~  ON BEING MOFOHARI ~

                                                 Music is what you make it..We all have access to the raw hard 
                                 materials of creativity, its the heart, mind, skill, personal desire and experiences 
                                                                             of life that do the rest.


 April 14, 2016 · To anyone who has invested time, energy or faith in me....and have ever doubted if that made any impact on, mattered to or lit any flames in me..please know and register that whatever I do you are the foundation and I am only passing on what I have learned and building on the framework you constructed in me. Where I go, there you are. Corny? Maybe. But true? Hell yes.

*  April 9, 2014 · Salute all..Thanks for the music, the memories, the time and the experiences..Those can never mean more to anyone than they do me..Awesome..Thanks to all who have given me a chance to shine. peace.

 December 13, 2015 · Salute to the people who come forward and actually let me know what they hear!! You are appreciated, it means a lot..Thank you!

*  August 28, 2013 · Some days you feel your words and work are going unnoticed..then..allofasudden..a lot of people show love when you least expect it..Salute to everybody who is respecting the hard work and determination behind this project..Peace all..I appreciate it and all the good thoughts.

*  July 27, 2014 · I love when folks who have been in the industry for a long minute show their love of music above 'artist status' and keep an ear open for enthusiasm, passion and skill..It shows they still have their heart and soul in the right place...yes yes yes. SALUTE!

*  August 20, 2017 · Humbled, Excited and Honored..I asked the universe a long time ago to surround me with greatness and have been blessed many times over..Can't express it..Guess I'll have to write it out! Just..thank you to all who have seen, recognized and respected my hunger and eagerness. I'm old as the hills but this childlike passion and love for my art and my ppl will never die. There is always "better". There is always more depth and ability in us all than we sometimes allow ourselves to realize. Skills can ALWAYS grow. Never allow yourself to grow stale or stagnant with your art. Keep growing. Yes you can!


*  August 29, 2013 · All I NEED is ONE MIC..when I make music I am colorless, classless, free and in communion with creativity..


 January 17, 2014 · To anybody thinking I am the hardest working human ever..I don't work that hard believe that..Not like on a 24/7 grind with it. I'm home all day every day so I do what I do when I'm feeling it.  Music is what I do as a form of expression. If anybody likes what they hear then it is truly an honor and privilege to share with them, but I'm not doing what I do to seek superstardom for myself..that's not what I'm here for. 


*  February 10, 2011 - 'I' have pushed past multiple barriers, disregarded a million fears and pushed forward against all odds. It may be time my "MofoHari" takes over the stage and shoves off the reserved Miss Donna H, because obviously being laidback, cautious and respectful does not get her what she needs, wants and deserves.


 January 17, 2014 · Do you ever listen to a song or sound and it reaches you so deep that you cry for no reason?  Kinda like the 'after the best orgasm ever' kinda crying..just cuz it makes you feel so I know it makes no sense to anybody but me..I know I'm certifiably nutz..but..that is how it is sometimes.

Tara Lee: I understand completely!
Donna H Mofohari: i get lost in the whole vibe of stuff sometimes..goosebumps..and sometimes if i'm with somebody and they are not affected like that it feels weird like..why can't i share this good feeling with that person? its such a personal thing tho..would be good if you could get ppl around you to feel that same buzz of know?

 February 20, 2015 · oohshit my drug dealer just shot my veins full of the wagon yet again..

*  April 13, 2013 · I feel about music the way some people feel when they are in love. You want to stand on a rooftop and shout it to the world..HEYYY WOORRRLDDD THIS IS AWESOME!!..and I know the people I have been most drawn to in my lifetime have felt the same, which is why I appreciate the company of people who don't think I'm (tooo much of) an alien and will indulge along with me..Thank you to everyone in my life who has broken bread with me music wise.

*  April 14, 2011 · If I felt for any man, or any man felt for me the same way I feel about music I would have been married by now with more babies than I want to even think about..but since I have been married to "music", the twinkle in my eye is brighter than Alpha Centauri...Uhoh, another pregnancy is in the air...

*  December 15, 2014 · I'm completely nutsified when it comes to music. If I hear a voice or a vibe that resonates in me, a beat that hits me right, a verse somebody spits that hits me between the eyes, or a number of other things, I can at times literally burst into tears. It has nothing to do with it being a sad song or 'normal' stuff that moves people..ohh nooo none of that. Just for some reason my whole body reacts to sound. I get chills, goosebumps, thumpy heart, get lost on Mars or somewhere at times. Maybe I need to get a life and stop living vicariously thru sound lol.


March 18, 2015 · L
ocked behind closed doors working on #hiddendreams...Hidden dreams are no less important than go getters who would sacrifice their integrity to get where they think they want to be, and way more important to personal fulfillment.

