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Once upon a time we were all on Soundclick. Now for those of you new round heah, sc was fun..everybody loved networking, with a capital F! Ohkay..then we all migrated gradually to MySpace..Tom welcomed us all with open arms..We still networked, collab'd, shared..not quiiiiite as freely and regularly but yea we did..and it was easy to find people from all over the world! Woo awesome..but somewhere along the line somebody said "hey! have you heard about Facebook? THAT is the place to be!"

SO we allllll gradually migrated yet again..We started out networking like crazy, being professional, sharing thoughts, music and connecting..Then sooomewhere along the line..we started telling life stories, reporting deaths, tragedies, traumas, suicide notions..wanting personal attention, hitting on each other, sharing headless corpses and racial hating..ehm..Maybe its just the folks I added? idk..All i know is that in the early days there sure wasn't all this aww babyy booo boooo going on..IT WAS A PLACE FOR PROFESSIONAL NETWORKING!

Are there any sites left who network and keep it 100!? Maybe the internet is choking itself to death..seems to have kinda lost its way...


RIVER WALK - September 26, 2016

Finally dropped what I was doing and went for a walk to the river. Sitting here in my spot watching some grey squirrels start to forage, I remain restfully motionless as they pass warily near my feet. They stop to glance to see if I am a threat..Nope!..So they scurry busily on around me. Ducks quacking happily in very low tide are walking rather than swimming. Further out on the river sailboats glide past majestically. The gentle breeze billowing their sails, makes them appear for all the world like those little toy boats we all blew across our bathtubs as children.

Couples walking hand in hand and families pass behind me. Children can be heard chattering excitedly while mom laughs and says "Yesss..we're at the river!" in an amused attempt to mimic the excitement of her child. Wispy clouds overhead look as if an invisible hand is creating some grand oil painting as they shift and change shape and intermingle with the dark tones and shades of a dull grey sky. As the breeze increases, it momentarily sends a chilly gust across my face, reminding me why I'd worn my blue "It's a Donna Thing..You Wouldn't Understand" hoodie.

Intriguingly, the leaves on the ground all up and down the river are brown and I think to myself how beautiful it will be here in a month or so when the falling leaves will be in full glory with reds, golds and oranges! It looks amazing in the heart of autumn!

The fishy swampish smell does not detract from the overall ambiance, while the faint sound of an ice cream truck's heralding tune somewhere in the distance adds to the unique blend of nature and city life. The environment is strangely contrasting, yet there is perfection in this spirituality/reality combination. Peace surrounds me here and I know I will soon have to leave and return to "responsibilities"..but at this moment I feel invisible and invincible.



There is going to come a time when I will have to leave this planet. Earth is just one big "Fawlty Towers" (look it up if you don't know)..Meaning our stay here is temporary and we always must pay our dues while we're here. Some of us get long stay passes and others not so long. So whatever time we're booked in for, we are not allowed to take it, or the ppl we resonate or connect with, for granted. Because in this great residential school we will not only face many tests but be put in a position to make an impact on somebody, help them through a test, lighten an atmosphere, leave a footprint or receive some guidance from somebody else who has already passed a particular test. 

Where am I going with this? I guess it boils down to..Appreciate and be aware of who and what you have around you. There's reasons for everything. Learn from each other what you can, because they have their own lessons and journeys further on down the line and you may not be part of that path. Or vice versa. It's not always about what you want to happen but about accepting what is meant to happen. 



Forgive Me but I refuse to remember tragedy dates, death dates, sad dates of any kind. Humans just looove dwelling on all that and today is no exception. Focus on making changes, supporting the living in the here and now and showing each other love, support and respect while we can!

NOW is what we have.."NOW" is the clay that is in our hands. Are we just going to stare at it and look at the unformed lump? Are we going to cry, wail, get dramatic because it is not shaping itself? Or because mom or dad etc is not around to show u how to work that clay? Are you going to dramatically declare all the horrors of the world and stare in sorrow at the unformed mass in your hands?

Respecting those we care about or those lost in tragedy is a given. My mom (RIP) worked her butt off helping as a nurse with the Red Cross. She traveled where needed and worked hard! But we need to wake up and celebrate, contemplate and participate in LIFE..celebrate birthdays, highlights, great moments, happy memories, survival, people who matter to us, victories, forward movement and personal and collective accomplishments/ achievements (past and present)..I know I will more than likely be shot for my thoughts (no rhyme intended) but that is exactly what they are.



Funny Thing About Life: You could move heaven and earth for people, do anything and everything without asking, never running to them to say "Hey I did this..and this..and this" because you did what you did/do what you do out of belief in or appreciation of them and thinking maybe some good can come out of any actions. Like maybe you can wake other people up to whatever it is that is exciting you about "them" etc.  You may have set aside what you were doing when people wanted to talk. You may have taken time to share inspiration, ideas, thoughts to set some creative pistons off pumping. You may have dropped everything to jump on board to assist when "all hands on deck" was called for. Whatever the case may be you did/do it gladly and freely.

Yet allll the time you were/are in a lane created by individuals or groups ..moved there and there according to their need or lack of.  Eventually you may look around and wonder "Wha’ happen?..Where'd they go?" So you check for them.."..Hey how's things..everything good?" And they squint, head to one side like.."Who are you again??" Or they may not respond at all, as if you have done something wrong, when the reality is they have simply moved on, playing new games with new rules and new players, and you don't fit in! Their focus is on their moves. Hey that's reality! Lol! Yes it is!

The lesson here is to Love and Honor your own needs first, nobody else truly cares!  Either you can be leaned on, used or you are a rival to many (according to practical experience lessons learned so far).  Always remember you are eternally expendable in the life of other humans. The lesson is to embrace everybody who breathes the air with you and appreciate them in the moment. You never know how long they will be walking with you!

As for Me? I'm just here to make music. Whatever you think you see or imagine that I am, the truth is I am in competition with nobody and can play in my sandbox happily.  NOTHING is "do or die" to me at this stage in my existence. Nothing matters so much that I would even be remotely tempted to step on heads, use people or compete as if my life depended on it. I just share pieces of my life with good people who have a little hunger, passion, and humor. I give my time, mind, thoughts and inspiration when the vibes and the connections are right and “let go” in places where I no longer am needed or fit in with what they want, need or envision.
But I will say from the heart, I do not forget those who help me in life! And folks are never a pawn in my game since I refuse to play them. I just do (whatever it is I may do) because it is who I AM. My only "plan" is to breathe as long as possible, be creative, experience what is for me to experience and enjoy the ride. Remember L.I.F.E. (Learning Is Finding Everything)



I know I'm crazy can I put this?  As somebody who writes poetry and lyrics I often write about love, sex and non love with simple straight forward lyrics and a lot of metaphor. I write a lot about made up stories, writing about people that I have met and personal experiences. But of all the things written over the years my favorites by far are the ones that reflect what I'm feeling. Let me repeat..WHAT I AM FEELING, SEEING OR EXPERIENCING (past and present tense) pulling it out and holding it up to the light for illumination and therapalization..and really? very VERY few of those have actually been recorded, although I have folders and folders of written material. So basically I don't mean to be hypocritical when saying that I see a lot of the same subject matter by rappers, emcees and singers. It is great when it's done with style.

But I really respect and value the type of songs like my people have done! Some are just lines strung together but say so much in the expressing of those lines. Those lines can make an unnnbelievable impact if you listen and feel!  There is a special appreciation for producers who create beats that say volumes without even having a voice on them. I know I'm rambling a little here, but as an artist who will always be working toward personal improvement, I contemplate a lot.

As a singer, I need to find a way to SING some of those deeper thoughts. Nottt necessarily dark or depressing stuff, just the realness of experiences. There are volumes of (as of yet) unwritten lyrics just sitting in my head. The hope is to get some of them out before I leave this planet.  There is also within me a hunger to hear more from other artists like "that"..  So artists, we need to unleash the mind and see what we can find!  And um..if that line has been stolen,  I have no idea where it came from lol.  As far as I'm aware, its original..but who knows?



In my observation one of the greatest disservices ppl on fb do for themselves (and yes i too fall into this box from time to time and shut the lid on myself), is to convince themselves and truly believe they are right, that what they have, their services, what they do, what they bring to the table, who they are, why they are here, their passions etc should or must bring instant, enthusiastic, passionate responses..Not now but RIGHT NOW. When such is not immediately forthcoming, they feel betrayed, let down, disheartened, despondent..ready to throw in the towel. 

You have a specific time frame? Good for you. The universe LAUGHS at time scales. If you breathe, relax, appreciate the journey, the universe will work with you. You start fighting the lessons, the path, the reasons..i swear to you Life and The Universe will KNOCK YOUR ASS TO YOUR KNEES AND HOLD YOU IN A HEADLOCK. Get off your high horse. Have no expectations..especially on facebook. 

