~ MOFO QUOTES ~

WELCOME TO THE UNCENSORED, UNFILTERED MIND OF DONNA H MOFOHARI. In this section MofoHari shares a collection of candid thoughts and facebook discussions on a variety of topics.  Click on each of the headings above for a collection of quips, quotes and personal insights. Here she speaks on topics such as hip hop, various aspects of her (and others') creativity, MaDD Ppull, motherhood, childhood and other memories. She offers views on love, relationships, dating and attitudes of men and women toward each other.  Here too she entertains with a collection of her highly imaginative dreams. Ms Hari's quips are at times amusing, occasionally they are passionately venomous but always intended to be encouraging, motivating and inspiring. MofoHari pulls no punches. She speaks from the heart and shoots from the hip about life lessons, observations and much more.  Read on!