BLOGS  QUOTES  and  POETRY 

                                        I have passions, no vices
                            I make love with strangers on recording devices
                                  I'm a mother, a poet, a queen unseen
                            Know where I'm going and respect where I've been
                                Life pulls no punches but I'm living the dream. 
                                                                                                     - MofoHari

Building Momentum!!!  October 2017

Looking back and following up from the January 2016 blog, life has taken some very positive turns in many ways. January through October 2016 saw me pushing on with my music projects, continuing to build with pioneers on Radio Zero, searching for full time employment and training for additional skills. Late September brought excellent news in the form of a new job, training commenced October 3rd, lasting until the first week of December. 

With my hands more than full at this point, broadcasting the show (Radio Zero) unfortunately needed to take a back seat while I readjusted to my new life/job. We still go live whenever there is a speaker/co-host with a story to tell, message to share. But that's just how crazy life can be. You just never know what blessings will come and you need to be open and ready to receive them!

MEANWHILE I continue (into the fourth year) working on the "Hidden Dreamz" album. That too has taken a beautiful little unexpected twist, with production from some of the greatest producers out there, Easy Mo Bee, Nick Wiz, Da Beatminerz, DCypha, Rkitech, Chrismorale, Supreme Da Almighty, Mr Jack, Wyze Intellect, Mr Amin (A-Ra), Dirk Digga, ATHoven (aka Akil Sharp) and many more! And ohh the collabs are turning out incredible!!! Don't get me started!!!! Let me just say you have some wonderful surprises for you and leave it there for now as I work toward the album's release in mid 2018. ;)  

OK so! With any album release there must be performances and this is the current mission on top of everything else going on. Venues, DJ's and artists are being contacted, budgets being strictly planned (Yep I'm a budget-limited one woman army but hopefully will have some sponsors for some of the shows by then..working on it!).

This is where we are at in October 2017. Much excitement ahead. I'm claiming this abundance/these gifts from the universe with open arms, continued hard work and a whole lot of gratitude. Let's go!!! 

Long Way Up!!!  January 2016

MofoHari has her fingers in a few sockets at the moment.  It's time to GET this "abundance" that I keep speaking into the universe!  Yup, I'm GOING TO get these roots firmly in place!  At a deeper level I never  questioned or doubted that the path was the right direction, but the road does get awful rocky when you are on the edge with rocks shifting, pebbles under your feet falling into the abyss and landing a trillion miles below,  while people who don't have your best interest at heart keep throwing them at you from a distance to make you lose balance so they can laugh when you go down. 

Here's an analogy although it is a true story. Years before I even went to the UK I was with a couple of guys who were doing rock climbing with ropes, pics..all the stuff I know nothing about. I waited below. When they were halfway up, one shouted down "Donna bring me up that wedge there..” (or whatever the heck thing it was). Without hesitation I grabbed it and scrambled up the rock, not looking back. The guy suddenly saw me and looked surprised. "Uhmm..I was just kidding"..he says. "How the hell did you think you were going to get back down?!"..At which point, looking behind me, I saw how far up I’d come and shuddered, suddenly terrified and filled with self questioning. They paused in their climbing to tie a rope around me and get me back down sensibly. 

But that's how I do sometimes. Leaps of faith..passion..eagerness. I don't think before I jump. Excitedly I throw seeds and hope something takes. Yes planning and organisation are important too and fortunately I have evolved since then!!! But the eagerness and passion are still there. I still exhaust myself with the pushing at times and start to question myself but always get back up and keep moving, keep following my dreams, my heart. That’s how life works, at least how mine does! Trial and error. Learning and growing. Pushing forward continually first and foremost for my family and always with a view to doing some good for people I care about or who have helped me along the way.  


* Let me see if I can say this so it makes sense. Creative people use the right side of their brain a lot. The more you use it the more it grows..which is a good thing overall. However, I do believe extremely artistic/creative people do need to mix it up and use their mind for other things in order to keep a mental balance. A person who lives, eats, breathes, exists only for creativity to the exclusion of all else may become a creative machine but not necessarily be totally hinged or mentally/balanced. In other words you can have too much of a good thing. Life is about variety. Spread it out.

* An essential lesson of life is, never step outside your personal comfort, ethical, moral or mental safety protection buffers to please humans who would bend over backward to, or deliberately cause you unhappiness, distress or heartache for their own satisfaction, entertainment or personal gain. There's a lot of em out there. Know the difference between allies and snake eyes. And know/check yourself because you could in fact be that human who self sabotages or hurts others with or without conscious awareness or concern in any specific moment. But it all comes back around eventually. So be conscious of self and alert to intentions of others. #RandomWakingThought

here are FLOODS of so-so producers coming out from the technology boom..way too many GOOD producers are going out of business simply bcs they cannot be heard above the let me ask you artists..what do you do if you hear beats on offer from producers who are not you tell them ' not feeling your beats, you need to work on those skills'? do you say nothing and look somewhere else? do you take the beats and work on them thinking you are such a dope rapper you can make ANY beat sound good? If either of the last two CONGRATULATIONS, you are one of the ones helping the skilled producers to lose hope and give up..and you complain about the state of music???? smh

I don't love or even like "business", especially the music industry type bcs folks walk on heads, use others, pretend to be friends to see what/how much (free or cheap labor, money etc etc) they can get out of them or to assess how much "competition" (i.e. how much of a perceived business threat) they are..which to my mind is all bullshit..THIS IS MUSIC!!! Its about sharing, appreciating, getting the good stuff out there, teaching where you can, entertaining, giving something from yourself to the hip hop culture/community..and just plain having fun. I despise everything else not related to that, always have because "that" is not my heart. If that makes me a weak candidate for "traditional success" then so be is my passion not my ball n chain.

Whatever it is that makes you happy..unless u are a psycho axe wielding, drug addicted, dat..and do it a lot..and be great doin it. That is all. *sets mic carefully back in the stand, nods toward the audience, and steps back behind the curtain.

I think my research and efforts re my health issues are starting to pay off..the new supplements seem to be improving a lot of things overall, plus the dancing n exercises really lifts and energizes..i highly recommend doing your own research rather than put all your faith in western medicine and "the doctor's word"..i have heard a few docs more or less write me off with "multiple health issues" with an attitide that only their prescribed meds would keep things stable..but the prescribed meds had me spiralling, feeling worse and worse, less mobile and gaining more wt bcs of love for my daughter and makin music gave me that determination to take things in hand myself..theres a lot of ups n downs..trippin over and experimenting with natural meds and supplements while i continue to study up on new discoveries on treating cfs..and yea..i definitely see a change which gives me a lot of hope to keep on id advise anyone never to settle for what they are told or ur rsrch+dnt give up on u!

If you choose to continue on the music path..this business demands you have SOME kind of emotional support..whether it be family that keeps you grounded, or somebody u can really trust to discuss the crazyness you encounter..without that you will fall apart at some point..ALSO..PLEASE give yourself checkpoints so that you can see what character changes if any you are experiencing..if good changes..GREAT..if bad..get your attitude right!!! Lastly..once you have a little buzz up, check yourself if you ever start believing the hype..that shit can destroy you..if you notice this even STARTING to kick in..refer to the first sentence in this status..

* Sometimes we gotta go thru the strainer to get to the relevant parts of ourselves - we all go thru hard times but they have their own value just like easy times do..our mission is to appreciate whatever we get, learn and pass it on

RIVER WALK   September 26, 2016

Finally dropped what I was doing and went for a walk to the river. Sitting here in my spot watching some grey squirrels start to forage, I remain restfully motionless as they pass warily near my feet. They stop to glance to see if I am a threat..Nope!..So they scurry busily on around me. Ducks quacking happily in very low tide are walking rather than swimming. Further out on the river sailboats glide past majestically. The gentle breeze billowing their sails, makes them appear for all the world like those little toy boats we all blew across our bathtubs as children.

Couples walking hand in hand and families pass behind me. Children can be heard chattering excitedly while mom laughs and says "Yesss..we're at the river!" in an amused attempt to mimic the excitement of her child. Wispy clouds overhead look as if an invisible hand is creating some grand oil painting as they shift and change shape and intermingle with the dark tones and shades of a dull grey sky. As the breeze increases, it momentarily sends a chilly gust across my face, reminding me why I'd worn my blue "It's a Donna Thing..You Wouldn't Understand" hoodie.

Intriguingly, the leaves on the ground all up and down the river are brown and I think to myself how beautiful it will be here in a month or so when the falling leaves will be in full glory with reds, golds and oranges! It looks amazing in the heart of autumn!

The fishy swampish smell does not detract from the overall ambiance, while the faint sound of an ice cream truck's heralding tune somewhere in the distance adds to the unique blend of nature and city life. The environment is strangely contrasting, yet there is perfection in this spirituality/reality combination. Peace surrounds me here and I know I will soon have to leave and return to "responsibilities"..but at this moment I feel invisible and invincible.

              WORD PLAY AND POETRY

Thru Their Lens   by MofoHari

I share freely as it comes to me
Thru lyricism and fantasy
But they see only what they choose to see
So I paint it for them colorfully
With metaphor yet truthfully
And details woven beautifully
Into the fabric of creativity

I move my body with eyes closed, 
Dance for them with soul exposed
Safe in the knowledge they'll never know
Which doors are real or superimposed
With smoking mirrors and labyrinths
Sexually charged or cold and distant
Visions given to feel for an instant

As they view my thoughts thru their own lens
Whatever this imagination gives
Drips from the tips of explosive pens
Whether with wisdom, a vision, love or sin
A rhyme's as good as an audience is
If they can relate to the experience
So margins are wide for the variance


The Nature Of Progress  by MofoHari  

So many years wasted
So many fruits untasted
Endless schemes, dreams, life themes 
Simmer idly it seems
On the brain's back burner 
While striving hard as the family earner
I'm a visionary thinker but a real slow learner

Life won't stop just because we do
We won't succeed using magic or voodoo
Can't get rich quick with a Smith n Wesson
But by using our minds and all of our lessons
One step at a time (but) in quick succession

Nature teaches by showing
The progression of a seed growing
That has been planted with our hands
The blueprint of savoring the stages and
Many will not understand 
There's pleasure in the process of a rose in bloom
A child is born, 9 months in the womb
I write my songs right here in my bedroom
But it takes patience see it thru
Don't let pride steal your visions from you


Creativity  - by MofoHari  

In the presence of rhyme, I am home
In a world where players walk off stages,
Refuse to read from the same pages 
I'm still embraced and never alone 
Here in this perfect mind zone

When I can't fit in anywhere, lyricism is there
Never needing to search, its there to take
Nothing to prove and there's nothing at stake
Whenever my heart breaks, 
unrecognized by fakes 
And those who are just not into me, feel no affinity
I connect the lines refined by divinity

Poetry is my blessing, my symmetry
The life force that surges within me
Nothing can be achieved deliberately,
It must come to be, naturally
Yet the skill requires mastery
That's why it's called creativity  


Human Confusion  - by MofoHari 

People know about war but not about peace
Know about violence but blame the police
They know how to struggle without finding release
Grow up pointing at everyone else
Without seeking solutions to improve themselves                                           


Kinship - by MofoHari  

Business is not the same as friendship,
Dont get it twisted
If fools changed the rules I must have missed it
Too many attitudes around me are bullshit
I speak louder and prouder standing up at the pulpit
My heart is an anchor and so is kinship


Hard Times - by MofoHari  

Times are hard on the boulevard
It's rough for some folk
Washin' dishes with laundry soap
Hangin' clothes on frayed rope
Breathing in downstairs second hand dope smoke
Sometimes I wonder how we cope
But can we give up? nope!
Where there's life there's hope 


WORD PLAY  - by MofoHari  

* Don't let the vultures devour your dreams
  A penny for your thoughts, 
  Your dollar with their schemes
  Keep your passions unseen from the mainstream
  Close to your heart undiluted and clean #HIDDENDREAMZ 

* Please don't glorify me when I die,
  When I've been here for years and you pass right by. 

* I display my ink like a battle scar
  Dreams that leaked/troughs that peaked
  Ears alert every time they speak
  Physical images send mental visages to remind me
  I'm never alone they still think on me kindly
  Not right here but not that far
  It's not what you show but who you are

* Number crunchin' is my breakfast cereal
  In the physical I'm lyrical but the soul is etherial
  I love my hood but that's immaterial
  I cant stay here it ain't worth the funeral
  Long nights awake, my mission is serial

* A
 moan from the lips, movement of hips
  Clutching hard with my fingertips
  Silk sheets slipping softly, making me sigh
  While they gently slide across my thighs
  Closing eyes, reaching the edge
  That's when I sit up in bed
  Alone with the visions inside my head


Survival Revival  - by MofoHari  

Legends drop all around us, moguls die young
Yet you dive in the hive and wait to be stung
I want to live to reap the fruits
See my troops receive salutes, 
Yet they be diving out of planes without parachutes
Paralyzed, Contributions unrecognized, 
It's unwise to live the dream without opening your eyes 
When the path is blurred ideology dies
When its lost inside your mind, rewind!
You labor so hard that you're deaf, dumb and blind
Dying to win, always running behind

Work smarter not harder, make plans, never barter
Killing yourself trying is a real non starter
Bend with the wind, remix and blend
I'll be standing and smiling when my life ends
Neither party too hard or stress over deadlines
Obsessive grind burns out your mind
Ages you and steals your time
Avoid hustlers, goons, egos and buffoons
Who will swear they fly without leaving the room
Understanding comes when you ignore their rules
And embrace mentors, lessons, revelations and tools

We need Survival revival, martyrs are oldschool
Ain't no success in bein' a dead fool
Sit your ass down once in a blue moon
Pick up a pan and ill pick up a spoon 
Rap me a rhyme or sing me a tune
Remember when we were young
We knew exactly how to have fun
Used what we had and knew what to do
You're still that kid, still the same you
So listen within, stay thirsty my friend
Live it and feel it, don't leave us too soon   


WORD PLAY   - by MofoHari  

* I can't propose to raise the dead
  But I can show you wisdom instead
  Wake the sleeping laying comatose in bed
  With words the hungry can be fed

* Been searching so hard for my oasis
  Looked in so many places but all I see is strangeness
  Hostile faces, non toleration among races
  New drug crazes, hood rats and scars from bullet grazes

* What happens to your dreams when you run out of steam? 
  The dash turns to dust if you know what I mean  (2015 #HiddenDreamz)

* I've had years of fine tuning in pursuit of skill and precision
  No fainthearted decision, it's a relentless mission
  My ear is clued, my mind has a vision
  Stop fighting when I ask you to listen, 
  Believe in me, I'm not the enemy, 
  Not trying to compete with you lyrically
  Just open your ears and have faith in me musically

* I'm only a freak for the master tape
  I can touch you in ways you can't escape
  You can hear me moan without a phone
  But if you meet me on the street 
  You better leave me alone   (September 2016)


Paradox  - by MofoHari  

You draw your own blood when you shadow box
It's a senseless and pointless paradox
The one that always hurts is the one who's fighting
Best to make your peace so try uniting
Life is hard when the realness is biting
You're just spinning in circles 
Thinking that's exciting

It's time to plan the show
And show them who you are
Cuz you're a star 
Deep down you know it
Just because they sleep on you
Doesn't mean they're through with you

Pick yourself up 
Put the gloves away
You're gonna live to see another day
And you know its gonna be okay 

You shoot your own foot with the verbal ratchet
Cut your right hand off with your ego hatchet
Talkin' like you're finished
With all the things you'd relished
Like all those visions you'd embellished
All the dreams and all the schemes 
All the plans and everything
Just suddenly ran out of steam

Just because it didn't pan your way
Exactly how you said the game would play
You will not lose, unless you choose to
Life didn't kill you, only bruised you
Still got that mojo that you used to
Just gotta change the way you view, the world around you
Stand a little taller and wait until they've found you
Own the ground you know you walk on
There's power in the things you talk on

It's time to plan the show
And show them who you are
Cuz you're a star 
Deep down you know it
Just because they sleep on you
doesn't mean they're through with you

Pick yourself up 
Put the gloves away
You're gonna live to see another day
And you know its gonna be okay 

You can't win against
 the universe
It's the creativity curse
Expression progression in reverse
Can make your life a whole lot worse
Get you livin' out a metaphor
Wondering what you're even here for
But if you learn your lessons boy, 
Stay alert for open doors
Experience will be your mentor

It's time to plan the show
And show them who you are
Cuz you're a star 
Deep down you know it
Just because they sleep on you
Doesn't mean they're through with you

Pick yourself up 
Put the gloves away
You're gonna live to see another day
And you know its gonna be okay 
It's really gonna be okay 
I promise it will be okay



*  I like the fact that, of every rap heavy hitter, those who have had longevity despite ups and downs, all of my personal favorites seem to be connected to each other in some way and both publicly and privately show each other love and respect. THAT is how it should be. Upstarts please take note. Hate is not necessary.
*  I know that not everybody enjoys being creative in the kitchen. But I will never understand how people can avoid having basic cooking skills, even if only for survival purposes! My daughter's dad feigned complete ignorance 99.5% of the time, yet when I was preggo he managed to whip up a rather lovely steak dinner, or cooked breakfast now and then. My daughter, a chip off the old block, proudly use to bring me breakfast in bed on the odd occasion when she was 7-8..and now, at 16 I get a side eye smile when I mention it, because she has been feigning complete and utter culinary helplessness since her teens with expertly executed selective memory mode fully engaged. Lol. When I get rich maybe I will hire a chef to wurk his magic three times a week..jusst for mee.  Just more ‪#‎HiddenDreamz
*  Something I have noticed about humans through much observation, is that they throw the core of a truth (i.e. Solid facts) around with an expert flip and twist to make it fit with how they want those truths to be heard. No wonder there are so many religions, so many bible translations, so much hate and division..just for that reason. Man speaks with forked tongue half the time and is convinced they are right. Lol. As for me details mean nothing. I don't care who did what for who in biblical times. I'm not interested in petty squabbles or which religion is "the way, the truth and the light". I feel my way like a blind woman, meaning my senses are alive and sharp. Spiritually I already know without a finger wagging, or a preacher thumping a bible at me or the holy spirit entering my body to enlighten me what feels "good", what feels "right" and what does not. To my mind instinct, emotions, senses and our natural spirituality, when we tune into ourselves and acknowledge it is the best guide. Those are attributes we were all pre programmed with that so many fail to tap into along with common sense and logic.   (Let me amend the line "i don't care about.." to read "irregardless of...", so people don't misinterpret what is being said to being flippancy toward biblical or religious history. It was not intended that way.)

 *  "Independent" does not mean you don't need anyone. Wanting to remain single for the time being has nothing to to with independence. Independence means you can do for yourself and conduct yourself and a workload without depending on others to make you feel alive or in order to do "anything". I'll stop there. Too much to say on the subject.

 * Funny how people will stop speaking with you if they feel they can't "use" you anymore in their chess moves or if they think you are not doing "enough" for them..but wait..did it ever occur that you could have been doing "more" for them? Yea yea yea..its all about you. That's the nature of you selfish, ego driven, over prideful, half-hearted, narrow minded, blinkered humans. Short term memories only. Good luck on the way back down..all the people who's heads you stepped on will be crossing arms and smiling as you pass.

 * Whatever you do in life..whatever makes you happy..whatever reminds you that you breathe and gives you purpose to that ish and do it as big, as great and with as much love and passion as the tools inside and outside of you will allow. Don't be all about it. Don't waste it and don't doubt yourself or your instincts. If you are different to everyone around you or you don't have anyone to understand where your mind it anyway. You may be ahead or your time. "They" may be sleeping, hating or just haven't had a chance to check out what you do. Plus you will NEVER be to everyone's taste anyway no matter what you do. Ultimately you have to love who you are and what you are doing and your reasons for doing it must be ultimately FOR YOU.. I'm not talking "selfishly", i'm talking about that thing that makes you whole..that connects you with yourself..that plugs you into that inner electricity and moves you forward with self awareness..that. Do that ish..just do it! I slept fitfully for the little time that I could sleep and a kind of weird revelation came into my semi dreaming brain, that life is nothing but a classroom. Some of us drop out. Some of us get taken out of school early. Some of us grumble thru every lesson and don't learn a damn thing. But wherever we walk or go in our lessons, it is all timed to perfection. We move on and somebody else steps into that class or has the same lesson. Time marches on. We need to take the lessons and keep it moving. Where we walk right now, another generation will follow, another class will learn, another human will be enlightened etc etc. Just learn and teach. Appreciate and absorb.
* Confession: when I see people jumping from woman to woman or man to man..all I can do is go yeckk. Why not stick with one and learn them well? I see, I observe, I know what I do want and what I don't, which is why I leave most everybody alone. No, I'm not closed down to it all, but when somebody is willing to understand that an investment of my heart and time means that I'm here and aint going anywhere, they will be closer to understanding "me". I have a right to expect that I will be met halfway or full on by somebody of the same mind/heart. No, all good things do NOT have to come to an end..if humans can get past that they will have a more rewarding life.

* Whenever I see legends performing together it makes my heart and stomach feel crazy..NOT because of being star struck but because it shows they are still carrying the flag for Hip Hop and leading by example.

* Reflections: We used to have international music sessions by phone, taking turns playing tracks. Then  when I came over here, we were doing our radio show playing that good shit, getting lost in it while putting the shows together and live on air. (Spinning Chairs And Nodding In Time.) We had Music on blast all the way home in the car, too tired to speak. He focused on driving while my head nodded partly from exhaustion but still high from the night and senses still hungry for the mooosik.  I have experienced nothing like it before or since.  You Cannot Beat Or Replace Perfect Moments In just can't.

* Artists nowadays are in such a hurry to get on to the next track, next hit, everything hot off the press, always in competition in case somebody else gets one out before them. It reminds me of the movie "spirited away' where the parents got greedy with the spirit food and turned into pigs. Artists dont even check out the work of producers, they just be like 'gimme gimme..more more'..grabbin at whatever they can get. I could never ever work with a producer, or even take an instrumental without checking them out first. It wastes their instrumentals and time. I also need to know and communicate with the producer! Some have had to be super patient waiting for me to create with their beats but I will always communicate and involve the producer when I am able to get to work. The point is, a lot of the industry seems to be becoming a greedy monster with no real thought, planning or pre determined destination. Yes I know the internet makes everybody think life will end if you don't keep on top of it, but thats not reality..THINK ABOUT, RESEARCH YOUR MARKET, PLAN YOUR DIRECTION, KNOW WHAT YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE, LOOK FOR PRODUCERS AND PROFESSIONALS THAT CAN HELP YOU ACHIEVE JUST THAT..You don't need to run around all crazy..

* Do not treat every facebook friend, twitter followers etc like they are staunch supporters with enough love for you to promote for you, attend all your shows and show unlimited interest in what you do. That is how you lose people. I had to learn that lesson myself awhile ago.  Instead, see the majority of people who wander into your sphere as curious individuals or general music appreciators, potential supporters and network sources..its not always about you but more about the connections you make in your lifetime.

#MofoHari's Random Thoughts of The Day: Being over humble or trying to show that you are is cheesy, not enough humility makes you look like an asshole..walk with pride, be interested in your chosen path because only you truly know where you want to be; grow and utilize your wisdom thru self and continual education, share with those who choose to learn and appreciate and forget the rest..I do not often quote the bible but there is a verse in there that says 'caste not your pearls before swine' other words, a lot of people could care less about you, your hopes/dreams and what you stand for..draw the ones around you that are worthy of and interested in learning from your thoughts and experience..

* So many people seem to long for, strive toward, pine about, dream of having someone to love, be with, build a life with, have a lasting relationship with, but can't even maintain consistent relationships with friends. "That's different" you say!? No its not! It shows me if you can't communicate with friends how are you going to be in a long term, close relationship..?! It shows your heart. Stop chasing butterflies and show love to people who care about you in the here and now. The rest will come in it's own time. Butterflies eventually land where they choose to land and when they feel safe. ‪#‎RandomSleeplessThought

 * Something interesting happens when there are no safety nets below to catch you, no family around to bail you out, no favors to call in and no cash reserves with which to build..that's when you must rely on the self..that's when you learn to really discover what the self is capable of, the strengths and the weaknesses that need to be addressed. Then and only then, in facing the challenges and beating the odds will you mature and become the whole person..the better person.. ‪#‎RandomWakingThought
‪*  #‎Random Morning Thought: There are many reasons people choose to be involved with music or creativity. For those who play at it or do it because they think it's an easy rte to the D or $, you will never understand the deep rooted PASSION that drives the rest of a drug keep striving for the 'perfect high'. Or the pleasure in sharing the high and buzzing off the high you bring to others. And you will never understand the PAIN when you can't find the high you crave, either for/within your own creativity, or within the work of others that you know have the ability, skill and spirit to soar to the heights..but were shot down thru lack of flock support. Only complete dumb ass fools will say that artist(s)/those talented people that got shot down "weren't good enough" or cause them to doubt themselves to the point they believe that they weren't, because of your apathy or non support. I swear on my life ish like that makes me HATE you ignorant humans. Because you will support and put out the wackest crap, worst mixes, dumbest verses and pat each other on the back. Good job bruh good job..then complain about the state of the art. STFU, wash the blood off your hands and sit down. You don't deserve to call yourself hip hop. You don't deserve to have ears. I could go on. You have no idea how deep this feeling runs.
* I'm getting to an age where it makes me giggle to see folks faces get all red and angry. Eff it..oversensitivity kills.  If you want to give yourself a heart attack getting shook over a misinterpretation of something somebody said either in jest/humor or simply made a point you didn't agree with, go right ahead. If you want to explode over something that you probably twisted all up, remixed and fixed just so you could jump on it, go ahead..i'm good. Observation shows me who I don't need to be around. peace!
* I think all of us starving artists struggling to survive out in the "real world" should get together and start up a worldwide business utilizing all of our collective skills and imagination. Oh what an original thought. (lol)

* In this day and age with technology being what it is, things we say or do or throw up in written format for the public can, even some years later, come back to you. When that happens (and it has) i read what i said, not with regret, but with an amusement as a parent would see something a child or younger person would say or do and think how their thoughts, opinions, views etc would evolve in time. Yea..that..its not a bad thing to see old thoughts..just interesting to see if you still feel the same about those subjects or if you have advanced in your thinking. What have you learned in life? Have you grown or regressed? How have your thoughts evolved and why? What have your experiences, path, lessons done for you..anything at all? Also, Sometimes I listen back to my "positive message" songs and wrap myself in them when times are hard or during down times and it lifts/comforts/resets my mental outlook. Ahh life....

* Anybody who thinks I randomly chose to move from my home in the UK to NJ out of all places in the world..with my young child to go thru the worst bullshit any human can imagine, single-handedly among total strangers who don't give two rusty shits about you..needs to go jump off the GW bridge immediately.  I dreamed of London and Blackburn last night like I was a spirit flying over them seeing the places i was familiar with.  I miss "familiarity" in my life.  Familiar faces, voices..continuity..warmth from people who know me and care. Folks who are there when I need to talk. Folks who don't give up on you if you fall, knowing you always get back up.  People I want to be around that I trust opposed to random people who don't know who I am.  Eh..rant over..  *Drops mic and sits down.

* Got back to sleep and dreamed a man I didn't recognize but apparently my man and father of my unrecognized two kids, was drinking hard and on something else..he dragged me out of a busy restaurant..we must have been arguing, was in a dark rage, shaking and trying to drag me out of view..i knew he was gonna kill me. Mann with dreams like that who needs to watch horror movies? Time to get up and smile at being awake!
* A few things I've learned about a lot of people who use fb.. 1) they looove stirring up unnecessary drama 2) they looove seeking pity/sympathy/ego strokes/attention in any way they can get it 3) its apparently not as much about connecting for business purposes and professionalism these days as it is about aggressively forcing ish onto people with no regard for interaction. ‪#‎Observations
*  The world is filled with a billion and one causes, every single one apparently or unapparently affects us directly or indirectly. We would drive ourselves insane trying to act on every imperative situation or issue heralding impending doom for mankind. Yet the way the world would have us believe, it is somehow wrong or selfish to get our own life in order before all else. Shouldn't we put ourselves and immediate needs at the top of the priority list before we work on changing the world? Love yourself first, then the rest will fall into place.

* People are not pieces of paper, numbers, robots here to please or do your bidding, pieces of flesh sent from heaven to satisfy your carnal needs or animals to be hunted. People are not chess pieces or personal property that automatically are programmed to serve when you get papers on them. People are not inanimate anything. Every one is a warm, living, breathing human with emotions (whether displayed or hidden), experiences and lessons that created the character that they show you. Yea we all know we all write our own scripts but when you change the act or scene in your play, try not to leave a trail of bodies or destroyed hearts behind you. There are real life emotions involved in every life choice you make, every casual connection, in business, with family, with friends..remember this well because from what I see people brush a lot of things they do under carpets + treat others like they are unimportant "things", toys, figments of their creation etc.

* The thing we all as artists need to remember is that when we share our work and promote on groups or to others, it does not stop there. If you expect others to check you out or even care that you spent two years recording, or that the music is the hottest ish ever, then you need to respect THEIR hard work and realize there may be some sheeer dopeness that they put THEIR heart and soul into too. I spent a long time yesterday sharing my album on an infinit number of groups, so rest assured I will be revisiting every single one and checking out the work of other artists. It may take awhile but I'll get there. Respect is respect and love is love. That's hip hop!!!

* So...groups are STILL continuing with the g.o.a.t. elimination competition ish?! The 'Who was better' comparisons and other retardations. Indies are still puffin' out chests boasting they are the best..or kings/queens of the game..or their movement is set to conquer the world. Eff all that!!! Don't be drawn into the bullshit! There is NO ruler, there is no sovereign, there is no movement that will everrrr command the hip hop community or music as a whole! Stop all the yapping! Can't people just stfu and just make good music? Put your mic where your boastful mouth is..SHOW AND PROVE!!! Too many voices and not enough greatness.

* So often I wish I could shove a mic at some of my fb friends and press record. Some of you have some absolutely fascinating, interesting, intelligent or knowledgeable things to say in your statuses (Not the memes..i mean when it comes from your own brain.). Sadly people do freeze up when they are asked to illuminate their thoughts in 'Live' mode. I was one. Just as I had to learn to open up to communicating in writing, it was also a lonnnnnng process to accept that my verbal thoughts were equally, if not more important to some people..yea really! So..for me a lifetime of being shoved into the background and not heard had to be UNlearned. It's an ongoing process..but a liberating one!  AnD that same thing goes for all of you out there who think nobody listens or cares what you think, about your experiences, your stories or views. I FOR ONE love hearing what ppl have to say! So if I come at you with questions or showing interest, i'm not hitting on you dudes, or gathering info to steal your man ladies lol..So Speak up!

* Before you accuse or believe any artist/producer, of doing nothing productive, or has no 'current' work out, and think you are more relevant to the game than anybody else..STOP before you make a fool of yourself. DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!!  If you say you have no time for that then DO NOT claim you love music. You are a victim of your own failure to establish facts before you speak. You are an example of the many self illusionary prima donnas springing up all around in this business..congratulations.

* I wonder how many people in the music industry at any level realize how totally they can destroy people with empty promises and flaking after giving them hope..keep in mind while you are busy effing people around so are multiple others simultaneously..because sadly bad and inefficient handling of business is a serious epidemic in this industry..there is currently a very low bar set for standards of efficiency and excellence..Examine your own hands and learn to always conduct your own biz the way you would want others to conduct theirs with you. Raise the bar..yes it is important! I have seen the most skilled people annihilated..blown right out of the water due to some cold mofos who bs way too easily and no follow thru..

* No you are NOT required to like everybody you work with musically! That fallacY has destroyed the potentially best collabs in the history of music. If minor character flaws cause you to hold back you could be losing out on real opportunity. Stop being a diva and let the work speak for itself. I'm seeing too much foolishness around me..folks I would never expected to behave like crybabies or prima donnas..enough! Just make the goddamn music and stop letting communication issues destroy your future..smh #HugelyDisappointed in a lot of people who should know and do better.. 

* Platitudes can kill..actions Fulfill.. Print this out and tape it on your laptop until the light begins to dawn in your mind. Use it as your mantra once you understand.

* Conundrum of the day: Why would skilled and experienced artists who should by now know the meaning of quality, stop working with the best producers to go work with people who cannot mix tracks properly and claim they are proud of their work? I don't get it..*Scratches head very hard..stop the bullshit people..Bring back the quality!

* I wish women would support each other more. Women puff their chests out at each other more than men do..smh. It's bad enough that so many men think we are retarded alien creatures they can't do without, but for women to be proving their point by clawing at each other, backstabbing and competing over i get older, the more insane it seems to me.

* If you work in this music industry and your foundations were not strong to begin with, you better make it a priority to get rock solid and have solid gold support who have their feet planted firmly on mother earth!!! If not believe me, you will eventually be eroded to hash your music history and tell me I'm lying...s/n as my people always said, seems like the majority of the most ingenious, super talented ppl have the worst lives or mental/personality/emotional problems..Get those foundations your fortress and make sure you are not sucked into the destructive ish..stay on top of your game but also firing on all cylinders..#Random thoughts.

Thought floating thru my head: I am troubled by the artists who accept beats and rap all over them without speaking to the producer about the intended structure. Then when the problems are pointed out they don't seem to care. Artists, if the producer says something is not right respect it and either fix it yourself, let him/her fix it for you, or explain/defend your reason/purpose for doing it that way so everyone is on the same page! To ignore the producers comments and post it up anyway is disrespectful. There is too much of that bad attitude nowadays..let's aim for quality people..sheesh smh!

I keep searching for the good in everyone, but folks keep insisting on sticking that ugly side under my nose and flaunting it.  It might not register in your brain while you are hellbent on being an asshole that you have  WASTED RESOURCES.......

* I have producers and rappers with solid-gold skills in my network. That's right!..and I have preached the word countless times over at least eight years, if not more. Some of you duh-face stubborn mofos who insist on cringe making trap beats and overused industry beats think I'm tripping, being mean & nasty; Yelling and talking crap..smh. You are helping drive quality out of business..congrats. Oh, and for people who DO think I'm yelling..What do you think a football rally is for? To raise excitement & spirit for team support! Stop taking things so personal folks..I'm on your side.

* Things that you say or do..or don't say or don't do can affect people more than you can imagine. Just because YOU can't feel anything by your own actions does not mean its acceptable or that karma hasn't noticed the pain caused in others. Running away or hiding from the people you hurt will never save you. Karma has her own timescale but she doesn't forget. Wouldn't it be better to think about your actions and make it right with people before it comes to that? 

* People are so quick to diss ghostwriters. I look at it like this..every movie you see, every stage play, every television you think they ad lib? Do you think they make the story up as they go? NO they tell the story and if it is performed convincingly you the viewer should believe and feel. Same with music..Yes even hip hop..We tell a story. If somebody writes that story and the artist spitting it makes it their own, then it is their own and you, the listener must be able feel and vibe with it. Yea yea, I know..always better to write for yourself if you can. An actor can act a part, an artist can spit, a singer can sing covers but all must make it their own for it to work!

* An artist is both blessed and cursed. Blessed with the abilities and skills of creativity, cursed that few who are not also artists or creative in some way can understand the drive, single mindedness and focus behind the creativity that drives us, which means that we usually end up riding solo on our path since soulmates are pretty much extinct.

* Even 'Regular' things can make a good story like coming out of a venue after a show...high as hell on the buzz, heading to the greyhound bus alone..narrowly missing somebody who stopped suddenly in front of me to throw up..cold reality..crossing the street seeing crackheads laying flat out on the sidewalk..standard living for many, unfamiliar to some..if you do not 'See' the real u have to be blind, deaf and dumb..simple stories and experiences of real life..  Wish I had a co writer to help pull fine details out of my mental archives and help them shine.  (#RandomThoughts under the influence of inspiration.)

* Somebody compared my voice to Erykah Badu...gosh!   I have also heard Sade, Teena Marie and Diana Krall today by different people..How awesome is that! ??!!  Feeling like..Wow..No words!  (Status following the release of album "Love On All Accounts")

* The biggest accolade I have ever had in my entire life was from my daughter when I read her a couple of short rhymes I had just written. She is 14 now, so I don't get a whole lot of attention from her these days.  She listened with a look on her face that spoke volumes and said "Wow mom, you're really good at that!" Sh then paused before saying "How do you DO that?!"  Awwwww if no one else ever likes another thing I do, my life is complete..  #ShesMyHeart.

* Every great thing that we see, hear or experience, every monument or great work of art that takes many hands to create, every war, every historical uprising which produces change whether good or bad, begins with one single grain of a concept or idea in the mind of one individual..the difference between change or stagnancy on a large scale lies within a leader's ability to convince others, or generate interest that action on their part will benefit them personally (or their families), whether the proposed action is, in fact, TRULY good for them. The rest is down to chain action/reaction. (*Just thoughts that pass thru my mind early in the morning.)

* If I could achieve just one thing before I leave this planet, it would be to re-connect a few people who need to open up to each other, without them fighting me about it. People may move on in their lives but they don't need to leave behind people who care about them or have their backs in the process. I would give up all my personal achievements in life apart from my daughter, just to see that happen. I should not NEED to wish or dream of it, it should occur naturally! My heart lives in a state of heaviness when it doesn't happen. Maybe I should include that as my last wish in my will and testament..would it do any good?

* (2011)  I took my daughter to Clementon Park yesterday,  just in time for the earthquake which we didn't even feel! Just as we were getting off the Hellcat ride there was a microphone, reporter and photographer waiting for us. The Courier Post wanted to know how we felt about going on a ride like that during an earthquake.

* Everyone nowadays is an "aspiring artist" many are aspiring to be great? no.."they" (all your imagined, future or actual listeners) are not the REAL priority..The REAL priority is (or should be) "be awesome for yourself first" side eyes to see their reaction..Work on your skills first and foremost (learn to love what you do with an educated, fine-tuned ear). Why? Because good skills are the passport to communicating your soul more effectively thru your art. (But then, I'm not "famous" so what do I know?) Just think on it and let it simmer slowly in your mind. I can't remember who was quoted or the exact words I heard in college but the essence of the message stayed with me..that we must put blood, sweat, tears..conscious effort and a lot of time and patience into learning our craft, instrument, music, lyrics etc. Eventually, when you can perform something without thinking about it, close your eyes and feel it..that's when it comes from the place it is suppose to come from!  I'm still growing..When I stop learning or being enthusiastic, or passionate enough..When I am no longer able to feel inspired enough to pick up a pen or sing my heart out..That will be my signal to call it a day.

* You Know What? My life became much less stressful, less angst, blame and disgust filled when I stopped "expecting" or anticipating that all on my facebook pages would be supporting me, my music or my podcast. I realize we are all just here doing what we do trying to get "attention". We need to all stop thinking in terms of "if you are not supporting me financially in the here and now (as in buying my albums, using my service etc) you are against me", and think more in terms of "what knowledge can we share with each other, how can we mutually benefit each other to move forward on our chosen paths ". We are all busy surviving out here. There should be mutual respect for the struggle without everybody stepping on heads to get to the top, or angrily demanding the biggest piece of pie. Unity is everything my friends. Breathe. Life is short.  No need to make it shorter..enjoy the journey.

* Not sure what brought it on but i just woke up from a full on Goodfellas type gangsta ish living color dream. In the dream I was apparently a woman having relations with two rival mafia leaders. I was on the peripheral witnessing contracts being carried out, murder etc, panicking and looking for alibis so I wouldn't inadvertently be connected with the crime or questioned over it. Craaaaaazyyyy dream. I know I was listening to "Casino Crack" (one of my songs) a little earlier so maybe that was in my head..who knows!

* Having a good voice, with an appearance that does not fit in with most human's image of 'sensual beauty' is a small blessing but a large curse, no matter how you try to paint it..guess you have to rely more on your vocals to let your inner beauty shine brighter and believe more in yourself.

* Everyone is complaining that nobody is communicating..i state the same emphatically..but not until i check my own hands and yes it can honestly be said that whenever logging on to facebook, an effort is made to comment on posts, share things of interest, show respect, as well as post my own thoughts, projects and pics. The deadness and commercialism on fb is becoming mind numbing. Where are you all? Are you all bots? Do I have to be 21 with a voluptuously thick body to draw attention to my thoughts, comments and projects? Why is it so many people are out here demanding love for their work but refuse to show you respect back..its getting crazy on here.  Its NOT Just ALL about you in this world.

* People are too quick to take 'Sides'.  Just because you are not FOR me does not mean you are AGAINST me.  It just means you have not explored me yet, or if you have you have not yet heard the sound that moves you! I'm not done yet..stay awake, watch, listen and let me know what, in your mind you can hear me doing!  When you have a love affair with music you try out different positions!

* Too much hate..changing the world begins with changing yourself. Get your mind right! America is the worst for all the finger pointing "us and them". Too white, too black, too light, too dark, too young, too old, too this too that. Eff all that. I just appreciate breathing the air with people I appreciate, appreciate what people bring to the table intellectually, skill-wise, talent-wise, idea-wise.  Get off the surface and get down to what else is there..if anything.

* Artists...It's great that you are "bizzy bizzy bizzy"!  Faaantaastic..  But, keeping your nose down on that grindstone does not get the work heard. It doesn't get your face out there so ppl can see it..does not get you communicating with appreciators so they can see who and what they are supporting.. THIS is my beef with veteran and even newer artists that should know better..You gotta promote yourself..YOU ARE THE PRODUCT!!

* It's good to know facts and truths, but to my mind its not always necessary to break every little thing down to the tiniest fraction. Sometimes you gotta just say to yourself "it is because it is"..and let it go. Sometimes I browse on here and see so many posts and memes stating the absolute obvious like they were the most profound statements ever. You don't always have to see it in writing to recognize that things are what they are...but then again..there's all kinds in this world..maybe some ppl NEED to see it that way. The other angle is, just because it is in writing and said with flowery speech doesn't mean it is so! Know or research your facts but there's no need to over analyse. I have to occasionally remind myself of this too. Sometimes I do overthink things but life is teaching me that it just destroys the lesson. Ooh and one last thought. There are times when you are not MEANT to take a statement literally!!!! See what they are saying, really read it and see that it may be said in jest, sarcasm or just a simple statement, idea or thought that doesn't need to be questioned. Use your mind and don't go crazy trying to decipher, analyse, question, read something else into it is what it is. #RandomThoughts

* I must be the only parent that tells her teenager.."TURN THAT ISH UPPPP"!!!  She was asked to play "Run This Town" and that cannot and should not be heard at low volume..noway nohow..I just cannot do it!

* (2011)  At Friday's performance there was only time to jump on and sing one track..without a mic check! To my ear the sound was horrible  but I gave it what I could. Chris had introduced me by my government name and as we finished performing "TalkSweet", I kept hearing a lady yelling my name over and over. I wondered if I knew her but she was just showing appreciation from the crowd. That was a beautiful experience! Next time I get on a stage I will be giving her and all my appreciators everything I have and more!

* Some people think they have life and other people all figured out. The day you stop being interested in listening, looking and exploring like a kid learning to walk is the day you have given up on life! Find something to be excited a good way!

* Just a thought..I'm seeing a lot of flyers with spelling mistakes and bad English! If that is the look you are aiming for cool, don't worry about it! But for everybody else, don't just throw a flyer out to the public without looking it over carefully first!  Also, a complaint I have is that you put these flyers online expecting people in other states to know where the eff "1125 Ingham Street" is?? What state are you in?? In order to share some of these events on my show, I have literally had to go do some research to find out exact names and locations of venues..its not helpful!!! Please do us all a favor and be more specific and detailed..You would probably see more people turning up at your event!

* Artists if a producer makes you a beat or remixes a track for you, who's responsibility is it to promote the track? The producer's you say? Wrong!!!  It is NOT the producer's responsibility!  BUT if that producer is WILLING to push it WITH you, you're on to a win/win situation!  HOWEVER..whether you have a budget set aside to promote your tracks..and I mean ANY of your tracks, whether it is the lead single of your next major release, or a super dope remix somebody has done for you, you owe it to the producer and yourself to push that sh#%t out into the world YOURSELF!!! Why should it be your guilty pleasure??! ..Share it out!!! I get madder than hell at both signed and unsigned artists for your part!!  I don't care if you are a superstar or just starting out..this is your work!! Isn't that what you are here for? SHARE THAT ISH OUT! The more people that like it, the more hands you have that can help you share it out without having to pay an hourly rate to a multitude of staff to do the job for you!! ..Wake up and see the light!!! People need to work together! 

* Message to racists of all cultures, colors, sexes and religions: When you die, do you really think they are going to have turnstyles at the pearly gates to separate out the shades or ethnicities? smh..  Get your head right in THIS world because you won't be able to escape the decision of who gets in and who doesn't when you get there..

* There are no words in the English language, no matter how harshly or how sweetly spoken/written that will get thru to a closed mind..

*  You will never get "traditional" ANYTHiNG out of me. I'm no good at copying..I even switch up my own stuff when singing or speaking. The lines are refined inside my mind like an 8 track on rewind. (*grabs pen and writes that down lol) So if you are looking for "sounds like ..." I am not her.  I Sincerely cannot thank enough the producers, mcs, singers and listeners who have accepted/embraced this strange blend of styles, sounds, thoughts and character and the "differentness" that is MofoHari.  ‪#RandomThought‬

* Strange and "different" I may be,  but I honestly have no sympathy or empathy at all with the word 'bored'!!!..  I may get restless at times and want to get on and do something, which is simply the 'mental activator button' telling me to hop to it..But bored??! To me that would imply there is a part of my life that is getting wasted!!! You are the only one who can make a conscious choice to fill that gap!  Even if you choose to lay on the couch and watch television all day..that's a choice and may be what your mind and body need at that time..but boredom? Thankfully that has never been a part of my existence. #RandomWakefulThoughts

* I have noticed that most rappers/mc's don't seem to have too much trouble getting other rappers/mc's to work on a track with them. But in the past decade I have only managed to get one mc and one singer/producer to sing with me but neverrrr a female singer on a track..not one!!..A few ladies have voiced interest but when you get to the point of putting a mic in their hand they mysteriously disappear. What's up with that singers?? Where's the passion??!

* Sometimes it may seem the most talented and skilled among us don't appreciate their own perfection. At times they step back and fall silent, taking time out to re assess, or striving to surpass each level of greatness or at least format it so that the outer world can recognize and share and appreciate what they had slept on..and what has been there all along. Don't be afraid, the ones who follow their heart are not here to destroy but to build! All you have to do is open your creative mind or your ears. What is so hard about that?!  If you pass up opportunity to work with greatness then you can't even pretend that you care that much about your own musical intuition, or trying something new, or growing as an artist.

* I am bored with certain perceptions of 'professional or personal behavior'. To my mind "professionalism" is the ability to satisfactorily complete work. Personal behavior is not about following an etiquette bible, but being honest with yourself and others. "Cool is in the eye of the beholder. If you don't like an attitude, or make a judgement on professionalism based on behavior, you had better hold a mirror to yourself!!! ..It means you fail to see the essence of what is important and need to examine your own attitude. I refuse to censor my beliefs or thoughts just to comply with individual needs for someone to fit into a self-determined preferred image or character pattern.

* Always experimenting with different things, I just discovered that African Macadamia oil (normally for hair) mixed with cocoa butter really helps on stubborn dry skin patches..

Please don't slam the radio host hat on my head and forget that I am first and foremost, heart and soul an artist!  The hosting is an extension of expression and a sharing of music AS WELL as the church in which I learn, share knowledge, progress and assist progression!

* I don't believe in hierarchy or levels in humanity. We all stand on the same ground, on the same earth, in the same universe. Those with superiority complexes need to be shoved in a space capsule and left to float in the stratosphere, or around the outer edges of our solar system until they understand exactly the truth of their significance/importance on this tiny, messed up planet called earth. Yes we all have our purpose and some are to guide, all are here to learn, teach and support..Not to smirk, control, puff out chests and believe they are superior. Some of us are given harder lessons, some have rockier paths, some are given gifts of superior intelligence, others the gift to make others laugh or smile..some are blessed with more finances..others given less to work with. We all have purpose..but not one of us is truly more important or greater than another. Believe me, one can be given "power" by other humans on this earth..but sands shift and tides change rhythmically. All things must be kept steadily in perspective in order to understand, continue to learn the lessons correctly, teach and remain consistent in our growth. ‪#TotallyRandomThoughts‬

* Life is full of the most unbelievable ironies..i have learned that: On the whole, most humans have a blinkered, highly selective consciousness..they will only become enlightened if they choose to be. The larger the network, the more alone you can feel. The harder you drive for a specific action, or understanding or unity, no matter if you hit em hard with a sermon, one on one with earnestness, in the face, gently or in urgent discussion format, folks will not hear, absorb or act until they feel its their own idea/discovery or occasionally if they are shamed into an action. And the person, team or organization (Or concept/message/idea/product etc) that u are shooting for/speaking on can only go by the results of your efforts to reach people, not the energy put the one who grinds hardest, reaches hardest or feels strongest can end up being the one that loses it all by virtue of being shot down by all sides. Folks all around you move on with their lives like it doesn't matter while you are left with nothing. #HarshLessonsOfLife

* I am reminded again and again how over serious, miserable and hypocritically pious ppl are getting. I throw podcasts and videos up with a little humor because firstly and most importantly, I love to laugh..but also i'm sick to death of gloom and doominess. People seem to pick up the vibe and spread it around. Oh and religious statuses, woe and misery, drama, horror etc etc. Lighten the eff up or please PLEASE go away! I have enough on my plate without seeing all that! Yea, yea I know.."scroll on by", you say. Oh believe me I do..I do..Very quickly, but you're missing my point by saying that. Why not actually peep out the humor and let it sink into your veins..medicate yourself with a lil bit of laughter! You will feel so much better...Yes you will!

* Men, do you think women are getting more ratchet and aggressive in behavior toward you/men in general? Or am I just slowly starting to wake up and notice more women acting like they need to be turned over laps and having their butts spanked raw? I know I'm too favorite ppl remind me constantly..but damn..I would nottt want to be some bitch ass!! its NOT cool "ladies" (I say the word loosely to those to whom it applies).

* All this power of communication that podcasters-with-supporters have at their fingertips and they don't use it often enough..all these issues that could be spoken on and folks want to go over the same ground..tryin to be original!!!!!! I knooow, I know.."No idea's original, there's nothin new under the sun..". But the next part is the important part.."It's never what you do BUT HOW ITS DONE!!!" have a product, have a small budget and/Or promote on your own..very nice..but are you doing anything special to get noticed?  Nowadays everybody and their great grandma is doing exactly what u are cancels out everything since most people seeing promo coming at em from all directions are learning to shut down..thank technology for producing so many bad artists that nobody knows who to trust and shuts ears after awhile..go back to 80's and 90's when artists and labels had some business savvy, skilled artists connected, communicated and collaborated with each other, producers put out remixes of tracks the world loved and these were received with everybody is running around all crazy..scared to let anybody remix their tracks, and when somebody comes forward with dopeness they hide em under a come forward with inspired ideas and artists refuse to even respond..this is why music is effing up so badly. It is heartbreaking to watch!  My team searches hard for artists with sense.

* I am not in the "lost and found" box to be scrummaged thru and retrieved, not a game to be beaten, not a challenge to be risen to, not an amusement ride, not a battle to be conquered, not a bitch to be beaten down, not a ho to be put in place, not here to be compared with a line up of "options". There is no plate here to be "stepped up to", not here looking for a relationship, not here looking for flattery, not a cougar on the prowl, not looking for a sugar daddy or whatever else people put in their heads at any given time when they see a woman..especially one who expresses her thoughts. When people stop trying to categorize and figure out what "use" or part people could or should be playing in THEIR lives, for THEM..the world may stop, breathe and appreciate the essence of each other. As a wise man once said "nothing is forever". Try just breathing each other's air and seeing where they are in their own path. You may never have another chance to find out what is brought to the table unless you change your mindset. Drop the preconceptions and hidden agendas before you sit down at my table..?#?BreakBreadNotHearts?.

* How can you be networking like a mofo, expect folks to sell all they have and follow you, yet you don't gaf what THEY do and never check on anything they share with you?? YOU AIN'T SH#%T! Trust me..your buzz will die when people finally realize you are all about you and nothing else. But then again I could be wrong. There are a lot of lemmings in this world, I'm just not one of them. If I like your work enough to support you, I need to know the respect is mutual.

* In all professional.  If you tell somebody you will do something, ok you might forget, it happens!  But if people are INBOXING YOU and you OBVIOUSLY SEE THE MESSAGE (it is marked with a CHECK MARK when viewed) and do not respond in any can only ASSUME you have changed your mind about doing business with them. However famous you are, the principles still stand.

* If you paint me a certain way in your mind or have me on a pedestal..STOP..IMMEDIATELY..I cannot live up to your vision..or ANY vision..  #IAmJustMe mistakes and all. I have a path just like you. I have goals, dreams, hopes, beliefs..good aspects and bad aspects..kinda dumb, kinda smart. But i will speak from my heart in all things. Do NOT let "me" disappoint you. Accept me as I am, good and bad or walk away..please.

* Did you know that forcing your religion down people's throats alienates them more than it brings them to God or saves their souls?  Please don't go OTT with that. A lot of us out here are believers or spiritual and still get annoyed seeing that, because most of you APPEAR to be hypocrites..Just show and prove. I do not need to see it on my newsfeed every 2 seconds..I feel you but please..enough is enough..

* Every door I have tried to open has either been triple padlocked with uncrackable combinations, doors with broken hinges where the door opened wide but led nowhere, or opened to a maze of grandiose proportions that required an expert guide (who are either nowhere to be found or are wolves dressed like lambs wanting to buy or sell your soul). I do not ask for/need an easy option or a major miracle, just a little help getting past the snarling, evil guard dogs at every door I knock on..and some new clothes. I have been beaten, ripped to shreds, pulled apart and knocked down, but I have a family so staying down is not an option.

* All you folks out there looking for love..It doesn't happen overnight like that! If it does, that's lust not love. Stop rushing it! ..You cannottttt force somebody's 'Emotion Hand'. Like Diana ross said.."You Can'T Hurry Love"..(and the rest). No way am I in any rush. I'm just happy there are folks around who care about and respect me..No rush at all..que sera sera!

* Envy is a mofo..if you were meant to have what he/she/they have, be where they are, wear their shoes etc, you would have been born a different person. Understand that you have your OWN path, resources, talents, experiences. Be who you are and shine at it. In the end you will probably discover the thing/person etc you were envious of was nowhere near as good as what you've got!