Everybody here is fighting for a living, working, supporting families, dealing with life issues. Nobody is here to babysit you, your mission in life, to pander to your ego, your time scale, jump when you say listen, read, observe..or shout "Look At Meeee!"..If you convince yourself they should, you are sadly mistaken..and your next message..brought to you by L.I.F.E. will be.." Go back to the back of the fail this particular test..NEXT!" 

Patience, Self Belief..i said SELF BELIEF..keep honing your skills while spreading your pearls further afield. FB is not the place to expect to gain major success anyway. The majority of us are passionate about our chosen paths. We share the good stuff when we can, support when we can, show love when we can. While trying to keep roofs over our own heads, food in our own children's stomachs. Keep that in mind. We don't always see you. Sorry. Doesn't mean we won't get there. We get there when we get there. Hold up. Don't cut your own throat unnecessarily. TRUST I SPEAK TO MYSELF AS MUCH AS TO ANYONE ELSE! and believe me, what i say, i say to all with love.


Long Way Up!!!  January 2016

MofoHari has her fingers in a few sockets at the moment.  It's time to GET this "abundance" that I keep speaking into the universe!  Yup, I'm GOING TO get these roots firmly in place!  At a deeper level I never  questioned or doubted that the path was the right direction, but the road does get awful rocky when you are on the edge with rocks shifting, pebbles under your feet falling into the abyss and landing a trillion miles below,  while people who don't have your best interest at heart keep throwing them at you from a distance to make you lose balance so they can laugh when you go down. 

Here's an analogy although it is a true story. Years before I even went to the UK I was with a couple of guys who were doing rock climbing with ropes, pics..all the stuff I know nothing about. I waited below. When they were halfway up, one shouted down "Donna bring me up that wedge there..” (or whatever the heck thing it was). Without hesitation I grabbed it and scrambled up the rock, not looking back. The guy suddenly saw me and looked surprised. "Uhmm..I was just kidding"..he says. "How the hell did you think you were going to get back down?!"..At which point, looking behind me, I saw how far up I’d come and shuddered, suddenly terrified and filled with self questioning. They paused in their climbing to tie a rope around me and get me back down sensibly. 

But that's how I do sometimes. Leaps of faith..passion..eagerness. I don't think before I jump. Excitedly I throw seeds and hope something takes. Yes planning and organisation are important too and fortunately I have evolved since then!!! But the eagerness and passion are still there. I still exhaust myself with the pushing at times and start to question myself but always get back up and keep moving, keep following my dreams, my heart. That’s how life works, at least how mine does! Trial and error. Learning and growing. Pushing forward continually first and foremost for my family and always with a view to doing some good for people I care about or who have helped me along the way.



Some people look at their creativity like "do or die", "success or failure" in a given time frame. I have an inability to view either life or the songs I create in that way. The way I envisage it is, its like a garden. You plant it, water it, give it love and attention. Some seeds of course, don't grow at all. Some are planted and grow a little, then go no further. Some seeds sit there and look as if they are not growing, but spring up unexpectedly when the climate changes.

To my mind nothing you do with love and passion is ever "wasted". A wise man used to say "It's not new to us, but its new to someone who hasn't heard it". You have to ask yourself WHY you are creative, WHAT you expect to achieve from it and HOW you view your results. As for me, I am not driven by the thought of super stardom, multi millions etc etc..that's not my steez. I see so many out there right now scratching heads, looking confused, asking "then why????".. 

Put it another way..when you go to a party, or clubbing or out to celebrate a special event, isn't it more fun to get up and dance and laugh, feel good and share the "feel goodness?" Isn't it awesome when people are laughing and vibing and having fun WITH you? 

I don't need to be the center of the world, center of attention, praised and celebrated etc. But i do love sharing a musical reflection, expression, vibe, feeling..the energy that only i can bring to the table that goes wayyy beyond imitation and comes from a unique and individual place or may even be from a collective thought process in which people inspire and encourage each other to dig deeper. THAT is what drives me. The results. First and foremost, it is my high, my vice, my therapalizing, my sensual, sensory fulfillment.

The dream, the ever driving vision is people enjoying and appreciating what they hear too. If what comes from inside me touches, moves or excites etc somebody else, or means something to them in some way, whether it is immediately after the song comes out or fifteen years down the line..then my garden will never have been planted in vain. 
Even when you take time to step back and just water the plants and appreciate the results..even if you choose to never plant another seed and long after you are gone, the garden will still be there. That my garden will be discovered either now or the distant future and appreciated for what it is..that is my vision. 



Years ago I had the greatest privilege to connect with artists who had skill and passion. In particular, I was the artist for and working partner with a man, artist, producer, radio host and performer, who's vision I absolutely connected with in every way. From my perspective, not only could I see, understand and sink my creative spirit into this mutual vision, but when certain artists would sleep, go m.i.a. or not connect with an idea that one or both would present to them, the frustration in their lack of commitment, focus or passion in the vision/idea was real on both sides.

I would occasionally step out of character and come down hard on certain artists either privately or publicly, which to minds that lacked the discipline, vision or understanding, no matter how something was put to them, either he or I or both would become "the bad guy"..or I occasionally was seen as a suck up. Wrong. I saw and believed passionately in the vision of what could be achieved if certain skills, sounds and abilities were brought together. I KNEW beyond a doubt and believed in what I worked toward.

Unfortunately for the world, too many hard headed artists closed their eyes and minds. Some thought they were being pressured when they were only being guided toward greatness. I will always believe that this is the greatest shame, not only for the world, but also for the visionaries themselves, who were forced into solo mode to drive on independently with hidden dreams and silent visions.

So my point is, before you shut your mind to an idea spoken to you with passion and purpose..before you become defensive if somebody you don't specifically "know" (or even someone you DO know) tries to steer your attention to something, stop!..Pay attention! There may be good reason for you to open your mind to certain ideas.

I have no regrets for occasionally grabbing shoulders. My only regret is with the artists who stubbornly dug heels in and shut down on what could have been pure greatness. Wake up artists! ..And oh the don't HAVE to like the character of who you work with. What you HAVE to do as an artist, is be awake and alert to a vision/idea presented to you. Leave the ego at the door, then get inside and be great..THAT IS WHAT YOU ARE HERE FOR.



Here's an interesting bit of Mofohari trivia. I was thinking in the early hours this morning how I had just started putting some of my poetry to music maybe three years before meeting FaDaze and Marcus Priime on Soundclick, and later Supreme Da Almighty. Thru FaDaze I connected with Chrismorale, and thru Chrismorale, Nya Thryce as well as many others!!!!...

Shy as hell, it had taken FaDaze quite awhile of gentle coaxing to get me to even talk on Yahoo chat. I was pretty isolated, having not long been out of a fairly long term relationship where I had been the new mommy at home while he enjoyed his social and night life..ships in the night type ish (The proverbial good girl waiting with the bathwater running and the kettle on lol). Yea, I know..but..isolation was what was familiar with. It continued after losing the use of my legs with CFS (is that violins in the background now? lmao..but naah I'm just mentioning it to give impact to the message here).

Regardless of what life throws at you, unbelievable things can happen. I met these unbelievably skilled artists and producers who filled me with direction, refuelled my passion, showed me appreciation, love and support and gave me a stronger reason to fill in my many gaps of awareness and knowledge..filled me with reason to get up, get out and be good..Okay i'm getting to the good part here. It is really when you start thinking you have not progressed that you need to sit down and look at where you came from and where you are now. Believe me it will put things right back in perspective!

That new beginning/turning point for me was somethin like ten years ago. If you understand nothing else I have said here, hold onto these words..every step along the way that you take is a step forward, no matter how small or how long. You never lose that even if you step back for awhile. Nothing that you learn or achieve is lost. It is how you choose to use it that makes the difference (If you use the knowledge and experience at all). Whatever you do, respect anything that moved you enough to put passion, energy, drive and time into..its your personal legacy.



I live with an illness called M.E./CFS..had it for years but most people would not know or recognize that and it is not something that needs to be flaunted!!! It has been publicly said of me that I'm the hardest working lady in the industry and that may be far truer than they realize. Because although I HAVE an illness..I am NOT my illness and it will never steal my happiness. It won't stop me doing what I will never prevent my progress or growth. Some, even people i have considered close to me choose not to see or understand and I can't hate..why should they when it is not their battle!? I get that completely. At its worst CFS affects memory, concentration, coordination, movement, speech and, at its worst had affected limbs to the point when I could not use my legs.

There was a time when I did not want it widely known and tried to hide it. But if I can encourage anybody to rise above their "limitations" to do what they love, then I hope my story will reach a million ears!! I'm NO martyr but i AM a warrior. Whether I seem weak or strong to specific eyes, there has never been a time when I have laid down arms and stopped trying..Well that isn't entirely true..I confess there are times when you feel like a total loser and very alone with your struggles..but you MAKE yourself get back up and keep going!!!! That is the whole point! There is always a physical war raging..With every battle that is won, that is just a small step HAVE to be instantly ready to keep the momentum going..keep fighting..keep winning..BECAUSE NOBODY ELSE CAN DO IT FOR YOU! ITS ALL YOU...HAVING PEOPLE WHO UNDERSTAND AND CARE BEHIND YOU HELPS, BUT ULTIMATELY ITS ON YOU TO SUCCEED!!!
A lot of people don't know about or understand the nature of the illness and that's okay..what they REALLY need to see is the RESULT of work, the OVERALL progress, not the struggles. 

