~   HIDDEN DREAMZ  ~

*Inspiration can be taken from everything around us. From casual conversations to sitting by a river or park watching people wander by, to contemplating life experiences. I have always maintained to those who have expressed to me that they have nothing to write about, that as surely as you can carry on a conversation, as surely as you breathe the air or have brain cells that function, you can draw inspiration, sometimes in unlikely places or when you least expect it, which creates material for your creative process. Even if you never wandered out of your residence, if you can fantasize or imagine a story, you can write something new. IF writing is in you to do, you have no just have to go with it! That's the blessing/curse of having an imaginative mind combined with a creative gene. Its just "what you do"..period! We may not share everything that we create with the world, but it is something that we cannot avoid. It is a source of personal emotional release/outlet. Ultimately it is our expression, the purest form of reaching people with our deepest thoughts, lifting, teaching, sharing a feeling. 

*As I present yet another four years of MofoHari's recorded thoughts, imaginations and hidden dreams through song, I have so many people to thank for their input, for their continuing faith in me, for their encouragement and support. Thanks first to all the highly skilled veteran producers who allowed me to lace their work with my vocals and graciously supported the results. Special thanks to my daughter Amy for her inspiration for "Casino Crack". We were vibing together with Nick Wiz's "Unreleased 90's Hip Hop Instrumentals" and I had asked her to pick a beat that jumped out to her. She chose one so I asked her what she could imagine or see when listening. She closed her eyes and literally gave me a whole story idea. From her vision a new song was born. Thanks to those amazing artists who jumped on a track with me and added their skill and truly gave it the magic touch!!! Thank you to the ever patient Fyvie Designs for the tireless enthusiasm and passion in creating a real work of beautiful art! Thanks to the people around me who provide wind behind my wings, especially in times when I have hit the dreaded windless hiatus. Finally, a huge heartfelt thank you to those who listen and support my work, who find something of value within my recordings. You are the true stars! Peace xxx 

released June 29, 2018 

Credits: Easy Mo Bee, Nick Wiz, Chrismorale, Dirk Digga, Da Beatminerz, Inkredibill, Cheo Bryan, Marcus Prhyme, Nyceflix Productions, VekCmd, Wyze Intellect, Rkitech, Supreme Da Almighty, Mr Jack + Superb Elements, Jimmy Quail, The Cratez, Amy Anderton (co-conspirator for Casino Crack), Yung Miss, Nya Thryce, 1Shot Spitune, Reggie Reg, Victoria LaShae. Cover Art: Fyvie Designs 

Easy Mo Bee - Trk 3: Gimme-Back Album: And You Don't Stop (Used for: I Need) 

Nick Wiz - Trk 1: Check It Out Album: Unreleased 90's Hip Hop Instrumentals (Used for: Casino Crack)

@ all rights reserved

                     ~ COLUMBA - CONSTELLATIONS FOR LOVERS ~

A compilations of love songs past, present and..a leak or two from the "Hidden Dreamz" album coming soon in 2018.

released February 12, 2018 

@ all rights reserved

             ~ LOVE ON ALL ACCOUNTS ~ 


('Love On All Accounts' was released 30 December 2013 and is also available on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody and many other sites)

I am, to my mind, still a rough diamond with many lessons yet to learn, many roads still to travel. But I believe if we take each step or stage as it comes, savoring each moment, taking time to breathe the air and appreciate people who come into our lives, if we continue to take something from each experience as it comes as well as give something back, there are no limits to our developments in this life. The concept behind "Love On All Accounts" highlights that how we view our world and environment is how we react or respond to it. "LOVE" is a word which can be seen as a huge umbrella. There are so many areas in which we "allow" our hearts to feel, in whatever capacity it may be, whether good, bad, dangerous, positive or negative. "Good love" may include romance, sensuality, sex, love of family, friends, children, self, fashion, music, good memories, activities, many things! Yet there is a "Bad love" category that may include, for instance violent relationships, drug/alcohol addiction, jealousy and control issues, a dangerous addiction to thrill seeking in many different formats. Since the subject is so vast, this project took a few of the many possibilities and held them up in a creative light.

Shout Outs, Accolades, Bells and Whistles! 

Special thanks to Billy Danze and 'We Build Hits' ( for providing opportunities for independent artists such as myself to work with experienced professionals in the industry. Extra special thank you to Jazo for taking time out to give feedback and guidance, and to both for showing love for my efforts. Without Billy and Jazo "Incredible" would never have been created! To Nick Wiz, Tross and Ruste Juxx - wow!!! What can I say??!! You stole the show with your contribution to this project. "Love On All Accounts" says everything the album seeks to highlight, both thru sound and verse.,Thank You!! To Jeff Sanabria: BIG thumbs up and major appreciation for your great work on the cover art! You listened to my ideas then creatively breathed life into them. 
Accolades to FaDaze, Nya Thryce, Chrismorale and all my MaDD PpuLL...Always in my heart..I am 'here' because of you. You opened your hearts, reached out with unbelievable patience and inspiration, and fitted me with creative wings to fly. To the Villainous Chrismorale: Always the best in my eyes..thank you for all the years of guidance and the many AWESOME tracks we have created together! To Rkitech and Ensight Media Group: The highest respect and gratitude for believing in me, sponsoring a show and supporting me as you have done! Your experience, advice and guidance have been invaluable. To all the producers and artists who have reached out to work with me over the years: It is always an honor and I can't express the depth of appreciation for those who have shown such faith in me. NOT to be left out!!!: Standing ovations to my fans, listeners and supporters for driving me on! Much love. 


                        ~ DREAMZ II: STAY WITH ME ~

                       ~ DREAMZ  I: WALK WITH ME ~

                     ~ MOVIN ON - ALTERNATIVE PATHS ~