~ BLOGS (2017-2018) ~


Dec 28, 2017 - One one thing I have learned since starting this music thing is..people have very short memories. They get "confused" if we continually change hats. They forget our essence. For overall personal development it is always wise to diversify, use all the tools you have inside you, plant seeds, learn, grow..and enjoy whatever it may be that you do. Diversify and grow of course..BUT stick with a path that you love!!! Let there be a thread of consistency throughout whatever it is you do.

To jump from one thing to another, or laying down tools for years and then getting back to it is ultimately not helping you grow ..sure it gives you variety and more topics to draw in the the scope of life. It may temporarily refresh the mind on a shorter term. It makes me sad that so many of those i have looked up to, learned from and appreciated have faded into obscurity or clearly given up doing that thing they were so excellent at doing. I'm older than most, not a superstar (did i ever want to be one? eh..maybe when i was a teenager) but dammit I still love MY path! (AND my ppl!!!)

Overall, In order to be great at what we do, the fact is we must stay with that one something we love, follow it thru speed bumps and all. Ride out and learn from the storms, the dry spells, the criticism. We have to be able to see the full picture and collect the best paints to be able to present our best work of art. Consistency IS the key. #MorningCrypticisms

REFLECTIONS ON GROWING -  November 26, 2017

Since coming to the US in 2009 I have tried my hand at a variety of business skills including promotions, management, bookings and other entertainment related skills. Nothing was lost, many things were gained including lessons about personal strengths, weaknesses and gaps in knowledge that needed to be filled. What i learned about the SELF was that I needed to focus more on core skills. Connecting with other artists, learning well so that I could teach/enlighten/guide/encourage others more effectively. With that understanding of my spiritual hunger came radio hosting on my own. I had always been the "co-host" somewhat overshadowed with my laidback persona by a bright spark and amazing entertainer. But at that time it was EXACTLY what i needed!!! There was a huuuge learning curve. But then we should NEVER stop learning!!!

So!!! When that ended I left my nerves at the door and began to slowly grow mentally and creatively by hosting Radio Zero. Those that I respected encouraged me to evolve in this way in order to teach others with the knowledge already gained and learn more in the process, as well as entertain, which I love.  And as for my music..ohh my core, my heart, my true passion..I have remained true and consistent despite the many changes taking place around me, and continue to raise the bar by surrounding myself with those artists whose skills I admire and respect.

My thoughts on all the above are..sometimes we need to admit to ourselves that we need to step back, re examine the "plan" and be prepared to take a different path in order to buff up our skills/get our wt up etc etc.. I'm working full time now..a real isn't in the industry I would choose to work in but I can help ppl which is something I love.

HOWEVER!!! I always keep an open mind. For instance, if a good position opened up somewhere in the radio or music industry I wouldn't run away screaming in fear now. I've grown..and feel many times stronger than in the days of my rocky, difficult beginnings over here. And i still have my ppl around me who love and encourage. Life is great! All this to say..learn, grow, teach..but be ready and alert if the universe gifts you with a new direction such as you have only been able to dream of in the past. You may just have passed the tests and ready for the next steps forward. Be ready..and in all things that you do from the great  :)      - MofoHari 


BUILDING MOMENTUM!!!  October 2017

Looking back and following up from the January 2016 blog, life has taken some very positive turns in many ways. January through October 2016 saw me pushing on with my music projects, continuing to build with pioneers on Radio Zero, searching for full time employment and training for additional skills. Late September brought excellent news in the form of a new job, training commenced October 3rd, lasting until the first week of December.

With my hands more than full at this point, broadcasting the show (Radio Zero) unfortunately needed to take a back seat while I readjusted to my new life/job. We still go live whenever there is a speaker/co-host with a story to tell, message to share. But that's just how crazy life can be. You just never know what blessings will come and you need to be open and ready to receive them!

MEANWHILE I continue (into the fourth year) working on the "Hidden Dreamz" album. That too has taken a beautiful little unexpected twist, with production from some of the greatest producers out there, Easy Mo Bee, Nick Wiz, Da Beatminerz, DCypha, Rkitech, Chrismorale, Supreme Da Almighty, Mr Jack, Wyze Intellect, Mr Amin (A-Ra), Dirk Digga, ATHoven (aka Akil Sharp) and many more! And ohh the collabs are turning out incredible!!! Don't get me started!!!! Let me just say you have some wonderful surprises for you and leave it there for now as I work toward the album's release in mid 2018. ;) 

OK so! With any album release there must be performances and this is the current mission on top of everything else going on. Venues, DJ's and artists are being contacted, budgets being strictly planned (Yep I'm a budget-limited one woman army but hopefully will have some sponsors for some of the shows by then..working on it!).

