~ LIFE LESSONS AND CHOICES ~


*  May 9, 2018: Time, the greatest gift..the sharing of thoughts and ideas..the creator of memories to call to mind for the rest of your life. Time shared can equal the negative or positive impact on a life so strong that one or both can feel or know it inside, recall the thoughts and moments to mind as clearly as if they were still there with you many years later. Yet too many don't appreciate or treasure shared time until they don't have it any more. Suddenly it is precious to the mind. So I say, don't be too quick to discount or take for granted the time spent with people you appreciate. Without sounding too preachy, corny or cliche, try and embrace and appreciate each shared moment. It really is an essential and important part of the pattern and evolution of your life.

*  September 1, 2015 · Contrary to how people nowadays believe, life is NOT one big chess game. Not everybody has to have an immediate "purpose" or "use" in someone's life to be appreciated. Just breathe the air, chill, share a laugh. None of us are on this planet all that long so all we're doing is sharing a moment in time and a piece of the same path. 


*  August 18, 2016 · NONE of us know how long we have on this planet. It is not for us to know..not for psychics to predict, not for us to take into our own hands, as in leaving this earth prematurely. Every day I wake up with the realization that yesterday can never be returned to me. Today I can make tomorrow better. Wasting time, wasting life, wasting opportunity to help self or others is a sad thing. I am not and never have been all about "me", no matter how it looks to some. I refuse to be "used", but my heart is always in the right place for people who are real with me and have a genuine need for support..(IF i am physically, mentally, spiritually or financially able). Family comes first. But I digress with the original point. Every one of us has only so much time..and as my people always said.."MAKE THE DASH COUNT!" Hear me..because I see a lot of people falling off the track and wasting important, valuable TIME as well as resources, skills, talents..and allies. Peace.

*  September 7, 2010 · Life has no absolute consistency, but there is continuity and a definite pattern even in the simplest things. Everything changes. It makes sense when you look at how the earth turns, tides ebb and flow, seasons change, weather changes. If we try to defy nature and stand still against the inevitable we will fail. But as long as we use our time wisely in our lifetime, learn, experience, grow, give it all we have we cannot lose. Just made myself think of the words in 'No Ideas Original'.."No ideas original, there's nothing new under the sun, it's never what you do but how its done..."

 August 20, 2012 · Over and over and over and over and over..same complaints about history that cannot be changed. Nobody can change the's done..but you can make the present count and therefore change the future.


 September 5, 2015 · "..Learn some to teach one"..that's what he said..gospel. There are so many closed minds with no interest in anything other than sex or mind medicating. No goals, no self respect or vision. When you do connect with a knowledgeable mind embrace it, learn from it, use it as tools to be better and do better..and pass it on. An interested, hungry mind should always be fed..

*  March 24, 2016 · You know what is a shame? That youth is wasted on the young. That the epiphanies and a-ha moments, the enlightening and ohshit realizations often come after a traumatic, dramatic or physical illness..or later in life, when you coulda, shoulda, woulda used the knowledge much earlier in life. Didn't you know? The meaning of life is that we are born into to learn and teach and move on to the next class/level while the generation or mindset just behind you learns at their own pace. Some never do and have to repeat lessons again and again. Here's the kicker..we all have knowledge to pass on and help each other move forward..and many are holding it to themselves. Why? It neither helps you or anybody else to grow. When you sit down and refuse to do what is in your heart you deny yourself and others the opportunity to expand awareness, knowledge, strength or progression. 


*  March 27, 2013 · Everything given means nothing if it is shared and appreciated by none. It means in essence that I am a cypher created by virtue of humanity's lack of enthusiasm for the words of my heart.

 March 23, 2013 · Nobody can 'Make' somebody happy.  You can lift a mood, inspire, add on to their life in some way. But people have to be at peace with themself to be receptive to their own happiness and what somebody else can bring to their table.


April 4, 2018: After my training session I walked to the river and looked out over the heavy fog into an abyss of nothingness. It put me into a philosophical mindspace and reminded me that, although there may be times when, despite our plans and efforts our direction may be clouded thru no fault of our own. We may not be able to see exactly what is above or beyond us, yet we know instinctively that there's so much more out there. We have faith that the fog will eventually clear so that we can see our way forward. #KeepGoing #RandomMorningThought



 September 23, 2015 · Power and riches doesn't tempt me at all. So many are driven toward "that". I want to rise, not for glorification, but to be proud of my own progress, the expansion of my knowledge/awareness, evolvement of my own "self" and the happiness, evolvement and stability of my family. That to me is success. Why the eff would I want to conquer THIS world?? Phaa..Noo thaanks. Power over people leads to fear. My producer made a great comment about the difference between fear and respect in an interview but I wonder how many heard it. #MorningThoughts



December 18, 2015 · The smallest gesture of warmth can mean more than you can imagine to those with big hearts who ask for and expect nothing.


 August 31, 2011 · CONFIDENCE..Unless are superhuman you weren't born with it. That is something that comes from learning from mistakes, believing in yourself enough to keep going, seeing the positive in whatever you do no matter who around you is hating or trying to steal that "C" from you. Build that inner core of strength and you can conquer the world.


 October 25, 2012 · I have learned that to some of the people closest to me in my lifetime, I have never been and will never be 'good enough'. No no I'm not talking about one specific family, loved ones..people around me that maybe wanted more than I could give. The hardest part is to hold your head up and to keep trying to be the best you can be. Keep standards high for yourself and not because of others, or the pain.. like a torpedo, eventually destroys you inside until you feel worthless and you do things for the wrong reasons. Be the best you can be and keep striving..because you can..because you want to..because you believe in you.

Dark Knyte: you are great enough
Dark Knyte: eff good enough
Donna H Mofohari: that is your personal opinion DK lol..but thank you
Murray Northwood: It's my opinion as well Donna..
Dark Knyte: AS IS THE OPINION OF OTHERS. We all simply percieve. Some percieve wrongly, some rightly. It's only about what you perceive when you look in that mirror. There are those who see me and think negatively (some are very close to me). Others see a diff cat. I see Fahim Malik Nassar. Good bad Indifferent. And i love that dude lol.
Donna H Mofohari: welll thank you..i appreciate it..yes definitely DK i hear you loud and clear..yes!! its always wise to remain objective without being neither too negative or putting yourself on a pedestal you will never live up to..which is why i believe we need to find that path where ppl will not have the power to hurt us with the view you are worthless, not good enough etc etc, and where you continue to strive to be the best you can be..because at the end of the day, when the lights are off, the curtain down, you have to be able to go home with yourself and say 'i really gave it my best shot proud of that'.
Dark Knyte: there it is! No one has the power to do or say anything that can affect you. We have to realize that is our power. We choose...CHOOSE... to give it away
Dark Knyte: or not
Dark Knyte: I Self, Lord and Master.
Donna H Mofohari: yes indeed
Amanda Paradyme Stockham: I have struggled with this myself...for a long time...for many different reasons... knyte gives great message. In the end, it's all an illusion, being good enough or not...we fall victim to what we perceive to the point where we project it on to others and manifest it without even realize. You are an amazing, beautiful person because you are you. You're advice is great also... "Be the best you can be and keep striving..because you can..because you want to..because you believe in you."
Donna H Mofohari: i feel you Dyme!!!
Donna H Mofohari: its good that you see the beauty, ability and specialness in YOURSELF..YOUR self belief is the main ingredient..much love
Donna H Mofohari and thank you!!!!!!!



 March 18, 2017 · From 2009 when my daughter and I came here from the UK to now, we have had a real rollercoaster ride of struggles, heartaches, the kind of issues that ko a lot of people and cause some to break. I chose not to. Got pretty low at times but kept searching for a way forward. When you have a daughter that means more than life to you, you just keep pushing. From homelessness on more than one occasion, being degraded and humiliated by certain social services employees who treat people like p.o.w.s., court cases with malicious landlords, struggling with CFS/ME, breast biopsies and everything else that life threw at me..I took it all on the chin. Thankfully there are a few good people that have been there supporting and encouraging thru it all which has meant more than they can know. 

But the reason I'm saying all this is that it has taken from 2009 until now to see things finally settle. The wind is in my sails, I can pay the rent, put food on my more assistance..and..*sniffs..all emotional ova heah..just got my first credit building credit card. Do you know how many times I've been turned down for credit over the years since coming here? Baby I'm back in the saddle. Now that my feet are on solid, fertile ground the bar can be raised still higher. Failure is only a wakeup call to do better.

Liam Smith: PREACH!
Donna H Mofohari: Thank you bruvva <3
Renee Yearwood: Your last sentence is priceless.
Donna H Mofohari:  <3 :) Thanks!
Sandi R. Beidleman: I could not be more happy for anyone!!!! I've only known you for a short time but during this time I have witnessed a female warrior!!! A hard working and diligent mother with your head held high, even though you didn't know what the next day would bri...See More
Donna H Mofohari: Thank you Sandi! That means a lot! We will always have challenges and battles as you know only too well! I can't take anything for granted but we just have to keep going and supporting each other along the way. You are a warrior too..with a wise and beautiful heart!!! I truly do feel the same :) Big hugs of appreciation! <3  <3 <3
Sandi R. Beidleman: Thank you Donna... So let's continue on our journey!!! With love, admiration and appreciation going both ways, we will win! :-) <3
David Ellis: Brilliant, Donna! Love. xxx
Donna H Mofohari: Thank you!!! It has been a long hard road but I'm sooo grateful to finally have things looking a little better! Hope all is well over there!!! Much love!!! <3
Christolyn Carter: Thank you Donna, your words are just the right amount of motivation and fire I need to get my act together and stop procrastination (my Achilles heel) in it's tracks. A delay, I have discovered is not a denial but a chance to do over. Do it right, or do it twice, in my case....See More
Donna H Mofohari: Thank you!!! Awww I'm thrilled if I have motivated in some way!!! You are an amazing lady with a great mind and a lot of fantastic ideas..I KNOWWW you can do anything you put your mind and spirit to :) And yes, so true about delays..I hear that!

*  May 6, 2011 · Don't wait until your last day on Earth to appreciate the BEAUTY of LIFE! It's all around you! Shiiit..I seriously wouldn't have a clue HOW to be bored..No comprende!! We all have down days but come on!! Pick yaself up mofo!! So you fell down..So what??? You learned a lesson. Acknowledge the lesson, aim your feet FORWARD and GO..



 February 17, 2015 · I have not experienced NJ, Philly or NY the way it needs to be experienced. The mission to connect and explore nosedived back into survival mode with everybody holding on to their own life rafts in isolation.  Eh..well I guess even that is an experience..and we learn from all that, and there have been a few highlights. So yea..ultimately there can be no complaints or regrets on reflection. That's life for ya, always throwing curveballs. So you better keep your head up at all times because even when you think it's the it says in an as of yet unreleased but awesomely classic song 'Closer'..'There ain't no end of me'..And no..there is no end..We just do what we gotta do to sustain our mental, physical and spiritual strength..Whatever it takes. If I ever am blessed enough to be one of the children of the night even for one night it will be some full circle ish and I can close my life story with a smile. #IntrospectiveRamblings


 January 2, 2015 · Life is a never ending series of choices that will lead us in incredible directions..Reversing directions, sideways moves, opening new doors, there's a never ending combination of choices and directions that could be taken. Even inactivity is a choice. They all should teach us something even if it is what not to do in the future, what areas to improve, or even to enlighten about ourselves or human nature. Other people's choices on their own path that may affect us personally (whether directly or indirectly) need to be respected as such too, just as we make our own choices and expect them to be respected and supported. We just deal with every experience, event, curve and door that pops up as it comes..with dignity, respect and an open mind. If you ain't learning you aren't living. #LIFE



January 2, 2014 · I was doing some contemplating pretty much thru the night and started thinking how 'leaving the past behind' or 'making a new start' is pretty much like chopping off a foot and refusing to acknowledge where it has taken you, then limping forward with blind resolve. Shouldn't we really acknowledge and respect where we have been, what we have done (good and bad), the lessons we have learned whether painful or useful or even just bookmark memories to return to when we need a reminder or lift?  The change of a new year shouldn't be our excuse to start forward afresh. Living should be an everyday, allday thing. It's all part of the same book of our lives. Chapters can't be cut in half or started at will, they end when they end and begin when they're suppose to. Just keep moving and growing and refer to past experiences as guidelines.