November 25, 2015 · W
hen you have as many new songs as I've had to sift thru to find the right ones for the "Hidden Dreamz: album, and "narrowed" it down to 28 of the strongest..and all the clips, comments, add ons (apart from 2)..are effectively in place, and you listen back..there's something pretty amazing about listening to it as an album.  I mean as if you were somebody else if that makes sense. It's like.."that's not me"! No no I'm being neither fake humble nor big headed. What I'm really trying to say is that it is incredible to me how the creative processes work because you never know, (or at least I don't know for sure) how things will be on completion. They take shape as they will according to so many different factors...  And for those results I have to thank the inspiration and talents of the producers and artists who believed in me enough to give wings to my creative imagination. One cannot create without the other. Well that is not entirely true..a producer can create an entire symphony, a whole story without an artist..but an artist depends on the canvas presented by a producer who touches the right creative buttons..Let me get the idea. I'm just really looking forward to sharing the finished project with you.

October 29, 2015 · I Have enough good tracks from the waves of creativity that wash over me in between hiatuses, to make three full albums..and yet..I can't stop..It's my drug, my sex partner, my confidante, my pychoanalyst, my doctor, husband, friend, fantasy and general emotional release. Only one final album will be released made up of some of those. #HiddenDreamz . As soon as things settle over here VekCmd will be joining me for another beautiful collab, after which I will have to draw a line under the album and get it out there or it will end up a triple album that nobody will have time to listen to lol.

 July 26, 2017 · I have a feast of instrumentals that cause multiple orgasms when I survey them in their totality..SoI  have to work one at a time..I will attempt to pull the collabs together and get those completed..planned, focused and determined. I need this album to be released before I leave the planet! (I know that's a lot of "I's"..but it's NOT "all about me"..)

Vaughan Lee: Stay Focused and don't over think it let it happen naturally examine what you have and itemize what you want and what you need
Donna H Mofohari: Yessir great advice!!! Thank you :)
Vaughan Lee: You're welcome


*  December 26, 2013 · 
So far the feedback on the album has been SO humbling..My vocs have been compared to Erykah Badu, Teena Marie, Sade and Amy Winehouse..How much more of an honor can one indie artist receive??!!??...DEEPLY moving..Thank you!!!!!

Jay DeLoach: Of course my mini-Jill...what u THOUGHT?? :)
Donna H Mofohari: awwwwwwwwwwwwwww <3 <3 <3 ~beams~ i forgot about that one!! love ya :)
Hitmaker Tep: STAR
Donna H Mofohari: :))
Martyn Binnie: "in 4 the kill" is NICE! and that spoken word intro is really creative
Donna H Mofohari: thanks!!! that in 4 tha kill is the one that da beatminerz produced..i loved the vibe when i heard that..and re the intro i needed something to explain the concept and agonized over whether to do a skit or something..but then i figured why not just do what comes naturally..write a poem glad it came across ok..!
Martyn Binnie: oh shit, i forgot you had a beatminerz track on there lol, should've realized that by hearing it
and yeh, you definitely captured the theme of the album with that poem, great job
Donna H Mofohari:  :D thanks!

*  December 30, 2013 · (REGARDING ALBUM "LOVE ON ALL ACCOUNTS": Thank you to the artists and producers with placements on the album who have made the effort to help promote the album..I hope you know just how much your weight behind the project is appreciated. Nobody can do it alone! Thank you to everybody who has shown love and support at the starting gate of this release and even before! I will get off here and breathe, let the momentum of the release pick up, let the waves generate on its own merits without me harping on..Just know I'm proud as hell of every artist and producer on that album..You did me proud!!! So yea..I'm gonna be pushing you out there as hard as I can..It's not just about 'me'...It never was..(ask my MaDD PpuLL)..It's about the music, the creativity and the unity I always work toward..peace.

*  October 18, 2013 · 
This is not business talk, this is from the depth of my little artist heart..You have some real epic treats in store in my soon to be released album 'Love On All Accounts'..Serious dopeness from Ruste Juxx, Tross and Nick Wiz on the title song..Sultry sensuality on the most beautiful beat I've had the pleasure to work on from Jaz-o, a killer song produced by Da Beatminerz, plus much more awesomeness from all of the super-skilled producers and artists who contributed to this project (which took two years and a lot of joint efforts to complete)...Ohhhh you have some good stuff coming..believe that!!!

