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         ~ Introduction ~ 

I would not even want to imagine a world without music, without rhyme, without creativity. I could not dream of living this life without the blessing/curse called 'creativity', or without the gifts that were passed on to me in my genes. My passions have led me on a roller coaster ride of highs and lows in my lifetime, from heartbreak, setbacks and disappointments, to the heights of euphoria that a non creative person could possibly never imagine. 

Any artist will no doubt identify with the plethora of emotions we all go through in the process of bringing the seeds of a concept to fruition, and seeing the final results not only released to the world, but eager to hear how others perceive your efforts. There is nothing quite so energizing as the excitement of connecting with artists and producers who share the same passions and pleasures,  who strive equally for excellence and who support each other in what they do. 

Unfortunately nowadays continuity and sharing creative ideas among artists is becoming rare. I see divisions everywhere..tension in the over competitive, despair in those who allow apathy, "struggles of life", drugs, money or other 'diversions' to take them away from their passions. I have seen others who allow their egos to drive them off a metaphorical cliff.  I have heard excuses,  heard an ever decreasing quality of work from very capable artists who take offense at constructive criticism. I see communication dropping to virtually non existent levels. I see artists/producers at war with each other for no good reason. I have driven myself to literal distraction working toward the ultimate goal of unity, trying to resolve some of the issues both witnessed and experienced. BUT, one of the lessons of life is knowing your place and doing what you CAN do. 

What I, as a creative person who loves entertaining CAN do, is..continue to create, continue to entertain, continue to learn, to teach and to a singer, writer,  artist, as an engineer, as a a human. Those who will join me with respect and an open mind, those who choose to teach or learn from me, laugh with me, enjoy the ride with me, will always be welcome with open arms. There will be no power struggles,  no movements to rule the world, no body displays to gain attention, no back stabbing.. There may not always be harmony, nobody can guarantee that..but there will always be communication and a willingness to consider points of view with an open mind.

I love this music path, there's no regrets.  What you see in MofoHari's world is what you get. An open hearted lady who plain and simply takes a lot of pleasure in music of all types. There is no race to produce a hit, no waiting on magic to descend, no manic drive for fame, notoriety or multi millions..just a simple lady who thrives on the fulfillment of creating, sharing and entertaining. 

On this site you will find some of my work, radio shows, blogs, anything of interest for those who share a love of music and life!

As always, feel free to add on, interact, share thoughts..I'm all about that interaction!!! Communication leads to inspiration..Inspiration is what clears the cobwebs and creates classics. Welcome to my world.

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