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 December 18, 2011  · Interesting that, in the (nearly) 3 yrs i've been in the USA, and the 2 1/2 yrs of hosting The chrismorale Experience with Chrismorale Villain proportionally more veterans and professionals who are well known in the game have embraced me/us without suspicion and accepted free promo as free promo and nothing sinister or underhanded, than newer artists who SHOULD be paying attention to every opportunity that is offered to get their work heard on radio and speak in as many places as they can represent themselves..Guess that's why the professionals are where they are..and the rest are where THEY are...

 March 15, 2014 · Funny..when we started doing radio in 2009 on radio..not internet..we were unique and entertaining...Alllllllllofasudden both radio and millions of internet shows began poppin' up like popcorn... are not standing out as one of a kind..or original in your concept ..Go cry yourself to sleep...There's a million more out there juuust like you all thinking they are different...   Let this be a more creative..more energized..more entertaining..really work at developing your show..BE DIFFERENT.

Mushugana DeLa Rukkus: we doo b trendsettin.....
Donna H Mofohari: yessir! :)
Donna H Mofohari: (responding to comments from Chrismorale that fb had deleted - first comment had been "who put this thing together?")! That'S who! i hear you loud and clear..good points! i remember those podcasts back in the day too and they were great at that time :) ..but yea some ppl are so enamored with the idea of broadcasting now that they don't consider what it means, what will be required of them or what the listener will hear i.e. quality, presentation..all those things you mentioned.. But also they are not considering the challenge of how to reach an audience when the airwaves and internet are so over saturated with would be radio superstars..And here's another thing that's getting crazy..go back to what you said about things getting weird with hip hop when ppl found out there was money in it..same thing is happening with's getting ridiculous now.

*  August 30, 2015 · All this power of communication that podcasters-with-supporters have at their fingertips and they don't use it often enough..All these issues that could be spoken on and folks want to go over the same ground..trying to be cool..Be original!!!!!! I knooow I know.."no idea's original, there's nothin new under the sun"..But the next part is the important part.."it's never what you do BUT HOW ITS DONE!!!"

Chris Morale  :( we did it first.

*  January 11, 2012 · (CME Promo): The chrismorale Experience has more character than chardonnay, more kick than moonshine, more body than a californian red wine..more substance than a strawberry ripple schmoooze...what you fightin for? the party is at our place!!! If you can't get us on the dial, catch us in the chatroom If you got somethin to say or share book your introductory promo pack now with us and we'll set it up..Don't be confused!! Find out..

*  November 14, 2014 · Some tracks you can listen millions of times but every time you hear it, it's like the first time. Yea..used to get this kind of high on The Chrismorale Experience..would just close my eyes and forget everybody in the room at the station..No talking allowed..and mann..on the way home..he'd be driving and we'd both be mentally high but drained...totally don't know whether to laugh or cry..strange had to be there to understand..listening to music all the way home..not needing to talk..just listening and tired I could hardly keep eyes open but wanting the night, the company, the music to go on forever..great memories indeed!

*  November 4, 2014 · I can honestly say chrismorale and me were pioneers..yup..when we started doing radio (Non internet) there were few others out there doing what we did..we were unique..a few underground and indie internet shows were popping up but even then it was a novelty. Now everybody and their double dutch uncle is doing independent or internet radio..every mofo thinks their show/station is the best and everybody is "taking over"..Ii smile to myself and think "Carry on..and may the force be with you"..but we know we were there before anyone, when nobody took us serious enough, support was sporadic, and they bigged us up to our faces...When we asked for feedback on how to improve the show or what ppl wanted we had wide eyed stares, or mumbles of no comprehendable usefulness. But hey..we loved every minute and the listening base of silent strangers was that's the important thing..NOWADAYS I just take what I learned and pack it into radio specials..yea internet..of which there are now millions upon millions..

 September 12, 2012 · If people supported us as much as we support them we would be superstars by now; that's not why we do what we do, but a lil respect and appreciation wouldn't hurt from time to time to make this biz seem a little less isolationary. Can I look up from my grind now and then to see some hands working with me, showing love and support back? #united we stand, divided we fall...



*  March 4, 2014 · After initially shutting down RZ) - 
damn..this is one good reason why i don't host shows any more (other than its not my forte..i don't think fast enough on my feet for that ish i just got out there bcs i wanted to play good music) much time, energy and focus is given to putting it all together and presenting it that when that show is finalized, and that 'live' light goes feel completely has happened for every show, even those i co hosted so i know the drill..just sayin how it when u go thru all that and are live, presenting a show you are 100% proud of, there's times u are waiting in the chatroom and nobody is there..u go on the social sites and folks are nowhere to be found..seems like folks who should be supporting run off and hide under a rock at times..other times, when ppl are there behind you its like nothing on earth..and very worth the effort..but the point takes more than i have to put my heart and soul into all that i do and sometimes drains the life out..which doesn't do anybody any'm leaving it to the folks who have regular support, ppl to help them put it all together and the quick thinkers with memory, knowledge, charisma and talent for presentation.