* 'I' have pushed past multiple barriers, disregarded a million fears and pushed forward against all odds. It is time my "mofo hari" takes over the stage and shoves off the reserved miss donna h, cuz obviously being laidback/cautious/respectful does not get her what she needs/wants/deserves.

Maybe its because I'm a leo or maybe a its lot of things, but I've always been loyal to a fault to people or things I believe in based on the knowledge that is acquired. This may not make sense to most reading this because in business, and particularly in the MUSIC business, and even more particularly in America, I see SO LITTLE evidence of loyalty, continuity or even heart these days. Seems to me folks see everybody as an expendable face, product or service. There is a flippancy toward music like 'whats the big deal, its only music?'. Is that partly due to technology being what it is? Music is on tap more and more, low quality beat makers are touting their product free from every site and muddying the waters so skilled producers who charge for SERVICES and talented artists who SHOULD be getting paid for their work will never be heard above the rabble of would be superstars with the skill of a gnat buzzing past...BUT I'M DIGRESSING HERE..Loyalty..ah yes loyalty..and passion..and enthusiasm..and showmanship..and teamwork..and continuity. Look at these words and read them over a few times..because i'm telling you, these are the words that will one day be seen in music history books. You will need to read them just to find out the meaning because they are becoming extinct.

*  December 4, 2009: thought of the day..imaginatively or mentally try to walk in somebody's shoes before you judge or speak your mind..examine the perspective from which u speak before u open ya mouth..then if u have something of value to say, pearls of wisdom are meant to be handed out to teach or enlighten each other on this planet so speak up!!

December 12, 2014: I see ppl all around me who believe in the i, me, mine philosophy of life..if you can say in ten yrs time that this 'I am law is all' attitude fulfills and makes you happy i will bow down and worship you as king/queen..i guarantee it will strangulate and destroy you with bitterness this life you MUST learn to bend, adapt, readjust the lens regularly and always be prepared for a new philosophy is bend without laying down or you wiil unquestionably be broken..this is the universal law.

December 12, 2014: Too many ppl get the wrong idea about a difference of opinion..they feel like if they cannot dominate the discussion or change that person's mind they have lost or failed..sometimes there is something, some factor or understanding that one or the other is missing..i.e. a misunderstanding..leading to all kinds of distortions on both sides..Some things you just have to let go and respect that the other person will either figure out the facts for themselves, or a realization that you are not going to be able to be heard with an open or receptive mind, i.e. Their mind is already made which case you will just burn yourself out trying to explain, clarify, debate or both cases there comes a point where there is no actual right or wrong..just a point where you have to see as far as you can/respect the other pov and stop at that.

December 12, 2009: Gathering composure..I'm feelin' a sense of freedom with the realization that words are just words. True they can be used as weapons against us but only if we let down our guard and allow the knives to stick..self understanding and love is our truth, truth is our armor, knowledge of enemy is our shield..internal peace and forgiveness is our reward.

December 21, 2015: Many years ago, before i even went to england, somebody said to me "you are the only person I know that says they are going to do something and really does it." I haven't changed. As long as it is something that is within my power to do, and I've opened my mouth and said that i'm doing it..i'll stand behind my word. I have no patience with bullshitters.

* December 21, 2014: Thank the people who did not need me to strip, show extreme close ups of my cleavage or pouty lips with a finger stuck between em, those goo goo eyes, and copious amounts of makeup, or lay on all fours with my booty stuck up in the air, with a fish eye lens focused on it to make it look bigger, lookin' up provocatively at the cam.. just to get you to listen to my music. I salute you for giving me a chance to just be me..plain and simple..flaws n all.

This is how my overactive imagination works. Was on the phone with my half sister last night and she mentioned jokingly we should go to China because there are more jobs there. I just now woke up from dreaming a full action movie. I was a Chinese mom who's two kids were being used by the Chinese government for spy missions. One of the top women agents saw me about to go upstairs to use the bathroom and said anxiously "Where are you going?". I told her and she said not to. I asked if it was dangerous and she said yes and to take the children and leave when "the others" did (her words were "you must leave when we do"). She then disappeared. Two ruthless looking Chinese male agents came and one was speaking kindly to my children who were eager to answer his questions. He asked them where they had done something or other and they happily took his hand and went with the two agents to take them somewhere to show him what he was asking. Watching fearfully yet not helplessly, I knew I couldn't stop them as they put my children into a car and drove away. Remembering what the woman spy had said I quickly changed out of my nightgown into some clothes and slipped out the back door. Moments later the place blew sky high with a loud boom and technicolor flames. S/N I want to go back to sleep and see the sequel now..ish was getting interesting lol.

May 9, 2016: If and when my abundance comes in..i guarantee there's goin to be some who say i had it easy and that everything came to me on a silver plate. To which i will ctfu and throw a cream pie right in their faces..and squash it around much longer than necessary.

May 9, 2016: The difference between me and a lot of ppl, and as a result the thing that confuses a lot of ppl, is that when i meet ppl of the male variety or aim to get to know them, it is NOT about flirting, husband or relationship hunting, not about hooking up or testing any waters with that in mind. It is with a genuine interest in who they are, what they're about, what their aims and goals in life are. We all walk on the same planet for however long we are given. Doesn't hurt to find out about fellow humans. Some ppl's paths or minds resonate with yours which is awesome. Some don't. Its all good. But we all share this little planet so why not tip your hat to your neighbors and show a little love when you can?

May 9, 2015: Okay now im getting irritated with is "Bored"..i mean i honestly try and sympathise with these many statuses up tonight complaining of 'That word'..but i most assuredly cannot empathize!!! I have no idea "how" to be bored. Theres too much to do, so much to see, learn etc is amazing even by myself in my room i have the best time ever. Seriously..i have noooooo problem entertaining myself. I dont fall to pieces if there is nobody around to entertain me. Eff that. IF somebody IS around even better but im good either way bcs my vision is broad, mind is interested and open. That is all.

Time, the greatest gift..the sharing of thoughts and ideas..the creator of memories to call to mind for the rest of your life..Time shared can equal the negative or positive impact on a life so strong that one or both can feel or know it inside, recall the thoughts and moments to mind as clearly as if they were still there with you many years later. Yet too many don't appreciate or treasure shared time until they don't have it any more. Suddenly its precious to the mind. So I say, don't be too quick to discount time spent with ppl you appreciate. Without sounding too preachy, corny or cliche, try and embrace and appreciate each shared moment with ppl you care really is an essential and important part of the pattern and evolution of your life. (The Greatest Gift You Can Give Someone Is Your Time. Because when you give your time, you are giving a portion of your life that you will never get back.

* December 15, 2014: I'm completely nutsified when it comes to music..if i hear a voice or a vibe that resonates in me, a beat that hits me right, a verse somebody spits that hits me between the eyes, or a number of other things i can at times literally burst into tears ..nothing to do with bein a sad song or 'normal' stuff that moves ppl..nooo none of that..just for some whole body reacts to sound..i get chills, goosebumps, thumpy heart, get lost on mars or somewhere at times..maybe i need to get a life and stop living vicariously thru sound lol.

To every thing there is a season. A time speak up, a time to sit down. A time to strive, a time of abundance. A time to be surrounded by ppl who care, a time to be alone. A time to learn, a time to teach. A time to passionately love, a time to remain indifferent. A time to give, a time to receive. A time to reflect, a time to express. Some of those concepts may blend or cross over..but that is what the dance of life is all about. Moving with the rhythm, changing step with the beat, dipping with the dips and rising with the high notes. Let it flow. #TotallyRandomCrypticWakingThought

February 25, 2016: A conversation yesterday inspired and had me waking up with this thought. When you speak to ppl about money, charges, fees, monetary donations they tense, ready to barter, hustle or deny. If you have a skill or talent to trade or offer in exchange for their skill, talent, service or expertise they are more likely to be open, respectful and willing to build..swapping bricks..that was the term that was given. Food for thought!

February 25, 2015: Men..hand on heart, if i mouthed off to you like a crazy person and tried to hurt you with my hands, i would expect you to defend yourself..a woman needs to watch her damn self and not rely on the law being in her favor...i despise violent, mouthy women with every fiber of my being. Sure, we all have tempers but calm the fukk down ladies!!!!!!

* February 25, 2012: There is so much intolerance and apathy in the world..if you see someone around you that is different from what you are use to..embrace the uniqueness and what they have to bring to your table..don't get closed off, defensive, scared, paranoid..stop, listen, absorb and try to understand what they are may just find this person has something they can bring into your life to help you see life in a new way..

February 25, 2011: When i hear somethin beautiful..somethin that makes me feel elated, or high, or in deepthink mode..if u set out with an expression to share and reached me 'there'..u are a tru artist and i will tell the world to listen.

February 25, 2011: I am not ashamed to say i'm an emotional lady where music/business is concerned..its my feelings + intuition that are my meter that tells me if somethin moves, excites or irritates the fuck outta me..and i TRUST that meter..If i come to you actin like an excited child over your work, u kno im not bs'ing..its from the heart.

December 28, 2014: Is it uncool to be happy or smthin? Why are ppl so afraid to let themselves enjoy life in their own company without needing to get your eyes..its awesome to have company but equally awesome to be on ya jack jones (British for solo) doin stuff you love doing..its not a crime to like yourself yaknow.

April 28, 2013: THOUGHT OF THE DAY: Too many of us compare ourselves, the level of our own happiness or the quality of our lives with other ppl's perceived achievements, what or how much they can you compare with something you really know nothing of? YOU only see their surface, not their depth..Try comparing with ppl with less than you have and see how it changes your perceptions. As my mentors use to tell me, things could be worse..

Some people are confused by the term/meaning of "greatness", or have their own definition of it. To my mind Greatness is NOT about being adulated over, a superstar, worldwide notoriety etc. It is quieter than that..not so much about fanfare. It is about setting my personal bar ever higher to be the best i can. Even if nobody else recognized my skills, i should be proud of my progress and the greatness achieved. However, greatness should be shared and heard. Reaching somebody in some way, moving or touching them with something i have worked at, honed and brought from the heart reflects the greatness back, so that you know your efforts are doing some good for someone else! Honest feedback and guidance from someone who's skills you admire and respect can help with bar setting and becoming all that you can be. Aim to be nothing less than great.

#Random morning thoughts..I'D hate to be a man..despite all the ups and downs of womanhood i wouldn't want it any other way..femininity is awesome. James Brown said its a man's world..but really nowdays its getting to be a psychological chess game between the sexes. I'D rather stay single and happily female than plot moves to trap a man or be check mated into a sexual encounter or relationship i don't really want. No games over here. Let the chips fall where they may..and i'm wayyy too much of a woman to fight over a man..if i like a man but hIs attention or gaze is fixed over there and not over here..thats what he contest..being a woman should mean we can think with our brain..unlike many men..ahh yea..

January 10, 2015: Ppl are not pcs of paper, numbers, robots here to please or do your bidding, pcs of flesh sent from heaven to satisfy your carnal needs or animals to be hunted. Ppl are not chess pcs or personal property that automatically are programmed to serve when you get papers on them..Ppl are not inanimate anything..Every one is a warm, living, breathing human with emotions (whether displayed or hidden), experiences and lessons that created the character that they show you. Yea we all know we all write our own scripts but when you change the act or scene in your play, try not to leave a trail of bodies or destroyed hearts behind you..There are real life emotions involved in every life choice you make, every casual connection, in business, with family, with friends..remember this well bcs from what i see ppl brush a lot of things they do under carpets + trt ppl like they are unimportant things, toys, figments of their creation etc.

January 13, 2013: I hope I can hit a few ppl hard with my way of making them examine themselves..from my observations as artist, manager, promoter and sideline observer im seeing a lot of disrespect..artist to artist, producer to producer, artist to producer etc..firstly there is no place or room for ego in this business.. NO there is not regardless what u destroys..secondly confusion is NOT cool regardless how relevant u think it makes u too is destructive..ok let me soften that to say..none of the above is welcome with me or my team and i am in process of removing a number of so called professionals who puff their chest out when they are actin like fools and understanding jack shit..i wont have it around me or my team..when u come to our door be prepared to listen to ideas and prepared to study and research the work u do for and with us before diving prepared to leave your ego at the door and open your mind prepared for input, respect.

* Nowadays, apparently mediocrity prefers its own company and wallows in shallow compliments from the unskilled..the skilled stick within their own 'safety zone' and many believe they can get no better..the repetition of what they 'know' (i.e. staying strictly in the supposed lane) out of fear of losing their place in the music hierarchy takes them back down to mediocrity..ahh the cycle of life..if ppl would only realize they have choices and there are other lanes.

June 5, 2016: A dream for me would be to be in a financial position to not just feed the hungry or house the homeless but to open a door for them so they can feed and house themselves and encourage others to keep growing. I've been there..and i still struggle with aint nice and its hard work to battle poverty the dream is to help those who are there in that position bcs of a cold and non helpful govmnt, or cruelty of situation so they can rise up and start a chain reaction of common strength and community support. Yes we do owe it to each other. I'll be off the planet one day and you must keep the chain growing. #HiddenDreamz

Some ppl boast that they have been making music since 80s, 90s etc as if its a badge of excellence. *Shania Twaine voice..That don't impress me much. Just let me play it and decide for myself..idc about your brand or how cool u think u look..i'm interested in your sound..nothing else..but thats just me..i know nothing.

* June 21, 2012: CONFESSION 2: One of my greatest "weaknesses" is allowing myself to feel upset or distressed when I am misunderstood..and this does happen a lot, especially in the US..if i speak strongly, or with passion, or stand up for my beliefs, or even step in for somebody else who has been misunderstood and speak up for THEM..i am crucified and branded a shit stirrer, disrespectful, diva, bad bitch..when I am only speaking for what I feel and harm to any human is ever intended unless I am personally or directly disrespected..or my family..otherwise..I really wish ppl would stop jumping to the defense or to battle before they consider what is being said and why..


Since my 20s I have dreamed of having a gospel choir behind one of my songs..even wrote a gospel song on one occasion and came "this close" to making that happen when a choir director worked with me, revising the tune and lyrics a little and we were about to bring it to the choir to learn..That was when my daughter and I were in transitional housing and the church was next door. We got our home, had no transport and lost connection. But never say never.

My ideas are always huger than one solo little lady..Here is a 5'2" middle age white lady with a huge heart, huge plans, a voice and passion that extends far beyond an age..The thing that i never had in my younger days i have now..a plan, a goal and an open mind to allow the creative thoughts to be molded to greater heights.. But that without a passion to share knowledge, creative projects and hear the thoughts of others with the same vision means nothing..I love that part of many amazing things come when two or more minds are tuned in to the same channel.. #RandomThoughts

December 30, 2015: Seems like a lot of ppl don't know when to say "this is not my battle", and when to stand up and get involved..There is a difference between yapping publicly and stirring ish up and actively doing something that might be of use. VERY rarely the two work together. Bottom line, sit down when something has nothing to do with you and you don't know the facts. Stand up when it is a matter that concerns or involves you or your ppl personally, you know ALL the facts and you know that taking action will potentially do some good.

* December 30, 2013: I woke up with the strangest thought floating around in my head..and the thought was this..'the most feared word in any language, any walk of life, any race, creed or only two letters in most languages..that one singularly terrifying word is "no".

December 30, 2012: Time for a reality check ppl..if u are the type that thinks january 1st 2013 is a new start and you can leave 2012 behind..that's for procrastinaters and ppl with can't deal with reality..ppl who wave off past events, years, experiences to move on like they never happened are showing themselves to be unable to incorporate every thing learned into your knowledge base and use it..for me january 1st will be just another day..'new starts' occur every time you take a breath; every experience good and bad is an important part of the learning process..i don't place divisions, limitations or qualifications..a new beginning starts the day after that wrong step/turn you made that u are ashamed of, or that one nighter you shake your head at and want to forget is JUST as important to your life learning process as that major success move you made that you are so proud of or that trophy you won for being number one at something..every DAY of your past MATTERS to your future.

April 12, 2016: As our kids get closer to that magic age when the law says they are mature enough to guide their own life, it is our hardest but most necessary job to stand back and watch their flight attempts, but supervise/advise as needed. Its weird when they get to that age where you as parent are "in the way" rather than the one they run to, talk to, play with and huggle happily with. Ppl tell me they come back to that again, but to get to independence they have to go thru this "phase". I guess it is necessary for both parent and seedling to go thru it.

Some ppl take a stance before you even open your mouth, ready to challenge the first words you speak..Like you say "Good morning".."WTF are you talking about..its not good at are wrong, wrong, wrong.." lmao..Sit down you armchair battle mongers..Challenge only where you can teach, stimulate or truly correct..

April 1, 2015: I remember a time when ppl liked each other and socialized..couples got together and built a relationship naturally, a time when you could get a job based on previous experience..nowadays ppl, including prospective spouses and employers feel like they need to background check each other, including pee tests and full medical checks, exams etc, the govmnt collects your data underhandedly and phone taps and spy cams are the norm..eff this "advanced society and the technical age"..if i had a choice i'd rather live on a private island with a few ppl who are more about living, tolerating, accepting and moving forward.. i've never had the remotest desire to or interest in background checking a dude before i date, checking credit records before doing business with somebody, or when in a relationship even going so far as nosing around in their mail, texts, fb page, wallet etc..eff all that..if i trust you and you let me down that is a different and prove who you are with me..i don't need to play detective on anybody..that ish is insane to me.

* ANY time i approach an artist with an intent to connect them with another artist or producer..i am NOT asking for a favor, or looking for a mercy collab for anyone..that's not how i roll..if i see greatness, i stand behind MY OWN belief and connect greatness to greatness..its what i do..any questions? go on..i'm all ears.  you can sit someone at a table and serve them the finest meal of filet mignon with sauteed mushrooms, baked potato, sugar snap peas and gravy, with the finest champagne, by candlelight with a night view of nyc behind them, nice music playing softly in the background..and they would get up and kick the chair over, wipe all the food onto the floor without even tasting it and take a battle stance..they look at you like you are trying to daterape them....

April 3, 2015:  I am a thinker, sometimes (or often rather) i think too much, overthink things which can lead to losing the essence of an original thought, idea or internal perfection process is admittedly incomplete but i love the woman i have already grown to become. I embrace the rocky paths i've walked, the slippery slopes i've fkkd up on, the shady ppl i've been fooled by, the sheisters and the haters bcs each one taught me something that i, in my naivety needed to know in order to do and be better at this thing called life. One thing i have learned is that every single thing is here to teach us "something". Exactly what is not always immediately apparent..but it does no good to whine, complain, wail or gnash our will only prolong the lesson or we may have to take the test again in some other, possibly harder circumstance. My main lesson is to be better at feeling and accepting "what is" without fighting it, without painting it a different color or moving it to a different part of the room.

April 3, 2015: #MyPhilosophy: focus less on worrying about ppl liking or loving you and more on everything that moves around you..the "learning is finding everything" mindset fuels knowledge, embraces the bigger picture..its ok to get phat on that mind mannah.

* April 3, 2014: I know nas said 'no ideas original there's nothing new under the sun'..but here's the key part, he went on to say..'its never what you do its how its done'...focus on that...too much duplication going on..of thoughts, ideas, services, style..its making me turn my back on a lot of ppl i once respected..Maybe its just that i'm too different for this music thing..i don't quite 'fit in' anywhere that u might try to squeeze me..i'm not traditional 'anything' which confuses ppl..but i'd still rather be musically influenced yet original in how whatever i choose to do comes out..NOT just in creating songs but i'm goin to flip anything i learn or do to send it out into the world 'donna style'..whatever you do, whatever service you provide, whateverrrrrr it is...learn from the best, aim to make it your own, and do it with flair and style. Hustle is hustle but loving and honoring your craft is more rewarding.

April 3, 2013: Seems to me men and women go thru partner after partner..some are in it for serial sex, others lookin for 'the right one'..When they find one they like the 'look' of..fuck each other's brains out and conversation goes out the window..he or she gets bored when the sex high levels out and wonders whats calls time on the 'relationship' ..and then communication kicks in? NOWWWW you want to communicate???!!! this world is truly effed up..and then both wonder why they can't find a good person of the opposite sex..dang..its all backwards.

April 3, 2012: Side trackin like a mofo instead of handling my business but i gotta say this..folks, if you do not know what somebody does, sacrifices they make, whatever they go thru in getting to where they need to be..the roadblocks ppl throw up in front of em on a daily basis..don't jump to conclusions about ppl..instead try talking to em one on one and see where they might actually be surprised.

* April 2, 2012: Every great thing that we see, hear or experience, every monument or great work of art that takes many hands to create, every war, every historical uprising which produces change whether good or bad, begins with one single grain of a concept or idea in the mind of one individual..the difference between change or stagnance on a large scale lies within a leader's ability to convince others, or generate interest that action on their part will benefit them personally (or their families), whether the proposed action is, in fact, TRULY good for them. The rest is down to chain action/reaction..*just thoughts that pass thru my mind early in the morning.

April 5, 2013: Thought of the day: Be careful what you dream of..if you should be unable to reach the goals despite your best efforts, you feel like a failure; if you achieve only part of it, it may not be how or what you expected and you end up miserable and still feeling like a failure; if you achieve it all and end up standing alone in the process, again you feel like a failure..Make sure your foundation is solid before you work on the skyscraper or it may end up around your feet.

As i work to smooth out and build the album, I'm not specifically reaching for "big names" in order to ride on shirt tails etc..If there are names on Hidden Dreamz that others recognize its literally bcs I actually admire and respect their vibe and at this stage in my life I'm thinking "I love their work..why not connect the dots!?" I'm moved when magic can be made with ppl I admire before I leave this planet! In fact I'm not trying to ride the skittles rainbow..there ain't enough years left in my existence to fuss over all that..but hey..I love making magic with skilled ppl and being able to share it! #RandomMorningThought

*  April 6, 2016: You Know What? My life became much less stressful, less angst, blame and disgust filled when i stopped "expecting" or anticipating that all on my fb pages would be supporting me, my music or my podcast. I realize we are all just here doing what we do trying to get "attention". We need to all stop thinking in terms of "if you are not supporting me financially in the here and now (as in buying my albums, using my service etc) you are against me", and think more in terms of "what knowledge can we share with each other, how can we mutually benefit each other to move forward on our chosen paths ". We are all busy surviving out here. There should be mutual respect for the struggle without everybody stepping on heads to get to the top, or angrily demanding the biggest piece of pie. Unity is everything my friends. Breathe. Life is short. No need to make it shorter..enjoy the journey.

April 7, 2015: Maybe its just me but i have a really hard time getting my brain around these philosophies floating around that pain leads to all the best things and is therefore a wonderful thing we should embrace. matter which angle i turn the picture i can't see the glory or benefits in pain.. Maybe im just not looking at the picture right but..#SorryNotIntoSadoMasochism #NotMyThing

April 7, 2015: Never assume or presume by what you THINK are my actions/movements/thought processes, how i think or know nothing unless you open your mouth and speak with me, or at least ask..but that is only half of must listen without dissecting, interpreting or adding your own thoughts into it. i can explain my thoughts but if you choose not to believe or twist it into some incorrect direction, i can't help you..i already know who i am.

April 7, 2014: If you claim you love good music, then all in the same breath complain about the current state of music, then ask why you should share something you hear that you like, when you neither produced nor performed on it, are not connected with the artist/producer etc etc..shit i can't even follow the insanity of that please..never ever complain to me about music chose to perpetuate the badness and i have no sympathy for you.

April 7, 2012: Maybe i'm naive but, i thought the whole idea of being in a relationship was to give up the single life to be with the ONE person you wanted most to be with..i look around me and seems the world has rewritten life rules as i believed them to be..i would say some of these ppl in cheat-mode are mentally immature to the point where they are still living in that childhood mind frame of seeing how much they can "get away with"..if you feel like u gotta have extra pussy when you have a lady who loves you, you are with the WRONNGG person..let her go! if you start sneaking around with men when you have a man who trusts you, you don't deserve him..let him go!

April 7, 2011: Sometimes ppl look so hard for 'better' at a distance when already they have perfection at their own front door

April 8, 2015: I'm seriously, honestly confused...Men, why does it seem that in this country having a side piece is normal, natural and even admirable? Ladies, it takes two..why does it seem like women in this country allow themselves to get into a relationship KNOWING they are the non entity 'Other Woman'? And accept that as normal and perfectly ok? I honestly don't get it. I'd do a jazmine sullivan if i discovered i was a side ho..and i damn sure wouldn't consent knowingly..if a man has a far as i m concerned all other women should be keeping their fool hands off. And you men who mess on your woman need to be cursed with boils and aids....behave yaselves out there!

* April 8, 2015: I talk too much in type..need to get my verbal right..words are power. A woman who masters the power within effective writing And speaking is a phenomenal woman indeed. She could move mountains with that skill/gift/ability. Sisters, develop your mind, hone your talents, get your body strong and healthy and love yourself above all else. #RandomMorningThoughts

April 8, 2013: If i have inspired you in some small way along the way, then i've done some good and i'm glad for that..if we have brought laughter to each other at some point, that's awesome..SNAPSHOTS..That's what each good memory provides for us. Those are the things that we come back to that keeps us going when we feel like giving up on life, or life has given up on us..the things that have the ability to pull us thru and rev our engines when they've stalled..The problem with many is they neglect those snapshots..thats what they are THERE for..its one of life's natural healing resources..use them.


* April 9, 2015: #MoreRandomThoughts  I may be completely wrong but..i don't believe ppl have to be 'set in their ways' (unless they choose to be)..habits can be broken, directions can be changed, minds can adjust priorities and direction at any age! i've heard of 90 odd year old ppl achieving dreams..doing wt training and looking amazing, or being in a band etc etc..i've seen it happen...So for anybody to say they can't change is really saying they won't/don't want to change, or they are scared to try, or they have given up on themselves..Now, being "stuck in a rut", yes it does happen but when excuses override potential or when somebody firmly convinces him/herself that they can't change..they are fkkd before they even try. So whatever age, no matter what circumstance anything is possible..the mind is capable of a whole lot more than we give it credit for.

April 9, 2015: Maybe i should call my book of poetry '50 shades of ink'..kinda has a ring to it huh

* What you must ask yourself is..what makes YOUR podcast/radio show/performance/service etc DIFFERENT than the MILLIONS of others out there. What sets it apart? Why should anyone "tune in" to YOU specifically? And you can relate this to personal relationships or anything else in life. If you don't bring uniqueness or your own brand of greatness..and consistency with THAT..then you just may be a "convenience consumable"..a stopover..a peep around the door and nothing more. Whatever you do bring greatness and uniqueness to the table otherwise you are just another minnow in the ocean. #RandomWakingThought

April 10, 2016 at 3:18pm · 
I don't believe in hierarchy or levels in humanity. We all stand on the same ground, on the same earth, in the same universe. Those with superiority complexes need to be shoved in a space capsule and left to float in the stratosphere, or around the outer edges of our solar system until they understand exactly the truth of their significance/importance on this tiny, messed up planet called earth. Yes we all have our purpose and some are to guide, all are here to learn, teach and support..Not to smirk, control, puff out chests and believe they are superior. Some of us are given harder lessons, some have rockier paths, some are given gifts of superior intelligence, others the gift to make others laugh or smile..some are blessed with more finances..others given less to work with. We all have purpose..but not one of us is truly more important or greater than another. Believe me, one can be given "power" by other humans on this earth..but sands shift and tides change rhythmically. All things must be kept steadily in perspective in order to understand, continue to learn the lessons correctly, teach and remain consistent in our growth. #TotallyRandomThoughts

April 10, 2015: I am stunned that after all these years the songs i roughly sang and recorded with my acoustic are still in the soundclick charts..that is amazing to me..seriously..amazing..they have always shown so much love over there!!!

April 10, 2013: Message to racists of all cultures, colors, sexes and religions..when you die, do you really think they are goin to have turnstyles at the pearly gates to separate out the shades or ethnicities? smh..get your head right in THIS world bcs u won't be able to escape the decision of who gets in and who doesn't when u get there..

April 10, 2013: Artists if a producer makes you a beat or remixes a track for you..who's responsibility is it to promote the track? Wrong. Its not really the producer's responsibility, but if that producer is WILLING to push it WITH're on to a win/win situation..HOWEVER..whether you have a budget set aside to promote your tracks..and i mean ANY of your tracks, whether it is the lead single of your next major release, or a super dope remix somebody has done for owe it to them and yourself to push that shit out into the world YOURSELF..why should it be your guilty pleasure..share it out!!! i get madder than hell at both signed and unsigned artists for your part!! i don't care if you are a superstar or just starting out..this is your work..isn't that what you are here for? SHARE THAT ISH OUT! The more ppl that like it, the more hands you have that can help you share it out without having to pay an hourly rate to a multitude of staff to do the job for you..wake up and see the light..ppl need to work together!

April 10, 2013: Feel like i've been pushed out to sea on a raft..#trapdoored by the gods..sad my thoughts matter? nope..they just echo around a lifeless universe..i guess when i take a gamble on shit i have to be prepared to lose sometimes..#life lessons (its alright folks..mofohari is working on pickaxing her way back up the mountain)

April 10, 2013: There are no words in the english language, no matter how harshly or how sweetly spoken/written that will get thru to a closed mind..

April 11, 2013: FACT unless you are a household name, none of us know what each other does..that is what adding or following friends is for..networking!..(altho some use it for 'other types' of networking)..i was noticing somebody had dropped me who is friends with some of the same ppl whom i have worked musically with in the industry..this person is someone i have the highest respect for and they do not truly know my personal skills or experiences..i have investigated theirs and been super respectful of it..but had the sensation of being looked down on as a wannabe..for all those who are amused by me and believe i'm puffing up feathers..speak to me..that's not who i not make judgements without one on one communication..what i am about..simply (maybe sadly) is to do my small part to shine spotlights on the greatness of artists who deserve to be heard..i'm not striving for superstardom or to hustle ppl out of money..when i die i will have a clear conscience that my intentions are pure.

April 13, 2016 at 4:26pm · 
Random Thought: If L.I.F.E. is an open book test..why is it that so many choose to fail rather than use their available and accessible resources?

April 13, 2016: I swear..when i write my autobiography there's going to be the most insane stories in there like.."well one day, when I'd just hung up from speaking with Mele Mel and Scorpio and was buzzing with excitement, the principal of my daughter's school called and started droning on emotionlessly about how my daughter was not putting enough effort in gym or completing certain assignments..not offering support, just informing in monotone." Peaks and troughs..back to back..*Sings: back to life, back to reality

* April 13, 2016: Whatever you do on impulse..think it sure of your own mind..I know "they" say that "just doing it" is the way. Yes "doing it" IS the way. JUST doing not. Know yourself and your own mind, follow heart and instinct but use your head. Like my ppl used to tell me "Jump, but make sure there's water down there first." #RandomThought

* April 13, 2015: #RandomAfternoonThought tell somebody you care about somethin good you see in them or let them know how you feel..let it out!..ppl can't read day you may not have the opportunity to let them know..we complain about a 'cold, non communicating world'..don't be one of the cogs within that wheel..think for yourself and learn to show heart but always stay real..and true to your own mind.

* April 13, 2015: #RandomMorningThought You know what makes fb worthwhile? NOT the memes, the "My great great aunt on my mother's first husband's side just died..grieve with me' posts, not the thirstbot posts lookin for a stud or kitty to play with, not the multimillions of mind numbingly annoying tags in dumbshit, or the non communicators who say nothing but 'peep my track' or the bible thumpers that shove their own specific religion down ppls throats...nope..none of that..its the pple who post genuine human worry whether others will agree..just real contemplations, or experiences, a funny thought..anything that has that 'Personal Touch' so we can see who YOU are. Oh and the other thing is ppl who reach out to get to know "you" or network one on one folks make alllll the rest almost worth putting up with lol..salute to the REAL flesh n blood HUMANS out there. You are a rare breath of fresh air indeed.

April 13, 2013: I guess i feel about music the way ppl feel when they are in want to stand on a rooftop and shout it to the world..HEYYY WOORRRLDDD THIS IS AWESOME!!..and i know the ppl i have been most drawn to in my lifetime have felt the same, which is why i appreciate the company of ppl who don't think i'm (tooo much of an) alien and will indulge with me..thank you to everyone in my life who has broken bread with me music wise.

April 13, 2012: I live in a strange world where everybody feels a need to box and categorize everybody according to age, race, skin shade, sex, country of origin, physical attributes career etc..ppls perceptions of "who you are" are based on relatively insignificant details and halfbaked stereotypes..very sad indeed

* April 13, 2011: What happened in the game that caused so many potential artists to get so scared they might not make it in the biz that they froze up and stopped listening with their own ear and creating with their own mind

April 13, 2011: How u gonna change the world when u lettin your own standards slip? how will u make a difference when all that u show to the outside world shows INdifference?

April 13, 2011: Let me bring your attention to K-Solo ..listening now im all emotional in a different way..this is what im talkin needs that ESSENCE back..i kno times move on but do we really have to lose the creativity of story telling, using tone and cadence of VOICE to make u feel u are watchin a movie or there in the room talkin with u??! use music + technology to enhance the story, not override it.

April 14, 2016 at 4:28pm · 
To anyone who has invested time, energy or faith in me....and have ever doubted if that made any impact on, mattered to or lit any flames in me..please know and register that whatever i do you are the foundation and i am only passing on what i have learned and building on the framework you constructed in me. Where i go, there you are. Corny? Maybe. But true? Hell yes.

April 14, 2016: Here's something a lot of men will not comprehend, respect or appreciate..When i, and many other women of like mind, invite a man over, say for a music session, or to join in on a live radio show or for whatever reason is just that..It is not a "challenge" or an invitation bcs she wants you but is too scared to tell you..NO..none of that. Those that do respect that and don't disrespect genuine intentions go up in my estimation by 99 1/2%. If I had any "OTHER" reason for inviting a man in..they..and i..would know well before in a longggggggggggg time before that...a fkkg lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggtime before THAT! #Knowdat

April 14, 2015: Id rather have one or two ppl i trust around just sharing music and good conversation than party or clubbing every night..performing is awesome and networking is great but it is what it is..part of the business side..but i feel more at peace and muuch happier around ppl i know, trust and can connect with well..and thOse are extremely rare..which is why when i do connect at a mental level that ish is special to me.

April 14, 2011: If i felt for any man, or any man felt for me the same way i feel about music i would have been married by now with more babies than i want to even think about..but since i been married to the music, the twinkle in my eye is brighter than alpha centauri...uhoh, another pregnancy is in the air...

April 15, 2015: Seeing that BDK clip where he dropped the mic, i was thinkin back on a showcase me and Chrismorale were performing at..the organizers had organized NOTHING well..they had only one bs broken down mic that completely fell apart easily which was in use for all performers and including the cypher. We were performing accessdenied and i was getting into the spirit and in the heat of bein in character i grabbed the mic from chris (since we had to share it back and forth) and the damn thing fell apart..lmao i cry about it now when i think of it..but the look on his face like 'wtf you doin woman' and the 'ohshitt' i felt at that moment was priceless too..ahhh #GoodTimes #YouCantMakeThisStuffUp

April 15, 2015: Shout out to the ppl who stopped believing in me and thought what they saw was all there was..salute to those who genuinely believe that just bcs somebody goes thru some hard ish they are nope that's not a rhyme..just saying all things must develop in their own time. If i see something in somebody but maybe they choose to sit on it or even give up on it for a time, or they drop back for personal reasons i know and will always believe that eventually they can rise and shine again if they choose to..and as for me i may not choose fame and fortune but i do know there's a much deeper well of capability, a stronger mind and more will to grow than all the doubters, haters and surface gazers will ever know, recognize or care to understand. So i shout out the doubters bcs they inspire ppl like me to raise the bar on self faith and push harder to grow for myself above all else. I would support and encourage anyone else to do the same. S/N ohshit just re-read this and thought..did i just paraphrase biggie? wasn't intentional i promise!

April 16, 2015: Im all for self love, self faith/confidence and self development..but kicking ppl down to raise yourself along the way is bad practice in so many ways, including karma, business and personal repercussions..i strongly despise this modern attitude of cutting ppl off for dumb reasons..ppl are not here to be used as chess pcs but to share a space on the planet with nice..("too much ice in the game..not enough nice in the game" plays thru my mind)..but you don't hear me tho..It occurs to me that i am such a small speck on the planet, but maybe a simple thought might one day reverberate enough to get thru to some closed minds. #RandomMorningThoughts

April 16, 2013: My mentor showed and proved this, and i stand by it a million pc..before you interview annyyybody, know who they are, talk to them, get into 'them' to the best of your ability..i have been severely disappointed with some of the interviews i have heard or is obvious ppl don't care, are just 'doing their job' and as such not helping the person interviewed to shine, or come across to the public in the right way..i have seen it happen to ppl i have sent for interviews too..i wanted to strangle the interviewers..such a lack of professionalism out there..listen to me hosts, put the shoe on the other foot..would YOU want to be interviewed like you interview other ppl???? these impersonal interviews where hosts don't have a clue what or why or who they are interviewing are worthless to the public as well as the interviewee..smh

The best convos come when you use a little warmth, compassion, less judging and more listening. If someone knows they will be cut off, ridiculed and talked down to how will that bring out the best in them? They will just learn to be a ninja..walk silently and pay attention but speak less lol.. Be nice..try it! See what happens! There's already too much ice and hate out there. Sarcasm with love is different and thats beautiful between ppl who understand each other. Correction is good too among the same. Just be nice and cut the hateness to a minimum. It opens minds.

April 18, 2016: Geez..why is it in this country that in relationship breakups or problems, the majority of the public, not even knowing details/facts from both sides (even tho it is in reality nobody's business but their own!), will jump to the woman's defence? I would not even give a considered opinion (if pressed for one) without knowing more about each character and what led up to the events. Things aint always cut and dried, or always what they seem. The one yelling loudest may not in fact be the wronged party. But i know nothing. Bottom line is..the public doesn't even need to have a damn opinion. Lol

* april 18, 2012: Think about this..'perception' is a muffukka..i love surprizing ppl who see me in a crowd or at a performance and look around/thru me, or treat me in a certain way thinking i am some kinda way..then watching their faces change when they see 'who' i am..or what i do..ladies + gents, in SOME cases the outward appearance is not what counts..its what they bring to the table.

Whatever beef you have with anyone..about anything..Is it really more important than life and death that you can't forgive and move forward, agree to disagree or whatever it takes?..drop the ego and remember the good times? Meet each other in the middle as adults? Really? Put things in perspective and show love/appreciation while each are walking above ground. Stop the hate!

April 19, 2016: What is hilarious to me is how ppl's reactions tend to range from shocked to horrified to "sad for you" when you say you have walked from here to its a bad thing. When i had my blood drawn yesterday the lady at the desk's mouth fell open and she said "i don't know how you do it!" when she learned i'd walked over 2 miles to get there. I told her it was a beautiful day and i just phase out and enjoy it. She said "that's a long phase out!"..lmao..just didn't get it. I felt like saying i lost the use of my legs years ago, and have struggled off and on with when these puppies work? i love em..and i will use em..and i will make them stronger and able to carry me further..i la la la looove these legs when they work the way they should. #UseEmOrLoseEm

April 19, 2016: My comfort zone is solitude bcs it is what i know. I was pulled out of that comfort zone for good reason..bcs i have some things inside me to share and also bcs other ppl have things to share with me in this lifetime. It is the easiest thing in the world to slip back into "what i know"..but if i did i would not rhyme intended.

April 19, 2016: I look in eyes before i see anything else..i know its harder in pics but generally i need to look and see if i can perceive life in them..if they look too guarded, or masked or expressionless or hard or whatever, it throws my guard up and i cannot trust or communicate without wariness until i see what they are about. .the second thing is voice..speak to me like you are happy to be speaking with me and value and respect what i say as i do you..speak with a little enthusiasm and passion. Zombies are not welcome here.

April 19, 2015: Random morning thoughts..I'd love a round table discussion with maya angelou, sigmund freud, john f kennedy, mother theresa, mlk jr, gandhi, plus a few of our lost music geniuses, icons and hip hop godfathers right now. As a side note, in the past (in real life) when i have been in the presence of those who's wisdom far exceeds my own, i use to occasionally get a little tongue tied and feel over humble..i've infinitely improved with that tho bcs i learned the hard way if i don't speak up, add thoughts, ask questions and hear/absorb what they say, a lot of enlightenment or new knowledge is potentially lost..So i'd want a no holds barred open hearted full discussion on many subjects. But HMM..thinking about it a little deeper, there is possibly a whole convention center's worth (maybe more if i keep thinking lol) of wise minds living or passed that i would looove to explore and spend quality time with. But i guess (at least for now) i'll have to make due with written and recorded material, or documented details and information to feed my mind with. Uh..and for those wise minds still on planet earth? Look ouuuut i may be coming for ya lol..a lady gotta leaaarn some so she can teach one.

April 19, 2012: Crazy thing about artists is..if i choose to follow somebody up on their promo of something im appreciating, another artist will always come forward and say 'why are you promoting their work instead of mine' will never be, thank you for promoting that project two weeks ago that i was pushing..

April 19, 2012: I don't want to be known as the legendary, super rich, multi talented mofohari..i just want to make good music and be appreciated for my efforts..i want to share my creativity with ppl who can close their eyes and enjoy it

April 19, 2012: Does fame or artisticness have to = ignorance???? im seein way too much that how you were raised or do you blame the music business for bringing out the fool in you?

April 21, 2016: I'm not overstressing or driving myself into any grave..(or Even over grave-NESS).. I'm no longer going for the (heart) burn in my passion to reach folks or kill myself looking for new social media etc..There's too many ppl out there making themselves sick for the sake of a passion or "getting ahead"..I strive to grow, enjoy the ride, appreciate the view and do what i do with pleasure, sharing my little offerings while i'm still above ground. I laugh and cry at do or diers. Have fun..If you can't laugh and see the humor in the chaos you REALLY need to find another passion.

* April 21, 2015: With creativity, just like sex, relationships, life generally, communication or anything else you can think get out of it what you put into it. If you just coast it or put half a mind to it, you prob wonder what all the fuss is about from those who put heart and soul into the same thing and get excited about/feel pleasure in what theyre doing.

April 21, 2012: will know if this applies to you..DON'T let this world break you..i look at some of the most oppressed people and cultures in the history of our world and have seen how the survivors of the worst times ever helped each other up and kept times where things are comparitively less horrendous we seem to turn on each other more, more suspicious and competitive toward everybody else, motivation and support are less usual..If you are having hard times keep it in perspective..its hard for you YES..but if your ancestors could make it thru much, much can can DO it..get up and keep moving!!!

April 21, 2011: To become a true artist you have to first recognize and accept that you have a gift for it..second, that the gift is both a curse and a blessing, 3rd that u need to treat it with respect, work at it like earning your way up from a whitebelt to a blackbelt in a martial art or smthin..u kno then u got skill + power in your hand..use it wisely

* April 21, 2011: The 'b+w' thing kps rearin its head..maybe its just me but when i relate to somebody musically or personally i relate to what u present to me artistically, mentally, spiritually..i respect your love of culture..great! u go! im all for wavin a flag for family, history + heritage but start hatin over it/let it get in the way of communication? fuuuckkk that i dont need it

April 21, 2011: If ya face start lookin like a bulldog chewin a wasp all the time..its time to CTFU - life is hard at the best of times, if u think u are the only 1 who has em..give up..Laughter is the best medicine ever in life..TRY A DOSE and pass it on...

When i was growing up i remember milk used to be delivered and there was a bakery and ice cream truck that would make regular runs up my street. As a kid it was always so exciting to run out and flag em down. Do they do that kind of thing any more over here..with bakery trucks or milk deliveries i mean? I know in the UK milk is still delivered and ice cream trucks (which i swear is the local drug dealer lol) still come thru. S/N shoot come to think of it..I have not seen ONE girl scout selling cookies in south jerz..whaat is this world coming to?????

April 23, 2015: Class is IN session (for 'bring your child to work day')..first practical lesson begins with..having my daughter select an instrumental from the Nick Wiz Unreleased 90's Hip Hop Instrumentals to work with..i must say..good choice..good choice (and i didn't help or influence her decision) :) UPDATE: we have already built a story idea..i told her to close her eyes and listen for a couple of loops, then tell me what thoughts or visuals it brought into her mind. Her specific and detailed visualizations and the story idea that came from that, just from listening to the beat STUNNED me..whoaa..i sense a masterpiece shall be born simply from building with my own daughter..amazing stuff..i'm excited already lol

* April 23, 2013: Women are quick to blame and despise other women or themselves for their man cheating..sorry to burst your bubble but it takes (a minimum of) two to have sex..check the spots on the leopard at home and realize they very rarely change....

April 23, 2012: Truth be known..other than my daughter who i love more than life itself (and that says a lot cuz i'm pretty much in love with breathing), i am most grateful to my dad (RIP) for passing on to me the love of poetry, rhyming, rhythm, of feeling beauty right down to my bones, and most of all dad was an artist (painter), sculptor, cartoonist, designer of some of the company signs you may still see throughout cali..from the time i was around 5-6, i remember every night after dinner he would read poetry to me from an ancient old plain brown cover poetry book with yellow pages and rotting binding, containing poetry from old masters like robert louis stevenson, sam walter foss, ella wheeler wilcox..i remember even then leaning forward and loving the sound of the words, how they flowed together..the emotion it conveyed..Thank you Dad..i will always love and appreciate you..

April 23, 2011: I'm seein too many 'movements' and not enough action....seeing a lot of division into teams and tribes that don't know where they are going, just banding together cuz it sounds cool to be like 'us and them'...there's not enough true leaders who follow their heart, follow thru, create the blueprint, connect the dots and lead by example

April 23, 2012: here's one of the classic poems my dad use to read me from the ancient brown book of poetry when i was growing up:

The House by the Side of the Road

THERE are hermit souls that live withdrawn
In the place of their self-content;
There are souls like stars, that dwell apart,
In a fellowless firmament;
There are pioneer souls that blaze the paths
Where highways never ran-
But let me live by the side of the road
And be a friend to man.
Let me live in a house by the side of the road
Where the race of men go by-
The men who are good and the men who are bad,
As good and as bad as I.
I would not sit in the scorner's seat
Nor hurl the cynic's ban-
Let me live in a house by the side of the road
And be a friend to man.
I see from my house by the side of the road
By the side of the highway of life,
The men who press with the ardor of hope,
The men who are faint with the strife,
But I turn not away from their smiles and tears,
Both parts of an infinite plan-
Let me live in a house by the side of the road
And be a friend to man.
I know there are brook-gladdened meadows ahead,
And mountains of wearisome height;
That the road passes on through the long afternoon
And stretches away to the night.
And still I rejoice when the travelers rejoice
And weep with the strangers that moan,
Nor live in my house by the side of the road
Like a man who dwells alone.
Let me live in my house by the side of the road,
Where the race of men go by-
They are good, they are bad, they are weak, they are strong,
Wise, foolish - so am I.
Then why should I sit in the scorner's seat,
Or hurl the cynic's ban?
Let me live in my house by the side of the road
And be a friend to man.
Sam Walter Foss

April 24, 2015: For the record and shouting it into the wind, my reasons for leaving the country i lived in half my life have never changed, my feelings remain the same, my passion for those i care about remains exactly as they were..i can say with conviction and 100% truth that bcs of memories, bcs of experiences, bcs of conversations, jewels and discussions stored inside, bcs of the love that has been shown either by a punch when needed, or a hug or encouragement or a shove forward when i slowed down..bcs of being understood so thoroughly and over so many years...certain folks will always be considered priority, and 100% "my ppl" no matter what life throws at any of anyone this applies already know who you are..just typing as i'm feelin it. Sidenote: This is not to say i don't miss england, or my brother over there who has shown so much love, continued loyalty and support over the years..i never forget when love is shown!!!!

April 24, 2015: Okay i'm gonna stop myself right now..always tempted to answer these over personal questions then i think waittt..if somebody was on the phone askin me one on one these same questions would i even choose to answer unless it was a very very good friend, lover or fiance?? so why would we choose to tell a whole public of total strangers what position makes us cum hardest, what shape our pussy or boobs are, how old we were when we first had sex, how many kids we have..every intimate detail known to mankind and then some..??????!!!! fb is makin us totally utterly fukkin crazy lol..(thats a semi quote from a song)..So my thoughts are, unless you are lookin for a hookup ladies, or auditioning for a top position as a hooker..try and maintain just a littttle a lil sumpin sumpin for a dude who actually cares to discover about you..but i'm oldschool..nevermind me..i'm just talkin to myself.

April 24, 2013: So Hennessy is an avant garde scent now? lmao..dab some behind your ears and see what happens..i guess it depends on the kinda men u want to attract ladies..

* April 24, 2012: Ppl talk about me being signed soon, ppl talk about all the ppl watchin me, surrounding me with appreciation, tellin me im unique..ppl close to me tell me im honored but..why are my lil girl and i still wondering where the next meal is coming from and how we will find a place to live?..maybe the hardest times come before the breakthru..2nd thought: IF/when i "make it"..m (whatever exactly that may mean), my team makes it too..they are my mentors and the reason why i am here, not one of us takes any "glory" alone, but we share it equally

April 25, 2016: I have to be a special kind of cwazy. The majority would not understand that when the mechanisms of my creative mental outlet functions kick in, whenever they come..they come..fukk what time, day, location....NONE OF THAT MATTERS.. If you think about it..that makes me ok..because uh.. its my normalcy. Just because most would never get it or be able to deal with my idiosyncrasies, or embrace the laid back over enthusiastic, over passionate, over feelingful, retardations of this long as i'm cool with me..its all good baby #HystericalGiggles #NothinWrongWithMe

April 27, 2016: My Ppl said it all when they said "work smarter not harder"..i'm still learning the art in that, bcs there is a mastery level that has to be consciously aimed for in working out the smartest/best way forward FOR YOU (which may be totally different than a collective mindset, somebody else's methods or advice from others who were successful doing things a particular way)..know yourself well enough so you can figure out what is your best path to whatever you feel is right for you to achieve, accomplish etc. I see so many giving up bcs their expectations of dream fulfillment becomes relative to their demands on life and eventually becomes a bitter battle with the universe (i.e. sometimes dreams morph into demands, then the pleasure becomes pain and the path becomes a prison). You can't win a game of chess with the universe should you be foolish enough to challenge it, so be the student and let yourself learn the lessons you are taught, so you will be able to make better moves with the universe as your mentor. #RamblingThoughts

April 27, 2016: Laugh at life. Sweating trivialities can make you sick and old before your eaaaaaasyy. Whats the worst that could happen? Most of it has already happened to me and i went down but like a fisherman's float, bobbed up and kept going. Without a soh i would have prob never made it but i learned that if you keep your eyes open, stay aware, laugh, actually care about others without constant judging, stay open and happy regardless of the bs, life can open doors. #TotallyRandomThought

* April 27, 2015: RANDOM THOUGHT: If every song that i ever sent vocals to producers for over the years since i started, was returned to me completed, on the same day..i would have a 5 album set to release..if i recorded on every instrumental that has been sent to me over the years...phewww....i can't even fathom the end result lmao..impossible to imagine..and i still have folders and folders collected, waiting to be touched whenever that particular vibe hits...but wait wait..there's a part that has been left out..there is such a thing as a black hole in collaborative send your part some mysterious force, that part song is sucked into that black hole of obscurity by the other artist/artists, never to be seen again. bwa bwa bwaaaaaaaa. Not to mention the back burnered projects that may/may not resurface, the part songs/ideas i've laid down but never fleshed out, the hundreds (literally) of lyrics written and stored and growing rapidly, waiting to be laid down on the 'right' beat..the ideas and concepts floating, unwritten, daily in my brain. So for anybody that thinks this music thing is cut and dried..nope..Anybody worth their salt works at what they love..regularly..but then, they can't help it..and each song that is completed to everybody's satisfaction brings a buzz non musical ppl can't even imagine.

April 22, 2015: Random thought: if religion, politics, racial injustice, sex and anything to do with the illuminati were tabu subjects on fb..and memes were banned, most on here wouldn't have a damn clue what to talk about lol..sad but true...oh ohh yess let me add to that list of 'what if..' tabu subjects 'what you ate/are eating/about to eat' along with pictures..notice i left music and art out of the list just because..Because i can..its myy hypothetical situation so its allowed  ;-)

April 22, 2015: I always say if you feel like doin something that makes YOU feel good and might rub off on somebody along the way..just do my ppl use to tell 2nd guessing, overthinking, stutter steppin etc..just do it..eff it..why not? If you're askaired or doubt yourself, or thinkin nooo i wasn't reaaady then maybe its not for you.. but if you feel like doin' something FOR YOU first and foremost and anybody else who wants to rock with you and smile for a minute..then just effing DO THAT..don't count the numbers or wait for praise..just have fun.

April 22, 2012: Artists have the shortest memories EVER for ppl who helped em along the way..3 weeks later its like..*face screwed up, squintin': WHO did u say u are you again??

Whatever you do in life..whatever makes you happy..whatever reminds you that you breathe and gives you purpose to that ish and do it as big, as great and with as much love and passion as the tools inside and outside of you will allow. Don't be all about it, don't waste it and don't doubt yourself or your instincts. If you are different to everyone around you or you don't have anyone to understand where your mind it may be ahead or your time, they may be sleeping, hating or just haven't had a chance to check out what you you will NEVER be to everyone's taste anyway no matter what you do. But ultimately you have to love who you are and what you are doing, and your reasons for doing it must be ultimately FOR YOU..not talking selfishly, i'm talking about that thing that makes you whole..that connects you with yourself..that plugs you into that inner electricity and moves you forward with self awareness..that. Do that ish..just do it! I slept fitfully for the little time that i could sleep..and a kind of weird revelation came into my semi dreaming brain, that life is nothing but a classroom. Some of us drop out..some of us get taken out of school early..some of us grumble thru every lesson and don't learn a damn thing. But wherever we walk or go in our lessons, it is all timed to perfection..we move on and somebody else steps into that class or has the same lesson. Time marches on..we need to take the lessons and keep it moving. Where we walk right now, another generation will follow, another class will learn, another human will be enlightened etc etc.. Just learn and teach..appreciate and absorb.

I don'T need or ask to "Have it all"..i don't believe i have a greedy bone in my body..all i truly want is to be something i work toward developing, to know that others appreciate the skill i bring to the table, and a lil respect/appreciation as a fellow human being on the planet..and on a practical level, enough to provide for my daughter and me..anything above that is purely a bonus and can and would be invested or redistributed.