The important thing to me is for people to see the heart and soul that is put in to what IS achieved. There can be periods of time when you feel strong, good, like you can take on the you do! You do what you can with what you have, learn how to ride the waves when they come. The struggle is no stroll in the park and, when people with no understanding believe in their own mind you are not giving your best at any given time, or are "play acting" or not moving how they would want you to, not talking how they'd want you to..enough or clearly enough, or the power of recollection isn't instantaneous enough, not physically doing enough..its what they see at specific times and yes it can sting your heart and hurt you deep when you know you gave the best you had at the time.

Research and trying new things has been part of my battle plan from the beginning and yes I've come a long way..I have to say that, even if others cannot see the progress, I KNOW and am proud of every small step forward. I can't make people understand, and at the end of the day its not so much about understanding CFS, its about people who stick with me long enough to understand just how far I've come and be proud WITH me of what achievements actually mean. So yea, I'm proud of me. And I will CONTINUE to pick up momentum until the final breakthrough has been made and this thing is conquered completely.  AND BELIEVE ME IT WILL! 



* they are all rolling in clover (financially well-off) and can easily afford your murderous charges (recording, promoting, radio play, interviews, performance yadayadayada)
* they are all just dyyyying to give you beats, albums, hooks, drops, merchandise (sex, free time to yak with you about stupid shit they don't even care about and anything else you can think of in this category.)
* their passion has them all so driven that they are all just falling all over themselves to collab with anyone and everyone, no matter how good/bad they are..they will drop whatever they're doing, kill whoever's in front of em, step over bodies to work..with you (who they neither know or had heard of ever before in life..or are even feeling your work)..just for the experience of the collab..with you.
* they are all sooo eager to be famous they will sign any contract shoved at them without reading/seeking legal advice.
* they are all completely retarded and ripe for a scam/hustle.

On the other side of the coin!!!!! (Directed At Indies)

* Wake up indie will have to invest SOMETHING along the line.
* Indie artists need to be prepared to give out SOME freebies to appreciators..AND (relevant) communication/networking is imperative.
* Other (Indie etc) artists with any intelligence (who check your info AND your work) may be so into your work that they will be more than happy to collab with you. In which case don't hold back your creativity..get your mind together with theirs and make dem (musical) baaabies.
* Indie artists..IF you are out to be signed..(and not all of us are!!!!!!)..use your head, do your research, get that legal advice and stop bein' scared.
* NOT everybody is out to hustle us indies..knowdat...wise up..but stop bein' 100% paranoid.



 I want to take a moment to thank the associations, groups and movements who have, over the past years invited me to become a part of them. Over the years I've added on to and shown support to many but it was never going to be possible for my connection or work to be with anyone exclusively. I realize that in our lifetime we need to be true to our hearts and to ourselves, so for those who haven't known me long enough to know my history I'll try and explain so it will make sense. This is MY story, my reasons, my heart.

 Going back to late 2004/early 2005, while living in the UK when I first connected with FaDaze and Marcus Prhyme, I had never followed hip hop or the music. FaDaze had heard some of my acoustic work on Soundclick and asked if I would be interested in collabing.  I started going through the many tracks on his page and liked what I heard but declined the collab, unsure of how my sound and style could contribute to his genre. One night, out of a sound sleep I sat bolt upright with a sudden inspiration for a song and contacted FaDaze to tell him about it. He liked the idea and, taking one of my acoustic tracks, Marcus Priime worked with it, creating the most awesome instrumental which FaDaze laced beautifully with a positive message to the streets to stop the killing and calling for more unity. I added my own little part to that and our song 'Contemplations' was created..all these years later the song still gives me goosebumps.
Around that time I was very lacking in confidence and struggling with an illness (M.E./CFS) which at the time had me confined to a wheelchair and I was isolated indoors with only my daughter for company (age 6-7 at the time) It was the creativity that was helping me let off steam and focus on something that was beyond myself or my physical issues. FaDaze encouraged me to connect on yahoo chat and I was hesitant but eventually gave it a try. He was the first person other than my mom who I'd ever spoken with on chat and when I took a breath and gave it a try, it was as if a new door had opened when we began talking about music. He was so motivating, enthusiastic, passionate and encouraging that I wanted to try more.
FaDaze introduced me to his cousin Chrismorale who was looking for an artist to work with musically. I checked out Chris's music and didn't hesitate, already excited to see what would develop. Chris sent me a percussion loop and picking up my acoustic guitar, I jammed with it until an idea came and then wrote to it that way. He liked it, adding more sounds and 'Lifted' was of our many classics that was years later heard by the artist Tiguh, who added a verse to it and made it what it is today.
FaDaze and Chrismorale began mentoring me, between them sending names of artists and crews to check out, such as Nas, Rakim, Boot Camp Clik, Wu Tang, Snoop, Ghostface Killah and many physical cd collection began to grow and is now pretty extensive, as I started to fall in love with the music and culture. What was even more encouraging and moving was the love and support that was coming from the hip hop community..not once since giving my heart and passion to creating with beats and working with emcees has there been any regret for the path I chose to develop..I actually felt that I'd found where I belonged MANY doors started opening in my mind creatively. It was a huge difference to being limited to working with a handful of chords on my acoustic guitar and the limited sound that you could achieve with that. I'd found my creative heaven.
Over the years we created many classic songs together..but wait, I'm getting a little ahead of myself here. Let me take you back to the moment in 2005 when FaDaze asked me why I hadn't posted 'Contemplations' yet. I told him I was waiting for permission and he said "You are part of MaDD PpuLL now, you don't need permission". That moment of acceptance meant more to me and moved my heart more than he could probably realize or understand. He and Chrismorale worked with me, introducing me to other artists and producers in the MaDD PpuLL network and encouraged me to grow, learn and be the best I could be. 
Around 2006 I was introduced to Nya Thryce, a super talented female emcee with whom, along with Chrismorale and FaDaze I would speak for hours on the phone. She too was encouraging and supportive and accepted me wholeheartedly as a sister in music and MaDD PpuLL and we all shared creative ideas. Eventually in 2008 I was able to fly to the US and meet up with the three of them and had the best time ever. By this time I had set a goal for myself to get off the crutches which I'd managed to work up to, and aimed to walk off the plane to see my people..the goal was reached and that in itself had meant a lot to me,
My work and affection for MY people, including all those associated with MaDD PpuLL led for me to plan to move to New Jersey in order that we could support each other better and had been making careful plans to come, but in 2009, news that my father was very ill and would soon pass had me rushing the process..In hindsight I was not financially ready but was anxious to get to my dad before he passed. Unfortunately I didn't make it but settled in New Jersey and focused on doing my part in supporting the music of MaDD PpuLL. Since 2009 there has been a real rollercoaster ride with health and financial trials but my focus in what I came to do has never left.
This is a time when my people have scattered, doing what they need to do, dealing with life, love and the pursuit of personal happiness. I wait in the temple of MaDD PpuLL like a labrador at the door..Sister Donna still standing alone shaking her collection plate and working to get the many years of unbelievably skilled work heard by new ears. Why am I still here? Because MaDD PpuLL are still MY people, no matter where they go in life, no matter what they do..they are still my heart. I'm staying true to what I believe..and I believe in my people. And if I am alone at the temple forever more..then so be it..I'll still be here tapping people on the shoulder,
I came this far following my dream is my reality..whatever it takes..however long it takes..I will be here to encourage, support and lift my people whenever they are ready just like they did for me..they still have the key and ownership papers, and the temple they worked for years to build will never be abandoned.
I'll show love and support to many artists and organizations that support many have recognized. But, for any solo projects you see me do, any performance that I do solo..know that there is always MaDD PpuLL in the mix..and even when they don't even realize, recognize or are focused elsewhere..the moment one of them asks for a collab or asks for help, they take priority..I would rather sit down and do nothing than turn my back or my heart from my people. It just ain't gonna happen no matter what their situations in life, where or what they do. I'll be promised..that's just how it is. If Nas asked me to come work for him exclusively..hand on heart I would decline. And those who know my reverence for Nas will appreciate what I'm saying.  Nuff said. 


Support Your (Local) Hip Hop Artists
Posted on February 19, 2013 by DJMrGlass
by Mofo Hari

Support Local Hip Hop

If you were around in the 90's and early 2000's, you may remember a time when artists favored specific music sites such as SoundClick (followed by MySpace) to share their work on. They jumped online with anticipation knowing that  traditionally on a certain day of the week, new tracks would be uploaded on the site that day. It was an enjoyable ritual to check out and support each other's  work.  People networked for collaborations..they connected..they gave feedback good and bad..they communicated..they shared the music  of other artists they appreciated! If they heard something they liked and the artist was not in their immediate circle, they often made an effort to connect two or more good artists to see what they would create together. That WAS A MUSIC COMMUNITY in its glory days. 