*  January 4, 2010 · When you look over your shoulder, don't see spectres & demons..see lessons & experiences which have changed your direction of thought for the better. 



January 2, 2014 · I don't smoke weed or drink. When I party, perform or record it is just the music high I bring with me nowadays and I prefer it that way. It is addiction enough for me. I was talking with a friend who looks mad rough from years of drink/drug abuse..asked him why he doesn't slow that ish down for health reasons and he said out of his own mouth that if he stopped that he would "no longer be cool and may as well not be alive". It's HIS life and I have to respect that. He said it was all he had going for him..I get it. I guess we all make our own choices whether it means our health, mind or spirit suffers. As long as they are fully informed and aware of what they are doing, they are free to choose the life they live. Just don't try and force that life on other ppl who are trying to get and stay healthy. When you lose your health, take it from me, you RESPECT it a whole lot more!!!



*  January 2, 2013 · Confession: What I admire most in people is the ability to speak their mind. It is a rare thing to find these days. Some don't appreciate that it answers what you need to know and makes room for real conversations, knowing that it won't be bullshit. I have found bullshit conversations are like having cake for a meal..fills you up and tastes nice for a minute..then it's gone. Nahh..Give me substance and sustenance. 


*  January 2, 2013 · Life has a way of showing us that our initial theories based on our experiences and first impressions based on initial responses are in fact pretty damn accurate.



January 2, 2010 · Perceptions based on what is seen or heard about someone needs to be assessed over time. Instant perceptions are not always correct. It takes time to know somebody. Even when you feel that you do, you may only know what they give you to know. As for me, whoever is patient enough to tolerate, listen, focus, understand, I am an open book, not so difficult to know. It is easy to see where my heart is. I can't change that, or the direction my feet are drawn to travel. Walk with me and respect the journey.

*  October 31, 2009 · if you believe you are without sin, walk with your head high and know that others' perceptions of who you are, are just that..perceptions. Be at peace with your own path and if others choose to walk with you, take the time to understand who you are and the missions you have chosen, and they still choose to be a part of your world..then it is meant to be. We all learn from each other. That's what life is about..

*  May 4, 2013 · If you look for bad things in people you will find them. If you look for good you'll find that. If you embrace the whole being faults and all you will connect with the essence of who they REALLY are.



January 3, 2012 · Even happy people have their moments of gloom. It usually hits me either when the bullshit level delivered by smiling faces gets up to eye level, or in moments when I have to reassess somebody else's truth, in terms of how it affects mine.



*  December 4, 2010 · Sometimes we have to go thru the strainer to get to the relevant parts of ourselves - We all go thru hard times, but they have their own value just like easy times do. Our mission is to appreciate whatever we get, learn and pass it on.

 April 3, 2015· I am a thinker, sometimes (or often rather) I think too much, overthink things which can lead to losing the essence of an original thought, idea or concept. My internal perfection process is admittedly incomplete but I love the woman I have already grown to become. I embrace the rocky paths I've walked, the slippery slopes I've fkkd up on, the shady people I've been fooled by, the scheisters and the haters. Each one taught me something that I, in my naivety needed to know in order to do and be better at this thing called life. One thing I have learned is that every single thing is here to teach us "something". Exactly "what" is not always immediately apparent, but it does no good to whine, complain, wail or gnash our teeth. It will only prolong the lesson or we may have to take the test again in some other, possibly harder circumstance. My main lesson is to be better at feeling and accepting "what is" without fighting it, without painting it a different color or moving it to a different part of the room.



*  December 4, 2009 · Thought of the day. Imaginatively or mentally try to walk in somebody's shoes before you judge or speak your mind. Examine the perspective from which you speak before you open ya mouth. Then if you have something of value to say, pearls of wisdom are meant to be handed out to teach or enlighten each other on this planet so speak up!!



 January 5, 2017 · As you grow older, may your laughter lines be many and your frown lines be few. - MofoHari (if i have plagiarized i apologize to whoever first said it!)

*  January 28, 2015 · Never lose your sense of humor. I can find a facial or vocal expression, or a stupid voice hilarious; a dialogue between people that wasn't intended to be funny originally, but just the way it pans out can tickle me ridiculous..and when the rest of the room goes quiet, to me that makes it even funnier. Sometimes, because I can occasionally be "a little slow on the uptake", I may miss the humor in something intended to be funny, but then when it's explained further its like duhh ohhhshittt and makes me not only laugh at the joke but at myself for not completely getting it the first time. Shoot, nothing beats the humor of the retardation of self and and stupidity of life and others. If you can't laugh at the absurd, witty, backhanded sarcasm, the outrageous..or even just life on this planet in general, you're in big trouble.

*  October 18, 2014 · A good friend reached my over sensitive brain many years ago and taught me that if we can't laugh at ourselves, life and others (Without malice but with humor) we are truly effed. There's too much seriousness out there. Never take yourself toooo serious folks. That makes you as rigid as a tree in a tornado..and it can easily break you..  Lighten up..laugh a little. Stand up comedy is based on this and you laugh at it..  So learn to see the funny side of your own idiosyncrasies, flaws, attitudes etc. It won't hurt or break you I promise! But it just may make you more self aware in a good way.

*  October 15, 2014 · Is it so wrong to be a laughter addict? I actually enjoy being happy..yea really! Yes we have to be serious sometimes but..some of you people seem to be deadly serious ALL the time..I couldn't do it if I tried.

*  September 7, 2015 · I don't know about you but when I get over serious I start to wallow and then nothin' any good gets done about anything..Nawww..Can't have that. So when life, like a big hairy gorilla, throws sh*t all over me, I rub that sh*t in, roll around in it for a minute, throw a little back, laugh at the ridiculousness then get up and mind my biz. America looooves to knock your ass down..I'm getting used to it..Do I have to stay down? Hellllnoooo *shrugs, whistles (badly) and keeps it moving.

*  July 5, 2016 · I am very professional and businesslike. That isn't really an issue..but when I take that negotiation hat off, (in which one must focus solely on the "business at hand" with no middle ground), I will speak my mind and heart with a little less reserve. My thoughts are not always the thoughts of a collective mindset or conditioning but come from personal experience, investigation/research and understanding. I'm not above correction when I realllly get something wrong and my ego will never complain over a genuinely presented truth. 

Other than that ssssseeerious side I can dissolve instantly into hysterics, because life is NOT meant to be lived str8faced and grinding with gritted teeth to the death. Nothing matters THAT much to me. I need to be around others who can see the stupid side of life and laugh with me along the way. Otherwise this journey called l.i.f.e. is nuthin but a pain in the ass to be endured. Nope. I'm not reading for that script. So my message here is..lighten the eff up!!!! Bulldawgs..STOP chewin' the wasp and learn to appreciate the insanities of life.

*  January 18, 2015 · Why hide from the truth? My life path has been totally effed up..nowhere near where it was "supposed" to be (as planned) or where I'd have it (if I had my way). I could be miserable as hell..but you know what? It's all so incredibly ludicrous that, most of the time I can see the hilarious side. Life is UNbelievably nutso backwardso stupido sometimes so..if I'm not allowed what I want or think I need, I can at least celebrate all the things I DO have.

*  September 12, 2015  · If you stop listening, comprehending, learning, stepping outside your self made box, making adjustments when you know you are effing up..if you stop picking yourself up when you trip and fall on your face or get knocked down..if you can't brush yourself off, grin..say "ahhh I get it" or laugh at the absurdities of life..then you are no longer truly living. It would mean you are already stagnating to the point of non life. Don't let that be you.

*  April 27, 2016 · Laugh at life. Sweating trivialities can make you sick and old before your time. Be eaaaaaasyy. What is the worst that could happen? Most of it has already happened to me and I went down but like a fisherman's float, bobbed back up and kept going. Without a sense of humor I would have probably capsized, but I learned that if you keep your eyes open, stay aware, laugh, actually care about others without constant judging, stay open and happy regardless of the bs, life can open doors. 

June 29, 2013 · As a good friend of mine use to say.."If you can't laugh at yourself you may as well give up on life."  ..Ohh I do that alright. I may pendulum between despairing of myself, amusement and downright wtf donna-Ness..but i love me anyway so it's all good!

*  August 26, 2015 · I'm at that middle age..In between the age where people allow dumb things to mess with their minds..(ie mature enough to know all things must pass - where we no longer feel the need to stress and negatively obsess)..and the age where people tend to infuriatingly fuss and fuss over the most minute, unimportant things. The key here at any age is that we must breathe and stay calm..let things play out, keep a clear mind, do whatever we can and don't sweat the small stuff. Gotta keep moving forward til the end of the road. Oh and..LAUGH REGULARLY. I have learned that, next to creativity, this is my favorite therapy. NO it's actually my second favorite thing in life!



January 5, 2014 · Interesting how people who are the most important to you in your life, can turn out to be the ones who see you as least important in theirs..



 January 6, 2014 · If I (as an example) choose to be heterosexual and abstinent, non smoking, non drinking, no vices other than coffee..don't go to clubs or bars unless I'm performing or supporting others..and this is not how you live YOUR does not make me public enemy number 1. Do what you do, but it is the right of each of us NOT to do what you do. We don't need to throw each other under a bus if we don't think or believe in everything each other does. There's always a common ground somewhere if you talk to somebody and find out..peace.

 April 23, 2015 · Your definition of success is not necessarily mine. Don't paint me with your brush, I have my own palette.



March 3, 2018 - Years ago I was strongly encouraged by those around me to become "tougher". To have more "business bulldog" in me. To be sharper, correct people publically and shame them if necessary. Less emotion, more command, more vicious bark. This, I was given to believe would bring more respect and positive action..more or better results.  I worked at it..stepped wayyy outside of my comfort zone to publicly shame, correct or criticize when it was deemed necessary. I pushed hard to achieve results. I drove. I BECAME angry, occasionally bitter, sometimes obnoxious in my responses, and anxious. A few people were unfairly cut off during that period. On a positive note I learned to take less shit. Learned to draw a line. Learned to be sharper. Learned to hold people at a distance. Did it achieve positive results? Eh..sometimes. It certainly sharpened up my "written" comeback responses if nothing else. But..that was not "me". My natural character is laidback, genuinely caring, compassionate and..potentially letting people I care about get away with way more than I should.

When the time came that, due to life shake ups I needed to re calibrate, reflect and redirect my focus/energies, the realization came that in all things we should first and foremost be true to ourselves. I have gained more respect, more positive responses, wonderful support, helpful connections and much better results from showing love, respect, compassion and warmth than forcing myself into becoming a "boss bitch". Oh I have no regret for the lessons learned believe that! But I feel way less anxious having to watch my back for flying rebuttal knives. Less internally angry. And way more proactive. I love being true  to myself way more than I love being hate-respected. #FocusOnGreatness #RaisingTheLifeBAr#RandomMorningThoughts

 December 27, 2014 · It's time to rethink a lot of things..Sometimes you have to let your heart sit up at the conference table and put it's case forward, along with the big guys such as "logic", "reason", "dreams", "reality", "conscience", "results" and "other people's plans". Everything has to be laid out on the table behind a locked door and chaired by "awareness". Or maybe I just need to write a letter to "myself". Same thing..(who knows). Either way this is something that needs to be done from time to time to stay on point with what you need to be doing.