*  January 6, 2014 · I
'm normally not one to stand on a mountain top with my chest it big headed to say I'm proud of my album?..Everyone who contributed made it completely, unbelievably one of a kind and a masterpiece in its own right..But then I'm equally proud of every song I've ever recorded and released out there (about 140 to date, probably more..I've lost count!!!)..Because every mind to mind session of creativity is beyond special to me, and if I can't connect with somebody there's no point in working with them because the passion and work has to come from all parties involved..(just passing thoughts..had to let it out.)

January 15, 2014  · I
s it okay to say I'm proud of and enjoy listening to my own album? I don't say it with ego, I say it from another place. I don't thrive on personal glory but by sharing/shining the light on the skilled and talented ppl who took time to sit at the table of creativity with me..the ones who have enough respect and passion for their art to share thoughts, ideas and themselves, even for one moment in time..It is the artists, producers and professional attitudes that collectively made the uniqueness of this album..and yes i'm proud of that.


Watch out for MofoHari performing live, Sat, July 24th 7-9 pm at Sherlocks Books and Cafe, Smithville Town Center, Galloway NJ, located in the Foodtown Plaza on Route 9! Turn up + show your support..tell all you know, come show a mofo some love!! go check out: Mofo Hari: Dreamz I - Walk With Me on produced by Chrismorale Villain - Get at me with summer slots in South NJ!

November 15, 2014 · 
I'm a real diva when it comes to performing..If the sound is not right I want to go smash the mic over the sound controller's head and walk out..It is IMPORTANT for a singer to have a decent mic (I learned to bring my own) and that they can hear what they are performing..If not it messes everything up and no matter how professional or practiced or amped etc they are, they can't give their optimum performance. Remember and respect that if you are used to rappers who can jump up and rap with the crappiest mic and sound quality. When dealing with singers, it is a different thing with different requirements altogether. Respect our needs if you want the best entertainment..#EffYourSlapdashness.. #HaveSomeSavvy #Professionalism

*  August 25, 2011 · 
At Friday's performance I only had time to jump on + sing one track without a mic check, sounded like shit to my ear but I gave it what I could..Chris had introduced me by my government name and as we finished performing TalkSweet I kept hearing a lady yelling my name over and over..I wondered if I knew her but she was just showing appreciation from the crowd..That right there was a beautiful experience..Next time I get on stage Ima be giving her and all my appreciators everything I got and more.

August 20, 2011 · 
Still buzzing and humbled after last night's show at The Rusty Nail in Ardmore..What I witnessed last night was something I have been hungry for a long see other artists demonstrating love, passion and commitment..artists who come out just cuz the opportunity is there..nothin to gain but exposure and good company..I mean these folks drove MILES just to be down with words can express my heart on this one..just..thanks from my emotional lil heart.

*  August 20, 2011 at 1:57am · Chris Morale : thank u for serenading me and sprinklin candy on the crowd last night. WHO DA BESSS.

 October 26, 2013 - A good mic and foldback in performance will do wonders for confidence in performing. The opposite is obvious. All the rehearsing in the world will do nothing if your mic sucks and you can't hear what you're doing, which affects how you come across to your audience...It's bad all around. You have got to have a good mic and sound controller or it makes you look unprofessional.

May 12, 2016 · Listening to my last couple of stage performances I held my head in my hands..These people prepare settings for rappers and forget about singers. That setup sounds THE WORST..and also we need to hear ourselves..Your cheap ass mics and setups that don't allow for quality sound kills music..and confidence in artists who would otherwise be out there performing. This is not a's a very strong suggestion!!!!

August 9, 2013 · 
Ok folks my time slot has changed again..MofoHari is back on the 9 pm opening slot..You won't want to miss "Times Square Takeover" tonight!! Sooooo much talent coming together to entertain you for the evening..Get down to Tobacco Rd on w 42nd..doors open @7 pm..I'll see ya there *on the train headed there now.

August 9, 2013 at 9:46 PM · Folks you don't know what you're missin' over here! Folks are shOwing soo much love! My set is finished..loving the talent here!

Mushugana DeLa Rukkus: terrific madam.....soo glad all wurkd out....witcha in spiirit....ALLDAY!!!
Donna H Mofohari: yeaaa and i felt it too..cheesin..sittin on the greyhound headed homeward now.
Mushugana DeLa Rukkus: sooooo glad.....u made us proud madam......

*  October 19, 2013 · I'm restin' up building strength..I'm actually feeling butterflies over the show coming up Thursday 24th at Tobacco Road, Times Square..cos some of my peeps will be there performing too and some will be there to show support..I missed the show last night but will be more than ready by Thursday..Can't keep this lady dOwn ;-) More importantly make sure you have registered for your slot in the showcase or just turn up for the open mic prior to the showcase..or just come out and party with me and everybody else..I need to see you there..crowd participation is essential..the harder you rock with me the more I'll give you..Peace all..See you there!