Another thing to remember is, Hip Hop Artists recorded on ridiculously difficult, often expensive analogue equipment in those days. They had to improvise, teach themselves, be creative..they had to be innovative and resourceful…AND THEN Uploading their work in the days of those slow-ass modems meant they must have really wanted to share their work, and folks respected the effort they had to put in to get it there! Not everybody could do it!

FM Radio played a lot of the music everybody loved at that time and wanted to hear more of. Fans would run out and wait in line to buy an album they were looking forward to hearing. To go to a concert and hear these same artists LIVE?  HELL YEA..that made life worth living!!! Those things were the talking point at school, work, home and socially for  a long time afterward!

If you were around at that time, you may also remember that at performances of unsigned artists who were not worthy of being onstage, or even a well known performer having an “off day”, they would literally be boo’d off the stage!!! Major artists were generally revered, treated like superstars and divas..and occasionally let it get to their head..but hey, we accepted that was their steez and all part of the entertainment!  They were kept apart from the rest of us, protected and inaccessible..keeping that element of ‘special-ness’ and, in a sense, a little bit of mystery. Kids modeled their futures on their favorite artist..grew up wanting to be them.  Publicists made sure to keep the halo overhead, or at least kept them intriguing to the public and any paparazzi bullshit to a minimum.

Fast forward to the present. Music sites, social networking sites, fan reach sites etc are springing up everywhere you look as well as AM/College Radio and internet radio. Technology has advanced so fast that state of the art recording equipment can be bought by anybody with a little cash, and have been simplified, streamlined and made user friendly..anybody can record! Beat makers (those using instant beat creator equipment as well as those who spend time and effort creating unique instrumentals) engineers and producers of all skills are jumping out at us from everywhere we go. Promotion is now a mega business and companies with ‘entertainment’ at the end of their business name are springing up everywhere to (apparently) meet the needs of these masses of aspiring artists, which, like herds of cattle on a rampage, or more aptly a swarm of locusts descending on the music industry, are literally choking the life out of the internet..and music appreciators too.

Veteran artists, ever anxious to stay on top of the business and maintain presence, are becoming so accessible you can call them by first name..many have their phone numbers posted on websites, and yet more are posting a little too much personal info on sites such as twitter and FaceBook..Not a good look if you want to be respected by fans for the talent and skill aspects, as opposed to flaws in your actual character.

SO I propose we go back..(to an extent) wait hear me out.. not like ‘oh let’s take it back’..Too many artists love saying those words while closing their eyes, licking an index finger and holdin’ it up to the wind for guidance..naahh not that at all..I’m saying let's go back to SUPPORTING THE GOOD HIP HOP ARTISTS (eh although the correct term is Rap Artist..we all should know that Hip Hop is a culture..Rap is a genre) and being honest with the ones who..(being kind here)..just don’t “have what it takes”..we need to let these folks know instead of patting them on the back and applauding their efforts without moving them back to let the talent of the gifted shine through the masses…the locusts need thinning out..NOT EVERYBODY CAN BE A SUPERSTAR! 

Many of these coming out now are not willing to spend time, effort and energy to developing themselves..those should be the first to be weeded out. Rappers with ‘that certain something’ need to be pushed forward. They may not have a gift with the flow, but they have a certain style or unique rhythm or “something” that stands out about them..We are both advantaged and DISadvantaged by all this technology..You can get any album for free if you want it bad enough. But that in itself is also killing the art. It is dictating that recording should be a hobby, since it doesn’t pay. Nobody buys!  

But if we change how our minds view the whole process, we will realize that every single one of us has to do our part to bringing back the good reaching in our pockets and buying the work they put out, speaking their names out of our mouths, passing the message..GOING to their performances..connecting them with other skilled artists or producers..WITHOUT THAT ATTITUDE the wack artists will continue to swaggify us to death, continue to puff their chest out and tell us they are the best thing we will ever see or hear..and we will smile, nod..maybe listen real quick then look the other way. 

Do NOT complain about the state of music today..CHANGE CANNOT COME unless each one of us does our individual part to show support to those who are skilled in their art. Start right now, today, with your local artists. Get out there and actively support..LET THEM KNOW you appreciate their work and are behind them.  Spread the work and the word around..send it for them to internet stations or AM/FM stations who accept music from unsigned artists..and keep requesting the tracks! Watch how fire spreads when you light a fire. THAT’S how we do it as music appreciators…the hip hop community needs to work together on this one..its the only way forward.

Side Note: No no I was not ‘around’ the music for the most part of that era, but I owe a lot to my mentors and others who were there, who experienced it first hand and have stories to tell..they are my inspiration..and I supported them enough to leave the UK and bring myself and my child to start a life in the US to be nearer to and show more support for these artists who I believe in with my life..but that is another story.                                                                                                       - (Donna H) aka MofoHari 


The Perfect Man/Woman..??  -  February 1, 2011

I keep hearing people say.."He's looking for a black chick with dark skin and a big butt, or she only dates white dudes with money" etc. If that is how 'they' do, cool..whatever! I respect it even though I do feel sad so many people seem to go by 'features' to get what they need (aaand I guess genetically maybe folks look for certain attributes for their future kids).

Fact is I don't even have to search my own thoughts on what I need..could care LESS about his shade, what I want to know is, "does he connect with me musically, mentally, physically, do we like each other..when I look into his eyes do I see realness, desire, naturalness?" Ooh yea, and another thing, I'm not possessive but I gotta know when he's with me he's with only me, not comparing our sex moves with hers down the street..If I can't have that I don't need anybody..
You would think having no racial or other specific pre considered physical boundaries or requirements, as well as being a woman would give more "options" wouldn't you? Wrong. Look back at what i said i want, break it down and ask yourself realistically how easy something like that would be to attain nowdays? thats not pessimism or negativity..thats how it is in the world today..superficiality, player-ism, categorization and one(or two)-sided open relationships prevail over monogamy and tru partnership..
In a sense a relationship SHOULD have a certain element of a 'business partnership' which means both are in tune with each other, knowing what the other expects, works together but independently and keeps the communication flowing so that both are heading in the same direction..when you are in tune, problems have a better chance of being ironed out before they get out of hand. Thats not saying people should stick around with somebody they no longer feel drawn to or with whom the relationship has become mechanical, habitual or restrictive..thats a whole different matter and if you are thinking that you are drawing outside the lines of what i'm getting at.
As an artist it is even harder to find that fundamental relationship 'harmony'..There has to be an even higher level of patience and understanding since creativity in itself needs a lot of focus and independent time to devote to projects and perfection of the craft and in my experience non musical or non artistic men have not been able to come to terms with that, respect or support it..
...So I come back full circle to appreciating what i do have! i'm comfortable with and do like who i am overall and how things are, i am totally in love with life, my music, the path im on, don't know the meaning of boredom and love networking with other artistic minds..thats not to say i would prefer to be on my own for the rest of my life, just how it is, i'm not desperate to find mr perfect, or 'gotta have a man, any man' like some females i've talked to have said..I'm just happy breathing the air, got a lot to experience yet, a lot more growing and learning and teaching AND taking..Oh and yea i'm human, not immune to wistfulness, occasionally wishing 'he' was around to share thoughts, dinner and hot sex with..but my 'mr perfect' is busy with life right now so i shall keep doin what i do until our time comes.
As a good friend once told me (roughly but in my own words), perfection is in our own perceptions of reality/regularity/routine etc that we are familiar/comfortable with or take comfort from. (Repeat that a couple of is profound and took me a long time of internal fighting and questioning to accept that as truth)..therefore wouldn't our idea of a perfect partner change along with any lifestyle, physical or mental adjustments which would lead to a change of lifestyle or regular life pattern? that would explain why so many relationships don't seem to last..people change so fast, move so often, get so self obsessed that they forget how to stop, connect and share and appreciate a  mutual evolvement with somebody who is on their side. 'Toleration' is also an important the first sign of a disagreement, variation of opinion or an off day by either party and ~snap~ another relationship killed off  'just like that'..people are always seein greener grass on the other side then realizing too late the grass may not have been as green where they were before, but it was way sweeter..
Bottom line..I appreciate people for who they are, what they present to me, how we relate. If I have a friend who is a male no matter the race, religion or shade and we fit, have mutual toleration and respect, are flowing in the same direction..I'm happy with that just as it is. If it should happen to naturally evolve into a relationship because both want it and it feels right then great, cool. But I'm not searching specifically for a man who has blue eyes and dark skin, or a six pack and fair hair with a firm round butt..frankly my dear..I don't give a damn.  


