~ ASPIRATIONS AND DREAMS ~


*  June 20, 2017 · What is your passion? What excites you? What makes your heart beat faster, uplifts, brings you to that place where you feel re energised, centered, at peace with self and others, ready to take on the world and all its challenges? What passion do you feel strongly enough about to work hard to improve your skills in? Whatever it is make sure you incorporate that into your existence regularly. But more than that..when you see somebody else with that sparkle in their eye as they speak about THEIR passion..encourage that..that's special and important to them. Reach, teach, all that and more while you walk on this planet. #RandomThought



*  February 26, 2016 · 
This generation and a lot of "grown ups" think everything is owed to them without them needing to work at it. If you only knew. If it doesn't work that way you try it this way. People wonder why I never give up. Go watch "An Officer And A Gentleman" and use your imagination. Kick your own butt into touch and stop wasting your gifts! No excuse is valid..none! Don't tell ME..Whatever "excuse" you make to yourself is your enemy! Excuses may sound and seem valid to you but when you put it under a microscope and look closely you will see the word boooolsheeeit etched deeply into it. WORK AT THOSE DREAMS! 

*  March 27, 2011 · W
ho has a dream?..Hands in the air..GOOD! Next question..Who makes moves?..Uhoh! Where'd the hands go?!

April 7, 2011 · I
 bewilder a lot of people with my passion and refusal to compromise what I want for "what I can get". If my dreams are not meant to be achieved then no matter the energy put into it, it will not happen..but if I don't try then it will not happen either. I choose to go with my heart and give it all I got..No turnin' back. No giving up.

July 17, 2017 · 
Without allowing yourself to dream or hope there is despair. Without allowing your heart to feel joy there is emptiness and lack of purpose. Without gratitude and appreciation of others there is insulation and self servitude. No progress. No purpose in achievement. Love yourself, have a plan, look up from yourself and see what goes on around you. Learn, Teach, Respect, be Grateful..and be Great. #MorningThoughts

January 24, 2014 · I
 have wings..they just need a little more breeze behind them to rise above the current. I seem to always be flying without support against hurricane force winds. I'm also sheltering a lot of folded wings who I know will one day take off and fly higher than I ever could once they open their eyes and shake out their feathers. That is when I'll hand over the baton and rest mine for awhile.

May 27, 2013 · A
 dream/idea with an end goal must have unlimited determination behind it, a foundation of realizm, a splash of cash, gears loosened with elbow grease, and steel nerves. But even with all of the above, in order to progress beyond a mental seed, it must be watered by the hands of others. 

April 2, 2012 · 
Every great thing that we see, hear or experience, every monument or great work of art that takes many hands to create, every war, every historical uprising which produces change whether good or bad, begins with one single grain of a concept or idea in the mind of one individual. The difference between change or stagnance on a large scale lies within a leader's ability to convince others, or generate interest that action on their part will benefit them personally (or their families), whether the proposed action is, in fact, TRULY good for them. The rest is down to chain action/reaction..*just thoughts that pass thru my mind early in the morning.

March 3, 2011 · To achieve a dream you have to make some sacrifices. Some things are gained, some things lost. When you make the plan, if it is worth the losses to get to the goal, then this dream is something you were destined to pursue. If you have to question it's worth, don't even set out on the path, you will regret it.

 October 3, 2009 · chillin, layin, planning, thinking, creating, breathing, dreaming.



 July 3, 2014 · ASPIRATION: When I get married my wedding will ROCK..Gonna make sure there's a seriously rockin remix of the wedding march and nobody will be allowed to sit still or get all emo as I pass demurely by down an aisle..Hellll no..It's goin' to be fun, interactive and full of the right vibe for the my dreams..

DREAM: When I die my funeral will ROCK..I swear 'pon my life if one person starts crying I WILL be there in spirit and slap the ish out of them along with a few other things lol..Hell no..The funeral has to have stand up comedy, laughter and everybody having a good time..Let me entertain you in life and in the afterlife.