*  August 12, 2013 · 
Coming home from the gig on Friday I stepped outside the venue door and had to step around a dude throwing up, walked across to the greyhound stn and stepped around a few patches of sick and a couple of folks sprawled outside n the ground..tried to open the back door to the stn and it was locked so had to walk past, over around the one tent somebody had put up for the night..walked thru the greyhound garage...yikes I know I've seen worse in life but geewhizz America, it was only 10:30 pm..smh..crackheads gotta do what crackheads gotta do i guess :-\ just woulda been nice to cross the street without worryin' about being a female on my own around all that ish.

February 13, 2014 · 
Going back in my mind to my performances at Tobacco Road, Times Sq..and thinking about the folks laying out near there on the sidewalks..Some in rigged tents, others laying flat out under the night sky. So I'm sending good thoughts out for whatever little that's worth and hoping they are finding some shelter or somebody out there taking these folks to safe places. Take care out there, warmer times are coming. And for the rest of us we have to stop complaining about it. You will be complaining about the heat soon so it's all good..Be thankful you have a roof for shelter, blankets and clothes to pile on. Even if all you have is a few potatoes to last until you can get out you can make potato soup if your electricity or gas is on..that ish will last you awhile. Stay safe all..enjoy the cozy time indoors if you can..I know I am.

October 25, 2013 · I THINK I've caught up with my pages..phew..didn't get home until 5:30 am so got started a little late in going thru everything. Thanks to everybody who came out to Tobacco Road last night..there was a lot of SKILL in the building. Lord Rkitech Rkitechs put me in the cypher and I failed..miserably LOLOL but warmed us all up and we were enjoying it so it was all good! This was one of those nights that we wish there had been another place to take it so it could have gone on and on..the vibe was great, folks had much more to give..and all TOO SOON the night was over..Stay on top tho @ENSIGHTmg COM has a tour on NOW so watch for the next venue coming up and i'd advise you to register early and then SHOW will NOT regret it!!!!


*  October 24, 2013 · Hitmaker Tep: 


August 17, 2016 · W
hen I start a track or project I am haunted until it is completed..Kinda like getting ready for sex, foreplay over, being ready, then he says "wait a minute, I need to go make a sandwich"...Right now I have projects, numerous half finished tracks and song ideas ready to imagine how this mind of mine is feeling lol..Maybe I need to take a week off the show, aim for a "7 day high" and catch up with it all...probably take longer..I could get lost in it and never come back!

Martyn Binnie: I'm the same way with the beats, once I start one I have to finish it, and I don't start anything else until I finish it
Donna H Mofohari:'s frustrating when you can't get to it when you really want to.

*  May 19, 2017 · There is no feeling in the world like completing a project you have worked hard to refine once the idea has come and been laid down in its rawest form..To watch it develop and grow..listen to guidance and constructive criticism to help get on point and bring the best out in yourself, the initial concept and the final result..omg who needs drugs??!!!?? Just give me a skilled, insightful mind to comment, guide or work with and i'll be happy until my time on this planet ends.


Blackanese : I think it's funny that when I first started doing tracks with Donna H I referred to her as Donna Thome even tho her last name isn't Thome and it was really just her music site addy "DonnaATHOME" I just misread it and ran with it...


*  December 8, 2014 · (ON RECORDING "TELL ME WHERE YOU WANNA GO WITH KEV Cmd) - The recording sesh today..priceless..we were both super tired but overdosing on caffeine, and while working in the studio, laughing so hard tears were coming, especially at my tongue for instance i kept singing the word 'brush' instead of 'crush'..doing it perfectly during practice, just mysteriously slipping up every damn time the tape rolled..we agreed that we needed some outtake videos bcs they'd be hilariousness..that is, if the camera person could hold the cam steady bcs they'd be bound to be rofl'ing..but the fun had in creating this masterpiece is well worth the wait for the final result..pure dopeness.

 November 30, 2015 · Ok turn the lights out, get your flashlight and wait for a spooky story. Tonight I went back into the session of the song id done yesterday to take off the acapellas bit by bit so i could shut the session down. As always i check each piece to make sure its how it should be with no overlaps etc. One piece in the chorus had me listening back several times thinking it was my ears playin tricks..but there was what sounded like a man's voice singing with me very of the notes was just slightly different to what i was singing making it even stranger. Cue spooky music lol..either i have a ghost who likes to sing along here, or there was some faint bleedover from the instrumental..but that is definitely audible in the acapella. Wooo..sleeping with the light on tonight..might start singing "think i'm fallin" in my amorous ghostie?


