY you believe what you do..or tell you WHY they DON'T have the same belief...and who is going to hate you so much that they stalk and murder you for standing up for your belief? ehh..well...that is debatable.

August 14, 2012 · Don't treat every facebook friend or twitter follower like they are staunch supporters with enough love for you to promote for you, attend all your shows and show unlimited interest in what you do. That's how you lose people. I had to learn that lesson myself some time ago. Instead, see the majority who wander into your sphere as curious individuals or general music appreciators, potential supporters and network sources. It's not always about you but more about the connections you make in your lifetime.

*  July 15, 2016 · Ok..this message goes out to every person on my friend list that whines and cries and complains about not getting likes or comments. It doesn't necessarily mean people don't appreciate or like "you". First turn the mirror on yourself. Are YOU liking and commenting on all your friends' statuses? Or playing the diva/superstar and expecting everybody to flock around you while you sit on your throne and snap your fingers? Secondly, facebook does not show everybody all posts and also folks do not sit on fb 24/7 . They don't go to each person's individual pages every day and scroll thru to see what's new. They get there when they get there. They have lives. All most of us can do is scroll thru our newsfeed to see what's up and like, comment on as many as we can as often as we can. So anybody on fb who has more than 100 friends has a fair bit of circulating to do if those people are not just there for decoration. I have nearly 5k and try to circulate when time permits, but if I or other people don't get to you for a minute, try reaching out and seeing what's up!


*  December 27, 2013 · Non communicators are the scum of the earth, right next to those who assume things, don't ask questions and don't lay the real issues on the table for discussion. I already know how a lot of the people around me are..big smiles and surface talk. Skim the surface and never get down to what is really on your mind. And another thing...I don't need footsies under the table or hollywood kissy face to try and get money out of me or get me to do something. I don't need to be ig'd if you change your mind about doing business, or if you don't want to work..I NEED YOU TO OPEN YOUR GODDAMN MOUTH AND KEEP IT STR8..YOU FOLKS WASTE TOO MUCH TIME WITH YOUR biz tactics and BS smh.

 July 15, 2016 · Just one comment directed at people who preach love, peace, the sharing of knowledge and justice..What about manners too? If you are so full of love for man/woman kind try responding to your inbox messages. Even if only to say I see your message but have nothing more to add. I don't care how famous or great you are. I am not impressed with "that" aspect..My only concern is your mind, skills and talent. So if I inbox you (I do have a life, family and many things to do too!), it means there is a reason for it and I genuinely would like a response. That is all.

*  August 19, 2009 · DO IT DO IT DO IT..I will talk you to death until you do!! LOL AND FEEEEEDDAFUKKBACKKK cos I/we wanna know if you are dead or alive..fareal fareal fareal..You can't just be added to my page..You have to communicate..It's in the Mofohari Book of Life Rules ;) and if you are dead my apologies for disturbing ya mental repose..



 October 7, 2013 · Can't sleep..The thought drifting thru my semi conscious brain is that continuity, loyalty and consistency in humans are becoming lost elements of human nature. Is that evolution gone wrong? Or is there something seriously wrong in how people relate with each other? We live in a 'disposable' era..tired of a friend//lover/relationship etc? get rid of em and move on..What happen to communication? what happen to working thru problems before "giving up" on ppl..the divorce rate is significant of all of the above but i see it all around me and in my own circle..and to my mind it's a horrible shame. People need to swallow pride sometimes and mend fences before burning bridges. I'm talking about family, relationships, friendships, business relationships..everything...#PlanetEarthIsInTheThroesOfAnIceAge

 September 3, 2014 · I keep reading about "walk away from ppl who..surround yourself with people that.." this n that. Where they at, these perfect people? lol..Humans are so "temporary minded" that they won't even work at FRIENDSHIP RELATIONSHIPS??? Quick to discard somebody claiming they outgrew them or that person was having a bad patch and messed up, or for whatever petty reason. Listen folks, any relationship whether friendship, partnership, business..whatever it is, is give and take..working at balance. If indeed somebody has gone way past the point of no return in terms of being disrespectful, that's something else..but GENERALLY people are too quick to blow the whistle, or throw down the ball and walk off the court. Grow up people! Life really isn't all about "you" believe it or not. That's a fallacy somebody made up. The CORE is you because obviously you are the most important part in your existence..but I believe a lot of strong friendships, or relationships of all types are wasted by impatience, distrust, ego, misunderstandings and the inability to communicate. Try working thru the outer layers until you see what's really in the middle and you might find a stronger ally than you ever imagined..never know!