*  June 13, 2016 · ASPIRATION:  If I got married to a man who embraces my creativity, I would stop doing anything public, make music at home and focus on building foundations for "that life"..(doesn't mean I'd stop creating but i'd keep it at home.)

 July 2, 2013 · ASPIRATION: I came in this door with nothing but my voice..I'm thinking of recording a couple of songs for my funeral so I can set the tone..upbeat, free, happy..the way I'd insist on the atmosphere being..If you (the "guests") are not smiling and being alive, alert and connecting, I will be haunting you..beleeedat.



 September 27, 2015 · DREAM: In the next life I hope that I am granted the gift of speech. To have the ability to speak words so powerful and well constructed that people listen and feel, understand and accept the magnitude of what is said when spoken from the heart..and that those words can move them enough to take action. But then I also hope humans are installed with passion, compassion, love, continuity, loyalty and "life" in future life.. #HiddenDreamz

 January 17, 2013 · DREAM: #Confession: If I had a choice I'd come back as either a dancer or stunt person..I have always loved watching with admiration anybody who has learned to use their body in ways that took disciplined training to get peak ability. I even love watching sports like NBA and boxing partly for that reason. People using their mind and body together is a beautiful thing.



 Dec 2, 2017: ASPIRATION/GOAL: To join the teachers, movers, shakers, passionate creators and masters at the table of creativity and add to/share the feast. I choose to become a master at my art, which is a lifelong journey. You never stop growing unless you allow yourself to. I am nowhere near the best I can be. My mind, ears, eyes and heart are full open. #Hunger



 August 7, 2011 · ASPIRATION/DREAM: Not trying to quote a great man but..I, Donna H DO have a dream that folks will hear my music, feel it and let it be colorful but race free. Let the music speak for itself and stop the hate.



December 1, 2009 · DREAM:  I
f I could gather together for one weekend, one fantastic party.. including all my MaDD PpuLL, my MoDaze mentors, Nya Thryce, all the artists I have discovered and appreciated, and all our appreciators..THAT would be the most beautiful dream imaginable..There are NO words in the English language for how I feel when I imagine it....



June 16, 2016 · DREAM: 
#HiddenDreamz: I'd love to make music videos. In college we had the opportunity to work on some with professional equipment. There were two girls in a big class of boys and the instructor paired us together to shoot. We rocked it and did a great extra compliments! :D and yes It further inflamed my lust for a camera which I've had most of my life anyway.  (I had a passionate 35 mm b+w photography and development hobby with a home darkroom for a long time when younger). Now when it came to the software and editing part at college..ehh..the class was huge and i never did get my hands on any of it enough to learn exactly what to do, but it was all a completely fascinating process. Somewhere on a back burner is the dream of learning more with practical, ongoing experience. ooohh..feelin all warm and tingly now at the thought..beautiful dreamz.

September 14, 2014 · DREAM: 
#Confession If I could have afforded it I would have loved to have continued with my photography hobby which I'd had years ago before going to England. I loved running around snapping things, and used to have a little darkroom set up in a light proof closet with safelight to develop the pics. All the chem trays would be laid out in the kitchen. I also fell in love with music video production while in music college in Blackburn but we didn't get enough hands on time with it..would have loved to have had more time on that class! #RandomMusing



October 18, 2013 · DREAM: I
f I had the option to choose an artist to work with I would immediately say Nas. Unfortunately his agents and employers put padlocks on his mind so he must think like a businessman rather than solely as an an artist, so I will wait until my name is in spotlights and make the wish known again..Never say never.

July 4, 2010 · DREAM: The problem Mr Nasir Jones, is you have spoilt me. I have sat in your church, listening to your sermons, growing up on the message, the vibe, the skillz. What am I and the people you spoke for supposed to do if you turn your back on us?..You need us, we need you. As an artist, I need you in MY life..Don't let the record label, management, hangers on, divorce court etc speak for you..Get back to the HEART of why you are here on this planet. Let's work!