Testimonial Time!!  - December 29, 2010

Listen up!!..I present to you CHRISMORALE VILLAIN - If you don't know, haven't heard, haven't cared until this point, this is the time to wake up and take note..Here amongst us is a young man with HUGE TALENT, musical and life knowledge most artists/humans only aspire to but never truly reach, skills with a broader scope than most who have been in the biz for years, and passion for his art that is greater than any I have known..I am proud to have taken the step to walk with him and my ppl on this journey..look up, take heed, pay attention..cuz what he gives runs deep from the heart and the realest you will ever experience! His heart and soul is hip hop but with a love and respect for all genres of music.

His skills run to a broad spectrum including phenomenal production skills, with the ability to break apart a track in his mind and hear each part individually to then produce some wonderful and original villain-style i repeat, he makes incredible beats, produces unbelievably dope tracks (i hold my own tracks up as examples..he has produced many of mine!). You want more proof of Chrismorale's abilities?? Check out his music videos produced by..yup..the man himself! He makes unique and imaginative music vids of both his own and other artist's tracks! (
So here it is..Chrismorale spits fyre, tells a damn good lyrical story incorporating and utilizing a combination of vocal technique, imaginative instrumentals, expressive adlibs and hooks..and sound efx or whatever it takes to illustrate or add on!!..he follows no guidelines because he is self taught, highly creative and never boxes himself in to any format or style so every track is individual and unique; he writes and records, produces beats, tracks and remixes.
When he is producing for an artist, he connects with them all the way thru, works with them closely,  listens to their voices, takes it all in and lets the creative juices flow; he comminicates regularly in order to get inside their minds, see where they are going..that way artist and producer can create a track both are proud of..and he approaches both audio and instrumental production from TWO angles..that of an experienced artist AND producer, which gives him the edge over other producers. After all, music is Chrismorale's life as he will tell you..he grew up in Englewood NJ, an area where many big names in the biz have come from..but i can ask him directly for details about who, what, when and where AND about the artists, new and veteran that he has produced for over the years..or better yet, go find out for yourself!
SideNote: Chris surprized me at our first performance together in July this year (altho i should never be surprized at anything this man does pertaining to his art!!)..the man stole the show! Chrismorale Villan is an awesome natural performer who is great at getting an audience to participate!!
..Aaand there's more..Chris is a sharp, astute and insightful businessman with a growing network including new and veteran producers, artists and folks in the biz..he watches continually what is going on, keeps his finger on the pulse of music of all genres..I am proud to call myself his business partner, the ideas are always flowing and that makes working with him exciting and fun..he keeps me on my toes and is always ready with a plan or an idea, always networking, always following his instincts and his heart. I love that initiative and drive!!!
As a lady who loves promoting her team, here's yet another bonus..Chrismorale loves a cam and the cam loves him, which also makes him wonderful to photograph and video..his natural character and great looks come across well on both.
Artists and people who have had dealings with the man will tell you he shoots from the hip with his truth based on his experience of situations and his honest beliefs. You will notice his memory is phenomenal, he can quote you back statements you made to him 5 years ago, remember where he was when he heard a track for the first time and what he was thinking..Music means that much to i said earlier, it is his life! So if you come to the man and ask for his thoughts on your tracks, be prepared for str8 talk! Why? Because he is here to move mountains..and yea mountains need to be moved right now. Look what is happening to hip hop!! Along with his cousin (my brother and maestro FaDaze) Chrismorale is one of the tru warriors who is standing up to make a difference to the music he loves.
Both men and ladies will love him or hate him depending on their ability to accept his openness and no holds barred reality. BUT WHY LIE TO YOU OR HIMSELF?? That is just how the man operates..I would rather have somebody offer me honesty than bullshit on a plate any day. Personally I love that aspect..even if i don't agree with or understand a point being raised i can honestly testify that whatever is said is food for thought and not just words thrown away for no good reason. So when the man speaks..don't suck in your breath or close your eyes and punch out with reflex actions you don't even understand. Let it marinate, think about it..THEN tell him your thoughts.
AND!! Chrismorale also HOSTs his own radio show THE CHRISMORALE EXPERIENCE, Wednesday nights, 9-10:30 pm on WIFI 1460 AM. Tune in via or thru our website WERUNRADIO
Radio is another place his talent shines. He has the gift of a quick mind and powerful speech, along with a truly colorful character that comes across beautifully on air. He shares everything on air, no topic, subject or interviewee is sacred, Chrismorale will not stonewall, sidestep or bullshit! Pepare to be sprayed!!
The Villain has interviewed many great producers and artists on the show such as Nick Wiz, Blue Raspberry, D/R Period, Billy Danze, Easy Mo Bee, Paula Perry, Mr Mann, Airplane Ace..the list goes on and on..and will continue to grow as Chrismorale reaches out as he does tirelessly, to bring the music biz, appreciators and the hip hop community together across the globe..he's ALL ABOUT UUUNITY..New Jersey Stand Up!!
My point in this testimonial?..Okay, well for some who may not know about Donna Hunt aka Mofo Hari, I chose to walk with my people without stars in my eyes and running blindly, but with an open mind, after 5 years of working with my team MaDD PPuLL before even attempting to travel overseas to continue the journey. So i do not speak about, promote or stand behind a man or a team i know nothing about. And Nooo i don't profess to know Chrismorale better than anybody else (like some do)..i speak only from my own heart and experience with a man i have the highest regard and respect for as an artist and as somebody who stands behind his words and principals. So yea, it is what it is and i am not afraid or ashamed to stand up and point out the reasons to all who will hear.


Survival of Humanity? -  November 30, 2010

I sometimes wonder how the human race has managed to survive at all..When we emerged in the pre-caveman days, we had strong survival and procreation instincts built into us for obvious reasons. As centuries rolled on, those instincts evolved into a high degree of competitiveness, rivalry, a hunger for one-upmanship and short, mankind  has a drive to be a god in his own right, to beat down the opposition no matter what. You can compare our instincts with gorillas, lions, rats and others in the animal kingdom; the most powerful, stealthful or wise goes to the top and rules with an iron fist to keep his position secure. But humans have that extra 'X factor' which has been both a blessing and a curse. Look at what evolution has brought us..:

Nation against nation
Religion against religion
Race against race and then again inter racially against shades of color or race mixtures
Man vs Woman
Woman against Woman
Relationship rivalry, jealousy, possessiveness
Gang against Gang
Family against Family or even 'sibling rivalry'
Even in the music business..think about it, genre against genre, artist rivalry..the list goes on..and on..and on.
..Internally we are often at war even within OURSELVES..
The more  highly populated an area the more pronounced the hierarchy, police nation mentality and even the unwritten power-control of  'street law' ..and it gets even more complicated the more the human mind and society evolves.
Yup..and you could spend a lot of time thinking about it if you tried..Seems like its in our genes, our makeup, a curse on humanity AND YET we were also built with warmth, compassion, the ability to appreciate beauty, gentleness with our own people along with protectiveness, and sensitivity. Notoriously, humans also tend to be gullible and easily led by people who have good persuasive or public speaking abilities, therefore the man who develops himself in that way enhances his personal power and leadership opportunities, however in our society, too often brute force and terrorism cancels out integrity and wisdom. Think how many wise people in our history who stood up for their beliefs have been assassinated.
It would seem to me that INTEGRITY and WISDOM is being submerged by the fear to speak up for truth and justice. The desire to seek truth and knowledge based on proven facts may be the one saving factor for this human race of ours, along with the ability to do something WITH that truth. Maybe my thoughts will be lost on the wind..but the mind is a very powerful thing in its own right. We are learning, or at least have the ABILITY to use more and more of  our braincells as time evolves. NO MAN can or should walk alone or hide in fear from what he/she knows to be truth..
What i'm saying is, a man who stands on his own to speak out for what he knows is right, without fearing what the reprisals may be, so that his words are heard and received by others is an unbreakable force indeed..Strong words spoken with conviction can move mountains, reach millions. Humbleness, Wisdom/Intelligence based on personal discovery and experience, Logic, Realism, Compassion, Self Belief, Focus, Stamina/Determination are the most powerful internal resources mankind has..if we can develop those within our society, maybe..just maybe we may stand a chance of survival. That is all. Peace. 


Here's The Gun..Take It..The Only War Is Inside Ya Mind -  March 27, 2010

My heart is weighing heavy..I feel drawn to speak up on what I see going on around me lately..and so I, the laidback, generally quiet-by-nature songstress who too often wears her heart on her sleeve but is not USE to standing up and speaking her mind, has decided to take my gun and hand it to you..bullets are there..use 'em if you have to, but if I don't get this out my spirit will shrivel and die a little more each day..