This is where we are at in October 2017. Much excitement ahead. I'm claiming this abundance/these gifts from the universe with open arms, continued hard work and a whole lot of gratitude. Let's go!!! 


CH-CH-CH CHANGES: Don't Be Scared - June 2017

From late 2016 onward to June 2017 there have been many changes in my life. "Change" is nothing new for me though. Over the years phenomenal winds of changes have drawn me here and there and in a sense I have allowed myself to be blown wherever a gust of a passionate breeze would take me. Even saying this I always "thought" or believed a solid plan was in place. Following your heart is a awesome IF a plan is clearly sound with a solid foundation, you have funds to facilitate, you use foresight, hindsight, third eye and proven past results to guide you. That ain't always possible of course, so one must stay alert, learn to let go when necessary, reboot, recharge and always replan when one dream, idea or plan bites the dust. We can aim for continuity and stability, pin our hopes on others to hang in there through the bumps and hardships, but we must NEVER "expect" it. The world and humans in it are very changeable. It/they adapt according to its/their own needs, circumstances and situations. Ultimately it is on each of us to believe in ourselves enough, be accepting of the challenges, gauge whether those challenges are "worth" the energy required to succeed in those specific tests or to change the angle of your lens and replan the attack/direction. 

The real tests come when you "appear" to have been (or it may feel as if you have been) "abandoned" by once equally passionate spirits that, for their own reasons chose to dive underground and replan their own directions. And that's ok! Everybody has their own life to work through, their own dreams to uphold, to pause from, maybe to go head on beyond their slower counterparts or work with their own needs in any way they feel necessary! The onus is on each of us individually to decide whether to keep going with our own direction, to double back, change lanes or sit down.

So let me say to everyone on a similar your creative mind, believe in the process, in yourself and focus. Life may FEEL like one big conundrum but it really isn't. I, like many do tend to make things harder for myself..but I have learned a lot BECAUSE of the challenges, experiences and tests. I have learned more about myself. Discovered that I'm stronger than I ever could have imagined. Most importantly I have learned a LOT from each person who has taken time to drop knowledge on me. That is important! Appreciate the steps and remember the lessons so you can do the same for someone else on their own journey even when the time has come for you to lay down tools and simply enjoy someone else's process/progress.

I'm working now..yeah a job! No more starving artist!  It has somewhat bitten a chunk of time that I'd had to pursue my dreams BUT has provided great fuel to be able to invest more into what I love and enjoy. So my dreams are intact. I'm still connected with my people and those passionate about the same things that I am. In fact I'm more able to communicate and connect at a higher, more positive level than before since my financial fears and worries are removed from the equation. Ahh life has indeed been kind enough to turn my situation around from dire to stable, with focused direction. Keep watching ;) No. Let me change that..keep moving forward! YOU GOT THIS! The trials can/will turn to triumph if you learn from them and plan your action differently because of them.  Peace.  - MofoHari



As women in music, in order to be seen or heard (irregardless of our skill levels, passion and the love for our crafts for which we would prefer to be building and striving to raise our bars) there has always been a kind of unwritten job description. We are often expected to be extroverts, sharp business ppl, be able to think outside the box consistently, drive forward with 100% focus without diversions and be continually networking. This includes being ready to jump on the phone and make/receive calls at a moment's notice. Indeed we are often expected to be on call 24/7.

Overall, women do attract more attention from both men and women if they are young, attractive and well dressed. Notice i did not say t+a on display..uh..that will get you so far until folks move on..(as Jay-Z says..on to the next one...)..We are indeed required to be superhumans just to be noticed beyond a passing glance.

I am NOT some of the above things, including young lol..and as a single mom had always been mentally and spiritually way beyond doing what i do for the purpose of seeking continued attention. My expectations are high enough for myself without driving myself into a grave for sustained public attention. I now plod..and i say plod bcs its MY journey..I take it slow, enjoy the building process, share with like when MY time permits and embrace the whole process with childlike enthusiasm ..This is my passion and my heart..Salute to those who have heard and recognized that I haven't been a quick spark that burnt out and have been supporting for years, and to others who are still learning that i ain't goin away and just starting to find out..(oh its her? i've seen the name..let me see wtf she's about). I aim to be a "show and prove" lady of consistency with her own art..loving, sharing and growing in this my path and journey to be the best that i can be. Blessings to my younger sisters embarking on this path. Keep striving for greatness within yourself and aim for the heights with your skills and craft. Stay focused..absolutely! But keep those priorities in check!1Love #RandomMorningThoughts