March 11, 2011 · Humans who live in silence and neutrality suffer in self blindedness and boredom. They die in ignorance and nothingness. Ohno not MofoHari. She's making a joyful noise, double dutchin', screaming, laughing, crying, knockin' over tables in her passion for life, love and the pursuit of beautiful music.When I am quiet, that is when I'm recharging. It means you need to watch out what comes next because even when my body rests, the brain is still activated  ;o



February 17, 2012 · No matter how low/hard/far you think your life has fallen, no matter how bad you feel, remember things could ALWAYS be worse!! What you feel is the worst situation ever in life may be considered a blessing to somebody else!! Don't spread misery, people just loooove to soak that up and reflect it back until you feel 100 x worse. Spread positivity, lead by example. Who knows, others may even pick THAT up and reflect it back! Why not start a ripple and turn it into a wave? It is easy to take things personally, especially when things go wrong after you put a lot of energy, passion etc into it. We have to learn to let things go and move on, keep going. It's all part of the great learning experience! When you look back you can usually see why specific things you went thru actually made you stronger, wiser, a better person etc..

*  March 19, 2011 · Keep shooting those bs bullets..Shoot em str8. Make sure they hit the target..every one that hits me makes my skin a little thicker, mind a little wiser. Three hits gets you a one way ticket to the yearite zone from which there is no return..


*  Aug 12 2018 - In a world that is getting so stressed, angry and ready to destroy each other or running to escape with drink, meds etc..I breathe, find my inner peace and lift the soldiers falling all around me..Anger begets anger..Hate begets hate..I have seen too many make themselves mentally sick thru stress and fear..and yea I've had my time with that. Not only does it do the complete opposite of moving you forward, but you can't help anybody else either. So out a plan..use your mind and spirit to rise above it all and do some good where you can. Find, recognize, appreciate and respect the greatness and strength at your own core. 


*  January 4, 2017 · Whatever we think we are doing in our lifetime, however important that may seem to us, no matter how hard we may be grinding, pushing or striving for whatever dream, whatever goal, whatever end result..we are not that important or necessary in the overall scope of existence. When we go down, someone else rises. When we die, someone else is born. So whatever we do, let it be for the purpose of growth, joy, fulfillment or doing some good. Waters close easily around us. As George Harrison said.."all things must pass". Life flows on within you and without you. Be peace with yourself and others. Oh yes and make sure you leave some kind of legacy. It is like carving your name on a tree.."i woz here" ;)  Long may your keep on rippling after we leave here.

 September 15, 2016 · Intriguing observation on my newsfeed. In the past month there have been an equal (and unusually high) number of births, deaths and marriages..a few engagements, pregnancies releases (songs, not humans). (The cycle of life keeps on with persistent consistency.)

*  December 13, 2012 · If you have been in or are paying attention to "the game" for awhile, you will have seen a steady pattern emerge. I visualize it as a pendulum making rhythmic sweeps back and forth, then circular, changing its pattern often. Some are hit, hurt, k.o.'d or destroyed, others are nudged by chance into a more fortunate position by being in the right place when the pendulum swings. There is no 'fairness' in this business. You is either lucky or you is not. Eff your skill i'ts not what got you there..(awww snookums..did I shatter your dreams?) If some of those corny, talentless crackheads can "make it",  just hang around, wait your turn and see what happens. The pendulum is bound to hit you sooner or later from some angle.


 March 27, 2015 · When you start thinking less about what you can get and more about what you could give, you will know you have mentally and spiritually matured.

 May 11, 2017 · Now that I'm older and at peace with myself I literally laugh when humanoids choose to throw insults just because they think it makes them look superior or makes you look small. Nope. It actually does the opposite. Sit your energy. #WrongDoor


*  August 31, 2015 · I have had more money than I knew what to do with, and I've had none at all..I know how it feels either way and I know which is preferred..but to truly know and appreciate how one feels you have to have experienced the other..its a lesson..respect the cash you receive, use it for the important things and let it continue to build from scratch so that you have more to work with. I am the worst for getting big eyed (being a woman) when I have gotten a lil cash and want to buy all the things I've been missing..but!!! discipline is the lesson.


 August 31, 2013 · There used to be a time when I was scared to speak up on what was on my mind. Hand on heart it was my people patiently (sometimes not so patiently) opening those doors for me, that slowly changed my world. Now, maybe I'm a little less patient with BS but I did learn that to hold in the anger and frustration, it HAS to come out eventually. Unfortunately it can occasionally come out in the most inappropriate places and to the wrong people. I have a long way to go to learn to speak out MORE, but when I look back at my life and what I put up with THEN compared to what my limits are NOW..there is a HUGE difference. I owe that to people who cared enough about ME to point a few truths out..again and again and again as necessary. Ingrained "habits" CAN be corrected but it has to be ongoing. We are not doormats..we are humans with our own feelings, thoughts and points of view. Of COURSE we need to be able to listen to others' views!  We just don't need to believe everything we hear, and must use our own minds to discern good from bad, right from wrong, real from fake, bullshit from reality. In this life and especially in this biz..that is an essential.

*  November 14, 2012 · Since I have started opening up more and speaking my mind/heart..I have been in more 'misunderstandings' and arguments than ever..always hated that kinda thing so I used to never speak up and would just walk away..It feels good to speak my truth in a other ways....exhausting..

Clyde BigLord Cochran: it gets easier..I promise. Once u make the decision to speak ur mind, u can never go back. But would u want to???
Donna H Mofohari: no! in the past i feel like i cheated people out of my real thoughts and mis-led some to think i was in acceptance of things that i wasn't, so they were thinking their behavior was ok, or i didn't mind being disrespected etc..i will always be a gentle person by nature and i accept that, but it doesn't mean i can't stand up for what i believe in..and i thank you for that promise..sometimes speaking up gnaws at my stomach, especially when ppl still believe what they want to about you or get mad and decide to reveal their hate or negative thoughts come out..but i hear you and will definitely continue to develop that in myself.


 November 20, 2016 · Do you ever have those aha moments..those sudden memories and clearer understandings of something somebody may have said to you years ago that because of an experience or situation etc, their words suddenly resonated ?

*  March 31, 2015 · It is interesting how life or the universe will teach us lessons in unexpected ways. Say for instance somebody tells you things you do that they find annoying and maybe you don't really see or understand. So at some point you are presented with people or situations where they do 'that thing' you didn't understand, often worse or more exaggerated so you mentally click..Like "ohhh thhaaats what they saw"..So watch what you do to others and listen when they reflect their thoughts because life will reinforce lessons you need to learn.

 November 6, 2016 · I have to laugh at times when I think about the things that a friend used to tell me irritated him about me and I didn't get it..Now people are doing the same exact things to me, or experiences are turned around, so when I catch myself getting irritated I get those a-ha moments and have to lighten up. So I look up and say 'ok ok you made a point'.

*  February 12, 2014 · Am I the only one who continually has 'ahhhhh' "why-the-hell-did-it-take- me-so-long-to-figure-that-out" type thunderbolts? ..Yea I thought so..guess I was the only one born stoopid and had to work at being smart..or at least having some knowledge.


*  December 23, 2014 · #Reflections To anyone I have ever done anything for when you have not asked for help or assistance, then came at you with the attitude (directly or indirectly) "after allll I've done for you, you owe me", I sincerely apologize.. Life has a way of teaching us by giving us back just what we do, so we learn how it feels. more overhelping. It was a hard lesson for a hardhead like me but I got it. All subconscious 'debts' are wiped out from everyone and I owe nobody nuthin..Hollerlooyah. We must do what we do purely for ourselves because we want to, no expectations unless in a business situation where we are being paid to do it. 


 March 7, 2011 · Shaking my head when I think about the times I have sat quietly letting folks do whatever in my lifetime. Then I realized..I'm actually disrespecting MYSELF by doing that. This is my page, my world, my life etc..and I'm allowing someone to eff up my day by what they do? Or my head by what they say?

 September 1, 2014 · I know they generally say "pride will be your demise"..but I say you need some self pride to survive in this crazy world. I have "let" too many folks badmouth/talk down to me, either to my face or behind my back. I  have allowed too much blatant disrespect, have sat there calmly and said nothing when folks laughed at me. Yea I agree too much pride will drive you mad, but too little will cause a downward spiral of what they see, what you believe and how you see/live with yourself. BUT that is not to say you shouldn't have a sense of humor and be able to laugh at yourself or with others at yourself..WITH THE RIGHT PEOPLE..At the right times. All things in moderation. Use your head, you'll know the difference between disrespect and light heartedness, or right and wrong. 

*  December 17, 2009 · You can ALLOW random thoughts and hormones to control you, or you can learn to maintain control of your mental, spiritual growth thru regular mirror checks (front+back); i.e. not running the sh*t out of your car, keeping it clean, fuelled & not lending it out to too many folks to drive. If you disrespect yourself who can be expected to think you deserve to be treated with respect?


*  March 4, 2015 · In reality, nobody needs anybody to tell them their future..or even assure them that life will turn out okay..The only one who holds the key is one that opens your own door..i.e. yourself! Why do people underestimate the power of the mind? We don't even use or respect all of our full mental potential in a lifetime. The least we can do is forge our own path and give ourselves a chance to blossom.


* November 11, 2015 · It's Crazy looking back on my thoughts thru "on this day" (on facebook). It's like reading something for the first time that somebody else wrote..and I find myself punching the air or mentally hi5'ing myself over some of them. Which reminds me that despite how everyone and everything around me seems to change continually my essential thoughts, heart and feelings have not changed. I may be older, wiser, more wary/alert and my understanding of certain things clearer, including people and environment thru observation, experience and awareness..but for good or bad I can raise my hand and take an oath that overall the essence of "me" hasn't changed.

*  December 26, 2012 · Give yourself more checkpoints. If you find yourself saying the same things over and over "im gonna im gonna_____" either to yourself or other people , and you are not following thru for whatever reasons, something is wrong..Slow down and complete one task at a time if multitasking is not working for you. Do not promise yourself or other professionals the earth if you can only give them a clump of worthless dried up dust.

*  January 27, 2010 · I'm feeling like standing back and observing the world do stupid shit..better that than being involved in it.. Too general?  Look in the mirror and ask yourself "What one retarded thing have I done today"..Go on I dare you!! I do it all the time..It's called a 'reality check'.

*  December 30, 2012 · Time for a reality check . If you are the type that thinks "New Year is a new start and you can leave the previous year behind, that is for procrastinators and people who can't deal with reality. People who wave off past events, years, experiences to move on like they never happened are showing themselves to be unable to incorporate everything learned into their knowledge base and use it. For me January 1st will be just another day. 'New starts' occur every time you take a breath; every experience good and bad is an important part of the learning process. I don't place divisions, limitations or qualifications. A new beginning starts the day after But that wrong step/turn you made that you are ashamed of, or that one nighter you shake your head at and want to forget is JUST as important to your life learning process as that major success move you made that you are so proud, of or that trophy you won for being number one at something. Every DAY of your past MATTERS to your future.


*  May 22, 2015 · As I was sitting here in rest mode I had the strangest analogy of 'Life', that from pre birth we are always flying from checkpoint to checkpoint, landing and entering the next runway. At pre birth we are on the runway to birth and babyhood. As toddlers we enter the runway for childhood. From childhood we enter the runway and launch into puberty. In puberty we enter the runway to fly into young adulthood. From there we are always in mid flight between a variety of self made checkpoints flapping wings for 'changes of direction, goals, dreams and greater things'. From middle adulthood we start to bump along the runway screeching brakes to avoid old age but our craft must take off and go there, even if it must go to autopilot to get us there. In senior years we are guided to the runway for the greatest flight of all. 

*  March 7, 2014 · I just had this insane analogy inspired by a (facebook) post. We all feel like giving up at times, especially when everybody disappears and you feel alone and it seems like things are falling apart. Some bail out, unable to see anything reassuring outside their window any more. Maybe that's the point when we have reached the end of the runway and think it's all over. When the ground is most bumpy, the plane is shaking, you're thrown back in your seat and feeling weird and apprehensive like "tonite you gon' die"..maybe that is the point the wheels are going up and you are about to actually start getting off the ground.!?..


*  December 24, 2016 · To every thing there is a season. A time to speak up, a time to sit down. A time to strive, a time of abundance. A time to be surrounded by people who care, a time to be alone. A time to learn, a time to teach. A time to passionately love, a time to remain indifferent. A time to give, a time to receive. A time to reflect, a time to express. Some of those concepts may blend or cross over..but that is what the dance of life is all about. Moving with the rhythm, changing step with the beat, dipping with the dips and rising with the high notes. Let it flow. 