Quentin Brown dont give up.... because for you to put forth the effort time and energy into putting that show together says a lot about what you like and enjoy so be happy and thabkful for that positive energy into doing something productive... shit i wish i had the motivation to even attempt to do it.... maybe one day huh... or maybe one day u will teach me?

Adam Martinez da show was dope last night we needddddddd more!!!!! me and decaf will go to ya show and party wit u if we have to lol

Martyn Binnie i disagree, i think you did a great job, sounded like you were having fun doing it too, but i cant argue with everything you stated there, would be a bit disheartening to host a radio show and find out nobody is tuning in

April 2, 2014 · 
Everybody wants different things out of radio, podcasts or 'internet radio'..Personally I want more than throwing a bunch of tracks together and calling it a show..I want to hear that energy, interest and effort has been invested..I want character, passion, intelligent conversation..Let me learn something I didn't know before, whether it's info about a track, artist or an interesting subject..Let me escape my day and fall back into the show..Entertain and enlighten me! Make me laugh, think, vibe, dance..Do SOMEthing! After all, there's 14 million other radio shows, podcasts or internet shows people can fall asleep to beside yours..You are not special until you make it special.

*  April 11, 2016 · 
Please don't slam the radio host hat on my head and forget..that I am first and foremost, heart and soul an artist..The hosting is an extension of expression and a sharing of music AS WELL as the church in which I learn, share knowledge, progress and assist progression!

*  April 11, 2016 · 
Interviews for the show are sooooo far outside my comfort zone you would not believe..same with performing my songs onstage. If you don't push thru the "terror zones" you will miss the full experience of the expansion of self.

*  June 20, 2016 · 
Just curious..maybe its just me that feels like this. If somebody comes to me before, during or immediately after a broadcast and lets me know they are or did play my track i'd not only be thrilled to death but show some support to the show. I'd turn up and listen, or go afterward and listen, whatever the case was.

WAY TOO MANY ARTISTS, on being informed about their song being included in a play list may/may not say "thanks" and then forget all about it, like having your song played on air is eh! par for the course. I don't get it *scratches head. Ah the ingratitude of current artists. I could NEVER be that vague, inane and unsupportive of my supporters. That is all.

*  July 7, 2016 · 
I hate the thought of podcasts and radio shows being in competition with each other! For those of us who are working toward the same goals, why can't we take turns interviewing each other? Sharing each other's shows? Working TOGETHER to get the good stuff out there? #RandomThought


December 16, 2016 at 11:43pm · 

Its the craziest, most humbling, amazing revelation to sift thru the interviews for 2016 highlights and realize you have done over 50 interviews in 11 months. Patting myself on the back?? Not at all..I'm just deeeply honored and appreciative of those that stepped up to the pulpit! The hardest part is to pull out just one highlight from each one....  

June 7, 2013 · J
ust one small observation...those who believe a weekly radio show is thrown together randomly the day of the show need to think again..IF a slot is held open by agreement in advance then it CAN be done, although it REALLY holds up the process and makes life more stressful overall.. Without going into details of the processes and steps from planning to presenting, just know that it is extremely preferable to have any submissions etc physically in the hands of the show organizer at least 24 full hours before the show, preferably much earlier.

pril 11, 2013 · 
FACT unless you are a household name, none of us know what each other does. That is what adding or following friends is for..networking!..(altho some use it for 'other types' of networking)..I was noticing somebody had dropped me who is friends with some of the same ppl whom I have worked musically with in the industry..This person is someone I have the highest respect for and they do not truly know my personal skills or experiences..I have investigated theirs and been super respectful of it..but had the sensation of being looked down on as a wannabe..For all those who are amused by me and believe I'm puffing up feathers..speak to me..That's not who I am..Do not make judgements without one on one communication. What I am about..simply (maybe sadly) is to do my small part to shine spotlights on the greatness of artists who deserve to be heard. I'm not striving for superstardom or to hustle people out of money. When I die I will have a clear conscience that my intentions are pure.

Lamar Fleet-DjTwenty Gardner: True Story, I'm Here For Ya, and U Know I'm A Believer
Donna H Mofohari: thanks so love always

 April 16, 2013 · My mentor showed and proved this, and I stand by it a million pc..before you interview annyyybody, know who they are, talk to them, get into 'them' to the best of your ability. I have been severely disappointed with some of the interviews I have heard or seen. It is obvious people (the interviewers) don't care, are just 'doing their job' and as such not helping the person interviewed to shine, or come across to the public in the right way. I have seen it happen to people I have sent for interviews too. I wanted to strangle the interviewers. Such a lack of professionalism out there. Listen to me hosts, put the shoe on the other foot..would YOU want to be interviewed like you interview other ppl???? These impersonal interviews where hosts don't have a clue what or why or who they are interviewing are worthless to the public as well as the interviewee..smh

 November 30, 2016 · Confession: I can't honestly say I have only played everything on RZ that I personally like. Some has been in honor of guests who came because they had something to say. They came with songs that I would never listen to outside of the show..Or submissions from artists that need to hear feedback from listeners. It sometimes disturbs and depresses me when I play these things. Like I'm being held down and smothered. Even eclectic people have personal limits. So for my NY resolution..NO more favors. As from Jan 1st I will not accept payments or interviews from anyone who's music does not resonate with me personally before it goes out into the world via my broadcast board. Side Note..if I have bought your music, or played your songs more than know you're good lol!