 People who know me and the path I've been on, will understand that since moving from another country as a single mom with a young child, I've been trying to pull my life together while still devoting my life to my team even when circumstances has meant I sometimes need to work in the background..points to self, yea talkin about me, remember? The one people verbally shove back when the heat rises with the attitude 'Who the ufck are you..What YOU kno bout dat?'..Yup I'm feeling driven to express even if the truth is, that not many left among us at this time will 1) understand what I'm talkin' about 2) give a please bear the ufck with me while I try to speak my heart..
I sware Osama Bin Laden has been throwin hatepills in the water supply to cause division among the hip hop community..either that or we are in 'last days' mode waiting for the end of the world..WTF is goin' on people?
What is so bad that a little debate, confrontation or whatever you want to call it, among family, the community, fellow artists based on concern requires spontaneous combustion/suicide/homicide? Why magnify, escalate and fabricate stories just because you refuse to/can't communicate? There's TOO much of this ish goin' on lately!! I see folks shutting down on each other, burning bridges that have no need to and should not be burnt. Think about it.. Trust me life is too short..!!
We are not necessarily required to love everybody in life but at least give 'em a chance to express and meet them halfway..So you say you're grown?? huh! So grown you hold ya hands to your ears and lalalala, while shootin' somebody stone dead, so you don't have to hear anymore cuz it takes you out of your comfort zone of robotic thinking..
Lately I'm hearing some females accusing males of stalking and I'm hearin alllll these other 'friends' jumpin in goin "ooo ooo poor baby fareal?? you okay baby?" NOT EVEN KNOWING THE REAL!!!..What I see is females crying when somebody wants to talk to them mind to mind and get to the bottom of what they are REALLY thinking..Yup ladies we bullshit a lot more than we realize until somebody brings it to our attention..but when approached with a new angle to make us think in a different way?? WOOOOOOOO ufck nooooo..wooooo dude is sooo dangerous...stalkin u..ONLINE?? important do you actually think you are??? And how is it that speaking online ..NOT calling on the phone..NOT parking outside your door...NOT attacking you outside Shoprite is considered stalking??..whaat in the worlldd??? Yearite..ufckin crybabies..smh..Inciting allllll this damn sympathy over NOTHING..Gettin folks to believe BULLSHIT..
But ay its not my life why should I care? Cuz I do..yup..guilty. I actually give a shit..I hold my hand when people get that internet mentality and they lose reason..People get too grown and think they have allll the answers. Meanwhile life is slipping away while you turn your back on new ways of viewing situations, different ways of thinking..unorthodox ways of teaching..then it's too late..bridges are burnt..people are hurt..
The essence of my heart is love, humbleness, not hate..I speak out of compassion because I am saddened by folks who deep down know they are wrong, know they need to be doing more reaching out and less shutting down..Yup I have been guilty myself in the past so I will hold an olive branch out right now to anyone I have hurt by closing my mind or a misunderstanding..I don't respect or appreciate division..hand on heart if I can glue this community of ours together with my tears, with my blood and sweat..I would do so..
If my insignificant self who came from a different genre-ic background and CHOSE to walk this path with my people, can reach out to ALL who TRULY love their art..then let my voice be heard..In the words of the late great John Lennon..all we are give peace a chance..
In the words of the GREAT MAESTRO, FaDaze..'lets get our minds right, more multiplying and less dividing"..PEACE family.. 


BOREDOM? WTF is that?! -   November 29, 2009
To my mind, complaining about how your life is or is not, is like painting a picture blue, then complaining about the color! Complaining of boredom??? As a good friend of mine would say "You should kill yourself immediately!" (we jest..but geewhizz).

I have an illness called M.E. (no not "ME"..I am the cure not the disease lol), which is in the same family as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It affects memory, concentration and mobility at times. Does it stop me creating insightful or emotive lyrics/songs? NO. Does it stop me looking for ways to improve mentally/physically? No. Do I let it hold me back from striving for a better existence or to push forward on my music passion? NO I do not! You look at the hand you are dealt. You look at the potential plays and then you play it the best way you possibly can.

Too many people complain about boredom. I shake my head because, hand on heart I NEVER get bored! Why? Because I look around me and see too much yet to be seen, felt, experienced, appreciated, learned, taken in etc. Even when looking from the outside and ish is falling down around me, I acknowledge the ukkdupness, do what can be done to put it right and move forward barefoot across crushed glass if necessary, to get to a better place! 

All experience is valuable. Wisdom gained and and hindsight is there to be utilized so that you can see and experience life in a new way. It is a vital part of our existence that is highly undervalued. Basically, life is TOO SHORT to be bored!!! 

Of course loneliness, frustration, impatience, pain, self criticism, an occasional lack of motivation etc..these are human emotions and I am not immune. But when it comes to BOREDOM I seriously don't have time for it!! Too much going on in my world. I'm too happy being alive, that I can appreciate a lull in activity as being a sign that it is time for resting the mind, body, spirit. Time for absorbing what I have heard, seen, experienced, without viewing it as a devastating void that must be filled at all costs.

So I'ma color my life art with every color of the rainbow; Sing my song with every nuance, shade, vibe I can discover or call upon from within; Share my pain, joy, sensuality; Describe a scene because it's there to be shared and experienced. You tell me you're bored?  Go for a walk, breathe the air, smell a flower, listen to music that you can relate to, discover a new activity that helps you express yourself. Engage in conversation with a random stranger; Call a friend/family and have a deep/meaningful debate or discussion. Learn about YOURSELF and learn to take pleasure in your own company! Everybody wants to "do themself" and that's a beautiful thing. BUT they better know exactly who that "self" is inside and out! Enjoy being with YOU so that you can enjoy being with others and vice versa..and in so doing you will have some realness that you can bring to the table to share! LIFE IS ONE BIG CLASSROOM. You are both student and teacher..feel me? 

So again I say..Bored? Me? Nevaaaaa..I'm too busy growing..

In Pursuit of (Radio) Happyness? - (date unknown)

I'm looking at my watch..why? Because I know that 50 million of the currently 75 million radio shows and podcasts will be dropping off soon and are currently on borrowed time. Ohh how could I SAY such a thing??!!!! How disrespeccctful!!! NO its not..its FACT! WE were among the very first to host a REAL radio show to represent hip hop and talented artists both signed and unsigned..WE paid cash from our own pockets to give artists an opportunity to EFFING SHINE LIKE THE DIAMONDS WE KNEW THEM TO BE..but was it appreciated?? Hellllllllllllll nooo...That was a sign right there..

THEN multi millions of radio shows and podcasts sprang up all over..everywhere..Some have huge potential, many are done with the right heart, the right intentions and for many, huge talents are doing a great job..and that is to be fully respected! So excuse my pessimism here..

..Yes yes I know I continued doing it for a total of nearly seven years and will probably do the odd podcast again at some point.  The point is, blood, sweat, tears..and many MANY hours of our lives/my life have been spent putting QUALITY shows together, partly for ourselves/myself but for the largest part to "do our/my part(s)", and to entertain people who it was presumed would show love for it, appreciate what was being done and support it. BUT I NOW KNOW BETTER BECAUSE I HAVE SEEN PEOPLE'S LOYALTY SHIFT LIKE THE WIND..

So I say, if you have a good with that..go with it and keep going. The other 50 million shows out there will slowwwwwwwwlllyyyyy fade out..sadly. Firstly because support, loyalty, enthusiasm, attention/focus, passion and drive are (or seem to be thru personal observation) at an all time low..And secondly because it take HOURS AND HOURS OF HARD WORK, RESEARCH, ORGANIZATION, TIME MANAGEMENT AND DRIVE to put one single show together (ain't nobody got time fa dat (these days))..Without that support, without the love, without the respect your efforts will be appreciated only by yourself.

BUT all is never lost for the effort you DO put in!!! I still listen to our and my shows regularly because I recognize the awesomeness..(Yay us, yay So eff it, who am I to speak anyway!? FOLLOW YOUR PASSIONS, never mind me..Do what YOU do because YOU enjoy it first and foremost and (*Will Smith's "In Pursuit of Happyness" voice).."Don't ever let somebody tell you... You can't do something. Not even me. All right?" ...


Dream On Mofo Hari : What's In A Dream... - (date unknown)

 A good friend of mine once told me there should be certain dreams you just cherish but let 'em be what they are, somethin you don't necessarily need to drive yourself into the ground to pursue..Here is my dream..

 In the past 6 years, and even more so in the past couple of years I have met, performed with, interviewed, talked to, networked with so many new and veteran artists..It is the ones who have been expressive, excited, energized with the love of their art that I'm focused on..THAT'S the stuff that literally gives me goosebumps, makes me wanna run across George Washington Bridge barefoot screaming yeaaaaaaaaaa pumpin' my fist in the air in a very unladylike manner..ufck it..I LOVE drives me on and reminds me I'm not alone in the feelings I have for my own path.
When that energy gets together in performance or creative mode its crazy magic..can't even compare that with sex, drugs etc etc..its just plain beautiful and if you are a creative person you will know exactly what i mean..
Okay so whats the dream? To get EVERY ONE one of those people who have showed me 'that energy' together for one MAD event..A lot of people will know I've already talked about an event bringing together a lot of the veterans in the biz and that's gonna happen when the time is right..but this particular dream is about the ones that have touched me, Donna Hunt aka Mofo Hari right to the core of my artistic lil heart and made me proud to be right where i am, right here, right now. I want to see everybody vibing off of everybody, sharing thoughts, ideas..REAL enthusiasm for this art of ours and all pulling in the same direction..
And here's the sad many of the artists that shared a moment with me or my team have gone MIA after spraying fireworks, showering us with their essence, sharing the deepest part of their mind and experiences..and that won't be forgotten..but..u know..why break the chain?? A little continuity, keeping it flowing, Isn't that how its s'pose to be if we all feel the same way, want the same thing?
So..reality tells me that ultimately folks wouldn't be able to put away the 'its all about me'  or the hunger for that contract or the drive for the golden apple long enough to just show love and support for the MUSIC..and to revive the heart and soul of HIP HOP..could they?  *blinks and pauses... hmmmmm..
Like I said..Dream On Mofo Hari... 