*  May 22, 2013 · If someone feels they need alcohol or drugs to make them feel relevant or more at peace with life, they are often masking a greater need. Deal wid it from the baser level..remove yourself from people who bring you down. Control the issues or control your own emotions if you can do nothing about the issues themselves. I believe rec meds are often used as a bandaid for a lack of self esteem..a dis-EASE of the spirit. Heal yourself.


*  November 14, 2009 · Thought of the day *..Live one day at a time but have a plan. Appreciate the seconds and minutes because you never know what the next hour will bring. Whatever you fill the moments with, BE ENTHUSIASTIC. Go ahead and wake the dead with it..ufkkit. It won't hurt, trust me..but apathy does! 


 October 5, 2014 · Everybody talks about getting knocked down. They say "every time you get knocked down get back up".How often do you hear them say "when you see a punch coming put up your gloves and guard, or step the eff to the side and let em throw their ass into the ropes" (or out of the ring)..?? An ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure..


October 26, 2015 ·  Some of us don't have friends, partners, family etc around to kiss our boo boos when we get suckerpunched in the ring of life. Some of us have to lay there semi conscious until the assailant finishes beating us to a pulp, wait until the blood stops pounding in our ears, then stand up with a warrior's spirit and keep going. No matter how matter how weak you matter how hard you cry. You just have no choice.

*  March 24, 2012 · First rule of battle..Know your enemy. Give them the floor, let them reveal themself to you, be cool..when the time is right you will have your time to shine with knowledge as a weapon at your side.

*  January 21, 2010 · Life is too short to dwell on tears and negativity. By all means lock the door, do ya wailing, hit the walls, bite the bullet, write a letter to ya soul..whatever it takes to do some therapalizin. Get it out of your system then stand back back up and move on. (DO NOTT dump because nobody out there gives a SH*T haha..) You owe it to yourself to laugh at life and yourself rather than be deeply disturbed by it..

*  April 21, 2012 · DON'T let this world break you. I look at some of the most oppressed people and cultures in the history of our world and have seen how the survivors of the worst times ever helped each other up and kept going. In times where things are comparatively less horrendous we seem to turn on each other more, more suspicious and competitive toward everybody else, motivation and support are less than usual. If you are having hard times keep it in perspective. It is hard for you YES..but if your ancestors could make it thru much, much worse..SO CAN YOU!..You can DO it..Get up and keep moving!!!

*  December 5, 2012 · No matter what life throws at us we must stand up to it and work thru it! There is no escape. Tears, complaining or wearing ourselves out/down with stress, avoidance, attempting to camouflage it with drink/drugs etc will not change the real. Those things not only make our own lives less tolerable, but make us less tolerable to anyone around us. So when things mess up in our lives we must work out a new battle plan and get back to it!

 May 5, 2011 · The hardest battle people will ever have is the internal one. Win that and you are above the rest.


 December 28, 2014 · Is it uncool to be happy? Why are so many people afraid to let themselves enjoy life in their own company without needing to get trashed!?!  It is awesome to have company but equally awesome to be on ya jack jones (British for solo) doing things you love doing. It isn't a crime to like yourself yaknow. I keep reading all these statuses (on facebook) where people seem miserable just because there is nobody in the same room with them or they are single etc. But those are the times you can learn more about yourself, do whatever you want to do..just breathe and spend quality time re-calibrating..not hiding or running from your own company..or feeling like there's something 'wrong' with having a good time by yourself.

*  October 2, 2016 · I am "on my own" 95.5% of the time..(can't even get out my own front door most of that time and it will be even less likely as time goes on working full time from home plus the show plus my music..), but you know what? I'm still happy! Never everrrrr bored. People who get depressed being by themselves scare me. It means they may have a need to drain other people's energy in order to fill their own self created gaps. People who get bored, as my people have rightly said in the past, "are boring people". Be happy with yourself first! How is anybody else going to appreciate you if you are constantly needing to project onto others or leech on or drain them to complete yourself?!? Relationships are awesome when each are coming together as whole people who are equally happy breathing the same air together as they are being on their own. Nobody likes to babysit a grown person. 

*  December 20, 2009 · This time of snowed in-ness is a great time to be contemplative. DON'T tear ya hair out, all things happen for a reason (even if it doesn't feel like it at the time). Use the time to study, listen, learn. Use it to catch up with someone on the phone. Use it to reflect on the self, your direction, your plan. Plus, you have two legs. Learn to use em instead of your car! LIFE IS FOR LIVING!


October 18, 2015 - Tell me less about what you're "doing", more about what you're thinking, feeling, hopes, plans, goals..Tell me about your #HiddenDreams

*  May 9, 2016 - The difference between me and many others, (and this "difference" is the very thing that seems to confuse a lot of people) is that when I meet people of the male variety or aim to get to know them, it is not about flirting, husband or relationship hunting, not about hooking up or testing any waters with that in mind. It is with a genuine interest in who they are, what they're about, what their aims and goals in life are. We all walk on the same planet for however long we are given. It doesn't hurt to be interested in or to find out about our fellow humans. Some paths or minds resonate with yours which is awesome! Some don't. It's all good. We all share this little planet so why not tip your hat to your neighbors and show a little love when you can?

 April 10, 2015 · Some people think they have got life and people all figured out. The day you stop being interested in listening, learning, looking and exploring (like a baby learning to walk) is the day you have given up on life. Find something to be excited a good way!


 November 27, 2015 · If you hesitate or question whether an interest that you may have is a passion..It's not a passion..Believe me, you'd know.


*  March 27, 2016 · #Confession I always get extremely wary when people categorize or label me. When they shove one hat on my head and think/see me as "that".  Some put that hat on me because they see "it" as something I'm "good at" which is cool in a sense,  because public perception of what is deemed by THEM as entertaining or enjoyable is important! But NONE of us are as simple and non complex/non diverse as to be held to wearing the same hat continually. It Implies that humans have a problem with or are incapable of appreciating or respecting more than one aspect of each other (which is one of the subjects Nya Thryce has touched on in "The Thryce Of Life Episode" on Radio Zero). 

The world sometimes shoves you into a lane to keep you from crashing..I get it..even if you would ultimately rather have a garage full of cars and a whole freeway at your disposal. But..yes..I feel somewhat anxious and wary at times when labelled or placed "here" or "there", when the essence and heart of me is "over here"...just less accessible. Ahh the dilemmas and complications of life lol. I shall just have to trust the universe since the bigger picture is not for me to see. 

April 13, 2012 · I live in a strange world where everybody feels a need to box and categorize everybody according to age, race, skin shade, sex, country of origin, physical attributes career etc. People's perceptions of "who you are" are based on relatively insignificant details and half baked stereotypes..very sad indeed. 

*  March 18, 2016 · I once made the mistake of putting people and things in boxes. That was an eternity ago. I cannot allow myself to be so shallow as to not respect every person, every situation, every THING as unique and diverse by its very existence. Even the meekest sheep can leave the flock and become the most voracious leader when forced to develop and use their character and mind. It's all about that "a-ha moment" that helps you open your own mind. Labels kill me because weak people can start to identify with those they are branded with by ignorant and clueless or even well meaning people. Define yourself. And if you are not who you choose to be, make adjustments. It starts with YOUR OWN mind. 

*  December 13, 2015 - There is a distinct difference between having a "disability" and being "disabled". People will try to label and pigeon hole you regularly. A weak mind will take those labels to heart. To my mind a disability is no more than a wake up call. It means you will have to push harder to either find a way to overcome it, or work around it and keep moving forward. Therefore we are stronger and more determined than most to be the best we can be, and we never take any forward movement for granted. Oh..examples..I know of a blind lady who bags groceries and a man with no hands who operates a cash register and bags things up at my local pharmacy. Always remember, you may HAVE what the world calls "a disability" but you are never disabled unless you make up your mind that you are..that is all. #CarryOnSoldiers


*  October 10, 2016 · I see too many around me allowing their inner child to rule them, like a spoilt brat running roughshod over a too soft adult. It causes the person to feel out of control, helpless, unable to see the way forward, lost, hopeless or just plain irresponsible to the extreme. It's good to allow your inner child out at times to have some fun, play, laugh and let go..but rein 'em in when they dominate. If you are an adult be in charge of your life and destiny. Act like you know. 


August 14, 2012 · 
Being over humble or trying to show that you are may come across as being cheesy.  Not enough humility may make you look like an asshole. Walk with pride, be interested in your chosen path because only you truly know where you want to be. Grow and utilise your wisdom thru self and continual education. Share with those who choose to learn and appreciate and forget the rest. I don't often quote the bible publically, but there is a verse in there that says "cast not your pearls before swine". In other words a lot of people could care less about you, your hopes/dreams and what you stand for. Draw the ones around you that are worthy of and interested in learning from your thoughts and experience...and of course sharing theirs with you!!!

September 17, 2010 - If you are spending all your time talking about past achievements and doing nothing, then those achievements mean nothing..dead and voided because you are doing nothing to move forward and use and expand what you learned.

 August 15, 2015 · In this day and age with technology being what it is, things we say or do or throw up in written format for the public can, even some years later, come back to you. When that happens (and it has) I read back what was said, not with regret, but with an amusement as a parent would see something a child or young person would say or do,  and reflect on how their thoughts, opinions, views etc would evolve in time.'s not a bad thing to see old thoughts. It's just interesting to see if you still feel the same about those subjects or if you have advanced in your thinking. What have you learned in life? Have you grown or regressed? How have your thoughts evolved and why? What have your experiences, path, lessons done for you..anything at all? Also, Sometimes I listen back to my "positive message" songs and wrap myself in them when times are hard or during down times and it lifts/comforts/resets my mental outlook. Ahh life...

 March 13, 2016 · I don't drink alcohol, smoke kush or anything else, no rec meds, no casual sex and I rarely go out..My use of facebook is muchhh less than previous years, I don't do video calls or play mind games with any mofo.Yet I am happy, centered, focused, self appreciative, with the greatest respect for other people's paths, choices and lives. In periods of solitude I am never, ever bored. In fact, I have always maintained my truth that I have no idea how to be bored. There's periods of restlessness when I can't figure out which one of my many interests I feel like indulging in. Life is amazing bcs there's so much to do and see and feel and share if you open your mind to it. Now that self description right there will put me in the "boring" or "stuffy librarian" category to some lol..effit..*shrugs. It is what it is. Self Evolution and awareness is a some. 


*  July 30, 2018: Why be angry or confused? Still and humble yourself, breathe..To quote Bruce Lee "Be water my friend"..I'm just thrilled to still be here having escaped "the other option" a few times in my lifetime. BUT let me tell you, its all gonna be ok at the end of the day! So walk forward, step by step and learn each lesson as it comes so that you can pass that on to the younger ones while you're here. Find something that lifts and fulfills you spiritually and DO THAT! Share that! 

September 2, 2010 · A
 guy I know called me on phone to tell me something on his mind.."I have been telling you just like I've heard other people say to you, that you need to get attitude and be like ufck everybody instead of caring like you do..but I have changed my mind. I see that you approach people humbly and you should have people around you who respect that and accept you as you are. Don't change". My thoughts on that are, while it is true we can't (or shouldn't try) to change essential character makeup since that is not being true to ourselves, I believe it's important to regularly check our attitude. You can lean to different angles with 'attitude'. For instance there's "humble", there's "humble but open", theres "doormat", there's "humble to a point, then go f*ck yourself", and then there's "blatantly aggressive". There's also "closed and unreceptive to growing"..I choose to be a better person. And that means, to use a term I've heard Chrismorale preach,  "LIFE = Learning Is Finding Everything". That includes evolving as a human being. That's how you grow.


 October 25, 2009 · Sunday thought of the day: If I make peace with, and love myself, I am the master of my fate, unbreakable against hate.