December 16, 2009: As an artist sex is equivalent 2 my music (or vice versa)..HE/IT has to move me, effect brain chemistry..body has to react..most ppl move too, out and slam da doah, which is cool BUT u missin some of the BEST fingalicken sweetness thru racing to the goal!..some ladies are slowburners--RELATING this to my passion (music) there's more..much..MUCH more in here *points to brain/mouth/heart* for folks who take time to explore..the music i mean ;)

December 22, 2014:  The world is filled with a billion and one causes..every single one apparently or unapparently affects us directly or indirectly..we would drive ourselves insane tryin to act on every imperative situation or issue heralding impending doom for mankind..Yet the way the world would have us believe, it is somehow wrong or selfish to get our own life in order before all else..Shouldn't we put our own selves and immediate needs at the top of the priority list before we work on changing the world? #Love yourself first, then the rest will fall into place.

December 23, 2015: Artists..makes me lmdao every time i see any of you throw out the classic line..i do this for u..i guess u haven't learned yet..nooobody me..self sacrifice is just that..nada martyr you..cut it out. Unless you can hold your hand up and name is ___ and i am addicted to making music, i will not believe a word you say. Do it for you, because you want, need and are driven to..if not you will end up crushed, with ego destroyed and feeling very alone. So like i said..admit it to yourself for yourself..and no more sacrifices or martyrdom..the internet is a collective will happily shit you right out without even digesting you. Lol

* december 23, 2014: Never let a cat near your lap..cats are hypnotizers..they put you in a trance..i am convinced these little old ladies you see sittin' in rocking chairs with far away looks in their eyes, with a cat curled up in their laps were actually 25 when they sat down, had a life and plans..but cats are selfish..they want that lap allll to themselves so they knead and massage you, purr and nuzzle you..don't trust em!!! They are actually casting a spell on you and you will fall into a deeeeeeep sleeeep and will wake up when you're 85, grey haired and demotivated to be bothered gettin up out the damn cat had me way too comfie..fell asleep for 3 hours..gotta rev up my engine, get ta movin and stop lettin that beastie near me.

December 23, 2014: #Reflections To anyone i have ever done anything for when you have not asked for help or assistance, then came at you with the attitude (directly or indirectly) "after allll i've done for you, you owe me", i sincerely apologize.. Life has a way of teaching us by giving us back just what we do, so we learn how it feels. more was a hard lesson for a hardhead like me but i got it..all subconscious 'debts' are wiped out from everyone..and i owe nobody nuthin..hollerlooyah..We must do what we do purely for ourselves, bcs we want to, no expectations unless in a business situation where we are being paid to do it.

December 26, 2011: In this life we have to do what we don't feel like or want to do, to empower us to do the things we do want later..hard work, discipline, determination, self belief, good attitude.. ppl with the 'if i cant have it now it ain't worth it' attitude are the druggies of the future..S/N i was talking to a medical transport driver who has seen every type of character come thru including methadone "rehab" transports..he said if some of his passengers put as much energy as they put into defeating the system, buying and selling drugs and other shady dealings, into a positive direction they would be a phenomenal success at life..they have all the makings of great business ppl

December 26, 2012: Americans are great for speaking words of great honor to your face while massaging your back with their forked tongue

* While you are surrounded by ppl who u say u appreciate for holding you down..who have you held down lately?

* December 26, 2012: Cynicism is a motherfucker..helps me survive in this god forsaken world tho, with its memory lapses, egotistical self adoration and unprofessionaism masked by words aimed to sketch a promising picture that was never intended to be completed

* December 26, 2012: In 2013 give yourself more checkpoints..if you find yourself saying the same things over and over "im gonna im gonna_____" either to yourself or other ppl , and you are not following thru for whatever reasons, something is wrong..slow down and complete one task at a time if multitasking is not working for not promise yourself or other professionals the earth if you can only give them a clump of worthless dried up dust

December 26, 2013: My latest lesson is..NEVER take ANYTHING for granted..especially life..When you do that, or complain outwardly about it..lessons come at you just to sufficiently scare you (or god forbid..worse) into appreciating every breath, every inch of the ground you walk on, every birthday you have ever wanted to shove under the carpet..every moment with your children, family or people you care about..Live each moment like its the last..that is all..

December 26, 2013: So far the feedback on the album has been SO vocs have been compared to erykah badu, teena marie, sade, amy much more of an honor can one indie artist receive..deeply moving..thank you!!!!!

December 26, 2013: The thought that haunts me daily..why do THE best artists and producers i know have to be shit on by ppl who claim they love good music..yes it hurts my heart that america is not supporting its own talent but feeding and elevating the talentless egotistical, lyricless, flowless, crap-beat deadheads instead..its a damn shame too :-{

December 26, 2014: Maybe its just me but..i keep seeing and hearing ppl talking about how they must cut ppl off who no longer 'serve a purpose' in their lives..who the fuck are you to use ppl as chess pieces? What happn to just appreciating ppl for being on the same planet, or for who they are etc? If i like somebody i like somebody..don't need them to perform some function, cater to my needs etc..ppl need to stop that 'God complex' aint that important sunshine..Try appreciating the whole painting, not just certain brush strokes.

December 26, 2014: I hate to break it to ppl who thought different of me..but the whole reason for my creativity is self fulfillment..not fame/superstardom, not fortune, not to become a business woman..all of the 'extra' stuff i have done or do is never really so much about what i love but about stepping out of my box for other ppl or out of necessity..Too much of that 'extra' ish drains me, pushing too far and too hard in a business direction kills me a little inside..but i come alive in a creative and supportive environment. So when i start to pull back from business headed ppl it is bcs i need to stop for a breath of creative h2o as opposed to the carbon monoxide of the relentless business drive folks are forced into just to keep some sort of presence up.

February 1, 2016: Strangest Ish Ever..I'm sitting here half asleep with after-feast itis creeping right into my bones, when a tune started going thru my head. As the tune followed by some words started floating around my brain it suddenly occurred to me wtf it was. In junior hs i was in 2nd chorus and then was selected for first chorus after the teacher forced me to sing a solo in front of the class..but this was while in 2nd chorus we participated in a competition with school choruses from all over the state. One of the songs we sang was "cantate domino"..the music teacher was mrs thorsen and she was pretty old..had black hair that was so thin that you could easily see patches of her scalp. Now why the hell would all that come into my head as clear as if it had just happened ? Lol..strange. Ima have to lay off those herbal meds. They are improving my memory a little too well at the oddest times.

February 1, 2016: How can i say matter what happens in this crazy life, no matter how high or how low..i will ALWAYS drop what i'm doing for anybody i consider "my ppl"..whether they are in hate mode, peace mode, love mode, isolation mode, shut down mode, over the moon and experiencing life mode..whatever mode they may be going thru..i am and will always be here.. i'm not just here to pick em up, i'm here to share the good stuff too..ppl forget..if i tell you i care..i stay caring..i don't need to provide regular updates bcs it does not change..fact is i don't open up that door to let folks in when i open it to them, it stays i'm no saint..nobody is..none of us is perfect...just don't forget the ppl around you who DO care.

February 1, 2014: Interesting that when docs are required to give a full blood and urine profile before sending you to certain specialists like cardiologists or neurologists, they automatically include checks for aids and std' this day n age its prob a good idea to require it from everybody whether they plan to go to specialists or not!..then folks will have medical papers with dates on as proof they are 'clean'..

February 1, 2013: DeepThought: The more i think about it the more despaired i feel, and the more i realize that people that are around me are truly i take a moment to break it down one last time for those who are feeling some kinda way for being cut off and for those who are about to be..let me explain in nursery school language. First, it is more and more apparent that we are in a world that maintains an attitude of 'am i my brother's keeper?' and yes that attitude kills spirit, it kills the heart slowly, it kills friendships, it kills potential business relationships..very dangerous indeed. Breaking it down further, for those who have known me (and if you know me as part of a team, you know to what i am referring), how many years have you known 'me'? okay in that period of time presumably we have worked together right? okay, we understand that..and then? ? "and then", you say, "life and time moved me here and there..doing 'things, yadaya no big deal"..but hold on back up!! didn't you skip over something? what did you DO with the work that you did with 'me'? did you promote it? appreciate it? remember it? and alll the times you were asked to do further work together..what happened? did you ignore the requests? did you ignore the requests or laugh it off, or feel it was unimportant? Did you go on to do other projects and ignore those who were anticipating a project with you? Did you look the other way and not check for 'me' or for any work 'i' was putting out? OKay hold that forward to present..NOW you are upset because you see signs of movement out the corner of your eye.."oh its you..hey check out my last three projects"..then 'geez whats he/she so upset about, dont even want to hear what ive been doing?' all confused..and then, uncomfortable with this "confusing attitude", you try to make things better by saying 'u haven't seen u doin much lately.. hey send me some beats..or lets do some work'..then suddenly devastated when you are cut off..So take it back in your mind..were you there and responsive when asked to be part of somebody's life? When they were actually excited about working with you? No..then I say to had your time to shine and blew it..move on. LUKE 24:5.."Why do you seek the living among the dead." You have killed a spirit by your lack of support yet there is still life to be lived..i may not get to the promised land with you..but i want you to remember these words and say them to yourself.."i have seen the enemy and he is us" - Wake up, learn to be aware, support each other because you..yes each one of us and INCLUDING you may be killing the spirit of some of the greatest talents we have in this world by non support, non communication and unconcern..That is all..and i'm out..PEACE

February 1, 2011: I was havin this convo with somebody recently - Evidence is all around that if ppl cant fathom, tie down, box (etc) a character type or behavior, they get nervous, label it ' 'crazyness', declare it as either nonsensical or pure genius..either way, if you don't fall into a recognized category, in most cases u are not embraced for uniqueness but ostracized for being different.

February 2, 2016: #TotallyRandomThought Sometimes my mind likes to examine a thought or idea or concept with university level precision..complete with research, analysis and conclusions. Other times i need to view a thought with kindergarten simplicity and accept it for what it is without needing to dig too deep into it. And then there are times when i realize some things are not meant to be thought about at all..simply felt, savored and embraced..and let blowing soap bubbles thru a hoop..appreciate them as they are and let them go.

February 2, 2016: In my observation one of the greatest disservices ppl on fb do for themselves (and yes i too fall into this box from time to time and shut the lid on myself), is to convince themselves and truly believe they are right, that what they have, their services, what they do, what they bring to the table, who they are, why they are here, their passions etc should or must bring instant, enthusiastic, passionate responses..Not now but RIGHT NOW. When such is not immediately forthcoming, they feel betrayed, let down, disheartened, despondent..ready to throw in the towel. You have a specific time frame? Good for you. The universe LAUGHS at time scales. If you breathe, relax, appreciate the journey, the universe will work with you. You start fighting the lessons, the path, the reasons..i swear to you Life and The Universe will KNOCK YOUR ASS TO YOUR KNEES AND HOLD YOU IN A HEADLOCK. Get off your high horse. Have no expectations..especially on facebook. Everybody here is fighting for a living, working, supporting families, dealing with life issues. Nobody is here to babysit you, your mission in life, to pander to your ego, your time scale, jump when you say listen, read, observe..or shout "Look At Meeee!"..If you convince yourself they should, you are sadly mistaken..and your next message..brought to you by L.I.F.E. will be.." Go back to the back of the fail this particular test..NEXT!" Patience, Self Belief..i said SELF BELIEF..keep honing your skills while spreading your pearls further afield. FB is not the place to expect to gain major success anyway. The majority of us are passionate about our chosen paths. We share the good stuff when we can, support when we can, show love when we can. While trying to keep roofs over our own heads, food in our own children's stomachs. Keep that in mind. We don't always see you. Sorry. Doesn't mean we won't get there. We get there when we get there. Hold up. Don't cut your own throat unnecessarily. TRUST I SPEAK TO MYSELF AS MUCH AS TO ANYONE ELSE! and believe me, what i say, i say to all with love.

February 2, 2013: Last Thoughts: If words can awaken ppl and bring an awareness or understanding they didn't have before..then i will have achieved something..i dont care if you are the roughest, baddest thug from the hardest hood..if you want out and have to prove yourself..and to prove yourself you have to suck it up and listen, pay attention and follow simple directions in order to get ANYWHERE..if folks are trying to help you..let them..don't fight..if ppl give you directions or requirements, suck up the thugness and use your intelligence..respect for respect..and on that note..mofohari blows kisses into the wind and hope they stick..peace all..i'm out..

February 3, 2016: Sidenote To All You Couples Out There.. The most important thing, the most special thing you can give her/him, NOT just on V day but any day, is your time and undivided attention. Small gestures now and then mean a lot more than commercialised gifts. But if/when you do choose to add on with a gift, show that you have been listening and really hearing who THEY are and buy or make the gift with that in mind to give it more impact. Its the THOUGHT that use your head.

February 3, 2014: I don't believe in movements..i believe in unity..yea there's a can keep your movement with each individual really aiming to advance their own selves..i'll never be happy in that situation..yup, i didn't think you'd understand..cuz you're 'movement minded'..all good..but that's not me.

February 3, 2013: ...I always wanted to make music and share it..that's all..not trying to compete or show off or outshine ANYone..just want to be me, give it my best shot and release some good work..and since i started recording..i can honestly say im super proud of the results thanks to folks who were willing to share their time and ideas with me ..if the world crashed around my ears tonite i can live with the knowledge that i worked with awesomeness

February 3, 2013: Thought of the day: i'm not here to make ppl feel here to help them get where they want to be..and the only way for that is to raise awareness and encourage greatness..which means artists need to always work to produce the best work they can..not get over excited and release music before its ready, not be half hearted about communication with other's working on the track, not grow an ego that is bigger than the proof, not fight against wisdom, constructive correction, or those that reach out with ideas..all those things destroy potential.

* February 1, 2015: Back in 2009 we had a showcase in england to top up funds to help get me over here..These are my family..Liam especially (on the right), stood behind me, encouraged, performed, supported (still does!)..and despite the shock and sadness of having lost my dad at that time, they all made it a fantastic and memorable night for me. Big salute!


* February 4, 2015: RandomThoughts i've seen ppl i care about fall down and go into hiding, watched ppl slowly get back up on their feet..i've fallen and risen like a swelling tide too, but i'm still alive, still breathing, still finding humor in the occasional stupidity of life..And for all my tired icons and those that i completely believe in..ride it out..i'm gettin old now, so i do know how vicious and hard life can ride have no idea how well i know..and why should you? i have no major public complaints, bcs i continue to learn every time that ol bulldog grabs me by the throat, or every time i get dragged under by a riptide..(if i don't learn from the lessons, then i'm a fool and will have to retake the test in some other form)..i just continue to work on my skills and live my life..bcs thats just how we do. (i'm soo tempted to say "It's a Donna wouldn't understand.." lmao..but i won't..)

February 4, 2015: One sided love is not love..its obsession..Bein "IN" love is only possible with two consenting ppl feeling the same..and not to be confused with being in lust, which is also a common affliction which affects warm blooded mammals. You can choose not to can be done..but you can also learn to care about someone with fondness, in a state of toleration..which is how most long term relationships eventually work. #RandomThoughts

* February 4, 2013: I have come to the conclusion that my enthusiasm for progress and professionalism is outdated, unappreciated and viewed as 'rude'..i find it difficult to tolerate blatant disregard..if the majority of businesses are 'too busy' to ensure their work is done well or check details for accuracy, then turn around and use 'hey i was doing you a favor' as a line of angry defense and call me rude for pointing it out..then its time for me to leave business..i get it..i want too ppl want too much..forgive me..i apologize to anyone who has attempted to do business with me that i dare to put my heart and soul into the work i do..i was wrong and don't fit into the "modern way of thinking"...peace and respect.

February 5, 2015: What my ppl says is absolutely 100% true..folks fall all over themselves to wail and weep and gnash their teeth over the demise of ppl they never met, or when its somebody close to you and its "too late" to tell them you care..that's when ppl want to speak up..but ppl who are right there within your circle, your reach, whether they are your homie, your family, your friend, your lover, your husband/wife..WHOEVER it may sleep on them..WAKE UP!!! this is reality..

February 5, 2012: Too many ppl want somethin or someone until they actually get it/them..then they either get scared, bored or stop appreciating...IF u are lucky enough to have what u truly want..cherish, nurture, respect..and never take it/them for granted..

February 6, 2015: You know what is empowering? To be able to disconnect emotion, theories, assumptions and preconceived notions, rock back on your heels, and recognize the bigger picture for what it is..a different perspective makes a difference.

February 6, 2010: Why do us females feel SO threatened by other females that their man/object of their desires hppns 2 spk 2 (even a long-time friend) 2 the point where suspicion, hate, jealousy, competitiveness, claws come out?..Y IS that??!! Woebetide a man lets another female know she look nice in front of his date!! Yet turn it around! Several men can compliment a female in front of HER man & HE will prob take it as a compliment!!

February 8, 2013: Frustration intensifies when someone is laying golden eggs and can't find anyone to sit on them so they hatch..creativity is a real curse for the extremely gifted..folks take their skill for granted and assume they will be around forever..doesn't work that way..even a golden egg can shrivel and die without attention and enough love to nurture and bring the life out from inside..

February 12, 2016: It is so easy to get into a bad habit of not allowing yourself..or getting..eight full hours of sleep every night. If you say it doesn't matter, it really does. Whether you see or acknowledge it you have a human body which requires nurturing. Doing that to yourself is like owning car, filling it with the cheapest gas, driving around all day and expecting it not to run out of gas, get overheated or need a tune up. Got to treat your vehicle right..wash, wax, fine tune inside and out..and use it with pride. It has to keep "you" going until it conks out. Keep in mind "you" are not your "have" a body. Treat it right. #RandomThought

February 12, 2014: Wake up ppl..please..nothing you do in this life is in vain..everything you do that touches someone's life may not even be completely in your 'awareness or consciousness zone' but it impacts somebody for good or for bad in whatever you do or say..the way that it is done or said, the sincerity and continuity..some are here to gather not divide, support not take over, promote, not elevation of self..wake up and understand that there are ppl who genuinely want to do some good..please learn to take and use what somebody gives from the heart..if these actions are not in vain and impact is withheld or hidden by the receiver, then the giver will never know if their efforts or intentions are received with appreciation, chagrin, displeasure etc..

February 13, 2014 at 4:26pm · 
Wtf do these potato chip manufacturers figure out calorie content? I never usually eat chips but was starving when we were grocery shopping tuesday so i picked up a big bag of lays wavy says 160 cals for 11 chips..what in the world? How often do u get a bag with chips all one size..and all of em u have to sit and piece together the broken ones so u can count out 11 not buyin anymore anyway..thats stupid calories for nuthing!!!

February 13, 2014: Do not come to me on either the offense or defense, or with a hidden to me mind to mind..i won't know what you know but i can learn from you and maybe you can pick something up from me if you are willing to hear and understand.

February 13, 2014: Should you even want to know what a man gets his woman for valentines day, or does for her etc? why should these misty eyed couples want to run to facebook and tell evertbody? spend THAT time makin' sweeet luuuv with your significant other instead of runnin to the keyboard..that right there is time way more valuably spent..its a private thing..share it with each other. AND for the rest of us romantic-at-heart-but-single folks..just let folks you care about know what they mean to you personally...not sexually..but from the heart.

February 13, 2014: Going back in my mind to my performances at tobacco road, times sq..and thinking about the folks laying out near there on the sidewalks..some in rigged tents, others layin flat out under the night sky.. So i'm sending good thoughts out for whatever little that's worth and hoping they are finding some shelter or somebody out there taking these folks to safe places..take care out there..warmer times are coming.. And for the rest of us we have to stop complaining about it..u will be complaining about the heat soon so its all thankful u have a roof for shelter, blankets and clothes to pile on and even if all u have is a few potatoes to last until u can get out..u can make potato soup if ur elec or gas is on..that ish will last you awhile..stay safe all..enjoy the cozy time indoors if u can..i know i am.

February 13, 2013: Random Thoughts: sometimes i get why folks prefer confusion to knowledge and enlightenment..SOME knowledge makes us aware of the corruption, retardation and insanity around us..others gives us ammunition for self defense, avoiding problems, improving situations or just broadening our perspective..i GET while ppl want to deaden their brain cells and numb their mind into confusion when i see what i see around me, from political and police corruption, to racism and rights restrictions to comparatively simpler things like the state of the music industry or the issues of raising children to be responsible adults...if i had the opportunity to live in freedom on a deserted island hellYEA i'd go!!!! bottom line i don't have a choice..and this shit is scary as hell..but i feel like i need to BUILD my brain cells with much much more knowledge and sharpness just to be able to cope with this crazy world..i done been the route of staying numb and dumb..and while i can't reverse whatever damage may have been done from that era, mannn seriously..its time to sharpen up and be more alert..but at the same time stay well the hell out of the middle of all that bullshit out there if i can in this lifetime or what's left of it..

* February 13, 2012: If i have ever been too silent on things i am truly passionate about let me now jump into the largest dark chasm and sacrifice myself to the god of has never been my thing to sit on a fence..selling all i had and bringing my daughter to a country she is not familiar with, and for me moving to a state i know nothing about purely because i believe in my ppl, the music, the path is surely not enough at this is not proving anything to YOU the listener, the follower, the fellow if i speak with a sharper tongue, trust i do it with love, respect..but also because it is a part of my evolution..partly because i have learned that a good 75% of folks i have dealt with in the biz have spoke PURE follow up, no remorse for the crap pouring out their mouths..i'm done with bullshitters..either you love your art and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, or stay the fuck away from MY door..go lie to somebody else if it makes u feel like the bigger artist (yea YOU TOO you signed motherfuckers who think it doesn't matter..your reputation will soon be NOTHING)..let me disturb you with my words..let me really disturb you..because this music of ours, this culture, this artform is not being nurtured..togetherness and mutual respect/support is NON EXISTENT..the surface lies are fooling some..but it's all a seriously bad facade..

I was "created" by those I have respected and trusted to guide me correctly. I was and am encouraged to be unique..expected to be great or do nothing. I have been nurtured, supported and mentored. Never forget those who have lovingly poured their knowledge into you, groomed your wings and threw you out of the tree knowing you'd be ok.

* Producers..You have to immerse yourself in a singer or rapper..find out how they sound, their natural cadence, character..everything..then offer them beats you can hear them on. There has only been one producer i've known who loved his art enough to do that..and he got the best out of me.

#WakingThought In life, if you do "just enough", not only will returns for your efforts always be "not enough" but you yourself will remain "consistently mediocre."

February 19, 2014: Two nights ago i had the weirdest dream ever..i was in some kind of forest with friends and a snail was eating everything in its path and growing huger and huger..i yelled to my friends to run and they were tripping and falling over..i suddenly opened myself like some kind of cartoon character, threw everybody inside my 'pouch'..which was like opening my top half and storing everybody in the solar plexus area and running as hard as i could into a house..but it was following fast and growing bigger all the time..i ran into a room in the house and locked the door..its feelers were coming under the door but it couldn't get in...then i woke up...craaazy!

February 20, 2013: 'Rules in creativity' ..believe it or not, there are a few things to consider!!..1) follow the general guidelines of the beat..if you don't it ends up sounding ridiculous..even if you think its the dopest thing you ever did 2) make sure the mix is hot 3) be 'influenced' or 'inspired' by other artists you like, without my music instructors told me in college..whatever you do, make it your own..4) if u aren't feeling it, how can u expect us to? 5) there are no 'rules' in written lyrical expression other than when you perform it, make it sound good for the rest of us..

* February 20, 2010: In this beautiful path of ours called 'music', we as artists are an important part of the beauty of creation; it begins when mind and spirit fuses with beat and passion - the end product is the birth of perfection..We need to respect the gifts we have and use them with pride!!

February 21, 2013: How dare you fall apart when somebody unfriends you, if they reached out time and time and time again to work with you and you bullshitted over and over and over again..or..KNOWING somebody has been waiting to work with you and you laughed it off, took it lightly and worked with everybody else, and consistently asked them to listen to THAT dare you!!! i would do the have no idea how much damage you messes with ppl's minds, they lose faith in their abilities..they lose i'm not talking about one person this has happened to..i've seen too much of this shit..artists stop the ignorance and blind selfishness..maybe you don't FEEL what you are doing to other ppl with this attitude but believe me it does affect even the most skilled ppl in the business..after awhile they MUST cut you off ..every time they see you on, it reminds them of what you have denied a rewind action telling them they failed over and over again..if you see yourself in this scenario then it applies..yea you..your actions or lack of can do that..congratulations..

February 21, 2013: Interesting how friends and artists can take each other for granted so much that they stop listening or responding, and start considering each other as peripheral characters who will be there any time, often years later when they 'might feel like' connecting..interesting how artists live in fear of strangers reaching out with a production or collab idea..Communication and receptiveness is becoming a lost art and its very concerning!!!..the problem is by shutting down on ppl who reach out, you will never know what fruit those ideas they may have presented to you could have yielded..whether a friend or a stranger, if somebody hits you up and has ideas, or seems passionate about suggestions they are trying to present to you..don't run and hide behind the couch, or start rambling on at them about personal issues..FOCUS, LISTEN, TAKE IT may be just the right sound, feel, direction you think your team or your sound is all you will ever need in life? you think u got all the answers? me..if you ain't Jesus Christ don't..

February 22, 2015: Why do women feel they have to fight to get/keep a man..or that the only way to 'get' a man is to give them 'everything' as quickly as possible, including a child, every imaginable part of their body, dull their shine or ingratiate themselves to keep his attention..Has society scared women so much by continual assertions that there are more women than men in the world? Ladies want a faithful man in their lives but sleep with every available man trying to 'get' one..what message does that give men in general? it gives them the message that women are a dime a dozen and not to be its ok for them to do the rounds. Ppl need to look at their own hands and stop blaming everybody else for what they don't have. Ladies, calm down..value yourself and let men see you shine..flesh is him what else you have going for you. #RandomThoughts

February 22, 2015: Fact: You canNOT set time scales for the achievement of doesn't work like that..seriously..i've lived on this planet long enough to know expectations or goals are not always attained when and how we state they are going to happen..that is unrealistic and unfair to yourself..BUT you can get tired of pushing, you are allowed to say enough is enough when you have had time to see that maybe what you were fighting so hard to achieve didn't actually hold the sunshine, roses and miraculous life you thought you dreamed of, nor was that world full of ppl who cared about your achievements, or followed up with promises, or gave a fuck about YOU..You are allowed to choose to sit back and be successful in your own time, in your own environment, by your own standards and on your own terms.

February 22, 2014: If i was an inventor i'd invent a device like a pedometer that measures the # of calories we put into our bodies, recognizes and separates out the non valuable or empty calories from the healthy/valuable ones, calculates the # we need to expend to reach or maintain a certain weight..and beeps like a mofo if you overshoot your intake..add in a stern voice like a GPS..recalculating, recalculating..turn left at the kitchen doorway, do 50 more situps and 20 squats...etc

February 22, 2013: Chrismorale Villain constant hiphop realizm in speech..yaknow?

February 26, 2010: Artists stay is full of conflict, misunderstandings and confusing situations, daily conversations ranging from bizarre to beautiful..dont jump to conclusions, LISTEN to what people say to you, think before u conclude..learn from em, write about em, use them..its all valuable experience! most important, believe in and love yourself..keep following your heart, keep growing 

* February 26, 2010: To be devoted to your art does not mean recording 24/7..take time out for listening, observing, writing, studying life..recording is definitely a part of it yes, but its also about getting centered, following your own heart, believing in yourself..people around may misunderstand intentions or what u are about but stay strong + tru to your path..folks who twist a perceived image of u will either eventually realize the truth or fall away

February 26, 2016: This generation and a lot of "grown ups" think everything is owed to them without them needing to work at it. If you only knew. If it doesn't work that way you try it this way. Ppl wonder why i never give up..go watch "An Officer And A Gentleman" and use your imagination. Eff your lazy, giving up asses..kick your own butt into touch and stop wasting your gifts! No excuse is valid..none! Don't tell ME..whatever "excuse" you make to yourself is your may sound and seem valid to you but when you put it under a microscope and look closely you will see the word boooolsheeeit etched deeply into it.

February 28, 2014: My aim is to be a credit, rather than an embarrassment, to my teachers, mentors and inspirations..even if it means i must learn to sit down and shut up and focus less on unity and more on developing my skills. its a different world, different environment...i know we all have to adapt and work with the hand we are dealt..whether ergonomically, physically or the ppl that choose to be, or not be around us..the trick is to stay hungry and happy within yourself, know your place and know who you are.

Life is a never ending series of choices that will lead us in incredible directions..Reversing directions, sideways moves, opening new doors, there's a never ending combination of choices and directions that could be taken..even inactivity is a choice... they all should teach us something even if its what not to do in the future, what areas to improve, or even to enlighten about ourselves or human nature..Other ppl's choices on their own path that may affect us personally (whether directly or indirectly) need to be respected as such too..just as we make our own choices and expect them to be respected and supported..we just deal with every experience, event, curve and door that pops up as it comes..with dignity, respect and an open mind..if you ain't learning you aren't living. #LIFE

January 2, 2014: I was doing some contemplating pretty much thru the night and started thinking how 'leaving the past behind' or 'making a new start' is pretty much like chopping off a foot and refusing to acknowledge where it has taken you, then limping forward with blind resolve. shouldn't we really acknowledge and respect where we have been, what we have done (good and bad), the lessons we have learned whether painful or useful or even just bookmark memories to return to when we need a reminder or lift? the change of a new year shouldn't be our excuse to start forward should be an everyday, allday's all part of the same book of our lives..chapters can't be cut in half or started at will, they end when they end and begin when they're suppose to..just keep moving and growing, and refer to past experiences as guidelines.

* Around 4 am i was in semi sleep mode..asking in my mind with passion how i can break thru the ish i'm dealing with..allofa sudden out of the blue i heard a voice saying cryptically..just keep doing you..which is a term i don't really use or particularly like..aaand it was completely cryptic so i have no idea why that thought came thru almost like an external voice..oooo..hallucinations abound lol

January 2, 2014: I don't smoke weed or drink..when i party, perform or record its just the music high i bring with me nowdays and i prefer it that way..i have that and it is addiction enough for me..i was talking with a friend who looks mad rough from years of drink/drug abuse..asked him why he doesn't slow that ish down for health reasons and he said out of his own mouth if he stopped that he would no longer be cool and mind as well not be alive..its HIS life and i respect that..he said it was all he had going for him..i get it...i guess we all make our own choices whether it means our health, mind or spirit long as they are fully informed and aware of what they are doing, they are free to choose the life they live..just don't try and force that life on other ppl who are trying to get and stay healthy..when you lose your health, take it from me, you RESPECT it a whole lot more!!!

* The loneliest humans on the planet are artists..why? because they are driven by creativity, passion, need..The possibility of finding another human who can tolerate, share, support that essence/core part of them they cannot change sms beyond rare.. seems best we can hope 4 is to connect w other artists creatively but end up alone still trying to dumb down our buzz since there is no1 who appreciates it..Or date/fuck/have relationships every willing body in sight + pretend that fills the gap when u kno they can't even relate mentally and/or musically..Artists tell me if i'm wrong..i don't want to be right!!

* Perceptions based on what is seen/heard nds 2 b presented over time..instnt prcptns are nt always rt, tks time 2 kno smbdy..Even when u feel u do, u only kno what they give u to kno..As 4 me, whoever is patient enf 2 tolerate, listen, focus, understand, i am an opn book, not so dffclt 2 kno. Its ez 2 see whr my heart is, i cnt change tht, or the direction my feet are drawn 2 travel..walk with me, respect the journey.

January 1, 2010: I think my enthusiasm nds 2 be bottled & sold 2 all the dead/bored bodies out there gladly GIVE some of mine away if it calmed down my childlike passion..'blind faith' is my blessing and my curse..following my heart is a rollercoaster ride of pain, joy and disappointment..but hey i'm alive and doin MY thaing..i owe it to me to do nothing less..1
(may be a duplicate)

* January 1, 2013: In 2013 why not stop lettin all that draink and rec drugs control your moods/state of mind and get to know yourself? the clarity of mind will accomplish so much more and get u closer to where u want to be..been there, seen didn't work..and trust me..when u all fyred up with that don't look look, sound, act like a dumbass lol

January 12, 2014: I wish women would support each other more..women puff their chests out at each other more than men do..smh..its bad enough that so many men think we are retarded alien creatures they can't do without, but for women to be proving their point by clawing at each other, backstabbing and competing over i get older, the more insane it seems to me.

January 12, 2013: Thought floatin thru my head..i'm troubled by the artists who accept beats and rap all over it without speaking to the producer about the intended structure..then when the problems are pointed out they don't seem to care..artists if the producer says something is not right respect it and either fix it yourself, let him/her fix it for you, or explain/defend your reason/purpose for doing it that way so everyone is on the same ig the producers comments and post it up anyway is disrespectful..there too much of that bad attitude nowadays..lets aim for quality ppl..sheesh smh

* January 9, 2012: I will have no more selfish artists around's like riding a bicycle with somebody tryin to jump on the back and drag their feet on the ground , bangin on your shoulder 'look at meeee' muffukka im not lookin at YOU..i'm watchin the road..if you are doing nothing proactive for this music you claim you love..get out of my way!

January 14, 2014: Thought of the day: The only 'problem' or consideration when you are a woman in the friendzone is that when male friends become romantically attached, there will be some eyebrow raising from the new lady in his life (unless she is a totally free spirit)..she will emit a type of psychic magnet that repels you from getting anywhere near...guarantee you will not be 'allowed' to remain spiritually or mentally close to her man..which is understandable and is actually how it should be..i'm just saying..If you are truly a friend who is a woman, and not carrying around ulterior motives under the label of 'friend' gotta understand that you need to keep a respectful distance and leave em the hell alone so there are no misunderstandings and so their spiritual bonding can take its course without any questions or concerns.

* January 14, 2014: If i had never lost a loved one, had troubles in my life, or had to walk rocky roads alone at times..if i had never felt pain of rejection, or loss of a cherished dream..or had to get back up and keep going when i didn't feel like i had the strength, and without anybody to pull me up but my own will..if i'd never been thru tests, trials, effed up and took the tests again..or had a child to raise on my own so that i had to play two roles with the worries of double discipline..then maybe i wouldn't feel compassion when i see someone's tears, or hear disillusionment, or see folks stumble and THINK nobody cares or understands..see that's my problem..i see..and know..and understand..and care wayyy tooo much.

January 14, 2013: I admit i do get affected deeply how easily ppl walk on and off each others' stages with the only intention to find out what they can get from you..'that's business, that's life' you say..i say 'bullshit'...respect and understanding is everything to me..and yes, reliability and loyalty..ignorance disrespectfulness and laziness is the modern day relations killer..

January 14, 2012: Why is it that artists don't want to sit down with producers they are accepting beats from and let em know what they are looking for? Producers I've spoken to are use to hearing "just send me some beats" and it leaves the onus on them to take a wild guess and send a variety of they expect producers to be psychic?? I would rather do my homework and see what type of work the producer does, then either pick some of his styles out that I'm hearing and like, or ask him to custom build with me according to an idea for a song..Inspiration can come from communicating!

January 14, 2010: Because i can no more neglect the love for my art than i can rip out my heart, some elements of me stops where another part becomes a lost cause, just a memory of what it once was, and while the past expires my dreams rise higher, musical desires ignite, spread thickly like a forest fyre in july, and the prophets that are my mentors lead the way

January 14, 2010: The way i see it..if u got talent u can build skillz..if u build skillz to the point of being proud of what u do then by virtue of the gifts u are blessed with, u are obligated to share, hook up with other blessed souls, learn and teach while u neglect a given talent is to curse and invalidate yaself to a life devoid of its truest meaning and intent..

January 18, 2015: Why hide from the truth..My life path has been totally effed up..nowhere near where its suppose to be or where i'd have it if i had a choice..i could be miserable as hell..but you know what? It's all so incredibly ludicrous that, most of the time i can see the hilarious is UNbelievably nutso backwardzo stupido sometimes so..if i'm not allowed what i want or need i can at least celebrate whatever it is i do have.

January 18, 2013: Your silence does not make you look dignified in my eyes..polite responses does not make you look cool..those are platitudes and worth even less to me than the subconscious intent..speak your mind..if you make a work proposal or are have business with me, best believe you better follow thru with your promises..spoken word is a verbal contract whether you signed a contract or not..word of mouth is a very powerful thing for recommending or non professional and about your business.

January 19, 2014: I really don't understand why some of the most intelligent ppl are so smart in general knowledge but so damn dumb in interpreting the lessons of life..maybe its just me..

January 19, 2014: Funny..when ppl stab you in the heart life goes on swimmingly for are expected to suck it up and move on...this is the way of human nature? the selfishness and cold bloodedness of humanity never ceases to weigh on my heart like lead.

January 19, 2013: Why is it your chest and heart that feels pain when someone hurts you etc but it is the brain that registers thoughts and emotion..i'm curious about the physiological reasons..might have to do some research

January 16, 2013: Music is what i do yet i have to keep it in daughter needs a regular home, not to be constantly moved like she has..she deserves better and running a biz single handedly as well as singing, recording, performing is not providing the kind of income to put food in her belly, clothes on her back..this is reality..this is HER time..she has already been thru hell and back because of MY dream..since a few folks have not paid for services, it is time i need to bite the bullet and find a regular job for her sake..i can and will divide my energy and keep going..this is life..this is reality..this is survival.

January 20, 2014: When we die we have to answer to our own mistakes..when you are asked to explain your hate for any man, what will you say? When I pass I will be taking forgiveness and love with me to the other side...from what i'm reading on fb there's a lot of racism..will you take that with you to the grave? Will you stand by your cynicism and disgust of another race? Will you explain to your creator that your hatred is justified and expect to be vindicated? Check your heart. Do it while you have time on this earth to get your mind right.

* January 20, 2014: Sometimes we just have to drop the serious mindstate, the bad attitude, the over-piousness, over concern with how ppl see u, the finger pointing outward (but never inward)..etc etc..drop all that and take time to just find humor in little things, including ourselves..that will put a lot of things in the right perspective..

* January 21, 2013: When you leave the country of your birth and live in another one for awhile, then come back to see mass confusion, intolerance among its own ppl and patriotism that is expressed or demonstrated on certain days of the year..loyalty amongst each other only for as long as they can see each other with two eyes..its easy to remember why one is tempted to leave their country in the first place..But i choose to stand my ground this older and wiser..if this is the way it is i will fight the attitude with all guns integrity and awareness grows daily..wake up america..medicating your mind only makes u easier to a leader in your own right..the dream starts with one concept..make it count

January 21, 2012: I don't give an eff if you are black or white or any other shade in between..there IS no "superior race"..hitler was wrong, sadaam hussain was wrong..etc etc..if you have issues with YOUR race or color don't bring it to me..I DONT CARE..respect is respect in any color you choose to paint it..i ain't here to judge, compare notes, take your men or misguide your women, im not here to make your artists look less relevant..sit with me, talk with me (not at me, around me, or over my head), appreciate music with me, don't recoil from my touch, i ain't goin' to burn your skin..i'm simply a humble artist doing what i do and sharing my heart and soul with you..take it for what its worth..thats who i am

January 21, 2012: So far i have learned from observation and discussion with menfolk around me that most men do not want a lady to "love" him..just sex him..he does not want her to have any sense of jealousy, just let him do what and who he wants but never EVER must she, the female give another guy a sideways glance or show interest, either in that 3rd party's appearance or his conversation, and he wants her at all times to 1) be independent but 2) show him 100% unreserved attention....But no matter what the variations in all these things, there seems to be one most important common denominator, they want a woman to be able to communicate openly and honestly.

Indifference =Hate in the book of MofoHari Chapter 5 Verse 10. If you respond to passion with neutral tones or one word.. You are hating. If you don't respond at all when someone speaks in word or type..You are hating. Self righteousness is great but where does it get ya? Nowhere thats where. Lighten up and show some love out there.

If you are looking at every person you connect with, meet or speak to in passing with the mindset of "What can this person/these ppl do for me" may as well give up on life right now. Ppl are not on this planet to serve you. There are resources..true. But kill that mindset/attitude right here and now or stay the eff away from me! Nuff said.

January 22, 2016: I could not live with myself if i followed to the letter other ppl's ideas and plans for me, no matter how sparkling the ideas, or how sure they are that i will shine if i follow their plan. Bottom line is i choose my own path, my own destiny. That's not to say i won't hear or buy into ideas and do my part, add on etc. But i cannot be bound by your dream when i have my own. If our dreams connect and we can help each other achieve them while we work on realizing our own, awesome! But let none of us get over ambitious for somebody else. I learned that one too. Now i respect both my own and other ppl's right to dream or to let the dash just sit there until the end of their days if that's what they choose.

* January 22, 2015: Whyyy is it when a man puts up a profound statement along with a photograph of a woman to illustrate the statement..that women have to go str8 in with 'ooo love her outfit'..paying no attention to the actual intent of the statement..laaadies we HAAAVE to do better!!!! *facepalms on my gender's behalf.

January 22, 2013: Artist newbys and sliders-in would be better off listening to KNOWLEDGE and IDEAS from veterans and masters than getting ego'd and emo'd up when presented with it..bite the bullet mofos and accept you don't know half as much as you think you do..#FACT!!!!

January 22, 2010: What happens when one man has the 'love' of more than one woman and his heart feels no love..or one woman is 'loved' by several and she wants none but the one who doesn't want her..what happens when 1 man loves 1 woman & she doesn't appreciate it..This is why 'love' sucks THIS is why 'love' is hereby stricken/banned from the CME's own edition dictionary FoREVERRRR ahahahaahaaaa *sinister laughter*

January 22, 2010: There is a difference between feeling 'lonely' and feeling 'unsupported'..folks feel like they have to be 'with' somebody to avoid my mind, if you feel loved and supported u dont need somebody with u 24/7..u jus know and feel it..boredom with life is boredom with self..get past these 2 issues and you will learn to appreciate yourself

January 22, 2008: Sometimes you have to wake up and grab an unexpected opportunity with both hands..u may never get a second chance.....see it for what it is and jus do it!!

January 23, 2013: Do i or any of my ppl make you mad? good..then its are alert and maybe when your hate and anger burns a little lower you might even realize that's your ego taking over..that's your sign that you DON'T have an open mind to what others have to say that juusssttt may have more experience or knowledge than you..(yea CAN HAPPEN..) or at least bring something tangible or worthwhile to your table..i sware i will crack this industry wide open if its within my power..simply to show that its TIME both artists and producers wake the fuck up and start talking to each other with an interest to improving the music thats out there..YES..THAT CAN HAPPEN lone soldier or two can't fight a world of complacency and fatcats with money..but starting from the ground up each and every artist on this planet who at least started out with an interest in the music itself holds a torch..will yours be quashed by mediocrity? Just listen instead of getting your mind and your ears when somebody has something to say about your music or offers you suggestions..WHAT THE FUCK HAVE YOU GOT TO ACTUALLY LOSE? Might even make you see things in a different perspective? Neverknow! The war is on..who will wake up and do their part? Individual attacks is specifically ppl who have brushed advice aside as if another ear was not important, or proved themselves to be sleeping on the job..i have taken many hits from this industry..i have been hurt by a lot of hypocrisy, egomaniacs and communication phobics..lets change it up..that is not what YOUR music needs is it??! I didn't think so..if i or we didn't think YOU were worth shit to our ears we wouldn't even be trying to encourage or stimulate you to do better..Nobody is trying to use you for a goddamn thing..get your mind right and realize there IS a rare breed out there who are in it because they are a part of music in the first place..the heart beats and survives for music..if you push those pure hearts away you mind as well kill them along with music..put your ego away..that is all. Peace

January 24, 2013: To all professionals in the game who speak continually on 'truth and realness', search yourself..have you ever agreed with another professional to do work, or made plans with them to do or receive some specific work, paid or unpaid, and then 'forgot', went MIA or simply decided not to bother without letting them know? I no longer want to hear you mislead the public about your realness..

* People who consider themselves "legends" without supporting the dj's that play their music, do not communicate with fans or supporters..and my list could go on and on..move so far down in my estimation that i begrudge even listening to their music..

January 24, 2013: Thought of the Day: since i've been preaching, i will K.I.S.S. you and let it marinate..'They' say when one door closes another door opens..i say future doors may not be better doors..#learn to investigate opportunity in front of you in present tense before that door is closed and sealed

January 24, 2013: My client/producer painted a vivid picture for me last night..spoke with an open heart, sincerity and a man for whom music has been his life and passion, he has lived and breathed it since earliest memory..knowledge and skill has been built and refined from working with artists and producers at all levels over many years..he has worked as a rapper, producer and radio host..he can rarely be tripped on any aspect of music history or any genre..he is a machine, working even when ppl are not aware or can even see his hands..but i digress..he explained that watching artists he use to love hearing, now putting out half ass verses, or poor mixes, or same style beats, or even over-use of industrial beats when there is a wealth of hand crafted beats and skilled producers available to ANYONE, is for him like watching his favorite sports team losing..heart sinking stuff..he cannot help but jump up and say 'wtf was THAT?..awww come on team pick it up LETS GO'..yea..and since as a fan he happens to be extremely skilled he is driven to offer some kind of SUPPORT to once great or skilled artists he believes CAN give better...I stand with and behind this kind of passion..why shouldn't i? i believe the same..the vision cannot be clearer, the goal cannot be more relevant or sincere..if the music community/team cannot support or open its doors to its own supporters, then surely music as we know it will continue to decline..My client refuses to compromise on what he hears and knows, or the skill he can bring to the table for those who will hear and understand..and why SHOULD he? Artists with any integrity or REAL appreciation for their art need to respect those who put themselves out there heart and soul for the improvement of the music they live for..

January 24, 2013: You may not understand the principles i stand may not feel the same or follow the professionalism i am demanding in my associates and may think the simple directions i and we give are confusing and complicated if you do not work to schedules, deadlines or plans whether money exchanges hands or is involved in any way..but what you WILL either respect my intent or do not do business with me..that NOT stress yourself over anything i or we may ask of not get yourself so worked up that your anger takes over and you get majorly confused..the BOTTOM LINE is that we are working for you out of our own pocket..your confusion may arise because you are suspicious that somebody is trying to get one over on you..WRONG..the only part of our approaches that IS about you, is that we see greatness IN you and want to see you bring the best of yourself out..we are not here to shame, to boast, to seek glory..those that have dropped us in horror at a perceived 'attitude' have never taken the time to back down and pay attention to the ACTUAL MESSAGE..forget the tone of the passion..that is because we mean business and are talking with more knowledge, authority, experience and vision than you may be use to hearing..we accept that..but if you do not open that door..SEE WHAT WE ARE TALKING ABOUT rather than getting shook or emo and running away..nobody is robbing you, taking advantage etc etc..if you LOVE YOUR ART and we approach you with an idea or request work with you, its because we have already done our research, we KNOW what you are capable of, we BELIEVE in you..Just, respect the mission and open your mind to suggestions..our mission is to strive for better professionalism within the industry, and for the best music..that is more, no less..Peace and Blessings to those who have opened their minds and doors and allowed us to SHOW AND PROVE..Salute Salute Salute

January 25, 2015: #Reflections.. Im kinda approaching a crossroads..its strange thinkin how i put so many things on hold while my daughter was growing up..Other than the radio show and a few performances i have let a lot of things ride and she has had my focus..We use to have a lot of fun together and she has been a pleasure to raise..Now she is 16 and fast heading toward being her own person, living her own life, slowly breaking away..Feels strange watching the changes but its another wake up call that life is for living for the parents too..i know some single moms don't think twice about who they see, what they do, who they bring around etc etc but she has been my priority and i didn't want that kind of life. Bottom line is i need to think about how life will be lived when she moves on and i need to let go..its a foreign thought but also throws up a lot of doors to consider..and uh..ok..enuff over contemplating..gotta lighten up ova here!

January 25, 2014: Blah blah blah..lets leave the advice out today ppl..whats good advice in your own mind and might work for you might be the worst suggestion ever for somebody else..sit your pious, well meaning self down..that is all.

January 25, 2013: Funny the antagonism that gets stirred up from other women when you don't want to talk about "typically female" things on fb..they don't like it if you can't talk about being drunk, what a man did to you last night that had you walkin' bowlegged all day, where u got your nails or brows done..or want to talk about how awful their man was, when they were fighting, what he said and she said..asking for help cuz she's having trouble with her relationship..and oh gurl wait til u hear about the dress i bought last week..forgive me ladies but that's just not me..thats not what i do..that's not what i'm here for..and no hate at all cuz if thats who you are godbless you..thats you!!! Dudes, i'm not here to address your female problems either, or press your face into my bosom to comfort you for some ish you are going thru..i'm just here to net-WORK...that is all..the energy sappers already got to're screwed on that score..nothin left to give lol..BUT..if ya wanna WORK or book me for a all ears..

January 25, 2013: I have realized that my deepest thoughts should never be shared on facebook no matter how proFound they seem in my mind..i will reserve those thoughts for radio discussion and phone conversations since written word seems to cause more confusion than enlightenment these days..too easy for ppl to misinterpret and twist before they distort the message and redistribute it with a whole different meaning :-\

January 25, 2013: Please remember..ppl may see your hands moving and acknowledge you because they see you are working hard..its awesome to have ppl come into the shop and be impressed with the hard work and nod at how you have it on display..but unless they are moved or inspired BEYOND that, to take action..such as..purchase or at least 'buy into' a product or service, pass the information on to their neighbor, friend, team, crew, passers by...etc..then the movement of your hands means nothing and you mind as well have stayed in bed..connecting dots DEPENDS on ppl seeing you, investigating further and being inspired enough to want to become a link in your chain..i.e their chain grows and so does yours..until that happens and until ppl DO take the initiative to see what you are could be a crackhead on the street corner sellin rocks and get more attention..thank you for the 'distant respect' it is appreciated...but..come on..

* This is why i will die lonely, yet strangely fulfilled..i'm on a solo mission to connect with many..nudging folks saying 'the show must go on..' while they be like..can't...go....on...can't make it..go on without me..too tired' with the lil lost, confused face and puppy dog eyes..dude u just worn out from all that sex, drugs and rocknout all night..aint that serious..get up and get busy lol

* I'm not impressed by ppl's perceptions of their own matter how many fans you have duped into believing you are a god upon this planet..put your face down to my level and look me in the eye when you talk to me biatchh lol..respect what I bring to the table no matter how small it may be on YOUR large table..i'm here doing what i do for a "cause" is worthy and pertains to you or i would not be trying to connect with you in the first place..i am humble but driven, that confident in my mission for with me here and stop the fighting of progress..we all have the same goals..1

January 26, 2013: All we have in our lives is an hourglass of time..when those sands run does your opportunity to put things right..don't take ppl for granted..don't turn your back on ppl who care about you..pride means nothing when your time is saying from the deepest part of my heart..take the first step and put things right or reconnect with someone u lost contact may never have another chance.


January 26, 2013: Strikes me how easily unnecessary chasms of misunderstanding and misinterpretation causing needless pain can come from communication breakdowns and stretched periods of non communication..folks if you have family/friends you haven't spoken to in awhile, let them know you still think about/appreciate them from time to time..your silence may be destroying them..literally like a rocket ripping their insides apart..yea..maybe your support just might matter to them that the first to check for em bcs they could be too sick or in pain to contact you is not eternal but regret can last an eternity..peace all

* January 26, 2010: I'm fine tuning my mission in 2010 is 2 speak my mind more clearly..It is no secret that music is my life so if i APPEAR soft cuz of my passion don't let it fool ya..this life has meaning, these feet have direction, this soul has purpose..YOU ain't gonna fuck that up with hate/userisms..i'm done with that..walk WITH me, speak your truth + i will speak mine..

Back in the day when somebody we knew was dope was about to drop a track there was always a ripple of was so strong all up and down thru every connection you could feel electric pulses of excited energy across the miles between us all. Now...i still feel those butterflies and excitement but when i turn around to tap somebody and share my pleasure, there's nobody there. Its fucked up. I don't like this new world. How do i shake it up? Has it really moved so far beyond appreciating greatness that it truly believes bullshit is excellence and excellence is horrible? Or are humans just in suspended animation? What happened to the fun and excitement? Did you lose it hip hop? Bring it back immediately before you lose your soul..and start paying attention to whats going on around you!

I'd like to see more of our pioneers, godfathers and mothers mentoring other artists..not even necessarily the youngest ones but artists who clearly have been working on their craft and could raise their bar by learning from the best. A Huge and Heartfelt Salute to those who are doing it already!  - Donna H Mofohari

* January 28, 2016: S/N was just looking for some specific info and ran across this "Dana Elaine Owens, professionally known by her stage name Queen Latifah, is an American singer, songwriter, rapper, actress, model, television producer, record producer, comedienne, and talk show host." Read that..and absorb. At some point near the "beginning" of her career I can imagine there were MANY who shoved a hat on her head intending for her to stay right where she was. But did she? HELLLLL NOOO..LOOK AT THE RESULTS OF SPREADING YOUR WINGS AND TRYING DIFFERENT THINGS..FOLLOWING YOUR HEART AND EXTENDING YOUR ABILITIES IS EVERYTHING. I totally admire Queen Latifah 's spirit. Never be held down with somebody else's peg, like an insect in a "beautiful bug" collection..we are all made with different components, a variety of skills, talents and abilities. If you stick to one you will never know exactly what you are capable of and what area you may even shine in more brightly than others. That is all.. #RandomThoughts

January 28, 2015: Ppl really have lost their sense of humor..I can find a facial or vocal expression, or a stupid voice hilarious; a dialogue between ppl that wasn't intended to be funny originally, but just the way it pans out can tickle me ridiculous..and when the rest of the room goes quiet, to me that makes it even funnier..And sometimes, because i'm super retarded and sometimes a little slow on the uptake, i can find something funny, but then when it's explained further its like duhh ohhhshittt and makes me not only laugh at the joke but at myself for not completely getting it the first time..Shoot, nothing beats the humor of the retardation of self and and stupidity of life and others..if you can't laugh at the absurd, witty, backhanded sarcasm, the outrageous..or even just life on this planet in general, you're in big trouble.

January 28, 2014: Your battle with legalizing cannabis is your own, just like the battle with legalizing gay marriages, abortion rights, the legal drinking age and your campaigns to send money to other countries..Just like my battle to put food on the table for my daughter, clothes on her back and having a roof over our heads is my battle and not yours..If your battles are won, great, but they mean nothing to me personally..If i feel strongly about something, rest assured i'll be the one on the frontline being kicked in the head by the police.