(as appeared in MPowerMint

 All that we have and all that we are on this planet is temporary including our "outer shells". Our heritage, genetics, appearance, family, level of wealth we are born or adopted into, place of birth, year of birth, surroundings..even if it was all preordained or pre-planned before we get here and not a lottery of chance as I believe, much of it is still very largely influenced by free will and basically how the winds of fortune blow. So i quietly sit back and observe the 'me and mine' and the 'us and them' mentality of the world..the frantic scrambling for 'something' whether it is recognition for the beauty of an outer shell, the growth of mental knowledge, power, money, striving for a bigger piece of pie, fighting for equality, whether it be for race or sexual preference or gender, drug rights, human, animal, government, state or country, legal rights etc etc. The bottom line is this. When we leave this planet, all of "that" will not be taken with us. The significance of anything in this world you find important will no longer be a factor. "There must be more to it", you say..and you would be right to question my concepts. Perspective is everything.

My talented sisters, I believe that ultimately, what we need to be focusing on is fulfillment of our deeper purpose. Only you, by fostering awareness, love and knowledge of self, will know exactly what that specific inner drive or purpose may be. "Purpose" is that thing that makes your eyes sparkle, heart beat faster, breathes life into your very being. That's what I'm talking about. THAT is what we take with us. We take with us the final development and attitude. We owe it to ourselves to expand our minds..our skills..our talents..our gifts. I'll say it again..GIFTS, because that is what they are! They are also our "life tools". THOSE are what we share, pass on, touch others with, leave behind long after we leave this earth. What all this leads to is, we must ensure that we spend quality time honing those things which we can leave others when we go, so that it can ripple for eternity.
Yes we do all have that ability and power in various formats. The mind we are given can achieve so much more than we often believe it can! I know you have heard the analogy before, that the body is the vehicle, the mind is the driver. You only have X amount of time on this earth to learn your lessons, so do what you can first and foremost for self fulfillment, but also to leave behind your legacy for others. Ultimately, you owe it to yourself and to all of us to build, grow, use and share those talents. Specifically to my mind, art and music is a universal language that goes on forever. If your passion is literary composition, literature and writing in general can be translated in any language and reach multitudes.The written word is eternal. WHATEVER your strength, your passion, your heart, your talent may be..use it, share it..get it out there! That is your everlasting calling card, the part of yourself that goes on forever.                                                                                                                                                    - MofoHari 


POWER TO CAREER SEEKERS - Wake Up And Get It Right Employers!   

HR Managers or those responsible for hiring staff need to realize that the application process needs to be handled in a manner more commensurate with the current job market. Yes of course YOU want the best candidate for the job. YOU want to make sure you have all the relevant information you can obtain about each applicant. That is highly UNDERSTANDABLE. However, try and view the entire procedure through the eyes of the applicants. Doing so may open your eyes and do you a favor. Read on!

These times are such that careers are pretty much a dust. Jobs that are anywhere near relating to specific interests or anything studied for are few and far between. Therefore employment seekers must, like chickens in a barnyard, pick at every speck of corn they can whether they truly want "that" position or not.

Applicants must lie, act like yours is the PERFECT position just MADE for them when they could possibly (at least initially) care less about your product/service/organization. That's not to say they wouldn't roll up their sleeves and be the best employee you ever had!!! Its not to say they are not perfectly qualified. They could be exactly what your business needs! They may have just that "missing piece" of the puzzle you have been needing. They may have something wonderful to bring to the table! 

Keep in mind that most applicants have rent/mortgages to pay for, children to feed, bills to pay and NEED to's not a game! They will do whatever needs to be done to the best of their ability when a door is opened. Most will be prepared to work..and work hard!

It must be understood that resumes and applications are being strewn out far and wide..daily. So when you ask for the resume, standardized application form, cover letter, several paragraphs on why they are the best candidate, plus psychometric testing, references and full background check before you even decide to interview, you are alienating/eliminating quality applicants simply by your adding to the already stressful application processes that employment seekers are forced to endure day after day, week after week regardless of qualifications.

Hit applicants with everything you need when you interview them by all means, but if you can't start with a simple resume and cover letter, decide who has qualifications you need and go from there, you are just throwing in pointless red tape and extra headaches all around. Pedanticism and excessively detailed Protocol goeth before a are less likely to get the best candidate!



** Relax, I'm not suicidal! This is something I wrote a couple of years ago following a nightmare I'd had, so I turned it into a contemplation piece. This, my friends and frienemies, is why some dreams must remain eternally hidden. #HiddenDreamz **

That ole nightmare keeps popping up its ugly head..the one where I am standing alone, awareness fading in with the bright, unwelcome spotlight asking myself "Am I on this ufcking stage by myself..again?" I scream to a faceless, silent audience.."this is not what I wasn't suppose to be like this"..I desperately try to identify a face among the crowd of strangers, searching for any face that is recognizable and speak the lines to them directly. I tell them earnestly, shaking my head sadly, "I didn't make this happen..not this..I will not be blamed".."All of the many people who made promises, faded and flaked did, those that hmm'd and wellll'd and fussed and dithered and argued..and I could not wake up the sleepers, the doubters, the drifters, the overly sensitive and the I suffer every day of my life because I could not make "them" or "you" or anyone else that should have been alert, understand that without them there is no play". 

I stand still while my voice echoes and bounces back to me across the theater..No guilt is registered by those that should..Not even a murmur of understanding or acknowledgement can be heard..Throughout the theater a pin could drop and it would have been clearly audible. Within this imagery I am an individual character that is forced to play multiple roles, so I change hats to become narrator and, in a hushed voice tell the audience (though whether they are attentive or sleeping is unclear), "I once knew and was confident in what I wanted and where I was going. I had a goal, direction, knew how I was going to get there and with whom. Now my hands are tired from carrying the baton, my wrists are bruised from being tied so tight, and I sometimes feel like I will explode".

In this nightmare of mine, the audience and those who should have been in the cast rise up at that very moment, as if by following directions on some cue card beyond my view, and single file out of the theater. They go about their day like everything is wonderful while I stand there ad libbing like a fool..Waking up just makes you feel heavy and burdened with it all..I just want to lock my door, make some music and forget who, where, what or how “I” am..Yea it works like alcohol, like smoking the best kush etc and kickin’ back. "Home is where you hang your hat" I keep being told. Yea yea I know, I know, but I don't wear a hat. Am I supposed to hang myself instead..? (on the hook where the hat goes i mean..not literally..calm down.)  Where did my beautiful dream go?  How did it become such a horrible nightmare overnight?


The Art of Rhyme and Song  -  (Date Unknown)

Let's talk about the art of rhyme. When I was at Blackburn College in the UK studying music, the first thing that we were told during the segment on lyric writing, was that there ARE no "rules". So let it be known I'm NOT here to criticize specific styles or methods of writing, but to speak on a few personal thoughts relating to this art of ours.