*  July 18, 2017 · something today that will make your future self grateful..i.e. plan and instigate..make it happen. I didn't invent this statement but i have heard it, learned the lesson and passing it on.

 November 18, 2014 · Random thought..If you think moving to another state, country, continent, planet, universe etc will give you a new start, and in doing so that life (or the afterlife) will be won't. Wherever you go you take your state of mind with you. Wherever you are you have to get your mind right and APPROACH things different. Then your fresh start comes a whole lot easier. Like my ppl tell me, "you write your own's all on you".


*  May 6, 2017 · Why does everybody say "you're braver than me"..Really? We all do what we do and why not? Because it is in our minds or heart to do something! Obviously I have learned to stop diving in without a plan which is something I'm notorious for. But like my people say.."Make a move..even if its the wrong move". We learn from our mistakes, warn other people not to follow "that" "don't go thataway..there's a cliff over there and slippery rocks"..and just move on..wiser and surer footed.


*  November 24, 2012 · Intelligence without common sense and a pinch of sensitivity, is cancelled out.


*  April 28, 2013 · Too many of us compare ourselves, the level of our own happiness or the quality of our lives with other people's perceived achievements, what or how much they have. How can you compare with something you really know nothing of?  You only see their surface, not their depth. Try comparing with people with less than you have and see how it changes your perceptions. As my mentors used to tell me, "things could be worse".

Cisko Minjarez Rubalcava: The price of anything is the amount of LIFE you put into it.
Donna H Mofohari: beautifully said. My ppl reminded me that LIFE means Learning Is Finding Everything
Cisko Minjarez Rubalcava: I like that Donna. You have a great Sunday. =]
Donna H Mofohari you too: :) thank you.
Cisko Minjarez Rubalcava: WE BEAR WITNESS!
John McGlone: testify


 October 5, 2009 · You think you know me? You say I wouldn't understand your issues? It is true that I will never know "exactly" what they mean to you as an individual or for the culture you were raised in. I will never know how you feel, where you've been, where you're going..particularly if you cannot/will not express it openly and without malice. Nor would you understand MY pain, joy, experiences I've been thru in my lifetime or the background from which I come, unless you walk a mile in my shoes. All we can do in this life is listen, hear, feel, contribute, teach, share, reach out with love..

 December 12, 2009 · I'm gathering composure and feeling a sense of freedom with the realization that words are just words. It is true they can be used as weapons against us but only if we let down our guard and allow the knives to stick. Self understanding and love is our truth, truth is our armor, knowledge of enemy is our shield..Internal peace and forgiveness is our reward.

 March 16, 2018 at 11:26am ·  As I get older so many more things make sense. For instance, we strive to know or understand, pain to comprehend things that are beyond our comprehension. It is part of the mental and spiritual growth pattern, the evolution of mankind..i.e. that innate desire to keep reaching. Look back and see how far that inbuilt hunger has taken us. In some ways it moves us forward, in some ways it does more harm than good. By "more harm than good" I mean for instance, when the hunger takes over the appreciation of the journey of growth and discovery and becomes greed or selfishness or anxiety or other negative things. Another example is when one loses themselves in the scramble for "advancement". 

Positivity is understanding the process, learning to take the highs with the lows, enjoying the path YOU choose, remaining humble and allowing yourself to remain centered. Notice how each of us has different talents, skills, interests, abilities, strengths? I'm no good at mathematics or technical design. I wouldn't make a good architect or be useful in any career related to figure work etc..but I'm great at idea generating, thinking outside the box, raising morale, anything creative. 

We are designed for diversity for a reason, so that each of us can bring something different to the table or to keep humanity progressing. Modern mankind shoots itself in the foot by trying to fit into a mold. In looking at the bigger picture, isn't it that much more important to follow our own heart, use our gifts and talents, use the tools we are given and to continue growing/supporting each other in whatever they are drawn to achieve? Be forward thinking. In whatever you choose to do be great. Many thoughts..One Love.  <3

*  September 15, 2015 · I have caught myself many times inwardly rolling my eyes at people and thinking "they are stressing over thaaat?? They have people around them who care, they have support, they have kin with or nearby if needed. Imagine if they had to walk in my shoes and deal with the issues that I do." But revelations and maturity brought it home to me that every one of us has ish to deal with and we all sometimes spin wheels or flap until the wind catches our sails again. Nobody's issues are more or less important than somebody else's. We all must deal with "things" that are thrown at us. Stress of course doesn't make it any better..but that is part of the lesson in learning to cope and surf above life's waves, rather than allowing them to crash over us and ending up over our head with our arms flailing helplessly. Gotta sink or swim and keep in mind that losing a skirmish or battle never means losing the war.


 January 8, 2016 · I'm getting to the point where the idea or thought of compromising what I want..(let me say it again..what I WANT)..with something somebody else wants FOR me, or "who" I want as opposed to somebody who wants me, or somebody who people want to hook you up with blindly, makes me feel sick to my stomach. This is how we lose sight of self. We can't always be where we want, who we want to be with or in a place we want to be but effit..It's my script..all or nothing. I can survive without the theoretical "who" since it's a fantasy and not an option..but the "what" is in my hands. Yea Yea I Know.."wants" and "needs" are two different things. For the purpose of this status one equals the other.


 March 6, 2010 · Controversy grabs more attention than intelligent conversation, free music or genuinely given advice these days. Go figure. Maybe people prefer getting their blood pressure up and adrenaline rushing in negative ways, than in gaining knowledge or understanding. *shrugs.


*  May 11, 2017 · Positivity is cultivated. If you can be at peace with yourself and build your strength from the inside out, then you will have more than enough to pass on. When the hate from others aims to harm it will no longer affect you. You actually don't neeed to stand up when somebody attacks you. The battle isn't yours, it's theirs. Let it roll off your back and keep it moving. (If the attack is physical of course you need to defend..but the ignorance of a verbal attack should not be's what they want..for you to keep it going!..Don't allow them to lead you to battle.

 January 31, 2010 · New day, new direction, more hope, more reflection..have a beautiful day..peace to all my positive people..


*  December 26, 2012 · Cynicism is a mofo..It sometimes helps me survive in this god forsaken world tho, with its memory lapses, egotistical self adoration and unprofessionalism, masked by words aimed to sketch a promising picture that was never intended to be completed.


*  October 27, 2015 · Let's start a new conspiracy theory..Let's say the government has put something in our water that makes everybody miserable mofos lol..Time for us all to get up on our feet and #StopThisCryin Ya can't conquer the world in the middle of a blubberfest..So like Mr James Brown said.."get up offa that thang and dance til you feel betta!" every time..


 April 19, 2017 · ALL things in moderation...ALL encompasses every thing..everything! That's the problem with humans, they get addictions, obsessions, cravings..they want what they want when they want it and they throw reason, caution and reservations out the window. Discipline, moderation and mindfulness are everything. Be slow and steady if you want to appreciate whatever it is you enjoy. Too much of ANY thing eventually causes the "take for grantedness" to kick in. Stay fresh, keep all things in perspective.

 January 28, 2017 · There are many types of addictions..If you are prone to o.c.d. you are prone to addictions. Sex, drugs including caffeine, music, love, food, the internet..whateva your poison may be, all things are more enjoyable (and healthier!) in moderation rather than frenzy. When it's out of control and things are done compulsively or habitually you are numb to it..meaning it is time to break out of that cycle. #SelfControl


 October 18, 2009 · DO unto others as you would have them do unto you. Whatever you do in this life will come back to you. You may suffer for a time but hold on, keep moving forward and all will become clear.

*  September 13, 2013 · Thing that I often wonder is...every time people hurt somebody and either laugh about it or feel nothing at all, do they really think the people they hurt will feel their pain when the same is done to them by somebody else? Your actions nine times out of ten will come back to you. Some call it karma. So if you hurt others carelessly, realize 1) it is making you no better or more powerful than anyone who hurt you before and 2) your time will come so you better brace yourself to feel the same pain or something harsher than what you made someone else feel..sadly.  I DO NOT wish that on anybody!!! So be kind to others and if nothing else when somebody hurts you, those people you were genuinely kind to will support you thru the pain..(contemplations)


*  December 4, 2015 - Whatever it is that makes you happy..(unless u are a psycho axe wielding, drug addicted, rapist..) do dat..and do it a lot..and be great doin it. That is all. *sets mic carefully back in the stand, nods toward the audience, and steps back behind the curtain.


*  December 26, 2011 · In this life we have to do what we don't necessarily feel like or want to do, to empower us to achieve or attain the things we DO want later. It takes hard work, discipline, determination, self belief and a good attitude. People with the "if i can't have it now it ain't worth it" attitude are the potential druggies of the future. S/N I was talking to a medical transport driver who has seen every type of character come thru including methadone "rehab" transports. He said if some of his passengers put as much energy as they put into defeating the system (i.e. buying and selling drugs and other shady dealings) into a positive direction, they would be a phenomenal success at life. They have all the makings of great business people.


*  September 23, 2016 · There is going to be a time when I will have to leave this planet. Earth is just one big "Fawlty Towers" (look it up if you don't know)..Meaning our stay here is temporary and we always must pay our dues while we're here. Some of us get long stay passes and others not so long. So whatever time we're booked in for, we are not allowed to take it, or the people we resonate or connect with, for granted. 

In this great residential school we will not only face many tests but may be put in a position to make an impact on somebody, help them thru a test, lighten an atmosphere, leave a footprint or receive some guidance from somebody else who has already passed thru a particular test. Where am I going with this? I guess it boils down to this..Appreciate and be aware of who and what you have around you. There are reasons for everything. Learn from each other what you can bcs they have their own lessons and journeys further on down the line and you may not be part of that path. Or vice versa. It's not always about what you WANT to happen but about accepting what is MEANT to happen. 

*  February 2, 2016 · Sometimes my mind likes to examine a thought or idea or concept with university level precision..complete with research, analysis and conclusions. Other times I need to view a thought with kindergarten simplicity and accept it for what it is without needing to dig too deep into it. And then there are times when I realize some things are not meant to be thought about at all..simply felt, savored and embraced..and let blowing soap bubbles thru a hoop..appreciate them as they are and let them go.

*  December 19, 2013 · When you discover that you alone are responsible for your own emotions, progress, choices, direction, education, future, physical health, mental attitude and spiritual condition...things will start to make more sense.


*  September 15, 2013 · Whether you are maxed out or just getting started depends on your personal bucket I have only got thru maybe a third of my list and it's my right to add to the list as life goes on. BUT I'm not killing myself any more for the things that are not within my reach or are unrealistic.

I skydived a couple of times for charity (Hey it was on the list..had to be done lol)..but the reason I bring this up is because the memory of climbing out on the plane wing and throwing myself off backward (being so terrified and wondering wth I was doing putting myself thru)..and then, after opening the chute looking down on the earth below..the calm was incredible. The peace was like nothing ever experienced before. Those moments before you land back into the chaos are the quality times with yourself to recognize the spiritual side of you. The experience helped me see how important it is to face your fears, take time away from chaos & distractions to hear your own thoughts and inner voice. Work with yourself. Help yourself grow as only u can do. What I'm trying to say..(probably rather badly) is about experiencing new things, allowing yourself to dream, finding peace within the chaos, learning from everything and everybody you encounter on your journey.

*  October 7, 2013 · Whatever faith, spiritual preferences, walk of life, culture, race, sex or situation in life..if our intentions are pure and hearts and minds are right then we have a common denominator..the same inner light at the core to do some good.


*  April 2, 2013 · Too many of us (and I speak because I too am guilty to some extent) allow our dreams and goals to control us, rather than the other way around. If you are obsessed to the point where your absolute happiness, sanity, health, including sleeping/eating/drinking pattern is effected or even dependent on the outcome of your dream, if you would do anyyyything to get what you are driving for, including maybe even somethin illegal..maybe it's time you ask yourself if the dream is worth the possibility of you waking up dead, with relatively little to show for all the passion you put into just saying..  Nothing except our children are REALLY worth dying for, and believe me chances are slim that you will be an icon, hero or have a statue cast in your honor for all your efforts, when you die. So live your dreams by all for personal greatness. Just make sure it doesn't become an obsession.