Jim Kalista: He is he just made a album with damian marley and is working on his next one now...
Donna H Mofohari yea true..i want him to work with ME tho! ;) And i want to speak to him face to face, talk to him about where he is going, what HE wants to achieve...shit i need to have a convo with that man brain to brain so bad lol..even if we say it in verse to each other..thats MY dream
HD Eady: Everyone thinks that you need money to talk to these artists. Although for some they may be right, but for the people who grew up without money and who actually do it for love will talk to you no matter what. Celebrities are human too. Find him and come at him the right way. i'm sure you'll get what you want Donna! Best of luck to you! We have similar dreams!
Donna H Mofohari:  thank you Howie-Do i will surely try if i can find a way past his people to him direct..i hear u loud and clear..much love and appreciation.
HD Eady: Absolutely! You too! Enjoy every minute of your journey! Once it becomes not fun, your losing the love!
Donna H Mofohari: amen! :)

October 31, 2015 · DREAM: 
#Confession: I'd love to be at a level where I could work with Quincy Jones. I love his mindset..his perfectionism..When I read about his recording sessions with Michael Jackson, I was intrigued by how they kept going until the perfect mix of songs was together, and nobody rested until it was completely 100% perfect..(well, beyond perfect!!!..). I thought to myself "THAT is how I would want to work, knowing that I was being driven and supported to get the best of the best out of me". That would have been awesome in my lifetime #HiddenDreamz

*  March 24, 2012: ASPIRATION: M
y aspiration is NOT to have an "entourage", become a diva, have people around doing everything for me (to have HELP doing what I need to do is a different thing)..But to have people around I can trust who have the same vision, same appreciation, passion, drive without the focus being on the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Do you know how beautiful it would be to find even a small handful of people in this industry I could really TRUST or RELY on not to be off their heads on drink/cush/coke/over partying and not knowing wtf they are here for? Yea I said it!  EVEN A SMALL GROUP OF TRUE PROFESSIONALS would move mountains..sighs..I can dream.

 April 20, 2012 · DREAM: I'm still deeply humbled by recent affirmations. A few new people (not connected with each other) who have just listened to my music for the first time have commented that my vocs are comparable to Sade!! That is truly an honor, she has a beautiful voice..Stuff like that drives me on..and be the best I can. Knowing you are reaching people means everything to an artist!! In a perfect world..~let me dream~ I would find a way to connect with her and collab..*rests chin in hands

Brandon Fury · It's not a perfect world, but it's a possible world.
Donna H Mofohari: i hear you!! thanks for the encouragement :)

*  Oct 27, 2017 · ASPIRATION: As an artist I feel just as much excitement, pleasure and joy in exploring different instrumentals to see which one fits my current mind, connecting with the artists who will be collabing (if any) then slowly, sensually and thoroughly vibing with the sound..Seriously..Creating a great song CANNOT be forced, rushed or taken for least not for me. I take my own time. Whether correct or incorrect I record at home so I'm not at the mercy of my dollars flying out the window on a studio engineer's time, altho I would dearly love the opportunity to spend some time with a professional engineer and producer in a studio..#HiddenDreamNumber5MillionAndThree I'd love to watch a producer godfather expertly craft my audio into a masterpiece. #MaybeOneDay before I leave this planet. Because yea..I still hunger to learn from the best of the best. Good morning. And hey..its Friday!



June 5, 2016 · DREAM: 
A dream for me would be to be in a financial position to not just feed the hungry or house the homeless but to open a door for them so they can feed and house themselves and encourage others to keep growing. I've been there..(and still struggle)..It ain't nice and it is hard work to battle poverty alone! So the dream is to help those who are there in that position because of a cold and non helpful government, or cruelty of situation so they can rise up and start a chain reaction of common strength and community support. Yes we do owe it to each other. I'll be off the planet one day and you must keep the chain growing. #HiddenDreamz

January 3, 2013 · DREAM: If I was a millionaire, or at least had a wad of money I didn't need just for survival..I would use it to pull the best team ever together to help promote artists that were worthy..