I have had a lifetime love affair with rhyme and as such, rhyme and how it is presented is deeply personal and important to me. As a lady who started out from earliest memory writing poetry, it was not until later in life that I was drawn to put words to music, which opened infinitely more doors to expression! As a student of the art of MUSIC I always aim higher to find stronger ways of expressing inner feelings, bring out more detail, or better ways to ensure the listener is able to hear, feel and experience the story, vibe or intention of the song as it was be 100% WITH me in essence!  But those are all common sense basics for any aspiring or established artist.
One of my producers, who was always a very skilled artist who's lyric writing I have long greatly admired, explained that when writing he is in tune with what he as a listener would want to know and understand, or questions they might want answered when a story is being told. He advised that when you are telling a story DETAIL is important! Names, dates, places, much as you can give in a lyrical format. Yet you can also tell a story with more sounds, fewer words. You could create a song by just making noises with no words at all. It depends where you are intending to take the listener. Do you want to just want them to feel the vibe, bob their head and not think? Then do that and avoid or limit anything intellectual. Is your aim to get them out dancing and grooving? Then you could include plenty of sounds, stacatto words, short phrases, shouts, grunts, plenty of adlibs, non descript words. Add these to a jumpin tune and you have achieved your aim. Each to their own, but do it with style, sounds or words that do "something" for the song and take the listener where you want them to go.
Know where you are going and what you want to achieve with the song. Make sure the beat compliments your words either directly, or indirectly..A sound that conflicts with your words can be a dramatic twist too. Listen to feedback and leave your ego behind you. Feedback is NOT all about "YOU"..its about improving the song. Listen, improve and grow.
I'm sure many would not even blink over this, but it grates me to see people throw a few simple rhyming words together and think they are dope. Just because you can throw could, should, bad and had together and a few words in between to fill it out, and mumble the words out semi-rhythmically on any old beat does not make you a rapper. Study other artists you respect. See how they flow! PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE..Record yourself and hear how the words flow, then work hard at sounding convincing, passionate, or whatever emotion you want to convey..but for gawd sake convey SOMETHING other than a few simple rhyming words that sound bland and weak.  If you sing, your voice is an instrument, the sounds you give to each word, the passion or vibe you bring to the table when you are expressing the written word is super ALL counts!!!
Many of us are complaining about the music that is out there from both mainstream and underground artists. Those of us who have been blessed with a gift, talent or skill, are duty bound to give optimum passion and energy to building that, and lead by example. We need to aim for excellence in order to show those who blunder into music thinking rapping or singing is "cool", a way to get laid, or a way to make a fashion statement, that they either need to search deeper and decide to accept the art as way more than that, recognize the rough diamond within them and develop it, or move out of the way and just be content to be a listener.
I am not one to be a teacher by any stretch of the imagination. I don't have an Aretha or Beyonce voice..wish I did! But as long as I live I will continue to work toward improvement both in expression of words and quality of sound. Music is not a game, its an ART!!! An art to be cherished, respected and appreciated.  Do YOU like to listen to wack singers and rappers?? Alright then, WORK AT YOUR ART and don't play!!! :)  That is all. Peace. 



The idea of writing my thoughts in blog format on this particular subject has been haunting me for some time. Much tossing and turning at night, much "back burner-isms", and so many delays. Yet when an idea burns a hole thru the layers of your consciousness, it means it needs to come out! So, here I am...expressing!

First and foremost I believe that as sisters in music, or any art-form, or within business; those that walk together, encourage each other, work hard to help each other advance along their paths ARE stronger in giving & receiving, knowledgeable, wise, and more successful in LIFE!

So as I explore the many avenues and segments of "MPOWERMINT" I feel excited, inspired, hopeful and enthused! THIS is the kind of future I'd always dreamed of seeing. Sisters standing up and showing what we are really made of, and helping/encouraging others to shine, to be the best that they can be and take pride in the achievements of others we know to be working hard toward their goals and dreams.
As women we know following a passionate dream is not an easy road. We have many road blocks along the way. Yes, much more so than men! We are often mothers, wives, girlfriends, and head of households. So many other positions we play in our lifetime that demand our focus and place us in certain positions. In the business world and especially within the music industry we are caste in specific roles, where we are expected to act sexually or look a certain way just to get our foot in the door, to gain attention from those in higher positions.

Not any more! We can and are proving to be strong, sexy, intelligent and diligent without exploitation, without neediness, without our goals being seen as less important in comparison to our male counterpart.
NO! I am not a militant "woman's libber", just a woman with passions and dreams who has had more than her own fair share of setbacks. So I know the drill. And it does my heart SO much good to see my sisters succeed when they work and strive relentless toward achievement of their dreams despite life's other demands. To see women maturing, growing and shining in their chosen path is a beautiful thing. We have so much bad press in most media.  It is true we see so much hate among women, over competitiveness, jealousy, all the negative things that lead nowhere. We achieve nothing and it is entirely UNnecessary. Strength is in numbers, knowledge fuels knowledge, hope fuels hope, positivity begets positive outcomes.
So I am thrilled and honored to be a part of this movement of like minded women who share a forward thinking vision. If I can share any aspect of my own experience, awareness, knowledge or skills learned to help somebody else blossom it would be an honor. I'm here with an open mind, open heart and looking forward to a continued growth. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this! Let’s be great TOGETHER!  Peace to my sisters.
- MofoHari (L.Spencer Edit)
La Spencer 



Pleaaase let me clear up some misconceptions about MofoHari..I am NOT a lawyer, not a lonely hearts adviser, doctor, councilor (general, sex or marriage guidance)..I am NOT an employment expert, tax advisor, rocket scientist, psychiatrist, sex therapist, dating/marriage agency etc..what I AM is a (reasonably) 'normal' female human being who happens by ability and choice to be a lyricist/singer/'s what I do while I'm livin' my life..(along with motherhood of course).

Dont judge, try to outguess me or imagine im harder hearted than I am..NO! I'm the first to admit I'm way softer hearted than I SHOULD be..I say to you respectfully..DON'T shove ya shit on my plate & ask me to solve it for you..(cut it out already, my plate is full..)..

If you want to talk with me, inspire me, be around me, appreciate my work or me as a person..good looks! I love you too. Just respect that I CAN'T solve your personal problems. I can't care about your issues as deeply as you do because you are living it, not me! I do not expound on my own issues to you, for the reason that..YOU CAN'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT and so I walk my own path, take responsibility for my own fate..make my own mistakes, kick my own butt, love myself when I get something in yay me! (haha)
You would not believe the number of people who are jumping on me every time I walk in 'the (chat) room(s)'! I have several instant messengers, so when I'm up on a few at the same time, and folks I barely know instantly leap on en masse to tell me their latest suicide attempt, marriage breakup, or other negatively life changing situation..geewhizz..I care but..what do you want me to say?!! It's highly draining. I want to be on chat to talk with you about your thoughts and trust in no way am I trying to censor those. I just ask people to at least minimise the 'dumpage' and try a different angle instead. My brain shuts down on advice giving these days..

Speak Up!! - (Date unknown)

Thought for the day: What's the worst that can happen if you speak your mind even if its not what 'they' want to hear??  What is there to be scared of...?(other than arrest, assassination, murda, gangsta reprisals, or somebody you care about hatin' on you of course..other than THAT). IF it's gonna happen it's gonna happen..

I was talking about this with a friend recently and it's like one of those moments that somethin finally sticks in your mind and a light comes on..Like so many females i grew up 'wanting to be liked'..add that 'female trait' to my family background..i.e. parents mom walked out and left me with my dad and grandparents when i was worked all hours unda the sun and we communicated a lot by notes left on each other's bedside table..he was a cartoonist and i cherished the little cartoons and notes he left for me..but i'm digressing.  Fast forward, he remarried when i was nine years old yada yada. The stepmother had two kids and made no secret she would have preferred not to be saddled with more kids. The point I'm trying to bring out is that I worked harder than most to 'get along'. I was a vulnerable nine year old needing her mom, needing the attention and care of her mom. But life teaches us to adapt and get by the best we can. In my case I adapted using the only thing a child knows how to do..'nod, smile 'be good'..agree and do as ya told'..and think what you want with no reprisals, do what you want and don't get caught..
Fast forward again..fully grown woman..YEARS spent tryin to 'please' other folks..the men in my life, people who mattered to me..and you know what? i was forgetting to check internal reactions while i was nodding..did i really believe what i was agreeing to? did i really want to BE with the man i was trying to please or was i scared he would fall apart if he knew i was really tired of taking care of him. cleanin up his piss or vomit, disapproving of his addictions? Would friends or acquaintances be suicidal or stop liking me if i told them i didn't agree with somethin they were doing, or thinking, or saying? Would folks stop paying attention if i pleased myself instead of them?
Yup I'm definitely all for the 'I'ma do me' club..already a fullpaid member. The important thing here is that I'm not trying to give lip service these days. I have no problem speaking from the heart..cuz heart I got plenty of!!. Its the speaking my MIND I have to work connecting the dots. A good friend told me you can't force people to change thoughts or actions but if you speak up you just might be able to change the direction of their thoughts. I say it again because its very valuable advice..If you speak up you MIGHT BE ABLE TO CHANGE THE DIRECTION OF THEIR THOUGHTS in a positive way..
So, LEARN FROM YOUR OWN MISTAKES. Go back and think about WHY you do what you do..see what, where and why you need to change to be a better person. That IS the only way you can 'do you' knowing who you are, why you are who you are. You have the power to change for the better if you know your OWN mind, accept what needs to be changed and do something about it..
Stand up for what you believe, stand behind your words, back em up with fact, just might make a positive difference to somebody or something..oh and dont argue just cuz u can..its taken me longer than it should to learn..
If you hear me talking some shit and you don't agree, I challenge you to tell me so that I can think it thru and decide for myself if maybe you had a good point or a grain of truth that I need to hold up to the light. Like if I said i going to jump jump off this bridge at midnight cuz I believe it will enlighten my soul and I'll learn from the experience..don't smile and nod. Tell me I'm a fuckin idiot that needs my head read..LOL..seriously..
Speak up..I'm all ears. And if i have a point to make i give you MY word..I shall let you know..
Love and Blessings xxxx