*  February 18, 2017 · Other than music college I have only ever been in a recording studio twice in my life. Other than that I cut out the middleman and either do it all myself or ask the relevant producer to mix/master (which is a rare luxury nowadays). Educate yourself, fine tune your ear and mix it how you like it.


 Oct 27, 2017 · As an artist I feel just as much excitement, pleasure and joy in exploring different instrumentals to see which one fits my current mind, connecting with the artists who will be collabing (if any) then slowly, sensually and thoroughly vibing with the sound..Seriously..Creating a great song CANNOT be forced, rushed or taken for least not for me. I take my own time. Whether correct or incorrect I record at home so I'm not at the mercy of my dollars flying out the window on a studio engineer's time, altho I would dearly love the opportunity to spend some time with a professional engineer and producer in a studio..#HiddenDreamNumber5MillionAndThree I'd love to watch a producer godfather expertly craft my audio into a masterpiece. #MaybeOneDay before I leave this planet. Because yea..I still hunger to learn from the best of the best. Good morning. And hey..its Friday!

*  Nov 24, 2017 · I went thru all of my instrumentals last night..ended up overwhelmed with so many different vibes vying for a place in my creative psyche..Brain explosions. Had to stop, step back and wait for all those different energies to settle down..Probably better to pick one at a time and sit with it :/ So much beautifulness and so many ideas.

 October 22, 2013 · When I use a beat from a producer I WANT your tag in the beginning..I BELIEVE in showing you love and credit because without you I am nothing..That's my philosophy. Production makes artists sound good and gives our creativity something to work to and with by providing the vibe and the second half of the story that intertwines with what you do with it. The sound is as important, if not more important than the words. It carries the listener thru and adds to the emotion..and a million other things I don't have time to add here lol..But I'm veering off my point..As I said, I WANT your tag in the beginning and/or end of the track..just..not..ALL the way thru..that ish drives me insane..If you send me a beat and ask me to work to it..Please don't DOOO that :/


*  May 3, 2012 · Trippin on this song that wrote itself yesterday on a ChrisMorale piece of a beat..damn!! beautiful stuff..I know when I get goosebumps on playback it's goin' to be fannntastic when finished..AND I even recorded it on a loop I made badly just to have it there to vibe with lol.

*  November 12, 2014 · ON THE SONG "WORTH FIGHTING FOR":.."picked up my cross and walked across to listen to the message/it ain't the church that saves your soul it's your mind and your spirit/gotta learn gotta grow gotta plant gotta sow see what you know/gotta learn gotta grow gotta plant gotta sow see what you know/like Nas says one what? one love/like nas says one what? one love"...Yea..I can drop a jewel every now and then..

 September 5, 2016 · Another sleepless night, I stumbled sleepily into the kitchen this morning, put the kettle on, put the cheerios in the bowl, opened the fridge door and was reaching in for the milk when a great rhyme wandered thru my brain..Since I have terrible short term memory issues at times (especially when I'm half asleep), I dropped what I was doing and got it down. What's up with these rhymes coming out of the blue lately?? Not complaining but this latest run has been unexpected. Got to go with it tho. I called my daughter to read out to her what I had (in my very groggy, sleepy voice lol) and she beamed. That girl is the best for putting up with my random moments of inspiration..And if she likes something she likes it, if she doesn't..she has been known to get up and walk away. Lol..true Capricorn spirit.

*  October 22, 2009 · ON BREAKING THRU A HIATUS: Fortunately (or unfortunately as the case may be) I'm in writing mode. I go thru dry spells then suddenly, everywhere I go and at the worst times ever my brain goes into overdrive and I'm rummaging in my purse for a pen, hanging on mentally to words in my head so I don't forget etc. Earlier I was writing fast and furious on the bus on little scraps of paper, whatever I could find lmao..aaaghh the torment of my art...




*  December 17, 2015 · I keep telling myself.."Less recording and more listening"..It is kinda like being an alcoholic or addict..This is me coming out after confessing "Hello my name is mofohari and I am an addict"..Folks be hangin' around the rehab center with bottles n pills inside their oversize coat.."watchu want sista..I got it knowww you want it.." *counts rosary beads frantically

*  December 6, 2015 · I had to grab the mic and get something out..dammit..I do it to myself every time I tell myself I'm leaving it alone for a bit..But it's like going to therapy for years and then suddenly no therapist..gotta have that release. Or like, not having sex for a hunned years and then some poor random guy gets handcuffed to the bed and can't get to work for three weeks lol..Naw..JK JK..Never ever..(and it's not that kind of song either)..Just lettin off a little creative steam..Feeling better now. (Thanx for asking.)


*  April 1, 2017 · Awwww Mr Walt remembered me and which of his beats I worked on nearly four years ago..*honored #NowThatsProfessionalism!