 April 6, 2015 · ASPIRATION: I should really publish a book of poetry just to get reams of them that are here, all in one place..some of them have been re written in lyric format and used in songs..but there are well over 20 yrs worth of them here that could be typed up and bound..i have no idea if there is a call or market for that type of thing but at least it will be a piece of donna that can be left behind after i'm gone for my daughter, or something for curious strangers to nose thru.



 December 2, 2012 · ASPIRATION: In the overall scheme of things what I think, feel or believe is unimportant..But if I can raise awareness in YOU and make you see truth, or in a different way before leaving this planet, or even speak to you thru my music..then I will have done my part.



*  April 25, 2016 · DREAM: Random Passing Thought: I'd love to own another Rickenbacker one day. Back in the day when I had a little cash in England, I had bought a brand new, untouched Rickenbacker 3/4 Sunburst like this in its original hard case. OMG! It was the perfect size for me and so beautiful in appearance and of my most expensive purchases (more expensive than my Neumann mic!..which I brought to the US with me and still have). I eventually realized, since I was not doing justice to having it in my possession, not playing it like it deserved to be played, it was eventually advertised. A musician came and tried it. As he played it I could see the love and utter respect for it in his eyes and i knew..THIS is the right home for that beautiful guitar. If I had given it more play I may have kept it but I know i did the right thing. *sniff. (s/n: this is not the actual guitar..the pic shown here is pretty dinged up..mine was pristine.)


March 19, 2013 · ASPIRATION: Confession: What I want from life is really so simple its almost childlike, and yet in its simplicity seems beyond complex to the majority of people in my lifetime. I don't need grandeur, not riches, not superstardom. Just good people around me, willing to give as well as take..a little mutual respect and 'connective continuity'..and yes, some enthusiasm in enjoying mutual things. It's that 'mind connection' I love...Being understood well and knowing there is understanding, and yes, knowing that 'time' will always be made for you not only to show support but to listen, to correct, to show appreciation, or just to talk to you when you need company. As long as I have the obvious basic needs (roof, clothing, food for my child), I'm good with everything else. 

Also and as part of this, is the need for shared entertainment. Music is my playground. I'm still a child at heart, still in awe of its diversity and ability to move me in body, mind and spirit. Personal creativity and the appreciation of others' creativity. I love sharing that buzz..that high..that GOOD NESS with people who are capable of feeling and appreciating that. Being a typical female I said this in way too many words. If anybody can tell me how to say this in one sentence, please let me know... ;) But yes..all of the above. THAT IS THE DREAM.



January 22, 2008 · (One year prior to coming to the US from the UK): 
Sometimes you have to wake up and grab an unexpected opportunity with both hands..You may never get a second chance.....See it for what it is and just do it!!



*  January 22, 2016 · 
I could not live with myself if i followed to the letter other people's ideas and plans for me no matter how sparkling the ideas, or how sure they are that I will shine if I follow their plan. Bottom line is I choose my own path, my own destiny. That is not to say I won't hear or buy into ideas and do my part, add on etc. But I cannot be bound by your dream when I have my own. If our dreams connect and we can help each other achieve them while we work on realizing our own, awesome! But let none of us get over ambitious for somebody else. I learned that one too. Now I respect both my own and other people's right to dream or to let the dash just sit there until the end of their days if that is what they choose.

January 25, 2017 · 
Doing things for people is all good and beautiful BUT in my experience turns more away than draws "appreciation". When you grow up you will realize it's cool to empower, teach or advise WHEN ASKED, but never go out on a limb, perform acrobats or go crazy trying to do good for people if they are happy being unhappy, in their situation by choice or want to figure it out for themselves. What you have to do is keep a firm hold of your own reins and keep it moving..Stay on the road and don't be thrown off track by robots, haters and yawners. Zat eez ahlll good people of facebook..peace.