Amin Smith: Have to draw the line in the sand to maintain the integrity of the show. Not many shows out there have that power.
Donna H Mofohari: Truth!
Dominic Quick: With that said I TY
Donna H Mofohari: No problem Dominic! :)
Sandi R. Beidleman: Speak Ms. Mofohari !! You have to be true to yourself.
Donna H Mofohari: So true! I have tried to bend and accommodate..but when you are the one putting in hours and hours of your life to bring the knowledge and entertainment, then your integrity is at stake by letting fools run with muddy feet thru thru your home and across your floor.
Sandi R. Beidleman: Since I have known you and heard your station I have been impressed by the care and professionalism that goes into each show. Dropping REAL jewels! ??
Donna H Mofohari:  <3 Thank you Sandi..I appreciate it!!! Just need to refine a few things in order to keep things on track.
Amin Smith: Don't let the money dictate your programming
Donna H Mofohari: lol yea..ppl throw 10-15 @ you and expect the earth too..folks are really pushing it lately. I will either put a stop to paid interviews and favors..or give up radio..I cannot be babysitting any more..especially when i work full time AND have a life outside of work and podcast.
Amin Smith: I tune in to Radio Zero every Saturday at 11Pm and share links to it in various hip-hop groups on FB as well as Twitter and Google.
Donna H Mofohari: Yes you do :)
Donna H Mofohari: and thank you!
Amin Smith: I recommend to all the followers to do the same.

*  April 9, 2017 ·  What you must ask yourself is..what makes YOUR podcast/radio show/performance/service etc DIFFERENT than the MILLIONS of others out there. What sets it apart? Why should anyone "tune in" to YOU specifically? And you can relate this to personal relationships or anything else in life. If you don't bring uniqueness or your own brand of greatness..and consistency with THAT..then you just may be a "convenience consumable"..a stopover..a peep around the door and nothing more. Whatever you do bring greatness and uniqueness to the table otherwise you are just another minnow in the ocean.

 January 11, 2015 · So often i wish i could shove a mic at some of my fb friends and press record..some of you have some absolutely fascinating, interesting, intelligent or knowledgable things to say in your statuses (Not the memes..i mean when it comes from your own brain.)..Sadly ppl do freeze up when they are asked to illuminate their thoughts in 'Live' mode..i was one..Just as i had to learn to open up to communicating in writing, it was also a lonnnnnng process to accept that my verbal thoughts were equally, if not more important to some ppl..yea really! So..for me a lifetime of being shoved into the background and not heard had to be UNlearned..its an ongoing process..but a liberating one.. AnD that same thing goes for all of you out there who think nobody listens or cares what you think, about your experiences, your stories or views..I FOR ONE love hearing what ppl have to if i come at you with questions or showing interest, i'm not hitting on you dudes, or gathering info to steal your man ladies lol..So Speak up!


January 7, 2017 at 10:55am · 
i need to do a song..we have "how many mc's" i need to do a diss the overload of podcasts "How many djs" lol! i'm not actually  ;) i'm gonna dooo ittt..*got da gun in ma hand.."

January 27, 2017 · I have to laugh..there is a podcast epidemic and everywhere I look it continues to grow like a rash. Podcasting is gradually taking over from social sites. Yes it's a new era. There used to be little migrations of folks following each other to different social sites. In the early days of that craze (no rhyme intended) we all flocked to social sites and aim/yahoo chat to network, collab and communicate. People soon abused and congested the social sites to the point where few, even those who tried to communicate, were being heard above the bullshit, commercials and promos choking the life out of the "social"...So, with internet making podcasting ever more simplified, inexpensive and as readily available as social sites, that has gradually started to take over from "social" sites for sharing music..and sometimes communicating. But don't worry, another "trend" will be here soon since podcasting will be eventually shooting itself in the foot. Some bright human will find another way to open up the lines of least I hope so!

February 19, 2014 · No hate..but a lot of these so called professional radio shows, online or off..have no soul to them, no knowledge behind them, and sound just like cash generated commercialism without substance..whether they play some occasional decent music or not..they don't sound good..dead, sleepy voices, they don't present an entertaining show..mannnn..thats what makes me sick right there..we once had a REAL show, with heart, substance, knowledge, great music, open door policy for drop ins, free airplay and interviews..we paid out of our own pocket for artists to be heard..without any hidden agendas or motives other than to connect a few dots..and maybe to pull a few worthy artists on board to collab with us..but other than was for the love of what we do....AND it wasn't broadcast from a bedroom in those days, but from a radio station..did you realize what you had going for you at that time? eh..not til it was gone...but u sure get excited over these wack shows out there charging you money..sad laugh..