Amin Smith: In 4 tha kill
Donna H Mofohari:  <3 yessir!!!


*  March 7, 2012 · When I listen back do I hear imperfections? I appreciate my own tracks? Without a doubt! But unless an artist listens to themself and appreciates the good with the "could be improved" and learns to take criticism as well as be SELF critical..they will not grow..I have heard too many artists say they don't like listening to their own are you going to expect other people to? Artists..keep working..keep growing..keep listening..peace.

 November 23, 2012 · When I listen back to my music I can identify the periods of time when feeling especially low, sick, tired, stressed or heartbroken..It shows clearly in the vocal quality..The trick of professionality is to harness that emotion and make it work FOR the voc and not against it..That is part of the growth process (if you love your art enough) to pay attention to details.

*  February 18, 2015 · I like my work..I listen to my work..I'm my worst critic and my own fan..I drive myself on to be better..for myself. My goals have changed and I'm ok with it. Thank you to all the scramblers out there jumping on each others heads trying to take over the world (hating, hurting, back stabbing and back turning on each other) for helping me see what I DON'T want.


 November 17, 2016 · When people tell me I sound like...whoever...I confess I don't know whether to laugh or cry. I appreciate that my vocal tone or style might make somebody think of somebody whose music they like..but I wasn't influenced by anybody specifically..(at least consciously!). Whatever I record, however it comes out is just as much a surprise to me as anybody else. It starts with a thought..or a vibe that an instrumental brings. From there ya just go with it. Let it take over and do what it does..not go in trying to sound like or emulate somebody else. That should be furthest from an artist's mind, even when they are doing covers! Its yours!..You have to claim it. It has nothing to do with potential ears until you and that instrumental have had mind blowing sex. If they say you ride the sound waves like another artist then awesome if it brings them good feelings..but ultimately YOU know its allll way beyond that.


*  September 15, 2013 · Awww crap..I've got to be more professional..just rehearsed a set and kept breaking down and crying when I sang "Revelations"..I'm useless at singing and crying at the same time..I either have to get past it or take it out of the set..smh :-\


*  August 24, 2014 · Big ups and sincere appreciation to my hosts Adam Martinez and Luz Ivelisse Martinez for taking good care of a lady on my trip wayy up top..This pic is going in my photo album to remind me of my trip to Middletown, NY..this 'selfie' is of the motel room which was so generously provided..and mannn did i ever need it..It was an exhausting but great experience..Loved seeing everybody out doin' the damn thing and rockin the mic last night!

I giggle when I see this pic of myself and the wonderful DJ FortKnight. Look at my eyes! This was at the end of the evening and I was an exhausted wreck. I'd had an AWESOME time and it was so wonderful seeing everybody. After six hours of travelling and performing my eyes were drooping badly. My host and family Supreme Da Almighty kept checking on me to see if I was alright. My head was nodding which was embarrassing..but the music was working thru my body, relaxing me more and more to the point where I'd had to fight the "over relaxation" mixed with the exhaustion haha..But oh what wonderful memories the experience left with me!!!


*  April 13, 2016 · I swear..When I write my autobiography there's going to be the most insane stories in there like.."Well one day, when I'd just hung up from speaking with Grandmaster Mele Mel and Scorpio and was still buzzing with excitement, the principal of my daughter's school called and started droning on emotionlessly about how my daughter was not putting enough effort in gym or completing certain assignments..not offering support, just informing in monotone. Peaks and troughs..back to back..*Sings: "Back to life, Back to reality".


*  August 28, 2013 · I'm striving to get to a place where people will listen, recognize and appreciate what I bring to the table. A separate goal but even more important is to be able to provide stability for my child. To know I can feed, clothe, house and buy her little extras and then of course be able to afford to invest in the things I need myself without fear that she or we will do without essentials. Mine is a simple, 'Basic' dream. BUT best believe I have bigger, more universal dreams too..just that reality is the bottom line.. ESSENTIAL goals first.

*  May 4, 2013 · DREAM:  When I walk off the stage I want to go while the audience is going crazy having a good time. I want to see hands in the air and everybody singin' along or involved and happy that by the time somebody realizes that I'm offstage the crowd is a self contained entertainment unit. I just want to be a flame that inspires a few aware and tolerant minds before my time comes..We don't have much time on this planet, so let me reach a few while I'm here.

*  January 9, 2010 · I am not based on self centered gratification, but a strong love of and belief in what I do. I choose not to step on heads to achieve music goals, but to make lasting links, continue to grow and return knowledge to inspire future generations. When I die, if people say "she led by example thru her skill, enthusiasm and love for her art", then my existence will have been of value!