*  December 19, 2013. My ppl have been sayin this for years.. "A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at." - Bruce Lee

MofoHari comment: Well more like, a dream is not always something that needs to be pursued at all can be kept inside and appreciated for what it is..I can't say I really understood or subscribed to this belief until a couple years ago, but life has a way of illustrating to us lessons that we need to know.


*  February 1, 2016 · Awww of my grocery delivery guys delivered the reinforcements today and we put a battery in each others' back about pushing ahead until we get where we need to be. When he left, he went out saying that we encourage each other...Isn't how life SHOULD be?? yes yes!

*  February 1, 2016 · No matter what happens in this crazy life, no matter how high or how low..I will ALWAYS drop what I'm doing for anybody I consider "my people". Whether they are in hate mode, peace mode, love mode, isolation mode, shut down mode, over the moon and experiencing life mode..whatever mode they may be going thru..I am and will always be here.  I'm not just here to pick em up, I'm here to share the good stuff too. People sometimes forget..if I tell you i care..I stay caring..I don't need to provide regular updates because it does not change. The fact is I don't open up that door to let folks in when I open it to them, it stays open. Na I'm no saint..nobody is..None of us is perfect...Just don't forget the people around you who DO care.


*  February 11, 2012 · Envy is a mofo..If you were meant to have what he/she/they have, be where they are, wear their shoes etc, you would have been born a different person. Understand you got your OWN path, resources, talents, experiences. Be who you are and shine at it. In the end you will probably discover the thing/person etc you were envious of was nowhere near as good as what you got!


September 19, 2014 - If you have multiple skills and talents, those are like arrows you carry with you for your bow..or bullets for your ratchet..(however u want to visualize) Why have and not use ALL the ammunition available to you when the battle needs your level of ability?..Don't throw all your armory into the trenches to focus on your slingshot. If you have it, use it..(or use it don't lose it? ) We need to respect the gifts we were given by ancestors known or unknown..a gift is a gift and given for a purpose.


 July 8, 2014 · If I say things that make you feel momentarily mad or bad, or like hiding under a rock..good. It means you heard me whether you wanted to or not. It showed you a sour chord. Those are things you maybe had better look at. Reality is a with that and kick its unharmonic butt!  If you need to look at how your reality is affecting your progress or someone else's reality that is important to you, and somebody forces you to look at simple changes that would fine tune that reality to bring about some harmony, why fight it or run away? Why fight so hard against tuning your instrument called life. WE ALL need to listen and tune it often, and play it right so it sounds, feels and IS beautiful. So that when the song is over you have not only brought pleasure, clarity and quality to yourself but to those you touched with your song. -MofoHari


 October 8, 2015 · A true friend, while respecting surface needs in ppl they care about, does NOT give in to dumb requests or co sign addictions. But if push came to shove they would be there if REALLY needed. There are some who would rather chase around after strangers than show love to a friend. Many6 in this world appear to be about "using"..(not just appreciating) the air that each other breathes and sharing some time now and then. 


*  October 3, 2012 · Too many people seem to want their life to be all sunshine and roses..every day. When it's not like that they despair, give up. lf you want easy sailin' all your life it ain't gon' happen! To get out of a stalemate, or place where you feel bored, unstimulated, that there's no more to be attained or achieved at the level where you are..switch it up! Go a new direction, learn somethin new. That feeling just means you learned that particular lesson, now it's time to challenge yourself! If things are just too hard and you are not getting where you want to be, means it's time to step back a pace, work out another plan so you can try a different angle. Everything is a learning experience. Work WITH it instead of fighting against it or grumbling.

*  September 7, 2014 · As long as you are breathing and able to think and move on your own it is never too late to change yourself, get back on path or change your direction. Life is never set in stone, weird ish you'd never expect just happens everyday. But you are the driver, even if other cars eff up your drive, learn how to control that vehicle. Utilize discipline, patience, focus and strategy even if you have to pull over to the shoulder and re-check the map. There are a multitude of ways to get to one destination. #Randomness


April 10, 2016 · 
I don't believe in hierarchy or levels in humanity. We all stand on the same ground, on the same earth, in the same universe. Those with superiority complexes need to be shoved in a space capsule and left to float in the stratosphere, or around the outer edges of our solar system until they understand exactly the truth of their significance/importance on this tiny, messed up planet called Earth. Yes we all have our purpose and some are to guide, all are here to learn, teach and support..Not to smirk, control, puff out chests and believe they are superior. Some of us are given harder lessons, some have rockier paths. Some are given gifts of superior intelligence, others the gift to make others laugh or smile. Some are blessed with more finances..others given less to work with. We all have purpose but not one of us is truly more important or greater than another. Believe me, one can be given "power" by other humans on this earth, but sands shift and tides change rhythmically. All things must be kept steadily in perspective in order to understand, continue to learn the lessons correctly, teach and remain consistent in our growth. 


Dec 23, 2014: It  is always good to hold a mirror up to yourself from time to time and look with an open, critical, honest but loving eye. Listen when people you trust criticize with love. They are nine times out of ten not trying to break or destroy you, but wake you up and help you grow.

*  March 2, 2010 · Mistakes made today could last a lifetime and effect generations if uncorrected..Stop, check your mirror..make sure what you are seeing is not just what u want to see, but what is really there..and if it is not what you want to see, make the changes you need today so that tomorrow will be the best it can be.


*  January 30, 2014 · Anybody who says they will always be happy is either temporarily delusional, high while thinking it, a liar or mentally unstable. Life, like the ocean, has ebbs and flows, tides come and go. Not to be over philosophical here but really..ya gotta take the good with the bad and learn from have no choice, stop fighting that truth.

*  Sept 8, 2017 - There are a million and one reasons to be happy. Don't focus on the one or two dark clouds or humans that attempt to change your natural joy. Keep that sparkle in your eye, share a little sunshine and keep progressing in this self written book of life.


 April 8, 2013 · If I have inspired you in some small way along the way, then I've done some good and I'm glad for that. If we have brought laughter to each other at some point, that is awesome.. SNAPSHOTS.. That's what each good memory provides for us. Those are the things that we come back to that keeps us going when we feel like giving up on life, or life has given up on us. The things that have the ability to pull us thru and rev our engines when they've stalled. The problem with many is they neglect those snapshots. That is what they are THERE for. They are life's natural healing resources..use them.

*  August 7, 2015 · People always talk about periods of their life they wish they could go back and relive. I cannot honestly say I'd jump at the chance. Sure there are snapshots of great moments, highlights, people I'd give anything to see and hang and talk with again..but RE-Live periods of time? Nah..those periods of time/years etc were already experienced, stored and treasured. Nobody can take that away and reliving it isn't necessary. IT ALREADY WAS! You can draw from a good memory and smile every time. Tomorrow is another day..gotta keep on building more til the treasure chest is loaded.

 November 11, 2014 · If memories are all we have..I'm not ashamed to cherish every one of the beautiful, funny, unique or experiential highlights of life. The ones that I personally treasure, not the ones people expect, insist, demand or ask me to remember. The others are there, but the bad, sad, irritating or stressful ones do me no good to be dwelling on, so they are filed under "lessons learned". Facts, information, names, trivia and other details are stored away to be pulled out at random times and not necessarily when they are supposed to come to least I know they're in there..


*  November 17, 2016 - Nobody can be syrup-pouringly, extra sugar added, str8-faced, sagely positive ALLLL the time, no matter the face you present to the public. Nobody can be nasty, hateful, hard hearted and cynical 24/7 either! Everybody is moved by something! By virtue of the fact you are flesh and blood tells us you are human. HA! Rumbled!

The complete bottom line is that we are all nothing more than mortals walking on the planet, here to learn and teach and experience. In this existence of ours we fail, we succeed, we love, hate, have days we just wanna smash a table over somebody's head. Times we are more giving, patient (or impatient) than others. The full spectrum!!! Cuz that's how life do! The key is, Unbreakable we may be..invincible we are not. Keep things in perspective and humble yourself, fellow human. Life and karma keep things in check.

*  November 20, 2016 · Over stimulation, whether mentally or physically is just as bad if not worse than under stimulation. It's getting a balance that can be a challenge.


 February 13, 2013 · Random Thoughts: Sometimes I get why folks prefer confusion to knowledge and enlightenment. SOME knowledge makes us aware of the corruption, retardation and insanity around us. Others gives us ammunition for self defense, avoiding problems, improving situations or just broadening our perspective. I GET why people might want to deaden their brain cells and numb their mind into confusion when I see what I see around me, from political and police corruption, to racism and rights restrictions to comparatively simpler things like the state of the music industry or the issues of raising children to be responsible adults. If I had the opportunity to live in freedom on a deserted island, hell YEA I'd go!!!! 

Bottom line I don't have a choice..and the ish going on nowadays is scary as hell..but I choose to BUILD my brain cells with much much more knowledge and sharpness just to be able to cope with this crazy world. I have already been the route of staying numb and dumb in my younger days..and while I can't reverse whatever damage may have been done from that era, mannn's time to sharpen up and be more alert..but at the same time stay well the hell out of the middle of all that nonsense going out there if i can in this lifetime.. 

*  April 2, 2014 · No experience, skill gained, or talent honed in a lifetime is ever wasted..even if the only thing gained was knowledge of self.

 April 3, 2015 · #MyPhilosophy: Focus less on worrying about people liking or loving you and more on everything that moves around you. The "learning is finding everything" mindset fuels knowledge, embraces the bigger picture. It is okay to get phat on that mind mannah.


*  March 1, 2015 · I have learned something over the past couple of days. Eeeverybody wants answers, solutions, direction, guidance, no matter what age, religion, location etc etc. Anybody who has lost someone would relish a chance to speak to them again. Bottom line is, we walk this path of our lives, we have the ability to change our direction, change our mind, take or discard advice..its called 'free will'. People are frantically scrambling for affirmation, clarification, hope and so much more. 

I see that human nature leaves us vulnerable at times no matter how tough our exterior, or how 'numb' our interior. We can be given guidance etc but it's on each of us to use that or discard it. Every lesson learned, every step taken, every choice made leads us in specific directions..Don't be like a sail flapping in the wind waiting for somebody to tell you to 'hard over' or point the rudder so you are sailing with the wind..Feel it yourself, the answers are already inside just have to trust your own instincts.

*  September 11, 2016 · "Individual Free Will" seems almost a bit of a fallacy sometimes. We are all controlled by a variety of things. Responsibility, Duty, Ethics, Social Structure, The Government, Our religious beliefs, Conscience..This ish gets deep and a psychoanalyst, scientist, clergyman, government official, criminal, artist, spiritualist, astrologer etc would all likely view the topic with a different angle of thought. I'm just exhausted, in thinkmode and typing it out. As big is the universe lmao.. Nevermind my thinkinisms.

*  May 6, 2013 · Thought of the day: The sweetest tones can hold the most sinister of intentions. Your mind and instincts will tell you infinitely more than your ear. Learn to trust and heed them.


 November 11, 2015 · One of the most important lessons of my life was/is this..keep all things in perspective. People easily get caught up in a moment, affected by your/their enthusiasm. They may promise the earth, tell you all kinds of things that you absorb and believe with childlike enthusiasm, excitement and passion. STOP! Keep that ish in perspective based on experience and previous results. YOU may mean every word and will follow thru without hesitation..and THEY may mean every word and BELIEVE at that moment what they promise. Once out of sight "ish happens"..they get sidetracked, that enthusiasm isn't flowing between you to fire up their passion cylinders so it all goes out of happens..their priorities happen. If you are not on that priority a-list you may as well rewind and forget the convo ever happened. Keep it in perspective. Folks out there only mean half of what they tell you and action does not always follow a pledge or promise. That is how people do..That's "life"..Can't let it break you. Keep it in perspective.