January 28, 2013: #Confession - i have learned that sometimes i NEED to sharpen my tone, even in writing to get ppl to pick their heads up and hear the message, which is always from the heart..if i speak it lovingly or softly ppl may coo back at me but the message is LOST on the wind immediately..if i make you mad, if i make you turn your back on me for a hot least it means you listened, even if your emo-tions caused you to shut down on the messenger

* January 28, 2013: Some black ppl need to get over the fact that some white ppl are not trying to take over the culture just bcs they share a love and respect for it..MOST whites realize they are not black..c'mon it so awful to share experiences, recipes, fashion..philosophies passed down from generation to generation? isn't that part of fostering mutual love and respect? Isn't that moving forward? of course you get ppl who try too hard to emulate another culture and end up looking ridiculous..we all know ppl like that..white ppl be proud of who you are and realize you don't have the same mountain to climb as african ppl continue to be proud and moving forward like you are to make this world a better place..folks have to stop shaky finger pointing and saying 'us and them' and realize its US..unspeakable bullshit has taken place historically..we all know that, and the most important and brain-connected of us white ppl know and are sickened by it's time to progress..the world is yours.

January 28, 2011: Even the best songwriter in the world can excel themslvs if they hv a producer w foresight + imagination who is on same page w writer in terms of where he/she is going..2 creative minds working together can create some powerful stuff;sadly there are not enough producers willing to take the time + trouble to sit down and work with their artists + not enough artists willing to get that 2-way going with their producer.

January 30, 2014: Humans are like wolves..somebody voices disapproval about somebody or smthing and everybody around has to start hating..getting worse down the line like a chain reaction..more like bloodhounds baying for blood than compassionate humans with minds of their own.

* Okay artists, so you have found your groove, ppl have complimented you on your style..great..i know how hard it is to get feedback out of your fans...but damn..WHY DO YOU HAVE TO TAKE THAT AS A CRUTCH AND STICK TO THE SAME SHIT OVER..AND OVER..AND OVER..AND OVER..AND OVER AGAIN??!! Yea examine yourself regularly..If you are not experimenting or trying new flavors then you are part of the problem with music today. I'm tired of hearing that same sound out of you..push your creativity a little bit..PLEASE!!!"

January 31, 2016: My dad always encouraged even my most wild and crazy invention ideas or dreams and told me i could do anything i set my mind when i think of him, even tho i miss him a lot, i know i have him inside of me..his genes, his craziness, passion for life and art, and even his philosophical outlook. so're here dad *points to heart and head..right here and i'll keep pushing on knowing you're willing me on.

* January 31, 2014: In the solitude of my confined isolation i look out the serenely as i see the rising sun....then laugh my ass off at all the suckas scraping ice n snow off their cars...o sorry..

* January 31, 2013: When we are born into this world, the main things we need other than food/water are warmth, comfort, and a little attention from responsible, loving adults..we need is the right of a baby and child to feel safe and protected by those who love them..SAFE!!! SECURE!!! In this world way too many are not afforded that human right..My mom left when i was 7 pregnant with another man's baby..she did not feel she could take care of of course my world turned upside down BUT i had grandparents and a my point is, even when things are messed up for a child there can STILL be nurturing and love..but out there, too many children are being born without a backup system..without any element of discipline or love and cannot feel that security, that unconditional love..and so i reinforce in all of our can take a neighborhood to raise a child..any element of love, genuine care and protection is enough to give a child the roots to grow up with self respect and knowing love in their hearts..S/N My mom went on to rebuild her life..took her thru a lot of hard times but she "grew up" to be a lady i was extremely proud of..she trained, became a nurse and later received awards for her voluntary work with the Red Cross..she was one of the nurses who travelled all over helping victims of 9/11..These are just thoughts passing thru my mind i needed to share today.

* January 31, 2013: Just reading of world issues, starving countries, historical insanities and other ppl's trials puts things in matter how hard times get, no matter how messed up things seem overall...things could be a WHOLE lot i said in my song 'picked up my cross and walked across to listen to the ain't the church that saves your soul its your mind and your spirit..' gotta keep pushing..whining will never get you where u need to be..nobody else can do 'it' for you but you.

January 31, 2011: When parents use their children as a weapon to hurt each other in the presence of the child, that child has a heavy load to carry that will stay with them..that is not love, that is selfish, spiteful, cruel + just plain evil - I witnessed it tonight with screaming, cursing + fists flyin..police came to calm shit down..all cuz they were fighting over THEIR KID!

July 1, 2016: Scrolling thru fb observing ppl vent on multiple issues. Its easy to see why the world is like it is. Ppl sweat the small stuff and overlook the important things they could do smthing about. Crazy how there's so much "us and them'isms". I'm just glad to be here. The world belongs to nobody and our time span on here is extremely short. I'm not here to divide, despise, belittle, destroy, categorize etc. Just doin my time in this body that was given to me, tryin to learn my lessons and pass my tests. All this scrambling especially in this country for a little piece of control or to beat somebody at something. Really? I'm not about that life. Just let me do the rest of my sentence here in peace without being hated for whatever ppl drum up in their brains that needs to be despised.

July 1, 2014: Got a sparkle in my eye, a spring in my step..and guess what, i put it there myself!

* July 1, 2013: Never everrr take anyone or anything for granted..i use to have it half right..i never use to take ppl for granted..but situations i allowed myself to believe would stay in my life have always been taken from the lesson wise like a serpent, keep your eyes, ears and mind open and never allow yourself to be drawn by hype presented to you, no matter how sincere or passionate they seem at the time..let time show you who means what..healthy cynicism and an unshakeAble soh is an essential survival tool nowadays..

July 2, 2013: I'm one of those ppl who like to see expression in the eyes match the audio..eyes will tell me to keep my distance/shut down or to get deeper inside the spoken thought..but even tho that is super important to me, if there is no follow up to the words spoken..i can't take you seriously..ever.

July 2, 2013: This is something that has been preached again and again..i know you won't hear me, but it needs to be said..If you love/care about or appreciate someone, let them know, show them in thought, word and action..time will come when it is too late to let them know that their presence in your world means or meant something. We are all on borrowed time..every second counts. When i die i do NOT want hypocrites standin over me crying..i want those who celebrated life WITH me and those who took time out to let me know, not just when i was doing something wrong, or made a mistake, but when i did something to make them happy, or that maybe helped em along the way even just a little bit..i want those ppl who really bothered to be around me, or showed support when i needed it, to be there..and talking to each other in the 'here and now' in making plans..making life happen..its a version of the circle of life..i just want ppl to wake up while they still can.

July 2, 2012: The first thing i learned over here was that how i was brought up to be polite, ladylike, humble etc does not work in the music business..there's too many wolves in sheep clothing and lambs in wolf clothing..u gotta be shrewd, astute/alert, able to cut off the bs fast before it saps your energy, have eyes n ears out everywhere listening, observing..simply being polite, ladylike and humble in this game will get u labelled as a female with no brains..i.e. good for only one other thing...ladies..this is how it is..any sisters in the biz that can co-sign?..and i'm not even at the top yet..still got some weeds to hack away from the entrance to the promised land

July 2, 2012: If you are the type that closes your mind to newness to the point where you are not interested until that person has a hype machine with cash behind them, you are not call yourself a business person or professional, do not call yourself a music lover, do not kid yourself into thinking you are 1) awake or 2) have a mind of your are zombified and existing in the land of the brainwashed..

* July 2, 2010: Seems to me if we love music it should draw us together not create so much hate that folks are competing and distrusting all the time..fuck that..learn from each other musically, grow in your art, help each other move forward!! music is universal, music SHOULD be love!! let's keep this music of ours getting stronger..remember hip hop is a culture..rise up with wisdom..times are hard but we still got the music..nurture it!

June 3, 2014: Some of us artists, producers etc have no business making a business out of what we turns ppl against each other, takes away the "fun" element..creates a little toooo much tension and sometimes even some competitiveness, whether conscious or unconscious..friends become strangers..former appreciators/supporters become cloth eared as if they think you sold out, or think that you think you are too good for them, or whatever..suddenly its not a music appreciation club or family or team or network sharing ideas and each other's skills, its a battleground where ppl drop like flies, lose their passion, throw their tools into the ocean and walk away.

* June 3, 2011: Another observation..when most groups of men i have been around have a conversation they speak to anyone around them, encourage other ppl to join in, add on no matter what sex, if they know them etc..groups of women i have noticed will, with body language, expressions etc freeze out anybody they are not directly speaking to in their immediate group..why is that?

June 6, 2014: Life has many illusions..never blieve u know everything there is to know about somebody..women are the absolute worst for that..always thinkin they know somebody better than everybody don't..ppl only show you sides of themself..There are exceptions to the rule but generally? U are fooling yourself..humans always have a part of themself they keep in reserve.

June 6, 2014: A sense of humor is like a spare gas tank filled and on when the bs gets too much, switch your tanks and you can find the humor in even the most disturbing or ridiculous that i know where that tank and switch is, beeeeleeeeev me i'm using it regularly..and right now i can just about laugh at everybody and everything..especially myself..

* June 6, 2014: Teenagers are some of the best life-chess this age they are experts at understanding their parents' strengths/weaknesses..they know how to manipulate the game, work hard at being one step ahead and often check mate with a parent we have to step our game up and be sharper..always sharper..we made the damn chess board fa gawdsake..we made the rules..we should be masters at it.

June 6, 2012: #Confession 2: Not that it matters but just for the record..with M.E./CFS, there are times i have to work harder than most to achieve shit that is in my heart to do..that's why i have little patience with other ppl's excuses.

June 8, 2016: Since I'm not a user, ppl do not have to be able to be "serving a purpose" for me or actively able to "do something" for me in order for me to call them a friend. I cannot and do not live like that. Ppl are not on this planet to serve me. They have paths of their own and if ours should merge its extra awesome. But if i like you as a human, consider you family etc then there's something i value in you, not something i'm planning to use in you or do with you. I don't play chess with humans i just respect them.

June 8, 2013: Often i find that when u promote somebody or something bcs the work u hear is too great not to..whatever u do as long as they are not paying you is largely unappreciated or viewed with, so whats in it for you? you must be after something..smh..that goes for a lot of areas in life..things like that are perceived as unnatural or weakness and not often embraced for what it is..some ppl take it for granted or start complaining that u don't do enough instead of respecting what u do in the spirit that its done.

* June 8, 2013: Ladies remember this..a boa constrictor feels lovely and sensual wrapping around you..until it starts to squeeze the last breath out of you...but knew it was a boa constrictor before you stupidly draped it around you right? who u gonna blame when the lights go out?  that boa was just doing what it does naturally..u encouraged it..made it easy.

June 8, 2013 · I remember when we use to have the show before and we'd play some of my more 'sensual' tracks some of the folks in the station would be like..whoaaa thats dirty lolol..."sensual" fellas.."sensual"..that's the word.. ;)

June 9, 2014 · Men's body clocks are apparently a lil off..usually we get all the sparkly eyed, love-seeking, or sexual predators more en force in early spring..well june has brought em out of the woodworks...but guys, just bcs i'm not cursing you out, smashing your heads and biting your ankles for daring to speak to me does not mean i'm interested in taking it further, or that i have a 'v' to lend you, or that i like you in any way 'like that' simply means i'm being civil..and also appreciating that you guys have it tough..(rejection does suck)..even tho in fact i don't even want you trying to be my friend (if you need a lamb go find a flock, i am not 'her'), i feel ya pain and appreciate the appreciation but this time 'red light' means thanks but no thanks..have a nice day..having said that, there is an invisible line that, if crossed trips an invisible turns a lady into a viper that can sink poison fangs into your neck from 50 i would (nicely) advise you to keep your distance..thank you kindly.

June 9, 2015: Regarding "chasing your dreams"..You can dream, you can hope, you can drive if that's what you need in your life and it fuels your passion, but don't let it destroy "you"..There's a lot of hype and bullshit in the industry/world and it can cause you unbelievable pain, possibly even your destruction if you let it..Just keep your head right, be alert, aware and sharp as hell..Always be aware that too many will tell you what you want to hear with no intention of following thru..If you hear nothing else i say hear me on this. Do what you do because you love it..Do it for you and don't depend on anyone else for anything as important as personal fulfillment.

June 9, 2013: Thought of the day..power in anyone'S hands is a gift, a curse, and a blessing..but always dangerous..even if it initially used for good or intended for good it rarely if ever ends up good for those who have been bestowed with or acquired it. granted the quest for power or to achieve greatness or be the best 'non failure' on the planet, or to provide for their own spectacularly, or to be adored and fawned over, is a very powerful drive indeed..particularly in the male gender..its no doubt a historically passed on gender trait, but its also in women too to some degree, and sometimes equally as strong a drive..although many women generally focus that drive on being better than other women..her power often comes from 'winning' the man/mate she desires and building her familial empire with a man who has 'power'..

June 10, 2014: Individual "Movements" are in reality mere ripples..It is the culture you claim to be part of that determines the tides, ebbs and flows according to the mindset of individuals and collective movements, which are the essential backbone of the overall community. A culture can only be powerful, tenable, progressive if ppl and groups are working, thinking and pulling in the same direction, striving for both individual AND collective greatness (i.e. mutual support), unity and awareness. #RandomThoughts   Are you really hip hop? Or are you really only using it as a vehicle for your own personal glory and financial gain?  I think some of you need to be reminded why you are part of the hip hop culture.. Europe is respecting the culture..i mean the original culture and music..they see it and embrace disrespecting and destroying the very essence of the CRAFT..the musical art of hip hop..aand as Scarface said, white and jewish folks are controlling the commercial direction of hip hop..ppl who have no idea, no experience and no respect of the culture..i can see that..and yes it does make the entire hip hop community look ridiculous.

June 10, 2013: When all is said and are completely alone..Do not believe hype, bullshit or friends and family who claim they will never leave you..even THEY have no control over does what it does. Nobody but you inhabits your body, unless you are brainwashed you have one mind which only you can develop, ppl walk on and off your stage at will..but you are the one who speaks your lines, thinks your thoughts, walks thru where ever the scene changes take you..If you don't appreciate THAT character you are in biggg trouble bcs you are blessed/cursed with your own company for life..there's no escape no matter how hard you may try. 

June 10, 2013: Thought of the day: Do not hate, hold a grudge against or wish ill on the one who you CLAIM stole your heart and left you with no hope of loving gave that heart away freely, whether they wanted it or not!!!! If you had a choice, would you hold onto someone who did not love or want you just to please YOURSELF?? Think about effing selfish can you get?? Shame on you. If you are mad that they have moved on by choice and were able to find happiness, instead of feeling glad that at least one of you found what they needed..then you do not deserve to exist on this planet..stop the egotism ppl..let folks find what THEY need..even if it is not YOU.

June 10, 2011: Music is what you make it..We all have access to the raw hard materials of creativity, its the heart, mind, skill, personal desire and experiences of life that do the rest

* Tell me WHY you do what you do other than for the money..Talk to me about what you do, lead me to your art, tell me where u came from and where you are going..Break it down!

Do not accuse ppl of a lack of understanding, empathy, compassion or sympathy if you have no idea what they do, where they have been on their life journey or how they think. Avoid being closed minded like those you mentally accuse without true knowledge of THEIR heart.

* I choose greatness. I'm at the stage where pushing the bar up further may cause wounds..Wounds from learning from mistakes, stripping down original understandings, which leads to a greater understanding of what to do and what not to do..a further opening of the mind and heart in the process of continuing to grow. Climbing any mountain is hard but to get to the top one must work hard to get there. And so I continue to study history, what is music to my ears AND what is not..I listen to my entire music path to see where I was on point and may have strayed..What styles sound good with my tone and what does not work. Scales, notes, self critique and listening to the constructive criticism of others with open mind. I listen to those I respect and learn from their advice, stories and experience. No ego, humble yet proud of my own achievements and aware that there is so much further to come to achieve a higher level of greatness.Because how can I teach others what I don't truly know? How can I guide and encourage others who are passionate about achieving their best if I am not at my own best? #RandomThought

June 12, 2015: In all dead-seriousness (which is something a lot of you will relate to best), i could not live in a world where there was no humor..This world is full of the dumbest, craziest, most backward ish everrrrrrr...and i refuse to sit here and get suicidal over the retardations of society. If you choose to be serious about everything that's on you. As for me? I prob should take certain things a little more serious..but eff it..if its funny to me..i'm goin to laugh..and when i see you tear your hair out..i will laugh even harder.

* June 12, 2011: To some i am a non entity, to others i am not dangerous to them, therefore i don't matter, + yet to others i am an inspiration, but to certain ppl i matter only when i sing..See me as u see me but neither put me on a pedestal or take me for granted..

June 14, 2014: If you get tired of hearing somebody going on and on about the same thing, maybe, just maybe there's something to be taken from it..maybe there's something you should be doing? maybe? yes have the power to fly but you choose to hide behind your pride..leave your ego behind and walk thru the will be worth it...if somebody knows your creative worth, then that worth is trebled by working with that one somebody who can help bring that out better..drop the ego and allow a little wind under your wings to take you higher...its sickening seeing great artists and producers who should be connecting, sitting on their is short, your mind will waste away with it now while you still can

* June 14, 2014: When i observe ppl switch teams, friendships and loyalties like it was a natural part of life it makes me give up on wonder ppl are impossible to trust..look around..figure it know what i'm saying is truth..

June 15, 2014: I could not be with anyone who did not encourage or support me in making the most of my skills and doing something i love..and i would not want to be with someone and not do the same..a man who would ask me why i bother (doing smthng tht fulfills me)would not be worthy of my time. Earning a living and doing what society/family etc deem as "The right thing" is grt but in sm ways can sap your soul. For some ppl (Yes i have seen it with my own eyes) "falling in love" means having your entire brain sucked out by the other party..everything they do is to please them..zombified and roboticized..they lose the soul and essence of themself. So i challenge all couples..are you encouraging your man/woman to grow? Are you supporting their fulfillment needs whatever they may be? (Noo not sexually..get your mind around what i'm saying here) may wake up 20 yrs down the line with this person and suddenly it will hit you that you both gave up more than you bargained for. Love does not mean to lose yourself.

June 15, 2014: After losing my mom and then my dad i felt obligated to work harder at my skills and gifts..bcs if it wasn't for them and my grandparents i'm 100% sure i wouldn't have the creative gene..i felt i owed it to them to be the best i could be..yea i fall on my face sometimes like everybody else but i believe its showing respect for them to keep growing. I wouldn't dream of disrespecting by turning my back on something they were proud of and encouraged..especially knowing it was/is where my heart is.

* June 15, 2014: Go head tho..go party the years away..go numb your head blaming the ills of life..go sit with your chin on the floor..who does that help? how does that even help you? how does wasting the talent you were blessed with help anything..if you have a garden and do nothing to it, if you don't cultivate, nurture and take care of dies.

June 15, 2014: I don't think i will ever understand why good artists don't work with better producers..why do you fight so hard against something so essential to good music? no you are not good on your takes a producer with skill, foresight, experience, a good ear and passion to bring those vocals out..stop fooling yourself..WAKE UP!!!! and knowing what i know, some of these top notch producers are without work because ego driven, hard headed, closed minded artists THINK they are dope automatically...and you wonder how the quality of music got so bad? yea..that's why. just because you have a little bit of equipment + a mic means nothing. I have my setup but it means simply helps me record what i need to get out..but i don't have the ear of a real producer nor would i ever claim to. Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase wake yourselves out there.  let me clarify for you newbs and the unaware....a beatmaker simply makes beats..a good producer not only creates the beat but works WITH the artist and their vocals to complete and enhance a song to be proud of.

* June 16, 2016: #HiddenDreamz - I would love to make music videos..In college we had the opportunity to work on some with professional equipment. There were two girls in a big class of boys and the instructor paired us together to shoot..we rocked and did a great extra compliments! :D and yes It further inflamed my lust for a camera which i've had most of my life anyway (i had a passionate 35 mm b+w photography and development hobby with a home darkroom for a long time when i was younger). Now when it came to the software and editing part at college..ehh..the class was huge and i never did get my hands on enough to learn exactly what to do but it was all a completely fascinating process and somewhere on a back burner is the dream of learning more with practical, ongoing experience. ooohh..feeling all warm and tingly now at the thought..beautiful dreamz.

June 16, 2014: Peripheral ppl, family, 'normal' ppl (non creative?) and all too often your own partner or person in your life who should be supporting you most, will 9 time out of 10 put whatever impassions or drives you way lower on the totem pole than you do..When push comes to shove and they are given the floor to express, their 'advice' (or demand) will be to give up your 'frivolous obsessions' and do what society tells you is 'the right thing' start to doubt yourself and get sucked into rules, regulations, conformities, squeezing mental processes into a 'regular society' sausage skin because you are told or led to believe your own way of thinking is wrong. And you wonder how you lose yourself at times in life? Pats on the head from all around you for acting, doing or being how THEY want you to be..well good for you..(severe sarcasm)..hope you will make 'them all' very happy in YOUR lifetime...smh

June 17, 2012: Music is not my prison, but my freedom..I will not allow anyone to take that away from me..i can close my eyes & soar way above the industry.

June 18, 2016: CONFESSION: Unlike many in this industry, i was not blessed with an abundance of the traditional over inflated ego and self confidence. All i ever really wanted was to be creative. Yes of course in my pre teens I had a diary in which I wrote messages to my imaginary "future fans" but that was fantasy. What I feel is not about humbleness or an "oh these old shoes" attitude either. I am proud of my creative strengths! I am proud of how I'm evolving and strengthening overall. But this is my truth. I believe in my heart of hearts what really drives me on to be better, keep raising my own bar, strive harder to learn and improve my skills, is to show respect not only to self (who it must be said i do love dearly..she's a pretty decent human, this Donna person lol), but to my dad who passed on his love of music and artistic gene and to every single person who has invested time, knowledge, support, encouragement and faith in me. If that sounds cheesy to you scroll on by and disregard..just speaking from a deep place and felt it needed to be stated.

June 18, 2014: Ladies there's NOTHING wrong with accepting a compliment from a man gracefully ..but don't stop there..why not do the same for a man? they're human too..they like to hear a sincere compliment too..lets face it, if we can't appreciate each other then life is worth nothing..A compliment is a compliment, not the same as flirting, not the same as 'being thirsty', not the same as drooling and pining..You will know the difference, such as, if they continue in an air of persistent flattery and moving in while they do it..otherwise, calm down and accept it for what it is..

Real Talk, Sometimes when I rave about an artist, producer etc that I hear as having incredible skills ppl have sometimes thought i am angry, or aggressive just because i genuinely do get excited when i hear something good in the increasingly horrible quality that regularly passes my eardrums..I see a sea of dead, expressionless, passive faces and feel like i need to scream, grab shoulders and shake ppl, whatever it takes to get them to wake up and hear something special..Sad thing is, special to me may well not be recognized by "them" because the quality they are so used to hearing is so under par that they believe it to be everything. So they wave their hands dismissively as in yea yea i'll go listen..eventually. It literally kills me inside to see it. But I need to accept the US mentality of low esteem for original, high quality music. The UK and the rest of the world are better than you America. At least they respect greatness. - Donna H Mofohari

June 22, 2016: #RandomBedtimeThoughts - I remember somebody saying to me "what happens when you run out of things to write about?..what then?"..i have one of those minds that thinks more internally than externally, which is why one of my self projects has been to get the internal to become a little more externalized..if ya feel me...But, all my life I've had no problems thinking of "scenarios" or stories or topics and asking myself questions about them, or looking up info (before pcs we had encyclopedias and libraries, which i adored..i adored that special smell of a library and could sit for hours happily looking thru books before selecting the maximum to take out).
Books, internet, people you meet on the street, on the bus, on the train..every one unique in their own way..conversations with family, friends..anything and everything can trigger something in your brain and you can draw on that to write something. The "idea" part is easy..its getting it to shape into something other humans can feel, relate to, smile or nod at, dance to, feel sexy with or whatever you're trying to convey that is the artistic challenge..but one that lifts you so high you wish you didn't have to worry about anything else in life but focusing on the creativity. THAT, an impossibility. But you go when the timing, the vibe and the circumstances are right..Kinda like "Back To The Future" when the prof has to wait for lightening to strike to get things moving lol..then its "aaand GO!!!"...

June 22, 2012: People are so quick to say "i want i want"..and when they get (the goal, the object of their desires, the president, etc etc) they are even quicker to bitch and diss that it hasn't lived up to their 'expectations' if by your 'having' what you want, everything will fall into place and be perfect in your life..that means you need to grow up and realize life does not work like that..improvement or even maintenance of an already good life is an ongoing process from birth to death..which requires tolerance, effort, faith and patience.

June 22, 2012: Nobody "owes" you shit in this life..if anybody owe it to yourself to get up out your bed and put in some effort.

June 23, 2013: I get that everybody needs to feel acceptance, but following like sheep and mimicking others, whether it is their style or their business exactly what makes life mechanical, contrived and rather be unique and think outside the don't have to reinvent the wheel but at least use your own mind and create your own angle.

June 24, 2016: How can there be strength in numbers when everybody is fighting everybody, there is division even amongst the closest friends, ppl aren't even trying to laugh or communicate with each other? ..Everybody seems to blame each other for their own failure rather than get back up and work on another angle..both singularly and plural? So..why does everybody complain in isolation rather than join forces and move in the same direction? I know i know..the question is rhetorical.

* June 24, 2013: Confession# i don't really like 3/4 of the beats i hear rappers on these days and i feel like established producers are selling out to pander to any old bs these artists are asking for bcs it pays their mortgage..u are part of the problem..u should be leaders and suggest decent sounds for these clueless bs artists that lack the ability to think outside the let me ask you established long did it take to numb your conscience to this crap? After the first 50k? The devil must be proud of you. Next question..who is more guilty for the bullshit out there right now? The producer? The artist? Or both as bad as each other?
Raymond Starks I haven't numbed yet lol .... But I blame both
June 24, 2013 at 8:05pm · Like · 1
Ivan Vito Alvarez have to disagree... what sucks to us might be gold to someone else... to ask a producer to sacrifice Money to feed his family because he doesn't agree with the sound that the artist wants is wrong... This is where people have to separate doing music as...See More
June 24, 2013 at 8:11pm · Like · 2
Raymond Starks That was very very well said ....
June 24, 2013 at 8:13pm · Like · 1
Donna H Mofohari true i see where you stand..on the side of the dollar..true indeed..the integrity of music can go to hell as long as our families eat..i get it. NO i have to disagree entirely..i mean like ENTIRELY..but you have a right to your opinion.
June 24, 2013 at 9:42pm · Like
Donna H Mofohari Folks don't need to starve..they need to the way and ENCOURAGE uniqueness and quality..but too many are afraid they will lose their meal ticket and just lay down and allow themselves to be raped by consumers who could do better and should be encouraged to do so.
June 24, 2013 at 9:46pm
Ivan Vito Alvarez Who or what qualifies me or you to determine what unique or good or bad is??? That's my argument.. Different strokes for different folks.. But yes its my opinion.. Ill leave it at that ..
June 24, 2013 at 9:52pm · Like
Donna H Mofohari MY EAR tells me what I feel is quality..MY EAR tells me what i hear as the same bullshit song over and over and over and over..and over. But yea..let me dare not encourage artists to do better, those who may still be using part of their own brain cells and have not yet been brainwashed to repeat those same lame lines 'ooohh lets separate the hobbyists from the professionals' WTF has that got to do with anything whatsover..??? at all??? Yes an opinion is an opinion..and this is mine. Artists AND Producers ...whether they are (so called) hobbyists or (so called) professionals, need to be encouraged to use their own creativity, think outside the box..and stop using those SAAAAAAAAME damn beats that everybody and their grannie has used..the same sounds..the same phrasing..the same flow..Whoever of us is left with our minds still in CREATIVE mode, have a duty to encourage one another, whether we do it as a paid profession, or do it because it is a part of us and our love for the craft drives us on.
June 24, 2013 at 10:00pm 

June 24, 2013: I'm watching a documentary on Bob Marley..His wife just said she was perfectly ok with him having different women and that he would call her to send them away so he could sleep..11 children by 7 women and she knew about them all...i hope he gave her summa that good good lovin of the other women said it hurt all of the girls on her behalf bcs they knew she was in pain from time to time..and this man was not a womanizer bcs he was shy???? Shiiit...god bless your sacred penis and golden vocals.."what a man what a man what a mighty good man" Bob Marley..NO disrepect to the great man..i'm just sayin..

June 27, 2016: The Music Industry = A Hierarchical Musi-political Spaghetti Junction. Drive safely. Watch out for the dips, bumps, trick shots, sidewinders, backhanders, travelers, fouls, dead ends, don't step up to a cliff edge with a fan behind you and watch the wavs for ebbs n flows. Extremely money, ego and productivity/turnover oriented. There tends to be a clique bank (gotta be in it to win the "spin and win" jackpot). Watch out for those black balls..they can bowl you right out of the game. When you are loved ripples spread far and wide.
Underground = Musi-religious, culture minded, single sighted, extremely competitive, fuck everybody else-ness, humble, passionate, creativity focused...did i miss anything ? #RamblingThoughtsOfAMadWomanOnCoffeeBreak

June 27, 2013: I have come to realize that we may place ourselves in places outside our comfort zone to challenge ourselves and grow..and discover that our strength is not in that place..and that's ok..The act of challenging ourselves is a good thing and if nothing else teaches us where we need to let go and where we should be focussing the talents and skills we do have..#Self revelations.

June 27, 2013: If you know nothing else about me or my work ethics..know this..any time i speak outwardly about things that disappoint me in the industry or life, i make sure to hold a mirror to myself to see where i stand/how i am in relation to anything i speak off..if i'm not doing right, iM not right..i don't preach hypocritically like many do..i don't believe enough of us take cold hard looks at our own selves before speaking out.

June 27, 2013: Maybe when we die we actually are born..bcs being alive is like walking thru and talking to dead and/or brainless ppl continually, i.e. zombie nation..So, if my theory is right i embrace the option of birth when my time comes..Somebody i use to know (RIP) always use to say never fear death or the dead, fear the mofos who are was RIGHT..More than anything i fear apathy, heartlessness, ignorance and brainless egoism.  *BUT let me change that word "fear"..its not actually FEAR i feel, it is a growing intolerance that i find it hard to even find amusement in these days..internet is frying ppl's brains.

A huge vocab is awesome but to my mind it's not about that..I mean for instance, a mumble rapper could use every word in the dictionary but you wouldn't necessarily be impressed. Its how you style the words you do use..(nope i'm not the first to say this..who always said "its how you STYLE that ish!..? Well if you don't know i can't help you but it did resonate and I'll never forget those words of wisdom)..Most of these here are masters at it. Big or unique words are great bcs there are generally only so many ways you can rhyme single syllable words before the verse starts sounding flat and lifeless. More words means more expression and more ways to rhyme. It opens more doors in the mind and provides more visions to reach for creatively. #RandomThoughtsOfAMofoHari Study the masters and work hard, be great.

June 28, 2016 at 2:42pm · 
Believe in can make all the world of difference to can give them strength to stand up and shine. It can rekindle faith in themselves. Believe in somebody and let them know..don't just sit there and watch them struggle and wither.

June 28, 2016: It just takes one door to open..that's all..just one to change a life..Think on that and BE a door provider if you can..or open a door when it is shown to you..and THEN provide a door when that becomes a possibility. - Mofohari

* June 28, 2016: I'm proud of my achievements, the hoops of fire i've jumped thru, the pain, the glory, the struggles, the successes..if i die tomorrow i will at least be able to say "i did that"..that is all.

Some women change their men as often as they change their underwear..for some daily..for others..not often enough. Some men have so much free choice that they can pick one (or several) willing females for every one of their needs. I'm not part of all that retardation..and why i'm solo. The perfection i find, finds no perfection in me..i battle within continuously. If perfection is not echoed back in the mirrors of both sets of eyes, that is where an imbalance occurs..there can never be total perfection where it is one sided. If I appear calm to the outside world you are lucky you don't see any further than the mind spins with a natural (not scholarly) wisdom, awareness and understanding that you couldn't even imagine by my exterior. And its not always a good thing.

* June 28, 2014: Okayyy..I need ppl to stop harassing me for 1) money for various funds regardless of how urgent, important or wonderful the cause..unless you want to set one up for me specifically, then if i can afford it, i will gladly donate. 2) voting "every day" for something somebody is desperately trying to "win"..i don't have "every day" available...sorry. 3) promoting your ish, or tagging me for randomness when you don't talk to me, are not even sure who i am or what i do, and you are not paying me for shit. I once set up a website, contacted half a million ppl, made calls and much much more, for an artist who was not musically "connected" with me on the promise of $$$..which of course never materialized..lesson learned...hows about you promote ME for free? sound like a plan? yea..that's what i thought.

* The hardest lesson for me was to learn to receive. Now I knoww a lot of ppl will find it extremely easy but no. As a natural giver who always HAD to do everything for myself, it has always been stunning or amazing to me when somebody else has reached out for me. There is sometimes that element of guilt that I even NEEDED help. And always..I long to do something good back for that person/those people who did good for me to show love and appreciation. BUT the lesson here is..sometimes we need to respect the act of giving that someone has done, be grateful and let it go. They don't actually WANT something in return..We must simply pass it on, pay it forward..keep the chain growing. #RandomMorningThought

June 29, 2015: When pressured to be creative it turns off the turning off a water faucet..kinda like having sex and him telling her hurry up and..well u has the opposite effect. I am not committed to working with anyone..i have folders and folders of rhymes and beats..i have a keyboard, guitar and other noisemakers..I am my own woman and answer to my own creative impulses..when and as they come. I sell verses and hooks so if pressure must be on me, that is an acceptable pressure. Other than that producers, listeners, fans and curious bystanders must WAIT..yess that means you. Contrary to what some believe i am not a machine..or a robot. Creativity = giving birth. After giving birth ya gotta let your body recover for a minute before throwing your emotions and energy into pushing another one out of yourself. Respect the art and the artist. Thank you. *replaces mic on stand, throws hands up, turns back and walks offstage muttering under breath.

June 29, 2016: The "problem" with me is i hear amazing things inside my head..perfection and wonderfulness. I think huge and then getting those ideas from head to mouth to mix can be a huge challenge. I hate releasing anything these days until it gives me goosebumps and i wonder who that artist is! But that's ok! I'm at that place now where its less about "oo do i look ok in this thing?" and more about seeing where and how far (creatively) a combination of voice, beat vibe and technology can take me. Within myself the creative fire and passion has never even has been subdued thru "situations of life" but has always been there thru all the ups and downs, the insanities, vanities, profanities and..demandities (?) of life lol. Even thru times when the boat is rockin, the wind is howling outside my window, death be lurking and leering and friends be hating, my passion remains constant. So does the hunger to be better, learn more and improve the skills of my instrument..and at this I never seem to have enough focus time. But we do what we can when we can..because we can. #MusicIsLife

June 29, 2014: Studying the lyrics of the masters of rap and song..all i can say is..wha happn? pick it up lyricists..pick it up..words can be a phenomenally powerful thing..i'm not even talking about the 'deep and meaningful' lyrics..i'm talking about wordplay, word flow..completely leaving out for the moment the vocal aspects..just looking at LYRICS..make em orgasm just hearing the way those words sound together...ahhhh i love me a good lyric even the ones that have no real meaning at all...think about that one and connect the dots.

June 29, 2013: Can we just make music cuz we enjoy the creativity and love sharing it? it that allowed? everybody actin like they gonna stand on your head and take whatever supposed 'place' you have on some 'supposed' ladder..i just want to go back thru that door i came in thru cuz somewhere along the line it got vicious, over competitive and bullshit became the steady diet served on my plate..i don't want to be moulded, changed, shaped to fit the mainstream idea of greatness..if you feel my vibe, made my day..if you want to pick it apart and tell me what could be done to improve what i, i'll listen and if i can adapt the ideas, my mind is open!..but bottom line is..i'm not stepping on heads or tryn to be better than anybody else..

June 29, 2013: No girl likes to know her man has slept with every female from here to china..and back..any more than a man like to think his woman is a hoe..shit just doesnt sit right with most ppl no matter how u paint it up...the leopards of both sexes want the other to think their spots have suddenly dropped off just for them bcs they are soooo special lol..stay single folks unless u know for sure what ya getting into.

June 30, 2015: Everybody sees the laidback side of me but i do have a limit. Just had to smile at the memory of years ago when i worked for a stationers/newsagent in london and was the receptionist in the main office, but they would send me to do other jobs if short staffed. I came back to my desk where a girl who was also a friend outside of work, was giggling on the phone and painting her nails. The manager of one of the departments was standing there waiting. I told her three times i was ready to take over and that somebody was waiting..she kept giggling, talking and painting and i could feel rage rising. I slammed my hand on the desk and yelled in her face to get off. Stunned, she got The dept manager chuckled and said "That's our donna, mean, moody and magnificant". Lol..yess folks, miss peace and blessings does have a bs line that should not be crossed.

June 30, 2015: Overhelping gets you hated.. I have been both on the giving and receiving end of this. Overhelping is like a sickness or addiction that may temporarily fill in a "need to help or be useful or be the good guy or be liked" gap. But ultimately it is NOT appreciated when repeatedly showered..Overhelping is going above and beyond a gesture or hand when needed. And then you feel persecuted or disrespected when the target (or victim) of your overhelpfulness turns completely away from you. The lesson here is to help only when it is wanted..then back the eff off. Being there for someone means letting them stand back up on their own, not crippling them with kindness. You may THINK you are doing good..but you are doing the opposite. So to all you soft, well intentioned hearts out there take it from one with enough experience at both ends of the spectrum. Help when the worthy ask if you want to, then step back.

* June 30, 2013: Being over humble is not respected..Being assertive works marginally, until they roll back over in bed and go back to sleep. Aggressiveness raises a few eyebrows but it brings no action..Even a solid resume, background and proven history is yawned at bcs artists are (loosely said) FAR too busy to investigate anything that might do them good..Divas and Mofos..You CAN run so fast that you fall on your face..stop and look around, you have tools and resources..SOME are even tapping you on the shoulder..SIT DOWN a minute and pay attention.

March 2, 2015: "Love" should never be an expectation, end goal of any human, mental, physical or sexual connection, should not be that thing you wistfully search the ends of the earth for..That thing which you search for is inside you already and if you even subconsciously withhold it from yourself for whatever reason, you will not know how to or be able to shift it outward to family, friends, or a life companion. Too many ppl mistake lust for love. Lust is like a firework that you light and turns out to be either a dud or a beautiful explosion..but eventually spends itself..Love is an affection that comes from one place only..right in the middle of your chest, and is designed to last..It comes from the deeper place, like when you hear a dope know where it hits you? yup, it starts right there..But its yours, nobody can take that..if you choose to share your heart with somebody who you feel connected with mentally and maybe even lustfully, it CAN happen if that person feels the connectivity and is open to it..but its never a given. You can't force the realness of connection like that. Its not the end of the world to continue to love yourself without chasing the rainbow, or the shooting star. It's not a "right", you can't demand it from share yours because you have enough TO share, with friends, family and maybe even that one significant other who shares theirs too. If not, hey..just remember YOU are covered..nobody can take away the essence of what's in your own heart. And its your job to keep that growing. #RANDOMTHOUGHTS

March 2, 2014: I have leArned that most humans can only handle many things in bite size chunks..information ppl offer about themselves, their experience or knowledge, attention from others, expressions of passion or enthusiasm, communication/conversation and other ppls emotions of any kind to name a few..if its not them or about them And sometimes even when it is ppl go into full mental lockdown..shields up..try it on someone just as an experiment and see for yourself..prepare yourself for interesting results.

March 2, 2012: Whatever race you are..if you choose to live your life pointing frantically at another race as "the enemy" and insisting you are not racist, that your race could never be racist and that non progression in your world is everybody else's fault because this other race is holding you back because everybody else hates you and there will never be harmony..u need to stop right there and move the mirror so you can get a better look at yourself..cut it out..tap your "other race" neighbor on the shoulder and open a conversation..IMMEDIATELY..before you corrupt your brain any further with hate..congratulations, you were created the race you are..if you can't appreciate the beauty of are lost.

* March 2, 2010: Mistakes made today could last a lifetime and affect generations if uncorrected..Stop, check your mirror..Make sure what you are seeing is not just what you want to see, but what is really there..and if it is not what you want to see, make the changes u need today so that tomorrow will be the best it can be.

March 3, 2014: Here is a question..Why do so many underground 'artists' strive so hard for a bad mix? there is no excuse for a broken up sound, or the vocals being shoved behind a loud beat..with all the technology out there, there really is no excuse..and i'm not a producer, i'm just a singer with a pair of ears who loves hip hop and music generally..its not cool at all..look around you..there are masters and experienced producers out there who love hip hop/music and quality enough to advise you...YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE.

March 3, 2011: To achieve a dream u have to make some sacrifices..some things gained, some things lost. When u make the plan, if it is worth the losses to get to the goal, then this dream is something you were destined to pursue..If you have to question its worth, don't even set out on the path, you will regret it.

March 5, 2014: #RandomContemplations - If i were given the opportunity to go back to heaven and be granted one quality by my an upgrade..i'd ask for a sharp wit with good timing..I'd be a force to be reckoned with if i had quick comebacks and a sharp sense of humor. I admire it like crazy.

March 5, 2014: Am i the only 'baby mama' that would love to see her ex with a good woman who could bring some happiness, comfort and stability into his life?

March 5, 2012: Why would you arrange an interview with a radio show, allow them to promote it on the show for a couple of weeks in advance to build interest, prepare the show you are scheduled for with your tracks..and then not turn up and not bother to call with an explanation/excuse?? Or..would you expect the radio host to "remind you" ? *tap show is this week..don't forget k? Or, knowing the show is on wednesday evening, get your tracks in wednesday afternoon? or knowing the show is on the dial, send in your work at the last minute with curses in it? This is what radio hosts endure on a regular basis from both unsigned AND SIGNED artists who do not appear to see radio as an essential part of their promotion..and what does that say to your fans/followers who are waiting eagerly on standby only to be disappointed by your failure to follow thru? #thinkaboutit

March 5, 2012: If a product, theory, concept or idea, or even your track/skill/performance/event etc etc is legit or exceptional enough for me to buy into it..then a long, drawn out sales pitch with whiteboard/felt pens will not work on me , enclosing me as a captive audience while you spiel on and on about the virtues of your hustle will turn me will lose my interest..hit me with it in as few words as possible, show me a real example, or track (NOT a link)..if you can convince me that what u got is worth my co sign/promotion..then you have my loyalty..dazzling me with bullshit will turn me away faster than u can even get your diagrams out.

March 12, 2015: In my observation the one thing most lacked in this country, above all else is...a good sense of humor..americans are too quick to take offense at something said in jest or sarcasm..they don't "get it"..calm down ppl, relax and enjoy this ride called "life"..if i couldn't laugh and see the funny side i'd be dead and buried by now.

March 12, 2015: The three most annoying and overused things in the internet language are "huh", "smh" and "lol". I'm guilty of the 3rd.."Huh" makes me want to jump thru the screen and punch somebody in the face and smh is irritating as hell.."LOL" is just plain overused to the point where it means nothing at all.

* March 12, 2014: Dudes...wear whatever the eff you want..whatever makes you feel good idc..just can i ask one favor pls? If/when you are out with me can you please not wear a skirt..? I would appreciate it very mean..not tryna cramp ya style or anything..and you can make your request too in what i wear..within that fair? Yea i think so..I'll meet ya halfway.

March 13, 2016: I Don't drink alcohol, smoke kush or anything else, no rec meds, no casual sex and i rarely go out..use of fb is muchhh less than previous years, i don't do vid calls or play mind games with any mofo..Yet i am happy, centered, focused, self appreciative, with the greatest respect for other ppl's paths, choices and lives. In periods of solitude i'm never, ever bored. In fact, i have always maintained my truth that i have no idea how to be bored. There's periods of restlessness when i can't figure out which one of my many interests i feel like indulging in. Life is amazing bcs there's so much to do and see and feel and share if you open your mind to it. Now that self description right there will put me in the "boring" or "stuffy librarian" category to some lol..effit..*shrugs. It is what it is. Self Evolution and awareness is a some.

* March 13, 2015: How can humans be blamed for thinking it is normal and natural to grab a drink, smoke or drug of some kind to 'do something' to make us all feel different in some way..commercials are fulllll of drug promo, from birth all we hear is take this for that..its more accepted bcs of programming and conditioning to do whatever you want to your body and then medicate by any means necessary to cover up the damage and not encouraging or teaching how to deal with, fix or prevent the bottom line cause from earliest life. #RandomMorningThought

March 13, 2014: Funny..when i hear, see or notice one little something from a friend that shows they care..i feel like i could get up and run a marathon, feel like i could create a masterpiece or take on the universe lol..#godblessfriendswhopunchyouintheheadwhenyouneedit

March 17, 2015: I sit back and marvel regularly, and with pride that we were groundbreakers with our on air (Non internet) radio show..And it was damn great..nowadays it means so much less..every mofo and their dutch uncle jumped on the bandwagon..and internet shows sprang up and choked the airwaves..i'm not saying there are not some good ones out there..i'm saying respect where respect is due, we were there before these current masses even thought about it..Now? doesn't have the same impact..there's millions to choose from..same can be said of anything that "catches on" tho....
Comment: Chris Morale:  We was too early for the party. In a retarded surprised we havent been asked to appear on the plethora of shows that are out there. Too early for the party.
Donna H Mofohari truuuuuth.

March 21, 2013: Funny how ppl do..and i'm not always exempt but i hold the mirror up when needed..when ppl do things for each other without payment but on an understanding..too often expectations rise on one side or the other..the 'understanding' gets more complicated, and too much is taken for granted..lets just get back to enjoying and appreciating each other..if you like someone, or their work, support 'strings', no expectations, no 'if i do this, then u do that'...just do what feels right..if you have a contract with each other, different story..but as mutual music appreciators shouldn't we do more appreciating?

March 21, 2011: 'Sacrifices' usually only mean something to the person who made them..not to the person or people for whom they were made..therefore, do whatever u do only because it means something to you personally and not for the benefit of effect or response..

* March 21, 2010: My point is..i'm just a momentary wav on a studio screen..significant, important but not the bottomline..Artists/producers keep it in perspective..ultimately its not all about YOU but about the movement of creating and delivering the best, freshest, most creative UNmainstreamblemished music..if somebody critiques ya music TAKE IT IN and use it to improve..listen to all thoughts with an open heart.

March 22, 2016: Ppl who really know me will know that i'm NOT all about "the selfish self"..others have encouraged me to "get thru the door" and I will gladly drive toward that goal if only to help those i believe in achieve their dreams or to see their mentee (is that a word?) succeed or to be an example, or to hold the door open for others to come thru.

* March 22, 2015: If i could change the world i'd refresh and strengthen the bonds that are important to me.

* March 22, 2014: Had the weirdest dream last night that I was hangin' with Snoop talking about music and moving forward..No i have no idea..*shrugs

March 22, 2011: Crack a ain't going to ruin ya streetcred..Your face looks like Geronimo after a plate of refried beans.

March 23, 2013: Nobody can 'Make' somebody happy..unless u are god..u can lift a mood, inspire, add on to their life in some way..but ppl have to be at peace with themselves to be receptive to their own happiness and what somebody else can bring to their table.

* You may think u are making moves..maybe even making a big noise about it online..But if i haven't heard you, of or about you..your moves obviously ain't big enough.

* March 25, 2012: If you as an artist or business come to me committed, passionate, trustworthy, can prove your stamina and continuity, then you will have my loyal backing for as long as you need/want support..when i push i PUSH with a dogged fierceness that defies haters and would be gatecrashers/challengers/competitors. In the flesh i appear gentle, laidback, maybe not what you would "expect" physically speaking; some may even mistake my demeanor as soft..until they see HOW i work until results are achieved..when you connect with my vision there is nothing to misunderstand, nothing to mistake..i would die rather than give up what i believe in..sadly, when i look around i can see few counterparts with the same attitude..too many are sucked into the party life and just FRONT that they are making moves..go ahead and do what you the end you will burn out and fade away, unremembered.

March 27, 2016: #Confession - I always get extremely wary when ppl categorize or label me..when they shove one hat on my head and think/see me as "that". Some put that hat on me bcs they see "it" as smthing i'm "good at" which is cool in a sense bcs public perception of what is deemed by THEM as entertaining or enjoyable is important. But NONE of us are as simple and non complex/non diverse as to be held to wearing the same hat continually. It Implies that humans have a problem with or are incapable of appreciating or respecting more than one aspect of each other (which is one of the subjects Nya Thryce touches on in The Thryce Of Life Episode this week on Radio Zero). The world sometimes shoves you into a lane to keep you from crashing..i get it..even if you would ultimately rather have a garage full of cars and a whole freeway at your disposal. But..yes..i feel somewhat anxious and wary at times when ppl label or place me "here" when the essence and heart of me is over here..just less accessible. Ahh the dilemmas and complications of life lol.. I shall just have to trust the universe since the bigger picture is not for me to see. #TotallyRandomThought

March 27, 2015: #RandomThoughtForTheDay When you start thinking less about what you can get and more about what you could give, you will know you have mentally and spiritually matured.

* March 27, 2014: When somebody you care about burns a bridge for the wrong reasons get a helicopter, or walk around the chasm, or build a new one to get across, or let them know u are not moving anywhere and will be there when they swing back across..thats if u really care, respect and value that person in your life, and know u have done them no wrong and vice versa..if that's not the case then let em go and shake the dust from your feet. my observation of the world outside my window so many ppl are shallow and leave their heads and hearts switched to is not permanent and ppl u care about are not they are not! stop shadow dancing with yourself and let somebody know you actually may make a huge difference to them and maybe even to is love and i'm not talkin romantic love folks..grow up.  Like i said...but if this opens a single braincell out there i don't need acknowledgement of my thoughts..please..just take action..its that important..beleedat

March 27, 2013: Everything given means nothing if it is shared and appreciated by means in essence that i am a cypher created by virtue of humanity's lack of enthusiasm for the words of my heart - ANONYMOUS   thoughts from the vault of mofo (godlovesthebabies) hari

March 27, 2011: Who has a dream?..hands in the question..who makes moves?..uhoh! where the hands go?!

March 28, 2012: Doesn't anybody care about professionalism any more? Everybody is running around ignorant of what each other is doing..acting with ridiculous-ness, pointing fingers at each other (like.."nevermind the problem, he/she/they did it, not me, so I don't care) without any real concern for the service user..It used to be "the customer is always right" it is "i'll tell you what you want to hear so you will eff off..then do nothing"..

March 29, 2016: A man who needs a woman to take or be in "control" as in "be the boss" a boy. A woman can be strong within her femininity and walk beside a man without trying to shove him behind or beneath her. #RandomThought

March 29, 2014: Just curious..other than jayZ are there any major artists who will actually embrace, endorse or show support for good remixes of their tracks nowadays? I mean as a non famous artist i personally get excited when i hear a good remix of my songs..but i know of some excellent remixes from a producer that have been sent out to many top artists to raise their awareness of what the producer had done with the acapellas they have out ..the majority of these artists or their management teams don't bother to respond at all..smh..they need to wake up..might hear something they appreciate...or...even endorse the producer so they can get some work..shouldn't skill and talent be acknowledged and encouraged? Would have thought they would at least be curious or interested..Or am i too old school and naive in my thinking? Donna H Mofohari s/n..sad reality is..a lot of these same artists could definitely benefit from a fresh beat under their makes a nice change to some of those tired, regular, samey beats so many are using..yup..talkin to my damn self again..there's way too much apathy over things that should be important, and too much excitement over crap that the public shouldn't even be subjected to.

Sometimes we ALL need to step back from everybody and everything to be with ourselves and get our mind RIGHT. We all know how the rat-race, inconsistencies, dualities and coldness around us can mess up the stability of thinking and harmony in our lives. It can really cause us to lose ourselves and we can fall off chosen paths, lose health etc. #Checkpoints Take time to assess, reassess and question your own thoughts, views, direction. BUT THEN! You owe it to YOURSELF to get back up and pedal like a mofo back to your dreams, chosen path, new path. Giving up is NOT an option UNLESS,YOU WANT TO REPEAT ALL THE NEGATIVITY, DOUBT AND SELF CURSES YOU CREATE ON LOOP UNTIL YOU BREAK THE CYCLE OR LEARN THE LESSON. I know i sure don't. Why springboard into quicksand and ignore the life rafts floating past? Wake up and live.

March 30, 2016: Too many "positive (yes you can) messages" can be like dumping two batches of the sugariest ever frosting on a rice cake..sometimes a little str8 talk..a little "just plain mind to mind understanding"..a little tough love..a little verbal ass kicking..does more good. #RandomThought

March 30, 2016: Do something today that will make your future self say thank you. #RandomThought

* March 30, 2015: ..The blinds and fittings above the head of my bed decided to collapse today with an earth shattering crash like the roof was caving in..(thankfully while i was at the pc and not in bed)..i managed to roughly screw it back in the wall but ima be sleeping with one eye open tonight and hope i don't get the other one poked out if it falls again :/ #NoHandymenAround #LivingDangerously

March 31, 2015: It is interesting how life or the universe will teach us lessons in unexpected ways..say for instance somebody tells you things you do that they find annoying and maybe you don't really see or at some point you are presented with ppl or situations where they do 'that thing' you didn't understand, often worse or more exaggerated so you mentally ohhh thhaaats what they saw..So watch what you do to others and listen when they reflect their thoughts bcs life will reinforce lessons you need to learn. #RandomWakefulThought

March 31, 2014: When your personal success meter includes conquering health, weight and financial issues along with growing take smaller steps, appreciate the small forward movements and celebrate each breakthru with huge air punches of pleasure.. I no longer take ppl, things, progress or support for granted but when its there its appreciated and valued more than prob the average human. #RandomThoughts

* March 31, 2013: Why is it that ppl seem to love to crush other ppl who are passionate and confident, and do what they do WELL..they seem to enjoy watching them make a public mistake or fall? ..and yet seem to be happy to encourage those who are a little lacking in confidence, still trying to learn and not as skilled..why not show as much support the ones who are already there skill or talent wise? they are the ones bringing the best quality to the table..everybody has a part to play, but this is not a roman amphitheater and we should not wait for the most skilled amongst us to be eaten alive..they NEED the support to be able to use the skills they have worked hard to develop!