*  April 14, 2012 · Had the best time ever @ the "Put Up Or Shut Up" event in NYC last night..Thanks to Iyadonna and Olivia Gilmore for holdin' it down for us ladies..and everybody else who rokked the mic. Just one comment..LADIES put down your goddamn cell phones, get off your lazy asses and get out on the floor!!!..I'm old as Methuselah but was one of the only females dancing. We were standing and showing support the whole time!..What does that say about you? Get up and stop trying to be so cool..Let your artists see you having fun when they come out to entertain you!


 November 1, 2013 · Until the day I die I will always be a student of my art. I don't care about name, status, people around who will make my name etc..I just don't/can't think like that for right or wrong. If I can learn from somebody I will take what I can and process it. If somebody else should ask for help and I have that knowledge, I will pass it on. Isn't that how it should be? Commercialism and (pardon the expression) dick riding is not my forte. Making good music will always be my goal. I'm hungry to learn, hungry to improve, hungry to grow. The passion you see is str8 from the heart...#RandomThought/ Note to up and coming artists: ALWAYS show respect for knowledge, experience and skill..the ego oriented will not survive.



*  February 12, 2017 · I think the only time I've been somewhat starstruck and a little tongue tied was years ago when the incredible Jaz-o called unexpectedly, waking me up from a nap, to discuss the song I'd recorded on his instrumental courtesy of the ever supportive Billy Danze and "We Build Hits". Being the smooth gentleman that he is, he was great and took it in his stride lol. Starting from 2009 onward, Chrismorale and I (together or individually) have been honored to have heard the thoughts and stories of many of our legends. Those are worth their weight in gold..Food for the soul..Lines for a song. No name dropping, just expressing appreciation for the moments and memories speaking and sharing with passionate minds.


 April 6, 2014 · I got turned down by a radio show once, who said they had no call for "my style of music"..ehh...There IS no music out there that is "my style" I'm just too different for some people..(gotta sound like everybody else to get on)..My peeps did once say "they are not ready for you" but I thank God they embraced my kinda "different" and encouraged me to be me..I'm happy with that.


*  January 11, 2017 · If a madd scientist were to connect me up to some type of machine to record thought waves and feelings, and then di-sected me..first, a great big transparent heart would pop out..secondly his machine would explode due to creative idea overload..kablaaaammm..


*  May 8, 2016 · I was all in the that creative place with focus right where it needed to be.As usually happens texts, calls, the neighbor upstairs and my daughter..all choose those moments to break the sanctity of my much too rare focused creative time..every damn time..its uncanny. Works like having cold water thrown in your face when you're about to have sex (figure it out in relation to metaphor not the literal)..I have gottt to move to a desert island .


 June 7, 2016 · The more I learn about classic tracks, the more I can identify samples in some of my people's is an ongoing process and I keep getting these exciting a-ha moments..


 I first recorded on a tascam 4 trk (cassette) with nothing but an acoustic guitar to write my stuff. So many doors opened as technology grew. I gradually learned to use more analogue equipment and now I really appreciate digital technology. Never limit yourself in creativity! Open your mind and use all resources, learn to use new digital tools when you can but also remember you still have analogue!!! I come from the pre digital era so its an ongoing internal battle to learn new things to help improve my skills. Trying to incorporate old and new can be a beautiful enhancement to your art! There's still SO much to learn but its a labor of love!


 October 14, 2012 · Maybe I should divorce music, get re married and put my passion to a different use..People dont appreciate a lady's faithful dedication..the music I'm married to is cheating..think I need a marriage counselor.

Vaughan Lee: Never question your love or passion or dedication 4your craft because then you are not giving your all to your music,Music will only love U as much as U love it, and its not always easy 2stick around when times are hard but everybody loves the sunshine! Put your passion,pain and love in your music and it will pay off a million times over I promise U that. Everyone gets their chance @this but its up 2U do U want a career or a hit record? Only U know the answer 2that.Stay married 2the game Babygirl!
Donna H Mofohari: that one had me near tears..thank you..that was beautifully said and i appreciate it more than i can express here..peace
Vaughan Lee: No problem don't stop till U get what U came 4 U will get it and the journey will B your testimony! Peace

 July 26, 2016 · This is when you start thinking that just mayybeee you ought to take a break from music for awhile..I woke up this morning with a blend of two songs swirling around my brain at the same time.. "Moment Of Truth" and "Thang4U" Villain remix by Alyce Marie Maserati..Strangest combination ever..but that's what happened! .. So I asked myself.."Donna" I said to self.."Do you think you might be o.d.'ing on music..?.."..and I considered, then answered self with "Nahhh.."..(They told me to go to rehab and I said *cups ear..)..yea..I give up on me too.