*  January 14, 2013 · I will admit I do get affected deeply how easily ppl walk on and off each others' stages with the only intention to find out what they can get from you..'thats business, that's life' you say..I say 'bullshit'...Respect and understanding is everything to me..and yes, reliability and loyalty. Ignorance disrespectfulness and laziness is the modern day relations killer..

*  March 21, 2016 · Continuity: Class..does anybody know the meaning of the word 'continuity'?  *taps chalkboard with pointer stick.

*  December 25, 2015 · True Colors:  I have yet to meet a human who starts out treating you like shit and then "nicens up" as they get to know you. #BeConsistent #ShowYourTrueColorsFromDayOne



 January 14, 2015 · Over the years I've had some crazy "wrong messages"..via text, voice msg, chat etc..some of em are hilarious mistakes, other times it's just an "oh oh, better cover the eyes n keep it moving" type of careful before you hit send..especially when you are drunk sexin' n textin' lmao..You don't need random people participating.

*  January 23, 2013  · Do typed words really speak louder than the spoken word nowadays? Is there really a preference for chat or text over phone, observation and general comments over face to face or telephone debate? listening to random online tracks over live performance? is that what the world is coming to? *thaaanks technology :/



*  June 13, 2016 · #RandomThought Fame and Fortune are NOT career goals. They are overinflated ego goals. Love what you do on the inside or GET OUT.

 August 17, 2016 · I have all the time in the world for ppl with confidence, self awareness, those who take their mask off to speak with me..but Arrogance? no time at all.

 August 10, 2017 · Never have delusions of grandeur..many fall into that trap and are swallowed by it. Respect the ground you walk on. Own it..but know that it was a gift and is yours temporarily. Hold your head thru the hard times and lift those around you even as you are standing up. Be grateful for those moments in time you are given that create beautiful memories. Most importantly, make those memories NOW! Keep your eyes on the road and your heart, mind and spirit open for inspiration. Take a toke on the dream and pass it on.. #RandomMorningThoughts



 December 22, 2011 · I am disgusted with the tunnel vision of too many so called artists..if you are an artist wake your mind up to other artists and movements around might gain inspiration, learn something, make new, valuable connections, discover new opportunities..never know!



 December 21, 2016  · If I see somebody with obvious talent I genuinely feel happy when I see them shining. Why is it so hard for some to be glad to see hard work and dedication pay off for somebody that isn't themselves or directly connected with their own work???

 September 14, 2016 · If mentors are not happy or supportive when an artist starts using what they learned and seem to do well with it, it can kill some of the light of their excitement at seeing that what they learned has actually done them some good. If you helped put someone in a better place you are part of their journey! You are part of whatever modicum of "appreciation" their efforts are getting and nothing should be taken for granted. So mentors, show appreciation to your proteges and applaud their successes!



*  August 10, 2017 · In all things keep your word. No one is beneath you or deserves to be set aside and "conveniently forgotten" when you agree to do something with or for them. This is something many artists and producers should write 500 times or frame and put in a place they can see it every day.

*  Dec 2, 2017 - From the heaviest wts in the industry to the newest artists on the block i must shout this from the rooftops..STAND BEHIND YOUR WORD!!! If you agree to a it. If you agree a time for an there at that time. There's too much flakiness, inconsistency and selective memory/short term memory loss amongst so called professionals.

 April 14, 2013 · The only way to gain my trust is by following your words with action and having some consistency. I am extremely wary of 'words' and people that agree too easily. I have too many burn scars already..don't need any more.

*  September 21, 2013 · You got the gift of talk? Great..good for you! But what about the follow thru? I speak thru my efforts, my actions and my hard work..If I fail I fail but at least I'm not just talking, I'm striving.

*  November 16, 2012 · RANT: Artists, if you approach a producer or another artist to work with you, building them up that they are awesome and you can't wait to see what comes next..but you do not respond to their calls or messages, and do not provide for them what they ask for..and then they stop contacting you...does it ever occur to you that YOU ufcked up? Oh noooo..YOU are without blame..I get it..ehh NO I DON'T ACTUALLY!!! I'm so disappointed in people's behavior right now..People I once believed in on a personal level who dropped off the face of the earth like our music never mattered..too famous and important for life..Some even have the nerve to act confused and lost..Okay let me put it this way..even if no money was involved you had a verbal contract..and you broke it..end of story.