*  May 28, 2011 · In this world where race rises up against race, gender against gender, children against parents, tribe against tribe, state against state, political party against political party to establish leadership or power..we need to keep things in perspective. Power is only a perception or state of mind. The only REAL power over us is time, health and state of mind. Treat that with respect. Nurture it.

*  January 31, 2010 · Whoa..lookin at two different (facebook) statuses next to each other. One says.."at that point when I dont give a f**k anymore..Next one says "my mind is at ease".. think I'm a combination of both..but its all good..gotta laugh at life at be at peace. Things could be a whole lot worse!


*  April 13, 2016 · Random Thought: If L.I.F.E. is an open book test..why is it that so many choose to fail rather than use their available and accessible resources?

 September 27, 2009 · I am of the realization that whatever experiences we face in our lifetime, no matter how hard things get or how fkkd life is ONLY you/me who can make the outcome a positive one, there's a scenario given but we ultimately write our script..

 September 26, 2014 · We can't always have things exactly as we long for them to be, but we have to keep breathing, moving and handling the's part of the learning curve of life, no matter how hard or how tough the lesson you are being taught. Whatever test life throws at you stop n breathe, learn what it means, then keep going. Also, no matter how much other humans on this planet mean to you, you can't make choices for them, or live their life for them. The only person you can really make decisions for is yourself. So we need to do that with the greatest thought and integrity. At the same time those people we care about should already know you'd be there for them in a heartbeat. Thats 'My Philosophy'..the MofoHari Bible Chapter 5 Vs 8.

 February 4, 2015 · I have seen people I care about fall down and go into hiding, watched people slowly get back up on their feet. I have fallen and risen like a swelling tide too, but I'm still alive, still breathing, still finding humor in the occasional stupidity of life. And to all my tired icons and those that I completely believe in..ride it out! I do know how vicious and hard life can ride you. You have no idea how well i know..and why should you? I have no major public complaints, because I continue to learn every time that ol bulldog grabs me by the throat, or every time I get dragged under by a riptide..(ifIi don't learn from the lessons, then I'm a fool and will have to retake the test in some other form). I just continue to work on my skills and live my life..Thats just how we do. (I'm soo tempted to say "It's a Donna wouldn't understand.." lmao..but I won't..)


*  May 28, 2013 · Thought of the day: When cream is stirred it disappears into the mix. But no matter how much you whip it, shake it, or mix it up with other inferior ingredients and call it something else, it will will eventually rise to the top. That's just how cream do..Can't keep it down.


*  July 9, 2014 · It's true I started off on my journey sprinting but now forced to a stroll, which is a good pace for observing, learning and sharpening tools. You know people are more dangerous when they are laying low right?..It USUALLY means they are thinking and people don't feel comfortable around thinkers.....(I say usually, because in my experience with others, 'layin low' often means somethin else...a lot of 'them' are just high and/or terminally laidback or have given up on life..and others are VERY comfy around other people in that brainzone lmao)..but 'thinkers' with (godforbid) emotions are a dangerous breed indeed. Love me or hate me..I'm still here.  *taps chin..come to think of it, too many people don't seem to like thinkers OR talkers..and even worse BOTH at the same time!!!!! A thinker/talker with INTELLIGENCE, knowledge and something to actually say???? A lot of people would rather face the devil himself than deal with one of those........(speaking from personal observations). (Editor's note:  haa!! Point is, if you are forced to slow your roll, roll with it! Us the slower pace to think, observe and plan more carefully.)

*  August 19, 2012 · Those times when your hands are tied for whatever reason are the times when our minds should be the most active. Too many people use life enforced pauses as an excuse to give up. i just use it as a time to plan..plana new route where necessary and gather more resources.


*  August 6, 2014 · Gotta watch out for these late bloomers..they just might be learning their lessons better than expected. Those people you sleep on when you go looking for a needle in a haystack. Those people you think aren't paying attention in class. Those people you think are too nice n sweet, too soft or too rough, too quiet or too loud, too talkative or too reserved, too excitable..etc etc to amount to anything..them..those..


*  June 27, 2013 · Maybe when we die we actually are born, because bein' alive is like walking thru and talking to dead and/or brainless people continually, i.e. zombie nation..So, if my theory is right I embrace the option of birth when my time comes. Somebody I used to know (RIP) always used to say (knowing I had a fear of ghosts) "never fear death or the dead, fear the mofos who are alive" was RIGHT..The internet is frying people's brains.



 September 26, 2015 · I have only made two life changing blind leaps of faith in my lifetime and both landed me in the weirdest places ever. Let that be a lesson..DO NOT dive into an empty pool folks, you might land on your head and crack it more than it already is. LOOK before you leap! ..And if you know you are not thinking str8 when tempted to jump..STOP..look both ways..wait til the fog clears. THEN make the move if it makes sense and you have a plan. But if you have made the leap and ended up gotta do what you gotta do. Cry until the pool is full of your tears and start swimming to the side, hoist yourself up, dance yourself clean in the rain..then start hunting for your own and your family's survival cos no mofo is going to help you put your roots down in a safe place. You learn that pretty quick in this life.


*  January 27, 2013 · Only you will know, or learn to discover those who return, respect and/or deserve your loyalty..many around you do not want or need it. Conserve yours for those who do.

 August 19, 2014 · If I'm down with you I'm down with you..If I give two effs about you and have called you friend or family then petty ish will never cause me to turn my back on you. I would never walk away. Yes I'd step back and let folks deal with 'life'..of course! No matter what life does, no matter what their experiences do to them, no matter how low they have to sink to deal with themselves, or even what direction or new paths they choose to follow in a positive way, I will not be the one stabbing anybody in the back. I may hit you in the face, I may kick you in the throat WITH LOVE.  However I'm more likely to quietly fade back when communication is not heard or understood and let life bring the people I care about back to me in their own time. IF it's meant to happen, it will. (I'm only 5'2" but have you seen the size of my heart? Ya need binoculars to see the top of that mofo lol.) I have so many bullet holes in me from where I've jumped in front of folks to take em for them, or from them, that when I drink water I'm springing multiple leaks lmao. To quote one of my people's lines "the doors of the church are always open"...Sister Donna will be the ghost patiently waitin' at the door. (That's the kind of loyalty I appreciate in others too.)


 October 5, 2016 · An essential lesson of life is, never step outside your personal comfort, ethical, moral or mental safety protection buffers to please humans who would bend over backward to, or deliberately cause you unhappiness, distress or heartache for their own satisfaction, entertainment or personal gain. There's a lot of 'em out there. Know the difference between allies and snake eyes. And know/check yourself because you could in fact be that human who self sabotages or hurts others with or without conscious awareness or concern in any specific moment. But it all comes back around eventually. So be conscious of self and alert to intentions of others. 

* August 19, 2015 · Sometimes you gotta shake the apple tree and let the bad ones fall off.


*  October 15, 2016 · I was accused recently of apologizing too often..and I accept that. But in this country I see a lot of behavior that needs to be doing more apologizing. Manners are becoming a forgotten symbol of respect. No wonder kids don't have them..because adults in this country are not leading by example.


 July 1, 2016 · Scrolling thru facebook observing people vent on multiple issues, it's easy to see why the world is like it is. People sweat the small stuff and overlook the important things they could do something about. Crazy how there's so much "us and them'isms". I'm just glad to be here. The world belongs to nobody and our time span on here is extremely short. I'm not here to divide, despise, belittle, destroy, categorize etc. Just doin' my time in this body that was given to me, trying to learn my lessons and pass my tests. All this scrambling, especially in this country for a little piece of control or to beat somebody at something..Really? I'm not about that life. Just let me do the rest of my sentence here in peace without being hated for whatever people drum up in their brains that needs to be despised.


 July 1, 2013 · Never everrr take anyone or anything for granted. I used to have it half right in that I never took people for granted..BUT situations I allowed myself to believe would stay in my life have always been taken from me. SO the lesson is this: Be wise like a serpent, keep your eyes, ears and mind open and never allow yourself to be drawn by hype presented to you, no matter how sincere or passionate they seem at the time. Let time show you who means what. Healthy cynicism and an unshakeAble sense of humor are two essential survival tools nowadays..


*  December 7, 2015 · This is just a passing thoughts (and a random estimate), so please don't go crazy or ask for scientific proof or results of years of professional studies. So here goes: 85% of what you think you see is an illusion..Your mind fills in the gaps according to your imagination, past experience and personal perception. #RandomMorningThought


 October 26, 2012 · OK just for the record I do not usually spend time dwelling on death or people who have passed, even though it is of course good to pay respects and remember the great stuff. I lost both my mom and my dad plus quite a few others in my lifetime that I care about (and who cared about me during theirs!) 

My point here is that I have seen too many people moping about the LOSS in their lives in a self destructive way rather than being glad for what those people brought INTO our lives, or gave to us while they were walking on this planet breathing the same air as us. Do you really think they are up there thinkin "ooo I hope they are grieving and falling apart down there over me..I hope their life comes to a shuddering halt because I'm not occupying the body they were familiar with any more"...Hellllnaahh..I can't think for one moment that they are..

My mom and dad loved and were proud of me.My dad blessed me with the artistic gene. My mom gave me an easygoing nature and a sense of adventure. All I'm saying is, to continue in grief is to continue in selfishness and discounts the fact that they live on in and thru you. Pay respect to their influence by being the best you can be and learning to live and appreciate the life you have here and now.  Oh yea..and one more thing..(I am not the first to say this but it is so true) Be good to those around us now. Appreciate the people you have in your life NOW that matter to you..LET THEM KNOW HOW YOU FEEL...

*  November 22, 2011 · This goes out to everyone who has lost a parent or somebody close to them. If they loved and supported you in life, do you think they would want you to down tools and give up on life? You OWE it to THEM to push even harder and be the best you can be. Yea I'm qualified to speak..I lost both parents and stand behind my words..NO tears and black clouds..Stand up!..Say thanks in your heart for the gift of talent they gave you..and show em what you are made of!!!


*  October 31, 2013 · While laying here resting and browsing I feel drawn to point something out that I'm noticing..(and hey I have been guilty of it myself so I'm not judging..just turning some faces to look at truth..)..I have seen people who are supremely blessed and I see regular progress thru their (facebook) posts..births, interviews, bookings..things that have made my heart soar for them even if I don't know them personally. Yet now and then these same people look up and shake their fist to the sky and ask where their blessings are.."Lawd a'mercy" as my grandma used to say. I see the most awesome blessings all around you! Have you forgotten all of those already?? Open your eyes and cherish those before you ask for yet more. I say this to all of us, not one specific person..Lets show more gratitude so that our blessings won't be taken from us..Peace and Blessings.


*  December 14, 2014 · Obscurity isn't so bad. You learn to appreciate and know yourself better without other opinions getting in the way.

*  August 17, 2013 · People who talk religion like they live n breathe it, but still talk sh*t about other races need to examine the blood on their hands. Does not your religion teach on love, patience and forgiveness? Or do you just read into the Bible or Quran etc what you choose it to mean? Folks are shaking a finger at concepts like "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth", whenever it suits their frame of mind. Folks, don't go out trying to save every soul when you have hate in your own heart..*gazes at sleeping congregation, throws down mic and steps away from the podium

Lester Pollitt III: Know what they speak on before they speak?! Word! #agree #100%
Donna H Mofohari: amen sire..thank you!


 July 23, 2015 · Sometimes, in fact more times than you can imagine, what you want is so close all you have to do is reach out and take it. Too many people prefer to sit and overthink it or think it can't be for them. I too have been guilty. It doesn't take confidence as much as it takes intelligence to reach out your hand and get what you need. No no..not shoplifting..don't take it literal. If you don't get it, it's not for you.


 December 5, 2014 · TOTD..In this crazy world we have to steer away from the common practice of 'reactivity' and aim for 'proactivity'..which clearly is completely different.


 Oct 23, 2016: Serious talk..Too many people get so hung up on driving that they forget to enjoy the journey.