 September 15, 2014 · my brain is making a mashup of about three different songs right now..:/  I need to mentally mute two of them. If you were inside my head it would go a little somethin like this: 

I'm takin ya back come follow me
On a journey to see a for real MC
The mind tricks the body
Body thinks the mind is crazy
But when I get the slazy
Keep my flow I'm swayze
i don't know why you hate this here
when you know you find this bitch sexy here
aint nobody hatin on you
you mad cuz a bitch aint waitin on you ahhh
The time is right, you hold me tight
And love's got me high
Please tell me, 'Yes' and don't say, 'No'
Honey, not tonight
Move a little close to me, you owe it to yourself
And I will selfishly take a little for myself
And it's because of you
That love won't let me wait

Exactly..where's that mute button. 

*  September 29, 2016 - All this talk around me about weight..from people trying to lose or gain it physically, to the political debates of "which argument carried the most weight" to a lot of talk about "heavyweights in the industry" got me waking up with a blend of two songs spinning in my brain.."Lex Coups Bimaz and Benz" and "Get Yo Weight Up"..I'm goin back to sleep..Did I ASK for a mash up in my brain this time of morning? #TurnItOff


*  April 20, 2012  · Posting your tracks, promos, videos etc up on my wall, or event, or on top of one of my statuses, is equivalent to walking into my house without knocking and helping yourself to food from my refrigerator, taking your shoes off and making yourself at home when you haven't been invited..Show some manners..Be respectful..It's not cool at all!!! Maybe some of your 'friends' are ok with it..i'm definitely not..INBOX THAT SHIT OR ASK ME IF I COULD HELP SPREAD THE's on me to decide if I do or not!!! i got my own stuff to promote so if I CHOOSE to promote yours, I will.

*  February 16, 2014 · Okay
 I have a cover pic on one of my pages with me singing on a mic and a background of my album a new add wonders if I'm a painter...*shrugs

January 17, 2013 · When you add your promo to somebody's's like walking into your local grocery store and filling one of their shelves with your random product without their permission. You think they are going to say 'oh its ok..let me see what your product is..go ahead and sell it in our store'..HELL no!!! They will not only remove your product, but maybe sue you..after their security men grab you by the back of your shirt and boot you out of the store. You would expect them to support you? Really?

*  January 26, 2017 · (ON PROMOTING OTHERS ON FACEBOOK): If I could promote every great artist that I follow or am friends with (on facebook), every biz, every event, every new release..I would never, ever..everrrrrr get behind a mic again..Some would be appreciative, others wouldn't notice and still others would expect more and start bombarding a lady with promo share what I see when I see it but I'm just one creative person who needs to be creative too..but I see you tho! Peace!


April 9, 2015 · 
Maybe i should call my book of poetry '50 shades of Ink'..kinda has a ring to it huh?


*  April 8, 2015 · S/N For those not familiar with my work you prob won't get this..but I have had "AccessDenied" as ringtone for text for a longg time..So wherever I am when a text comes thru, Chris' spoken part "Yea it's the same ol shit" etc comes up at 8 volume.. "Talksweet" is the regular ringtone..I love when people call or text me..I'm like teletubbies when they come thru (hi squeaky voice 'aginn aginn').. #NeverGetsOld


 May 31, 2014 - I feel passionately...but since my feelings and thoughts are (generally) heard and understood better if I sing them, guess it's always the best way to get others to listen..*shrugs..


 June 10, 2012 · In attempting to explain how it feels when people tell me I should give up music, I asked my daughter how she would feel if somebody told her she should never watch another anime, knowing that is her current passion. She looked horrified, then said in a disgusted tone "I'd say, screw you" says it all. I know its a whole lot different but it helped her understand.

Jimmy Black I like that i guess you got ya answer yuh ! joke never let any body tell what you need to do.never give up on ya dreams,because it could still happen all you gotta beleive may the lord bless you with ever step that you and ya family takes.
Donna H Mofohari Yessir..thanks so much!!..i appreciate the good words and feel you 100% in what you say..yea thats also the beauty of our children, we can learn a lot by listening to what comes out of their mouths.. pure and uncensored truth.
Jimmy Black Thats what good parents do,do what best for the kids because thats what we live for
Donna H Mofohari amen..always
Warren Mrp Pierre If somebody tells you to stop doing something that is part of you, tell them to stop doing something , like, stop breathing, never give up little lady, you never know when you're break will come, xxx
Donna H Mofohari thank you Warren Mrp Pierre i hear you LOUD and clear!! :))
Kevin Vekcmd Harrity who would say such a horrible thing....its the very thing thats keepin me sane lol
Donna H Mofohari exactly Vek!!!..exactly!!!