March 1, 2016: I feel bad for the good indie producers out there, the skilled mcs and singers about their business. There are so many bad ones throwing their work around..its like the flowers can't rise above the weeds that are choking the garden. Ppl want to be creative..good..but learn and perfect your craft or you too are slinging another weed seed in the mix. Please..use your ears. Just because it came from your own precious hands and you love you, doesn't mean its great or that you should be inflicting our ears and senses with it.

March 1, 2015: #RandomThoughts can BE tough without having to flex and act all tough..don't lose your womanliness jus tryn to push your wt around..let your smile reach your eyes, let your grin light up your face..drop the mask and just be NICE..i promise you will feel better for it..i'm seeing more and more of my sistern all slumped with miserable faces and dead eyes, or tryn to look like a dangerous woman thinking it is more attractive..Stop looking so lost and sad..This is your life not your funeral!..Look like you like being here!..and btw you can be strong and soft at the same time. :)

March 1, 2015: I have learned something over the past couple of days..eeeverybody wants answers, solutions, direction, guidance,no matter what age, religion, location etc etc..anybody who has lost someone would relish a chance to speak to them again..bottom line is, we walk this path of our lives, we have the ability to change our direction, change our mind, take or discard advice..its called 'free will'..people are frantically scrambling for affirmation, clarification, hope and so much more..I see that human nature leaves us vulnerable at times no matter how tough our exterior, or how 'numb' our interior..And we can be given guidance etc but its on us to use that or discard it..Every lesson learned, every step taken, every choice made leads us in specific directions..Don't be like a sail flapping in the wind waiting for somebody to tell you to 'hard over' or point the rudder so you are sailing with the wind..Feel it yourself, the answers are already inside just have to trust your own instincts.

March 1, 2012: Every day i am hit broadside by somebody saying "you'd never understand"..My child saying "u don't understand how it feels to..x..y..z cuz you're not a child"..adopted or childless ppl sayin "you can't know how it is, you have had parents/have a child" ppl saying "you wouldn't understand cuz you're white"...etc etc everybody is could i??..i wouldn't dream of saying i could or do..cuz i'm not you..doesn't make me eligible for a firing squad..i'm just me..but then, you don't exactly know where MY feet have trodden, don't know what hardships i may be having, nor would i expect you to feel my pain or understand..why? cuz i deal with it..i don't cry to just don't knowwww what feet move on..i will survive..if you are loved, supported..let those ppl sympathize even if they have different struggles than yours..u be aight..just keep your head up and walk the path u are given..things could be worse..and hey..i'm still smiling..hell yea..i'm glad to be alive!

March 1, 2012: Think i better wear sunglasses when i'm out with my daughter..We were in the grocery store and I was looking at a guy working there..She said "Mom why are you looking at that guy like that?..Did you think it was somebody you knew or did you just like what you saw?" lol The other day I was lookin at a picture when she came up behind me and said "mmm mmm go get him mom" say the damndest things!

March 1, 2011: When you are talkin' hip hop do not mention pop in the same breath..There IS no alternative genre in real hip hop, record labels and other folks trying to be cool will be breaking down genres to.. psychobilly hip hop, c+w hip hop, operatic hip hop next..leave it alone..just let the realness stand up and speak for itself..If its truly hip hip then it is what it is..if it is not, don't call it by that name.

March 4, 2015: Nobody truly "needs" anybody to tell them their future..or even assure them that life will turn out okay..The only one who holds the key is one that opens your own door..i.e. yourself! Why do ppl underestimate the power of the mind? We don't even use or respect all of our full mental potential in a lifetime. The least we can do is forge our own path and give ourselves a chance to blossom.

* March 4, 2015: #RandomMemory - I used to loove being with my ppl listening to dudes standing around outside, full flow in cypher..vibe was crazy..can't even describe it..just doin it for the love, not with a mic, not on a stage..Just bein' together sharing skills.

March 4, 2014: Damn..this is one good reason why i don't host shows any more (other than its not my forte..i don't think fast enough on my feet for that ish i just got out there bcs i wanted to play good music) much time, energy and focus is given to putting it all together and presenting it that when that show is finalized, and that 'live' light goes feel completely has happened for every show, even those i co hosted so i know the drill..just sayin how it when u go thru all that and are live, presenting a show you are 100% proud of, there's times u are waiting in the chatroom and nobody is there..u go on the social sites and folks are nowhere to be found..seems like folks who should be supporting run off and hide under a rock at times..other times, when ppl are there behind you its like nothing on earth..and very worth the effort..but the point takes more than i have to put my heart and soul into all that i do and sometimes drains the life out..which doesn't do anybody any'm leaving it to the folks who have regular support, ppl to help them put it all together and the quick thinkers with memory, knowledge, charisma and talent for presentation.

March 7, 2014: Just had this insane analogy, inspired by a post i just saw..we all feel like giving up at times, especially when everybody disappears and u feel like u are alone and it seems like things are falling apart..Some bail out, unable to see anything reassuring outside their window any more..Maybe that's the point when we have reached the end of the runway and think its all over. When the ground is most bumpy, the plane is shaking, you're thrown back in your seat and feelin weird and apprehensive like 'tonite u gon die'..maybe thats the point the wheels are goin up and u are about to actually start gettin off the ground...#EarlyMorningThoughts

March 7, 2014: Can we please see more eye contact and crowd interaction from the stage please? after all they are there to see you..see them too..It's not just about remembering the words.

March 7, 2012: When i listen back do i hear imperfections? always..Do i appreciate my own tracks? without a doubt! But unless an artist listens to themselves and appreciate the good with the "could be improved" and learns to take criticism as well as be SELF critical..they will not grow..I have heard too many artists say they do not like listening to their own work!!..How are you going to expect other ppl to? Artists..keep working..keep growing..keep listeing..peace.

March 8, 2016: When i was little my grandpa's old wooden sawhorse and grandma's ivy archway, and great grandma's treadle singer sewing machine could keep me busy for hours. The saw horse was my chestnut pony and the ivy archway was a time machine or a pathway to another world..the treadle on the sewing machine was a fairground ride. Its the tools that develop an independent imagination. Kids are losing the ability to entertain themselves without ipads etc etc. #randomthought

March 8, 2012: I wonder why it is that ppl take each others presence for granted so easily..I have had so many ppl walkin in and out of my life (starting with my mother) or changing direction on me that i cannot help but appreciate when i got a good thing..It might be taken away from me tomorrow but i'm making some damn good memories to keep me warm when the stage is empty and the curtain is down.

March 8, 2012: Sadly..apparently all you men who need pretty ladies draped all around you haven't been informed..WE like a man who takes care of himself too and cares enough to make himself look nice around you..Yea..surprize!! Get yo smelly ass up off the couch and in the shower..Put on some clean underwear, make an effort fa gawdsake! ;)

March 11, 2012: Thing about me is..i get moved by the sharing of passion and knowledge..i am never too busy, never too proud, never too preoccupied to stop and hear somebody's story, there is always something that could be learned, some pearls to be picked time somebody tries to talk with you..don't go "HUH" and sit there with ???'s all over your head..sit your ass down and open your ears.

March 11, 2011: HE could be stealing anything..ya icecream cone, Rosetta Stone, a stolen moment on the phone, stealin spotlight, stealin home with a lady on her own, a dog wit a bone, your microphone cuz u used it once then left it alone...find out exaaactly what "The Stolen Episode" IS about!! (go check out the radio archives to see what I'm talking about..plug plug lol)

March 18, 2016: I once made the mistake of putting ppl and things in boxes..that was an eternity ago..i cannot allow myself to be so shallow as to not respect every person, every situation, every THING as unique and diverse by its very existence. Even the meekest sheep can leave the flock and become the most voracious leader when forced to develop and use their character and mind. Its all about that aha moment that helps you open your own mind. Labels kill me bcs weak ppl can start to identify with those they are branded with by ignorant and clueless or even well meaning ppl. Define yourself. And if you are not who you choose to be, make adjustments. It starts with YOUR OWN mind. #AbsolutelyAndTotallyRandomThought #SomeOUTOfTheBlueness

March 19, 2013: Confession: What I want from life is really so simple its almost childlike, and yet in its simplicity seems beyond complex to the majority of ppl in my lifetime..i dont need grandeur, not riches, not superstardom..just good ppl around me, willing to give as well as take..a little mutual respect and 'connective continuity'..and yes, some enthusiasm in enjoying mutual things..its that 'mind connection' i love..being understood well and knowing there is understanding, and yes, knowing that 'time' will always be made for you not only to show support but to listen, to correct, to show appreciation, or just to talk to you when you need long as i have the obvious basic needs (roof, clothing, food for my child), i'm good with everything else..Also and as part of this, is the need for shared is my playground, i'm still a child in heart, still in awe of its diversity and abiity to move me in body, mind and spirit..the personal creativity, the appreciation of others' creativity..and i love sharing that buzz..that high..that GOOD NESS with ppl who are capable of feeling and appreciating that. Being a typical female i said this in way too many words..If anybody can tell me how to say this in one sentence, please let me know...

March 19, 2011: Keep shootin' those bs bullets..Shoot em str8, make sure they hit the target..Every one that hits me makes my skin a lil thicker, mind a little wiser..3 hits gets u a 1way ticket to the "yearite zone" from which there is no return..

March 24, 2016: Powerful words. I would agree with most of it but my thoughts are..I don't feel any burning desire to "take over" the world..just do well in it..and build an empire with somebody that means something to both of us. My desires are to enlighten myself and a few minds along the way..Be able to laugh together..and to me that is IMPORTANT WITH A CAPITAL "I". I was just thinking this morning that where my life appears to be heading, it would be awesome to be with a man one day who could/would embrace my weaknesses with my strengths, my dark times with my light, share the struggles and hi 5 when "we" succeed in overcoming obstacles. Its all a learning process. I'm always willing to listen, accept correction, give my thoughts/advice, share passions..and grow. All that I ask for I could and would return..with pleasure. Partnership (as opposed to a solely physical relationship with "no strings or emotional attachments" like so many aspire to) should come naturally, never forced, never with trepidation or reservation, altho BOTH should be willing to work at it and toward joint goals. Toleration should be give and take. Space and individuality respected..respect, light heartedness, mutual appreciation, quality together time, and fun being the glue that would bind. No its not impossible and not too much work if the scaffolding of mutual appreciation is intact.

March 24, 2016: You know what is a shame? That youth is wasted on the young. That the ephiphanies and aha moments, the enlightening and ohshit realizations often come after a tramatic, dramatic or physical illness..or later in life, when you coulda, shoulda, woulda used the knowledge much earlier in life. Didn't you know? The meaning of life is that we are born into to learn and teach and move on to the next class/level while the generation or mindset just behind you learns at their own pace. Some never do and have to repeat lessons again and again. Here's the kicker..we all have knowledge to pass on and help each other move forward..and many are holding it to themselves. Why? It neither helps you or anybody else to grow. When u sit down and refuse to do what is in your heart you deny yourself and others the opportunity to expand awareness, knowledge, strength or progression. #RandomThoughts

March 24, 2016: Living for you and only your desires, "doing you", not caring what anybody thinks, trying out relationships with the mindset of a sign of the times. If we keep going as a collective on the planet with this mindset, considering the physically isolating yet mentally potentially endangering properties of the internet and "convenience products and technology", the earth will decline faster than the roman empire. Not a prophecy, an observation. Had a recent discussion on this and need more thoughts from aware minds. #AlarmBells

March 24, 2016: Once again..can we just show each other a little attention/love/respect WHILE we are walking together on this planet? Why wait until it's too late to do anybody any good? But you don't hear me tho....

March 24, 2015: I couldn't live in a world without laughter..So when i see ppl jumping on ppl in shock or annoyance for something they say in jest, i just make a mental note to leave those ppl alone..not my problem..stay over there..cut the bs, lighten up, see the funny side..relax your damn face and take that globe off your shoulders. Things look a whole lot different when you do..beeeleeeedat.

March 24, 2012: First rule of battle..Know your enemy. Give them the floor, let them reveal themselves to you, be cool..When the time is right you will have your time to shine with knowledge as a weapon at your side.

March 24, 2012: The industry is built on greed, selfishness, ego-centerdness, requires asshole skills par excellence and bullshit ability..if you have got none of the above..give up.

March 24, 2012: My aspiration is NOT to have an "enterage", become a diva, have ppl around doing everything for me (to have HELP doing what i need to do is a different thing)..but to have ppl around i can trust who have the same vision, same appreciation, passion, drive without the focus bein on the pot of gold at the end of the you know how beautiful it would be to find even a small handful of ppl in this industry i could really TRUST or RELY on not to be off their heads on drink/cush/coke/over partyin and not knowin wtf they are here for? yea i said it EVEN A SMALL GROUP OF TRUE PROFESSIONALS would move mountains..sighs..i can dream.

May 2, 2016: #RandomThought - Every second, minute, hour, day, week, month, year that passes..every breath you take, every thought, every movement, every experience..every little thing, every major thing...becomes a memory..whether significant, valuable, useful, wasted or precious is up to how you fill it and what you do with it.

* May 2, 2013: FACT: since making and promoting music around and with other ppl, i have seen SO many ppl promise the earth, a million percent enthusiastic and (apparently) highly serious about the promises they make in the heat of the moment..the follow-thru rate drops to about 3% or less..nowadays i must think cynically to attempt to preserve or maintain what's left of my own sanity..Heartbreak and disappointment are very sidetracking and extremely un-needed..too many ppl are great with initial concepts, as long as they don't have to put any energy into actually 'doing'..

May 4, 2016: A Relationship is not about demands, perfection, changing each other into the image or vision of the others' perfection. Not about projecting, directing, playing detective, keeping each other in line, expecting the other to mess up, over indulging, under appreciating/taking for granted or being an enabler of somebody's faults or addictions. Its about two unique individuals meeting each other halfway and helping each other be the best they can be..its less about the lovie dovie bs and more about friendship, respect and continuity despite bumps in the road. If ya add in good sex, even better! IJS. Oh yea..its about being able to embrace all qualities of somebody too..alllllllllll of those qualities..and know what those are before you even bother to call it a relationship. I wonder if humans are capable of thinking along those lines. My grandparents' era may be the last to live by those things. Totally Random Thoughts.

May 4, 2013: If you look for bad things in ppl you will find them..If you look for good you'll find that..If you embrace the whole being faults and all you will connect with the essence of who they REALLY are.

May 4, 2013: Incoming artists new to the game are displaying less and less respect for aspects of their own art..less and less regard or reverence for history..i feel so unqualified to preach..damn i wish i had KRS-ONE on an emergency hotline so i could get him on to certain ppl who need a piece of his mind..these ppl exhaust me.

* May 4, 2013: I have come to the realization that my mind is worse than messed misspent youth must have reaaaallly knocked the ish out of my brain cells..what i see is that everybody around me views relationships, partnerships or friendships as temporary..ppl are so wrapped up in multiples and multiplying that division becomes par for the course..i don't give my trust, mind or heart easily but when i do i trust that u will not backstab, knife twist or hurt me unnecessarily, because that is not something i would dream of doing..this is where i'm messed up..when i give my friendship in any format, like real time shit..i'm doing it after believing there is a mutual bond there..see? told u my brain was messed up!!!! those things don't exist..ppl move on without batting an eye..

May 4, 2013: When i walk off the stage i want to go while the audience is goin crazy having a good time..i want to see hands in the air and everybody singin along or involved and happy that by the time somebody realizes im offstage the crowd is a self contained entertainment unit..just want to be a flame that inspires a few aware and tolerant minds before my time comes..i dont have much time left on this planet so let me reach a few while im here.

May 4, 2013: The most devastating thing for me is to be misunderstood or have intentions misread..ppl go on unphased afterward but it lodges like a bullet in my heart and messes with my head until there is understanding..

May 5, 2011: The hardest battle ppl will ever have is the internal that and u are above the rest

* I have one mentally ill older sister and one anxiety/depression ridden half sister who both hate their lives..I CAN only speak positivity to them and try to lift them but in a sense they choose to stay miserable because they argue against positivity. One confesses that she wants everything handed to her and does not want to work for it, the other, by virtue of her illness has everything handed to her. I have worked for better..have fallen and refused to stay down. I CHOSE better and worked for it. Now here's the thing..we can share knowledge, share our positivity, share our heart, love, give/pass on what we can. After we have planted those seeds THEN WE MUST LET IT GO! It is up to others to use/not use what we share with them. Ultimately we cannot change a made up mind. I have learned that you must allow YOURSELF to be great..allow YOURSELF to grow, be happy "just because" and to do/be better. Lift other's problems upward and do what you can without harming yourself in the process. #RandomThought

May 6, 2015: I was having a discussion last night and it was put to me that I have a tendency to let ppl hurt and disrespect me or mine again and again. After initially standing up in defense of my reasons for giving ppl too many chances, i sat down abruptly..Why? Bcs this person is right..That mirror was handed to me and i didn't want to see it. I give ppl chance after chance to prove their heart..believe in ppl a little toooo much thinking they will eventually follow thru and that their word is bond. Add that to the fact that i genuinely want to see talented ppl get ahead and see "that" rather than "the rest" which is an important factor too!!! In this hip hop culture of ours we naturally want to encourage each other, support and push forward the greatness. But the sad reality is that in life but particularly in the music industry..ppl talk shit..habitually. If you give them a chance to prove themselves but they let you down more than once or twice..take as fact that they have showed you who they are. That is all. Time for me to grow some balls (metaphorically speaking) and walk away from the bullshitters.

* May 6, 2013: If two or more women like the same guy, why is it they secretly hate each other to the point where they will watch each other mess up with him and feel elated when 'she' fails with him and is out of the way so she can compete..does it ever occur to women that 'he' may have feelings about who he would like to be with? let HIM make the decision on that..if you truly like the guy and don't have control issues, you will back WAY off in that way and be supportive..if it doesn't work out, its not like u were in there willing it to fail. i *sista donna is testifying..i would rather stay a nun in the church of music than be one of those back stabbing bitches or be around a guy with no eye for me specifically

May 6, 2013: Thought of the Day: The sweetest tones can hold the most sinister of intentions..your mind and instincts will tell you infinitely more than your ear..learn to trust and heed them.

May 6, 2011: Was leanin on the wall waitin for the schoolbus to drop off my daughter yesterday..a lady i didn't kno came up to ask me a question, did a double take and said 'WOW u have beautiful eyes!!' all breathtooken..i was kinda stunned, not expectin it, said 'thanks'..then she said 'i never seen yellow eyes before'..My eyes are hazel/brown..either tiredness turns em yellow..or she was tripppin.....lmao  i made a comment about havin tired eyes and then she says 'i need to get me some tired eyes' lol!!

May 7, 2013: I am a little comforted knowing and seeing the legends out en force working and raising awareness..they saw, experience and participated in the evolution..they will remember when remixes were respected and promoted, and often revered if not as much or more than the original! They knew the value of working together, interacting, promoting each other..i KNOW they have the power to raise that awareness again and bring some justice and quality to how producers are perceived.

May 7, 2013: If i had a flaming sword of justice and was allowed to use it i would swing it on MANY 'established' artists who are not doing their job in making connections for artists and producers working hard in getting their work heard. Too many are holding their cards tight to their chest, worried about only working with or being seen to work with artists/producers who's names are known..excuse me..or don't excuse flaming sword would execute you without blinking..because that is bullshit. Quality is quality and needs to be respected as such.

May 7, 2011: Salute to the artists who stand behind their word + what they say they will do, follow thru with their product, show professionalism, consistency + are not afraid to show emotion about the music they create.

May 13, 2015: What is it that confuses ppl? Do they not realize that even the most respected icons, the most skilled and talented ppl you can dream of..also need to have a life? Need to feed their children like everybody else? Have additional dreams and aspirations that may not even relate to how you see or have seen them? Don't everrrrr box, compartmentalize or iconize..if that is a word..any human on this planet. Applaud the greatness, recognize the skill and above all support what you appreciate! Otherwise whats it all for? Nobody is an island..we all need fuel to keep us moving forward. #RandomMorningThought

* May 13, 2015: I just had a dream about Ringo Starr in a dinner suit with a bow tie at a fancy restaurant sitting at a round table with a lot of other ppl surrounding him at other round tables..all of a sudden they all pick up drumsticks and start playing a beat at the same time on the tables..i could hear the rhythm and everything..Craaaazyy dream! If that kinda thing hasn't already been done it would make a great music vid.

May 14, 2015: #EarlyMorningThoughts : Life is a lottery from seed to grave. Life is also highly comparable to regular rounds of russian roulette, drawing straws, monopoly, chance, scrabble, chess, a lot of other games you could think of if you tried. "Having a plan" means nothing in the scope of things..but you still need to have one and stay focused on putting one foot in front of the find your happiness in each step, every hurdled roadblock, every game won, every lesson learned, every lesson taught, every forward movement. Play those cards..thats what you have hands for.

*  May 19, 2016: I just dreamed that puffy made an unannounced visit..walked in with an assistant. He looked around at my broken down, poor woman's furnishings and didn't sit down. Instead he wrote a check for $125k, told me to fix me and my place up, then bring a dope producer and they would deal with the rest bcs he saw potential. Lol..strangeness INDEED! Maybe i should have said well i appreciate that but i'm holding on for quincy lol.

May 19, 2015: I swear on my life..if i everrrrrr have a wedding (not that i'm plannin to but hear me out!)..and this will be the same request for my funeral..there hasss GOT to be some rockin going on..i mean let the hair down type ish..if i see so much as ONE person (this goes for my weddin OR funeral) lookin all stiff, formal or sniffy/tearful..they are gonna get dumped upside down in the nearest river..oh yes i will haunt them one way or other..oh and one more thing..all cellphones must be left with the bouncer at the dooooor..

May 20, 2016: #RandomRetrospections. It's a good thing that the man i fell head over heels over didn't feel the same..Omg i'd be terrified if i had that effect on somebody..It is the weirdest feeling of outtacontrollness ever and sooomebody needs to be coherent enough of the two to slap you to make you snap out of it Lol..Weird and horrible feeling..So i say #Efflove lol No wonder you ppl, where both are under the same spell, get all awwbaby Sheer out of controlness.

May 20, 2015: To all the famous ppl i've supported over the years without even a tip of the hat or a 'howdy doo'..ya all the superstars who have promised me or us the earth then went does indeed go on and you will still be the unreliable you that you are..but just a suggestion..check does matter.

May 21, 2015: Had the weirdest dream about video interviewing Billy Danze last night..Laughin and talking thru a q and a session...Strange..Don't know where that even came from.

May 21, 2014: #RandomThoughts (in blog format)
* they are all rolling in clover (financially well-off) and can easily afford your murderous charges (recording, promoting, radio play, interviews, performance yadayadayada)
* they are all just dyyyying to give you beats, albums, hooks, drops, merchandise (sex, free time to yak with you about stupid shit they don't even care about and anything else you can think of in this category.)
* their passion has them all so driven that they are all just falling all over themselves to collab with anyone and everyone, no matter how good/bad they are..they will drop whatever they're doing, kill whoever's in front of em, step over bodies to work..with you (who they neither know or had heard of ever before in life..or are even feeling your work)..just for the experience of the collab..with you.
* they are all sooo eager to be famous they will sign any contract shoved at them without reading/seeking legal advice.
* they are all completely retarded and ripe for a scam/hustle.
On the other side of the coin!!!!! (Directed At Indies)
* Wake up indie will have to invest SOMETHING along the line.
* Indie artists need to be prepared to give out SOME freebies to appreciators..AND (relevant) communication/networking is imperative.
* Other (Indie etc) artists with any intelligence (who check your info AND your work) may be so into your work that they will be more than happy to collab with you. In which case don't hold back your creativity..get your mind together with theirs and make dem (musical) baaabies
* Indie artists..IF you are out to be signed..(and not all of us are!!!!!!)..use your head, do your research, get that legal advice and stop bein scared.
* NOT everybody is out to hustle us indies..knowdat...wise up..but stop bein 100% paranoid.
- MofoHari

May 21, 2012: Had the most insane dream last night about Jayz, Chrismorale, Beyonce, and me; to make a long story short Beyonce looked me in the eye and asked me if CM has creative value i yelled hellyea!!!

May 22, 2016: Some ppl view me doing what i do with a sense of chagrin. It shows they have no soul..Take the race, gender, genre, age, booty size etc away from every situation and ask what he/she doing coming from the right place? Are they following their heart? Are they good at what they do? If yes then sit down and examine your own attitude.

May 22, 2015: As i was sitting here in rest mode i had the strangest analogy of 'Life'..that from pre birth we are always flying from checkpoint to checkpoint, landing and entering the next runway..pre-birth we are on the runway to birth and toddlers we enter the runway for childhood..from childhood we enter the runway and launch into puberty we enter the runway to fly into young adulthood..from there we are always in mid flight between a variety of self made checkpoints flapping wings for 'changes of direction, goals, dreams and greater things'...from middle adulthood we start to bump along the runway screeching brakes to avoid old age but our craft must take off and go there, even if it must go to autopilot to get us there ..and in senior years we are guided to the runway for the greatest flight of all. #RandomThought

* May 22, 2012: When somebody who has been in the industry awhile talks with me about their experiences, feelings, plans..and shows me their passion for what they do, i feel energized, recharged, i glow veterans, pls do not think ppl or other artists won't be all ears!!!!

May 22, 2011: If u want folks to care about your happiness..try thinkin about theirs once in awhile.

May 24, 2013: Sometimes i feel like the female, modern day rnb equivalent of Gomer Pyle within an industry that demands a woman be porn mag centerfold worthy..I cant give you my body but what i have given u has been for the rest of your senses to appreciate.

May 26, 2015: I am not here to raise my profile by baring my boobs or sticking my somewhat caucasionally-challenged booty in the air..i am not here to flirt with strange men to get them to listen to my work..i am neither young nor a bubble headed bimbo with a good i don't have that to offer to a world spoilt by what they seem to be taught is 'fame material'..all i have is my passion, my love of writing, my personal space to be creative, the skill built over the years with work and dedication to my art, and the equipment to make it no, i can't play "the game" and if you are drawn to not bother listening to my music because of what you think you see on the surface, or your diet consists only of what you know..then i am most definitely NOT for you. #RandomThought

* may 26, 2015: Why is it that 9 times out of 10 ppl need to think artists/producers are rich and/or famous to want to dip into pockets and support their work? The current mentality seems to be to make the rich richer and fuck the poor but skilled/talented...i.e. the "name brand mentality"..Use your common sense..that attitude is what is keeping the good talent from being heard.

May 28, 2016: Unless somebody has molested you or touched you up directly..slipped meds in your drink and had their wicked way with you..or some civilian or superstar messed with you when you were a kid, that the rest of the world is throwing rotten tomatoes at, shut theee ufckkkk upppppppppppppp already..That is NOT turning a blind eye, that is looking with a suspicious and aware eye at the mofos who manipulate "truth" in order to destroy careers, credibility and public perceptions. Ppl LOOOOOVE to jump on bandwagons that are runnin away by themselves str8 into a river..wait and see..truth will be revealed..until then you have no plausible opinion...
I would hate for most of you table thumpers and fist in the air "kill em before the facts come in" types to be on any be convicting ppl before you even hear anything presented from both sides.

May 28, 2015: I have learned that humans not only have selective memories..but they tend to put em up on an easel and paint em up however they want or think they need to see them, or the public to view them, then put a whole new frame on and hang em up on display.

* May 28, 2013: One of the best producers i know not only told me but illustrated to me how a great instrumental can LIVEN UP a mediocre vocal and make it sound much better..i have witnessed this..Therefore it stands to reason a great vocal remixed on a new beat can not only make a brand new track (think about how the masters did it back in the day..they made FULL USE of those resources, they knew how to work that ish, made use of timing releases, music videos, the build up of excitement and track REcreation too)..As i have been shown and taught, remixes extend the life of an individual track and can give a track wider appeal!!! So WHY are ppl nowdays shying away from embracing and promoting remixes??!! Wake up folks..this will HELP you..give you more variety, longevity and show more versatility..i can't understand why folks are like 'ummm...iii dont knooowwww'..shiiit..USE YOUR RESOURCES..i'm telling you again..send those acapellas in, with your original track and if available, a video for that track..I have nothing to gain personally from this, i just know what i know and i hate to see ppl not making use of a resource that will help them..especially when nothing more is required of them them a few clicks in sending a few files.

May 28, 2011: In this world where race rises up against race, gender against gender, children against parents, tribe against tribe, state against state, political party against political party to establish leadership or power..we need to keep it in perspective, power is only a perception or state of mind..the only REAL power over us is time health+state of mind..treat that with respect, nurture it.

May 29, 2016: If you look me directly in the eyes and i see no spark of "something"..some life, emotion, a twinkle..something discernable..i become extremely wary, barriers go up and i cannot connect with you..the eyes tell me everything i need to know.

May 29, 2016: Ppl be killing me with this blatantly public "on to the next one" attitude if they hit a bump in the road with a relationship..and they cry about not having a man/woman in their life..FIX IT OR SHUT UP AND TAKE A BREAK FROM THE WORLD UNTIL YOU GET ALL THE ANGER, RAGE AND HATE OUT OF YOUR DANG SYSTEM! Hold the mirror up to yourself and see what you're doing..If you're happy alternating between bed hopping and crying rivers, fine but be prepared to keep being served the same lesson again and again until you get your mind right.

May 29, 2016: It is Mad Depressing how ppl insist on dwelling on and elevating passed artists to godlike ppl need dead ppl to worship that badly??!? Remember legacies but stop dwelling, lingering and worshipping. It makes me sick inside to see all the unbelievably GREAT artists that don't get the support they deserve while they walk on the planet. When they die, alllllofasudden they get an abormal amount of attention. Ppl have a collective mental dis-ease about certain things. I will not be involved with that mindset and will continue to support the living. Carry on America..just don't pay me fake attention with crocodile tears, praising my efforts and contributions when i'm gone.

*  May 30, 2016: A Life lived solely in the imagination is only "real" to those who buy into the hype. YOU however, must buy into, delve into and dive into life. Learning Is Finding Everything. You must activate everything to find "Everything"..mind, body and spirit. Live your life don't just dream. Advice to myself as well as a random thought for anybody else it may resonate with out there.

May 30, 2013: I get irritated when i see females posing on a chopper for a music video or whatever..mariah point to yourself too..these divas look uncomfortable, the sensuality is forced, does not look natural for them and they ride for the cam like they have never been on the back (or front) of a bike in their entire see right thru you..try something that you are comfy doing..these things come across on the camera no matter how good the director.

May 30, 2013: Thought of The Day: Visions are important in our own life process of self definition..Thru our hopes and mental projections we learn who we are and what we want out of life from our OWN perspective. Most of us aim way above the limitations of reality and that's okay..that is our self-raising bar which will never stay in one place..BUT not achieving the height at which our bar is set does NOT make us a 'failure' simply means our visions are realistically set beyond our abilities to achieve them..these are the dreams that should be treasured for what they teach us about ourselves (and others). When you write up a business plan you are expected/advised to write long term goals, medium term goals, and short term goals..Without the short term goals the long term goals will not be attainable..without long term goals we build no stepping stones. Work on the smaller goals to achieve the greater vision, but do not beat yourself if you have to redirect your footsteps as you evolve.

November 7, 2009: NObody knows you like you do..BUT sometimes it takes somebody standing outside 'you' to show you to you..It only takes a split second of enlightenment, if acted on positively, to change yourself profoundly for the better..

* November 7, 2014: Random morning thought..We can have alll the tools we need at our fingertips but if we don't put them to use that's all they in a box..or if we have them but use them incorrectly, what we build or put together falls apart..If you use them right the world is yours..even if you choose not to share your world, its other words choice is choice, but action and the integrity behind it is everything. #MorningCRYPTICIZMS

* I am learning that in certain song styles there must be a consistency of many musical styles rhyme is less important than consistency of rhythm and a catchy tune..anybody who knows me knows i love rhyming, and how, when a rhyme or concept comes to you it just kind of flows out, no struggles..when you are writing with somebody else it is a little harder because you have two distinctly different writing styles merging to create one idea and its awesome altho a little slower to achieve..however, if something needs to be said in song that there are no adequate rhyming words for, i will break creative 'rules' to get the thought long as it flows well. i was always dumbfoundedly impressed by how my mentors put their words and concepts together..goddammit..these ppl are fkkn INCREDIBLE with it..better than what i hear out there by established icons..and that is disturbing..but i guess a lot of the mainstream or underground icons have learned to follow certain criteria, formats..whoknows..but the fact remains that there are a lot of unsung heros out there with untouchable writing or production skills who may follow or emulate a certain DIRECTION but who claim it as their own..not a single cookie cutter, rulebook or creative bible in sight.

*  November 12, 2014: Thanks to my mentors i have had the privilege to have been linked to or connected with some of the greatest, most skilled producers and artists..over 3/4 of the entire (huge) network that inspired and motivated me, that had me stepping out of my own creative box and filled me with direction have dropped off..what i'm left with, is more knowledge, more experience, more understanding, more awareness..and a treasure chest full of the most awesome memories..which are tools..that if i choose not to use, would mean all the years, all the time my ppl spent speaking with me, showing, teaching, sharing, encouraging..will have been for, whether i want to keep going on my own or not..i have to..bcs they gave that to me..and i believe in them.

November 12, 2014: .."picked up my cross and walked across to listen to the message/it ain't the church that saves your soul it's your mind and your spirit/gotta learn gotta grow gotta plant gotta sow see what you know/gotta learn gotta grow gotta plant gotta sow see what you know/like nas says one what? one love/like nas says one what? one love.." ..Yea..i can drop a jewel every now and then.. ;)

November 12, 2014: I am haunted by continued images of blood and violence on fb and yet..Americans appear to glorify it..then complain how messed up this country is..Go figure..I refuse to support it..

Just woke up from the crazyest dream ever..Some guy gave me a ticket to an event and said he would try to turn up later but he had smthing else to attend..for some reason i had a german shepherd dog with me who didnt want me to leave its side and wanted to play..the ticket was tucked in a passport or some kind of official document that belonged to the guy which i guess was suppose to mean he would come later. I didnt remember carrying it in but for some reason i was stressing that id left my pillow somewhere in the huuuge lobby which was almost as big as a mall..then i stressed over losing my purse and having no money to buy a one point i went to go in the event and there was a long hall that was almost too narrow to squeeze thru that few ppl were able to get thru..when i went back out+came back i could get thru but seeing as how id ordered a coke@ the bar+had no purse, had to go back out yetagain, then realized id left my cellphone somewhere..found that, but woke up w/Out seeing the show lol crazy!

November 16, 2012: Artists, if you approach a producer or another artist to work with you, building them up that they are awesome and you can't wait to see what comes next..but you do not respond to their calls or messages, and do not provide for them what they ask for..and then they stop contacting you...does it ever occur to you that YOU fucked up? oh noooo..YOU are without blame..i get it..ehh NO I DON'T ACTUALLY!!! i'm so disappointed in ppl's behavior right now..ppl i once believed in on a personal level who dropped off the face of the earth like our music never mattered..too famous and important for life..some even have the nerve to act confused and lost..okay let me put it this way..even if no money was involved you had a verbal contract..and you broke it..end of story.

November 16, 2014: A heartfelt shout out to all those who encourage, advise, teach, share and critique the work of other THAT is hip hop..the more we do that keeping it real and honest, and the more artists/producers that listen and use that to grow, the stronger the community, the music and the skill levels will be.

November 16, 2015: A few things i have learned about a lot of ppl who use fb.. 1) they looove stirring up uneccesary drama 2) they looove seeking pity/sympathy/ego strokes/attention in any way they can get it 3) its apparently not as much about connecting for business purposes and professionalism these days as it is about aggressively forcing ish onto ppl with no regard for interaction. #Observations

* November 19, 2014: Years ago when I worked part time at a rehearsal studio in London (somewhere around '95 or so) I used to go in and jam with some of the bands every now and then just for fun. One of the bands shoved the lyrics of "Because The Night" by the Patti Smith Group at me and got me singing it while they played..ahhh the memories lol..back in the day.

*  November 19, 2011: Hip Hop as a culture is becoming comparable to religion as a whole with branches and camps dividing everywhere..hip hop purists and backpackers etc are stabbin with forefingers at some chapter/verse in some imaginary hip hop bible, interpreting "the only way" and shuttin down on outside views..have we forgotten where hip hop began? have we forgotten that the music has embraced EVERY genre from right back to its roots? Have we forgotten about originality, personal expression, and individuality in the creative process? i want to take an "elder" from every camp, shake em up in a bag together and see what develops..can't we just let our hearts, minds and ears decide what is musically "right"? ~maybe in a perfect world~

November 20, 2015: I would never have a chance to get my head all blown up out of proportion if i was ever to run into money..My dumb self would be too busy dishing it out to all the ppl i care about (including myself and my daughter is unquestionably priority), causes, ideas, entrepreneur stuff..wouldn't have a chance to think i'm too cool for school since the entire classroom would be jumpin with the coolness..i've never been one to have "i, me, mine" issues, except for MY PRIVATE SPACE.

November 20, 2014: STOP THE MYTH..There IS NOT and WILL NEVER BE a king of hip hop, east coast, west coast or anywhere else..ALL these contests..all these many contests comparing artist to artist, different eras, different styles..I get it..the hip hop culture loves competing..BUT, as KRS one says we are here to uplift and encourage skill..That does not mean create a golden cow to worship as example..Hip Hop has MANY skilled pioneers, godfathers and artists who were recognized, some who were/are not..that does not mean to say there are not some out there with skills as good as Rakim, Nas, Kool G Rap and so many more of the groundbreakers..I should NOT be the one to speak up on this but its unbelievable that nobody else is doing it..THERE IS NOT AND NEVER WILL BE A KING OF HIP HOP..You should know better. In this culture we are to elevate skill and pull the untalented out of the game. The skilled and experienced need to lead by example..all of the teachers should teach, all of the students should study and learn..collectively. As a worldwide community who appreciate good music and share the joint goal of higher levels of quality.

November 20, 2014: When is the last time you had somebody around you, family or not that cared about you UNconditionally ??..In my eyes, one of the failings of humanity is in this inherently over developed trait of "Whats in it for me?"..Its a safety valve we have to help prevent us being used n abused..i get it..but that trait has evolved into a worsening dog eat dogness, a temporary mindedness and a lack of respect or appreciation for each other..We have become an "emotional bargaining" world.."I do this for you, now you must like/love/fuck/marry me" etc etc..or "If you do/don't do this then i won't like/love/fuck/date/talk to you etc etc any more"..Ppl make and change the "rules" within an association as they see fit without warning or explanation..They undervalue friendship, partnership, relationships and family ties..Just an observation..Try appreciating breathing the air with each other just for the sake of sharing a moment in time or surviving together on the same planet..I would agree that there are unwritten "rules" or "contracts" in certain associations that involves trust and honest communication..but that is not the same as emotional bargaining..That is a mutual understanding and acceptance, which is a whole different thing...Oh and yes i have spent many hours discussing this same subject with my ppl in the past..convos like that helps put ideas/thoughts/beliefs into perspective so you can make sense of them in your own mind.

November 20, 2014: Some of the most blatantly racist ppl of color have embraced and shown me love..Some of the most blatantly racist white ppl have been abusive and turned their backs on me..Humans are all different in mental attitude and all it takes is a conversation, in which you express your heart/mind..that either causes ppl to love or hate you..just like that..its a crazy world but if we speak our honest thoughts we have to be prepared to accept the consequences whether we are met with a closed mind, an open or changed one..Someone told me i fool ppl into thinking i have it all together..i don't..every day is a struggle to get better mentally, physically and in every other my ppl tell me..learning is finding everything......everything means being a seeker of truth, not just what we are told, led to believe or concluded on our just passin thru on this planet learning my lessons along the way..if i can pass smthin on including enlightenment, or learn from somebody else, then the dash between birth-death will have counted.

November 23, 2012: Whn i listen back to my music i can identify the periods of time when i'm feeling especially low sick, tired, stressed or shows clearly in the vocal quality..the trick of professionality is to harness that emotion and make it work FOR the voc and not against it..that is part of the growth process if you love your art enough to pay attention to details

November 23, 2012: When was the last time you listened to my music? Ohh i get it..You have been way too busy tryin' to get me to promote YOUR music...uh huh..

* Too many men i've spoken to have pointed out the bad 'attitude' of women...women who claim everyday they are lonely, need a man etc etc and yet they walk around with their eyes on the ground, or with a fierce look of defiance and hate in their eyes any time a man speaks to them..pride is pride but woman who do you think you are to spit fire (and not the good kind) at men who are tryin to pay you a compliment in broad least show some manners..u are giving the rest of us bad press smh

November 23, 2012: If i speak of greatness and you don't listen and follow up to see for yourself..does that mean you think i'm lying or does it mean you have no faith that i know greatness when i hear it?

November 23, 2012: Long ago i gave up on finding a man who respects me enough to walk with me, meet me halfway, not override me with brute force or 'masterfulness', treat me like a lady in public and a woman behind closed doors..give and receive full passion without needing to play away..i gave my heart away to the wrong man and he laughed, threw it in the dirt and crushed it beyond i my faithfulness will never be in question, my pleasure, passion and pain are supported encouraged and shared, love is returned and my emotions are always safe.

November 23, 2012: Does ANYBODY say what they mean, mean what they say and follow thru with it? anyone at all nowadays? if you change your mind, or a situation changes so u are no longer willing/able to complete a project is it so hard to keep it real and let the other person know? does anyone realize the time, energy and effort wasted for the other person, and stress caused by waiting for you to come thru with something you have no intention of doing but keep saying you will..any day now..any day now..smh..YOU are the ones that should be shut down are a waste of space.

* I am constantly amazed that the most outwardly pious ppl, when they do "let their mask down" can be so many times more biased, hateful, and moral free than ppl who do not spend time professing to be spiritual to the world.

November 23, 2014: I have supported, promoted, bigged up and saluted artists on the show that never knew, supported or paid attention to who was sharing their work..the couple of times radio shows played my work or the work of my ppl i was over the moon with excitement, shared their show, promoted it, was there paying attention and sending any info they requested..its a different world where ppl just dont care or are not bothered to follow up..i hope the apathy era dies in a ball of flames..soon..some of you ppl don't deserve fame..lazy ass mofos...

* When was the last time you played jax or monopoly or word games that had nothing to do with the internet? When was the last time you went to visit friends without intent of the end result bein P or D? Without intent to get high? Without any business connections in mind. Without feeling pressured to do so bcs its a "holiday"..but because you want to! Just to enjoy the company, laugh and talk..not on the phone, not on chat..completely away from the internet..yea that's what i thought. *I See Dead Ppl.

November 22, 2012: Can you just down tools today ppl? what does it take for u to sit the eff down and breathe? theres two things to remember..You can't spend it in heaven (or hell) and the ppl who u claim to care about will not wait to draw their last breath until u wake up and show them that you are thankful to have them in your life..Contemplate on that and put things in perspective

* November 22, 2014: The less personal info, thoughts, feelings you reveal to ppl who are looking for chinks in your armour, the less ammunition they have to destroy you when they have finished using you (or attempting to and failing) your instincts..can't be like a puppy, trusting and giving affection to my ppl say..first mind right mind..listen to and trust those instincts

November 22, 2015: Ppl Who pick n choose friends or partners based on shade, looks and multiple other things on a checklist make me die. Id go so far as to say i would love to slap em silly. Its the most ridiculous attitude ever. Americans are a peculiar ppl..judging by the outside and not who they are as a whole smh.

November 22, 2015: My daughter is the only person i've ever known who insists on putting her ice cream in the microwave on high heat until it's liquified....

* Nov 22, 2016:  Woooo..No wonder robins have red breasts..It's brick city/taters out chea!!! Brisk walk necessitated! s/n I think i fell in lahhve..two times! Crushin over two garbage collectors lifting those huge cans overhead and throwin em in the crusher..and lookin so good doin it! Go ahead gentlemen..go ahead! Yea i said good morning to them with a smile as i walked 
by...brazen hussey! (At least they returned the greetings, unlike most females when men say hello)..Meanwhile..back to real life every day work time garbage collecting lol

November 21, 2015: I don't know why but whenever i hear or see any1 getting their first or another ink i feel a physical, mental and spiritual sadness comes over me.

* November 21, 2015: Before my daughter came into the world and from the age of 16 up until then i often spent thanksgivings and christmases sitting by myself wherever i was.. and there were times it was in a cold bedsit..friends have families..folks like me just have to make their own celebrations of life. So that is what i've continued to do with my daughter..Make it count for her even if it's just the 2 of us. We can make a celebration out of nothin. :) just bein happy to be breathing is celebration enough.

November 21, 2015: I'm tellin you..if i was a talent scout i'd be laughing at some of you and pullin a few ppl right around and in front of you that you are sleeping on who are a million times better..yessir..if and when that time comes you pretenders are gonna get knocked right out of the ring.

* November 21, 2015: I can't say that i work "hard" at what i do (other than the mixing, which isn't my absolute forte but is a needs/must situation)..I do sometimes spend a lot of hours doing a thing to get it sounding the way my mind hears it..Sometimes i have to sit on my hands and make myself NOT do what i do..BUT i could never make myself do what wasn't there to do..i've tried forcing it in the past and it doesn't work. So if i sound "humble" or whatever word you wish to call it, its bcs i never feel like i'm doing anything other than "what comes"..Its like ooo looook he's driving a car..wowww..i don't drive a car so that's amaaazing to DOES he do it?? or ooo he speaks 5 languages fluently..thats just awesome..i know i sure can't!!! Each one has their own "thing". Its the absolute best feeling in the world to be appreciated for that thing that you have been blessed/cursed with an ability to do..and i do not and never will take that for granted. But i'm never goin to be the lady who thinks she is "all that" or that she is the best artist on the planet. The way i see it, there is always somebody who is more highly talented/skilled than the next person, who's talent I totally respect..who's music moves the hell out of me!..Its a passion for each of us individually. All who have that certain gene or whatever it is, are driven to do this music thing. I thank each one who has expressed that what comes from my passion..the results, the finished product, has moved them in some way..meant something to them..THANK YOU! I'm not the best at shouting my greatness even though i'm here to be great. Thats my remit in this be great..I'll say it BE great~!!! It does not mean i feel i'm the most talented singer ever, it means my passion drives me to be creative..It drives me to a destination of "being great"..And even if it was for my own pleasure i would be aiming for that same level because why on earth would you WANT OR CHOOSE to create something ugly and discordant to your own ear? great for yourself..that is the priority.

* November 20: Do you ever have those aha moments..those sudden memories and clearer understandings of something somebody may have said to you years ago that bcs of an experience or situation etc, their words suddenly resonated ?

November 20: Over stimulation, whether mentally or physically is just as bad if not worse than under stimulation. Its getting a balance that can be a challenge.

November 24, 2014 at 2:05pm · 
'humble' is overrated and incredibly tiresome..its all good in theory but nowadays folks don't respect humble..they don't respect respect..they don't listen to gotta be all up in their face screaming before they hear you..and when i say 'hear you' i mean they stand still and listen..but as soon as they walk away that's as far as it goes..ppl are running around crazy, not hearing, not seeing, not understanding, not caring..stop..breathe..this isn't negative, it is observation..what can i do about it? stop trying to get the wise ones that i know.

November 24, 2014: Ppl who turn music of ANY genre into a black vs white thing do not appreciate that music is spiritual..and global..not all means respect the origins and show respect for the roots..but bottom line is it comes from the soul..comes from the stop snatching joy from ppl by making it personal or racial..stop it..

November 24, 2012: The world is full of 'stand by' men..opportunists who watch for a woman to be heartbroken, lonely, or bored, or in the right place at the right time to make moves..playas..i guess if thats what makes u is an addiction sure as drugs and anything else that drains you of ability to share and feel emotion..if u are happy with a sea of faces, names u can't remember so u call em all shorty or boo..fine..u will have a lot of men around you to facilitate that addiction..and women too!! Meanwhile that 'one' good woman that could have lifted you to heights u never realized, stood beside you and been 100% faithful, or shown u how beautiful a partnership could be, falls thru your fingers bcs u weren't tuned in to it..Yea nowdays it goes both ways i know..women can be just as bad as men..examine your mirror and see what the reflection says

November 24, 2012: Intelligence without common sense and a pinch of sensitivity, cancels itself out.

November 24, 2011: Only in America....Why do we have to pick a day out of the year as a focal point to downplay our differences and come together to show appreciation for what we have and each other..seems hypocritical..or maybe its me who has it wrong?..i tell my ppl every chance i get how much they mean to me..but to my mind words are less important than showing appreciation for having someone in your life by action, behavior, attitude all year around.

* March 16, 2014: Sometimes it may seem the most talented and skilled among us don't appreciate their own times they step back and fall silent, taking time out to re assess, or strivIng to surpass each level of greatness or at least format it so that the outer world can recognize and share and appreciate what they had slept on..and what has been there all along..don't be afraid..the ones who follow their heart are not here to destroy but to build..all you have to do is open your creative mind or your ears ..What is so hard about that?! If u pass up opportunity to work with greatness then u can't even pretend u care that much about your own musical intuition, or trying smthing new or growing as an artist.

March 16, 2013: I am bored with certain perceptions of 'professional or personal behavior' my mind professionalism is the ability to satisfactorily complete work..personal behavior is not about following an etiquette bible but being honest with yourself and is in the eye of the beholder..if you don't like an attitude or make a judgement on professionalism based on behavior, you better hold a mirror to fail to see the essence of what is important and need to examine your own attitude. i refuse to censor my beliefs or thoughts just to comply with individual needs for someone to fit into a self-determined preferred image or character pattern.

* November 25, 2015: Ppl..including myself get seriously irritated at the disrespect and poor work turnover artists have when receiving instrumentals from good producers. Now let me put another perspective on it. I have had to wait yeaaars on occasion for some producers to finish and polish a track..and i tear my hair out consistently waiting for these busy bees to send ish back when i need not pointing at one..the majority! So reliability, timeliness, work ethic and respect for completion of a chain goes both ways. Yup it excuses necessary. We all fall short at times lets face it. But in the interest of respect and professionalism eeeveryone needs to step up their game and follow thru on things.

November 25, 2014: In this climate right now, if you smile..folks think you don't care..If you laugh..about are heartless..If you do not beat your chest, overturn a police car, loot a store or show complete outrage by outward physical are either racist or not doing your part...It's called mob rule..It's called outrage..I get it..Ppl need to do what they feel will HELP the situation. I do get it..and i remember a good friend of mine years ago saying that this very thing was missing from progression..yup he did..and nobody shall see if it makes the police any nicer..any less inclined to pull a trigger..let us see..Just..whatever you do..don't allow yourself to think about anything's not allowed.

November 17, 2014: Raise your own bar on a regular basis..Never think you can't get any better..that means you have made your mind up..which means..there is danger you could become a parody of yourself..or you will give up.

November 17, 2014: Tolerance comes from discussion, laying cards on table, opening minds and bending to an understanding or agreeing to disagree..NOT from brick throwing, open hostility and intentionally closing minds.

November 17, 2012: Focus is on creative expression and improving my skills..we all have unbelievable resources if we choose to use them..eyes, ears, lungs/breath, mouth, fingers to play instruments, create instrumentals, press 'play' to record yourself..most importantly, a mind and imagination..too many ppl second guess that innate ability we ALL have..some have more essential talent than others, partly because they choose to develop that part of their mind and find more enjoyment in creativity..there is the difference..when you do not find it enjoyable or lose the pleasure in creativity..then it ceases to benefit ANYbody..but if you do find pleasure in being creative musically, you MUST 'use it or lose it'..KEEP DEVELOPING YOUR SKILLS..keep honing your craft...keep those wheels oiled!! peace

November 17, 2012: What i find insane is how certain types of promo businesses have been blowing up within the industry..creating fake hits/views/adding fake friends, creating fake 'fame' imagery for the unsuspecting world to buy into..even planting fake 'fans' at performances..and artists are eating it up! 'fake popularity' is a horrible image for the skilled but honest artists to compete with..and this, ladies and gentlemen is another reason bad music is getting the ears..because too many of us are falling for it..we jump like lemmings, not wanting to miss out on something that everybody else is doing.

* NObody can be syrup-pouringly, extra sugar added, str8-faced, sagely positive ALLLL the time, no matter the face you present to the public..Nobody can be nasty, hateful, hard hearted and cynical 24/7 either! Everybody is moved by something! By virtue of the fact you are flesh and blood tells us you are human. HA! Rumbled! The complete bottom line is that we are all nothing more than mortals walking on the planet, here to learn and teach and experience. In this existence of ours we fail, we succeed, we love, hate, have days we just wanna smash a table over somebody's head. Times we are more giving, patient (or impatient) than others. The full spectrum!!! Cuz that's how life do! The key is, Unbreakable we may be..invincible we are not. Keep things in perspective and humble yourself, fellow human. Life and karma keep things in check. #EarlyMorningThoughts

When Ppl tell me i sound like...whoever...i confess i don't know whether to laugh or cry. I appreciate that my vocal tone or style might make somebody think of somebody who's music they like..but i wasn't influenced by anybody specifically..(at least consciously!). Whatever i record, however it comes out is just as much a surprise to me as anybody else. It starts with a thought..or a vibe that an instrumental brings. From there ya just go with it. Let it take over and do what it does..not go in trying to sound like or emulate somebody else. That should be furthest from an artist's mind, even when they are doing covers! Its yours!..You have to claim it. It has nothing to do with potential ears until you and that instrumental have had mind blowing sex. If they say you ride the sound waves like another artist then awesome if it brings them good feelings..but ultimately YOU know it's allll way beyond that.

November 25, 2012: Sadly the humble, kind hearted, soft, gentle lady a lot of you have known is slowly being murdered by the crap too many ppl are subjecting my team ppl have stood up again and again to explain themselves and some of you have disregarded, misunderstood, disrespected, lied, humiliated and held them down/ i take the axe from the hands of my ppl and believe me when i say i WILL be harsher with you than they could ever be..i take it so that my team can do what they should be doing instead of enduring the INSANITY they are being put thru..i've been too soft in allowing it and now i'm sick to the limit..tired of the bullshit, the lies, the sweet talk that means nothing and leads nowhere at all..i will NOT and CAN not watch them suffer this again and again from half hearted druggies and fools who don't know the meaning of keeping their word..i can watch NO MORE of this..if you know you are talking shit and still approach my team with your lies you will hear from ME and believe me i will spread your damn name all over the ppl matter to me...bullshitters don't.