 January 26, 2013  · All we have in our lives is an hourglass of time. When those sands run out so does your opportunity to put things right. Don't take people for granted. Don't turn your back on people who care about you. Pride means nothing when your time is thru. I'm saying from the deepest part of my heart, take the first step and put things right or reconnect with someone you lost contact with. You may never have another chance.

*  January 26, 2013 - Strikes me how easily unnecessary chasms of misunderstanding and misinterpretation causing needless pain can come from communication breakdowns and stretched periods of non communication. Folks if you have family/friends you haven't spoken to in awhile, let them know from time to time that you still think about and appreciate them. Your silence may be destroying them (like a rocket ripping their insides apart)..yea. Maybe your support just might matter to them that much. Be the first to check for them because they could be too sick or in pain to contact you first. Life is not eternal but regret can last an eternity..peace all.


 February 17, 2017 · You Should Never have to worry about upsetting or offending a friend with anything you say as long as you are not being purposefully disrespectful. A friend should know you care and nothing said in hate. Walking on eggshells around somebody is not true means they are about themselves.

*  October 17, 2013 · I'm really not a fan of conditional friendships or relationships etc..ever notice how people are only cool with you, communicative and respectful while they are using you for something? What happened to genuine appreciation just because you are on the same planet breathing the same air and like similar things? Life is messed up sometimes. This is one of those things that I doubt will ever compute with me. :-\

 April 23, 2016 · I always get wary with ppl who put "conditions" on friendship. This is the direction the world is spinning. Part time contracts. "You can be my friend if you strictly abide by rules and stipulations as set out in clauses 1.0- 2,332.956. At any time if said clauses are not strictly adhered to the contract shall thereby be null and void." You folks need to wake up out there and see the retardation. Sheesh.

 November 20, 2014  · When is the last time you had somebody around you, family or not that cared about you UNconditionally ??..In my eyes, one of the failings of humanity is in this inherently over developed trait of "What's in it for me?"..Its a safety valve we have to help prevent us being used n abused..i get it..but that trait has evolved into a worsening dog eat dogness, a temporary mindedness and a lack of respect or appreciation for each other..We have become an "emotional bargaining" world.."I do this for you, now you must like/love/fuck/marry me" etc etc..or "If you do/don't do this then i won't like/love/fuck/date/talk to you etc etc any more"..Ppl make and change the "rules" within an association as they see fit without warning or explanation..They undervalue friendship, partnership, relationships and family ties..Just an observation..Try appreciating breathing the air with each other just for the sake of sharing a moment in time or surviving together on the same planet..I would agree that there are unwritten "rules" or "contracts" in certain associations that involves trust and honest communication..but that is not the same as emotional bargaining..That is a mutual understanding and acceptance, which is a whole different thing...Oh and yes i have spent many hours discussing this same subject with my ppl in the past..convos like that helps put ideas/thoughts/beliefs into perspective so you can make sense of them in your own mind.

* August 17, 2014 · Never throw away friends or allies..You will have to fight on the front line at some time, there's no hiding from life.  There will come a day you might just wish you had somebody around to at least stuff the cannon for you to fire.

 February 26, 2017 · I have respect for a lot of people and "give love and show love" to many. But I don't actually love, as in really, genuinely care about many in a deep friendship kind of way. So if I say I care, then you've touched my mind, life or spirit in some way that made a difference. I may let go when folks move on or do whatever, but never shut down on anyone I care about. I see ppl do it all the time like it's an everyday thing to turn your back on people. I don't subscribe to that. That is what makes humanity so cold..the changeability and fickle heartedness of mankind. But yea..nobody needs to serve me or be "of use" to me. Just breathe the same air and share the planet space now and then.

*  August 12, 2013 · Ever had that friend or friends in your circle who, when they are not 'there' it's like they switched the light off when they left the room? Everything goes from living color to grainy grey? They have such a presence that just being in the same breathing space makes you feel super happy and when they are not around life is just 'Normal and Okay' as opposed to awesome and vibrant? too..shit happens. Once i always say..cherish those people and let 'em know..They may not know they are appreciated!...This is a public service announcement...Now, time for THIS lady to get back to 'it'..

 July 28, 2013 · The poster said 'surround yourself with people who love and care about you'...*looks around at the empty space around her..where they all at???

Steven Santiago: no bueno
Liam Smith: HOLLA
Donna H Mofohari: true indeed
Donna H Mofohari: thats not self pity's just observation..that's how it is...and as we know 'family' is not always blood kin.its folks who stick around in your ppl who will kick your ass from here to kingdom come if you need it (NOT physicallyl!!!)..or give you a hug by other than physical's people who give you space yet be there when they know you need's not agreeing with everything you say but challenging you to look at why you think how you's people who laugh with you, create with you, understand you, get on a mental level to get inside your brain..and all vice versa too..THOSE are friends..those are the best kind of family you could wish for..hard to find..if you have those..cherish em!!!
Liam Smith: Get em donna !!