February 26, 2016 · T
h-th-that's all folks..back underground with sleeves rolled up..peace to all those grinding and working hard..but the biggest salute goes to those who don't turn their back on themselves or their dreams.



*  July 21, 2012 · ASPIRATION:  As god is my witness I will rise above the congestion, resultant anonymity and insanity of the intern..and you WILL see and recognize MofoHari enough to listen without confusion.



 October 6, 2013 · Food for thought: You may have a dream but be very careful, it may be JUST "your" dream. If this is not your true destiny you can dream, strive, hustle, push, grind, struggle, believe and "never give up" as long and as hard as you want but it will never happen. What we need to do is make sure we are connected spiritually and that this dream is for the greater good. If can forget will be spinning your wheels eternally.



*  April 2, 2014 · ASPIRATION: I'd like to do a whole track with a ''Stomp" vibe...nothin' but trash cans n lids, brooms, sticks, a sandbox, tap shoes..anything non technical that can make a dope sound..and I'd sing to it.



 April 19, 2015 · DREAM/ASPIRATION: Random morning thoughts..I'd love a round table discussion with Maya Angelou, Sigmund Freud, John F Kennedy, Mother Theresa, Dr MLK Jr, Gandhi, plus a few of our lost music geniuses, icons and hip hop godfathers right now. As a side note, in the past (in real life) when I have been in the presence of those whose wisdom far exceeds my own, I would occasionally get a little tongue tied and feel over humble. I have infinitely improved with that because I learned the hard way that if I don't speak up, add thoughts, ask questions and hear/absorb what they say, a lot of enlightenment or new knowledge is potentially lost. So I'd want a no holds barred open hearted full discussion on many subjects. But HMM..thinking about it a little deeper, there is possibly a whole convention center's worth (maybe more if I keep thinking lol) of wise minds living or passed that I would looove to explore and spend quality time with. But I guess (at least for now) I'll have to make due with written and recorded material, or documented details and information to feed my mind with. Uh..and for those wise minds still on planet earth? Look ouuuut I may be coming for ya lol..A lady's gotta leaaarn so she can teach!



 April 2, 2014 · DREAM: I adore dance. Watching dance as well as dreaaaming of getting this body to co operate in some moves I've been seeing..siiighs. I need a trainer to move in with me. They must be able to get me on my toes and scaling unimagined mountains. Meanwhile I just move how I can and feel it inside..aaahh...ah ah owww



*  February 28, 2016 · DREAM: 
 If I was a rich woman I would pay to book the Furious for a private show so I could perform a song with them..What a vision! 

(S/N: I saw them at BB Kings a few years ago. I sat at a table on the side and was soon standing up rocking.  Omg they really rocked the house! Easy Mo Bee was there with them at that time. I'd come alone feeling a little nervous since I'm not used to travelling alone..Fast forward to the actual show..I had the 
best time ever!  Had to race out early to catch the last train home or would have stayed to meet the guys!) 



*  February 28, 2014 · ASPIRATION: M
y aim is to be a credit to my teachers, mentors and inspirations. The trick is to stay hungry and happy within yourself, know your place and know who you are.


*  January 12, 2014 · DREAM: I
n my dreams I reach out and pull all 11,000 + of my fb friends together into one place. A place where the musical can let loose and do what they do. A place where the appreciators can rock the house..The famous, not so famous (but with a buzz), newbs and those who just like to sing along or rap a response or clap. I dream of nobody trying to outshine anybody else just for a day. Women getting along, everybody focused on the sound and vibe. I dream of a rainbow of colors, beliefs, religions..all just there feeling the music. I'll request it when I leave this body..maybe then...Oh but it feels so nice to think about...