November 25, 2012: Thought of the Day..Is it too much to ask that when we have business conference calls with you mofos that you keep a str8 head..???!! lord..give me strength...last several ppl have been on another planet..makin passionate promises to get work done by _____ and offering us the world on a plate..thats when i know we are doomed..shall i name names or do you know who you are? and to the ones who were semi conscious when we last spoke..why are we still waiting? cut the bullshit and honor your promises you lying muffukkas..*happy sunday..curtsies, drops mic and walks offstage shaking my damn head..

*  There are some tracks you can listen millions of times but every time you hear it, its like the first time..yea..used to get this kind of high on The Chrismorale Experience..I would just close my eyes and forget everybody in the room at the talking allowed..and mann..on the way home..he'd be driving and we'd both be mentally high but drained...totally don't know whether to laugh or cry..strange feeling..You had to be there to understand..Listening to music all the way home..not needing to talk..just listening and tired i could hardly keep eyes open but wanting the night, the company, the music to go on forever..great memories indeed!

November 14, 2012: Unless you are due a miracle very soon, internet is less and less likely to be the path that leads you to earth exploding major success in the music is already waaayyyy over saturated with artists (good and bad, skilled and unskilled but folks won't know which is which because they are ducking out of paying any attention to any of them) and with every new technological advancement, is likely to get increasingly worse here on the internet airwaves, guns are in the wrong hands folks..hobby music makers are goin crazy, killing us with bullshit from free software and computer mics or embarrassingly unskilled and thrustin it all over us but if they DO listen to it, nooobody says a word to let them know they need to step back.. A lot of non music ppl are shutting down and refusing to listen or read anybody's promos since they are bombarded with them 24/7..some, who should otherwise by all rights be promoting you because they are your friend, fan, family etc, are getting downright bitter and angry at your promo's..yup..if you are an artist, throw your music up on internet radio by all mean as part of the overall career plan but make sure you get heard by the right ears..which, i hate to tell 9 times outa 10 not goin to be online..

* November 14, 2012: Since i have started opening up more and speaking my mind/heart..I have been in more 'misunderstandings' and arguments than ever..always hated that kinda thing so i use to never speak up and just walk away..It feels good to speak my truth in a way..In other ways....exhausting..

* November 14, 2011: It just takes one or two to throw hate bombs at somebody and that figure grows and grows just from ppl who love to follow without really knowing why..

November 14, 2009: Thought of the day *..Live one day at a time but have a plan..Appreciate the seconds and minutes cuz you never know what the next hour will bring..but whatever you fill the moments with, BE ENTHUSIASTIC..Go ahead and wake the dead with it..Fukkit, it wont hurt trust me..but apathy does! 

* I made a grand entrance giving a great performance solo of "my girl", serenading my daughter..She stared at me for a moment, gave me the side eye and put her hps back on..sigh..Nevermind lmao..I tried.

* As a woman who adores men who adore women, i can never understand why women get so mean and miserable when they are paid a compliment. Whats so hard about "well thank you" with a nice smile or smiley face..if they then start sending dickpix or tryin to set smthin up, THEN u can communicate clearly.. You can always jump on their heads with a www move later if you feel it becomes necessary lol..but nice! It costs us nothing and might even add a little sunshine to someone's day.

November 15, 2014: I am a real diva when it comes to performing..If the sound is not right i want to go smash the mic over the sound controller's head and walk out..It is IMPORTANT for a singer to have a decent mic (I learned to bring my own) and that they can hear what they are performing..If not it messes everything up and no matter how professional or practiced or amped etc they are, they can't give their optimum performance..Remember and respect that if you are used to rappers who can jump up and rap with the crappiest mic and sound quality..When dealing with singers, it is a different thing with different requirements altogether..Respect our needs if you want the best entertainment..#FuckYourSlapdashness..#HaveSomeSavvy #Professionalism

November 15, 2009: Interesting statuses on facebook tonite..I see our menfolk being all philosophical & women yellin BS back instead of thinking about what they say..Come on now ladies..Give em a serious ear for a minute!..They want us to hear and understand THEM!! If we do that, then maybe we'll find that they are listening & understanding US..It's less about battle, more about communication..

Eyes are all important to me..if somebody i'm speaking with has expressionless eyes or they say different than the words coming out the mouth, i'm instantly wary..and even eyes in a photo..if they are consistently dead eyed in their photos it puts me on red alert..makes me uncomfortable..but yea thats one reason i actually prefer direct face to face communication over phone conversations..if they can put the expression into their voice well, it helps..but most can't or don't..and face to face nowdays is becoming folks need to learn to express emotions with me on the phone or it has to be evident in their writing at the verryyy least..But fa gawd sake put some life in your eyes!!!


* July 3, 2014: When i get married my wedding will ROCK..gonna make sure there's a serious remix of the wedding march and nobody will be allowed to sit still and get all emo as i pass demurely by down the aisle..hellll no..its going to be fun, interactive and full of the right vibe for the my dreams..when i die my funeral will ROCK..i swear upon my life if i see any one person crying i WILL be there in spirit and slap the ish out of them along with a few other things lol..hell has to have stand up comedy, laughter and everybody havin a good time..let me entertain you in life and in the afterlife.

July 3, 2013: The problem is..when u have eaten the best meal in your life cooked by somebody that caught your heart long before u ate, its hard to forget that may end up having trouble facing food or you may gluttonize but no matter what you try, it just cant satisfy you like that one special meal..u can lie to yourself and anybody else who serves you but that one meal will always stay with you. (concept for song)

July 3, 2012: Let's take a look at the term 'old school'..i look around and realize that hip hop is going thru what many cultures go thru that has prided itself on its traditions, style, people and the essence of its origins..the worldwide hip hop community now has offspring that choose to disregard all of the above..history is not important to them even when it is taught to them, they disregard their heritage and pave their own way like rebellious children, while the godfathers and all of the true hearts look on in despair..i see this conflict every day, and the offspring cannot and will not see or understand..

* July 3, 2011: Food 4 thought.i work f/t, college ft, the radio show, my biz + of course my dghtr, yet folks around me are goin nutz at me..u need a man u need a man..including suprvsrs girl i know said on two occasions, and meant it.."You need to have another baby". I said "Thats crazy, what would i do with another baby and anyway i don't have a man." She said, dead serious, "That doesn't matter." ..What is the world coming to?? smh.

July 9, 2014: After so many heartaches and setbacks on the CHOSEN path i'm wayy beyond being a starry eyed dream chaser (i.e. newb)..its true i started off sprinting but now am forced to a stroll, which is a good pace for observing, learning and sharpening tools...u know ppl are more dangerous when they are laying low right? USUALLY means they are thinking and ppl don't feel comfortable around thinkers.....(i say usually, bcs in my experience with other ppl, that 'layin low' often means somethin else...a lot of 'them' are just high and/or terminally laidback or have given up on life..and a lot of ppl are VERY comfy around other ppl in that brainzone lmao)..but 'thinkers' with (godforbid) emotions are a dangerous breed me or hate me..i'm still here.

* July 9, 2012: CONFESSION: My voice has been compared to teena marie and sade, but i can't really sing in any known traditional style; have never had the skill of imitation - I Just Create! So when ppl appreciate what comes out of me i'm that moved and honored..EVERY TIME..that is not the kind of thing i take lightly or for granted..(singing and performing means so much more to me than promoting or the business side..but those things are irritatingly necessary :/ )

July 4, 2015: Admit that occasionally..just sometimes..maybe..there are times when you have no idea what i'm talking about, maybe you miss the metaphor within a statement, are mystified by my terminology when you say something cryptic to me that doesn't quite click immediately in my brain..understand that and illuminate..your frustration or mine does not help expedite comprehension..

* July 4, 2013: Nas was 100% right when he said "There's nothing new under the sun, its never what you do but how its done"..I could go on but my point is..over the past several weeks researching tracks for each show matter what the subject, there are always endless tracks to choose from..both classics and unsigned the cycle of life..whatever you can think or write about..somebody, somewhere has already thunk or wrote about a sidenote that never enters my head or bothers me when i write my own stuff bcs i use my own imagination, thoughts and long as you can still carry on a conversation, there is always something to draw on..but that is a different subject..It was just interesting to see how many tracks there were to draw from out there for each show topic..even had to leave out a lot of tracks i wish i could have left in..but its all shall have a feast for my last show, as we introduce and hand over to Radio Zero's new host Big Silver. I'm proud and thrilled to welcome him to the show. Big Silver has the knowledge and experience to take the show to new heights so show the man some love and support!

* July 4, 2011: I still say producers should have some vocalized credit on their tracks, whether it's a tag or the artist saying their name..It is about respecting the creativity of the canvas u are spitting or singing on..that is what is lacking in the world today..respect for each other as artists..Okay i'm a dying breed but i believe what i say 100%.

* July 4, 2011: Consistency and sincerity are things you have to prove..Talk won't do it.

* July 4, 2010: The problem Mr Nasir Jones, is you have spoiled me, i have sat in your church, listening 2 your sermons, growing up on the message, the vibe, the skillz..what am i+the people u spoke 4 spose 2 do if u turn ya back on us?..u need us, we need u;+ As an artist, i need u in MY life..Don't let the record label, management, hangers on, divorce court etc speak 4 u..get back 2 the HEART of why u are here on this planet, lets work!

July 6, 2011: Real's something weighing laid back by nature but do not take me for granted..some ppl like to use me as 3rd party to get at somebody to me about anything u feel, but if u got something to say to somebody, say it direct..exes, would be's, potential biz associates..i am not a messenger..if u KNOW u got issues to smooth out or talk thru with somebody, do it direct.

July 7, 2014: Somebody wise once told me."Be content with thinking about some things without actually doing them". Some things cannot realistically happen and are never 'meant' to happen or take physical form in our lives..Sometimes you just need to be happy with feeling good about thinking and talking without tearing your heart out trying to achieve them or dropping everything to help somebody else achieve those things they think/talk about..That is not 'giving up' or 'forsaking dreams'..far from it. It's just being realistic about which specific things you could, should and want to reach for.

July 8, 2014: I'm one of the UN nosiest ppl i know..serious talk..i never touched my ex's personal stuff, his mail, listen in to his private convos, his wallet..EVER..when a male friend asked me to get into his private social accounts or deal with a bill when he was unable to, i literally focused on the task and did not WANT to look anywhere other than where told to..thats not my why look for trouble or something u might not want to see? if i have to feel suspicious of somebody's character or movements whether a relationship or friendship i'd rather not be around that person..Can't understand the mindset of ppl who stalk and spy on their own ppl..

* July 8, 2014: If i say things that make u feel momentarily suicidal or mad or bad or like hiding under a rock..good..means u heard me whether u wanted to or not and it showed u a sour chord..those are things u better look at..reality is a with that and kick its disharmonic butt..If you need to look at how your reality is affecting your progress or someone else's reality that is important to you, and somebody forces you to look at simple changes that would fine tune that reality to bring about some harmony, why fight it or run away? ..Why fight so hard against tuning your instrument called life..WE ALL need to listen and tune it often, and play it right so it sounds, feels and IS that when the song is over you have not only brought pleasure, clarity and quality to yourself but to those you touched with your song. -MofoHari

July 10, 2016: Why is there such a huge debate over whether it is right or not to smoke (ANYTHING) around children? Ppl can rant and rave all they want but to my mind THERE IS NO DISCUSSION! You do NOT smoke around children. Period.
As a single parent my daughter had asthma so bad when she was little that I had to sleep in a fold up bed next to her hospital bed, having been transported by ambulance, neighbors all gathered around being nosy..I had to watch my daughter at the age of three struggle for breath and on breathing machines. She was in for ten days. I was a wreck. Her dad is a heavy smoker of anything and everything. Not around children. Their lungs are not mature. They can't take it.

* July 10, 2013: Sometimes we need folks jumping on our statuses CHALLENGING our thoughts without being ignorant about it..i confess i get tired of 'likes' and nods..i appreciate genuine support when ppl do agree, but sometimes its nice to hear somebody stand up and add a new thought in there, or draw out more on WHY you believe what you do..or tell you WHY they DON'T have the same belief...and who is going to hate you so much that they stalk and murder you for standing up for your belief? ehh..well...that is debatable.

* July 10, 2013: Thought of the day..Not everybody who is passionate or has something they would like to bring to your table is the enemy..they might actually put a new light on things, show u a new direction u hadn'T thought of, or hand u a pearl..not everybody wants to steal your crown or bring u down, they might actually be a fan who happens to have something u can use..stand down from your personal pedestal and open your mind eyes and ears

* July 10, 2013: When i was a kid i use to swim so much that i could literally swim underwater the full distance around a full size pool without coming up for air..was just thinking, if i could do that now imagine how much breath control id have in singing! Wowee..hell yea its time to start swimming again lol

July 10, 2013: I think it is amazing how many men i see complaining they can't find a good woman, and women who cry themselves to sleep at night bcs they don't have or want but can't get a good man..what in the world??? ok so men/women think different/talk what?? surely SOMEBODY can meet in the middle and understand the lingo of the opposite aint THAT difficult!..Bottom line is folks just don't TALK to each other any more (I blame technology and all these unsociable social sites)..i guess its easier when u are on the outside looking in at everybody, but i'm 100% convinced you don't need date dot com, christianmeet, blackpplmeet, farmersmeet, match, speed dating etc dot com, or all these other dating businesses springing up all over the place if you would just open your mouth and communicate with each other...And ladies STOP looking so miserable, pay attention to your surroundings and stop being so goddamm hateful to men who pay you a compliment or even dare say good morning to your grumpy stop casting your seed around..women talk, and they keep their distance if they find out u are one of 'those'..and vice versa of course!

* July 10, 2013: I think we need to have a trap door system to get rid of bad rappers..everybody seems to be too scared to tell these ppl they suck, so if u have a button you can hide behind maybe we can tighten things up..smh..better yet, like i've said a million times before, you skilled rappers need to be talking up with authority to these ppl who are all full of their 'i'm dope, i'm the greatest rapper of all time' ish when they are worse than mediocre.

* July 10, 2013: If you knew the # of ppl who have been hitting me up with business proposals, "special offers", and "once in a lifetime golden opportunities" (that cost money) out of the blue..all at the same time, you would laugh..these folks must think i have a budget to work with or smthing smh..hey, you gotta make $$ before you can invest it or plan a budget..(kinda like what came first the chicken or the egg)...i got the buzz alright..ppl are goin all out for my free labor and not the specialized services i offer..folks want to hard sell you, not buy from you..there has to be a got a service..i got a check mine out, i'll check yours out..lets trade services..heyyy presto..everybody wins!

* July 10, 2012: What kind of world would it be if skilled folks could come together and share creative ideas, knowledge and information without worrying somebody will outshine them, take up too much of their time, or steal something.

* July 10, 2017: I remember years ago a friend called me and said he has a gig lined up at a bike show and needed to pull a rock band together real fast for some covers. Not one to let a friend down if i can help it, I was there in a flash...not realizing we had only two weeks to pull together a set of something like six songs :/ I admit there were a few tense moments during rehearsals but we pulled it off. Everybody was drinking and smoking while we travelled together in an enclosed van for the four hour trip so I had to clear my head while waiting for our slot. (Whooboy..don't do it to yaselves kidz!)

Okay so, surrounded by hairy ass bikers of all shades there were some huuuuge scary lookin bouncers working the place. As we waited backstage a very large dude they called "the pig" who knew me thru my daughter's dad (who was at a family wedding that day..but this was long before my daughter was even a twinkle in our eyes) saw me and staggered over, scooped me up off my feet and hoisted me over his head (bein the little bit that i am)..he would not put me down. The friend who put the group together told him "put her down we have to go on now" One of the biggest, meanest looking bouncers was watching all this and shook his head. He said "we have a lot of bands coming thru here and there are some that you just know is goin to be trouble. This is one." 

But we got on and rocked it. I sang backing. The lead singer's last name was "Strange" so we called ourselves "Slightly Strange"..hahaha yea..fitting. That was my first performance experience. Thank god that was a baptism of fire and the craziest experience I have had to face, even counting my college band days!

July 11, 2016: We KNOW what the problems ARE in this country..pointing it out 50 million times a day does nothing to help move forward. Enough talking..White, Black, Yellow, Red, Brown and any shade in between..responsibility is on every ONE of our shoulders to speak, show and prove that we are standing together..WE ALL can and must make a wall of protection and solidarity around those WE see victimized..WE need to get our weight up and slam those biased mofos down..let them know Black Americans are our family..WE are all here in this country and on this planet TOGETHER. I AM my brother's keeper! And hate of my family DOES affect me in my heart. I won't sit down and pretend i don't see it and do nothing. That is a START..and yes, keep exposing and exposing those murderous, violent and evil cops who have no business being behind a badge and every need to be behind bars..preferably with some of those they needlessly sent there. A HUGE dossier of collected events must come with us when we walk together to meet with police chiefs, hold town hall meetings, even hold a civil lawsuit against them collectively backed by every name, every person who will stand together on it.

* July 11, 2016: #RandomContemplation Some women don't WANT to be "chased", have any walls to be broken down, need to be saved or wifed or swept off her feet. Some women don't "object" to relationships or love or marriage or partnership, but at specific times in their life just like having friends to laugh with (nottt talking about "with benefits"), give them the key to their mind and be able to say, "you busy? lets run down to popeyes, grab something and then take a drive to the beach..i feel like some company right now"..that type of thing. Nowdays there's always some underlying ulterior motive, plot or "you better make it worth my time" attitude. What's wrong with just chillin and breathing together for awhile. Life is short.

* July 11, 2016: My 98 lb grandma who raised me for awhile when my mom left, had been born and raised in texas and always wore a do-rag tied at the front..only i didn't know it as a do-rag as i was growing was in my little mind just an extension of grandma's head. That was "her"..the beautiful lady with a wicker clothes basket under her arm, a toilet brush or spatula in her hand. That woman never stopped working..I just remember her constantly scrubbing, cleaning, threatening me with a switch from time to time but always full of love, song and piano playing..she was a true oldschool, no nonsense family woman who had raised four boys and then had to raise a rambunctious girl for awhile..i guess it was a little "different" for her lol. I use to sneak up behind her while she was ironing, crawling on my belly pretending i was an indian, then jumping up and, with my hand over my mouth doing the indian war call..She damn near had a heart attack and i felt horrible lmao. But she was the only human i can recall who ever kept things really 100 with me. If, for instance i asked about sex with a curious mind, she gave me answers..possibly more than i needed to know or could understand, but she kept it real! And..She had the most beautiful singing voice ever. #RandomThoughtsAndMemoriesOfChildhood

* July 11, 2014: Just had to take a moment to honor and show respect for a man who not only gave me my love of poetry, rhyme and the rhythm of how words sound together, but thru his genes provided me with the essential seed of artistic talent and who told me two things regularly when i was growing up ..first that i could do anything i set my mind to and he believed in me..second, he continually Told me 'if at first you don't succeed, try, try again'..He was a very talented artist who tried his hand at many forms of art from pottery to cartoon strips to song writing but his greatest strength was oil painting which he had a love/hate relationship with..but he was great at it! He was a great communicator in writing and when we did speak on the phone in later years as adults we both opened our hearts with long and deeply moving conversations that are engraved on my heart..Its your day dad, you are very much on my mind today and i have no doubt you are reading every word from up there..i feel u even when i am tired or alone. Love YoU

* July 11, 2014: The longer i exist on this planet the less i understand about some things and the harder i strive for comprehension and a support system or some element of slowly coming to realize my lesson is to learn to love without being loved, support without receiving it, just keep walking , breathing and learning no matter what, since ppl i need and care about are forever being taken from me in some mom told me my dad wanted a strong, independent daughter and that he was proud that i became just that..but really i'm still on a mission to need ppl and things less..i'll do you proud one day dad..happy birthday..i love you.

* July 11, 2013: Ppl are stumbling so blindly in following their dream that they will sign any old damn contract without a lawyer checking it out first, and eagerly handing out all their personal details including ss# etc to ppl they have never met face 2 that intelligent? Hell no, that is desperation..cut it out ppl..theres 'Following a dream' and there's 'Self sabotage'..

* July 11, 2012: I first recorded on a tascam 4 track (cassette) with nothing but an acoustic guitar to write my stuff; so many doors opened as technology grew - gradually learned to use more analogue i really appreciate having a skilled team + digital technology..but never limit yourself in creativity! open your mind and use all resources.

July 5, 2016: I am very professional and businesslike..that isn't an issue..but when i take that negotiation hat off, (in which one must focus solely on the "business at hand" with no middle ground), i will speak my mind and heart with a little less reserve..My thoughts are not always the thoughts of a collective mindset or conditioning but come from personal experience, investigation/research and understanding. I'm not above correction when i realllly get something wrong and my ego will never complain over a genuinely presented truth. Other than that ssssseeerious side i can dissolve instantly into hysterics bcs life is NOT meant to be lived str8faced and grinding with gritted teeth to the death. Nothing matters THAT much to me. I need to be around ppl who can see the stupid side of life and laugh with me along the way. Otherwise this journey called l.i.f.e. is nuthin but a pain in the ass to be endured. Nope. I'm not reading for that script. So my message here is..lighten the eff up bulldawgs..stop chewin the wasp and learn to appreciate the insanities of life.

* July 5, 2015: How many artists out there actively take time to listen around to work of various producers..hear a sound or style that you like and think damn, i NEED to work with that producer..then make an effort to get in touch?? Very few..NOT ENOUGH..and to me that needs to change!!! THIS is why there's so much bullshit music out an artist you NEED to be seeking out producers who's style and production work compliments you vocally and inspirationally. Wake up out there..too much laziness, apathy and half heartedness. Too many artists rely on letting these beatmakers + producers do all the running, taking the crumbs + freebies that are thrown at them by the multitudes of underworked ones looking for somebody to lace their efforts. LISTEN! GET THE FRAMEWORK OF YOUR FUTURE MASTERPIECE RIGHT. MAKE MUSIC TO BE PROUD OF NOT THROWAWAY SONGS. Invest and be invested in. its not a hobby its a way of life. Too many of the best are being put out of business bcs of artists who are of the mistaken belief they can make ANYTHING sound good. NOTHING could be more untrue. We artists need the best to MAKE US SHINE.

* July 5, 2015: Interesting in a sad way how so many ppl will not tolerate another view that is not the same as theirs..will not accept another angle..will call the person with the opposing or slightly differing pov ignorant..I have seen ppl delete other ppl for simply having or expressing a thought that they don't agree with. Nothing wrong with having a passionate view..firstly make sure you have facts and proof for the conclusions and deductions..secondly know that your view is not gospel or set in stone..Other ppl have em too. You don't open a floor for discussion and then machine gun anyone who doesn't think exactly like you do. Make your point and debate without hate. Thats maturity. I remember stating a political point once and mannnnnn never dude was verbally violent..Again, i can respect a passionate stance on something but you are not the only one with views. Respect that and conduct your debates or post your public statuses with that in mind.

* July 5, 2013: Imagine what it would be like if money was not the driving factor, and indie artists, producers and services formed a huge international co-op with open minds and open doors, with the sole purpose to provide quality entertainment..what a perfect world that would be! BUT folks are so use to hustling, life dictates we have to drive to earn a living, the human mind dictates to itself it must strive for a bigger piece of the pie..i get it..but let me dream.

* July 5, 2012: What i learned in this business is, even if u are laidback, self conscious or shy..u got to suck that up, forget yourself and do what u gotta do..or give it up!! The public don't give a shit about YOU..they want your product..and it better be fuckin awesome..cuz there are half a million more waiting to take your place if you don't give it all you got.



* #RevelationsAtTheRiver: Funny how I seem to fit in nowhere and everywhere at the same time. I am a enigma. Memories are notoriously short so I take in the moments as they come and continue feeling what I feel. People often see me as easily embraced but easily forgotten. I have learned that this is how life works. But that's ok. I shall continue being me. (No, I'm not on the raspberry apple banana kush..just thinkin' in type)

#RandomWakingThought: Artists who truly seek the "fame and fortune" route must be aware that "You" are not important.."You" are merely the image that goes with the overall package. Essentially. you must keep it firmly in your mind that you are a product. The minute you eff up and put out something less than public perceived perfection, or behave in a way that does not conform with public perceived perfection for your package, backs turn..quickly..And if your product becomes uber-famous there will be some serious haters stalking to shoot you right off that pedestal. This is why I have never sought 'that'. The only thing I ever truly wanted was to share myself and creative passions with like minded music appreciators. There is a difference. It's cool to make money from your passions, but when you do it must be with feet solid on the ground, mind and heart in the right place with full understanding of the package you embody.

* Something that I often wonder is...every time people hurt somebody and either laugh about it or feel nothing at all, do they really think the people they hurt will feel THEIR pain when the same is done to them by somebody else? Your actions 9 times out of 10 will come back to you..some call it karma. So if you hurt people carelessly, realize 1) it is making you no better or more powerful than anyone who hurt you before and 2) your time will come so you better brace yourself to feel the same pain or something harsher than what you made someone else feel..Sadly.  I DO NOT wish that on anybody!!! So be kind to others and if nothing else when somebody hurts you, those ppl you were genuinely kind to will support you thru the pain..(#contemplations)

I recently checked out an artist's work that had been inboxed to me. Like right away, jumped on it and got "omg that ish is amazing!!! Let me get it on the play list!!!..I need that!" I immediately sensed a slow wariness, a backing up like..uhh..who the eff are you and why are you so can't be ish. that was the vibe I was getting back. People truly are wary about other people who genuinely express how they feel. Even friends and associates have shown that to me. That has been proven over..and over..and over again in all aspects of life. I need to stop. Because people are not USED to having feedback or anybody getting excited over their work!  It is totally alien to them nowadays.

* Why is everybody going so crazy over jumping on the fb "live" thing? Technology is getting out of hand. Nobody wants to see you that bad..sit down! Another technology "advancement" I noticed while searching for vacuum cleaners (yea regular stuff that everybody needs), was a robot vac that has wifi and a cam on it. I mean whaaaaaaaaat in the flying fajitas?????!! Whyyyy?? So you can still chat on fb while you are vacuuming? So you can take a pic of the cat freaking out while you are sucking up the dust around where its laying? So you can take a 'selfay' while you are doing your housework to show everybody what good wifey material you are? #TheWorldIsGoingTechnologyMad

* When rain clouds are over your head..grab a glass and fill it up or somethin'. That's what I do..and my glass is half full already. #DailyMetaphor

I could care less about fame and fortune or being "here" (X marks the spot) by a certain time. I could care less about self glorification, competing, have no lofty goals or expectations. The ONLY reason I came here (other than try to get here in time to say goodbye to my father) was to do my part to help move others forward..and more importantly to do what I always do for the love of creative and grow in what I know. I had fallen hopelessly, head over heels in love with ideas, people and prospects of greatness. Had all of those things not occurred in just the timing and way in which they did I would neverrrrrrrrr have even contemplated coming to America. Why would I? But life does strange things in ways you are not always expecting/anticipating. And no matter what it throws at me, no matter who or what tries to break me I will continue to focus on swimming. I am getting so good at that in this god forsaken country I think I'm growing a tail and fins. I'm a worker by nature, and so I shall keep pushing.

* When life starts rollin' you too fast on your skates, or the waves start rising too fast, making you ride too high, sometimes you really DO NEED to slow it down, get off that surfboard and bask in the sunshine for awhile just to recalibrate..breathe! I see too many swear they "can't stop" because they believe life will crash around their ears. Nope. It won't. Your mental, spiritual and physical health matter more than your dreams. PACE YOURSELF! ENJOY THE RIDE..DON'T LET THE RIDE RIDE YOU RIGHT INTO YOUR GRAVE! Let it marinate. #RandomCrypticThoughts

* Sometimes all you can do is smile thru the pain and wait for the endorphins to pick up the signal from an upturned mouth.

* My daughter! Stunned..She can rap words to perfection and with the right energy..sing and carry a tune without going effort. I get excited at what I hear..but thats not even her thing! She is an artist..loves drawing..thats her direction. Who am I to push her somewhere else??!!..But wow..#ProudMommy

When a heart is wholly convinced of something, changing the mind is the most difficult thing on this earth to do..sometimes you have to live with the knowledge that.."I just know".."no substitutions" means to live without. Most humans choose to accept substitutions knowing they can "pretend", "project" and hopefully learn to "get by" with what they have. Uh uh..not I..NO subs. I would rather have #HiddenDreamz

#RandomThought maybe you men should concentrate on quality over quantity..shocking idea..yea i knowwww. Try picking a good lady and if she likes you stick with her long enough to find out. I know, I know..there there..calm down it ain't that bad. Just a suggestion from a person of the opposite sex who just couldn't have a cluuue what you go thru with these crazy

It bothers the hell out of me if I see somebody on my friend list post something interesting, or ask people a direct question or sharing an intelligent thought and there are no responses. I always feel like if I see it i need to jump in and respond if able.  Then I worry if I'm doing it too much it might look bad or make it worse for them smh..Yess I know, I know. Bottom line is if you see a decent post about interesting or intelligent things rather than the same, tired old re-circulated memes, please do share your thoughts with them! That IS what you are here for after communicate..unless of course you're a robot just here to disrespectfully shove your work down people's throats and do no networking with it? Well then..wake up and be responsive!

* When my heart hurts it always helps to throw myself headlong into my passions. I'm totally immersed! Some folks ask why I don't just quit? Once again, like the movie 'An Officer And A Gentleman', my response is 'because i have nowhere else to go'...  Bottom line baby, I can't sink! I have a daughter who I would kill for, die for, swim across the English Channel for. When everyone I love has dived under the ropes and vanished, I will still be here taking the punches until my heart feels no more pain.

November 8, 2014 · I am getting annoyed as hell with the overuse of the word "negative"..I don't think people know what it means anymore. smh..Stop jumping to shake a pointer finger at somebody just for speaking their mind..there's a difference between that badly overused word and looking at something from a different angle than you. Get over yourself and pay attention! You might learn something or have enough knowledge and facts to debate it without YOUR attitude getting in the way..its called communication..look it up.

* All this worshiping of the almighty dollar. We aim for figures and numbers. In an ideal and perfect world I would have possessions I need, find useful or entertaining, grow food..have regular swap meets where we all swap what we don't want for what we do..and regard the useless pieces of paper for what they are. Imagine, we currently have a plastic card that puts in writing what cash value we are at, at any given time..if somebody steals your paper or your plastic you are worth nothing..if everybody has what they need we would still have to guard that because greed will always be a part of human psyches and cannot easily be cured, but at least we would have more control over our needs than what we have now.

November 11, 2015 · The struggles are everywhere..I'm of the mindset that as soon as I stand up, each time I get back up I look around to make sure people I care about are still afloat, this country will step on your head and hold you under til you drown with a smile and a shrug. So, if we don't throw a life raft or two out to people if/when we can, who will?

* You do too much thinking, talking, regretting and running around crazy looking for something that is already inside you, already right in front of you, already beside you..when something is near you and for you long enough you become blind and numb to it for whatever reasons you choose to convince yourself of..because you are so use to being alone, being ignored or fighting for what you want...the true perfection you seek is just beyond your fingertips and exists only in your imagination..suck it up, wake yourself and appreciate your resources

* November 11, 2015 · One of the most important lessons of my life was/is this..keep all things in perspective. People easily get caught up in a moment, affected by your/their enthusiasm..they may promise the earth, tell you all kinds of things that you, with childlike enthusiasm, excitement and passion absorb and believe. STOP! Keep that ish in perspective based on experience and previous results. YOU may mean every word and will follow thru without hesitation..and THEY may mean every word and BELIEVE at that moment what they promise. Once out of sight "shit happens"..they get sidetracked, that enthusiasm isn't flowing between you to fire up their passion cylinders so it all goes out of happens..their priorities happen..if you are not on that priority a-list you may as well rewind and forget the convo ever happened. Keep it in perspective..folks out there only mean half of what they tell you and action does not always follow a pledge or promise. That is how ppl do..thats "life"..can't let it break my heart..humans suck lol..what more can be expected?

* Its Crazy to me looking back on my thoughts thru "on this day"..its like reading something for the first time that somebody else wrote..and i find myself punching the air or mentally hi5'ing myself over some of them..which reminds me that despite how everyone and everything around me seems to change continually my essential thoughts, heart and feelings have not changed. I may be older, wiser, more wary/alert and my understanding of certain things clearer, including ppl and environment thru observation, experience and awareness..but for good or bad i can raise my hand and take an oath that overall the essence of "me" hasn't changed. In a world where folks are hellbent on "moving on" and friend circle hopping i struggle with that impermanence concept..guess its a sign of old age lol oh well.

* November 11, 2014 · The only thing about me that has changed is my gullibility..and wariness of people that come flying at me with matter how passionately stated..i can't honestly say any other part of 'me' has been corrupted, hardened or destroyed since coming back to this horrible country..which is a good thing! means i'm stronger than I gave myself credit for.

Turning love, friendship, loyalty etc on and off with some internal switch has never been one of my strengths and something i have learned, realized and accepted is not only invaluable but essential for emotional and social survival in today's world. Eh..what a load of bullshit lol..effdat..if i say i'm here..i'm here. Folks can go right ahead with all that. Maybe one day i'll develop the ability..when hell freezes over.

* October 18, 2012 · Never let em see u sweat?..If the train runs outta steam, it's usually because the caboose ain't helpin' push. The sweat on me is because I'm working twice as hard to get up the hill and I'm not ashamed of the ups and downs..I'm human.

* I'm not the type who can switch loyalties like I was changing clothes..just can't do it. So many people have that ability. If I say I got you, if I call you family, friend etc, if I show and prove..I mean every word. What would be awesome would be to discover there were more people on this planet with that same mindset. Too many take that ish for granted and use each other rather than "give and take" which is how it SHOULD be. But then, none of us are perfect. We all go thru changes as we learn and push on in this life. That's the deal we sign before we are born.

* Folks..Just because you start a sex life, relationship, family life etc with somebody..does not mean you need to shut down every other part of yourself. I see it going on all around me..You are focused on "that person". Good for you..pat yourself on the back..but don't shove everybody else who cares about you into a box and slam the lid! You don't need to become so obsessed that life doesn't matter any more..cut it out. So help me, if I get with a man and act like that, take me out to pasture and shoot have my permission.

* Other than self love and belief at normal levels that keep you striving to be the best you can, you have no reason to exalt yourself for being a good entertainer..that's your provide a are not a god..superstardom is nothing but hype for the masses to get them to buy your are flesh and blood human..get over yourself..the only thing you earn is public appreciation for services rendered.

* One question..WHY? Why are humans not happy unless they are making hate filled divisions..divisions between races, countries, religions, music genres, tribes, political parties, name it..somebody is always trying to stir up hate at some element..they think they have it right. There's a difference between hate and debate..or correction and blasting somebody with pure hate to the exclusion of all points of view. Examine your mind and motives

* Humans never seem able to accept what they feel, intuition, inner vibes, trust their first mind...they second guess, seek logically broken down explanations to verify their own instincts..they don't believe until it is written down in front of them in baby language, or somebody else says, discovers or proves the same theory/instintive deduction.

* By no means do I even pretend to be invincible - when cut I bleed, when hurt I feel pain, when shot I am no, i'm not anywhere near invincible...but I am choice..

* If I can promote or inspire a little unity within the industry before my time comes to leave the planet my life will be perfect and I will be able to rip fulfilled. Sister Donna just never says one of my songs states.. #ETERNALOPTIMIST

* I have learned that to some of the people closest to me in my lifetime I have never been and will never be 'good enough'..No no, I'm not talking about one specific person, its about family, loved ones etc..People around me that maybe wanted more than I could give. The hardest part is to hold your head up and to keep trying to be the best you can be. Keep standards high for yourself and not because of others, or the pain, like a torpedo, eventually destroys you inside until you feel worthless and you do things for the wrong reasons. Be the best you can be and keep striving..because you can..because you want to..because you believe in you.

* If you choose to move away from somebody for whatever YOUR reasons, right or wrong, why would you find it necessary to hurt them with verbal accusations they clearly cannot identify with? The guilty will stand accused but the innocent just feel the pain of unjust accusation and your disloyalty to them are not giving them an explanation of your back-turning, you are attempting to make them dislike you enough to clear your own conscience...People, stop making excuses for your own actions..It is what it is.

* There is a difference between guiding and controlling, leading and forcing, accepting help and demanding service, promising to do something and actually doing it, friendly correction and hurtful verbal abuse..#RandomThoughts

* Kinda funny watching how people do when they see somebody with enthusiasm sharing passion for their art. It's kinda like watching a tornado blowing across a paper factory. A lot of people AND artists are either like whoaaaaa..and scatter..or start yawnin' and look the other way. I finally figured it out..It's cuz the world is so full of half hearted people who put in as much energy into life and music as a legless grasshopper, that seeing somebody who stands behind their work, has vision and wants to see better of other artists just blows their high.

* MofoHari may be a lady but don't faint..she's also an artist..I don't know about yours, but my art calls for..imagination, creativity, stepping outside your "regular" self and digging as deep as it takes. Paint a picture! Its not just about writing some words and singing or spitting them. It's about becoming them for that moment in time.

* One thing I have learned is that many artists and producers, INCLUDING those who have been in the game many years and been to the top, back down to the bottom and had to fight to get back on top, who are IN THE GAME FOR THE LOVE OF WHAT THEY DO do not give two cents if you are an unknown, indie etc..if they feel your vibe and like what you do, they will work with you.. ACCOLADES to the true hearts in the music industry. I see the winds of change coming for the better and I hope my people are lifted by that breeze! Peace to those who want only the best music from themselves and others.

* October 19, 2011 · Hip Hop is just sick not dead..It has rap congestion..Sneeze out the build up of unskilled rappers and we will ALL breathe a whole lot easier.

November 10, 2015 : There is such a thing as seeing too much "positivity" or seriousness on a newsfeed yaknow..try a little humor, a little light hearted debate, somethin crazy that might wake somebody up..dropping knowledge and providing everybody with sage advice/knowledge/positive thoughts/encouragement is awesome but..lighten up once in awhile and laugh..its about being able to recognize and laugh at real life issues..common denominators, being able to rise above the seriousness and struggles and connecting with each other thru laughter.

* "Meet cowboys near you" popped up on my newsfeed..I clicked on "why am I seeing this?"..It said they show me promotions they feel match my interests according to my information on here..(Clears throat and breathes to calm self)..WHERE in god's name do they find anyyyyyyyyything on my page that might make them remotely assume 1) i'm looking for a cowboy to date ..and 2) that i like c& all??? (which is what they said they assumed from my info) fukkoutahere with that bs immmeeeediately before I sue you for insult of the highest order..(changing preferences and choking back the rage) lol - For the record, the very visual of cowboys or the lifestyle including the music is a bigger turnoff to me than a 700 lb male with a serious lean on, with serious body odor, trying to flirt with maybe about the same lol..s/n they don't make it easy to find ad preferences on here :/ (look at this! smh!! Whaaat in the worldd?? Gotta be KIDDING lmao: "Your Information and Facebook Ads: Your ad preferences are based on information you’ve shared with Facebook, Pages you like or engage with, ads you click on, apps and websites you use, and information from our data providers and advertisers.")

* November 10, 2014 : Don't preach about cherishing people while they are alive if you can't do the my people use to say.."Time is the most precious gift you can give somebody". It's the memories of that gift people take with them wherever they go and after they leave the planet. You can't give that to them when they're gone.

* November 10, 2012 : To the artists, organizations, radio stations and so called fans who consistently shut your ears when I testified again and again from the deepest part of my belief about my people..When I attempted to connect greatness with greatness I did so with sincerity and often spoke gently but no woman or indeed human could have spoken with or felt as much conviction. So now I say to all who shut down on my people thru your ADD, ignorance and lack of continuity, or personality issues which have nothing to do with may now leave the aftermath of your crime. What 'could have been' is now beyond your reach..S/N I did not come to you as a single artist but as a representative of my team, a team which was my heart, and as such you have disrespected me personally. Now I say to YOU (you know who you are)..Do not come to me with your third party messages..Do not think I will care..Do not think I give one single fuck about you. You have essentially destroyed what I held dear and shown your true colors in the process. Now you can RIP. I don't want your 'but honey boo boo bs...I am no longer interested in your platitudes..It's too late.

* November 10, 2010 : Repost in case you were sleeping: Q2 - WHO IS CHRISMORALE? Some believe he is a radio host/character. Some know him as Chrismorale Villain the skilled artist. Artists in the biz, fans + listeners might even realize he is a highly talented producer. Some of the ladies who have had the pleasure to talk with the man will know him as a pretty smooth villain, a very sharp, intelligent communicator; A few have even seen the man live in performance mode stealin' the show!..Folks who get close enough will recognize and respect the keen business mind and passion/commitment that drives him..Oh and the most attentive will notice that he also dabbles very creatively with music videos, ie putting music into video format - What Chrismorale all of the above..a well rounded, highly developed artist/producer/radio host so passionate about music and so in love with hip hop that he lives it totally, devotes 100% of himself to what he does with no half measures..what he DESERVES is more attention, respect and appreciation from the hip hop community he serves on a daily basis. Go check him out yourself..see what he's about. If you got fyre, he's got beats, get at him; If you have GOOD music you want him to play on The Chrismorale Experience (radio show), send EDITED tracks to .If you want to find out more about the man or his work, he's accessible unlike many in the biz..All you gotta do is whistle..You know how to whistle don'cha?

ON LIFE'S CHANGES - Monday, June 5, 2017

Ch-Ch-Changes: Don’t Be Scared: From late 2016 onward to June 2017 there have been many changes in my life. "Change" is nothing new for me though. Over the years phenomenal winds of changes have drawn me here and there and in a sense I have allowed myself to be blown wherever a gust of a passionate breeze would take me. Even saying this I always "thought" or believed a solid plan was in place. Following your heart is a awesome IF a plan is clearly sound with a solid foundation, you have funds to facilitate, you use foresite, hindsite, third eye and proven past results to guide you. That ain't always possible of course, so one must stay alert, learn to let go when necessary, reboot, recharge and always replan when one dream, idea or plan bites the dust. We can aim for continuity and stability, pin our hopes on others to hang in there through the bumps and hardships, but we must NEVER "expect" it, the world and humans in it are very changeable. It/they adapt according to its/their own needs, circumstances and situations. Ultimately it is on each of us to believe in ourselves enough, be accepting of the challenges, guage whether those challenges are "worth" the energy required to succeed in those specific tests or to change the angle of your lens and replan the attack/direction. 

The real tests come when you "appear" to have been (or it may feel as if you have been) "abandoned" by once equally passionate spirits that, for their own reasons chose to dive underground and replan their own directions. And that's ok! Everybody has their own life to work through, their own dreams to uphold, to pause from, maybe to go head on beyond their slower counterparts or work with their own needs in any way they feel necessary! The onus is on each of us individually to decide whether to keep going with our own direction, to double back, change lanes or sit down.

So let me say to everyone on a similar your creative mind, believe in the process, in yourself and focus. Life may FEEL like one big conundrum but it really isn't. I, like many do tend to make things harder for myself..but I have learned a lot BECAUSE of the challenges, experiences and tests. I have learned more about myself. Discovered that I'm stronger than I ever could have imagined. Most importantly I have learned a LOT from each person who has taken time to drop knowledge on me. That is important! Appreciate the steps and remember the lessons so you can do the same for someone else on their own journey even when the time has come for you to lay down tools and simply enjoy someone else's process/progress.

I'm working now..yeah a job! No more starving artist!  It has somewhat bitten a chunk of time that I'd had to pursue my dreams BUT has provided great fuel to be able to invest more into what I love and enjoy. So my dreams are intact. I'm still connected with my people and those passionate about the same things that I am. In fact I'm more able to communicate and connect at a higher, more positive level than before since my financial fears and worries are removed from the equation. Ahh life has indeed been kind enough to turn my situation around from dire to stable, with focused direction. Keep watching ;) No. Let me change that..keep moving forward! YOU GOT THIS! The trials can/will turn to triumph if you learn from them and plan your action differently because of them.  Peace.  - MofoHari  

* I am "on my own" 95.5% of the time..can't even get out my own front door most of that time and it will be even less likely as time goes on working full time from home plus the show plus my music..but you know what? I'm still happy. Never everrrrr bored. Ppl who get depressed being by themselves scare me. Means they have a need to drain other ppl's energy in order to fill their own self created gaps. Ppl who get bored, as my ppl have rightly said in the past, are boring ppl. Be happy with yourself first! How is anybody else going to appreciate you if you are constantly needing to project onto others or leech on or drain them to complete yourself?!? Relationships are awesome when each are coming together as whole ppl who are equally happy breathing the same air together as they are being on their own. Nobody likes to babysit a grown person. #RandomThoughts
Yesterday I did the monthly grocery shopping online as usual, but this time i focused on only healthier foods..fruit, veg..healthier everything. Looked up and the subtotal came to over $500..For two ppl thats wayyy too much. Had to whittle it right back and balance it with some microwaveable ish just to keep the cost down smh.

Waking Thoughts: Since I have now been doing these things I do musically for well over a decade, and since my first moments of involvement have continually been exposed to a whole smorgasbord of artists who represent hip hop, from the earliest era onward, I can, with hand on heart say that MaDD PPuLL have put out some of the greatest music I have EVER been exposed to so far in my lifetime. It mystifies me why they were not/have not yet been embraced by legends and heavyweights and propelled forward to be heard from a better vantage point within the community. No, it more than mystifies, it saddens me that they have been for the most part slept on for so many years by those who should have been paying attention. 

MaDD PpuLL were around making MAGIC lonnng before I came into their family photo album. This is how the community loses potential giants and legends. Within their over-self-involvement, they remain sleeping. And so..I hold a spare key in my hand and regularly maintain the church of MP, make sure cobwebs are swept away, keep the library in order and spend time appreciating at my own leisure. They are legends and me. And I have a good ear. So yup..I shall have to be content with that until others inadvertently stumble across something yearrs down the line as if it were an ancient relic, and the awakening suddenly hits them. Hey they still have "it"!.."It" is always around for the hungry..those that get tired of bad diets and would rather dine in style. *places jewel encrusted church key back in its hallowed case.

* Eyes are all important to me. People that have emotionless eyes are the those dang windows when you communicate with me, I need to see who and what i'm dealing with!

* OKAY LADIES..attention please..from my conversations with men that I trust to give me straight answers, no chaser, it has become clearer that..women need to learn some opening lines to speak with men. We continue to expect them to read minds but they are NOT mind readers! They do what animal instincts tell them is the right thing to do, sometimes those instincts are wrong..because women are not being clear if they DON'T like the guy..or making a first move to say hello if they do..GOOD POINTS FOR US ALL..we have to do better. 

Sadly it really is next to impossible to educate people in this area or even warn them what not to do. Too many have closed their minds or shut down on communication and keep banging into brick walls because of it. The world is full of and women who know what they want and nothing else will do. They may get it briefly, just a moment in time but at least they had it and that was enough..or at some time they had their heart broken by somebody so they choose either to shut down the mind and give the body free rein..which means asking, speaking or communicating is unneccesary. When females do that men see this and are perfectly happy..they can give them that without problems. So communication is on auto shutdown from the gate. People do need to stop trapping themselves from scenario to scenario and first, know what they want. Too many people don't!  But definitely those barriers of speaking up and reception of that communication have got to come down to get anything in life at all.

* Grooming..each other! we need to do it more. I used to love doing my daughter's hair. She used to do mine. We used to play with styles..dressing up and saying what looked good and what didn't just because it felt good to do it. She is in her teens now know the that grooming time is an important social time, whether with our children, a parent (I used to sit behind my mom on the back of the couch as a little girl and do her hair) or a significant other. I saw somebody's post about something similar and it had me thinking. #Reminiscing

* Hey call yourself whatever you want but I do not have to agree. You folks who string a few basic rhyming words together then big it up calling yourself a rapper make me die.

* The more I do my music history research and also hear the music of newer artists..and the more I TALK to artists on the phone, I conclude two things 1) It is the attention to DETAIL in hip hop that is going down the toilet..adlibs, lil details, the fun, creativity and overall reverence is missing so often nowadays..and 2) There is not enough appreciation of the JEWELS that are dropped by hip hop historians and veterans in the game. I have literally heard people drift off, lose focus, yawn quietly, then suddenly 'got a call coming in gotta go' when someone with real knowledge is preaching..Effing folks walking out of the church...Heathens..shame on you!!

* There is a mental transition phase you go thru when you are moving from the "being an artist for the love of the music" where everything you do is for free, to "successful music biz professional" getting paid for services. It is a little like moving from the slow lane on the freeway, waiting for somebody to let you in the fast lane. Once you are in you gotta keep that pace until you run out of gas, pull over at a rest stop or crash cos you are moving too fast with the rest of the crazy ass drivers.

* It is heart warming to know there are other folks out in the world with the same mind set that, since we are all working in the same direction, with the same goals to get good music out there, we should be supporting each other, service for service, linking each other up. Not everybody is out to hustle you. If you find others who are NOT about the competition and taking the shine off what you do so they can have the glory..connect with them!..keep them in your network! on that! Make that network strong with positive direction and common missions!

* Ahhhh I am learning how easy it is to return hate..What an exhilarating feeling of enlightenment to recognize that 75% of humans are self absorbed, oversexed, under compassionate, brain dead, non passionate, narcissistic, biased, deaf, dumb, blind and permanently sleeping fools. Haha Hi Haters...have a nice dayyyy. 

All this talk around me about weight..from people trying to lose or gain it physically, to the political debates of "which argument carried the most weight" to a lot of talk about "heavyweights in the industry", got me waking up with a blend of two songs spinning in my brain.."Lex Coups Bimaz and Benz" and "Get Your Weight Up". I'm going back to sleep..did I ASK for a mash up in my brain this time of morning? #TurnItOff (2016)

* This world is a minefield of "I can help you become great" or "I can help you make money" or "Come with me, they are all bs'ers and I have the answers" or "Only I speak the truth, don't listen to them" or "My product is the absolute best, everyone else's is crap"...mannn..eff that lol..smh

Here's something that is missing from the understanding of the majority of people I have met or known in my lifetime. Sometimes people don't want or need you to DO anything specific for them..they just need you to BE there for them..huge difference..And yet, the vast majority have no time for something as important as this one small thing that means so much. Everything we have on this planet of a physical nature is borrowed for a period of time. My theory is this..What we take away from here with us are the experiences, knowledge gained, love/affection and other emotions we felt and audio/visual/sensory memories that made an impact on us. Shouldn't we, as a wise man use to say.."make the dash count"? And not just our own dash..give someone else something precious that matters to them..your time..which is the best gift you can give which they can take away with them. Try and see the bigger picture of what is being said here..if you can. #Crickets #BlankStares

* Where IS the fire? Everywhere I look people are busy on the run..Stressing to get from here to here by such and such. When you give yourself a heart attack who will do your work for you? STOP!..THINK a minute..This is your buts..that's a FACT. The harder you work, the more you are willing to do..the more people will expect from and of you. Call yourself a grinder? You better have a damn good goal in mind you can reach before you die...

* Do you have to be old and dependent on people to wipe your ass to appreciate the things you DO have NOW ?? BREATHE..APPRECIATE..FOCUS..Every moment is precious. Stop sweating the little stuff that in the scope of life are insignificant.

* ...When a learning curve stretches out in front of you..don't look too far ahead. Watch the area directly in front and follow the yellow brick road..(current, useless advice to self on the process of studying up on something completely new and unfamiliar..but interesting)

WHOA check this out..You have seen that my soundclick title is "Donna At Home" right? I have never seen this particular definition of the meaning of my government name before..interesting! "Donna is an English language feminine first name meaning lady in Italian. The original meaning is closer to lady of the home and was a title of respect, equivalent to Don for men. It is rare as a surname. The name Anna can be used as a short form of Donna" .

I support some great causes because I believe we ALL need to encourage movements and people that aim to make changes in the world. The people at the heart of these missions should be held down and pushed forward! Find something you believe in and get behind does make a difference! Don't just watch, nod and applaud from a distance. Anybody who TRULY knows me knows that I DO put my heart and soul into people and things I believe in..sometimes at the cost of forgetting what I'm here for. For anyone around me that has gotten confused, this is my create and entertain..and of course to bring to new ears the music I have created with people who will always be part of me and never be far from my heart..MaDD PpuLL!

* These medical commercials drive me nutz. It is not enough that we have to sit thru promotions of a med we haven't the remotest interest in..but they give the GOOD aspects of the drug in one sentence..and the reasons why you SHOULDN'T take it for another three minutes smh!

* Too many people want their life to be all sunshine and roses..every day..When its not like that they despair, give up. lf you want easy sailing all your life it ain't gon happen! To get out of a stalemate, or place where you feel bored, unstimulated, that there's no more to be attained or achieved at the level where you are..switch it up! Go a new direction, learn somethin new. It just means you have learned that particular lesson, and now its time to challenge yourself. If things are just too hard and you are not getting where you want to be, it means that the time has come to step back a pace and work out another plan so you can try a different angle. EVERYTHING is a learning WITH it instead of fighting against it or grumbling.

Contemplation of the day: Hardest lesson in life..just because you care about people and would to do everything in your power to lift or support, would be there without question when needed, or drop everything to talk if they are down..does NOT mean they would do the same! Nor does it mean that they do, or even are obliged to feel the same!  What you feel and how much you give is completely on YOU. If support, concern, love, appreciation etc comes back to you its simply a bonus. Never EXPECT anything from anybody..ever..but appreciate each gesture on its own merits..

Dreaming of a future in music? In your little bag of tools make sure you cultivate three main things (other than skill, which is the penultimate prerequisite..ehh these deaf, dumb and blind mutimillionaire fatcats might argue that one with me tho) ..1) Support 2) Followers and 3) Feedback. Without those you may as well be just another music hobbyist singing or rapping into a hairbrush, toothbrush or $10 usb mic for your own entertainment.

* Everybody talks about getting knocked down. They say every time you get knocked down get back up. How often do you hear them say "When you see a punch coming either put up your gloves and guard, or step the eff to the side and let em throw their ass into the ropes (or out of the ring)"?! An ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure.. #RandomThought

* Confession: I have so many creative ideas..all day every day. If I had a personal sponsor so I didn't have to worry where the money was coming from to keep the roof over my head, food in my daughter's stomach etc, I would be in 7th heaven and there would be no limits! But life does NOT work like that. You have to do what you can with what you are given, play with the hand you are dealt and keep your eyes/ears/senses open for opportunity. I just feel blessed and fulfilled with what I CAN do, so I'm going to do that to the best of my physical, mental and spiritual ability..(phew..had to get that out!)