*  March 15, 2014 · I would rather somebody rip me to shreds, shoot me in the head, speak their mind..rather than keep their it and get it out so we know if there is a bridge that can be rebuilt..either way folks deserve to know your true feelings rather than what you may feel is intelligent silence..if u care about somebody hit em with truth and caress them with genuine feelings...kindness comes in many forms.

*  March 13, 2014 · funny..when I hear, see or notice one little something from a friend that shows they care..I feel like I could get up and run a marathon, feel like I could create a masterpiece or take on the universe lol.

*  September 13, 2013 · Some people lose friends and move on without a thought..As for me, every friend I entrust my heart to is a jewel, so when one turns away it destroys a part of my heart..The pain is phenomenal. That is just the selfish part of me. I wish I could just appreciate/respect that people change, hearts change, people move on and need to do what they need to do in life for their own reasons, for themselves, without my heart breaking at the loss of that part of me that they became.

*  February 17, 2015 · Seems to me cutting off people who respect or care about you is like chopping off the good branches of a tree instead of dead ones. Grow new ones by all means but let the perfectly good branches survive. They are there for a reason.                                          

 October 25, 2015 · Humans never seem able to accept what they feel, intuition, inner vibes, trust their first mind...They second guess, seek logically broken down explanations to verify their own instincts. They don't believe until it is written down in front of them in baby language, or somebody else says, discovers or proves the same theory or instinctive deduction.

*  November 22, 2014 · The less personal info, fewer thoughts and feelings you reveal to people who are looking for chinks in your armour, the less ammunition they have to destroy you with when they have finished using you (or attempting to and failing). Trust your instincts. You can't be like a puppy, trusting and giving affection to everyone. As my ppl say.."first mind right mind". Listen to and trust those instincts. Too many fall into the trap of biggin' themselves up to people they know don't think highly of them thinking it will change their perception of them. It won't. They will just add it to the armoury and use it when they have enough. Stay sharp..stay wise..stay awake..especially in the music industry. There's too much ice in the game.



*  December 30, 2013 · I woke up with the strangest thought floating around in my head..and the thought was this..'The most feared word in any language, any walk of life, any race, creed or only two letters in most languages..that one singularly terrifying word is "no".

 June 2, 2013 · Crazy how one, two letter word in the English (and many other languages) could prevent so many problems if used more frequently. Seems like people are so reluctant to use this word, preferring a tornado of pointless "other words" that lead nowhere, waste endless amounts of time, generates anger and bitterness, business excommunications and sometimes loses friendships..the simple word that holds so much weight...wait for "no".



*  October 7, 2011· It's kinda funny watching how people do when they see somebody with enthusiasm sharing passion for their art..It is a little like watching a tornado blowing across a paper factory. A lot of people AND artists are either like whoaaaaa..and scatter..or start yawning and look the other way. I finally figured it out. It is because the world is so full of half hearted people who put in as much energy into life and music as a legless grasshopper, that seeing somebody who stands behind their work, has vision and wants to see better of other artists just blows their high.

*  September 14, 2016 · I recently checked out an artist's work that had been inboxed to me..I mean like right away, jumped on it and got omg that shit is amazing!!! Let me get it on the playlist! I need that! I immediately sensed a slow wariness, a backing up like.."uhh..who the eff are you and why are you so can't be shit." That was the vibe I was getting back. People truly are wary about others who genuinely express how they feel. Even friends and associates have shown that to me. In fact it  has been proven over..and over..and over again in all aspects of life. I need to stop.



 February 5, 2013 · Thought of the day: Evidence has provided overwhelming evidence that people on facebook who are bored just browse thru and comment with random bs. Somebody recently pointed this out to me and I have been seeing it more clearly..(including times when I have done it myself). People seem to have mental recordings of standard responses designed to make them look like "nice people", even if the response is so broad and generic that it, in effect means nothing. For instance, if someone says they just broke up with a girlfriend or boyfriend somebody may press their auto response and say "keep your head up things will get better"..not even knowing that person or anything about them or their situation. Now think about your own auto responses or those you get from other ppl. Do they solve anything? Improve anything? Make someone feel any better? Or could it even Make things worse if you or they see thru the response and realize its allll bulllshittt..? Think before you respond with pre programmed generic responses.