 September 26, 2016 · When life starts rollin you too fast on your skates, or the waves start rising too fast, makin you ride too high, sometimes you NEED to slow it down. Get off that surfboard and bask in the sunshine for awhile just to recalibrate..breathe! I see too many swear they "can't stop" because they believe life will crash around their ears. Nope. It won't. Your mental, spiritual and physical health matter more than your dreams. PACE YOURSELF! ENJOY THE RIDE..DON'T LET THE RIDE RIDE YOU RIGHT INTO YOUR GRAVE! Let it marinate. #RandomCrypticThoughts


July 27, 2011 · Sometimes you have to forget fear, jump on your board, stand up and ride that wave when it comes out of nowhere...

*  May 5, 2012 · Several great ideas have been presented to me over the past week..(food for thought, much to consider) Life is taking some unexpected and beautiful turns that I am thankful for. When opportunities are created, if we do nothing, nothing is the result..time to do all that is within my physical and mental power to take it up 10 notches..hard work ahead!!


 June 27, 2013 · We may place ourselves in situations outside our comfort zone to challenge ourselves and grow, only to discover that our strength is not in that place..and that's ok. The act of challenging ourselves is a good thing! If nothing else it teaches us where we need to let go and where we should be focussing the talents and skills we do have..#Self revelations.

 Nov 21, 2016: Every time I force myself out the door after a hard day's work to the gym and get thru a good session, I feel majorly proud of myself. Today was exceptionally hard and I wanted to collapse in a heap on the couch n suck ma thumb lol..but I didn't..and therein is the answer to "life"...

*  August 19, 2016 · Somebody once told me, the best way to really learn anything is by going and doing..and figuring things out for yourself. He was right. That is all.


 August 13, 2013 · I'm pretty sure I'm the hardest working unemployed lady on the planet with a disability. I swear I see 100% able bodied people not appreciating what they have and kicking back, killing precious moments of their life..EVERY DAY I push to get better, be better, push myself a little more..set new challenges, rise to them..and each one I attain..I aim higher..Why? COS I'M THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN DO IT!!!!! 

So, this is MofoHari stepping up her game. .D'you want a piece of me world? Well do ya?? Got me some new boxing gloves and I've been in hard training. Well come onnnn muffukkas COME ON!!! Lol..Sleeves are rolled up and I'm not taking "no" for an answer. My kid needs feeding and the landlord will not wait. I'm a woman with determination and a whole lotta resources and experience all crammed into my 5'2" frame. There is no reason on this planet my family should be financially in need in this country..LETS GO!


*  January 28, 2013 · I have learned that sometimes a tone needs to be sharpened (even in writing) to get people to lift their heads up and hear a message. If it is spoken lovingly or softly people may coo back but the message is LOST on the wind immediately. If I make you mad, if I make you turn your back on me for a hot least it means you listened, even if your emo-tions caused you to shut down on the messenger.


*  May 29, 2013 · Thought of the Day: A 'stranger' is either someone you haven't spoken with yet..or the ones who have stopped communicating. One you can do something about, the other you have to eventually resign yourself to..meaning let them go..they no longer exist in your world. (L.I.F.E.)..I'm a slow learner but after half a million heartaches I figure it out.


*  October 4, 2013 · Contemplations of the day: Hardest lesson in life..Just because you care about people and would to do everything in your power to lift or support, would be there without question when needed, or drop everything to talk if they are down, does NOT mean they would do the same. Nor does it mean that they do or are obliged to feel the same. What you feel and how much you give is completely on YOU. If support, concern, love, appreciation etc comes back to you it is simply a bonus. Never EXPECT anything from anybody..ever. But appreciate each gesture on its own merits.

 April 27, 2016 · My people said it all when they said "work smarter not harder"..I'm still learning the art in that, because there is a mastery level that has to be consciously aimed for in working out the smartest/best way forward FOR YOU (which may be totally different than a collective mindset, somebody else's methods or advice from others who were successful doing things a particular way). Know yourself well enough so you can figure out what is your best path to whatever you feel is right for you to achieve, accomplish etc. I see so many giving up because their expectations of dream fulfillment becomes relative to their demands on life, which eventually becomes a bitter battle with the universe (i.e. sometimes dreams morph into demands, then the pleasure becomes pain and the path becomes a prison). You can't win a game of chess with the universe should you be foolish enough to challenge it, so be the student and let yourself learn the lessons you are taught. That way you will be able to make better moves with the universe as your mentor. 

*  February 22, 2015 · Fact: You canNOT set time scales for the achievement of success. Life doesn't work like that. I have lived on this planet long enough to know expectations or goals are not always attained when and how we state they are going to happen. That is unrealistic and unfair to yourself. BUT you can get tired of pushing, you are allowed to say enough is enough when you have had time to see that maybe what you were fighting so hard to achieve didn't actually hold the sunshine, roses and miraculous life you thought you dreamed of. Nor was that world full of people who cared about your achievements, or followed up with promises, or gave a f*ck about YOU. You are allowed to choose to sit back and be successful in your own time, in your own environment, by your own standards and on your own terms.


*  December 26, 2013 · My latest lesson is..NEVER take ANYTHING for granted..especially life. When you do that or complain outwardly about it, lessons come at you just to sufficiently scare you (or god forbid..worse) into appreciating every breath, every inch of the ground you walk on, every birthday you have ever wanted to shove under the carpet, every moment with your children, family or people you care about. Live each moment like it is the last. That is all...


 October 16, 2011 · Have you noticed? Too many people are trying to take the easy road in life, music or relationships. But think about is the striving, struggling, creative strategy..the extra effort you put in that helps you grow or learn new ways of doing things..that give you more self pride, self respect, success, variety and color in your world. I refuse to follow the lemmings. Let em jump of the cliff. I'm on this planet to learn to be the best I can.


 June 27, 2009 · There are times in life when you will feel lonely even when people are around you. That doesn't mean you are alone. There are times in life when you will feel the need to take time out to be alone to grow internally. It doesn't mean you are hatin'. Sometimes you'll just need to do that for yourself.


 July 19, 2013 · The concept of "winning" is bullsh*t..I have no plans or intentions of "winning"..That is for folks who focus on winning and losing...I'm not in competition with ANYone.. (Editor's note: That is not to say I don't compete a little against myself..if you want to look at it that way. I'm always striving to improve!)


*  December 13, 2015:  There is a distinct difference between having a "disability" and being "disabled"..Ppl will try to label and pigeon hole you regularly..A weak mind will take those labels to heart..To my mind a disability is no more than a wake up call..Means you will have to push harder to either find a way to overcome it, or work around it and keep moving forward. Therefore we are stronger and more determined than most to be the best we can be, and we never take any forward movement for granted. Oh..examples..I know of a blind lady who bags groceries and a man with no hands who operates a cash register and bags things up at my local pharmacy. Always remember, you may HAVE what the world calls "a disability" but you are never disabled unless you make up your mind that you are..that is all. #CarryOnSoldiers


*  November 11, 2015 · I'm saying it again..People need to stop running around searching for "something" they will never find. Our greatest resources are inside and around us..That is all.

November 11, 2012 · Many of us do too much thinking, talking, regretting and running around like crazy looking for something that is already inside us, already right in front of us, already beside us. When something is near you and for you long enough you become blind and numb to it for whatever reasons you choose to convince yourself of because you are so used to being alone, being ignored or fighting for what you want. The true perfection we tend to seek is just beyond our fingertips and exists only in our imagination. Wake yourself and appreciate your resources!


*  October 24, 2015 · I just had one of those retardedly profound MofoHari revelations while washing out the oatmeal pan. As I was washing it immediately after making my breakfast I thought "Welll now isn't it so much easier cleaning it up before it settles and hardens?" ..Then it occurred to me that if we deal with our problems before they settles inside and gets hard, life would become so much easier to clean up so you can move on..(yea yea I know made sense to me). I laughed at myself and told my daughter. She gave me one of those 'looks', blinked sarcastically and turned back to her pc.


*  August 19, 2017 · On the timeline of your life watch how the lines rise and fall and rise again, like the lines of a credit rating. Can you pinpoint the times you put in focus and effort? When you had a major "a-ha moment" that changed your life? A time you were connected with like minded people? Highlights. Each step matters. Keep an eye on your lifetime timeline. Keep rising, no backsliding.


*  December 12, 2014 · I see people all around me who believe in the "I, Me, Mine" philosophy of life. If you can say in ten years' time that this "I am law is all" attitude fulfills and makes you happy, I will bow down and worship you as king/queen. I guarantee it will strangulate and destroy you with bitterness eventually. In this life you MUST learn to bend, adapt, re-adjust the lens regularly and always be prepared for a new p.o.v.. My philosophy is "bend without laying down or you will unquestionably be broken". This is the universal law.

*  April 9, 2015 ·  I don't believe people have to be 'set in their ways' (unless they choose to be). Habits can be broken, directions can be changed, minds can adjust priorities and direction at any age! I have heard of 90 odd year old ppl achieving dreams, doing weight training and looking amazing, or being in a band etc etc..I've seen it happen! So for anybody to say they cannot change is really saying they won't/don't want to change, or they are scared to try, or they have given up on themselves. Now, being "stuck in a rut", yes it does happen but when excuses override potential or when somebody firmly convinces him/herself that they can't change they are effed before they even try! Whatever age, no matter what circumstance, anything is possible. The mind is capable of a whole lot more than we give it credit for.


*  July 7, 2014 · Somebody wise once told me.".be content with thinking about some things without actually doing them". Some things cannot realistically happen and are never 'meant' to happen or take physical form in our lives. Sometimes you just need to be happy with feeling good about thinking and talking without tearing your heart out trying to achieve them or dropping everything to help somebody else achieve those things they think/talk about. That is not 'giving up' or 'forsaking dreams'..far from it. It Is just being realistic about which specific things you could, should and want to reach for.

May 30, 2016 · A Life lived solely in the imagination is only "real" to those who buy into the hype. YOU however, must buy into, delve into and dive into life. Learning Is Finding Everything. You must activate everything to find "Everything"..mind, body and spirit. Live your life don't just dream. (Advice to myself as well as a random thought for anybody else it may resonate with out there.)

May 30, 2013 · Thought of The Day: Visions are important in our own life process of self definition..Thru our hopes and mental projections we learn who we are and what we want out of life from our OWN perspective. Most of us aim way above the limitations of reality and that's okay..that is our self-raising bar which will never stay in one place. BUT not achieving the height at which our bar is set does NOT make us a 'failure', it simply means our visions are realistically set beyond our abilities to achieve them. These are the dreams that should be treasured for what they teach us about ourselves (and others). When you write up a business plan you are expected/advised to write long term goals, medium term goals, and short term goals. Without the short term goals the long term goals will not be attainable. Without long term goals we build no stepping stones. Work on the smaller goals to achieve the greater vision, but do not beat yourself if you have to redirect your footsteps as you evolve.


*  April 13, 2016 · Whatever you do..never do on impulse..think it sure of your own mind..I know "they" say that "just doing it" is the way. Yes "doing it" IS the way. JUST doing not. Know yourself and your own mind, follow heart and instinct but use your head. Like my ppl used to tell me "Jump, but make sure there's water down there first." #RandomThought


November 17, 2014 · Tolerance comes from discussion, laying cards on table, opening minds and bending to an understanding or agreeing to disagree. Not from brick throwing, open hostility and intentionally closing minds.


* August 20, 2012 · Too many people focus on the wounds and not the healing.


 February 12, 2014 · Nothing you do in this life is in vain. Everything you do that touches someone's life may not even be completely in your 'awareness or consciousness zone' but it impacts somebody for good or for bad in whatever you do or say. The way that it is done or said, the sincerity and all matters. Some are here to gather not divide, support not take over, promote, not for elevation of self. Understand that there are people who genuinely want to do some good. Learn to take and use what somebody gives from the heart. If these actions are not in vain, yet the "impact" is withheld or hidden by the receiver, then the giver will never know if their efforts or intentions are received with appreciation, chagrin, displeasure etc..


 January 19, 2014 · I really don't understand why some of the most intelligent people are so smart in general knowledge but so damn dumb in interpreting the lessons of life..maybe it's just me..