* Seriously? I can't even watch sisterhood of hip hop..smh..We try to teach, clarify, inspire or motivate, yet the more we work at it, from what I see the deeper in shit we sink quicksand sucking the life out of quality. I'm not saying as a singer I'm great. I get it wrong a lot but I'm my worst critic and I listen to criticism with an intent to be as individual and creative as possible. I once turned down a label who wanted to mold me into something would spiritually die. But sisters who kills me inside to see the rabble who are being molded into "booty over skill" mindsets..and the music is like fingernails on a chalk board. Yet why are my SKILLED sisters silent? Why are they not grabbing the reins and steering that bullshit back? It's SO WRONG!!!! I see male icons stepping up to the plate..guiding as only experience can..please PLEASE...ladies..don't let this happen..get out and REPRESENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

* A good mic and foldback in performance will do wonders for confidence in performing..the opposite is obvious..all the rehearsing in the world will do nothing if your mic sucks and you cannot hear what you're doing..which affect how you come across to your audience...bad all to have a good mic and sound controller or it makes you look unprofessional.

Some of us don't have friends, partners, family etc around to kiss our boo boos when we get suckerpunched in the ring of life..some of us have to lay there semi conscious until the assailant finishes beating us to a pulp, wait until the blood stops pounding in our ears..then stand up with a warrior's spirit and keep matter how matter how weak you matter how hard you cry..just have no choice.



* Producers..have you personally, or someone else on your behalf sent out free beats to trillions of artists..the majority of whom said they would check them out and get back to you, never to hear from them? so you chase them up time and time again and they keep saying 'i never got it' but you see by your (or your representative's) messages that they would have received them? now, you KNOW your work is wayyy better than most of the beats you're hearing but artists be yawning and still putting calls out for beats, acting all innocent? neither. I can't forget that bs..SCORES and scores of you artists out there should learn some communication skills..and professional attitudes..and if you don't recognize yourself in this status're lost anyway.
* Whoaa I've seen at least ten posts today alone, possibly more about death anniversaries and recent ones, emotional traumas and emo attacks from total Marvin Gaye would say "What's Going On"? Come on fb, do you really come on here just to vent your pain, dramas and anger to relative strangers? Oh and the rest I see is about sex..None of which i really come on fb about personally..I make an effort to add on to discussions there seems to be less and less passion for the art of music on display, it may be nearing time to tip my hat to the crumbling element and lock myself away in the studio..lighten up folks or I'll start throwing up ridiculousness until you drop me or learn to laugh.

* One beautiful thing I've learned is that music as a whole can transcend time, space, religion, beliefs..i always worried that i was too old, too unattractive by human standards, too "different" to be embraced for the creativity I brought to the table..and indeed first glances very often are disbelieving or doubtful..YES! I am use to it..I am not "traditional" by any stretch of anyone's imagination. Yet when I have spoken with many of these same people directly, or they have seen me perform there are various reactions from surprise, to sudden understanding, to realization that i am one passionate little lady lol..5'2" with a heart solidly in reaching out with my creative spirit to those with open minds, hearts and ears..passion is something that you cannot hide if it is i say to anyone, never be afraid to let your light shine no matter what the odds will be surprised who will embrace, support, appreciate and encourage what you offer..that is all..peace.

* Here's the crazy thing..I never wanted, or planned or intended to come out here and sing my crazy head i had the world up there on stage singing with me..with my team sharingthe mic with me..that is when I felt whole..when I was pushing for others more than myself..this self promotion takes hella getting use to but at least thru the music I'm still promoting the people and things I care about..I just can't be untrue to my heart..just can't do it.

* I'm beginning to realize that its NOT always 'if you are not with me you are against me'. Sometimes we are not meant to work side by side with everybody at all times..imagine how orchestras work when they are performing. Brass section stands up when needed then sits down..strings stand and do their work then sit. Different sections play when it works in the song. So we have to respect our brothers and sisters in music..we can't all work together all the time. We have to wait until our instrument is required in the great scope of things

* Too many people are telling me I'm the hardest working lady in the biz they know..i'm the FIRST to say no! I haven't even got into 3rd gear yet..just getting started. We work with what we have. In a way its a labor of love, but it's NOT 'work'. I'm a small voice in a big world..if you hear me and understand where my heart is, join the movement. If I support the music with all my strength and you add yours we can move mountains.

* I have a real problem with women who think they are better than anyone..who talk down to men and know they are so pretty they can get away with it.. No..I don't like I stay away so I don't have to bite my tongue and watch 'him' falling all over himself to get near you no matter what you say or don't say to him..and not choose to be around ladies who respect him.

* I
 realllly hate the thought that somebody might think they wasted time and energy on me trying to get me to think how they wanted me to think or feel like they wanted me to feel..shoot..ppl do it all the time and i tell them from the gate who i am..they just don't believe..if i tell you something..listen..i'm not playing or just telling you what you do/don't want to hear..always from the heart..i'm not the world's best "speaker", memory is absolutely awful, but when i do speak either in writing or verbally it's always going to be sincere.

* Everybody worth their salt needs a leg up, a push thru the door, a break via somebody with strings to pull or a super strong core group of supporters that draw attention to your skills and promote you like crazy...Anyone who says they can "make it" in the industry completely single handedly is delusional.

* Men who are frantically searching for any port in a storm will end up with nothing more than a porthole and miss the ship entirely. - Random MofoHari-ness

* Never try to change or control someone, or bend them to your needs..if you do manage to break them down and mold them, you will probably find you preferred them as they if you value somebody, embrace/appreciate all the little nuances, idiosyncrasies, peculiarities, imperfections etc..the uniqueness that they bring to the table..the whole shebang..If you can't do that, then walk on..

* I wonder if i will ever be 'content' with the detachment in this biz..sometimes i feel like i've been fostered out by parents who gave up on me..i love what i do but i hate looking at the puzzle with gaping holes in it.

* When i use a beat from a producer I WANT your tag in the beginning..I BELIEVE in showing you love and credit because without you I am nothing. That is my philosophy. Production makes artists sound good and gives our creativity something to work to and with by providing the vibe and the second half of the story that intertwines with what you do with it..the sound is as important, if not more important than the carries the listener thru and adds to the emotion..and a million other things i don't have time to add here lol..But i'm veering off my point..As I said, I WANT your tag in the beginning and/or end of the track..just..not..all the way thru..that ish drives me insane..if you send me a beat and ask me to work to it..please don't DOOO that :/

* Fortunately (or unfortunately as the case may be) I'm in writing mode. I go thru dry spells then suddenly, everywhere I go and at the worst times ever my brain goes into overdrive and I'm rummaging in my purse for a pen, hanging on mentally to words in my head so I don't forget. Today I was writing fast and furiously on the bus on little scraps of paper, whatever I could find lmao..aaaghh the torment of my art...

* Males and females, I want your thoughts..Should a female go out and find a man just to erase another man out of her mind when that situation is finished for whatever reasons ? Or should she take time out to reflect and recharge her emotional batteries? If the second option, how long would you consider a reasonable time to step back? I'm asking because a few folks have spoken to me recently with different experiences and opinions.

* Sunday thought of the day: if I make peace with, and love myself, I am the master of my fate, unbreakable against hate.



August 4, 2016

Funny Thing About Life: You could move heaven and earth for people, do anything and everything without asking, never running to them to say "Hey I did this..and this..and this" because you did what you did/do what you do out of belief in or appreciation of them and thinking maybe some good can come out of any actions. Like maybe you can wake other people up to whatever it is that is exciting you about "them" etc.  You may have set aside what you were doing when people wanted to talk. You may have taken time to share inspiration, ideas, thoughts to set some creative pistons off pumping. You may have dropped everything to jump on board to assist when "all hands on deck" was called for. Whatever the case may be you did/do it gladly and freely. 

Yet allll the time you were/are in a lane created by individuals or groups ..moved there and there according to their need or lack of.  Eventually you may look around and wonder "Wha’ happen?..Where'd they go?" So you check for them.."..Hey how's things..everything good?" And they squint, head to one side like.."Who are you again??" Or they may not respond at all, as if you have done something wrong, when the reality is they have simply moved on, playing new games with new rules and new players, and you don't fit in! Their focus is on their moves. Hey that's reality! Lol! Yes it is!

The lesson here is to Love and Honor your own needs first, nobody else truly cares!  Either you can be leaned on, used or you are a rival to many (according to practical experience lessons learned so far).  Always remember you are eternally expendable in the life of other humans. The lesson is to embrace everybody who breathes the air with you and appreciate them in the moment. You never know how long they will be walking with you!

As for Me? I'm just here to make music. Whatever you think you see or imagine that I am, the truth is I am in competition with nobody and can play in my sandbox happily.  NOTHING is "do or die" to me at this stage in my existence. Nothing matters so much that I would even be remotely tempted to step on heads, use people or compete as if my life depended on it. I just share pieces of my life with good people who have a little hunger, passion, and humor. I give my time, mind, thoughts and inspiration when the vibes and the connections are right and “let go” in places where I no longer am needed or fit in with what they want, need or envision.
But I will say from the heart, I do not forget those who help me in life! And folks are never a pawn in my game since I refuse to play them. I just do (whatever it is I may do) because it is who I AM. My only "plan" is to breathe as long as possible, be creative, experience what is for me to experience and enjoy the ride. L.I.F.E. #RandomThoughts



July 20, 2016

I know I'm crazy can I put this?  As somebody who writes poetry and lyrics I often write about love, sex and non love with simple straight forward lyrics and a lot of metaphor. I write a lot about made up stories, writing about people that I have met and personal experiences. But of all the things written over the years my favorites by far are the ones that reflect what I'm feeling. Let me repeat..WHAT I AM FEELING, SEEING OR EXPERIENCING (past and present tense) pulling it out and holding it up to the light for illumination and therapalization..and really? very VERY few of those have actually been recorded, although I have folders and folders of written material. So basically I don't mean to be hypocritical when saying that I see a lot of the same subject matter by rappers, emcees and singers. It is great when it's done with style. 

But I really respect and value the type of songs like my people have done! Some are just lines strung together but say so much in the expressing of those lines. Those lines can make an unnnbelievable impact if you listen and feel!  There is a special appreciation for producers who create beats that say volumes without even having a voice on them. I know I'm rambling a little here, but as an artist who will always be working toward personal improvement, I contemplate a lot. 

As a singer, I need to find a way to SING some of those deeper thoughts. Nottt necessarily dark or depressing stuff, just the realness of experiences. There are volumes of (as of yet) unwritten lyrics just sitting in my head. The hope is to get some of them out before I leave this planet.  There is also within me a hunger to hear more from other artists like "that"..  So artists, we need to unleash the mind and see what we can find!  And um..if that line has been stolen,  I have no idea where it came from lol.  As far as I'm aware, its original..but who knows?



August 8, 2014

I live with an illness called M.E./CFS..had it for years but most people would not know or recognize that and its not something that needs to be flaunted!!! It has been publicly said of me that I'm the hardest working lady in the industry and that may be far truer than they realize. Because although I HAVE an illness..I am NOT my illness and it will never steal my happiness. It won't stop me doing what I will never prevent my progress or growth. Some, even people i have considered close to me choose not to see or understand and I can't hate..why should they when it is not their battle!? I get that completely. At its worst CFS affects memory, concentration, co-ordination, movement, speech and, at its worst had affected limbs to the point when I could not use my legs.

There was a time when I did not want it widely known and tried to hide it. But if I can encourage anybody to rise above their "limitations" to do what they love, then I hope my story will reach a million ears!! I'm NO martyr but i AM a warrior. Whether I seem weak or strong to specific eyes, there has never been a time when I have laid down arms and stopped trying..Well that isn't entirely true..I confess there are times when you feel like a total loser and very alone with your struggles..but you MAKE yourself get back up and keep going!!!! That is the whole point! There is always a physical war raging..With every battle that is won, that is just a small step HAVE to be instantly ready to keep the momentum going..keep fighting..keep winning..BECAUSE NOBODY ELSE CAN DO IT FOR YOU! ITS ALL YOU...HAVING PEOPLE WHO UNDERSTAND AND CARE BEHIND YOU HELPS, BUT ULTIMATELY ITS ON YOU TO SUCCEED!!!

A lot of people don't know about or understand the nature of the illness and that's okay..what they REALLY need to see is the RESULT of work, the OVERALL progress, not the struggles. The important thing to me is for people to see the heart and soul that is put in to what IS achieved. There can be periods of time when you feel strong, good, like you can take on the you do! You do what you can with what you have, learn how to ride the waves when they come. The struggle is no stroll in the park and, when people with no understanding believe in their own mind you are not giving your best at any given time, or are "play acting" or not moving how they would want you to, not talking how they'd want you to..enough or clearly enough, or the power of recollection isn't instantaneous enough, not physically doing enough..its what they see at specific times and yes it can sting your heart and hurt you deep when you know you gave the best you had at the time.

Research and trying new things has been part of my battle plan from the beginning and yes I've come a long way..I have to say that, even if others cannot see the progress, I KNOW and am proud of every small step forward. I can't make people understand, and at the end of the day its not so much about understanding CFS, its about people who stick with me long enough to understand just how far I've come and be proud WITH me of what achievements actually mean. So yea, I'm proud of me. And I will CONTINUE to pick up momentum until the final breakthrough has been made and this thing is conquered completely.  AND BELIEVE ME IT WILL!


ON GREATNESS  August 2016

My focus is NOT how to make money from my music, my focus is not on how to become famous, heard on every radio station across the globe, my mind is not focused on being a household name. My FOCUS is on UNDERSTANDING what, why, how and with whom my music and style fits best with, the elements mentally, spiritually, intellectually and physically that work together to create "greatness"..not greatness as in POWER..idgaf about power..i just want to be great..consider, marinate and comprehend. Where does the inspiration come from? But here is the bottom line..I CANNOT MAKE GOOD MUSIC ALONE!

Too many young artists nowadays are of the mindset that they can rock any "beat", trust anybody to mix it roughly for them and get it out there. WRONG!!! Without studying your art, your results, listening to honest feedback..and more importantly without a GOOD PRODUCER you are either just a mediocre wannabe or a sad product of our money grabbing industry and culture robbers who don't gaf what they feed the impressionable masses. BUT YOU ARE NOT GREAT AND WILL NEVER BE GREAT NO MATTER WHAT WORDS ARE FED INTO YOUR EGOTISTICAL BRAIN.

As for me? I hunger for a good PRODUCER who hears "me", gets "me", my "voice", understands my capabilities, advises, suggests, maybe even bullies a little to get the best out of me. But i don't allow that from just anybody!!! It has to be a PRODUCER (NOTTTT a beatmaker!!!!) who will allow themselves to connect with me at the deeper levels and SHAPE a song into the greatness it is capable of being! A GOOD PRODUCER IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE ARTISTS THEMSELVES! 

Yet one cannot shine without the other. Good producers are being killed off slowly by these "stars in their eyes", "know all", ego filled, young artists and so called beatmakers that may be able to make a decent beat but have no TRUE understanding of what MAKES a great track and no ability to SHAPE a song into its FULL capability. And therefore, without the skills and abilities of the above, the quality of music may continue to decline, while everybody scratches their heads and complains bitterly, yet no understanding.


STRANGE DREAM  September 9, 2016

Somewhere within the fitful, pitiful amount of sleep last night, I had another one of my weird dreams. I was called upon to work at a charity event and i had no clue what was expected of me. I saw a familiar face (actually a fb friend, Jettie) and asked her if she knew. She grabbed a clipboard, wrote my name quickly on a check list next to two numbers, threw me two numbered keys from across the room and pointed out a direction.

I came to a gym-like bldg with a raised, very long, extended stage-like platform. The platform had clearly marked divisions, which each space numbered, two of which related to the numbers on the keys she'd thrown me. Below the platform i saw tables and chairs which would need to be put together and set up on the stage. There was nobody else around which I found puzzling. Not other key holders, nobody coming to attend, or even anybody else around to help me do "whatever it was I was supposed to do". I had no idea what time it was meant to open..Nothing. So I knew i'd have to figure it all out on my own.

Seeing a man setting things up in the distance, I asked if my assumptions were correct about where the tables etc should go etc..he nodded vaguely and carried on with what he was doing, so i got to work putting an office type chair together and was mentally planning how to get it all up on the platform and where would be the best position to place everything for those coming to the event to be able to see what was on the tables. I woke up still with no clue what the keys were for and what i was being asked to display on the tables for this charity event. Crazy.



When people see this white, middle age, average looking female representing for the hip hop culture, at first some have a "certain look" on their faces like..uh huh okayy..They sometimes won't bother to check me out. But when by chance they may stumble upon what I have brought/bring to the table, I love seeing the element of surprise and a real change of attitude. It's like "Ohhhhhh"!!!! (*Blinks and looks of stunned amazement.)

When they realize that what I bring, I bring with passion and determination, professionalism, blood, sweat and love, to provide a platform for others to speak and to present a show that will teach, enlighten and entertain, they start to pay attention. Mmmhmm..go ahead. Doubt me.. 



Forgive Me but I refuse to remember tragedy dates, death dates, sad dates of any kind. Humans just looove dwelling on all that and today is no exception. Focus on making changes, supporting the living in the here and now and showing each other love, support and respect while we can!

NOW is what we have.."NOW" is the clay that is in our hands. Are we just going to stare at it and look at the unformed lump? Are we going to cry, wail, get dramatic because it is not shaping itself? Or because mom or dad etc is not around to show u how to work that clay? Are you going to dramatically declare all the horrors of the world and stare in sorrow at the unformed mass in your hands?

Respecting those we care about or those lost in tragedy is a given. My mom (RIP) worked her butt off helping as a nurse with the Red Cross. She traveled where needed and worked hard! But we need to wake up and celebrate, contemplate and participate in LIFE..celebrate birthdays, highlights, great moments, happy memories, survival, people who matter to us, victories, forward movement and personal and collective accomplishments/ achievements (past and present)..I know I will more than likely be shot for my thoughts (no rhyme intended) but that is exactly what they are.


ON EMOTIONAL BLACKMAIL   September 11, 2016

Have you ever sat back and observed how much emotional blackmail goes on..individually, collectively and even at times to our own selves? Just one random example of "collective" is these chain messages..the religious (send this to 12 people to receive your blessing/receive $5,000/achieve your dream etc), the "if you don't want to be unfriended do x, y, z", the "haha you was a trick status. Now u have to do x, y,z"..the "If u don't support (this or that) u are not hip hop, a good person, a good friend, citizen...." etc, etc...I could go on but you get the idea. Now think on how individuals will play the guilt card on each other and how we do it to ourselves from time to time.."i have to do x,y,z or i'm not a good supporter, friend, bf/gf, christian etc etc... #RandomThought #CouchLife #AintWurriedBoutNothin



"Individual Free Will" seems almost a bit of a fallacy sometimes. We are all controlled by a variety of things. Responsibility, Duty, Ethics, Social Structure, The Government, Our religious beliefs, Conscience..This ish gets deep and a psychoanalyst, scientist, clergyman, government official, criminal, artist, spiritualist, astrologer etc would all likely view the topic with a different angle of thought. I'm just exhausted, in thinkmode and typing it out. As big is the universe lmao.. Nevermind my thinkinisms.



September 25, 2014

Here's an interesting bit of Mofohari trivia. I was thinking in the early hours this morning how I had just started putting some of my poetry to music maybe three years before meeting FaDaze and Marcus Priime on Soundclick (and later Supreme Da 
Almighty), and thru FaDaze connected with Chrismorale, and thru Chrismorale, Nya Thryce as well as many others!!!!...

Shy as hell, it had taken FaDaze quite awhile of gentle coaxing to get me to even talk on Yahoo chat. I was pretty isolated, having not long been out of a fairly long term relationship where I had been the new mommy at home while he enjoyed his social and night life..ships in the night type ish (The proverbial goodgirl waiting with the bathwater running and the kettle on lol). Yea, I know..but..isolation was what was familiar with. It continued after losing the use of my legs with CFS (is that violins in the background now? lmao..but naah I'm just mentioning it to give impact to the message here). 

Regardless of what life throws at you, unbelievable things can happen. I met these unbelievably skilled artists and producers who filled me with direction, refuelled my passion, showed me appreciation, love and support and gave me a stronger reason to fill in my many gaps of awareness and knowledge..filled me with reason to get up, get out and be good..Okay i'm getting to the good part here. It is really when you start thinking you have not progressed that you need to sit down and look at where you came from and where you are now. Believe me it will put things right back in perspective! 

That new beginning/turning point for me was somethin like ten years ago. If you understand nothing else I have said here, hold onto these words..every step along the way that you take is a step forward, no matter how small or how long. You never lose that even if you step back for awhile. Nothing that you learn or achieve is lost. It is how you choose to use it that makes the difference (If you use the knowledge and experience at all). Whatever you do, respect anything that moved you enough to put passion, energy, drive and time into..its your personal legacy.


ON LIFE'S 'LEARNING CURVES'  September 26, 2014 

We can't always have things exactly as we long for them to be, but we have to keep breathing, moving and handling the challenges..its part of the learning curve of life no matter how hard or how tough the lesson u are being taught..whatever life throws at you stop n breathe, learn what it means, then keep going..Also no matter how much other humans on this planet mean to you, you can't make choices for them, or live their life for them..the only person you can really make decisions for is we need to do that with the greatest thought and the same time those ppl we care about will already know you'd be there for them in a heartbeat..thats 'My Philosophy'..the mofohari bible chapter 5 vs 8


ON RESPECTING FANS' VIEWS   September 26, 2012 

The thing that bothers me most about this business (and I'm striving not to be infected by it), is that artists, managers and connected services get so immersed in 'selling their product', especially after it is established that the artist is receiving some attention and the public is buying into it, that they start running around all crazy, and building the 'don't touch me I'm a superstar' persona for the artist. The artist is either not 'allowed' to, or does not choose to communicate with listeners, fans or those playing their music on any level other than 'here take this, buy it and eat it, your opinion now does not matter, your suggestions on collabs or 'wouldn't it be dope if you did this or that' are NOT important..'. As both artist and business woman, I choose to maintain an open dialogue and continue networking. FANS AND LISTENERS CAN JUST AS EASILY CHANGE THEIR MIND ABOUT SUPPORTING YOU AND THEY ARE THE ONES WHO PUT MONEY IN YOUR BANK, FOOD ON YOUR TABLE'. Open your ears and mind to what they have to say. They listen to your work more than your entourage does..RESPECT THEM!



I do not consider myself a great "speaker" but a thinker. I think a lot. I am alone 99 1/2 % of the time, most of that time listening, reading, creating, contemplating, writing, planning and building. So external speaking and physical interactions are not my strengths simply because this is not an area that has been developed enough. Even as a kid my dad was usually too busy to spend quality time with me so we communicated in writing, leaving each other handwritten notes or drawings on the bedside table. So it followed that I learned to express in writing. Later I learned to listen eagerly whenever involved with conversations. I LOVE hearing people express verbally to me and realize that SPEAKING what is inside rather than writing is just a matter of getting used to trusting those thoughts to come out clean and uncut, not worrying about the quality or how things are said as much as the purity of thought. It is a matter of feeling comfortable with speaking what you think or feel without pre-analyzing as one tends to do when writing them, but that is something that is being worked on, so..if I start talking too MUCH..that will be the reason! lol.


ON BEING HEARD  Sept 23, 2015

If you speak to multitudes and all but one or two are sleeping, do you throw down the mic and storm offstage in a rage? Or do you feel happy that those one or two heard, appreciated and absorbed your message? I cast the seeds of my creativity..speaking for myself I am thrilled and fulfilled if people hear and feel me. It makes the expressions even more worthwhile than expressing it alone just to get it out of myself or creating/recording for others. The more who appreciate the better..obviously! But when even just one or two come forward and let me know something that was sung or expressed meant something to them or reached them in some way, that means everything! Back to the the first still stands on its own as a general question. I was using myself as example but this is not about me. It is about everyone who has a message and are attempting to be heard.



I get angry inside when I see or hear people being dismissive of other humans they have been friends with or been cool with etc, when i see things like 'i just outgrew them' or 'they have no "use"' for them any more. That is a sad indication of the flippancy and half-heartedness of our times. Unless somebody had back stabbed, disrespected, abused or otherwise harmed you, you have no rhyme or reason for shutting the self created door on any human. We all share the same planet, breathe the same air. Respect each other in the same way you respect yourself. Doesn't mean you adore them, see them daily, live in each others pockets or hang together regularly but shutting doors and burning bridges?? That's what is wrong with this world..too much unnecessary division.



There is going to come a time when I will have to leave this planet. Earth is just one big "Fawlty Towers" (look it up if you don't know)..Meaning our stay here is temporary and we always must pay our dues while we're here. Some of us get long stay passes and others not so long. So whatever time we're booked in for, we are not allowed to take it, or the ppl we resonate or connect with, for granted. Because in this great residential school we will not only face many tests but be put in a position to make an impact on somebody, help them through a test, lighten an atmosphere, leave a footprint or receive some guidance from somebody else who has already passed a particular test. Where am I going with this? I guess it boils down to..Appreciate and be aware of who and what you have around you. There's reasons for everything. Learn from each other what you can, because they have their own lessons and journeys further on down the line and you may not be part of that path. Or vice versa. Its not always about what you want to happen but about accepting what is meant to happen. #NoIdeaWhereThatCameFrom #RandomThoughts


September 27, 2014 

Isn't it funny how you work your heart out doing whatever you do.. Recording, radio shows, blood sweat and tears building a website for a group of people and you are like a little kid with excitement wanting to hug everybody and show em what's there for them..and..and....and what? Folks don't seem to gaf about anything that is not about them..directly..personally..or often even if it IS for or about them directly, personally. It sometimes feels like not even your closest people, or the ones that you did things FOR actually gaf, because they did not "do it themselves". It's a crazy world. Sometimes you just want to spread a little goodness and a little joy but folks be like..fkkdat. Where's the love at? Where's the passion, the excitement..please god..bring it back to them!!! Without that life is not complete. I miss that creative passion that used to buzz like an electric wire that sent signals across the globe. I miss my musical soulmate and everybody pulling together in the same direction..but's all still in "here" (points to head and heart) at least I have it all..nothing is lost and at the very least, the pleasure is still mine for the taking.


* I don't know about you, but when I get over serious I start wallowing and then nothing any good gets done about anything! Nawww..Can't have that. Since there is nobody else on my court, every position must be played by this kid here. Moi. She's here..she's there..she's every effing!!!! When life, like a big hairy gorilla, throws shit all over me, I rub that in, roll around in it for a minute, throw a little back, laugh at the ridiculousness then get up and mind my biz. America looooves to knock your ass down. I'm getting use to that. Do I have to stay down? hellllnoooo *shrugs, whistles (badly) and keeps it moving.

* As long as you are breathing and able to think and move on your own its never too late to change yourself, get back on path or change your direction. Life is never set in stone. Weird ish you'd never expect just happens everyday, but you are the driver! Even if other cars eff up your drive, learn how to control that vehicle with discipline, patience, focus and strategy. Even if you have to pull over to the shoulder and re-check the map, there's a multitude of ways to get to one destination. #Randomness

My dreams and aspirations will always come second to my daughter's needs..end of story.

* Sometimes I feel like Joan of Arc fighting among a bunch of sleeping soldiers. Apathy is taking over the hip hop community. Especially artists who HAVE got the skills to make a difference! Hip hop is not dead but damn..artists must be either working so hard and so busy they can't look up, or lost their love for it..because from where I'm sitting, I'm sure not seeing a lot of connecting + force strengthening going on. Blame the weed..mofos are getting TOOOO laid back!

* I have been trying to put my pen down all night, mental processes are in overdrive lately. I've done a lot of writing and eyes are drooping but the thoughts and concepts keep coming. There's noting else to do but ride with it. Hey, I'm not complaining lol..just trying to keep my body awake long enough to get em all out!

* ..If there's one thing I have learned, it is that life has no absolute consistency. There is, however, continuity and a definite pattern even in the simplest things. Everything changes. It makes sense when you look at how the earth turns, tides ebb and flow, seasons change, weather changes. If we try to defy nature and stand still against the inevitable..we will fail. As long as we use our time wisely in our lifetime, learn, experience, grow, give it all we have..we cannot lose. That brings to mind the words of the song 'No Ideas Original'.."No ideas original, there's nothing new under the sun, its never what you do but how its done...".

* I don't struggle with self love, no problems with depression. I do have a few health problems but eh..I just get on with it! I deal with the tools and resources I DO have to work with. There are no issues with other people. (Some may have issues with me but i send em love anyway!)...I do not enjoy creating drama..(Might try to occasionally shake a few trees just to see who's awake!)..I'm not sex starved or pining for a man right now right now.  I don't hate or feel threatened by my sisters and always support women and men equally..So..when I jump on facebook and browse statuses I wonder..Is there something wrong with me because of all that? Nah I'm grateful to be who I am. It just seems, from what is being posted on social networks, like a lot of people are not "happy" unless they're miserable or mad about something.

* We WILL have tests..storms..hard times. ALL OF US in one way or other WILL have our turn at devastation. There's no escaping you must deal with it. Keep your eyes on the road. Laugh at the insanity (as has been said many times in the past in my posts). Speak your mind, keep moving forward and be at peace with yourself thru it all.

* Power to the talented, creative spirits out there who love what they do. Whether you share it publicly or just to a few, I lahhve and get you totally. I understand the drive to get it out! You are not alone. It always reminds me of that old classic movie "Close Encounters Of the Third Kind". It's that inner drive that every creative person understands. It is a drive that can connect people at a certain level and can only be understood by those that have that specific element inside them.

* Back in the day people's unique features or sound made them special. Nowadays people seem to strive to, or are groomed to look and sound similar or to a specified directive. If they were around today would Jimmy Durante get a nose job? Michael Douglas have work done on his chin? Marilyn Monroe have a lap band, booty and boob implants to keep up with current standards of "beauty"? Sidney Poitier have his skin lightened and nose reshaped? They were embraced and celebrated BECAUSE of their looks, cultures and individual styles. Let's get back to the day when people were allowed to be beautiful by virtue of the talent they brought to the table and their own uniqueness of look, style and character.

* Contemplations: My product is great and improvement comes from hard work. If I were given the divine ability to change anything, it would be the outer packaging. But since I have no choice but to accept my outer shell, all I can do is treat it well, polish it up and fine tune it as well as possible for optimum mileage and public perception.

* It frustrates me watching so many skilled, and a lot of veteran artists making the worst music ever because they accept random beats by email. Sit DOWN with a producer! No matter how busy you think you are, make time to go thru the producer's catalogues! Would you go to a jeweler for fine jewelry and tell them to just pick out anything? NO..They would bring out trays for you. If your music is important to you, slow down and pay attention to the foundations of the track..the instrumental!

* Artists, to say you have nothing more to write about is like saying you cut your tongue out and can't speak, lost hearing and cannot hear, gouged out your eyes and cannot see. Don't bs the public, keep it real. You just lost the hunger to lyrically express...

* I am not the most outgoing human for casual socializing, since my experience is relatively sparse, ..but i'm a hell of a worker!  I know how to roll my sleeves up and work my butt off better than I know how to be a social butterfly. I guess its all part of the learning curve of life. That is all.

* To anyone who has ever seen "something" in me, enough to invest time and mental/physical energy, took time to pass on a thought, advice, knowledge, took time to laugh or verbally box or breathe the air with me, I salute you from the heart. Trust time invested in a work in progress like myself is never lost, never wasted and always treasured.

*  #RandomMorningThought: When you stop listening, comprehending, learning, stepping outside of your self made box, making adjustments when you know you are effing up, and picking yourself up when you trip and fall on your face or get knocked down; if u can't brush yourself off, grin..say "ahhh I get it" or laugh at the absurdities of life..then you are not living. It means you are already stagnating to the point of non life. Don't let that be you.

* That person you are looking down your nose at..dissing to their face or behind their back..making faces like a bulldog chewin' a mothball..That person you frown so hard at, scratch your head at and mumble to yourself that they are an imbecile..That person you degrade in your own mind..may be the best friend you could ever have..or the greatest mind you could connect with..or the one who brings the most to the table..or the most intelligent, insightful, talented or funny human you ever met..THEY COULD BE all of those things! But you would never know unless you looked beyond your shallow, biased, pre-conceived notions or what your fragile ego imagines. LiFE is short..get over yourself!


*  It's crazy..I am browsing on E-bay drooling over some pro audio (just to torture myself lol), and seeing some of the old stuff I used to mess with, like for instance a Digitech Studio Quad 4 (multi efx processor), and see them selling for insane amounts now!!! (Well insane according to my budget, maybe not to the high rollers.) I had a rack full of analogue stuff to mess with in England but it seems like people are still appreciating the vintage analogue equipment, which is awesome! Even some 80's reel to reels are super expensive, because true professionals know you can't beat the vintage sounds..ahh yeaa.. NOT that I am a pro like that, just know what I used to like playing was so addictive back in the day too!

* #Confession: If i could have afforded it I would have loved to have continued with my photography hobby which I'd had years ago before going to England. I had loved running around snapping things, and used to have a little darkroom set up in a light proof closet with safelight to develop the pics, with all the chemical trays laid out in the kitchen. I also fell in love with music video production while in music college in Blackburn, but we didn't get enough hands on time with it..would have loved to have had more time on that class! #RandomMusing

*  I am thankful for the people in my life, whether long known, or new acquaintances who share hearts, minds and passions openly and without reserve, and for those who take time and trouble to step outside the box to give strength, comfort or encouragement not only to me but to each other when they see somebody struggling. There's not enough of it..lets keep that chain growing!

* In the next life I hope that I am granted the gift of have the ability to speak words so powerful and well constructed that people listen and feel, understand and accept the magnitude of what is said when spoken from the heart..and that those words can move them enough to take action. But then I also hope humans are installed with passion, compassion, love, continuity, loyalty and "life" in future life.. #HiddenDreamz


* I made my daughter get up saying "You better get busy tidying up and making this place look presentable before your friends get here". Half asleep she sighed and groaned "momm they're my FRIENDS..not the pope" str8 "mother face" dissolved into a chuckle..uhm..point taken but it ain't gonna get her out of what she has to do. Lol..#KidsExcelAtPolitics

*  I have caught myself many times inwardly rolling my eyes at people and thinking "they are stressing over thaaat?? They have people around them who care, they have support, they have kin with them or nearby if needed. Imagine if they had to walk in my shoes and deal with the issues that I do!"  BUT revelations and maturity brought it home to me that every one of us has ish to deal with and we all sometimes spin wheels or flap until the wind catches our sails again. Nobody's issues are more or less important than somebody else's. We all must deal with "things" that are thrown at us. Stress of course doesn't make it any better..but that is part of the lesson in learning to cope and surf above life's waves, rather than allowing them to crash over us and ending up over our head with our arms flailing helplessly. Gotta sink or swim and keep in mind that losing a skirmish or battle never means losing the war.
* "Never let them see you sweat" he I hold on until I lay sleepless in my bed..drowning in tears, fears and regrets, trying to remember and not forget..that I am a warrior and a queen with victories behind me, and many still to be seen.. S/N nah its not a finished poem or lyric, just a mofohari sitting by the river contemplating "Life".
* I need to recharge..could somebody take the wheel for awhile? I would be nice if somebody could head up the front line so that I could retreat and just ain't gonna happen, so I shall reload the chamber and keep an eveready battery running on solar energy?

* My brain is making a mashup of about three different songs right now..:/   I need to mentally mute two of them. If you were inside my head it would go a little somethin like this:                I'm takin ya back come follow me
On a journey to see a for real MC
The mind tricks the body
Body thinks the mind is crazy
But when I get the slazy
Keep my flow I'm Swayze
I don't know why you hate this here
When you know you find this bitch sexy here
Aint nobody hatin' on you
You mad cuz a bitch ain't waitin' on you ahhh
The time is right, you hold me tight
And love's got me high
Please tell me, 'Yes' and don't say, 'No'
Honey, not tonight
Move a little close to me, 
You owe it to yourself                                                         And I will selfishly take a little for myself and it's because of you                                      That love won't let me wait

Exactly..where's that mute button smh

* Whether you are maxed out or just getting started depends on your personal bucket I have only got thru maybe a third of my list, and it is my right to add to the list as life goes on..But I'm not killing myself any more for the things that are not within my reach or are unrealistic. I skydived a couple of times for charity (Hey it was on the list..had to be done lol)..But the reason I bring this into it is because the memory of climbing out on the plane wing and throwing myself off backward, being so terrified and wondering wth I was putting myself thru. Then, after opening the chute, looking down on the earth below the calm was incredible. The peace was like nothing ever experienced before. Those moments before you land back into the chaos are the quality times with yourself in which you recognize the spiritual side of "you". It made me see how important it is to face your fears, take time away from chaos and distractions in order to hear your own thoughts + inner voice. Work with yourself, help yourself grow as only you can do. What I am trying to say (rather badly) is about experiencing new things, allowing yourself to dream, finding peace within the chaos, learning from everything and everybody you encounter in this life.

*  I don't judge, just curious tho..How/Why is it that people allow themselves to get to a seriously obese state, then suddenly one day look in the mirror or realize " health is at risk here, I had better do something about it!". I am overweight and I KNOW the reasons..the awareness is there. But wayyyy before I get to a seriously obese state I make myself look hard in the mirror..or realize that I've had to buy new sizes in clothes (and can't afford it). America is killing its own people with that. Other countries laugh at us because we are notoriously FAT, lazy and have an insane dress sense over here!!! Don't let yourself get too out of control folks! Moderation in ALL things..or as we say in the UK..have a LITTLE of what you love!

*  Everywhere I read on the internet, I see people talking about wanting a good team behind them. Not me. All I ever wanted was a good team AROUND me..never behind. #HiddenDreamz

*  We all have our own points of views. My personal view is that if you have multiple skills and talents, those are like arrows you carry with you for your bow..or bullets for your ratchet (however you want to visualize). Why have and not use ALL the ammunition available to you when the battle needs your level of ability? Don't throw all your armory into the trenches to focus on your slingshot..  If you have it, use it! (Or use it don't lose it?!)  We need to respect the gifts we were given by ancestors known or unknown. A gift is a gift and given for a purpose.

*  "Greatness" is relative to individual perceptions, personal criteria and achievement of goals using a self designed/sought preferred skill standard..i.e. I may be the best singer someone has ever heard, but if I feel that I have not yet reached my maximum growth level then I am not "great", but simply striving to be the best I can be.

* you see how vast the beauty/health industry is for/because of us? They play on our vanity, the drive to attract a man, the competitiveness, the fear of aging and losing our men because of wrinkles, grey hair etc..treatments for our weight issues. It is a multi multi trillion billion dollar industry because they KNOWWWW how anxious we are about our looks. Why? Why indeed! Do we love who we are inside regardless of shade, background, size, age, physical characteristics, scars etc? How many are afraid they will lose love or attention if we are not on their "A-game" appearance wise? I will leave that to sink in. YES we want to look as good as we can, be as healthy as we can..OF COURSE..but shouldn't it be for ourselves first and foremost? We need to examine WHAT we spend money on..and WHY..then look for more natural ways to achieve what we need to feel and look good inside and out. It is not a competition! We are not selling ourselves! We are not a product! We have all got to remind ourselves that we are beautiful, flaws and all. #RandomThought

*  I do not understand (and don't think I ever will) why people are proud to put out tracks with horrible mixing! Even people who should know better..but..apparently they want the unmixed underground messiness.. Naah! I'm good with all that! I need to hear the detail, the vocals clearly and I do not want to hear the vocals and instrumental fight or bang into each hurts my brain and heart. I love the underground sound but sheesh..learn to mix! I can't cope with liking the essence of a track but unable to listen to the messed up overall sound. Respect your craft. You should know better! I'm not the BEST at my art but I am always learning and striving to put out the best material within my ability and skill levels. I would never in a million years say or believe i am better than anybody else but geez..just open your ears!!! Sometimes I wonder what some rappers hear when they play themselves back. If you want to learn you have to study! If you want to be good, you have to work at it! This is not a game! You can't expect to jump in a car and drive to the next state when you never got behind a wheel before!  Oohh who am I to preach anyway..*disappointed smh (in a lot of things i'm hearing)...Let me leave this pulpit for now..people need to wake up and respect this art..Stop playing games. That is all.

*  I
 spend maybe 45% of my time supporting artists and other radio stations.............who could prob care less if i do or don't and wouldn't dream of checking out what i do...*shrugs

*  I
f you claim you are hip hop and can't listen to anything other than rap then you should be ashamed. If you don't see the connection here you are lost and need to give up on life..smh

*  Support is a two way street...You roadblock your own progress by not paying attention, or showing respect for others who put their time, passion and skill into something that is precious to them. Step outside your own box, never know what you will find! You just might learn something, discover something you like, become inspired or connect at some level with somebody on the same path. Obviously there will be times you can't, but its part of the path you're on. It is your duty to yourself and to others who put in time on their craft. If you can't, then you don't deserve to be supported.

*  Words alone wont destroy worlds..its the actions or harsh intent that go with them that can break you down..

*  When I left America at 19 for England, I left behind an abusive relationship, an abdominal pregnancy (both of which nearly killed me) and unsupportive family to start a new life. My life began when I arrived, and took a nose dive when I left, while in shock from my dad's passing. But I am now HERE and working my ass off to plant these roots in solid ground and build! ..Like Jack's beanstalk this this is gonna grow! ..No ifs or ands..and definitely no maybe. I truly believe the worst is behind me. When I'm up I give back. #RandomThoughts

* To all my family, friends and people out there going thru hard times..Stand up! Be proud of who you are, be thankful for your life, know where you want to be..and never ever give up. All things must pass..keep moving, stay focussed..Peace and Blessings

* I don't love my family or give from the heart to get into heaven. Actually I would walk thru the ashes of hell, because I want to see them happy! I hate to see them struggle but at the same time I also know they have to face their ish like I have to face mine..AND i also know that we can remind them they are loved..

* We all need to deal with reality punches one at a time but we shouldn't forget friends, family and people who care enough to reach out. When you are low you feel isolated..but you are never alone no matter how it feels. For every hater there are five true souls..

* #RandomThought Look at all the publicity certain rappers are getting BECAUSE they are wack. They are getting more attention standing there looking like an overcooked corn dog in stilettos without even bothering to open their mouth..(*money rainin down on em)..

* Music is love but creating it comes with giving birth and raising a family.
* Nobody at all in my family is a huggy person except me..makes no sense. The last time I saw my mom was when she came to England after my daughter was born. We hugged a lot. My half sister told me "You changed her, she was never huggy at all before but now she is" lol..awwwh.

In Pursuit of (Radio) Happyness? - By MofoHari

I'm looking at my watch..why? Because I know that 50 million of the currently 75 million radio shows and podcasts will be dropping off soon and are currently on borrowed time. Ohh how could i SAY such a thing??!!!! How disrespeccctful!!! NO its not..its FACT! WE were among the very first to host a REAL radio show to represent hip hop and talented artists both signed and unsigned..WE paid cash from our own pockets to give artists an opportunity to EFFING SHINE LIKE THE DIAMONDS WE KNEW THEM TO BE..but was it appreciated?? Hellllllllllllll nooo...That was a sign right there..

THEN multi millions of radio shows and podcasts sprang up all over..everywhere..Some have huge potential, many are done with the right heart, the right intentions and for many, huge talents are doing a great job..and that is to be fully respected! So excuse my pessimism here..

..Yes yes I know I continued doing it for a total of nearly seven years and will probably do the odd podcast again at some point.  The point is, blood, sweat, tears..and many MANY hours of our lives/my life have been spent putting QUALITY shows together, partly for ourselves/myself but for the largest part to "do our/my part(s)", and to entertain ppl who it was presumed would show love for it, appreciate what was being done and support it. BUT I NOW KNOW BETTER BECAUSE I HAVE SEEN PEOPLE'S LOYALTY SHIFT LIKE THE WIND..

So I say, if you have a good with that..go with it and keep going. The other 50 million shows out there will slowwwwwwwwlllyyyyy fade out..sadly. Firstly because support, loyalty, enthusiasm, attention/focus, passion and drive are (or seem to be thru personal observation) at an all time low..And secondly because it take HOURS AND HOURS OF HARD WORK, RESEARCH, ORGANIZATION, TIME MANAGEMENT AND DRIVE to put one single show together (ain't nobody got time fa dat (these days))..Without that support, without the love, without the respect your efforts will be appreciated only by yourself.

BUT all is never lost for the effort you DO put in!!! I still listen to our and my shows regularly because I recognize the awesomeness..(Yay us, yay So eff it, who am I to speak anyway!? FOLLOW YOUR PASSIONS, never mind me..Do what YOU do because YOU enjoy it first and foremost and (*Will Smith's "In Pursuit of Happyness" voice).."Don't ever let somebody tell you... You can't do something. Not even me. All right?" ...


* Appreciate me while I'm here and listen when I speak. I am a quiet person by nature so when I speak or act its from the heart and done with passion. For those who refuse to hear, understand or act on what is spoken I slowly lose faith in them. I say "slowly" because hope is maintained (for far longer than necessary at times) that people will eventually wake up, and tend to (often erroneously) assume that folks are adult enough to come correct and do the right thing.

* It has been discovered that some artists and peripherals within the industry are so used to other people doing stuff for them that they EXPECT it!  If somebody does something good for you..embrace it..appreciate it..It may never happen again in your lifetime.

Some people wonder why I'm more loyal to my original team. Why would I bite the hand that removed the thorn from my paw? Why would I bite the hand that fed me and taught me to feed myself? Ain't gonna happen! I am a Leo with an elephant's philosophy.."never forget".

* Have you ever known, or know of an artist or artists who's skills were the best you've ever known to the point you've mentally wanted to strangle people who phase out when you are trying to get them to listen? either lol. Actually the truth is, I have. Because people are too ignorant to follow directions. Like pointing a bird out to my daughter's cat..this dumb cat insists on staring at my finger..too many people are like that. You miss a lot of beautifulness by not listening when people try to tap you on the shoulder. Wake the eff up and treat your ears once in awhile! I hate bs music and some say I have pretty good taste. So, I say if it's good enough for me to get excited about there's good reason to pay attention. I'm not getting paid to promote anybody so it is always genuine and from the heart. It has ALWAYS been that way and will always be as long as I breathe..That is all.

* If I EVER go m.i.a. from a real life friend, either send out a search party (it means there's problem or something very wrong)..or send out an assassin. That's just me and obviously in no way reflects on the habits of the rest of the world.

I like to make eye contact with people passed on my wanders, nod or say "hello" or something. Funny how many people will see that you are speaking to them but put a miserable face on and look the other way. Really people? Your life must be soo much harder than the rest of the world that you cannot acknowledge others who share the planet with you.

* #MorningThoughts While having breakfast this morning and randomly watching yet another reality show on television, it literally made my heart sink and I changed the channel when the women started hating on each other. Are there any shows out there that don't show women cat fighting, back stabbing, being over promiscuous and fighting for the top position among her peers? No integrity. It really says and does nothing for womankind or sisterhood at all.

* The word "celebrity" does not impress, excite or thrill, and it doesn't send shivers of desire or anticipation down my spine. We all do what we do. Some have more skill, some get more public attention than others. Some have the right team to push them etc etc. Cool..but it means nothing to me in terms of actual skill. I go by proof, by what is seen and heard..felt and known. Good for them if they are "there", I can't take that away from them. Just that I am no longer star struck by individuals/humans (no matter how elevated they raise themselves in their own eyes). That is not to say I don't respect TALENT and SKILL! Now THAT I can become awestruck at lol. Enough to want to lean forward and learn something..or just listen/watch and appreciate.

* Classic line in this kung fu comedy I'm watching (while mixing a track..I know, I know but it had me laughing).."Better to die like a tiger than live like a pussy"...Great words of advice tho!!...Love it..

* Thought Of The Day: If you are spending all your time talking about past achievements and doing nothing, then those achievements mean nothing. They are dead and voided because you are doing nothing to move forward and use and expand what you learned.

..if you feel you are without sin, walk with your head high and know that others' perceptions of who you are, are just at peace with your own path and if others choose to walk with you, take the time to understand who you are and the missions you have chosen, and they still choose to be a part of your world..then its meant to be..we all learn from each other..thats what life is about..

* I thouuught for half a minute I'd pull myself together and take a quick river walk..wrong! First, the minute I got around the corner headed in that direction, dark clouds immediately came into view over that way with loud, menacing thunder. Second, all roads are being blocked because the Halloween parade is theoretically about to come think I'm destined to lay low tonight and catch up with chores. Thanks for the warning mother nature..sheww..All hell broke loose 10 minutes after getting in..Thunder, lightening, sleet..the works..Glad I took the warning signs! ..I momentarily heard the drums of one die hard marching band coming up the road for the Halloween parade...lmao..THAT didn't last long..I think the tuba player drowned.

 * Power and riches do not tempt me at all. So many are driven toward "that". I want to rise, not for glorification, but to be proud of my own progress, the expansion of my knowledge/awareness, evolution of my own "self", and the happiness and stability of my family. That to me is success. Why the eff would I want to conquer THIS world?? Phaa..noo thaanks! Power over people leads to fear. My brother made a great comment about the difference between fear and respect in an interview, but I wonder how many who heard it REALLY heard it.. #MorningThoughts

Fellas, I know I've heard a lot of you saying that women don't appreciate compliments from men..well, I can assure you its not just men they don't seem to appreciate compliments from..even heterosexual females saying something nice to another female is frowned on..I just told a girl at my local store at checkout just now with a cheerful smile that she was looking great today, then jokingly asked if she was going out somewhere special later..she got all flustered and as i was leaving i heard her mumbling grumpily to the next customer "i'm just..taking care of myself..don't have to be going out to be doing that" taken more compliments. 

* I cannot get mad at a man who works hard but has little spending money left over after expenses. If he has children from a previous relationship and takes care of them as a priority before even his own bills are paid, HE has his priorities correct! If you are a woman who turns your back on a good man like that when he has no vices, not out partying every night, not drinking his cash away or spending it all on are an idiot..that is all.

* If somebody is important to you, if they mean something to you in your life..tell them today..Don't wait until its too late..My lessons have been learned the hard way and i don't want to feel that pain of regret again..So i stand up and say it regularly to those who take time to make a mark or footprint in my life path..thank you for walking with me..

* When people you care about are not happy or supportive whenever you start using what you learned and seem to do well with it, it kills some of the light of excitement at seeing what you learned can actually do some good. If you helped put me in a better place, please know that you are part of my journey. You are part of whatever modicum of "appreciation" my efforts are getting. I take nothing for granted.

I know I have speech habits and behavioral patterns that drive ppl crazy..and i'm usually pretty laidback and gentle by character..but when Americans go 'Huh' at me at something I have said, I confess, sincerely and from the heart..I'D like to do a ninja move and rip their heart out, hand it to them and watch them die..It is perhaps one of few things that enrages the ish out of me..Stop the retardation.

* What's happening is that Hip Hop has grown up..The wise among us has matured, developed, learned their skills and continue to perfect their art..Unfortunately there hasn't been enough attention to guiding + nurturing artists following in the footsteps of the skilled..The masters need to lead by example!! 

* October 20, 2014 · I hate to break it to you but..whether you make money with music, or just do it because you love it etc is NOT a priority..making sure bills are paid, your children are fed and clothed, happy, cared for and doing well in school, and the rent is paid IS..So, with that said..make sure you have your priorities in order or you will learn the hard way..yup..once that is secure, go..push..accelerate..race what you need to do to feel complete, make your mark in the world, build your brand and earn a living with it..whatever is on the that. Just, health and security first..

* October 20, 2013 · What is it about artistically talented people? Why are we some of the most tragic yet blessed people on the planet?

* October 20, 2010 · ..So..removing your teeth and replacing them with diamonds is 'what a rokk star is spose to do?..~rubs chin~ hmmm..ok I would personally choose to express who I am thru my skills, technique, about puttin a price on your own head..smfh..But maybe its just me? Guess I'm too oldschool or something because I just can't see it..

* October 30, 2015 . 
Nevermind Me..I'm too deep and think too much for most..Don't speak enough for some and to others i talk too much..I'm pretty to some and hideous to others, retarded as hell to some and brilliant to others...I rely on laughter and humor to get me past the pot holes and speed bumps of life..and even if a little too much to comprehend for the majority, at least i'm aware that people will paint/interpret/view us how they know thyself..and like what you are..if something about're the driver.

October 30, 2015 . 
On This planet there is a severe shortage of compassion, love (no no not lust..i said in caring), understanding and common sense. How many times have I said both in person and on fb..(and I'm not the only advocate of this i know)..that we need to let people know what they mean to us or let them know we care..WHILE THEY WALK ON THIS EARTH.. I'm getting I've been around long enough to have learned the lesson that "life" (other than learning is finding everything) is NOT about "I, me, mine"..(although self and family are top priority of course)..but I'm pretty sure those who live and die by that philosophy don't feel as much happiness or fulfillment as they may lead the world to believe. Pay attention to the lessons life brings or be forced to retake the tests or live with a lot of regrets. Caring costs nothing to the giver but is worth more than gold to the receiver...

October 30, 2012 . 
We need to support each other more..I believe in paying for music of artists I appreciate and show respect when others afford me the same blessing to my own albums..this is how we keep the good music flowing..not by giving away endless mixtapes, hastily recorded to keep your presence up, free beats by newcomers to the game who imitate established producers, stealing food from each others' mouths..Its like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder how I keep from goin under..;) food for thought.

* October 30, 2009 . B
e careful when you reach for the star you are mesmerized by..Like a moth to a flame you focus, aim, strive, push to reach it..You won't hear the warnings, won't entertain concerns..You reach out to touch it..Thats it! you have reached the goal! Looking below you see ashes..then realize in a split second, those are the ashes of the ambitious spirits who reached out before you and touched what was too hot to handle..

November 3, 2009 . I'm in a strange mood today..feeling mad at myself for giving a shit and mad at people who play games..Life is too short!! if you love somebody, show it, prove it, live it..Don't halfass the job and ehh it to death..I say it again..LIFE'S TOO DAMN SHORT..Why play games and risk losing something/someone just for the sake of one-upmanship..There are too many sharks out there waiting to take a bite when you stop paying attention..

November 3, 2009 . I have come to the conclusion that I need to be more psychic..Folks are saying more empty/ half phrases and expecting me to 'know' instinctively what is going on in their brains. Wanting me to understand!..Speakkk up..No mindgames, no tricks, no tricks baby..If you want my thoughts you gotta give me something to go on..Mofohari keeps it real and from the heart..If you are guilty of non expressiveness raise your hand!