October 25, 2014 · ASPIRATION/DREAM: 
If I can promote or inspire a little unity within the industry before my time comes to leave the planet my life will be perfect and I will be able to RIP fulfilled..Sister Donna just never says never..(as one of my songs states).. #ETERNALOPTIMIST


*  August 8, 2015 · DREAM: I visualize..if I won the lottery or came into big bucks I would buy a huuge estate which would be for touring or performing artists to rent a b&b. There would be a quiet room to chill before or wind down after a show, a rehearsal room and maybe even a recording studio to facilitate those sudden flashes of inspiration artists get..Oh and a pool and gym. No wild party ish allowed tho or ya ouutttt...Got to keep it respectful.



*  August 19, 2013 · DREAM: 
Fantasizin' about a hansome man driving me out to the country..just to breathe and chill and listen to music. Being online too much and keeping your presence up is cool but draining as hell because the internet is just a big wall of commercials flying at you, so that you to need to scream louder to be heard and seen..Ahhh..back to the fantasy..and writing it down too of course...



*  March 24, 2012: ASPIRATION: M

y aspiration is NOT to have an "entourage", become a diva, have people around doing everything for me (to have HELP doing what I need to do is a different thing)..But to have people around I can trust who have the same vision, same appreciation, passion, drive without the focus being on the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Do you know how beautiful it would be to find even a small handful of people in this industry I could really TRUST or RELY on not to be off their heads on drink/cush/coke/over partying and not knowing wtf they are here for? Yea I said it!  EVEN A SMALL GROUP OF TRUE PROFESSIONALS would move mountains..sighs..I can dream.



July 27, 2016 · ASPIRATION: I don't consider myself naturally smart, sharp or even particularly excelling with intelligence. My mind admires and appreciates those qualities. That isn't deriding myself but being aware that I have to work at building mental agility, understanding and strength. Just the same as working out in a gym for the body, the mind needs workouts too. As with the body, when you fill the mind with unhealthy things it becomes dis-eased, flabby, less agile and unhealthy. Passion, a childlike curiosity, with a hunger to be better and do better..are good starting points to work on. Oh and..patience, definitely a gsoh, determination, a fairly strong backbone, resilience, stamina and somebody around to take your hand and answer a question or two now and then..does help! Essentially the world and beyond is your classroom. You can slouch down in your desk and sigh thru the lessons or you can pay attention, take notes, raise your hand and ask questions. #Randomness



March 27, 2017 · ASPIRATION: 
Since my 20s I have dreamed of having a gospel choir behind one of my songs..even wrote a gospel song on one occasion and came "this close" to making that happen when a church choir director had worked with me, revising the tune and lyrics a little and we were about to bring it to the choir to learn. That was when my daughter and I were in transitional housing and the church was next door. We got our home, had no transport and lost connection. But never say never.



March 26, 2012 · ASPIRATION: 
In my lifetime I need to participate in a show with my sisters in music..All my rappers, all my singers..signed/unsigned working side by side onstage just giving it all we got.



November 8, 2014 · DREAM: A
ll this worshipping of the almighty dollar..we strive for figures and numbers. In an ideal and perfect world I would have possessions that are either needed, found to be useful or entertaining. I'd grow food. There would be regular swap meets where we all swap what we don't want for what we do and regard the useless pieces of paper for what they are. Imagine it, we currently have a plastic card that puts in writing what cash value we are at, at any given time. If somebody steals your paper or your plastic you are worth nothing. If everybody has what they need we would still have to guard that because greed will always be a part of human psyches and cannot easily be cured, but at least we would have more control over our needs than what we have now.


*  July 5, 2013 · DREAM: I
magine what it would be like if money was not the driving factor, and indie artists, producers and services formed a huge international co-op with open minds and open doors, with the sole purpose to provide quality entertainment. What a perfect world that would be! BUT folks are so use to hustling, life dictates we have to drive to earn a living, the human mind dictates to itself it must strive for a bigger piece of the pie..I get it..But let me dream.