The personality test really got me right..i was a little stunned. PERSONALITY: INFP


You are one of the Diplomats - an empathic and idealistic individual who enjoys exploring interesting ideas and prizes morality. You are known for your poetic nature, intuitive skills and pure, childlike enthusiasm.


INFP personalities are true idealists, always looking for the hint of good in even the worst of people and events, searching for ways to make things better. While they may be perceived as calm, reserved, or even shy, INFPs have an inner flame and passion that can truly shine. Comprising just 4% of the population, the risk of feeling misunderstood is unfortunately high for the INFP personality type - but when they find like-minded people to spend their time with, the harmony they feel will be a fountain of joy and inspiration.

INFP personality Being a part of the Diplomat (NF) personality group, INFPs are guided by their principles, rather than by logic (Analysts), excitement (Explorers), or practicality (Sentinels). When deciding how to move forward, they will look to honor, beauty, morality and virtue - INFPs are led by the purity of their intent, not rewards and punishments. People who share the INFP personality type are proud of this quality, and rightly so, but not everyone understands the drive behind these feelings, and it can lead to isolation.

All that is gold does not glitter; not all those who wander are lost; the old that is strong does not wither; deep roots are not reached by the frost.
J. R. R. Tolkien


Mediator personalities are true idealists, always looking for the hint of good in even the worst of people and events, searching for ways to make things better. While they may be perceived as calm, reserved, or even shy, Mediators have an inner flame and passion that can truly shine. Comprising just 4% of the population, the risk of feeling misunderstood is unfortunately high for the Mediator personality type – but when they find like-minded people to spend their time with, the harmony they feel will be a fountain of joy and inspiration.

Mediator personality
Being a part of the Diplomat Role group, Mediators are guided by their principles, rather than by logic (Analysts), excitement (Explorers), or practicality (Sentinels). When deciding how to move forward, they will look to honor, beauty, morality and virtue – Mediators are led by the purity of their intent, not rewards and punishments. People who share the Mediator personality type are proud of this quality, and rightly so, but not everyone understands the drive behind these feelings, and it can lead to isolation.

All that is gold does not glitter; not all those who wander are lost; the old that is strong does not wither; deep roots are not reached by the frost.
J. R. R. Tolkien
We Know What We Are, but Know Not What We May Be

At their best, these qualities enable Mediators to communicate deeply with others, easily speaking in metaphors and parables, and understanding and creating symbols to share their ideas. Fantasy worlds in particular fascinate Mediators, more than any other personality type. The strength of their visionary communication style lends itself well to creative works, and it comes as no surprise that many famous Mediators are poets, writers and actors. Understanding themselves and their place in the world is important to Mediators, and they explore these ideas by projecting themselves into their work.

Mediators have a talent for self-expression, revealing their beauty and their secrets through metaphors and fictional characters.
Mediators’ ability with language doesn’t stop with their native tongue, either – as with most people who share the Diplomat personality types, they are considered gifted when it comes to learning a second (or third!) language. Their gift for communication also lends itself well to Mediators’ desire for harmony, a recurring theme with Diplomats, and helps them to move forward as they find their calling.

Listen to Many People, but Talk to Few
Unlike their Extraverted cousins though, Mediators will focus their attention on just a few people, a single worthy cause – spread too thinly, they’ll run out of energy, and even become dejected and overwhelmed by all the bad in the world that they can’t fix. This is a sad sight for Mediators’ friends, who will come to depend on their rosy outlook.

If they are not careful, Mediators can lose themselves in their quest for good and neglect the day-to-day upkeep that life demands. Mediators often drift into deep thought, enjoying contemplating the hypothetical and the philosophical more than any other personality type. Left unchecked, Mediators may start to lose touch, withdrawing into “hermit mode”, and it can take a great deal of energy from their friends or partner to bring them back to the real world.
Luckily, like the flowers in spring, Mediator’s affection, creativity, altruism and idealism will always come back, rewarding them and those they love perhaps not with logic and utility, but with a world view that inspires compassion, kindness and beauty wherever they go.

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Dream On Mofo Hari

What's In A Dream...

by MofoHari

A good friend of mine once told me there should be certain dreams you just cherish but let em be what they are, somethin you don't necessarily need to drive yourself into the ground to pursue..Here is my dream..
In the past 6 years, and even more so in the past couple of years i have met, performed with, interviewed, talked to, networked with so many new and veteran artists..Its the ones who have been expressive, excited, energized with the love of their art that i'm focused on..THAT'S the stuff that literally give me goosebumps, makes me wanna run across George Washington Bridge barefoot screaming yeaaaaaaaaaa pumpin' my fist in the air in a very unladylike manner..fuck it..i LOVE drives me on and reminds me i'm not alone in the feelings i have for my own path.
When that energy gets together in performance or creative mode its crazy magic..can't even compare that with sex, drugs etc etc..its just plain beautiful and if you are a creative person you will know exactly what i mean..
Okay so whats the dream? To get EVERY ONE one of those people who have showed me 'that energy' together for one MAD event..A lot of people will know I've already talked about an event bringing together a lot of the veterans in the biz and that's gonna happen when the time is right..but this particular dream is about the ones that have touched me, Donna Hunt aka Mofo Hari right to the core of my artistic lil heart and made me proud to be right where i am, right here, right now. I want to see everybody vibing off of everybody, sharing thoughts, ideas..REAL enthusiasm for this art of ours and all pulling in the same direction..
And here's the sad many of the artists that shared a moment with me or my team have gone MIA after spraying fireworks, showering us with their essence, sharing the deepest part of their mind and experiences..and that won't be forgotten..but..u know..why break the chain?? A little continuity, keeping it flowing, Isn't that how its s'pose to be if we all feel the same way, want the same thing?
So..reality tells me that ultimately folks wouldn't be able to put away the 'its all about me'  or the hunger for that contract or the drive for the golden apple long enough to just show love and support for the MUSIC..and to revive the heart and soul of HIP HOP..could they?  *blinks and pauses... hmmmmm..
Like I said..Dream On Mofo Hari...  


*  When you add your promo to somebody's status it is like walking into your local grocery store and filling one of their shelves with your random product without their permission. Do you think they are going to say 'Oh its okay. Let me see what your product is. Go ahead and sell it in our store'?!..HELL no!!! They will not only remove your product, but maybe sue you..after their security men grab you by the back of your shirt and boot you out of the store.You would expect them to support you? really?

*  In the music industry you must walk the line between confidence, passion and self belief....and arrogance and overinflated ego. Be neither over or under humble. Maintain your respect for those who support you. Support your REAL supporters and recognize those who only use you as a source to get their own music/service out further. Pleaase believe..there IS a set of scales. Those who cross the line will get a hard lesson..not necessarily immediately bcs we all have a window of opportunity to correct ourselves. But i see how that pendulum swings. Watch yourself.

*  I could not live with myself if I followed to the letter other people's ideas and plans for me, no matter how sparkling the ideas or how sure they are that i will shine if i follow their plan. I choose my own path, my own destiny. That is not to say I won't hear or buy into ideas and do my part, add on etc. But i cannot be bound by your dream when I have my own. If our dreams connect and we can help each other achieve them while we work on realizing our own, awesome! But let none of us get over ambitious for somebody else. I learned that one too. Now i respect both my own and other people's right to dream or to let the dash just sit there until the end of their days if that is what they choose.

* One thing I never have been and never will be is star struck when speaking with people who have "made it" in the biz etc. I am wayyy too old for that at this stage of my life. I'm simply somebody with a love of good music who is hungry to hear knowledge, learn from people and yes, share thoughts and ideas. I've found that there are some out there who embrace that hunger, more so those who have been a part of hip hop for many is love.

* I do not need to kiss ass or grab anybody's shirt tails to be pulled up. I don't have Rihanna or Beyonce looks, i'm older than Methuselah compared to these bare boobed, ass revealing supastar divas. I don't have tiiiiime for game playing, or even being a chess piece on the music board. Yea sure, money talks, especially when we starving artists are living on next to nothing and dealing with ill health. So whats my point? My point is..I'm here to make music..and listeners who have, thru chance discovered my offerings and appreciated it, including the icons who have understood this and offered positive feedback and support are what makes sharing whatever it is that I do SO worthwhile!!!..I repeat..that's really what I am here for.  I'm not essentially a business woman, but unfortunately it is part of the job. At least it has blessed me/us with some awesome conversations with some very knowledgeable people.

#RandomThoughts: can BE tough without having to flex and act all tough. Don't lose your womanliness trying to push your weight around. Let your smile reach your eyes. Let your grin light up your face. Drop the mask and just be NICE, I promise you will feel better for it!  I'm seeing more and more of my sistern all slumped with miserable faces and dead eyes, or trying to look like a dangerous woman thinking its more attractive. Stop looking so lost and sad, this is your LIFE, not your funeral. Look like you like being here! ..Oh and by the way, you CAN be strong and soft at the same time..Yes really!

* #BottomLine. Cut the crap people..Just stop. YOU KNOW you don't mean a goddamn word you say when you're networking. All the promises you make amount to nothing if you don't follow thru. I'm a million percent tired of ALL the many lies, even from supposedly religious people! If you can't believe even Godly people there is no hope to believe anybody. And if you think this is negative, it really is not, this is "reality". To use a phrase that has been said to me many times before "Welcome to the music business."  We out.

Okay, in NO way am I saying men are worse than women on this kind of thing but I can't speak on the reverse of this..If I said no to dating a man when he tells me he is single, why would I change my mind when he admits he's engaged? smh..I know some women get excited thinking they can "win" a man from another female..but this lady??? HELLLNOOO...wrong door!!!!!

*  Confession: I don't like promoting myself, I would rather promote my people. This ish is totally alien to me and has me feeling very alone, stressed, ill at ease and horrible inside at times, even though I believe in my music without question. But promotion is a necessary part of getting your work heard! You have to accept the bad with the good if you want to be creative.

*  When you stop being too busy for life..let me know. I'll be sitting here doing half as much as you claim to be doing, being 150% more productive than 78.5% of you facebook bs'ers and STILL have time to talk with you. Cut the crap..let's be honest..You have nothing to say about your art.

*  #Confession I know it sounds weird but..Occasionally I turn off the sound and watch performers..just watch their movements. It gives me an idea if they are really feeling what they do, whether they are just doing it to "get it over with" in mechanically etc..I just find that interesting. Watch James Brown and tell me what you see! When that man says "I feel good"..he MEANS it!! Every damn word, every movement, every fiber of his professional being. Performers, take notes from the greats if you want to get, be or stay great.

* If I ever become "famous" (giggles inwardly) whatever the hell that really "means", and if I am ever rude or act superior with people, shoot me in the head..please do me that favor! I would rather die than put on all those airs and graces and expect royal treatment. The diva-ishness I see from men and women who truly believe they are god's gift to humanity makes me want to shove heads down toilets and get them to wake the eff up before life does it for them. Self respect is one thing, as is demanding respect..but there is no excuse for rudeness and stepping on heads just because you can.

*  "Laugh and the world laughs with you..weep and you weep alone.."  That is a line from a classic poem written yeaaaaaaaaaaaaars ago called "Solitude" by Ella Wheeler Wilcox. Nowadays the reverse is true, especially on social networks..So maybe it should be changed to something liiiike "laugh and they think you're delirious, weep and they follow like sheep..for the world loves a drama, wants to know your baby mama and with whom you decided to sleep". - Mofohari remix 2015

*  If artists could be a little less in flirt/hook up or 'head over heels and nuthin else matters' mode, and a little more in..hey! less support each other and work together to save the music..then the shitty ass radio stations with bullshit music and finger snappin, autotuned rappin that is force fed to brainwash helpless victims would be OUT OF BUSINESS..can you IMAGINE IT??

I know they say "pride will be your demise"..but I say you need some self pride to survive in this crazy world. I have "let" too many folks badmouth/talk down to me, either to my face or behind my back. I have allowed too much blatant disrespect, have sat there calmly and said nothing when folks laughed at me. Yes it is agreed that too much pride will drive you mad, but too little will cause a downward spiral of what they see, what you believe and how you see/live with yourself. BUT that is NOT to say you shouldn't have a sense of humor and be able to laugh at yourself or with others at yourself..with the right the right times. All things in moderation! Use your head, you'll know the difference between disrespect and light-heartedness, or right and wrong. #MorningRandomness

*  A guy I know called me on phone to tell me something on his mind..'I have been telling you just like I've heard other people say to you, that u need to get attitude and be like fuck everybody, instead of caring like you do, but I have changed my mind.  I see that you approach people humbly and you should have people around you who respect that and accept you as you are. Don't change'..
My thoughts on that are, while it is true that we cannot or should not try to change essential character makeup since that is not being true to ourselves, I also believe it is important to regularly check  your own attitude. You can lean to different angles with 'attitude'.  For instance there's humble, and then there's "humble-but-open", there's "doormat", there's humble to a point then go eff yourself, and then there's blatantly aggressive. There is also "closed and non receptive to growing".  I choose to be a better person. That means (to use a term I have heard Chrismorale preach) L.I.F.E...learning is finding everything. That includes evolving as a human being. That's how you grow!

*  I keep reading about philosophies such as  "walk away from people who.. ", or  "surround yourself with people that.."  etc.  Where are they..these perfect people? lol..  Humans are so "temporary minded" that they won't even work at FRIENDSHIP RELATIONSHIPS???. Quick to discard somebody, claiming they "outgrew" them or that person was having a bad patch and messed up, or for whatever petty reason. Listen folks, any relationship whether friendship, partnership, business..whatever it may be, is give and take..working at balance. If indeed somebody has gone way past the point of no return in terms of being disrespectful, that's something else..but GENERALLY people are too quick to blow the whistle, or throw down the ball and walk off the court. Grow up people!  Life really isn't all about "you" believe it or not!  That is a fallacy somebody made up. The CORE is you because you are the most important part in your existence..but i think a lot of strong friendships, or relationships of all types are wasted by impatience, distrust, ego, misunderstandings and the inability to communicate. Try working through the outer layers until you see what's really in the middle and you might find a stronger ally than you ever imagined..never know!

* I have learned something over the past couple of days..eeeverybody wants answers, solutions, direction, guidance,no matter what age, religion, location etc etc..anybody who has lost someone would relish a chance to speak to them again..bottom line is, we walk this path of our lives, we have the ability to change our direction, change our mind, take or discard advice..its called 'free will'..people are frantically scrambling for affirmation, clarification, hope and so much more..I see that human nature leaves us vulnerable at times no matter how tough our exterior, or how 'numb' our interior..And we can be given guidance etc but its on us to use that or discard it..Every lesson learned, every step taken, every choice made leads us in specific directions..Don't be like a sail flapping in the wind waiting for somebody to tell you to 'hard over' or point the rudder so you are sailing with the wind..Feel it yourself, the answers are already inside just have to trust your own instincts.

 * Every day I'm hit broadside by somebody saying "you'd never understand"..or my child saying "you don't understand how it feels to..x..y..z cuz you're not a child"..adopted or childless people saying "you can't know how it is, you have had parents/have a child" people saying "you wouldn't understand cuz you're white"...etc etc everybody is could I indeed?? ..I wouldn't dream of saying I could or do, because I am not YOU. That does not make me eligible for a firing squad..I'm just me. But then, you don't exactly know where MY feet have trodden, don't know what hardships I may be having, nor would I expect you to feel my pain or understand. Why? Because I deal with it..I don't cry to you..." just don't knowwww what iiii"...NO!..My feet move on. I will survive. If you are loved, supported, let those people sympathize even if they have different struggles than yours..u be aight. Just keep your head up and walk the path you are given. Things could be worse..and hey..I'm still smiling. Hell yea!..I'm glad to be alive!

 * If there's anything I've succeeded at magnificently in my lifetime to date, it's being underrated..

* Gotta build it up..Some day when my time comes to leave you, there may be something I leave behind that you can take and build on..make it a skyscraper! But for now..I must single-handedly forge the path that my feet are walking on. I don't say that as a martyr, but as a student who loves learning, sharing new knowledge with hungry people, and as somebody who enjoys every forward step in LIFE.

* I secretly laugh at females I have met or encountered, who sweaaaaar blind that they know a man better than annyyyone else including his own mother (and there have been many) don't have to believe me but I'm old enough to know that a person presents to you what they want you to see and know, and no matter how many hours you spend talking with them, no matter how long you have known them, no matter how deep your conversations get..there's going to be somthing he's gonna tell somebody else that he hasn't told experience he'd share with her/him/them that he wouldn't share with you etc..there is allllwayyss a forbidden zone with every human on the planet that cannot be no..nobody knows ANYbody better than anybody else..get over yourself..

* What I will NEVER be is a shirt rider. If/when I should mention the name of a legend or someone well respected in music, it is NOT to gain anything but purely said as a thought, recollection/memory or to make a specific point. Anyone who knows me knows I do NOT work like that. The passion for what I do, the hunger to learn and grow and be better should always speak for itself. AND When I connect or work with anyone advanced and experienced in, or passionate for their art it is for me a huge pleasure and honor. I learn from observing, asking questions, doing, raising my own bar. I'm way too old to have stars in my eyes. I'm just here to connect with like minds and promote as well as make good music before my time on this planet is over.

* "..Learn some to teach one"..that's what he said..gospel. There are so many closed minds with no interest in anything other than sex or mind medicating, no goals, no self respect or vision. When you do connect with a knowledgeable mind embrace it, learn from it, use it as tools to be better and do better..and pass it interested, hungry mind should always be fed..
* ..Think I better wear sunglasses when I'm out with my daughter..In the grocery store I was looking at a guy working there..she said "mom why are you looking at that guy like that?..Did you think it was somebody you knew or did you just like what you saw?" lol   The other day I was lookin at a picture when she came up behind me and said "mmm mmm go get him mom" say the damndest things!

*  I get it. People have to "evolve". But why do they have to lose the essence of who they are in the process? It is probably like asking "why is the sky blue?"..but geewhizz!  People start hating, building walls, shutting doors, burning bridges all in the name of personal growth..eff that!  I say that with genuine frustration at what I see! Contrary to how people nowadays are raised to believe, life is NOT one big chess game!  Not everybody has to have an immediate "purpose" or "use" in life to be appreciated!. 

Just effing breathe the air, chill, share a laugh!   None of us are on this planet all that long, so all we're doing is sharing a moment in time and a piece of the same path, that's all I know!  In stressful times, no matter how hard, even when there is not one person around to bounce thoughts with, I always make myself do something I love to remind myself that THAT is who Donna H is..   No no I'm not getting over serious here,  just sharing a thought.

* I'm still not seeing enough credit given to producers these days..Shame on you self absorbed bighead rappers! Without a good producer YOU are NOTHING!!!! That goes for us singers too!!! Okay granted a GREAT emcee or a poet can do great things without an instrumental behind them or having good production generally..but that is another story.  Give credit where credit is DUE!

* I feel bad for the good indie producers out there, the skilled emcees and singers about their business. There are so many bad ones throwing their work around..its like the flowers can't rise above the weeds that are choking the garden. People want to be creative..good..but learn and perfect your craft or you too are slinging another weed seed in the mix. Please..use your ears. Just because it came from your own precious hands and you love you, doesn't mean its great or that you should be inflicting our ears and senses with it.

* I just had this insane analogy, inspired by a post I just saw. We all feel like giving up at times, especially when everybody disappears and u feel like u are alone and it seems like things are falling apart..Some bail out, unable to see anything reassuring outside their window any more..Maybe that's the point when we have reached the end of the runway and think its all over. When the ground is most bumpy, the plane is shaking, you're thrown back in your seat and feeling weird and apprehensive like 'tonite u gon die'..maybe that's the point the wheels are going up and u are about to actually start getting off the ground... #EarlyMorningThoughts

* ..Can we please see more eye contact and crowd interaction from the stage please? After all, they are there to see you..see them too!  It's not just about remembering the words!

* When I listen back do I hear imperfections? Aalways. Do I appreciate my own tracks? Without a doubt! Unless an artist listens to him/herself and appreciates the good with the "could be improved", and learns to take criticism as well as be SELF critical..they will not grow. I have heard too many artists say they don't like listening to their own work!  How can you expect others to??! Artists..keep working..keep growing..keep listening..peace! 

* Another sleepless night, I stumbled sleepily into the kitchen this morning,  turned the kettle on,  poured the cheerios into the bowl, opened the refrigerator door and was reaching in for the milk when a great rhyme wandered thru my brain..since I have terrible short term memory issues at times, especially when i'm half asleep, i dropped what i was doing and got it down..What's up with these rhymes coming out of the blue lately?? Not complaining but this latest run has been unexpected. Got to go with it tho. I called my daughter to read out to her what I had (in my very groggy, sleepy voice) and she beamed. That girl is the best for putting up with my random moments of inspiration.. And if she likes something she likes it, if she doesn't,  she has been known to get up and walk away.. ( Lol..True Capricorn spirit.)

"Love" should never be an expectation, end goal of any human, mental, physical or sexual connection, should not be that thing you wistfully search the ends of the earth for..That thing which you search for is inside you already and if you even subconsciously withhold it from yourself for whatever reason, you will not know how to or be able to shift it outward to family, friends, or a life companion. Too many people mistake lust for love. Lust is like a firework that you light and turns out to be either a dud or a beautiful explosion..but eventually spends itself..Love is an affection that comes from one place only..right in the middle of your chest, and is designed to last..It comes from the deeper place, like when you hear a dope know where it hits you? yup, it starts right there..But its yours, nobody can take that..if you choose to share your heart with somebody who you feel connected with mentally and maybe even lustfully, it CAN happen if that person feels the connectivity and is open to it..but its never a given. You can't force the realness of connection like that. Its not the end of the world to continue to love yourself without chasing the rainbow, or the shooting star. It's not a "right", you can't demand it from share yours because you have enough TO share, with friends, family and maybe even that one significant other who shares theirs too. If not, hey..just remember YOU are covered..nobody can take away the essence of what's in your own heart. And its your job to keep that growing. #RANDOMTHOUGHTS

* To achieve a dream u have to make some sacrifices..some things gained, some things lost..when u make the plan, if it is worth the losses to get to the goal, then this dream is something u were destined to pursue..if u have to question its worth, don't even set out on the path, u will regret it.

* Walk with me on this one. I had the visuals this morning of a dog with its ears up, alert, nose twitching..watching 'the man' with the stick held out, eager, tongue lolling out as he says 'D'you want it girl? Get ready..Get ready..D'you want this? Do you? How bad u want it?' Dog is jumping around excited, tongue hanging out with anticipation."Yeayeayea I want it..Lemme get it..Throw the stick boss!. There's other dogs around but I'm goin' for it! Throw the stick boss..throw it!" But dude is just playing like hes throwing. The dog takes off running, then looks over shoulder to see the man laughing with the stick in hand and the other dogs watching while all running off in the other direction. That is how I feel when mofos are like.."Yea yea I want to work with you..I GOT you..Wait for it..Wait for it..It's coming"..and then..they drop the ball......

* You can spend months promoting yourself and track, pay a street team to push it, an internet station to play it, hire a manager, get the sexiest models to pose with you for promo shots, get your face seen in all the right places..but at the end of the day if your ish is's bad and nothing is going to dress that up..NOTHING!

Here's something that many don't "get".  Progress, success and forward movement is not an age thing..its a mind thing. Some never get the mental gears working in the right direction at all. Some spend a lifetime trying to get into first gear by fighting so HARD against their own engine(uity)

* However I break down truth for you..however I speak it, write it, rap it or sing it...whether I hold your hands and look in your eyes while we speak or yell it with fists banging on the table...If u build a wall against either me personally or the message itself.. NOTHING that I could tell you will reach your thought processes..not even to add your own thoughts or ask questions. This is what is fostering a nation of communication phobics. Open and use your mind, you never know what u can gain from listening..

* To all those who interpret humor as negativity...go lock yourself in a dark closet immediately and think about your life. Go it now!

* FaCT..I have heard 50 times more talent and skill in certain ppl who ended up giving up thru lack of true supporters, than I have heard from so many of you disgustingly bad artists with a multitude of followers. Put that in your kush pipe and smoke it. I speak truth.

* Revelation: Why women often don't get along with each other: Ladies you know its true..sisterhood is sadly turning into a myth, especially when our menfolk become an issue in the mix.  I have seen it with my own eyes, experienced it firsthand. OK, who really wants to 'share' one man unless you are part of a harem blah blah.. So when a good woman falls in love she expects her man not to share his body. Why is it then, that other women will be more attracted to a man as soon as he has a wife or girlfriend and be driven to lure him away???? Why will she say one thing to the woman, a whole other thing to the man KNOWING she would fkk with him the minute he shows that his hormones are ruling his head?  Why does she want to feel like she is better than the other woman by getting his sexual attention? And after a break up, caused by a woman showing by action 'oh i have him now, I can relax and treat him/talk to him any way I want' I have had women try to get their ex back thru me knowing I am that man's friend..yeaa its happened multiple times, trust me. There is more dishonesty and underhandedness in women than men.  Men can play games, but women are worse..ladies can be just plain hateful.  Respect is the key.

* if regular communication by enough ppl across the globe was able to be converted into energy, but only if there was passion behind it, the vibrations of which were able to be converted somehow and utilized to create 'natural electricity'..would the world go dim and lose power? or would the importance of knowing communication was necessary to keep things moving cause the world to be more aware and more expressive..#TheRandomThoughtsOfAnImaginativeOverthinker

* Last random thought of the day..battery is dying. If you have good knowlege of music history, production or engineering skills, singing, rapping, business or any other skill and you see someone around you asking questions or obviously hungry to learn..or you have those around you that would benefit from a knowledge you possess..TEACH THEM..its your duty to start or strengthen the chain and believe me at some point you will really make an impact on somebodys life and future.

* Im really not a fan of conditional friendships or relationships etc..ever notice how ppl are only cool with you, communicative and respectful while they are using you for something? What happn to genuine appreciation just bcs you are on the same planet breathing the same air and like similar things? Life is messed up sometimes..this is one of those things that i doubt will ever compute with me. :-\

* i have never known a country that spouts 'God' so much yet acts so not sayin words are an artist, i kno better..words are powerful! talkin about how u treat ppl, how u treat u live your life..think on that..and dont drown ppl in half hearted piousness u dont live by

* too many predators and not enough sincereity, karma is a muthafukka..seriously..if u go around hurtin ppl it IS gonna come back on u..sadly alll the warning in the world won't help folks if they don't want to see it..and by the time they do, its too late..they only feel what u say when they are the ones hurtin..and when THEY hurt the world is coming to an end!!

* The "problem" with me is I DO know what I want..and if that is not a possibility I choose nothing..NO compromise. If I compromise on what I'm sure of then am I not lying or untrue to myself? I say "problem"..more like a "character quandary"?..or "mental oxymoron"?..or "general retardation"? You fill in the blank lol, I have no idea..Just means I may be eternally stuck between a rock and a hard place with that mindset.


Some people look at their creativity like "do or die", "success or failure" in a given time frame. I have an inability to view either life or the songs I create in that way. The way I envisage it is, its like a garden. You plant it, water it, give it love and attention. Some seeds of course, don't grow at all. Some are planted and grow a little, then go no further. Some seeds sit there and look as if they are not growing, but spring up unexpectedly when the climate changes. 

To my mind nothing you do with love and passion is ever "wasted". A wise man used to say "It's not new to us, but its new to someone who hasn't heard it". You have to ask yourself WHY you are creative, WHAT you expect to achieve from it and HOW you view your results. As for me, I am not driven by the thought of super stardom, multi millions etc etc..that's not my steez. I see so many out there right now scratching heads, looking confused, asking "then why????".. 

Put it another way..when you go to a party, or clubbing or out to celebrate a special event, isn't it more fun to get up and dance and laugh, feel good and share the "feel goodness?" Isn't it awesome when people are laughing and vibing and having fun WITH you? 

I don't need to be the center of the world, center of attention, praised and celebrated etc. But i do love sharing a musical reflection, expression, vibe, feeling..the energy that only i can bring to the table that goes wayyy beyond imitation and comes from a unique and individual place or may even be from a collective thought process in which people inspire and encourage each other to dig deeper. THAT is what drives me. The results. First and foremost, it is my high, my vice, my therapalizing, my sensual, sensory fulfillment. 
The dream, the ever driving vision is people enjoying and appreciating what they hear too. If what comes from inside me touches, moves or excites etc somebody else, or means something to them in some way, whether it is immediately after the song comes out or fifteen years down the line..then my garden will never have been planted in vain. 

Even when you take time to step back and just water the plants and appreciate the results..even if you choose to never plant another seed and long after you are gone, the garden will still be there. That my garden will be discovered either now or the distant future and appreciated for what it is..that is my vision. 



*  RANDOM MORNING THOUGHT: One of my biggest upsets or distresses in life is being misunderstood, UNheard or misinterpreted. Do not read between my lines but do listen or pay attention..focus on what is said..comprehend the essence of the concept. The words are thoughts coming str8 from my mind tap..You are welcome to question the thoughts, challenge them, correct them if you feel its needed..i won't hate for that..i might be enlightened..or you might..hopefully we both will! But engage and involve yourself and see where it goes. Communication improves the more you use it..Its something that must be exercised and encouraged, not shot down in others..keep an open mind..Do you realize that you should take something away from each conversation so that you have at least one more topic (NOT gossip..but a gained understanding, theory, something learned etc) you could potentially have for conversation with somebody else? Or even with the same person/people at a different time with a fresh approach. I'm still growing. "Undiluted thoughts without beration, hesitation or premeditation, clears air/ tunes the mind like meditation/heals mental dis-ease like medication." - MofoHari

 ‪*  #‎RandomThought:  People often tell me that I always know the 'right thing' to say, which is actually not true. Truth is, sometimes i'm like a bull in a china shop with words and thoughts. Sometimes  I don't express myself right or say 'the wrong thing' and make shit worse. Some days I don't hold back when I should have stfu and other days should have spoken up when I just couldn't find the words at all. There's days i stammer and stutter and can't get a verbal sentence out of my mouth. Then again there's days when I can speak better verbally than thru type. It just depends on the day, the mood, the issue, the depth of passion or wanting to get thru etc etc..a lot of stuff. But hey, if somebody wants to hear and understand they can either ask questions (NOT, I repeat NOTTTTT 'huh'..*achmed the dead terrorist voice..I KEEL YOUU) or use their mind and decipher the words. We are all humans on this planet..figure it out..its called communication. Whether somebody chooses to comprehend is pretty much on how much they WANT to.
*  'They' always say never let them see you sweat. I don't mind if you do. It means 1) I'm working, 2) I'm human and 3) I'm not letting it stop me. Watch me work thru it.
*  It seems to me that independent artists never seem to get the balance right. You get some that promote 24/7 but never get any work done, others who live in the studio but you never seem to see or hear any work out of them. Some you can't wake up to collab, or respond to a collab request, or communicate with people they ARE theoretically collab'ing with. Guess it's a lot to do with a blend of time management, enthusiasm and common sense. But people don't have it in themselves any more, or 'the will' to plan the process and use the powers of communication effectively. In fact I have found people run from the communication part. YES IT'S let me stick to the main point..for now..which is.. If you are an independent artist, it is better if you have a team you can trust to pass the baton around and cover more ground, as long as everybody knows what they're doing and on the same mission. If you don't have a team its even more important to have a PLAN and cover all the ground yourself..every step is equally as important.
*  I wish i was a millionaire, or at least had a wad of money I didn't need just for survival. I would, hand on heart, use it to pull the best team ever together to help promote artists that were worthy! BUT since folks don't like helping people set up so they can help THEM, I'm on my own with the dream *looks over shoulder and sees nobody to grab the baton.
*  Ever opened your mouth and the most inappropriate ish came out?..Like stuff you said just playing and sounded great in your mind but made people suck their teeth or give you one of those pregnant pauses like..huh?...I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed sometimes, even if I do have a philosophical mind *shrugs..I try. Like the song says 'I'm just a soul who's intentions are good..oh lawd, please don't let me be mis-understood'..and on that note..WeOouttt
*  The world is too geared toward 'disposable relationships'. I have more respect for my grandparents who were married until 'death do us part'. There may have been times they wanted to choke each other but they took the trouble to communicate and sort things out before they got out of control. Apparently it was a 'formula' that worked because they were together 70 years.
*  Even happy people have their moments of gloom. It usually hits me either when the bullshit level delivered by smiling faces gets up to eye level, or in moments when I have to reassess somebody else's truth, in terms of how it effects mine.
*  Ladies, you might be able to GET "his" attention with your p***y, but "that" alone won't keep it.  It takes a little more than that. (~Gets cross ready, hands nails over, holds arms out..I don't even care, its how i feel~)  'Loving/fighting for your man at all costs' isn't enough. If he's not ready/able to see/feel YOU above the crowd, then it just ain't gon' happen no matter what you think or feel. Let it go. Love yourself. YOU are worth gold dust.


(as appeared in MPowerMint

All that we have and all that we are on this planet is temporary including our "outer shells". Our heritage, genetics, appearance, family, level of wealth we are born or adopted into, place of birth, year of birth, surroundings..even if it was all preordained or preplanned before we get here and not a lottery of chance as I believe, much of it is still very largely influenced by free will and basically how the winds of fortune blow. So i quietly sit back and observe the 'me and mine' and the 'us and them' mentality of the world..the frantic scrambling for 'something' whether it is recognition for the beauty of an outer shell, the growth of mental knowledge, power, money, striving for a bigger piece of pie, fighting for equality, whether it be for race or sexual preference or gender, drug rights, human, animal, government, state or country, legal rights etc etc. The bottom line is this. When we leave this planet, all of "that" will not be taken with us. The significance of anything in this world you find important will no longer be a factor. "There must be more to it", you say..and you would be right to question my concepts. Perspective is everything.
My talented sisters, I believe that ultimately, what we need to be focusing on is fulfillment of our deeper purpose. Only you, by fostering awareness, love and knowledge of self, will know exactly what that specific inner drive or purpose may be. "Purpose" is that thing that makes your eyes sparkle, heart beat faster, breathes life into your very being. That's what I'm talking about. THAT is what we take with us. We take with us the final development and attitude. We owe it to ourselves to expand our minds..our skills..our talents..our gifts. I'll say it again..GIFTS, because that is what they are! They are also our "life tools". THOSE are what we share, pass on, touch others with, leave behind long after we leave this earth. What all this leads to is, we must ensure that we spend quality time honing those things which we can leave others when we go, so that it can ripple for eternity.
Yes we do all have that ability and power in various formats. The mind we are given can achieve so much more than we often believe it can! I know you have heard the analogy before, that the body is the vehicle, the mind is the driver. You only have X amount of time on this earth to learn your lessons, so do what you can first and foremost for self fulfillment, but also to leave behind your legacy for others. Ultimately, you owe it to yourself and to all of us to build, grow, use and share those talents. Specifically to my mind, art and music is a universal language that goes on forever. If your passion is literary composition, literature and swriting in general can be translated in any language and reach multitudes.The written word is eternal. WHATEVER your strength, your passion, your heart, your talent may be..use it, share it..get it out there! That is your everlasting calling card, the part of yourself that goes on forever. - MofoHari 


* Sometimes people you barely know want you to be a little too "Upclose and Personal"..Not everybody needs or deserves to know everything! Communication is communication but stripping your soul bare to every stranger? For that they have to dig into the music archives and no other type of ear bending etc. Even people you are close to can know every detail of you and still walk away, and your thought pearls become insignificant to one must learn to discern who to trust with the jewels of your heart and mind..or as the bible says.."Don't cast your pearls before swine"..its actually a very good philosophy to live by..

* I have had a realization that whatever faith, spiritual preferences, walk of life, culture, race, sex or situation in life, if our intentions are pure and hearts and minds are right then we have a common denominator, and the same inner light at the core with which to do some good.

* Can't sleep..the thought drifting thru my semi conscious brain is that continuity, loyalty and consistency in humans are becoming lost elements of human nature. Is that evolution gone wrong? Or is there something seriously wrong in how people relate with each other? We live in a 'disposable' era, i.e. "tired of a friend//lover/relationship etc? get rid of em and move on!" What happened to "communication"?!?  What happened to working thru problems before "giving up" on people??!  The divorce rate is significant of all of the above but I see it all around me and in my own circle..and to my mind its a horrible shame. People need to swallow pride sometimes and mend fences before burning bridges. I'm talking about family, relationships, friendships, business relationships..everything...#PlanetEarthIsInTheThroesOfAnIceAge

* I was having a discussion with somebody yesterday. This person made the point that because of technology being what it is, there is a music overload nowdays. People are surrounded with it. Yea we all love music but its SO available everywhere we turn online..internet radio, podcast sites, mp3 players, music sites upon sites upon sites, so many new and established artists falling out of the sky all over us, that it takes away the urgency, the 'specialness' of taking time out to listen to a show. S/N interjected thought..unless you have specific followers or are there to hear a favorite radio personality?..What are your thoughts? 

* A true friend, while respecting surface needs in people they care about, does NOT give in to dumb requests or co sign addictions..but if push came to shove they would be there if REALLY needed. It seems to me that people over here would rather chase around after strangers than show love to a friend. So many seem to be about "using", not just appreciating the air that each other breathes and sharing some time now and then.

* Why do all the best guys go after the worst women..over and over again?? If you are a woman/friend who sees it happen and say something, you are (according to the world) a) after him yourself b) a typical woman who does not want to see anybody happy except for herself or c) a retarded bitch who cant mind her business. The same responses hold true if a female/friend sees her friend messing up and tells her she needs to straighten up/treat her man right! So NO..let him have his moment of joy. When the clouds of lust dust settle maybe they will both grow up and get it right. 

I love seeing folks happy, especially people I care about. Funny how you can sit on the sideline and watch friends, family, acquaintances pairing up, breaking up, remarrying, having babies..gazing into each other's eyes all romantical..(im just a sucka for luuuvvv..haha)..But I am also secure in the knowledge that while I may be the loneliest human on the planet, I'm the one with the focus, seeing their soft sunsets and violins, brick walls, bittersweetness etc, that in their love-blindedness, they are stumbling toward with eyes only for each other. It's alllll a part of life's evolution. I can just sit here and use the material in my work lol..(a toast to folks in love..raises glass and swigs)

* Be "hands on" with your man ladies. If he wants you with him or around him GO! Stop the selfish attitude. Trust me there are so many ladies prettier, sexier, younger than you who will be MORE than glad for the chance to take your place when you show disinterest. IF YOU START TAKING HIM FOR GRANTED YOU BETTER PLAN TO BE SINGLE! Men, don't sit there looking like you have no part in this! If you want her around you, pay attention to her, let her know she is ALL woman to you!

Food for thought: You may have a dream but be very may be JUST "your" dream!  If this is not your true destiny you can dream, strive, hustle, push, grind, struggle, believe and "never give up" as long and as hard as you want but it will never happen. What we need to do is make sure we are connected spiritually and that this dream is for the greater good..if can forget will be spinning your wheels eternally.

* As an independent singer, relatively unknown, I feel a little like the keeper of the golden key, having just peeped thru the numbers locked in my cellphone. Some of the most most recognized names in the industry, and some of the most creative people I've ever had the honor to connect with are listed there. Then I started dreaming. Wouldn't it be perfect if all those names, all those minds, all those skills were together in one place for one insanely awesome music and discussion session??..imagine!!!!!

Racism in any culture is blatant ignorance and an inability to rationalize..makes about as much sense as saying lets eliminate anyone wearing will no longer be tolerated..all shades of green are evil...the world, instead of respecting and embracing the creation of mankind which was purposefully made as it is, is becoming like the starving snake who swallows itself slowly..too much hate..way too much..i will be glad when my time comes..i find all the disrespect of humanity intolerable.

Ladies..somewhere in time females were led to believe being a bitch with attitude was womanly and made us more respected..wrong..It is only a protective barrier that makes women look less appealing and more ignorant. Men are likely to see you as a conquest rather than a proud woman. Be real but lets bring our true femininity back to womanhood..

* If I had enough time, money and strength I would single-handedly promote and support every artist, producer, radio team or organization who has a heart and mind to make a difference to this music of ours..but it takes support to give support. If you want it, you must give it back. That is how it is.


Once upon a time we were all on soundclick. Now for those of you new round heah, sc was fun..everybody loved networking, with a capital F! Ohkay..then we all migrated gradually to MySpace..Tom welcomed us all with open arms..We still networked, collab'd, shared..not quiiiiite as freely and regularly but yea we did..and it was easy to find people from all over the world! Woo awesome..but somewhere along the line somebody said "hey! have you heard about Facebook? THAT is the place to be!"

SO we allllll gradually migrated yet again..We started out networking like crazy, being professional, sharing thoughts, music and connecting..Then sooomewhere along the line..we started telling life stories, reporting deaths, tragedies, traumas, suicide notions..wanting personal attention, hitting on each other, sharing headless corpses and racial hating..ehm..Maybe its just the folks I added? idk..All i know is that in the early days there sure wasn't all this aww babyy booo boooo going on..IT WAS A PLACE FOR PROFESSIONAL NETWORKING!

Are there any sites left who network and keep it 100!? Maybe the internet is choking itself to death..seems to have kinda lost its way...

POWER TO CAREER SEEKERS - Wake Up And Get It Right Employers!   by MofoHari

HR Managers or those responsible for hiring staff need to realize that the application process needs to be handled in a manner more commensurate with the current job market. Yes of course YOU want the best candidate for the job. YOU want to make sure you have all the relevant information you can obtain about each applicant. That is highly UNDERSTANDABLE. However, try and view the entire procedure through the eyes of the applicants. Doing so may open your eyes and do you a favor. Read on!

These times are such that careers are pretty much a dust. Jobs that are anywhere near relating to specific interests or anything studied for are few and far between. Therefore employment seekers must, like chickens in a barnyard, pick at every speck of corn they can whether they truly want "that" position or not.

Applicants must lie, act like yours is the PERFECT position just MADE for them when they could possibly (at least initially) care less about your product/service/organization. That's not to say they wouldn't roll up their sleeves and be the best employee you ever had!!! Its not to say they are not perfectly qualified. They could be exactly what your business needs! They may have just that "missing piece" of the puzzle you have been needing. They may have something wonderful to bring to the table! 

Keep in mind that most applicants have rent/mortgages to pay for, children to feed, bills to pay and NEED to's not a game! They will do whatever needs to be done to the best of their ability when a door is opened. Most will be prepared to work..and work hard!

It must be understood that resumes and applications are being strewn out far and wide..daily. So when you ask for the resume, standardized application form, cover letter, several paragraphs on why they are the best candidate, plus psychometric testing, references and full background check before you even decide to interview, you are alienating/eliminating quality applicants simply by your adding to the already stressful application processes that employment seekers are forced to endure day after day, week after week regardless of qualifications. 

Hit applicants with everything you need when you interview them by all means, but if you can't start with a simple resume and cover letter, decide who has qualifications you need and go from there, you are just throwing in pointless red tape and extra headaches all around. Pedanticism and excessively detailed Protocol goeth before a are less likely to get the best candidate!


**Relax, I'm not suicidal! This is something I wrote a couple of years ago following a nightmare I'd had, so I turned it into a contemplation piece. This, my friends and frienemies, is why some dreams must remain eternally hidden. #HiddenDreamz **

That ole nightmare keeps popping up its ugly head..the one where I am standing alone, awareness fading in with the bright, unwelcome spotlight asking myself "Am I on this fucking stage by myself..again?" I scream to a faceless, silent audience.."this is not what I wasn't suppose to be like this"..I desperately try to identify a face among the crowd of strangers, searching for any face that is recognizable and speak the lines to them directly. I tell them earnestly, shaking my head sadly, "I didn't make this happen..not this..I will not be blamed".."All of the many people who made promises, faded and flaked did, those that hmm'd and wellll'd and fussed and dithered and argued..and I could not wake up the sleepers, the doubters, the drifters, the overly sensitive and the I suffer every day of my life because I could not make "them" or "you" or anyone else that should have been alert, understand that without them there is no play". 

I stand still while my voice echoes and bounces back to me across the theater..No guilt is registered by those that should..Not even a murmur of understanding or acknowledgement can be heard..Throughout the theater a pin could drop and it would have been clearly audible. Within this imagery I am an individual character that is forced to play multiple roles, so I change hats to become narrator and, in a hushed voice tell the audience (though whether they are attentive or sleeping is unclear), "I once knew and was confident in what I wanted and where I was going. I had a goal, direction, knew how I was going to get there and with whom. Now my hands are tired from carrying the baton, my wrists are bruised from being tied so tight, and I sometimes feel like I will explode".

In this nightmare of mine, the audience and those who should have been in the cast rise up at that very moment, as if by following directions on some cue card beyond my view, and single file out of the theater. They go about their day like everything is wonderful while I stand there ad libbing like a fool..Waking up just makes you feel heavy and burdened with it all..I just want to lock my door, make some music and forget who, where, what or how “I” am..Yea it works like alcohol, like smoking the best kush etc and kickin’ back. "Home is where you hang your hat" I keep being told. Yea yea I know, I know, but I don't wear a hat. Am I supposed to hang myself instead..? (on the hook where the hat goes i mean..not literally..calm down.)  Where did my beautiful dream go?  How did it become such a horrible nightmare overnight?


*  Sometimes I wish I was in a position of political power in the US..There would be some SERIOUS transformations. Firstly in hiring practices, employee rights and unions. Attitudes of social services and positions of power over people who are actively seeking to get on their feet would be closely monitored. If i was president i would make it illegal to rip benefits out from under the feet of deserving/needy families or disabled people. Finally, I would most definitely crack down with SEVERE punishment for officers of the law who are found to be misusing or abusing their position, through unnecessary violence, terrorism, racism or sexual or any other type of abuse. ‪#‎HiddenDreamz

*  Whatever you do in life, whatever makes you happy,  whatever reminds you that you breathe and gives you purpose to breathe..DO that ish and do it as big, as great and with as much love and passion as the tools inside and outside of you will allow. Don't be all about it, don't waste it and don't doubt yourself or your instincts. If you are different to everyone around you or you don't have anyone to understand where your mind it may be ahead or your time, they may be sleeping, hating or just haven't had a chance to check out what you you will NEVER be to everyone's taste anyway no matter what you do. But ultimately you have to love who you are and what you are doing, and your reasons for doing it must be ultimately FOR YOU..not talking selfishly, i'm talking about that thing that makes you whole..that connects you with yourself..that plugs you into that inner electricity and moves you forward with self awareness..that. Do that ish..just do it! I slept fitfully for the little time that i could sleep..and a kind of weird revelation came into my semi dreaming brain, that life is nothing but a classroom. Some of us drop out..some of us get taken out of school early..some of us grumble thru every lesson and don't learn a damn thing. But wherever we walk or go in our lessons, it is all timed to perfection..we move on and somebody else steps into that class or has the same lesson. Time marches on..we need to take the lessons and keep it moving. Where we walk right now, another generation will follow, another class will learn, another human will be enlightened etc etc.. Just learn and teach..appreciate and absorb.     

 *  Artists..It makes me lmdao every time I see any of you throw out the classic line..i do this for u..i guess u haven't learned yet..nooobody me..self sacrifice is just that..nada martyr you..cut it out. Unless you can hold your hand up and name is ___ and i am addicted to making music, i will not believe a word you say. Do it for you, because you want, need and are driven to..if not you will end up crushed, with ego destroyed and feeling very alone. So like i said..admit it to yourself for yourself..and no more sacrifices or martyrdom..the internet is a collective will happily shit you right out without even digesting you. Lol

*  People really have lost their sense of humor..I can find a facial or vocal expression, or a stupid voice hilarious; a dialogue between people that wasn't intended to be funny originally, but just the way it pans out can tickle me ridiculous..and when the rest of the room goes quiet, to me that makes it even funnier..And sometimes, because i'm super retarded and sometimes a little slow on the uptake, i can find something funny, but then when it's explained further its like duhh ohhhshittt and makes me not only laugh at the joke but at myself for not completely getting it the first time..Shoot, nothing beats the humor of the retardation of self and and stupidity of life and others..if you can't laugh at the absurd, witty, backhanded sarcasm, the outrageous..or even just life on this planet in general, you're in big trouble.

*  Speaking of all the voices hollering about artists needing a budget and whatnot..and this is why i have to do it all myself...we are 'required' to pay for performance slots, mix tape slots, instrumentals, studio time, engineering, mastering, photo shoots, music videos, promotion, sample clearance...and on and on and on..just to get ourselves heard? and if you want a tour? uh..yea..and you wonder why there's so many starving artists? riiiiiiiiighhttt.

*  Sometimes I just get bored as hell of facebook's 'dearly beloved' piousness..take your mask off once in awhile and show us how you REALLY feel...*taps on your chest and puts a glass against it..are u breathing? or are you a tape recording of fb statuses you have collected? (..getting ready for you to self destruct..any

*  Wouldn't it be awesome if the people we like, wanted to work or be with, felt the same way about us 100% of the time? since that just will never ever be the case, your circle of friends or individual relationships must at least be worthy of those emotions or energy you give them..if not, then we are projecting a useful part of ourselves onto a brick wall, expecting it to yield fruit - mofohari

*  #Confession - i have learned that sometimes i NEED to sharpen my tone, even in writing to get people to pick their heads up and hear the message, which is always from the heart..if i speak it lovingly or softly people may coo back at me but the message is LOST on the wind immediately..if i make you mad, if i make you turn your back on me for a hot least it means you listened, even if your emo-tions caused you to shut down on the messenger.

*  I woke up with the intro of Queen Latifah's "Just Another Day" going thru my brain on loop... S/N I was just looking for some specific info and ran across this "Dana Elaine Owens, professionally known by her stage name Queen Latifah, is an American singer, songwriter, rapper, actress, model, television producer, record producer, comedienne, and talk show host." Read that..and absorb. At some point near the "beginning" of her career I can imagine there were MANY who shoved a hat on her head intending for her to stay right where she was. But did she? HELLLLL NOOO..LOOK AT THE RESULTS OF SPREADING YOUR WINGS AND TRYING DIFFERENT THINGS..FOLLOWING YOUR HEART AND EXTENDING YOUR ABILITIES IS EVERYTHING. I totally admire Queen Latifah 's spirit. Never be held down with somebody else's peg, like an insect in a "beautiful bug" collection..we are all made with different components, a variety of skills, talents and abilities. If you stick to one you will never know exactly what you are capable of and what area you may even shine in more brightly than others. That is all.. ‪#‎RandomThoughts‬

*  When we are born into this world, the main things we need other than food/water are warmth, comfort, and a little attention from responsible, loving adults..we need is the right of a baby and child to feel safe and protected by those who love them..SAFE!!! SECURE!!! In this world way too many are not afforded that human right..My mom left when i was 7 pregnant with another man's baby..she did not feel she could take care of of course my world turned upside down BUT i had grandparents and a my point is, even when things are messed up for a child there can STILL be nurturing and love..but out there, too many children are being born without a backup system..without any element of discipline or love and cannot feel that security, that unconditional love..and so i reinforce in all of our can take a neighborhood to raise a child..any element of love, genuine care and protection is enough to give a child the roots to grow up with self respect and knowing love in their hearts..S/N My mom went on to rebuild her life..took her thru a lot of hard times but she "grew up" to be a lady i was extremely proud of..she trained, became a nurse and later received awards for her voluntary work with the Red Cross..she was one of the nurses who traveled all over helping victims of 9/11..These are just thoughts passing thru my mind i needed to share today.

*  Just reading of world issues, starving countries, historical insanities and other people's trials puts things in matter how hard times get, no matter how messed up things seem overall...things could be a WHOLE lot i said in my song 'picked up my cross and walked across to listen to the ain't the church that saves your soul its your mind and your spirit..' gotta keep pushing..whining will never get you where u need to be..nobody else can do 'it' for you but you.

   * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


The more I think about it the more despaired I feel, and the more I realize that people that are around me are truly i take a moment to break it down one last time for those who are feeling some kinda way for being cut off and for those who are about to be..let me explain in nursery school language. 

First, it is more and more apparent that we are in a world that maintains an attitude of 'am i my brother's keeper?' and yes that attitude kills spirit, it kills the heart slowly, it kills friendships, it kills potential business relationships..very dangerous indeed. Breaking it down further, for those who have known me (and if you know me as part of a team, you know to what i am referring), how many years have you known 'me'? okay in that period of time presumably we have worked together right? okay, we understand that..and then? ? "and then", you say, "life and time moved me here and there..doing 'things, yadaya no big deal"..but hold on back up!! didn't you skip over something? what did you DO with the work that you did with 'me'? did you promote it? appreciate it? remember it? and alll the times you were asked to do further work together..what happened? did you ignore the requests? did you ignore the requests or laugh it off, or feel it was unimportant? Did you go on to do other projects and ignore those who were anticipating a project with you? Did you look the other way and not check for 'me' or for any work 'i' was putting out? 
OKay hold that forward to present..NOW you are upset because you see signs of movement out the corner of your eye.."oh its you..hey check out my last three projects"..then 'geez whats he/she so upset about, dont even want to hear what ive been doing?' all confused..and then, uncomfortable with this "confusing attitude", you try to make things better by saying 'I haven't seen you doing much lately..Hey send me some beats..or Let's do some work'..then suddenly devastated when you are cut off..

So take it back in your mind..were you there and responsive when asked to be part of somebody's life? When they were actually excited about working with you? No..then I say to had your time to shine and blew it..move on. LUKE 24:5.."Why do you seek the living among the dead." You have killed a spirit by your lack of support yet there is still life to be lived..i may not get to the promised land with you..but I want you to remember these words and say them to yourself.."I have seen the enemy and he is us" - Wake up, learn to be aware, support each other because you..yes each one of us and INCLUDING you may be killing the spirit of some of the greatest talents we have in this world by non support, non communication and unconcern..That is all..and I'm out..PEACE

Support Your (Local) Hip Hop Artists
Posted on February 19, 2013 by DJMrGlass
by Mofo Hari

Support Local Hip Hop

If you were around in the 90′s and early 2000′s, you may remember a time when artists favored specific music sites such as SoundClick (followed by MySpace) to share their work on. They jumped online with anticipation knowing that  traditionally on a certain day of the week, new tracks would be uploaded on the site that day. It was an enjoyable ritual to check out and support each others’  work.  People networked for collaborations..they connected..they gave feedback good and bad..they communicated..they shared the music  of other artists they appreciated! If they heard something they liked and the artist was not in their immediate circle, they often made an effort to connect two or more good artists to see what they would create together. That WAS A MUSIC COMMUNITY in its glory days. 

Another thing to remember is, Hip Hop Artists recorded on ridiculously difficult, often expensive analogue equipment in those days. They had to improvise, teach themselves, be creative..they had